Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 22, 1913 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1913
Page 9
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T SATURDAY Wholesome ! Each of the six sepa-. ratcy wrapped ' pieces of Swiss Milka Chocolate in At Ntt Pmcltaet Ss a trtat. Absolute, purity ! retained reprdlets of how lnnjf carried in the pocket. Keepi hard and appetizing. At mH (Jm krtttr Hvm. Makn of tK world-hflMnM Chctav tn4 Cocoa Socbird mbcc 113. for filX CAKES SOCIETY TO HOLD Prominent Workers to Speak at Big Affair; Home Club to Be Scene. . The. Alameda County Society for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis will hold Its annual dinner and election of officers at the Home Club on Tuesday evening, February ,25, at 6:30 o'clock, in vitations have been issued and a large attendance la anticipated. The speakers of the evening-. will Include Adolph Uhl, an energetic worker in the anti-tuberculosis crusade, who will speak on the proposed State Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Hon. Frank K. Mott, mayor; Hon. William H. Donahue, superior Judge; Dr George, H. Evans of San Francisco; Harrison. S. Robinson, president of civil service board; John F. Mullins, chairman of board of supervisors, and others. At this dinner announcement will "be made of the decision and olans of the society to move Its headquarters, office and free tuberculosis clinic Into new and more commodious housings, this because of the rapid growth and development of the work during the past year. The city and county governing bodies have both " during the past year recognized the merits of ' the work of this society-and' have appropriated funds to assist in conducting the crusade In the same extensive manner in which it Is conducted in all large cities throughout the United States. A phenomenal sale of Red Cross seal in Alameda county In December of 1918 sig-vfled the willingness of the public to rally to the safe-guarding of the community against the spread of tuberculosis. Because of the large attendance ex. nect'ed at the dinner, those who have nntl replied to their Invitations are urged by the committee to do so at once. In order . the committee to do so at once, in order that plates may be reserved for them and that the society may know for what number to. provide. Requests for reservations should be addressed to Mrs. Mark I-Requa, .chairman of commItteeV"at tho socjety'a headquarters, . 635 Seventeenth sti'fet. - t ' ; STORY OF CRIMINAL IS THEME OF LECTU.RE The life story of a criminal, Illustrated by over1 150 stereoptlcon views many of then of actual crimes, will be told in the Union street Presbyterian churchy Sun day evening, at 7:30, by F. O. Mall. The I lecture, which has never before been de- : llvered. is a thrilling narrative or Human I experience. Can't Help But Admire Babies fery Woman Casta Loving Glance at the Nestling Cuddled in iu Bonnet. , A woman's heart naturally responds to the charm and sweetness of a pretty child, and more so to-day than ever before Blnce the advent of Mother's Friend. This is a most wonderful external help -to the muscles and tendons. It penetrates the tissues, makes them pliant ,t readily yield to - nature's demand for expansion, so there Is n longer a period of pain, discomfort, straining, nausea or other symptoms so often distressing during the anxious weeks of expectancy.- ., Mother's Friend prepares the system for the coming event, and its use brings comfort, rest and repose during the term. This has a most marked influence upon the baby, since it thus inherits a splendid growing system of nerves and digestive function. And particularly to young mothers is this famous' remedy of Inestimable va ha. It ' . tn. nrenprve her health ana .trenKth, and she remains a P"T 0t.hTl danger that would otherwise accompany iZ an occasion. Mother's .Wd thor-. oughly lubricates every nerve tendon and muscle Involved and Is a sure preventive for caking of the breasts A You wfll find this P'ena'',ftme?Jtt?? le t all drug stores at $1.00. a bottle, 2nd "highly recommended for the purpose. Write B?adfleld Regulawo..l34 Lamar Bide Atlanta, Ga.. and they will mall you "ealeA. a very instructive book for expectant mothers. Advertisement. - . J . . i flrsi class coles and Resiaaraais all carry GlersDerger Wines ' in "gplita" Just two glasses. These wines are made, bottled and guaranteed by THE tneo. (Her Wine Co. 581-93 Eighteenth Street, Phone Oakland 2510- Oakland, California. TainlossParkor xStb and nrcaJway,', ss-" ; ssii mmmmm w .s-n n imi sssshi '""I ! -' - - '' ' 1 v II Temptjngf - Jr-- , 'ZjX ' ' "" ' -----7--- Z" Delicious! y Jfl P o a tl TT tl o j- Ml1 i Tiiitt! ' mi HI " r EVENING -r mm OAKLAND TRIBUNE ! februart 22, wis. v: WILL HONOR LIFE OF POET MILLER Memorial Services Will Be Held in the First Unitarian Church Tomorrow. Pub lc memorial services In honor of Joaquin Miller win be held In thS First Lnltarlan Church, Fourteenth and Castro streets, at 11 a. m. tomorrow morning. A brief Introductory address wia t? hy Rev W- n- Simonds, psslofl of the First Unitarian Church, upon-The Usance of Our Poets Life." Prof. William D. Armes of the University of California will speak on "Joaquin Miller as- -Poet," and Colonel John P. Irish win give "Personal Recollections" . of nearly forty years of acquaintance and friendship. BAPTIST. First Baptist Church, Telegraph avenue and Jones street; Rev: William Keeney Towner, minister Morning subject. "The Character of Washington"; evening-sub-Ject, "Social Service," by Samuel Zane Batten, D. D., of New York City, Social Service secretary of the American Bap- nw. ruunciiun oociexy. services ii a. m. and f:30 p. m.; Bible school, 9:45 a, m.;.. Young People's meeting. 6:30 p. m. Golden Gate Baptist Church, Fifty, fourth and Park streets; Rev. G. Martell, pastor U-a. m. subject, "The Mustard Seed"; evening sermon, "Child Pity," followed by baptism: 12:15 r. m.. nihle school ; 3 p. m., Junior League; 6:30 p. -oi.. B. Y. P. U. , Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, cornef xentn avenue and East Fourteenth street Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Orville -oats, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morn. Ing subject. "Kffloierlcy": evenlna sublect. "Some Qualities of Human Greatness- Washington and Others." Sunday-school ai i2:3v p. m. ; Baptist xoung People's union at 6:15 p. m. Midweek service Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Twenty-third Avenue Baptist Church; Rev. Wm. C. Spencer, pastor Morning subject, "Judge Lot of Sodom"; evening topic, "Mrs. Lot." Melrose Baptist Church, Forty-seventh avenue and Bond street; Rev. Francis M. Archer, pastor Morning subject, "Elements of Progress"; evening, "With Fannie Crosby, and What We Know of Heaven." Sunday-school. :45; men's organized class In the auditorium. CHRISTIAN. . - Frultvale Christian Church. Frultvale avenue and E. Twenty-third street; Rev. I M. ImHattorC pastor Services 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. ; Sunday-school, 9:45 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.; midweek prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. First Christian, Grand avenue and Webster street, one block east of the Key Route Inn; Rev. Thomas A. Boyer, pav tor Morning, . ."The Washing Away q Sin"; evening, a special Loyal Sons' anniversary service, a program of specfkl significance to all young men; several short, snappy talks by representatives of this organization, followed by closing words by the pastor; special music. Sunday-school at 9:45 a. m., L. Ray Ogden, superintendent; Christian Endeavor at 6:15 p. m. Advent Christian Qhuren, Thlrty-tnira - atrt. near West st. Kev. n-anK w. naiicK. pastor aunaay-scnooi at o a. m.Nmornlng service, 11 o clock, -preach- ina bv Evangelist Hewitt on "Present Day Perils To True Piety"; L. W. meeting, 6:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30, sub ject, "Has the Twentieth Century Man Outgrown the Demands of Christianity?" Mr. McDonald will sing at each service and the revival meetlngCNwill continue each evening next week except Saturday. CHRISTIAN aCIENCS. ' The subject of tomorrow's lesson m all of the Christian Science churches of this city is "Christ Jesus." Services are held as fallows: ... First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seventeenth and Franklin streets Sunday services ai ii a. in. ana a p. ro.j Sunday-school at 9:30 a m.; Wednesday evening icBijuiutiiHi meet-lug, V ciock. Keaoing- luum in me. cuurcn, open irom 1 to 4 P. m. . Second Church of Christ. ficl.r,M.. Thirty-fourth and Elm streets, one block east of Telegraph avenue Sunday serv ices ai ji a. m. ; sunaay-scnool at 6:30 a. m.; Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at I o'clock. . t Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Frultvale Masonic Temple,; East Fourteenth street and Thirty-fourth avenue-Sunday services at 11 a. tn.: Sunday, school at 6:30 a. m.; testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Fourth Church of Christ. Scientist. f. sonic Temple, Eighth avenue and East Fourteenth street Sunday services at 11 a. m.j Sunday-school at 9:80 a. m.; Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at S o'clock. - Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist Sun. day services at I. O. O. F. hall. East Fourteenth street and Ninety-second avenue, at II a. m.: Sunday-school at s-sn a,, m.; testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Blxtn Church or Chrlat. ' Scientist, sso Forty-first street, between Broadway and rieomoni avenue sunaay services at 11 a. m. ; Sunday-school at :30 a. m. : testi monial meeting .Wednesday at R n. m Free reading room open to the public weeks days from 2 to 4:30 p. m., at same address. ' . . cnnatiaa science reading rooms, main. talned by the' churches of Oakland, are located on tne aeventn noor, Htocker it Houana Duiiaing. 414 Thirteenth trf between Broadway and Franklin. Open &v tuv iiuumu " c c uni . iiwi v.cv mi, rn. to t p. m.. excepting Wednesday even In when they close at 7 p. m.; Sundays from 10 P. m, ' CONOR EQATIONAL. First Congregational Church. Twelfth and Clay streets; Rev. Herbert Atchlnson jump, pastor; ev. Kay .f rederio Carter, educational director 9:45 a. ,m., church school; 11 a. m., public worship; sermon by the pastor, subject, "The Cross In California'"; children's sermon, subject, "The Father of His Country." 6:15 p. m., Young People's meeting In the west par-lors; 7:30 p. m., public worship; a special patriotic service with an extra program of music; the pastor will preach on liGeorge Washington." . Plymouth Congregational Church, Piedmont- and Laurel aves.; Rev. Albert W. Palmer, minister Morning, "Womanhood's New Day Us Opportunity and Peril"; evening, A review of John Galsworthy's play "Justice"; musical program Illustrating the history of church muslo as follows: Haydn (1732-1809); Mozart (1756-1791)j Beethoven (1770-1837). Andante from Second Symphony.. Haydn Organ and string orchestra. "Lux Eterna'VrTT. MMart Chorus from "Requiem Maes." Ave, Verum Mozart ' Chorus. With Verdure Clad Aria from ''The Creation" . ...Haydn Soprano. Offertory, from Mass in D-mlnor. .... . , . Beethoven Organ. Austrian Hymn ......Haydn Congregation. Jesus, I my cross have taken (Elles- dle) Mosart Congregation. . May the Grace of God (Sardls). . Beethoven " Choir response. Gloria from Twelfth Mass..-: Mozart Organ and orchestra. Congregational .Church, Frultvale avenue , nd East Sixteenth Street; Rev. Edville A. Rays, pastor Morning sub ject, Demonstrstional Unity"; evening subject, "Who's -Your Bosb7"'" ' ' The Olivet Congregational Church' 1- - : ; " - - u: J q k$MW . ---- ssss. -cassis' mm mam . hb mm mmm -ssssw- mmw mm ha. mumr sask tw mtam iu i f ".-.' i -s-" "v it i If fhrr- - -r'- :-v -vr-r!;-)) Short Sermons for Busy Readers ltflC:-- I I r ' ' . : - 1 ' I , . - THE BENEDICTUS : - 5 WIff f 1th - 7 . I St. Lake 1:48 q. . S Ti&ir- ;j I MBS, . iNA CULBEIIT, head of I fresbyterlan Church Sunday a - : meets In Rock Ridge Hall, College av enue and Law ton; Rev. Benjamin Gould, pastor Services at 11 a. m- and 7:45 p. m. ; graded Sunday-school at 9:45 a. m, Morning sermon, "The Law bf Prayer"; evening address, "The Dawn efthe Soul." Fourth Congregational Church,- Grove, at Thirty-sixth street; Rev. Alfred - J. Kennedy, pastor Morning subject, "Courage"; evening subject, "Faith." Sunday-school, 12:15 p. m.( Junior C. E 3:15 p. m.; Intermediate C. E 6:30 p. m. Myrtle street Congregation church, Mvrtle street between Fourteenth and Sixteenth streets. Rev. James B. Orr, pastor Sunday services, morning subject, "A Life Choice;" evening, "Good Cheer Service." The Appomattox boys' choir will furnish the music and the address on "George Washington." February 26 and 27 On Wednesday and Thursday evenings preceding March 2, there will be two preparatory services. At this month's communion new members will be welcome. Passion week is Mardh 16 to 21. and Easter March 23. The church decided last Wednesday to observe Holy Week. v CATHOLIC. St. Leo's Church, Piedmont; Rev. Father Owen Lacey, pastor Masses will be celebrated at 7. 8:30 and 10:30 a. m. At the 10:30 a. m. mass Rev. Father Owen Lacey will be the celebrant- :The sermon will be preached by Rev. Father P., O'Nell. The choir will render Millard's Mass In G. At the offertory Mrs. J. C. Waggott will sing Fowler's "Ave Maria," Organist and choir director, Miss Josephine Ryan. In the evening at 7:30 there will be rosary, sermon, bene- dlctlon. and congregational singing. Rev. Father Robert Hesnon will preach on "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Socialism. St. Anthony's Church, corner Fifteenth street and Sixteenth avenue, Rev. P. C. Yorke, pastor. Masses at 7, 8:80, 9:30, m an- communion for the Ladles' Sodal ity at the 7 o'clock mass. At the 8:30 mass appropriate lenten hymns will be sung by the children or ine pansn. ouu-day school classes will assemble Immediately after the children's mass at St. Anthony's boys' school. At the 10:80 mass Rev. P. E. Doyle will ,take aa the text of his sermon, "He tht,ij! not with me, is against me, and he that gathereth not with me, oattereth." St. Luke vi-sn. In accordance with the season, the muslo will be short and solemn. The TMnonses will be sung by the choristers, The St. Anthony Choral Chapter will at Sf) in the muslo hall. Rev. P. C. Yorke will give the sermon at the 7:80 evening devotions, taking aa his anh1ut 'The Punishment of the Sinner. Throughout Ient there will be special sermons, and congregational singing every Sunday and Wednesday evening. On Friday the Stations of the Cross will be sung at 8:15 by the children and again at r,:S0 by the congregation. CORNER-STONE -TO BE LAID. The laying of the corner-stone for the new First Methodist Episcopal Church at the corner of Twenty-fourth and Broadway, will occur on tomorrow afternoon at 8:30. The full ritual of the church will be used. Dr. S. D. Hutslnplller, superintendent of the Oakland aistrlct; Dr. W. C. Evans, superintendent of the San Francisco district; Dr. F. if. uovard, editor of the California Christian Advocate; Dr. F. L. Goodspeed, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will participate. Dr. E. R. Dille, former pastor, and Bishop Edwin H.i Hughes, will make addresses. The stone will be laid by the pastor;- Dr. George W. White, at the request of the church officials. The First Church choir will furnish special music. Harry Morton, chairman of the Building Committee will preside over the exercises. The serf-Ices will be public ' ' 8UNOAY 8CHOOL PARADE. Pupils of the Sunday School of St. James' Presbyterian Churety East Thirty-eighth street "fend Fourteenth avenue, will appear in a' parade tomorrow morning In the Fourth Avenue Terrace district. It will mark the first event id the building campaign which will be inaugurated' in the parish tomorrow at the regular congregational meeting. Monday evening, there will be a rally and a social which will be followed by the breaking of ground for the new churchwhlch has been designed by Ivan C.FTlclfstad of this city. Rev. Charles . L Campbell is the pastor of the church and William H. Culoert Is the superintendent of the Sunday school. The musical program for the parade and social is being arranged by Walter Fowler, the cjioir director of the church. Mrs. Anna Culbert, superintendent of the primary work in the parish, has displayed an active yneresj; in the affairs of the house of worship. Masses will be celebrated at M. Mary s Church, Seventh and Jefferson streets at 6.' 7, 8,- 9, 10 ans high mass at 11 a. m. At the 11 a. m. high mass the sermon will be preached by the pastor. Father E. P. Dempsey. The Oakland Conservatory of Music choir under the direction of Prof. Adolf Gregory will render Haydn's First Mass in B-flat, and at the offertory will sing Abt's ''Ave Maria." In lb evening at 7:45 there will be vespers followed by a sermon By Rev. Father E. P. Dempsey and the benediction of th. HI . .., uara mpnt - ' ' niviNP science. N Divine RHerw Centor. wrvloep hH Starr King Hall, Oakland Club room, Fourteenth and Castro streets. Sunday, ll e. -nv. addreRS hy Ml W B, W.Mott: lecture Sunday at 8 p. m. by the Rev. Ruth B. Ridges of Minneapolis, topic. the primary department ot St- James Sciiool. Hartsooic photo. "What Holdest Thou In Thine Hand?" Lower Starr King Hall. EPISCOPAL. St. John's Church, Eighth and Grove streets. Rev. Edgar F. Gee, rector; Rev. Edward Everett, vice. 7:45 a.' m. holy communion; 10:00 a. m., Sunday school; 11:00 a. m. choral enchorlst and sermon; 7:45 p. m., evensong and sermon, "fit. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Twelfth and Magnolia streets Holy communion at 8:80 a. m., Sunday school at 10 a. m., morning prayer and sermon by the Rev. A. E. Bruce at 11 a. m.; offertory, Miss Florence Finely,', 'In the Cross of Christ I Glory;" evening prayer and sermon at 7:45; offertory, anthem, "Seek Ye the Son," Miss Evelyn Welsh, soloist-; literary service, Wednesday afternoon during Lent, at 4:30; evening prayer and short address at 8 o'clock every Thursday evening during Lent. Mrs. A. A. Crowley, organist and choir director. Church of the Advent (Episcopal), corner Twelfth avenue and. EX Sixteenth street. Rev. W. H. Wheeler, rector. Thhd Sunday In Lent, holy communion at s a. m., morning prayer and sermon at 11 a. m., evening prayer and sermon at -cau p, m. xne Kev. J, p. Turner, vicar of the Cathedral Minion of the Good Samaritan, Han Franciaoo. will be tne preacher at the evening service. Wednesday, minion study class at 8:30 p. m., litany at 4 p. m. ; Friday, evening prayer at s. Trinity Episcopal Church, Twenty- ninth street and Telegraph avenue, Rev, Cltftnn - Mn.nn r.Mur - C.rvl.M 79A m., holy communion; 10 a. m Bunday scnooi; u a. m morning prayer ana sermon; 6 p. m., evening prayer and sermon. Rev. F. Muraotten will be the preacher. Wednesday 4:15 p. m., evening prayer; Thursday 10 a. m.r holy com munion; 4:16 p. m., evening prayer. Friday 4:15 p. m., litany; 8 p. m., mission ary lecture. Holy Innocents' Chapel (Episcopal) Church, Fifty-fifth street and Shattuck avenue, rector. Rev Samuel Mills. Morn- ing subject, "The Passion of Christ A Help to a Holy Lent;" evening subject. "Did Henry VIII Found the Church of England?" Services 10 a. m., Sunday school; 11 a. m., morning prayer and sermon; 7:80 p. m., evening prayer and sermon; Wednesday 4 p. m., litany and instruction; Friday 4 p. m., evening prayer and address on missions. , The vicar will be tho preacher. - LATTER DAY SAINTS. ,. Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dav Saints. Sixteenth and Maa-no- 11a streets, pastor, J. M. Terry. Morningl subject, "The Religion of Jesus Christ, n by the pastor; evening. Elder G. J. Waller 6f Honolulu Will preach the evening sermon; Sunday school at 9:45; Religion at 6:30, an Interesting program. Evening sermon at 7:45. ' LUTHERAN. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, corner Seventeenth avenue and Fifteenth street. Rev. H. Haseredt, pastor. Services' every Sunday morning at 10:80 a. m. ; Sunday school 9:45 a. m., and special Lent services Wednesday evening, 7:46. First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sixteenth and Grove" streets, pastor, Harvey M. Leech. Morning subject. "Followers of God," at 11 o'clock; evening subject, "Healing a Demoniac" at 7":30 o'clock. . Sermons by the pastor. Athens-avenue Norwegian Lutheran Church, near San Pablo avenue and Twenty-fifth, E, S. Belgum, pastor. Services 11 a. m. Owing to illness Rev. Skaar of Portland will not be able, to speak in the evening. uur Havtour ' uamsn L,utneran Church. E. Fifteenth street aild Second avenue, M. N. Anderson, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m. ; morning service. 11 o'clock; evensong wun Lenten sermon, I p. m. st. faurs ungush Lutheran - Church, Thirty-second and Linden streets, J, O. Ensrud, pastor.t Morning subject. "A Citizen of a Kingdom;" evening, In East Oakland, Lincoln Hall, East Fourteenth street near Fr iitvaJe avenue, at 8 p, m.. Illustrated lecture, "The Rock of Ages." METHODIST EPISCOPAL. First Methodist Episcopal Church. Fnnrtennth nnrl Wfth.tr r.nl. Moll Rev. George W. White, pastor Morning subject, "The Friend of God;" evening subject, "The Twin Peaks of American History Washington and Lincoln." The pastor will preach at both services. G. A. It. men are Invited to the evenina service, wiucn win oe a painotio service, celebrating Washington's birthday. Melrose Methodist Episcopal, Fifty-fourth and Wentworth avenues, Robertson Burley, pastor. At 11 a. m. the pastor will speak 'on "The Saints in Caesar's Household, and at 7:30 p. m. on "Short Beds and Narrow Covets." - Men's Bible class ot 9:45 p. m. : Swedish M. ii. Church, corner Market and Thirteenth streets, O. F; Lnstrum. pastor. The pastor will preach morning and evening. Twenty-fourth Avenue Methodist Church, corner Twenty-fourth avenue and E. Fifteenth street, W. PT Grant, pastor. 11 a. m. subject, "Job in the Hands of Satan;" 7:30, Capt. Day will speak on "Prison Reforms and How to Effect Them." Eighth-avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Eighth venup and Seventeenth stredt, Henry J. Wlnsor, pastor. Mornln-g mjbjt, "The Holy Catholic Churc'.u" ecnlii(f subject, "Iist Crown." Sunday school K':sft p. ni.: Erwcrth I.casue. 6:30 p. 'm. They are installing a pipe-organ at the Eighth-avenue Methodist "Church this week. It is a beautiful instrument which was purchased In Chicago. It will' formally be opened on Buodsy, Mareh 9, 1 This hymn which ZacharUs sang at the circumcision and naming of his son John the Baptist has for its theme the divine redemption. Not naturally so, for it was a priest In Israel who sang a priest whose whole life was given to mediatorial words and acts, and who by divine appoint- ment offered sacrifices for men that they might, be-oome acceptable to God. The fesrful waste of human sin, and thy wondrous mystery pf God's mer- cy, tho possibility ot man's repentance and the certainty of the divine forgiveness, these and like matters made the basis of his thinking and of his doing. And then, just at the moment when ha had performed the greatest priestly act of his life in officiating at the altar of Incense, he had been vouchsafed some clearer and nearer view of the Coming One, the Perfect Priest, whom his own, and indeed all priesthood, did but symbolise. He wag beholding aa If la its realisation the hope of the coming" of htm- who should bring perfect remission, a mighty salvation.- ! ANGELIC ANNVXCIATIOX. He saw In the angelic annunciation not only the fact of the divine redemption made complete, but his - -. mT- Hrt own share In it the birth of his own son who should go before the fade-of$he Lord to prepare his way. And so with that priesthood of his own forming norm of his thinking, with that vision of the coming Perfect Prteat, and his own son's share in the, redemption to be , brought, be bursts forth as if in a Jewish benediction, "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for He hath visited and redeemed His people, and hath raised up a mighty salvation for us in the house of His servant . David, aa Hs spake by the mouth of His holy prophets which have been since the world began." J In that first strophy Zacharlaa sings his theme, the divine redemption, and then- one after another he strikes the high notes of that redemption. In form .it almost follows, one of the most ancient prayers of Israel, the so-called eighteen eulogies, but It Is more than-a mere repetition or imitation. It Is as though In the silent months he had pondered ancient words and saw Ifcelr mors spiritual import, their hope realised. thelr. faith fulfilled. - ti ' ' ' PATRIOT'S HOPE. "" Th second strophy tells of tha patriot's hops for the restoration of -Ms own people; the patriot priest's certainty ( that Gad will remember His holy oovenant sworn to ths fathers. Hers' In a few phrases is gathered all the hope and longine; and prayer of ancient psalmlBt and prophet, arid all for which the ritual of sacrifice had stood as that looked toward ths nation's welfare. But it was no mere temporal and earthy benefit of which this priest sanf. Not simply the change from Roman rule, "not just ease from struggls, quietness after fear. He goea on to ths higher conception, or rather to the explanation of what redemption means. Bo hs relates holiness in living, righteousness In wor- , ship, earnestness In service. Here Is the proper bending of the temporal to the uses of ths soul; the earth brought In subjection to heaven. And so always the divine salvation means not only ease and quietness, but chiefly Jt mesns energUlng. It is a call to llvs more truly, to worship more, earnsstly, to serve mora sealousfy. . : SPIRIT t AI. ATTAINMENTS. Even then Zacharlas could not stop. He must go on to slhg still further spiritual attainments which are their own reward. Of knowl. edge and perfect remission; of tender mercy In God's visitation; of light in darkness, and the guiding of our feet Into tha ways of peace. So would the benedictus leave us in contemplation of our Lord's abiding presence, where there is peace forever more. The church would utter its praise of ths gospel and its thanks to God for His wonderful gift of Himself; for forgiveness, peace and all the total glory, which floods human life because Christ came to earth. And It is in the very words of Zacharlas that the church's praise and thanksgiving for the gospel Is set forth. Hera is summarised '-t once the longing for the divine redemption and a certainty of it, and tjie meaning and Issues of It And as the words sound forth continually" they make one more token that the holy church throughout aU the world and throughout all the ages is one body in Christ who in His coming brought God's mighty salvation to men, and through His church perpetuates the glory and the power of that redemption. Rev. R Franklin Hart Is "vicar of" ths Good Samaritan chapel, Ninth-and OaV streets. ihd Bishop Edwin H, Hughes Wtlt preach thu sermon. Nevarai oi me lormor pas tors of the church will be present. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Thirty-fourth and Market streets, Ed- .-I t nMiiiiA. naator. In the mom- lr.K. Dr. Hutslnplller and Dr. Hirst will assist the pastor. Mrs. Brewster, return mi..innsrv. will snaak In the EP worth Learue at 6:30 p. m., and assist the pastor In the regular services fol-wtrst M. ID. Church, South, ' Thlrty- fm.rth snrl Teletrranh. W. J, Sims, pas tor. Sunday school at 9:46, morning worship at 11; special service at 8 p. m. at the hoirte for Aged Women; Epworth League at 6:80", evening worship at 7:45. The pastor will preach at both hours! morning subject, ."The Day of the Cross;" evening subject, "pur Dep- torshlp." rnZSST I -nisn, Th. HMrat Presbvterlan Church, Web ster street and Grand avenue, Rev. F. L. Goodspeed, D. D., pastor; W. A. Horn, assistant. -Morning wlrshlp at 11 a. m., sermon by the pastor, subject, "The Upholstered Life:" evening service at J0 p m., patriotic Choral service and brier address by the pastor, subject, "The Real Washington." Bible school at 9:45 a. m.; Chinese Bible school at 619 Harrison street at 6 p. m.; Christian En deavor at 6:15 p. m.; mid-week worship on Wednesday at-7:45 p. m., conaucieu by . the Men's Brotherhood, suDjeci, "Church Finances." piiivn Preshvterlan Church. Twelfth avenue and E-. Fifteenth street, Rev. H. K. Sanborne, pastor. Morning subject, Hand Power:" evening suDjeci, -n. Rlsrht Choice." Wednesday, February 26, 7:30 p. m.. annual missionary meeting will be addressed by Dr. Sarah Vroo-man. Just baok from Fehre, India, with a message all should hear. Friday, 7:80, Dr. Guy Wadaworth of General Assembly's committee will give a stirring address an temperance with stereoptlcan. Golden Gate Presbyterian Church, Flf-ty-flfth and Park streets, H. W. Har-baugh, pastor. Morning subject, "Tho Religion That Makes People Good;" evening subject. "The Parable of the Two Rnnl " ' . - I Centennial Presbyterian Church, cor-ner Twenty-fourth and Talcott avenues, East Oak Ian i. Rev. Herbert E. Hays, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning subject, "One Body In Christ;" evening, Rev. D. M. Gandler of the Antl-Saloon League will speak. Sunday school at 9:45 a.' m.; Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday at-7:45 p. m. Union-street Presbyterlsn Church, between Eighth and Tenth streets: Prof. H. C. Blddle, pastor. The morning service will bo an address by Mr. Jenkins of Berkeley,, forhany years a leader in men and boys' organizations; - subject, "The Mlsfdon of the Church." A congreeation-al meeting will be held at, the close of the services. In the evening, the life story of a successful. International criminal will be told and Illustrated by 150 lantern slides. Illustrating the change In the life of Fred O. Mall, converted In the City Re'snue Mission, San Francisco. Special muslo by San Francisco soloists. SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST. First Seventh-day' Adventlst Church. 531 Twenty-fifth street near Telegraph avenue. H. K. Beddoe. pastor Evening nuMert. Mrtiselem, VVlm WH1 Pfw.... It Jew, Christian or Turk?" Sermon ;:4.V p. m.j' song service, 7:30 p. m. THEOSOPHISTS. ., .'";'-' The United Lodge of Theosophlsts met9 next Sunday evening as usual at k"-WMslji ' f 5 1117 Clay street, - corner of Twelfth street, when a clear and practical exposition of the main TheosophlcAl tenetr will be given; meeting begins at 8 p. m. THEOSOPHICAL. Tho Theosophlcal Society. ' Hamilton Hall building. Thirteenth and Jefferson streets. ounaay, r eoruary zt, at do p. ttu, Mrs. C. V. Hlckling of San Francisco, will lecture oh "The Philosophy of Good and Evil." f , UNITARIAN. First Unitarian, corner Fourteenth and Castro streets, William Day Simonds, minister. Services at 11 a. m., 7:45 p. m. Morning, public memorial service In honor of Joaquin Miller; Introductory address, Mr. Simonds, "The Romance of Our Poet's Life;" address, Prof. William D. Armes, "Joaquin Miller as a PosA" John P. Irish, "Recollections of KoVeV Years' Friendship with Joaquin Miller." 7:45, Mr. Simonds' stereoptlcon lectere, "An Evening with Master Painters." UNITED PRESBYTERIAN. . First 'United Presbyterian Church, Eighteenth and Castro streets. Pandlta Ramabi, converted, high claaa India lady, will conduct the evening service, 7:30 p. m; Sabbath school at f):45 a. m. ; Y P. S. C E., 6:30 p. m.i quiet hour, 6:45 p. m. , MI88ION. Swedish Mis-Ion Church, 1219 Filbert street, near Twelfth street. Sunday school, 10 a. m.; 'preaching, 11 a, m. and 7:45 p. m.; young peoples' meeting, 6:30 p. m.; prayer meeting. Thursday, 8 p. m. Melrose Swedish Mission Church, 51:15 Ygnaclo avenue, Melrose. Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; preaching, Tuesday, 8 p. m, MISCELLANEOUS. The Spiritual Thought Exchange meets every Sunday evening at 8 o'clock, at 660 Eighteenth street, near San Pablo. Subject,. "Child lAbor," with messages by Mrs. Tyler-Moulton and other Physics. Soul culture class meets Tuesday and Thursday. 8 p. m. First Spiritual Church of Oakland, Athens avenue near San Pablo, Mrs. J. N. Parsons, pastor. Sunday service at 7:45 p. m., lecture by SDr. Rice of San Francisco. Messages by Mrs. L. Llchtlg,' medium of Chicago and national superintendent nf T,voeum of the ftf. S. A. DO YOU VALUE YOUR LIBERTY? ( - FREE LECTURETbY Dr. C. S. LOFJGA'CRE of Washington, D. C, ; - on "SUNDAY BLUE LAWS" TONIGHT, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 7:45 P. 17. - AT ' H a m i I ton Aud itor i u m v ; Thirteenth, Near Jefferson,. Th hmsi dtmbh frews) sues. "JMficaaOr Siena ins est est OmsAs mm4 CAicsge To Chica The San Francisco Overland Limited "via the Chicago, Union Pa cific and North Wesfern Linm, for many years has been the experienced trav. eler's choice. J Lv. San Francisco 10 JO a. m. daily -less than three days - en route, J Its equipment is perfect, including Pullman standard, ' i sleeping csrs (extra roomy berths, containing individual , electric berth lights), spa- clous drawing-room and ' compartment sleeping cats, luxurious composite obeer- -vation-bufTet-library car and . dining car. J The route lies over s smooth, rock-ballasted roadbed ; auto- , matie electric safety signals safeguard the journey all ' the way. ... The California - Mail 'another splendid traln.leaves San Francisco dally 7:00 p.m. - Untqualti Dining Cee-5nVcs The Beat of Everything R.R.xrrcHm,G.w.A. Csksfe enJ Nerth Wwlsra Ry. Hood Bid. Sn Fmdaco , Mil fill H. V. BUSDBU Agent, Ptsstng Dtpt, Union Pacific K. . . OskUnd All trains arrive at and depart freia the New Passenger Tsrmlnsl, Chicago (As immI oMasrn imlluUH tietton In Urn umU. omisibj : 6n Tuesday, at' 1:30 p. m.T the Ladles' Aid will hold a ,tcst circle conducted by Mrs. Parsons. A mid-week meeting on Wednesday at 7i45 p. m.,., messages by Mr. Parsons and others, un March 2, the church will commence Sunday morning services every Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday, March 2,. Rev. Mrs: Katie Hav-erton will deliver the first sermon. The meeting will be devoted to the philosophy, and religion only to establish a true philosophical and spiritual religion. - International Bible Students' Assocla-' tlon wll) meet for bible study every Sunday' at 8 and 4 p. m. at Pythian Cantle, Twolfth and Alice streets. Hecond Spiritual- Church, 880 Isabella street, between Market and San Pablo avenue. Sunday service at 8 p. m., leo-ture bv R. A. Stltt; messages by Amanda Smith and others. The Ladles' Spiritual Aid Society holds circles every Tuesday at 8 p. m. Friday, Spiritual Developing class at 8 p. m., conducted by the pastor, R. A. Stltt. First Pentecostal Church oftthe Nas-areno, corner Ninth and West streets, E. o'clock; theirie, "The SplrltXof Christ;" evening service at 7:80, this will be an evangelistic service with special singing by a chorus 1 of ypung people. Sunday school at 9:45 Young .People's devotional meeting at-6:80, theme, "Fruit of the Spirit." Prayer ..meeting every j-Wsdnes- dav evening. . First Temple of Spiritualism, Rice Institute, Seventeenth street and San Pablo avenue, Rev. Florence C. Heekman. pss-tor. 8 p. m., lecture by Lora R. Walls, subject, "Calumny, and Detraction." Messages by Miss Victoria Sunberg. Mrs. McArthur of New York and Mrs. S. C. Gordon. Solo and music by Miss M. V. Reed. , - t '' .. YOGA. - ""' V Christian Yoga, Starr King Hall, Fourteenth street near Castro street. Sunday, 11 a. m., metaphysical bible talks: 8 p. m healing simplified. Tuesday, 8 p. m., questions and answers. 1 CLARA BUTT SERENADED. - INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 22. The Indianapolis Maennerchor, upon which the Gorman Bmperor bestowed a gold medal, serenaded Madame- Clara Butt last night at the Claypool Hotel. The singer, taken by surprise, listened from the balcony with keen Interest and Joined the onlooking crowd in hearty applause following the excellent slnplng of the large chorus. ( COLLIER JUSTIN TO SAIL. VALLEJO, Feb. .22. -The collier Justin has received sailing orders and hag been loaded to Its capacity with fuel for the war ships along; the south coast. The Denver at Acapulco and the Annapolis further south, wUi be coaled. HINTS FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. Keep Foley's Honey and Tar Compound always on hand, and you can quickly head off a cold by Its prompt use. It contains ne opiates, heals and oothes the Inflamed air passages, stops the cough, and may save a big doctor's bill. In the yellow package. Wlshart's Drue Store. A1.-ti..m.nr

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