The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 15, ItM!) BT/YTI-IEVTM,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE SKVfcH Itote Deportment Soon to Bore Details of Provision Contained In Atlantic Pact to Prevent War By James Marlon WASHINGTON. March 15. wv- We'll Iciirn the details ol the At- |lantic pact soon, maybe Friday, from Hie Slate Department. The pntt Is a military alliance worked out by the United Slates and |olher nations which border on or near the ,\ouh Atlantic;. It has a double purpose: To make the allies so militarily strone tliat they not only can \vilU- stanrt an attack from Russia but even discomaeo one from start ILIK. (Conniumlsls claim its real pnr-+- ----I pose is to get ready fur an attack Ion Russia.) , 1 The pact will not became a fact (at all unless the U. S. Senate a)>I proves by a two-thirds vole. That Imrw take months. I Details on the pact have been I kept pretty secret. When they are "leased this week, they'll open a Double Duty he pact, interpretalions haii-spliUiug on the lueanmK of I words in the pact, senate debate. I editorials, radio discussions. Senate Must Approve Talks on the pact uc B ,m la, d Luxembourg. Norway ami pen- j m-irk Joined tlie conversations later. I Iceland, Portugal and Italy maVj "SEeVl is n treaty. Since JUc! senate must approve ai.y r«U« | 'i^rn^ss-^-si l^^ecr^r^ca^^' not before plenty of areumcn , b«- L-ause all those signing lll . c ., V "± c J^ K ree to help each other out In case Th« U stl' question, for the Senate, how to help out. ant way is v. 01 th way? But what other a dime if an ally is attacked ? Ami there's the question o ai m*. Do \vc start nouriiiB aims into allies the pact Is apD.oveci. so : preparing for any at- as .soon as they can 1 tack? Driver of Car That Killed Young McClcllan, Held ROGERS, Ark., March 15. i,T,- A Camp Clnffee soldier lias been clin'Si'd witli negligent homicide In connection with the automobile collision which rc.suUcil in thi? death of John L. McClellan, Jr.. son of Arkansas' U.S. Senator. Tlic soldier. Pvt. Holley Mason. Jr.. 23, of Oiavette. Ark., was ai- re.itcd at the camp Sunday by .slate patrolman Wallace Parnell and DniJiity Sheriff John Black ol Benton County. He was released under | bond and hearing on the charge i \v;(.s set lor March 21 in Circuit [ Court at Bcntonville. Parnoll sain Mn.son was I he driver of tlie car which collider! wilh youns McCleUan's automobile 0:1 U.S. Highway Tl near Rogers hus*. Wednesday night. The senator's .vin died at F'ayeteville Saturday. He was buried at Malvern, Ark., yesterday. The patrolman .said Mason had told him he was en route from the Camp to Gtavetle and attempted to pass a truck when McClellan's ; car came over a rise in the highway. Another soldier riding with Mason aurt ?. university student who was a ptusenper in McClellan's car also were injured. Mason escaped injury. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Amateur Painters Get Warning As Spring Cleaning Time Near s A i nong t he m a i ly new t oy s on display at ttie nnnual Toy b'air in New York is this plastic milk Rt.iss, a unique take-oil on the old [itMiny-m-the-boHam- of-the- pornclge-bowi routine. Wht'ii Janie Kraser, S, draws on i he straw, it not only brings the milk to her niuutti, but also starts the merry-go-round on lop spinning. lly Hal Hll.vlr NKW YOKK — if.''- • I'lunnln; to help the little woman with her sprlnp hinisectcanhiR chores? Well, if you decide (o savr money by iloliiR the painting ywirsi-lf, better think twice. Th 'I Is the ml- viiT of Fiivy.y MaCiisklll. who had the same Idea. too. Fuzzy is n noocl friend o[ mine, n khul. Kcne.ons man with ;\ ht'iut of purest Kold -mid five bit; thumbs on each hand. The other day he had a \\m vnciuion cominn. lie ihvlili'il lu-'d put money in pocket if he sju'iu the week repalnliiiK his home, with brush nwt can lie ultiu'ki'<l the kilcheli anil turned It a violent yellow. "Perhaps another coat would tu'lp, dear." said his wife. So Fn//,y stayed up all nlrht and slapped on another coat. Snuu-How tlie piiiul seemed to t'.et vrlUnver e;vr the liotlom ol the cull His ife took a look in the iiicnnlnn id s:iid: I doti't feel well. dear. I llilnk o( pnpr Q V>UUJ" " I". I f •'oacf Have any meaning for In. Her armies could overrun in no Will Pact Have Meaning? Unless the allies are strongly armed, would a led Russia. the unarmed pact-signers ""some friends of the part argue "our joining-which means Russia would know she'd have to face us i If she attacked our allies—would 1 deter her from attacking. They considered that the central, and most Improtanl. part of the Ex-Insurance Executive Sentenced in El Dorado El* DORADO. Ark., March 15. >.-F) —A 'former executive of tlie Mutual Benefit, Health and Accident Insurance Company yesterday was sentenced to two yea is imprisonment for parsing worthless checks- The defendant, Robert M. Causpy. 49, pleaded guilty in circuit cour'. to charges of violating the State BankiiiE; Act. Deputy Prosecutor Hugh Wlmv- go over to daunhiei-'s in h her [or Hie iest of the l-'xi/'/y. sit i>:ilnl spotted ho looktu! Ike a |iuU']i of dandelions, thoui;h( (lint would IIP [inc. U would U'i liiiu frcr lo nssiuill the living rtnnn Inith rttul Hit* front port 1 ]). The ves of the lumsi' \'l In nml of fr julnl, At Mils point Fu/.y.y \vtis still love with his i\ork. lie hitii Jtis finished linnbhiK tin- livltiB loon when it neighbor ciillc-d: "Your iloj, Skljipy, just nm up the street." Fii/yy rnuuhl the don uflcr a two Work inn. When hr n"l Rklppy I Hit* hciiist', he tilpd. to (.'hasp hli : upstairs. Sklpny thought H was JKiTiU pium*. Hi 1 vU-lim-hi'ti'il o[f Hi j newly jmlnlCMf Uvlnu room wiills sr\ [oral tiim's. (lien tiippcd on the of it MR floor lump. Down eri the lump In ruins. The h:Uhfooni i'unit 1 m-xl. PII//.V \vfls Ihiiif;. IU i took naps bot\vcrn limes as ho pointed tho wnlls and ceiling. The* result; three tones ut nn OL'talMEil color which Ku//,v himself cnuld only do.snlbc us "n mut- tcr of opinion," Abseiif-mindt'tUv, I-M//V sat down rlrd. Weary of (Tided to nil nnlnl, Fu/.zy thru stirpi'lsc Ills wife by eiuihiK tl»<' vcuotlnn blinds In the vliitr root)'.. Ho docldect It would he usler to wn*h Iho dhl 'off thr voodpn Mats, So he dunked the I muds in a bathtub hilt of wnrm [ wnter unit lot thetn soak for H lint! lour, "Those u'Oiulpn .slats weren't wood at nil," Mild KU//.y. "They wrrr iimbmucl ciirdboard tluU cur and shrank, too." llo slulird mid wont on lo :m- othoi' - uU-luK the IMiiK room an oniuuol trim. The nest day he found, .sorrowfully, that one of the i-niis he hud ust-d was fhvl Instead of ennniei. Kn/y.y vnm-cl around. He hull u kitchen tlwl looked like It WHS stiUertiiK from Junndke. ft ihto-- tonc bathroom, n .streaky room with n halt flnt und lialf enamel Him, lie put nwuy his putnt brnsh In disgust, "I LU n oxpei-IInK uiv wife liny rliiy now," Mild Kuv/y. "And i- s i\ ureetliiK for her u.v snnn he opetis the ( |oor. ] taeki'd pn that n\\\s: To hell will) the front i Flutes made of the hollow lrn- bone.s ot lilids have IKM-II Tiniiul nmuiiK lelU'.s of iiuftcnl eave-dw med In bliu'k H hndn't ITS. this is a long step from cnr bid-time neutrality which kept us I out of World Wars I and TI so long. But we've been moving steadily In this direction since the end ol I World War II. We've joined the United Nations, set up the Marshall plan to help Western Europe, thrown help and money into Greece and Turkey under the Truman plan to stop Russia, and have occupation troops in Germany. Austria, Trieste, Japan and Korea. In Hollywood Continued from Page < hut never got a diploma. He flopped when he. opened a clothes-cleaning establishment. MONEY FROM Oil- But he cleaned up when he became an oil well contractor. He had to sue to collect a $60.000 fee for his first Job. It took him a year to collect, but by that time he had his first million. A magazine article described McCarthy as looking like « typical Mississippi River boat gambler. I cot this description of him from Bob PaiRD and Monty Collins, who produced "The Green Promise" as i head of McCarthy Productions. I He's a bin man who has been j mown to right at the drop of a hat) —and even furnish the hat. He ; never talks when It's possible to' listen. When he shakes hands with you, you co down to your knees. He's the boss of 28 corporations, flics around the country in his own plane, has a beautiful wife and five children. A favorite McCarthy story Is this one: He was called to testify before a Senate committee on oil lenses. Senator Vaiiricnbcrg was presiding. McCarthy entered the com-: mil tee room and Vandcnberg offered him n chair. "No thanks," said McCarthy, I'll stand." Vandenberg looked at the big black-haired Texan and said meekly: "Okay, Mr. McCarthy, but please don't - shoot." * * • Talking to a former filtn actress named Claire Rochelle reminded me of the newly rich Hollywoods- man who bought a player-piano he decided it was undignified to play a piano by hand. Missco Chairman Selected to Head Easter Seal Sale John Maycs of Illythevillc )m been named Mississippi Count Chairman for the Filth Anmia Easter Seal sale of the Association for the Crippled. Mi Jack Cat nes, pi-e.sidcnt of the today. Mrs. Carnes, president of the sedation, announced the nppoln men! on the eve of the statewide campaign to raise SB2.0QO to furtlirr the work of rehabilitating crippled children in their home counties as well as at the Children's Convalescent Center at Jacksonville. State chairman of the drive is Elmo Walker of Little Rock. Dr. Samuel B. Thompson orthopedic surgeon of Little Rock !s co-chairman of the campaign, Half the money raised In each county Is allocated back to that county for local use in the program which i.s teaching child victims >.f cerebral palsy, infantile paralysis and rbeimuific fever how to make the must of their lives. Modem methods of treatment hold hope for improvement in most cases. & RED HOT PRICES USED CARS SHELTON MOTOR CO. UNIFORM Headquarters BV* OH uoctf 'if •n« O: Read Courier News Want Ads ton said Causey now will be turned over to authorities in Ouachita, County, where he has been charged wilh ten similar counts. Ciuisey was arested in Topeka, Kas., last month and was brought here for tiial. MOVED TO NEW LOCATION 112 No. First Street • Behind Lemons Furniture Store Elan Heath Co. Same Phone — 828 Take ths Work Out of Lawn Care! =3 flr«$ten* POWER .MOWER 139 50 \ru* .»•«• FREE! ««fl.25cro<kog« (M*W^ BURPEE'S Sup*r Giant ZINNIA SEEDS HO PUKCHASI NICISSAKY GET YOURS TODAYI Fair-Lawn Sunny Mixture LAWN SEED \ / 1A S / o*t# I *» >J / * H *> i t»c ™ 2 LB5. t A rtnrdy, wonomlcul, fMt-RrowliiK lawn ' »o«d. Kxc«Hanl for recreational »rean. F.ach 1 pound U •nough to ROW 126 Miuar* f*«t ,of new l*wn, ox r*-»»«d 250 tquar* f**t of } old lawn. totttj, |25 WIIK Easy to operate — economical to run! HM Anger-tip clutch and tbrottla controls on h»ndl». Easy-to- Btart Briggs and Btratton V* H.P. motor. Puncture- proof rubber tires. 18-tnch. cutting reel la adJuflUbl* from '/ a to 2'/ a -lnch cut. Rent Our LAWNETTE SPREADER 50c A DAT Us« It for aaort, fert1U7«r etc. Quicker, easier. Spraidj evonly. YOUR GARDEN NEEDS YIGORO i 5 Ibs 50c A coropl«t* plant food, OKI It on th« garden, lawn — aroond •bmbb«ry itid trcw ^t u~j=—— ; •l****** \ . o»t*"* ts Supreme Quality GARDEN HOSE Practically defies wear! Rosl-sti sun and weather. WHhstundR high wator pre!ss\ir«. Made with two-braid Rayon Cord. Covered with tough. bcautiCn] green Ncoprcne. Nickcl-plAtcd "FnU- Flow" coiipliiigfl. tUY ON EAST BUDGET TERMS I 95 SOFT. FOR M7RA SAFM $&\ ** ** M / Easy-Operating LAWN MOWER rf V Y N/^. i Enjoy the whiskey that's M t lOOK 'OK THIS WATCHMAN ON EVERY BOTTU Cood show, old liouptr! Now hen's something yog'tl enjo)--OtO mm BROOK! It's gtenl! This rich Kentucky flavor really j«ls rove notices I Me lor "the Sunny Brook side" cveiy lime) M OLD SUNNY BROOK • Easy lo "*• Long-Handled GRASS SHEARS (50 CHANGE OVER TO Ti^^tone WHITE SIDEWALL TIRES You'll be amazed at Ihfi low cost of swank new wliile si dew,ill tire.s — and you'll go for the new lonV they (five your car too. 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H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M fl I N ST. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 'i-\1.\y Service, on Any MLtkc ur iModcl Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We Cull I'or iind Deliver Fred Callihan Ai>i>li;incc Co. Atilliori/.cil iMotorola Silk's Service 1(1(1 So. Isl. St. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANV ? EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILtE ARK. • Phone 3ffia*d2S35 McKesson A Kobbins, Inc. - Exclusive Oislributors - tVUc Kork 5^ t Grain Neutral SpiriU 207 W. Main St. 0. 0. HARDAMY Blytheville Soy if .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Glcncne Hotel lililg. M'^^v^ IMinnc •HIM or 27-17 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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