The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1938 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 10
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Tho Algona Upper Peg Motets, Algona, Iowa. Jan. 18,1038 ALGONA CRACKS UP IOWA FALLS, LEAGUE LEADERS Bulldogs Put on Great Rush in Last Period, Win 28 to 21 In a fourth qunrletr, finish, (ho Algona high school hii«- kfltbnll I en ni played Its hftflt eli;hl minute* thin seniinn, In whip Imva Palli, nnilefHtnd until Friday night In the North C.'untrnl rmnfermiro. The final score w«» 2H to 21, Kenneth Lynli, «l«r ri-nler, liept UIB nulldngH In lh« game unlll the final quarter, with Rome wonderful, law shntti trttm well nut on Hin floor, whli'h BHVH AlKonit an .jnrly lend, whldi they did not lone until thu third quarter. Hoore at Imlf- tlmn wan 1,1 In II for Algona. Twenty Pmili (lulled Algonn led it Die ijiinrlir, 4 In 1, holding the vlnltnr.i without a fit-Id goal. Toward hnlf-tlme, scoring looiened up, with both nldei dropping In long shntN. Fouls were plentiful, 20 being railed, Iowa Falls lined a tight zone de- fence, tlut prevented Ihn local boy* from getting In for clono ihuti during lh« flr*t three quarter*. Tho v)»ltor», h»w«v«r, wort not Able lo hit under the Algnna hotket for •ny clot* •hots, and the gam* b«* came • contest of breaki, fast pain- Ing, nnd wHltlng for an opportunity, with both tea inn tventunlly rc- Korling In each fane to a try from outnlde (he foul line. At the t-iid of the third quarter, Town Fall* hiu! Her) Algona 17 nil, unit Kfttntii about t» lake a commanding lend. MrNHII, MiirUry Htar fn Ih^ fins) quarter the rtal gmnr wits i-l-iMi! Murliev rnnite a nirii plVill nllil >lrp|'|'ti( (Hit III fmm tlir ItHil i ir> ir Imi .l^hntie folli,\vr>l *»£am um< Itir , mint at li> oil .In K !tt.r I'll! >ll» Irani In thi? lta,l vii'.n * iitt tfut.H t.ul Miukf-v tir.l It «,:-..!, rtl'.ri a ^,ft ,tu,l Ttirn M.- S'. ' l.'ii.l.- \\\ .- *!ffv U>ri'*» H,.,',1 I..-'>,•. \\ .•••.!•«•. !r-;1 (i"I a ftrr . •• M.Ns-ul »c-(>Uf>1 •\ Uu» tune »a« ".; '.'Jt C't J'U.itum •n.K- a frv* thtuw L'/ '.ru.-. vim! ijuifU-r On- low* K<lJj;> t>.;luj U-»:.'lli4 t-V ;» ftw j.olll'fe. go *ftvr the I.*]) They <u«titil L.vuk hk* a hawk, but Mucfety arid Mt.NtUl were allowed to break to acoie th« winning LulUe* last call for FUR COATS I •}£»«:!?» | I* Chrischilles tAi Wiu ...H,' ,«IM. -}n+ 4x..' I'A'IHIOTH? KIJOft—OKAU'VII.LK, II.I-: llow'll you h«\'«- your eg«H thin morning red, blue, green or lavender? If you think we're (iliMIng, you have another guetH coming. Henry .loellenlierli nf tills city, shown In I hi' phuto, hRH a conp of white U'Hhnnis tluil produci! rnlnred-yolk <"«»!•< »l will. The set ret IH 111 the feed, ceitiilii hnrmleSH dyes being added to the mosh. The hens are fed the feed fnr about ten dn.VH prior to Ihe time the colored yolkn nr<* wiinted. Any color run he produced. Photo Jnellenbeck holding Home of the green-colored egg*. If you diuiht the Ntory, he'll break an egg and show you it is graHH- gretm liiHlile. (Jooil, All-Arnund (imtir HHNhFthnll In n live- inn n game, and all the men imeil played excellent biiHlK'Ibnll. Mldicl. uhlflcd from forward I" giwrd, and Miller, iilso ill B'l'ird, |ilnyi-(l hard, HKgremitve Iwbiiethnll, unit HH imld before, l.ynk'» iiiiiaiuiy Minuting kept the Iliillilng.", mil in front when hi* Iciini mil n defense It i oulil not |ii-iivtriitK »t U-iiftt for three ijuar- iMH 'Ihf \iilnry wan f-ftpfi iiilly (.weft, hint i- Algoiirt mid loxva F^nlis ti(-<1 for lilt- i ulifrli In f fl>Mt>Hll title, Hill] thin >-. Ilir Hint mil-tin^ (jf the Hvii ill, I in, I null oti the nt' Ihr |rrf!f(it fjthl«ti Former Reaident Dies nt Clarion \Vonl was received here by the friends of Mm ,Ine Rdiumpp, former reNldent nf Algnna, Dint «hp hnil pnsneil away al her home. In Clarion, Monday of luat week, and funeral service were, held l«Ht Thursday at Clarion. Her liunhHiid nnd four children survive.. Mr. flchiimpp left Algona six or seven yearn ago He hail been employed In the electric light plant here. West Bend, Plover Split Cage Games ItiMid: The Plover basket- hnll trams rame to TVeat Bend on Friday evening for « double header (,'iinie. The West Hend girls won f>o to ,18 In an exciting game. The I'lover boys won from the local lioys by a good score. mm 1 1 ii 1 < I wl* I ™ Jim \\t> Thnnk Ton I r»e«r Slr»; A* the y»nr l» at nn end, I will enrlonn money order for $2,60 for nnoth*r year's imbaorlptlon for your gootj paper. Wlahlng you good health and prosperity for the coming year. Yonr» respectfully, OTTO HARIO, 'Alden, Minn. . - a _ Speaks at Osage O. 8. Refley, »ecretnry of ihe Algous Chamber of Commerce, was the, gueit of honor and speaker at the annual meeting of the Osage Chamber of Commerce, Monday night. His subject was: "Cooperation among business men For Sale K ti M u< M f Mli tirl I »!,»; Mllltl \\ III-,--,,.1 M. -•.'.ill 'in. h, i-'ltt^ Iti-ilK l tfcll J-'tf ht J'/ -' 4 1 1 I 0 0 1 1 1 1 Id HI 2 rt; Kl I'f 041 i HI *tf WOOL IXiS£ TO t-T. O01K.I-. Jlttouoi tlit l-'btuu t>i liuot liat bttli hit Ii; cll.eiilJ»O« flit Kurt FOR SALE Tool room and beer parlor. Mrs. Nick Semon, Whltte- inore. 3* FOR SALE -T\vo plnnos, priced to se.ll —BJustrom's. 3 FOR SALE Some good young horses.—Roy McVny, Phone 791, Al- K"na. 3* FOR SALE -25 hend purebred Spotted Poland China bred gilts, luifl in April. All vaccinated. Throe milt's northeast Whlttemore, nlon£ pHvcment.- Mike Hlgglns. 3-4* FOR SALE-1P34 Plymouth i- door sedan Hot. wattv heater.— llofnk Motor Service. West of Court House. 3 FOIl r'ALE—8 ft Ij<x:rin; binder, '.i ft. <JUc . gariK plow, O;'i'j-Grm!m- i rw tractor and r ultiv.i'i.T. !'•'! f.'hevrj|i:t iru'.k. —Nitk 13. \Vagntr. AJgona. •j WANTED — Congenial farmer, with good team, near Altfonn, who would be Interested In driving for five or six couples on bobsled party. Inquire Algona Upper Des Maine* office. 3* NOTICE—Every want ad In The Upper Des Molnes with 3400 circulation, is picked up and carried without extra charge In The Saturday Shopper, 2000 blanket circulation of Alf-ina and Algona routes Why be satisfied with less? For Your Car STOP AT Sampson's Tire Service and look over their lug grip tires for snow and mud. 3 Miscellaneous FOR KALE--T-*-'- injr^h. "AV.h OY*.'*<I .-i.! ;,rKt -Bj j 1 - •..".. T.' FOJ'. HALK It'.' T-'.T.'..--. x'.-i •,*•&.'..- H-.-- K K'. .-« •/,>!-. '.'. f .':^r-. K •.-.'.•* I'.ht'l. ;.t •! tf.CJ C. Suitios'.n Jimmie Neville bought the A. H. Roberg stock of shoes from the administrator at less than 50c on the dollar. They are all Friedman Phelby and Peters International shoes. Jimmie says there will be some real bargains when he geU them optned up. FA P..MS FOR SALE— All sizes | frlr.ti }r,~3-j,.nK. Terms to unit ; •i'si 1. ••: your farm with us.— Mr- : tkr,-r;s:-i 4r C« 30-tf- Itrsrji .USTK-E SUTHERLAND RESIGNS: Justice George Sutherland, veteran conservationist justice of the Supreme Court, Tuesday resigned his post to the country's highest bench to becofhe effective January 18th. It is expected that Sam O. Bratton, former Senator from New ' Mexico will be appointed to fill the vacancy—the appointment of Bratton would give the liberals an Ironclad majority. Husband and Wife Stricken With 'Flu' Livermore: One after another of the family of Otto Anderson has been seriously ill with influenza during the past month. Mr. Anderson was first, and confined to his bed for more than two weeks. He is able to be about, but !n a very weakened condition. Mrs. Anderson was next, and she, top, has been under the care of the doctor for several days, running a high temperature. She is improved somewhat, and now her mother who came to care for her is sick and bedfast a'. of U*JL«OK— Hut/) Ktyuol6>' 11 Vi-jHiund &gh 'Jealt*) fc stir Whet: red in 0,1: Orittiidc Fiontit Kuti J.ctH lt'- REAL EfeRGAINB on poofl 1m- ilil u?:rft ' n>Uti I'Tivstl fttrnit t-lmi real buv« on Al- 'Jr; l; ooi: uuiiii- Emia' lotc and homes.—Kohlhua* • uutiditiuii. w»l! ieii'jtu. , Bf oe . phone Z£ .MAKES HIS 45TII VIOLIN— a hoppy. but an unusual one: Jay Squier of Clarinda. Iowa, printer by trade, has just completed his 45th violin, a superb toned instrument worthy of the famous Stradivarius himself. Here he is shown com- pJetir.g construction, and on the bench j.rc part? for violin No. 46 He carved the TTIOH of Jhis inFtrurnent from a piece of maj'k vu - . in Decatur county. Icwa. the spruce top is from wood purchased year* ago, and tht- linger board of native wai- nut Former Algona Boy Die* in East Geo. Phelps. « . In Fayettsville, P«., test «*«*. HI* mother was an Al|rw»« irtrl, wss Anna Warner 1 , da«|tht*r of MlUon Warner, pioneer blacksmith In Algona. Mrs. Phelps died » f*w years ago after living in Pennsylvania for perhaps 30 years. Her husband. Bob Phelps, one-time celebrated Argona baseball player, Js stlH Hring. Tlic dead man was born In Algona. and went to school her*. He left a wife and a daughter, also two step children and a sister. The family seem to now spell their name "Phi))" Instead of Phelps. We are Indebted to Mrs. Agnes Seeley of Plum Creek for this news. Komttth Hospital News Thursday, January 13-^Mrs. Bernard MeGutre of Bancrttfl gave birth to a baby girl. Thursday, January IS—Norbert TleU of Whlttemora underwent » major operation. Saturday, January IB—Mrs. Mart Weaver of Algfona entered as a medical patient. .... Sunday, January 16—Alfred Chrlstensen of Algona was treated for a broken right leg. Sunday. January 17—John Kram- mersmeier of Ledyard, major surgery. General Hospital New* Monday, January 17—Virginia Lou Thompson of Algona underwent a minor operation. Algona Agents Droste's Imported Cocoa H, 1, 2, and 5 pound tins LONG'S WHITE SALE SPECIAL! BIG SAVINGS IN WHITE GOODS 22x44 Martex Turkish Towels—a very fine, heavy towel S for $1.00 42 inch Lady of Pepperell tubing, linen finish » use 2T inch heavy white outing flannel loc 36 inch fine white muslin 10c 18 inch all linen toweling 18c Special silk dress lengths — selected pat-| terns $1^5-SJ,45 ea and many other attractive bargains. I"' -"T"*.&*^"f*Tl»l CHRISCHILLES Store all tllmnk small c&sh < payment, baianue «tu>y Lorni* Otiior Kocwuth <_ounV>- farm aiat- fivalUiole. Jmwpii HHVBI Hte £isjt SUit*: 8'. Ai^oiu 3" h'Jl. ti.'i'jJi SJt of i»i aiiiiuH' tu. 0,1 . -bjuM'.roii' - C, Going! - January Clearance Sale Now On - Going! USED CARS -TRUCKS The Largest Selection in Xoasutb County —Nearly Al! Are Reconditioned Selling For $75 Less Than A Year Ago - Save $75 j , _*r. ^ »^ w i.^.'iu.i.t.'/ ,...! .t',*' ,.-i..., ^. /,'>-X SHEETS -. Air- is .f. I •> i l-lle t »,. i:<'. i, •. i '.,, ,.t..» i:. . . i ,. vv. .< ,.l . \ I r i..,- i. ,; i. ... r ,. ., u ..... ,; . .1 I. l.i, I. , ,1. I ... l ... ;., I. I »' .,. , lit.^ VI .1. \\ II. ,. 1 .. ( 1^ U* . \ I r i ; ... | II .,,,, .1.,. t . , M ,, I. ..,, I A,., il I » •. ,.f ,,. t !..,•. t .,!!-. I I .. .a. i . , , i; i ., Used Trucks 37 V,«A 1933 Ford i. W (I inuil anil miuw Ulc* uu »»«< ilnui tin:*, liiMtvy July 1935 Ford Pick-up \ iu^J tanu uuit a Chevrolet jol> Cur One 1937 CHEVROLET MitHlcr Coach One 1934 FORD V-8 4-tloor sedan with radio and all accessories One 1936 FORD TUDOR Uailin anil all acco One 1937 FORD TUDOR Sedan, heater and defroster One 1935 FORD TUDOR Completely Rvcnnditioned One 1930 CHEVROLET 4-door Sedan One 1932 FORD COUPE Model "B" One 1937 FORD SEDAN 4-door, heater and accessories One 1934 CHEVROLET y reconditioned One 1933 CHEVROLET co u fie One 1937 FORD CLUB COUPE In Wonderful Condition On*1936 F€MID TUDOR , with, r«^-f,fiditioned CHRJSCHUltS W-inteJ M r.i'l 1 !!'. •••-. ........i VI.' A NL r MBEB OF C/rrfKI^^AflH Mf/f f JWKI) ABOVR. Can ail Tncfrs Art Winterized Kent Motor Co

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