The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1938 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1938
Page 2
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®pper Beg ffioines The Algona Upper Des Homes, Algona. Iowa. Feb. 8,1938 X. W. HAGGARD * R. R WALU5R. BteUrwl ai Secord Class Mast «• at tfee Poffaffk* at Algcesa. Iowa. vedt? act of Congress of March 2, Ifr? Weeklr the hero.* Orwajrt? Anrway they deducted «M3 WO for that And then User* were wane o*to and «rfs left after the work was finished They hnnped «*™ hiat *»«.«». That was S5£29.Qn> kicked off. Hcrw a private contractor cooM lop off gadi ansoantj without having to make the AwSrrocy good out of hie own pocket It 8811 a mystery. bat the Tnr«*n people <J5d it— at gcveiimeat ogreasx- That brought the total co«t of Use homes down to IS W7.0W. or about *!«?.<W t*r home. That wcoJd leave the rental st Sen per <*nt to reach the sara cf tljtm per rear for men Fiippwed to earn a total cf from JL5W to DAME MATURE PUYS TRICKS 3»KttAwr J*w» PICJIV RATES IK KOSPtTH CO.: OB* Tear, ir A*vacc« tipper De» Kofeses and Koesoth Cesstv Adr- TMK* is cootliiTaiian. per year _ USD M.WSUUITKW RATES OilvJOt KOSSTTH One Tew la *6r>n?e Woofer >f«re Are JTet KiBrd CKy JtooraaJ: As picture* cf the twisted battered masses cf ymk that once were motor car* are seen, tfee wo»>der is that more person* are n« KDed is traffic Oppsr r>» Mofnes und Kospatb Coactr AsS- VAk*c€ in ctmibtBati<?!i_ pe-r y*ar _ ^4-00 Al» V1LKI L«T??G BATES Display Advertising, per inch _£&: Want Ads, psyaMe in advance, word . .... 5 r 1>» tht people know th* troth and fee enm- ' Mfe.-—Abraham Uocrin. POLVTED PARAGRAPHS FANTASTIC FINANCE is the heading cf a recent article by Frank R. Kent, in which be alleges that the government is taking social s*cority foods. and (pending it on current expense* for relief, gor- emmental agencies, and what not. thus concealing i fen greater indebtednm of the govertunetit than •(fit this newspaper has been strongly ia favor of tbe measure, conceding that ft is math-needed. We atop reaUce that the vast reserve fond» of KKia] t*c- wity mewtjr eaanot be coHected and kept is ftrecf bBM« fa MMMMyi basement: they tfcoaJd be pot ** w wk drawing intcrwt, aa4 frWenUy they are do- fa* to. froto th* germmMBi trearary. B«t if ti« tnarary ia tarn U indi»CTtmmst*!r raiding thaw fund*, and makicg a windfall cf rpcOc ft* **Si •pending, th» there wj2 iao*t oertairiy b» a reckoning some of these day*. It cacsot be that c-ar government it so bhsjfally ignorac-l or Ksrpii a> to do thi*—«cd yet it is so charred 12 riaia M=-« and white. WHICH LEADS US tc aootitr tiwight. Fas-rira cossmtfni&R and siD Gtl>er iysxS jia~* ZTv»a «-* b*- cam* kingdoms, monarchies and e-fr- d«E«racie-j hare failed. Tbe iisp-;4 blondercf cf officers «!*ct- ed by th« p»<3p/!e ucd»r democratic forrr.« cf government has in some c*sea le«3 the f*o;-!« is atter d;*- gtast to turn to any isd:vi ) i^il cr gro'-p of individuals, who seem to oCtr soreething mere soicid. wi&- oot all tie red tap* ar.d cro*i-parr«M-« in which democratic governments s*e-m t/> ir.dulge. There is one very great condemnation of the New Deal—it* extravagance Seme relief ss necessary, seme federal construction projects can be considered as permanent ass«t». but there is aljo altogether too much waste. And waste under democracy has not been confined to one party or one administration. It is seemingly the law of the land. If the United States ever undergoes a real upheaval and transformation into an iam. it will not be the fault of the principle of democracy, but rather the fault of the people and the people's selection of political officers. ThD«*-R«pB&fic8c: __„_„., teRf his associate* that be had th* time of his ;jf* sboo»ir.f dtrwn th- fierae Ethicps. "War killing if rach fan." be coocroded That japaze** Hitler Mussolini partnership t« certainly a bell of a «jm- b?B8t:«i and a direct threat tc worJd peat* • • * A Key to Chamfer Jfasi-aa Reporter: Tbe best key to a man's character is hit latlmation to pay fei» deMs. He m«y Je»d tbe prayer meeting, teach a Sunday School class aad b* a regular attendant at every church service, but if be faOs to make an honest effort to pay his debts his fellow men have DO faith in his rriipkfas pretenses. He may think be is a good Christian and ha? a clear passport to htavrn. bat the** who know fcinj think otherwise—fc« is clashed at a hypocrite. • • • L«rw» Ixnin* Hfe Grip Webster CStv Jooraa!: Xow a few people fear that JO&G U Lewii may sense day be dictator of the United Slates, toot the Frvemas-JcBroal doesn't btl»ere tiere is tb* siigftteast daiqrrr of that. Lewis if air^atfy IOEISE his QI ii> on orpaszsefd iabc^ due to bU extruce ra-SjcaHsaE. IB tZ j-rt*«K2ty measber- Kbip of the C L O. has reaeii^a its peak asd frosa new as wiS vtry laseJy st.eaS2y atrreas*. Lewis has ordered too saasy Ftnris Krotrnc wnrkerr perfectly sstzsaed wsth ti>er ^t«bf e.7>S wbr irEzite^ tc cootiniw •irrwizf JIST rbf r-fcE. • * * R&r«cl}el is "XT^f wrti tiH tipacir. a' nmniay fw tbe dero- , ocntic saainslitc; ftr ttftpS States Kcatcr from : Irwa, Stite Zt^het FriSsy rf IMS week ann<mnced i •ist Kerry WsSkoe wroid sot b« a candidate which i The MARCH, OF TIME E4llto»« of TME T*« takes to =ea= ths-. thit >f. the SeJd clear for Bat whit ai*rjt Senator Gill-tte" -plf cf tie state feel like they seem to in ctnmty. Senator Gillette would easiir emcr Kraschel. A SALESMAN" for a St. Louis token concern went to Nebraska after hearing that state planned to adopt a tale* tax. He visited the capitol with the purpose of urging the state to get iu order in early. Then be found out that the staU had a financial lifting of 30 million dollars in asset* and no debts. M Nebraska can do it, so can every other state in the union, including Iowa, and the nation as a whole. But throughout Iowa, and in the whole U. S.. we see more and more public office holders, most of them, by the way. who are excused from paying any of the taxes that they impose and help spend. SO WHAT? Where should public demands for common »en»« in government spending begin'* That's the trobule; everybody has a finger in the pie and nobody wants the pie taken away. Highway groups campaign for more highway fund*—and ye*, we do want good highways. Teachers' lobbies campaign for legislation which will pay them a. p*r.siO;; out of taxpayers' money. Veterans have a*iced for ami received a bonus, ar.d it is interesting to r.ote that «int« 17Xi. the (J. S. Gwcrnmtr,'. has diibjr»*d for pensions, administration salaries, hoxpiulization. homes and benefit* to soldiers »oMiers' families and widows, a.n<l probably great- grandchildren with more to follow Another "'> million or billion--it'» too big to'j j« about to be expended f',r military c^r-i'-r-ac-tion ;r. aid and tea- yes, we wan', to h* V.'t .-.-.i.-. have a larger highway patrol. Aur.t* haj & little girl just graduated frorr. tigs »•.'.',-.; car, vcj pleaj* find her a JOB ax.d we all vv't >•'„..• -..c^t"-. - VtS. Au/»t iJ;/./..(: W..J f,t tike.', .i.'t c! fiu'. !/ .VefcrasKa ran r/..,K* ;..-o?r•: • -. '.r , • T. go pla;, so f: ; .-, e-.-r.. -.•>• < -. ,':.• . .-,.,';..".'a<l«;if..,'.rat.',n 1? v.% <:.-•>-;;. ,\. -,-. ..." bi.':,, c,f v.hi- <.;.»; ,.;,.< ;.-(•/; .; . . ... they wou.'J r=,..r '.::.. ; - .-.« v. - . - •'•" - . Algona'* »tor M went Into the fruit line in a hi? way last week—one store had a window of orangei. another cf grapefruit and a third of cranberries. • t • One local lady vrtnt up to pay her telephone bill. leaving her baby in a carriage on the street. When she returned, she found Sorerwn's St. Bernard dog standing protectively by the carriage, licking the baby's face, and the baby was all smiles . . . Jinunie -Neville's step is far apryer around town than that of many of our young blades ... It was just two years ago the big blizzard struck which tied up Algona without contact except by radio with the outside world for three days ... the man who U right sometimes weakens hi* position when he begins to argue ... to avoid that run down feeling be careful at crossings. ' Our correspondent at Uvcmiore writes to say that a special train chartered by the Caterpillar Tractor Co. went through there taking county road officials, supervisors, etc. to Peoria. 111., for a big meeting. She adds that promotion of their road equipment is the motive of the entertainment, which is certainly correct. If, as one might assume, the county officers from all counties as far out as So-jth Dakota are being entertained by the Caterpillar Co.. then it is reasonable to assume that some- wh*re along the line, the tractor outfit expects to get more than it* money back. Officials might easily tax* the trip and enjey the hospitality without feel- ir.g any obligation toward the Peoria concern, but on the other hand, we have a hunch that their salesmen will f ; r;d county officials in a more receptive mood than prj.jjfcjy they would be toward other companies,* is a debatable point, there, and one worth tf.inki.ig about Nobody gets anything for nothing. S^m* /,f our big blank book houses, have a habit of e.'.'.*riair.:ng county officials, also, for a day or two. every onee in awhile. But when the counties pay for •r.c.-* nlar.ic Exiles, the taxpayer is usually paying for •_.-.t ;.-**•• trip of the county official Ivur eibcrt. HhitU-rnorf, father of Grorgr El- r>t.'-. ',; A.gor.s ar.'l son Otto are leaving thu ::..;-''.•'.;• '.'.; lj.,. Ar.g'ics. Peter says this is his •.-•• '..-.;. •-, <"i..;.vrr.ia where r..-. ton Charles lives , A XttffAfiT FofiCC i sECojnr* TO yoTtK— , WASHEVGTOJf: "As Commander is Chief of the Army and Navy | of the United States it is my conj .'titutional duty to report to the I congress that our national defense j u. in tbe light of increasing arm! sments of other nations, inade- ; caate for purposes of national sec; urity and requires increase for that j reason." With these words—the ; meai_of his long-awaited Rearm: ament message—Franklin Delano ; Roosevelt last week asked congress i for the greatest naval construction j program since the days when he i was Woodrow Wilson's Assistant I Secretary of the Wavy. j i To grease the way in congress for I j the launching of a huge naval pro- I j gram the President shrewdly pro'• posed to hand the Army J17.000.000 over its regular appropriation—for ?mmunition. anti-aircraft equipment, tools and dies; for building up the enlisted reserve to 75.000 j men. | To the Navy he proposed to give nearly J800.000.000 to boost the nav- I al air force from 1.900 planes to n I thundering 3.000; to increase the I personnel! by 1.200 officers. 20000 men; to build the most expensive and complicated machines ever devised, modern warships. In his message the President urged that two more battleships be laid down this year—in addition to the two now building at a COM. of JTO.OOO.OOO each: recommended that work be started immediately on two more light cruisers. To keep abreast of the mile-a-minute torpedo motor boats developed abroad. notably in Italy, he also asked for a special J15.000 appropriation for experimental construction of "small vessels." The President's Big Navy Policy waa summed up in a short recommendation for a flat 20^ increase in the "existing authorized building program for increase and replacements"—a navy 20^ bigger than allowed by the expired naval treaties and second to none of the big navies now building. Well aware that a big navy is ! bound to arouse loud congressional opposition. President Roosevelt informed congress: "It is with the deepest regret that I report to you that armaments Increase today at an unprecedented and alarming rate. It is an ominous fact that at least one-fourth of the world's population is involved in merciless, devastating conflict . . . Tension throughout the world is high." For support of his program he appealed, to almost all apathetic or opposition groups except pacifists. To th«> inland »tate», with hints of air raids: "Adequate de fens* means that for the protection not tiilv of our coasts but also of AM> THE NICKEL— WASHINGTON: Since the design of any U. S. coin may by law be changed after 25 years, and the buffalo-Indian head nickel will be 23 years old on February 21, Secretary of the Treasury Morgentbeu last week announced that tht mint would coin no more after that date. A jury composed of Mint Director Nellie Tayloe Ross and three sculptors—Sidney Waugh, Albert Stewart and Heinz Warneke —will pick a new design from those submitted by artists. But the New Deal has already picked the subject of the winning design. It must bear a portrait of Thomas Jefffrson on the obverse, of his home, Monticello. on the reverse. Struck by the coincidence that Democrat Jefferson will be commemorated in an election year. Republicans nevertheless* held their peace upon reflection: only overdue design change is the penny, from which Republican Abraham Lincoln could have been removed in 1934. capital Nanking, Hit Highne** j Ueot. General Prince Yastthfko A*I aka, last week e*pi eased his apol c«ie* to Third Secretary John M. Allison of the U. 8. Embassy. { In Nanking, where outrage* by I Japanese soldier* had continued for over a month. Third Secretary Al- Ittean and Charles Rfggs of Wan| king University, a U. S. citizen, went I out latt week with a Chinese wo- I man to try to Identify Japanese soWiers whom she accused of baring raped her thrice. Since Japanese eoktien bad taken the woman front the agricultural implement •bop of Nanking Onirenlty, j Mr Rlgga had applied to Third Sec' retary Allison for help. Mr. Allison, according to his official report, was escorted by Japanese gendarmes who advised him not to enter a building into which they had agreed to take the Chinese woman so that she might point out the rapists. Then they pushed her roughly through the gate, and as Messrs. Allison and Riggs Impulsively moved to follow, a Japanese sentry shouted in English "Back! Back?" '7 backed up slowly," cabled Third Secretary Allison In hi* report, "but before I had time to get out of the gate be slapped me across the face and then turned and did the same to Mr. Rlggg." Mr. Allison, who speaks Japanese, diplomatically con fined himself to adding that the sentry "livid with rage . . .shouted at us In a most offensive manner", grabbed Mr. Riggs, tore the collar and some buttons from his shirt President Roosevelt spent two hours conferring with State De. partment officiate, then U. S. Ambassador Joseph Clark Grew at Tokyo was ordered to obtain an expression of regret from Japanese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Kensuke Horlnouchl. This Washington officrtlly accepted as "satisfactory", closed the case. Whether the Chinese woman Identified any rapists, what happened to her or them, remained unknown to the State Department DEATHS AlfD TAXES— hlm- by a policeman who «wm»f, »elf up on the eaven. Finally the Widow Corneuil ana «on« dMheef for the (table, firing as they went In the irtableyard a aecond policeman wan killed while an angry crowd chanted:' "Kill them! Burn them out!" When gasoline wa* tossed on the brown straw of the •table roof, the Cornenll* stumbled out black shadows againtt the crackling yellow flams*. The Widow Corneuil and one «on were instantly Wiled. The ««cond «on escaped to the *h«dow» of the wood* behind the houne, to be captured next day, the 200 franca rtll unpaid, two charges 1 of murder against him. „. GREETING— NEBRASKA TO BULGARIA— FALLS CITY, Neb.: Called to the phone from his 44th birthday dfn- tear last week, Bulgaria'* little Tsar Boris m heard the voice of in old friend, Bulgarian-born Loco- motive Engineer On* Phillip* of Fill* City, Neb, Mr. Phillip* tad met the Tmr, an «nUra*ia*tle locomotive driver, on a trip to Bulgaria in 1932. After exchanging $Si worth of pleasantries, T*ar Boric rang off. Previous gift* that have pa**ed between the T*ar and the engineer BANKERS LIFE FARM LOAMS rate, long term fund* from an Towa Company. See me tot prompt cloefng, no Commission. 1-tf EDWARD HetoeBtdg. AJgoo*, I«w» Yes - Lowest - Cost Save time and worry—purchase with confidence. Know you have the best—we meet the requirements. Automobile Liability Insurance—Dwelling— Household Goods and all other forms of insurance coverage. gee Us Today for your Insurance Requirements Ctood Insurance Pays Tbe Algopa Insurance Agency State Street Home Loans C. R, LaBarre Automobile Loan* Phone SB In*oraae» J.v ofu-n J'ridolph SodJ-rbcrg of Banrrcft Opinions of Other Editors our fcrfimunities far removed from the f.oatt we must ketp any poten- tr.MT.y many hundreds of miles ; ff.rr. our continental limits" To "iuh seaboard: "We caayiot as:-. jrr.t; '.:.^\ our defense would be .<rr..'.fi to one ottan and one r.oait ir. i '.'.*'. tr.ft other ocean and the f-,a>.i would with certainty KEEP PRICES DOWN AND WAGES UP— WASHINGTON: Tossing his head from side to side. President Roosevelt last week read to reporters gathered in his office for a press conference a statement against reducing wag**: "... I have said *o frequently . . . clearly and unequivocally . . . that I am opposed to wage reductions ... .If we want to restore prosperity, we must increase, not decrease, that purchasing power." "Now as to prices. A mass-production industry depends on volume for profits . . . The only way to get volume up is to produce goods for a price the public will pay . . . But that does not mean that such price reductions can come out of wages. Those who believe in the profit system must recognize that those who get the profits when business is good must bear the losses when business temporarily is slack. Those who get the profits when industry gets the volume are the ones to bear the risk of such price reductions as may be necessary to stimulate and restore volume. "Those in charge of a well-managed and solvent industry should no more consider casting the burden of a temporary business receiaion upon their workers than upon their bondholders . . . "Industrialists kill the goose which lays the golden egg when they keep prices up at the expense of dark j employment and purchasing power. | Industrialists kill the goose which i lays the golden egg when they cut : wages and thereby reduce purchas- LA FLECHE. Prance: French taxes are high, but Frenchmen are more expert at evasion than their government is at collection. Shocked therefore is many a Frenchman if he finds a tax cannot be evaded. Shocked last week were the Widow Corneuil and her two strapping sons when a tax collector came to their farm near the village of La Fleche, 165 miles southeast of Paris, and insisted on the payment of 200 francs ($6.40> of long overdue taxes. They slammed and locked the door in the impudent man's face. Back to town went the tax collector and returned with a locksmith. The locksmith had no oooner set down his bag of tools than a shot from a window wounded him severely. Mayhem is more serious in France than tax evasion. By evening the Corneuil bouse was surrounded by kahki-coated gendarmes with rifles searchlights. tear bombs. All through the night they beseiged it Every time a policeman's blue cap appeared, the Widow Corneuil or one of her sons took a shot at it Next morning one brave gendarme volunteered to make a last effort topenuacU th« Widow Corncull to «»r«i>*tr. A«ala*«het. tUtwist. ed on his heel and dropped dead The siege continued. At dusk, the second evening, police attacked. Melinite charges shattered the door, tear bombs were tossed through the windows, sulfur bombs dropped down the chimney Save on your Hybrid Seed Corn Iowa 931 and other strains suitable for your locality. Leave your orders at our office or with our representative MR. L. M. OWEN Anderson Grain Phone 308 Coal Co, b«t is, t>»* futu/r u a Vint To believe thai the to enact legig- H'ory '...:.,- H..r,.. ; y.. .... . . . . ai.'i that ofii,. j-.,:.f ;.- ...-. • .. . , . .. every /r.v <-w.;.:o.. •:•:•.'.' - , „', . 40 years .,.' a;;-: •&•. : -.' • • . .. , ._. &0. We 4iij],t' t '.',-.- !..-••• -.._... close that !;.€• r../.'.*.- ..;._• . . .. ., over 40 ar.'j v.»:r ', < .' ,. •,' .. . . , B<,)» I'U> «, u , 7^,, .I1.I,OM' !:.•;. ;......; - I bfjt ' a.: it ....-,. . »>. It I..1 •..-;'_..: . f /MJ to *2 tj 1 ?, : j . . : '. • • . ::il|.po.,. -I I., i,.- ,,,. • •• ...... We/ tr I;/.,.;,.] > :....•'.> qU<:.,UOIJ l,| !.</..• ; : -._• ... . . . J it. I './! ;i * i ', 'i' f ,j :.',;.. i • ' • . rmul i., -jj,!...,.-.!..! t , ,.. inoiii.-/ )i. ., ,!. ,| ..!:•.-, . . . . VVI.-IKOV. I; )j',.':,, .. o.i. ::••:• Uiau In- ,.|,(n (.- i. l( /.!;._• ..; ,,. . , . . Hi^ llllle Dm.; , hi . I:, ,i. J> ,_', • _, I,' '.'L-f JI- fjijf II. ; :, .' < i . , . ! , , • lilt Tll-1' , ,:|,.-| l' '; -,',, ,j i .,/. I':'-/', ., . ", Tla-y frjuii.l tli.ii ii<,.ui,,f, ,,,,;,! ,',,' . ,.';,', , i«Vj/ltlC/.l J,l(,0r. ' I . .oil,..- <A If., .r'. It-Ill not in iljli;!/ij..j.i!i ., . .,,., h :. II.. y !.., Then tliLic v,-:i Dn . 111 -II it. in ol'lli. i.f.ju. • '»•-.'«! '..'. i "*.-.: \'. i'.tr.t <A • • • > to Th* Vijun Aixxjt Town: "J* -.%'t.i.•-.'. i .'.i.-:r.<t4r in tht pc.»t- *'•••:.•. '.-r.t of but J-'.t*ie'« would TH.4I /-.t-vs I.V THE .VK.HT: fi :-- .'.-..'.-.'. -.'. -.!.'.>-. lj V.'ar.te'i Htenog- - ' r>. f.--sl -..-.'I fast !> >h t Purse, by "•'•-•• •-.'. •,'. /. /.oat -Tiark gray suit "-"••••" :':.;.'. Maurice Rothithild ' *' :.''•-.]'."• ( j'..t Jerity heifer. '' '' -'* ' •' ! *••< give 'A drink of ' .•••'••'.". '.Van ltd Farm * •'• III. SOW (/..iI. r> To iM>Utioni»U: "It u our clear d^ity to further every effort toward ptaxe but at the tame time to protect our nation . . . Such protection u and will b* ba»fed cot on aggreg- *ion but on defense." One of the President's reasons was pretty well demolished last week by none other than Admiral William D. Leahy. Chief of Naval Operations. Asked, in hearings on the regular Navy Bill, whether the I Atlantic Coast could be defended Aith alrnoat the entire fleet in the I'acifk-, No. 1 Admiral I>eahy replied frankly: "In the event of an .•.ttack being made on the United .Stales toast on the Atlantic- side ihc- fleet could be brought to the Atlantic Ocean in iuf/Kitnt time to prevent any real success on the of an enemy . . . "Hut he- knew ;i.s well as the President that a Big N.tvy mt-aiia a Big Navy in the Pac- I/H- 'Japani and nowhere A > it Kecfbsion measure to create employment, the construction pro- ;;r;im ha» little immediate significance beraUMc- it will be .spread over a period of ye.'irs. Wh.'it iMcl.-jlion- i.-u who have dominated U. S. fort-iKii policy since Ihe war, feared m oat. wa.-, that the President wanted rm n and shipj lo carry out th.- colic.-live -ic-curity policy he enun- ''.-i a, hi., f.'hicago speech last' _ power. Either policy is self defeating and suicidal." When reporters then Hiked the F're.-jid«.-nt if he meant to do something about prices, he said with ;t wave of hii long cigaret holder that the conversation was getting too "iffy." Businessmen muttered that it was j strange they should be asked to as- j sume the burden of high wages in j depression after the undistributed been imposed to — collecting sur-| pluses But the President apparently agreed with at least one bus- | inessman. for in espousing high wages, low pricea and volume production Franklin Roosevelt had taken his stand on the very platform occupied for over 20 years by Henry Ford. Though Henry Ford can alter wages and pricen at will, Franklin Roosevelt cannot. This made the President's whole statement rather iffy, especially his concluding sentiment: "If industries reduce wages this winter and spring they will be deliberately encouraging the withholding of buying-they will be fostering a downward spiral, and they will niuke it necessary for their government to consider other means of creating purchasing power." The phrase "other means of creating purchasing power" could mean o/j)y one Uiijig spending. Washington observers therefore felt that business picked up in the spring Ihi; adjJiJJiiatrutio/i progranj for dealing with depression would emerge as pump priming. A shot of inllation had worked once, and the needle waa still in the medicine chest. SLAP—AND ANOTHKB •JAPANESE APOLOGY — WASHINGTON: The highest J.-ipiii,e»e officer in China's former We wouM keep the telephone for protection alone," says this farm woman. ^x; "Winter time makes you appreciate the telephone, because it keeps you from being shut off from your friends." this farm woman told us. "Sometimes our roads are so bad we can't drive even to our nearest neighbors but with the telephone we keep in touch with what s going on and use it to get help if we need it. "It's a wonderful thing in case of illness or accident or any emergency around the home and we would keep the te!eph«ie as long as possible for protection alone." NOITHWISTIBN IELL TILIPHONI COMPANY RED CROWN Your STANDARD OIL DEALER »*«* you to TRY < for QUICK STARTS and LONG MILEAGE... e»t -5 !iPlL FOR -BETTER HEALTH BARRY'S

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