Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 21, 1913 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1913
Page 20
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.... 4- AKLAN FRIDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 21, 1913 E LOIIEIIS'-. LQVETT O p en Tonig h t PROTEST USELESS Until 10 p. m, X PC 1 o s e d Tomorrow Army .Engineers Recommend -Two Ways in Hetch-Hetchy .. Matter. . . Southern Pacific . Chairman Publishes Annual Report on Conditions. (Washington'. Birthday) 1 zJ V TRIBUNE PREDICTS jet us place a home PROSPEROUS YEAR r-na lrJr WASHINGTON Xjfi a 12t STREETS. Green Trading Stamps Free With Every Purchase mmm i I. - ll The Fame of the St einway Pi an o ' CJ The fame of th Steinway, by which all other ; Pianos are measured and-, judged, is not merely , local or national. It is international, universal, world-wide, and is the recognition, in the strongest possible manner, of a work of art that in its line is unequaled and unrivaUd. , C From its inception the Steinway Piano has been known as THE BEST PIANO, without qualification or limitation, y - CJ W e sell Steinways on moderate terms: K. Our facilities for repairing and storing V are unequaled on the Pacific Coast Sherman Hay & Co. ' sTinrwAY Aire othtb pianos "SAPOtLO oscitiAreATra wakos. " TAlJOHMEg. BHIIT HUBIO AMD MUSICAL KER0HAMDI8B Fourfetnth and Clay Streets, - Oakland Kearny and Sutter St., San Francisco WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. The report of the advisory board of army engineers, which was filed Wednesday with Secretary of the Interior Fisher, contains recommendations both favorable and unfavorable In regard to the I Hetch-Hetchy reservoir site for Ban ' Francisco. The report disregards the protests of the "Mature lovers," .who have long; stood in the way of the project, but Is unfavorable In that it j finds that there are other sites other i than the Hetch-Hetchy available for the city's water supply. While the repbrt disputes the estimates of cost made by engineers for San Francisco, for Hetch-Hetchy and other plans. In effect. It simply reviews the evidence and data which the controversy has brought out and leaves the final conclusion to the secretary of the interior. Secertary Fisher yesterday took up the study of the report, and now hopes to end the case before his, term expires. From present indications it is probable that the Hetch-Hetchy permit will be granted, although the formal draft of the order may- be left to the new secretary of the interior. FREEMAN IX ' DOUBT. SAN. FRANCISCO, Feb. 21. Mayor Rolph is in receipt of a telegram from Consulting Engineer John R. Freeman stattng that he did not think it likely that Secretary of the Interior Fisher would render a decision in the Hetch- I Hetchy matter previous to his retlre-j ment unles specially pressed to do so. freeman suggested that the mayor wire Fisher urging the giving of a decision, and that he should also take steps to encourage in every way possible action by Congress toward securing of' a permanent grant In the Hetch-Hetchy district, in furtherance of the city's water supply project. Mayor Rolph did not act in the matter yesterday, owing to the pressure of other business, but stated that he would wir;: Secretary Fisher- as requested. '' CRANE L ITIGATION COISHH T Threatened Tangle In $10,-000,000 Case Narrowly Averted. SUES TO RECOVER ' $150,000 IN ART Aged Painter Declares Former Friend Refuses to Give Up Pictures.. CHICAGO. Feb. . 21. Threatened litigation over the $10,000,000 estate of the late Richard T. Crane has been averted, according to an announcement made today by Richard T. Crane Jr. ' The ironmaster, directed that his principal business should be Jointly controlled by hlB two sons, Richard T. and Charles R. Crane, to whom he had distributed stock prior -to his death. Sale of some of the stock by ! one of the brothers left the control '. tangle was adjusted. ' Charles R. Crane was appointed minister to China by President Taft. ' but was recalled as he was about to sail from San Francisco, r GRAPEFRUIT BARRED. WASHINGTON, Feb. 21, A quarantine against the Mexican fruit fly was yesterday ordered by the department of agriculture. Under the order Mexican grapefruit and its varieties, "which are infested with the fly, can-lint be imported into this country. ASTHMA CATARRH WHOOPING COUGH SPASMODIC CROU WONCHITU COUGHS COLDS CSTSSUSHCO 1ST A simple, ufe and effective treatment for bronchial troubles, without dosing the stomach with drug. Used with success for thirty years. The air carrying the antiseptic vapor, inspired with evevy breath, make breathing easy, soothes the eore throat, and tops the cough, assuring restful nights. Cresolene is invaluable to mothers with young children and a boon to sufferers irom Aiums. p-pbh Send us postal for I deseritan booklet. yTtftt Try Cresolena Antiseptic Throat TabJetafor tha ip. rutted throat. Theyars alroplav eft ecUra and antiseptic. Of your druggist or from us. 10c In aUmpa. VAFO CRESOLENE CO. 62 Certlaadt St., N. T. LOS ANGELES, Feb. Jl.The recovery of art treasures valued at 1150,000 is sought by Charles Orchardson, an aged artist in a suit on file In the Superior Court today. The action la directed against Sheldon Christy, an apartment house keeper, and reveals a unique contract between Christy and the plaintiff. ' The complaint alleges that Christy took such a fancy to Orchardson's palntjpgs that he agreed to provide Orchardson with comfortable living quarters at his apartment house if Orchardson would remove his pictures to the place. Orchardson asserts that when he vacated the premises Christy refused to allow him to take the paintings with him. Orchardson is 77 years old and is a brother of the late Sir Quiller Orchardson, painter of the Queen Victoria Jubilee picture. ROBERT RUSSH0ME ; . LOOTED BY BURGLAR SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2L-rrThe home of Robert Rubs, secretary and manager of the Russ Estate Company, 196 Devisadero street, was the scene of a burglary at a late hour last night while the family were down town. The robber forced the front door and went at once to the upper floors. He obtained a number of articles of Jew elry, a revolver and some silverware of a total value of $250. 8; F.-Bray of the Brompton Apart ments, 1434 Polk street, reports the theft of 1163 In valuables from his rooms. The home of Norman Morrison, 1060 Valencia street, was entered last night and clothing to the amount of 165 taken. NETW YORK, Feb. 21. In the annual report of the Southern Pacific, published by R. 8. Lovett, chairman of the board, no reference is rnade to" ths important developments wm5k have occurred since July 1 last, including the Supreme Court decision, the election of a new board of directors and the arrangement to sell the Central Pacific to the Union Pacific, ! Gross earnings amounting to 1131,625,-t! 000 show a decrease of $1,095,000, compared with ths 12 months ended June 80, 1911. . i Operating expenses for 1912 were larger by $2,256,000, showing a decrease of $3,352,000 in net. That decrease was offset largely by a gain of $2,117,000 In other Incomes. However, there was an Increase, in fixed charges of $3,183,000 so that the surplus for dividends was smaller by $4,418,000. The surplus of $21,698,000 over fixed charges is equal to nearly 8 per cent on the $272,672,000 outstanding stock. In his remarks Chairman Lovett says that the prospects for a gool business year are most encouraging. He -says "The greater part of the decrease in the gross operating Income occurred on the lines east of El Paso and resulted from theabor disputes, which closed for a number of months nearljr all the large lumber mills situated ofthese .lines, and from the interruption of train service on the lines in Louisiana during the month of June, due to the overflow of the Mississippi river. - ' "The increase in operating expenses resulted from the greater number ' of passengers and tons of freight , carried from additional expenses Imposed by the, requirements of the 'hours of service' and lull train crew' laws, from higher wage , schedules and from expenses Incumbent! Ion the strike of the shopmen. There was an increase in taxes of $77,891, or 15.8S per cent. In the last five years these "payments increased from $2,896,501 to $5,621,238. , ". "There has been a gratifying increase in the earnings, beginning with the current fiscal year. Ths large crops throughout the country have given an impetus to business and the prospects for a good business year are most encouraging." - I 7- OOLOCICA L PLANNED FOR CITY Linda . Vista Tract May Soon Be the Home of 1 Animals. . Bans are being made to convert Linda VI park, which, because of its uneven grades, is not serviceable, for ordinary park purposes, Wto a zoological gardens, by t e board of park directors. The plan was suggested by W. S. Gould, one of the park directors, and will be discussed at the next meeting. , The park- board yesterday received an offer from the Realty Bonds and Finance Company of an option on a 450-foot frontage 'adjoining Linda Vista park to increase the area, of the park. The park DIRT FLIES FAST UN FAIR GROUND Palaces and Concession Structures Will Soon Spring . Up, Says Moore. ' SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21. The dirt is beginning to fly in earnest at the exposition grounds, and buildings. courts of honor, exhibit palaces and amusement concessions will spring up rapidly from now on, according to President C. C. .Moore of the Exposition Company, who yesterday told of many pians wnicn are rapidly maturing for the success of the,world's fair, which is Just 24. months away. Sculptural pirns for the main couvta of the exposition are being perfected in New York, where A. Stirling Calder; acting director of sculpture, is working on some of the designs in his ' ms it now stands contains about four ornce, while' other artists, among We Close AT 6 p.m. Saturday PLEASE GIVE THIS FACT ALL THE PUBLICITY v..;---- V' YOU CAN LOOK FOR THE BIG SIGN wticalco: Satisfactory (Glass Makers at Reasonable Prices. .-, 1318 BROADWAY Maedonough F!ldj., " Oakland. Ohronicre Bids:., San Franciecq. (Closed all day Washington's FRESNO HOTEL SAFE LOOTED BY ROBBER FRESNO. Feb. tl. At an1 early hour this morning the night clerk of the Hughes Hotel stepped upstairs to show a patron to a room. When he returned to the office he found the hotel safe open, and investigation showed that $250 was missing. The contents of the safe were in hopelesa. confusion. Immediately after the dis cover y of the crime the night porter of the hotel Was reported missing, and the police today are endeavoring to ascertain his whereabouts. - STATES MAY HAVE RIGHT TO MAINTAIN EXHIBITS WASHINGTON. Feb. 21. Befrlng the approval of 27 governors, the House committee on Industrial arts and expositions yesterday favorably j reported to the House the bill recently introduced by Representative 'Turnbull of Virginia providing for a permanent exhibit in Washington of the resources of each state In the union. Under the terms of the bill the secretary of agriculture and the chairman of 'the Senate and House committee on Industrial arts and expositions are appointed a board to investigate and report. PAYMENT OF $276.58 ! JUDGMENT SOUGHT tTJ ,Penr"n - fruit Company has .filed suit against Mrs. S. T. Alllhger and her daughter, Bessie E. Allinger to recover $276.68, which is alleged to be due the company on a Judgment previously secureo against Mrs. Allinger. The complaint cites that Mrs. Allinger deeded property she owned I to her daughter after the Judgment v,-as given to evade payment of the judgment,- ... ucres. The option was referred to the city council without recommendation. Offers of a large number of animals of interest to the general public have been made to the 1 park commissioners and refused because of the fact that there has heretofore been no place to put them. A small zoological display is maintained at Mosswood park. Here the' park directors have five deer and an aviary. -1 The official! of Golden Gate park recently offered this city a large number of elk and buffalo, but ths offer was not accepted. F. M. Smith, the "borax king," has offered a number of llama to the city. He has a large herd of ths South American animals on his estate in East Oakland. Other residents of the city have prof- them Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, Mrs. i ifiditn Burroughs and -others are work- 1 lng on designs in co-operation with him. President Moore yesterday. In pointing out the achievements of the past, Issued a statement emphasizing the pre-natal anniversary of the Panama-Pacific exposition and explaining and prophesying the developments of the next 24 months. The report reads In part: , "Twenty-eight of the world's nations- have accepted the Invitation Issued by President Taft on February 4, 1912. The participation of the commonwealths assures undoubtedly the most representative gathering of American people ever held upon the Pacific coast. A large number of im portant conventions of the world will fered animals. All these offers will be ! "HIS ln San, Francisco In 191$. The accepted ln the event that the directors t1& an(1 JucatlonaJ Phases of the exposition are attracting universal wt-'tentlon. "Within less than 1 months the nations of the world will Unload their cargoes of exhibits directly at the exposition ferry. Thence the ' exhibits will be conveyed into, the vast"exhblt halls, for this will be the first American exposition held at a seaport." - decide upon Linda Vista park as a zoo logical garden. ALLEGED BAD CHECK MAN MUST ANSWER Nathan F. LI ttlefleld, an -alleged check passer, capturW by the police about a week ago, was held to answer for passing fictitious checks before Judga Mortimer Smith' this morning, the bonds for his appearaace for trial before the Superior Court being fixed at $2000. Llttls- neia was captured by G. F. BrightoiU : a ciera lor.me yuinn shoe store of WaaH. Ington street, whom Littlefleld is said to have used as a1 cat's-paw to circulate his bad checks. : Littlefleld cava Brighton two checks, each for $7.50, which the young man cashed with the Qulnn shoe store. Brighton was arrested and explained that he had received the checks from Littlefleld. It is alleged that Littlefleld operated In a similar manner in Los Angeles. Brighton was released without any charge being placed against him. t POSLAM CLEARS -THE SKIN BEAUTIFULLY Eczema snots, acne, pimples, blotches and all disfiguring skin affections are quickly eradicated by Ponlam. Itching stopped with first application. Irritation Is subdued. Burning skin soothed and comforted. Inflamed skin quickly cleared. Its healing process Is rapid.. Improvement being noted day by day until the All eczemas, barbers' and all forms of skin resumes normal color and condition. Itch, all eruptlonal surface troubles yield to Fnslam as to nothing else. POSLAM SOAP, medicated with Po-lam. Is unequalled for the akin, not only when disease Is premnt; but as the safest and meet beneficial soap for dally use, toilet and .beth. Soothes tender skin, never Irritates. All druKKists sell Poslam price, f eents and Pn!am Soap (price. 25 cants). For fres samplee, write to the Emergency Liberator! , il 'Weak 25th Street, Mew York City. . i . -taVdTerflwmant. ALBERT RALSTON HELD TO ANSWER Accused ex-Gonvict's Bonds Are Fixed at $3000 by ' Judge Smith.. It is better to buy once and buy right than make the mistake of juggling with your earnings. . - : The man who saves up a few hundred dollars towards - his home, or the man who has not accumulated even that much, but is thrifty, earnest and ambitious, must exercise the greatest care in choosing the district m which he is to live. A mistake would be costly and mean the loss of a sum he could ill afford to waste. Experimenting with the home question is attended by too . many risks to warrant taking the chance. We know of men credited with more than average business acumen who have been trying for three or four years to sell their property at only a slight advance over what it cost them. They have been. unsuccessful solely through their failure" to carefully analyze, . the situation at the time they bought. L ' Either the lot was small and poorly located, the house poorly arranged and not prop, crly constructed, or they paid too much for one or the other or both. Any one of these deterrent factors or one of a half dozen ethers which ! might be enumerated, would seriously affect thejdisposftion of any property which the owner might wish to realize upon in a hurry. . T . Every commodity, whether it be real estate or shoe strings has a. certain market value The Fremont Tract at $15 per Foot has a value which even the untrained eye must read. ' There is no speculative feature, upon which the future of the property hinges. It ia not in the process of evolution, dependent upon some extraordinary development to sustain its selling priee. It is neither guesswork or gamble. - ' The man who' buys cannot go wrong in choosing "'the Fremont Traot for his home place. " He can know that his property will never depreciate in value and that hefccan sell to advantage if necessary. " : " All street work, sidewalks, gutters and curbs are in. Restrictions provide, against un desirable buildings and exclude Africans and Mongols. " . The Key Route right of way passes through the property and the Mills College, Leise Avenue and Hopkins Street car lines are ali within three blocks. There are three good schools within a few blocks, likewise stores and churches. Let us show you this property and prove the .truth .of every word we advertise.' A telephone request will bring an automobile to your door without charge or obligation. If you prefer to go out alone, take the Mills College or Hopkins Street cars direct. From San Francisco take the Southern Pacific Electric to Fruitvale or Melrose and ask our representative at thetation for a folder and directions. , . .V iete1 1 1444 BROADWAY OAKLAND 6 X TELEPHONE OAKLAND 4027 NX EAST OAKLAND AGENTS H. Bsrkmeyer, 1315 Frurtvsls Avenua. W. H, Bsrtlstt, 3288 Esst t-eurteenth Stroet. Blodgstt A 8hirley, 1252 47th Avenue, Msfross 8tt1ort, C. W. Jordan, 4620 Esst Fourteenth Street. 8. A. Plssssnt, 8805 East Fourteenth Street. ' JiW. Elrod, 8218 East FosthJItrsst. t , " W AN LYONS IS GIVEN F REEuQM Court Warns Woman to Keep Away From All Firearms. . Albert B. Ralston, an ex-convict, who had swindled his father-in-law, Clarence L. Hobbs, 6S35 Dover street, out of 260, according; to the account of ths complaining; witness, was held to answer be. fore Judge Mortimer Smith this morning on a charge of obtaining money under falss pretenses. Bonds were fixed id the sum of $3000 for his appearance for trial before the Superior Court. Ralston was agent for the Thayer building until last June, when It was learned that he was short $1700. He BAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 21. Mrs. promised to make good this amount ana Vivian Lyons, ln whose apartments at caiieo upon Mouns tor aid. prior to that the Hotel Sorrento Robert J. wianey. time Ralston bad paid 'ardent court to the Los Angeles realty broker, was Miss1 Hobbs and had won her hand In shot and seriously wounded on De-marrlaga. The girl had no knowledge ' cember 4, was given her liberty by thaf he was an ex-convjet.- Ralston j Police Judge Weller today, succeeded In obtaining $900 from Hobbs. I "1 advise the defendarit to keep and later obtained another $900 to secure- away from all firearms in future. She wnicn Hobbs had to mortgage his home. Alight shoot somebody some day who Mrs. Ralston was not- allowed to tea- I would not feel as this msn does about tlfy against her husband, the main wit- prosecuting' her. If he had died, as he might easily have done, she would have been charged with murder and there might be a serious outcome. She is exceedingly fortunate in shooting someone who does not want to prosecute. The case1 Is dismissed." Wldney was not ln court today, but Mrs. Lyons sat near the Judge's bench nsd lltnd to the testimony of De nes being her father. She explained today that she intended to obtain a divorce from the defendant, as he not only swindled her father,- but treated her with cruelty after their wedding. IT OFFICIALS FAIL TO APPEAR Fuel Men to Be in Court Mon ' day; Will Not Block , ' the Case. THEFTS ARE REPORTED. A. "H, Bailey, 810 Washington street, rennrted tn the nolle that itnknnwn persons entered his room during hi t&tlve Bert Wren, who declared that absence and stole his overcoat. 1 V, liny h(. always stated that the Annie urtes, iui wiiiow street, re-I shooting was accidental. - Mrs. Wianey, wile of the) man In parted to tha polios that lier horn was entered and. Jewelry valued PUP noma. at io 1 the ease, has announced her intention of iringioj, isuit for divorce, ii SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21. Although the eight indicted officials of the Western Fuel Company were due to appear in the United States District Court- this morning, none of them was on hand when the cases were called, neither was their attorney, Warren Olney Jr., anywhere ln evidence. United States District .Attorney John McNab stated to the court that it had been understood among the accused men that they would not have to plead until next Monday. .They learned only tms morning tnat J. B. OSBORNE TO . SPEAK TONIGHT James B. Osborne, the blind Socialist, will speak this evening at Rice Institute, Eighteenth street and San Pablo avenue, on "young' People and Revolution." HEART TROUBLE-NO! IT'S GAS AROUND YOUR HEART Of course, the palpitation, shortness of breath, anxiety and nervousness At night, scares you, but there is really no' occasion for alarm If you will only take Baalmann's Gas Tablets and cure that -gaa pressure. c A permanent cure of gas can only be accomplished by treating your stomach with Baalmann's uas Tablets; by that we mean taking Baalmann's Gas Table, for a definite lenrth of time. V Ordinary dyspepsia remedies are only v,. . xnrterl tn b on hand th2ooa tor relief during an attack, but re-they were l D " L, ?r.5lTllef is no cure! Baalnrnnn's Gas Tablets, with him. He asked that a continu ance be had until Monday, explaining that no one would, be injured by the delay. ' ' Attorney Olney has announced, that he will not attempt to block the progress of the cases and that an early trtaUnay b expected. however, cure gas around the heart for good, and your supposed heart trouble will soon disappear. Go to. your druggist right now, ask for a 60c -bottle of Baalmann's Gas Tablets ln the yellow package, or. If you .like, and for a. free eiuupie package to.J. Baalman Co., 336 Sutter St., San Fran- C)BCOv : .. v' : : . . X ' . i-ATartlsemnt.

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