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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, February 8, 1938
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HlSTOniCAL DEFT. Rewrit es Of Ntwt From Lart Thursday'* County Advance . BBAGG, Rockwell City, wfttenced to 90 days lit jail, Wednesday, by Judge James De- LAnd In district court in Algona, *"?, r , a Plfa of guilty to driving While Intoxicated. His car and drivers license were both canceled ____ • • * SETTLED OUT of court were several cases. One was that of John Campbell vs. Edward Wilson, both Of Swea City, involving an original Wilt for $16,000. The defendant is to pay $1,700 plus costs of $178.80. The petit jury had been chosen and toe case was under way when settlement was made. Also settled was a case of the Champlin Refining Go. vs. Klaus Wibben, seeking $107. The «we was settled for $40 and costs. The damage suit of Mrs. George Kllegl against Oscar Polrot of Whittemore, was also settled. * • • CLYDE SANDERS, Swea City, may lose the sight of one eye, as the result of an accident in which a pheasant flew up, struck the windshield of his car, and showered Sanders with glass. He is a member of a county road crew. * * • ROTAKIANS AND guests heard A. V. Cllne, vice president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, speak Monday evening of last week at a special dinner meeting. Fifty farmers from all sections of Kossuth county were among the guests. •• .- — ...,»«-• •• - •••.....,. HENRY 8CMHEPPMAN, Jr., Tl- tonka, suffered a painful Injury •when the tine of a pitchfork punctured his nostril while he was at- r tempting to spread the tines. * • » TWO KOSSUTH rural churches •were honored for achievements In developing rural life. They are the Immanuel Lutheran church of Swea City, and the First Presbyterian church, Lakota. The awards were made at Ames by the extension service. * * • J. M. PATTERSON was reelected president of the Kossuth county fair board, Clark Scuffham was elected vice president, H. J. Bode, treasurer, and E. L. Vincent, secretary, at a directors' meeting held on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Vincent's salary remained fixed at $700. V • • FOUR FARMERS spoke at the Algona Legion post meeting, last Tuesday night. They were Jewell Patterson, Herman Bosworth, Fred Plumb and Judge W. B. Quarton, as the third of a series of programs designed on an open forum basis to acquaint Legion men with current problems and developments' in n variety of lines. * • » GERALDINE SHEPPARD, Whittemore, was the bride of Louis Schumacher, last week Tuesday, by Father Wm. Veit. * * MRS. H. D. MUS8MAN, Sr., who passed away recently following a stroke, was buried at Lakota, after services at the Methodist church. The Miusmans have been residents FiUrauui was t Pyeart ng are two ions, George wA-th, Minn., and Harry of Lakota, ,anG two daughters, Christena of • Riceville, and Rose of Sheffield. eg Jfflometf Established 1865 ALOOyA,"lOWA, TUESDAY. FEBKUARV 871938 Third Warrant Issued In Plum Creek Rape Case Ten Pictured above are Casey Loss. Kossuth county sheriff, at the left, and Delbert Fosnaugh, center, and Dan Taylor, right, held in the county jail and now pending transfer to Fort Madison penitentiary on charges of statutory rape. The picture was taken as the two men, In custody of the sheriff, left the court room after receiving their sentences, Algona Upper Des Moines News Picture. A warrant for the arrest of a third man, In connection with ^the case in Plum Creek township, where two men have already entered pleas of guilty, and been sentenced to Fort Madison penitentiary, on charges of statutory rape, was Issued H*t week on authority of County Attorney L. A. Wlnkel. Already sentenced to an Indeterminate period of not over 10 years, are Delbert Fosnaugh, 30, step- lather of the 16 year-old girl, and Dan Taylor, a local laborer. Because of the iilness and phys- ical condition of the party for whom the third 'warrant hks been issued, no actual arrest has been made, and Sheriff Casey Loss Is waiting until the health of the third man inv proves so that he can be taken to jail to answer the charges. County authorities say that evidence revealed by Fosnaugh and Taylor, and the girl herself, who is pregnant, implicated a third party. Authorities are also debating what to do In the case of the girl. Fosnaugh and Taylor are in the county jail and will soon be taken to Fort Maditon. Conservation Aids Farms, Frank Marnette Tell How 2 Traffic Cases In Justice Court Two traffic violation cases were taken before Justice of the Peace Delia Welter, last week, for settlement. N. A. Molitor of Minneapolis was charged with not having a proper tail light on his trailer, and the fine was $2 and $2 costs. Peter Vram of Humboldt was charged with fail- Ing to dim lights in meeting a vehcile and the negligence cost him $3 and J2 costs. Other cases taken before the justice court were that of lola N. Gross, charged with uttering a false check, but the case was dismissed and settlement arranged, with costs paid by the defendant. Put Out Whittemore Hotel Fire, Thur. Whittemore: The Whittemore fire company was called out Thursday forenoon, to extinguish a small blaze which originated over a heated stovepipe at the old Eiler hotel The fire started in the walls where the pipes went through the wall A hole had to be cut through the roof to get the blaze out, and not much damage was done, except from water, which it was necessary to use to put out the fire. The above Algona Upper Des Moines photoflash news picture, was taken in St Michael's hall, Whittemore, as county members of the Kossuth Conservation League held their annual meeting and election. In the front row, at the right, arc Dr. Woodward of Whittemore, Frank Marnette and Dr. McCreery of Whittemore. Other faces distinguishable are those of various members of county units. VOL. 37.—NO. 6 DENY CHANGE OF VENUE IN TRIAL OF AUTO CRASH Attorneys Take Appeal to Supreme Court in $15,000 Lawsuit A motion for a change of venue, a denial of the motion, and an appeal to the state supreme court, all combined to give quite an interesting start to the law suit for $15,000 damages In the case of the estate of Alma Armstrong against James Johnson, Jr. The'case had been especially set to begin trial Monday morning before Judge James DeLand In district court In Algona. EXTRA! The Armstrong e*teta vs. John Johnson, Jr., CAM WM settled out of court, some time Monday night, for a sum of $MOO It WM announced Tuesday morning. _ Many witnesses, hs4.b,ee.n..caj]e<ir »nd were on hand. They wera Ray Sales of Bode, and Ray Phillips, <enneth Howard, Fritz Anderson, Stanley Segar, Ffank Shaffer, Ted Tennihgs, Wendell King, A. E. Jones, Art Reiley, Otto Ramus, Milton Armstrong, H. I. Hewitt and Althea Thornton, all of Llvermore. Mrs. Armstrong, whose estate Is he plaintiff, was killed In a crash vhlch occurred a few miles from .uVerne, Oct. 29th of last year. When Judge DeLand denied the motion of the defense attorneys for change of venue, the court set 2 m., Wednesday, as the time for econvenlng of the trial in this part- cular case. However, it seems that the def- nse attorneys will in the meantime nke the matter of a change of •cnue to the state supreme court, nd ask for an opinion which would ivcrrulc the refusal of the dist- it:t court to grant them a change of cnue. This was to be presented to he supreme court today, it was tntcd. Attorneys in this inter-play of le- al signal calling were Hutchison nd Hutchison and H. B. White for he plaintiff, and E. C. McMahon f Algonai and Art Whitney of itorm Lake for the defendants. Two Plead Guilty to Drunken Driving, Monday, Get $300 Fines In The WEEK'S NEWS • Current Events Photographed for The Algona Upper Des Moines rJ^OW COST TRACTOR—Victor Fox, Gibson, Iowa, age 22, built this tractor from a junked automobile, and wheels from a manure spreader. It pulls a plow and other farm machinery. A 100 acre tract is farmed with it. It has six speeds and operates by a chain drive. The tractor cost about $20 for parts and was built by Fox in four weeks of his spare time. If You're Moving Plea«e Notify Us March first I* moving time for many folks. And it raises Cain with our mailing list*, hrrausc unless folks toll us about their changes tbrm- splves, It takes a couplr of week* for the postolTice to notify tho paper and for (he paper to get HIP chnngr made. Folks who arc moving are requested to write and tell us about It, or stop In some time the last of this month, so that they will not miss a paper. We want you to get every copy on time and If you'll cooperate, well be able to do that. County League Eeelects Present Officers at Annual Meeting "Every farm and farmer in Kos- f-uth county has been benefltted by the work of the Kossuth Conservation League," Frank Marnette of Spirit Lake told ISO members of the county organization, at its annual meeting held last Thursday evening In St. Michael's hall, Whitte- ore. Marnette, foremost authority on fishing, hunting and conservation, added that an insane program of drainage in the past has resulted in Icadmg the dust bowl eastward toward Iowa, eliminated the neces- H008 Best light butch., 140-160 $7.50-7.75 Best light butch., 160-18C 7.75-8.00 Best light butch., 180-220 8.00-8.20 Best light butch., 220-250 ........ 7.90 Med. heavy, 250-270 ................... 7.60 Med. heavy, 270-290 .................... 7.30 Med. heavy, 290-326 ................... 7.00 Butchers, 325-350 ........................ 6.75 Butchers, 350-400 Packing sows, 275-350 Packing sows, 350-400 Packing sows, 400-500 CATTLE Veal calves Canners and cutters Stock steers Fat yearlings Fat steers Bulls Fat cows CHAIN No. 3 mixed corn No. 3 white corn No. 3 yellow corn No. 2 white oats Barley, No. 3 ....... . EGOS Kennerys No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream — No. 1 No. 2 Sweet Hens, over S lb» Hens, i to 5 Iba Hens, under 4 Iba Leghorn hens Cocks, under 4tt Cocks, over 4B SUgi, heavy breed* SUgt, Leghorn Oe«M, Uv« Duck*, live 6.50 6.40 6.20 6.00 5.00-8.00 2.75-3.50 5,00-6.50 5.50-6.50 6.50-7.50 4.00-5.50 3.50-4.50 $.42V4 44M; 43 25 43 14c 14c lie 33c 31c 34c 16c I4c Utic 8c lOc lie lie 10e lOc Markets subject to change by time of publication. Small Fires At 2 Local Places A flue near u partition caused a little excitement at Anderson's Cnfe. last Friday, but no damage was done. The partition got pretty hot and some smoke resulted, but everything was under control In short order. From Lusby's drug store an alarm was turned in Sunday morning, but the situation was well in hand by the time a few firemen arrived, and also E. W. Lusby, who did some snry morning dews, caused shallow wells to go dry and brought (limln ishing rainfalls. "The upper water strata in this state has been entirely depleted,' he told members. Opposed to Madrid Dam The Madrid dam, if it goes through as proposed on the Des Moines river, will result in but one thing, destruction of all the beautiful territory along the river between the Ledges state park and Madrid. "The hydro-electric Interests will benefit," he said, "but itt the expense of the public." He explained that erosion would result from water so damned, that river property and cottages would be continually endangered, and that life In the stream would be killed off because sludge backing up would cover normal plant growth. He proposed, Instead, a series of small dams, such as are in the Upper Des Moines river, In Kossuth county. They would help to raise the water level, even the flowage. but cost only a small fraction of the hydro-electric plant cost, and would hurt nobody. Heeled Officers M. P. Weaver was reelected president of the county group, Gottlieb Bleich was reelected vice president, and J. D. Lowe was reelected secretary und treasurer. A nice balance in the bank was reported. Field Day last fall cleared about $200 over expenses. Following the business session, SEE MOVIES OF BEBUnilNCny] Pioneer Seed Co. Movie at Rotary Showed Plant In Operation the three oldest living sisters In Indiana whose combined ages are 263, are Mrs. Mary Treman, age 90, Miss Charlott "Lottie" Brundage, aged 87, and Mrs. Callista McCullough, aged 85, all of Michigan City. Indiana. Representatives of the Pioneer Hybrid seed corn company were guests at the Rotary club meeting, Monday noon, and pictures of one of the company's plants, similar to that which will be erected soon in Algona, were shown in a motion picture sound film, at the Algona Hotel. Other guests included Jerry snappy track work, getting down to i and . informal discussion of various see what it was all about Algona Insurance Man in Crash Antone Johnson, Algona insurance man, was injured somewhat, lust Friday about 6:30 p. m., when his machine ran Into a loaded cattle truck in a dense fog, about four und one-half miles north of Bancroft. Johnson said the truck had stopped, and was without flares. He suffered u gash on his forehead and bruises to one knee. About $300 damage was done to his automobile, including a broken steering gear. R. B. Ridge, who lives nprth of Swea City, was the driver of the cattle true-It. He was not Injured. Johuson had his bruises and cuts treated by a Bancroft doctor. Lakota Woman Granted Divorce Kathryn Nlyenc Aitizer was granted a divorce from Irvin O. Aitizer, of Lakota. by Judge James DeLand, In district court, last week. She was also granted custody of a minor child, a daughter, nine*Vears of age. At Mother's Birthday LuVerne: The Rev. and Mrs. B Walter and two children drove to Boxhohn Wednesday to visit his igad mother and to assist her In celebrating her 80th birthday. projects, the. meeting adjourned and members enjoyed a lunch. Mr. Marnette, informally, stated that he believed the Kossuth Conservation League was the finest organization of Its kind In the United States, and should be used as a model for what can be done along conservation lines. He estimated that the 12 small dams in the Upper Des Moines river today, hav» helped to hold back wate* reservoirs, increased the prospects of fishing, and raised the water level of all wells in the vicinity. Lightning Strikes West Bend Home Bend: During the ruin and sleet storm, Saturday afternoon lightning struck the J. T. Boos residence and burned out the electric lights, radio, und disabled the telephone. No damage was done to the house. however, although the phones in the Carl Vohs and Irvin Shellmeyer homes were also put out of commission from the same bolt. No other damage in town wus reported. Lakota, Swea Cityan* Get Their Licence* Marriage licenses issued since last Thursday in the office of the clerk of court are as follow: Feb. 6th—Roland B. Smith, Jr.. and Luella Klocke, both of Lakota. Feb. 6th—Dwight A. Smith, Lakota, and Wllma Sp«icber, Swea City. Howard and Mel Griffith, two of the newer business men in Algona. Mr. Howard recently purchased the Nelson hardware store, and Mr. Griffith is manager of the Raesly lumber yard here. Representatives of the Pioneer company included P. M. Collins, ales manager for this territory, nnd H. W. Thompson, salesman, who will soon move to Algona, and Wal- Vaudt and Louis Greinert of Whittemore, Louis Wehrspann of Penton, and Joe Matern of Wesley, vho sell the company's products in this territory. The film demonstrated tho mnn- icr In which the company's seed orn is raised and prcpareci for eventual sale to farmers desiring to /icrease the corn yield and quality of product by using this new and m proved method. Work on the new plant to be lo- •attd north of Algona at the intersection of highways 169 and 18. will begin soon, and be completed early in the summer. Dr. F. C. Scanlon. Rotary president, turned the meeting over to John Haggard, program chairman, who in turn introduced the seed company men present for the session. Raney Shepherd Is Rat Catcher Irvington: Hugh Raney, Irvington, claims to possess one of the most intelligent dogs, and while it is a shepherd and not a rat terrier, the dog is us destructive to ruts as if it belonged to that var- 4 FARM SALES WITHIN COUNT, IN NET WEEK Miller, Keen, Schick, and Bleich Auctions Arc Anounced With moving time deadline usually around March 1, farm sales arc being held nt four farms In Kossuth county, within the next eight dnys. Complete details of cach'snle will be found elsewhere In this issue of The AlRona Upper DCS Moines. Sales listed today, follow: .Saturday, Feb. 12 -Mrs. Goo. Miller nnd Jewel M. Larsen, two miles of Alpjonn. Monday, Feb. 14—Mrs. A. J. Keen & Son, two miles east of Algonn. Tuesday, Feb. 15—Henry G. Shick, three and one-half miles north of Algona and two miles east. Wednesday, Feb. 16th—Herman Bleich, four miles cast and five and one-half north of Algonn. In holding farm sales, one will find that the cheapest thing about 4fet*Lil* • l( t^|«S»«*,Mv«*W«»g- of ^m^^mifJKmjmm a safe fsTtrie'Dclte AGED MAN KILLS THREE—Tewksbury, Muss.: John Mack, 77-year-old inmate of the pauper ward of Tewksbury State Infirmary who, filled three fellow inmates and wounded two others with a mail order pistol last week "because they were mean to me," is shown in custody. He was captured at Lowell where he fled four miles along railroad tracks. Mack is shown in center with Chief Cyril L. Baker of the Tewksbury police and Sergeant William Delay of the Massachusetts State Police. iety. Recently while Runey was working in one of his out-buildings, he came upon a nest of eight rats which the dog had killed by biting each one in the huuo. and then proceeded on to the next. Since this time the dog has been considered more valuable by the Runey family. Get Surprise; Find Old Buffet Afire Irvington: Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips were taken by surprise late lust Wednesday evening—and it wasn't any party, either. They discovered that their bouse was on fire. How the fire, which was in one room, originated, they do not know. As they were in their living room, Mrs. Phillips smelled smoke and upon investigation found a buffet in a room seldom used, on tire. By quick action, the fire was controlled, and only by quick action was the home saved from total destruction. The walls and furniture, as it was, were ruined by smoke and aoot. $194,000 CORN LOANS NOW ON 400 CO. CRIBS The Kossuth County Agricultural Conservation Association has approved corn loans totalling $11*4,000 on 400 cribs of corn in this county. This represents a total of 400.000 bushels of corn. Corn producers who still desire to seal corn may do so up to April l Commodity Credit Corporation loans will not be available after that date. The county office has completed and forwarded to the state office 2230 summaries of performance. These summaries list the data for the farms in this county which participated in the 11U7 program. The state office will audit these summaries und prepare applications for payment thereof. These applications will be returned tu the county office for signature, after which they will be forwarded to IJes Muines und placed in line for payment. InfuniKition i.s not yet available on just how the details of the program for this year will work out. Township meetings will be culled us soon as this information is rc- itived. and the farmers will be given the ruling* at such meetings Social Disease Talks _Dr. Dwight Andrews und Dr. Juhn Kenelick wore speakers at u Juiiio: Chamber of Commerco meeting, Thursday, in the Legion hull. They spoke on social discuses, and the present campaign toward educating und eradicating them. Medics Elect Swea City: Dr. R. M. Minktl is the newly elected president of die Kossuth county medical society. Other officers arc Dr. Egan of Bancroft. vice president, and Dr. M. O. Bourne of Algonu, secretary und treasur- Fog, Rain, Thaws, February Phenomena Spring weather blessed Kossuth county, the fore part of this week, after a warm week end Fog. rain und u little sleet und snow, made roads dangerous, but mild temperatures were generously welcomed. Week's weather: High Loiv^Pror. February 1 .10 1 February 2 33 ]g February 3 30 10 February 4 36 23 Februarys 37 28.14 rain February 6 35 24.11 ruin Forecast for the lust of the week wus unsettled and colder. AMiONA ADVERTISERS IJIRECTOKY I'AGE TWO Algonu Ins. Agency Anderson Grain & Coal PAGE THREE Laing & Muckey Klussie Motor Co. C'lopton Tailor PAGE FOUR W. G. McCulluufc'h Hat-sly Lbr. Co. New Cull Theatre Richardson's Furniture Soreii-scnS Grocery PAGE FIVE Kohlhaas i Spillts Butsford Lbr. Co. Algona Greenhouses Kresenskys Algona Auction Co. Algonquin Iow« Theatre PAGK SIX E. W. Lusby PAGE SEVEN Joe Bloom PAGE EIGHT F. S. Norton, & Son Jiminin Neviilv Borchurdt's PAGE TEN Christ-bilk's Store Hub Clothiers Anderson's Jack Sprat Huenk Motor Si-rvice Elite Shop H. M. Colwell Moe & Sjogren it will be advertised. That's why nil of the blggeat nnd best sales will be found advertised in The Algona Upper DCS Moines, n newspaper which reaches Into over .1.000 homes in Kossuth county, ami is read by approximately 10,000 people each week. Mrs. Harold Bockes Dies; Funeral to Be Thursday A. M. Mrs. Harold Bockes died Monday evening following ;in illness of two years, most of which she had been bedfast. She had been cared for at the home of her sisters, Rose and Christine Arend the greater part of the time. Susie Arend \vas born January 29, 1897. at Rich Point, and was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arend. Before her marriage she was employed for a number of years at the Christensen store and also by its predecessors. During her long illness she retained her happy disposition which had made her many friends in the store. Mrs. Bockes is survived by her husband and little daughter, Judy Kay, who is about four years old. Funeral services will be held on Thursday morning at 9:30 from the St. Cecelia's church. Richardson Having Grand Store Opening Richardson's Furniture Store i.s announcing its formal opening of the new building in today»n Algona Upper Des Moines. Mr. Richardson has made special prep- urations for the event, and will have gifts for those visiting his new location, just west of the courthouse. In modernistic front design, the new building takes its place as one of the most beautiful in the Algona business section. Roy can feel rightly proud of achievement of his desire for larger quarters and u modern building. His formal opening will be in the nature of an open house, and the JUblic is cordially invited to inspect the new building. A complete an- louncement will be found elsewhere n this issue. Faculty Lets Down Hair, Pulls Taffy LuVeine: Cures of the school room were forgotten Tuesday evening wlicii the lady member:; of Ui. LuVerne faculty enjoyed an ohl fashioned tally pull and the poppiii" of corn at a birthday party at the F I. Chapman home. Misses Kloi.i Finley und Vera Madson were the hostesses and Miss Louise Luces was the guest of honor. A beautifully decorated Ijiithduy cuke was included in the dainty lunch served and us usual they lingered lonj,, over leaving, enjoying the, informal chut that followed. Miss Luers was the recipient of u number or I-ietly ^ifts. To Show Paintings An exhibition of 150 reproductions of famous m.istcr pieces ol art will be shown here in the A!- gonu high school gym, on Friday and Sulurd;jy, Feb. Is and l'j. The pictures ,ire valued in total at owr $1,000, and available because of recent improvements in culur Swea Cityans Give Chase After Parked Cars Are Rammed QUICKLY ENTER PLEAS OP GUILTY R. V. Thackeray and Walter Conn, both of Swea City, were fined $300 and cos^s, after pleading guilty In district court, Monday, to charges of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Thackrey had costs of $14.90, and Cann had costs of $16.90. Appeal bond was set at $500 by Judge James DeLand. Both men were trying to raise money for the fine, Monday. Trouble began at Swea City, Saturday night, when several motorists reported that their parked cars at Swea City had been rammed. Others reported that they had seen u machine driving out of town that seemed to have some unsteady navigation at the wheel. Swea City officer? overtook the car, and arrested the two men. In a preliminary hearing before P. J. Helken, the two were bound over to the grand jury on the charge, after testimony by Ole Molan and Charles Rohlin. Brought to Algonn, the men shortly decided to enter immediate pleas of guilty, and were taken before Judge DeLnnd. The drivers' licenses of both men were also ordered repealed for one year. OVER 1250 AT CREAMERY DAY; 3 ARE ELECTED Crowds Line Walks At High School; Schoby New President « rao*t RucocMftil cream- QfrrcOM-d, wa« h«W Mint Saturday by the Algona C8-Opew** live Creamery Association, with an attendance that has been variously estimated from 1200 to 1500. At Inst reports, a total of 1266 had been served at the noon-ciay meal, and crowds were lined out to tho front sidewalk nt the high school until well after 12:30 p. m. C. R. Schoby, prominent farmer living south of Algona, was named president of the organization for tho coming ycflr. He succeeds A. J, Keen, dec< a.'ied. Andy Godfrcdson and Sim Leigh vore reelected to the board of dlr- ctors of the association. Their trms were the only two that ex- lired. Thc business meeting followed tha luncheon. During the noon hour the high school bund offered pleasing inimical selections. The business meeting opened with vocc.l nnd uuncing numbers, and then took over the matter of annual reports, and resolutions. Speakers were Prof. A. W. Rudnick of the dairy extension division at Ames, C. R. Schoby, who gave a report of the egg committee, and A. D. Oderkirk, extension poultry economist, also of Ames. Rebate checks were also distributed to users of petroleum products und feed. .MADS CHRISTIANSEN IH'BT IN ACCIDENT Mads Christiansen, secretary and treasurer, and general manager of the creamery, figured in an uuto accident the evening preceding the banquet, or Friday, between HutcH- ins und Britt. His injuries necessitated postponement until u later date, some of the business of the board. He suffered u nose laceration and injuries to his knee. A stalled truck, parked on the highway in a heavy fog which made visibility poor, caused the mishap. Muds' car was quite budly damaged. George Godfrey was present and spoke, and E. R. Mawdsley of Irvington was elected vice president, us other items of business at the meeting not reported above. Reiley Named On State Committee The unuul spring conference of the Iowa Association of Commercial Organization Secretaries, to be held in Muson City, was set for Tuesday ami Wednesday, Muy 17 and 18, at u meeting of the program committee, held Thursday at the Al- gonu Chamber of Commerce office. Members of tile committee present were .S. P. Stump of Fort Dodge', chairman; Lester Milligun of Mason City, und Oliver S. Reiley, Algona. State Income Tax Man in Algona P. A. Lonergun, field auditor for the stute income tux department, is located in the court house' for several days uud will be glad to meet any taxpayers desiring information regarding the stale income tax requirements. Thc time for tiling thu 1U37 returns expires April 1st. Grade Tourney, Hurt Hurt: Burt will be hoat to the annual grade basketball tourney Ftb. a, 10, and 12. This iueludea i contest for ninth graders us well as for junior high teams.

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