The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1938 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1938
Page 3
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The Atgona Upper "Des Koines, Algona, Io*&, Jan, 26,1938 Bink o( In * discus In rf«ci ven COTI illon to 1297 st if the sed firm As t/ond ilien « d Bethlehtm Ste 7%, Ceri Peabody u u (nmny sion of hank rM*rv««rr!> om the flow of It I* (ia_ndjuitm» nl c ro ,n-" My Oil up 4"', up 3'i. Union Ited CaiJan up 2*4. Rcfl ersl Hays. Commls- Souther s with foreign codncc-1 Paclfl ted that, if 1 i market e pub- mor§ nk reservt ,Ve » the iber b Algona 9 s Half Million Leads All N. F. L. A. Offices in New Loans BUSINESS GROWTH Loans Totaling $142,800 Were Pending On Jan. 1,1938 Writing over half a million dollars of new business, the Algona National Farm Loan association, In Kossuth county, Iowa, led all associations in the Omaha district in loan closings for 1937. Thirty-nine joint loans, 13 Federal Land bank loans and two commissioner loans, totaling $524,600, put the northern Iowa association out in front for the year. Owns No Farms Above are pictured the directors .and the office force. Mr. Carlson, -a charter member of the association, serves on the loan committee •with Mr. Patterson and Mr. Egel. At the turn of the year the oflgoclation had 8 running start on 1938, with a total of $142,800 applications pending. With ho real estate owned and •virtually no servicing worries to •command Its attention, the Algona •association concentrated Its efforts on new loans throughout 1937. Twice during the year the secretary-treasurer, H. D. Hutchins, circularized the entire membership -with letters urging them to tell their friends and neighbors about the favorable terms and Interest savings to be realized from land bank and commissioner loans. 'Members Best Boosters' The letters brought out forcibly that farmers who take out long- term loans while rates are low will never be forced to renew In hard times and run the risk of getting •"caught" In a cycle of high interest rates. The secretary-treasurer and the president give the members a large share of the credit for the association's heavy run of new loans. Left to right, seated—Henry F. Weber, A. B. Schenck, W. H. Patterson, president, Charlie C. Egel and George E. Sanders; standing—Herman Carlson. H. D. Hutchins, secretary-treasurer, and E. H. Hutchins. "Our members are our best boosters," said Mr. Patterson. "They have confidence In the association and its management, with the result that they say a good word for the organization whenever they have the opportunity." Chartered in 1928, the Algona NFLA now has 706 land bank and commissioner loans, totaling $4,104,500. Ski Slide Popular In Union Twp. Union: Young folks from Union and Algona spent their spare time at a ski slide they have fixed up on the side of one of the hills on the Frank Hoflus farm. Toboggans are also being used. The recent weather has been Ideal for such activities. "Why Mary, What have you done to your Dining Room? "It looks so different! It's— why, it's beaut- ifull" That's what one woman's neighbors here in Algona said a few days ago after she had completed re-painting -her dining room. In fact, She had repainted her kitchen, too, and one of "" ' iiheiA hmtf. It took paint was very small. Inside painting is very easy and this is an ideal time to do the work. It's amazing what a little paint and a few hours time will do in transforming the looks of any roonf. We will be glad to help yon select the right paint or enamel, suggest color combinations and just liow to do tho job, or give you the jiaines of good reliable painters. Plan to do those inside jobs of painting, repairing or insulating NOW. Sec us for information about materials, how to do the work and workmen. The cost will bo pleasingly low and the results highly satisfactory. Phone 229 if you want us to call on you to giA'e information. F. S. Norton & Son Algona, Iowa Little Chato About Your Health—No. 4 Early Attention Helps Beat Cancer A physician eaya "The only known cause of cancer is neglect and the only known cure is early recognition and suitable treatment". Although the attack on cancer is proceeding along a thousand fronts and will some day be crowned by victory, it is still necessary to use every precaution that it may be identified in its begining. If there is doubt as to the nature of any lump or abnormal growth found on the body, a competent physician should be immediately consulted. In any illness early and capable attention is safest. Let us serve you whenever prescriptions are to be filled. E. W. Lusby - Drugs Husky Son At Zwiefels, Fenton Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Zwiefel became parents of a 7',4 pound son Monday of last week. Mrs. Zwiefel and son are being cared for by Mrs. Minnie Dreyer and Mercedes Voigt Is doing the house work. On Monday evening Mr. Zwiefel was taken sick with appendicitis and taken to the Kossuth hospital where an operation was performed. AH concerned are getting along as well as can be expected. The Zwiefels are also parents of daughters, six and two years old. Entertain at Bridge Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman were host and hostess to five tables of 600 last week. On Friday evening, Ervin Gremmels and Grace Weisenhofer won the high and Ruth Hantelman and E. K. Johnson the low prizes. Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. William Miller were high score prize winners and Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart WUtkopf of Algona the low. Delicious refreshments were served at both parties. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cushman of near Fenton laat Thursday. Delores, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mansager has been seriously 111 since Friday with the flu but U better at this writing. Geneva Glaus, daughter of Mr. —J^B^^Hl^^^^^^^fl^B^i^^^^^^»»^^HBBB^^»^^^BB last week at the Kowuth hospital, Algona. Virgil Pierce, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Pierce, west of Fenton is recovering from a major operation performed in the Palo Alto hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Struecker and family attended a dinner party at tlu Fred Struecker home in Whittcmore in honor of Mrs. Mary Struecker'a 86th birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Zumach entertained their bridge club Thursday evening. Dr. B. K. Bahnson of Burt and Mrs. R. A. Goetsch won the high score prize and Shelby Wclsbrod the consolation priz'!. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tjaden and family and Mrs. George Stewart of Algona spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. W, E. Laage in honor of Mrs. Stewart's 76th birthday anniversary. Mrs. Stewart is the grandfather of Mrs. Laage. Mrs. C. G. Humphrey entertained at a quilting recently. Guests were Mesdames Philip Weisbrod, Emma Ruske, J. A. Waterman, J. A. G. Smith, J. F. Newel, C. H. Ger- onitn, F. E. Eigler, Wilbur Holldorf, H. C. Lindsey, F. P. Newel W. H. Wlddel and Harlan Gaard. Mrs. Lloyd Finnestad entertained a group of boys Sunday afternoon in honor of her son, Edward's 8th birthday anniversary. Games were played out of doors until time for lunch after which games were played in doors. Howard was presented with gifts. Guests included John and Eugene Wegener, Donald and Billy Stigman, Harold and Fred Schneider, Kenneth Johnson, Billy Finnestad, Truman Bergeson and Vernon Finnestad. Lucile Kramer's 17th Birthday Union: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer and children, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gisch and family and Harlcy Will attended a birthday party in honor of Lucile Kramer at her home south of Algona a week ago Sunday. Twenty-eight relatives and friends attended. Lunch was served in the afternoon. Lucile is a sister of Clarence and was 19 years old. Relatives from Whittemore also attended. Prices slashed for this End'of-the-Season Sale. Complete apparel for ladies and children at drastic reductions. Everything on sale at money-saving prices. New spring merchandise, of course, will be reserved. Annual Meeting Postponed until Feb. 5,1938 Notice Is Hereby Given that the regular annual meeting of the stockholders and subscribers to Capital Stock of the Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company, according to Article Ten of the Articles of Incorporation, shall be held In Algona, Iowa, on the last Saturday In January, 1938, for the purpose of election of directors for the coming year and for receiving and, if approved, ratifying and confirming an the acts and proceedings of the j Board of Directors of the corporation done and taken during the preceding year, and for the transaction of such further and othre business aa may properly come before the meeting. At a meeting of the Board of Directors on January 14, 1838, it was unanimously agreed upon to tpone the annual meeting ot the —npanyTo^FBBralrf^R l *WB^H 12:30 p. m. In the high school auditorium because of a high school basketball tournament being held on January 29, 1938 at 12:30 p. m. The board unanimously agreed that they would meet in the high school auditorium on January 29, 1938. and transact the postponement of the annual meeting to February 5, 1938, at which time the superintendent of the high school has agreed that we may use the high school gymnasium and auditorium. The Methodist ladies have agreed to serve the dinner. ALGONA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY, M. P. CHRISTIANSEN, 3-4 Secretary. Wesley Folks At Colorado Funeral Wesley: Mrs. John Ltckteig accompanied by her son, Dennis, left last week for Holly, Colorado, to attend a funeral of the former's sister-in-law, Mrs. Lloyd Ohmes. On their return trip they stopped at Qreeley, Kansas, to visit relatives and trlends and they are expected to return home this week. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF 1 IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, sa. No. 4346, In District Court, January Term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: Vou Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Peter Brass, Deceased, dated January 8th, 1938, having been this day tiled, opened und read, Monday tho 21«t day of February, 1038, in fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of tho day above mentioned all persons are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, January 18, 1938. KATHARINE Me KVOY, Clerk of District Court. ALMA REARSOW, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Ldnnau, attorneys. 4-3 Affidavit of Proof of Service KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. STATE OF IOWA. In the Justice of the Peace Court of P. A. Danson of Algona Township, Koasuth County, Iowa. Herman Becker, plaintiff, vs. Two white face heifers. I, Herman Becker, of Irvlngton Township, Kossuth County, State of Iowa, after being duly sworn, depose and state: That two white face heifers being of a weight of 700 pounds each, were taken up by myself on the 10th day of November, A. D., 1937, in Irvington Township, Kossuth County, Iowa; That I pcsted three notices, each being the exact duplicate of Exhibit "A" hereto attached and made a part of this affidavit, in the following place towlt: one notice was posted at Frankl's stare in Irv- Ington Township, Irvington, Iowa; one notice was pouted at Mc- Luln'H Store in Irvlngton Township, Irvington, Iowa, and one notice was posted at Farmer's Co-Operative Elevator in Irvington Township, Irvington, Iowa; all three notices being posted at their respective places on the 6th day of January A. D., 1938. That said two white face heifers above referred to remain unclaimed and are still in my possession. That there were no brands or marks or other means of identification on or about said two animals changed or altered to my knowledge, either before or after the same were taken up. Signed at Algona, Iowa, on January 17th A. D., 1938. HERMAN BECKER. Subscribed and sworn to before me, P. A. Danson, a notary public In and for Kossuth county, State of Iowa, on January 17th, 1038, and being his voluntary act and deed. Signed by said Herman Becker. P. A. DANSON, Notary Public In and For Kossuth County, State of Iowa. EXHIBIT "A" NOTICE OF THE TAKING UP AN ESTKAY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, residing in Irvington Township, Kossuth County, State of Iowa, did on the 10th day of November, A. D., 1937, take up as estruys two white face heifers being of a weight of 700 pounds each, of the color of red and white. That buid animals are now in the possession of the undersigned at hia residence in Irvington Township, in said county. Dated this 6th day of January, A. D., 1938. (Signed) HERMAN BECKER. 3-8 Wool Sweaters Long sleeves. Values to $2.20 Ladies' and cliildren's $1.69 Rayon Panties First grade materials. Popular styles. Small, medium, and large. 19c Pajamas Ladies' sizes of rayon and cotton, all 2-piece garments. 69c Any Coat priced up to $12 on sale at Any coat priced $14 to $22 on sale at Any coat priced from $25 to $45 on sale at Bath Robes of fine wool flannel. Popular styles. Val. to $6.00 $4.00 .--. Fast color" dresses house coats of fine terials, sizes 12 to 44, .$1.98 values. and ma- reg. $1.39 1C- 00 20 .00 Pure Silk Hose Full fashioned. First finality. May l)o had in either service-weight or chiffon in six popular colors. Sixes 8".. to 101.,. 49c Children's Coat Sets Nice styles In either plain or fur-trimmed coats — lined and inter-lined, Some with caps and leg- ghiB. Garments sold from $4.95 to $9.95, on sale at only and $5 Pine wool zephyr twin sweater sets. Many novelties in this group, worth up to $3.50, price new sale $2.39 Hand Bags Entire stock of $1.00 and $1.50 hags 79c Overshoes Ladles' or children's sizes, black or brown $1.00 Fabric Gloves Either wool, leather, fabric or silk. Sizes 6 to 8% 88c Printed Smocks Long and short styles, 14 to 20 $1.00 Drastically Reduced Prices in our Shoe Dept. CONNIE STYLE SHOES PARIS FASHION SHOES A large selection of stylos in this group of popular Belling footwear. Regular $3 and $4 shoes, all sizes but not all sizes in every style. House Slippers, val. to $1.50 98c Children's Oxfords $1.29 Paradise Shoes $4.85 Children's Boots __$1.09 Natural Poise $3.85 These .smart high grade shoes go on sale for (he firs! (line this season. Most of styles will fit into your spring wardrobe. Ladies' Wool Hose Worth $1.00 any place. Sizes 9 to 11 79c j Satin Pajamas 1 and Gowns m $2.50 and $2.98 values. $1.98 Rollins Run - Stop Hose Fine 2 or 3-thread hose. Regular $1.00 and $1.25 values, 10 colors 89c Buttonieres Attractive artificial flowers. Cleanup at PRICE Cinderella Dress These are the smartest values in children's dresses obtainable anywhere at the price. AH high count print fabrics, sizes 3 to lo. Smartly Styled DRESSES Greatly reduced-We must move them GROUP 1 Washable rayon crepe dresses, silk crepe dresses, satin dresses, wool dresses, knit dresses, garments that aold for much more. Moat sizes. GROUP 2 Silk print dresses, silk crepe dresses, wool dresses, knit dresses. You will be astonished at the wonderful values we have at this price. All sizes. Pajamas of silk brocade and velvet, also robes, at $4.00 GROUP 3 High Htyle dresses of quality materials and work manship. Some of these sold as high as $l<j. Oth ers for less. You can't lose tho' at this low price Trim Fit Stockings Fine li.slc iiose, '.<> to full length hose, all sizes Read\} f to~Wear Hosiery Shirley Temple Dresses TheHo popular garments in sizes 3 to 12, rarely hfev« H special price. But valued Mhange. Hoth Bilk and cottiiti dr««ne8 are la this group. $1.78 Hat Sale About 50, all suitable for spring wear $1.00 Silk Scarf. -. Wool All new styles and values /2 PRICE

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