Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 16, 1913 · Page 22
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 22

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 16, 1913
Page 22
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r FEBRUARY 16. 1913. .' . 1 22 SUNDAY MORNING -i -OAKLAND. TRIBUNE- I E F OAKLAND YOUTH ; ATTAINS SUCCESS J ON THE-STAGE BYCE SPEAKS OM PROS cot on o IREMENTO-OUIT SPRING " BROTHERLY LOVE JAPANESE ASKED 'f,:J ' The Work to Be Abandoned Because of Fear of Fire During Exercise. Gymnasium work ... In the ' Young Men's Christian Association building Says His: Efforts Will Go Toward Revealing American's True Feelings. - '. y Nipponese Business Men Make Complaint Against Countryman. t NEW YORK, Feb. 15. James Fryce. British Ambassador to the .United States was made today the first i honorary member of the Academy of 'Political Science of Columbia University. The membership was conferred by Nicholas Murray Butler, president of the university, in the presence of the trustees of the Institution. Ambassador firyce, in an address, said it, was his great ambition to devote his remaining1 strength to the t&sk of elucidating the phenomena of life. -In conclusion, he said: ,rWhen I returlf home" there will be nothing nearer to my hearCthan to be useful in making known the true feeling of the American people toward the people of 3reat Britain. It Is the feeling that the United States and Great Britain should walk hand in hand and I. have to realWe more and more the longer. I have been here and that this Is your feeling." TO TALK OX CIIIXESK REPUBLIC. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 15. Tomorrow evening at 7:30, Charles L. Stdrrs. .who has recently returned from China, will give an address on conditions in the new republic, at the - BetbanyzlL'QnEreeational -xthureh,4 Fartlett street near Twentv-flfth.. t: . . . l J STOCKTON, Feb.' 15. Represents tlves of the Kiowo Nalml, a society of Japanese business men, appeared before District Attorney Folta to ask that Y. Yasudu, one of their countrymen, who has been In trouble with the police several times, be vigorously prosecuted as he was, according to their representations', a menace . to American society and a disgrace to the Japanese people. The Japanese Y. M. C. A. in this city mtfde similar allegations. Yasudu was arrested here a few days ago on a charge of assault to murder, committed in San Francisco, and taken to that city. He is, said to have police records in Sacramento, Lodl and Marysville, as well as in this city,- TAMMANY HALL TO T MARCH FOR WILSON NEW YORK. . Feb. 15. Tammany Hall will be represented In the parade at the inauguration of WoodroW W4J-son as president on March 4 by 1500 members. . Arrangements were made today for taking that number of "braves" to Washington on ' Special trains. Each, delegate will wear one of-4he traditional glistepjTg Tammany tile hats. "T . -. mont h although values have increased and the property is easily worth more, we are not raising our price in the Fremont Tract- : - This announcement should sjigiulate the man of modest salary to' immediate action. It means that less than 20 cents a day will buy the foundation for a home in, a fully "improved, tract of unlimited future. , . . - . The Fremont Tract has been steadily building up since we first announced its sale. It was a grain field when we sold the first lot. Today all street and sidewalk improvements are complete and a number of attractive bungalows are occupied by purchasers who have taken advantage of the .Syndicate's easy-payment-plan.. - ( ' t y They have applied rent mqney toward theirwn home in just the same way hundreds of our other clients have done, ; They found it a simple matter to set aside a few dollars a month for the lot and a few more for the house. "The total was not more than they had paid put as rent. There are some lots in The Fremont Tract requiring less than $5.75 a month and some costing more. But -the- street work and residence restrictiolisar.etheatae. throughout, whether the price of the property is $500 per lot or $1000.' , ' The 40-foot lot iaHhe usual moderate frontage; jiist right from a builder's standpoint and permitting a driveway if desired. . . The prices are particularly reasonable and well within the reach of almost any salaried man. The location of the property and its relation to Oakland are such that the development of the tract need never be in doubt. A few years-ago it formed the fringe of the remote out-' skirts of Oakland, It is now an important factor in "the last of the residential subdivisions which may bp termed -"close-in." , . -,rf-. ' ' THREE CAR LINES MILLS COLLEGE, LIESE AVENUE AND HOPKINS STREET PROVIDE ADEQUATE TRANSPORTATION. THE KEY ROUTE , RIGHT OF WAY PASSES THROUGH THE PROP- vERTY. .-.-.i- Vv'" We have one modern four-room" bungalow here that we want you to see at the earliest convenient hour. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH WILL SECURE YOU THE DEED. ; r Pay off the balance at the rate of $25 monthly, which ; includes interest, and you'll find it no harder to own your own home than pay rent. We have reduced the price of this house to $2400 a bedrock figure well below actual -Value.- -t --; - '"""'' See this property How and let us explain in detail the -merits of, our easy payment plan. It will appeal to you. TO REACH THE FREMONT TRACT Take the Mills College cars direct, or the Hopkins street line to terminus, which is two blocks from the tract. ' frr&m San Francisco take Southern Pacific Electric to Fruit-vale or Melrose Stations. Autos will meet you. But the better way is to phone us for an auto, 1444 Broadway OAKLAND Telephone OAKLAND 4027 t t)cn TnAar. agents: M. Barfcmeyer,' 1315 Frgltvsle Ave. " W H. Bartlett, 3288 E. Fourtejnth Street. 3lodflett A. Shirley, 1252 Fifty tevontrt Ave. C. W. Jordan,. 4820 Eatt Fourteenth Street. S. A.;Pleartf. 3805 Et Fourteenth Street. . V. Cl4 i3 F ftuti &treet..i; r i 11 1 J is -a III -1 Jll RAYMOND APPLEBY. Raymond Appleby, a well known Oakland boy, !s making a name 'for himself behind the footlights, according .to reports received In Oakland from outside circles. , Appleby Is playing, leading roles with the. A. E. Thompson company; particularly in the-production. of "The Cowboy." The company Is playing all the larger cities of the southern part of the state. Appleby was reared in Oakland and Is a graduate of the Emeryville ;Hlgh school and of the California School of Arts and Crafts in Berkeley. SOTO BLAMESBEAUPRE , FOR RECENT ATTACKS HAVANA, Febrl. Representative Soto, the nominal editor of the newspaper Cuba, publishes today an open letter addressed to the American minister, Arthur M. Beaupre, "declaring that he alone is responsible for the recent attacks made in that paper on the 'minister. He says that he learns that Mr. Beaupre recently alluded to him. in abusive terms. . The conservative representatives, at a caucus today, decided not to attends the remaining session of the House which will Have the effect of blocking the efforts t obtain the consent of the House to permit of the prosecution of Soto. PROPOSES TO ELECT SAL00NMEN BY VOTE o be abandoned by members ot Oakland fire department In ac cordance with orders issued by Commissioner of Ptibllo Health and Safety F. C. Turner yesterday after a consultation wlth Fire Chief N. A. Ball and Physical Director. C. F. " Martin of the T. M. C. A. In place of the gymnasium work, the men will be given setting up exercises modeled on those in use in the United States Army and Navy in their lire engine houses, the work to be planned out by Director Martin and Chief BalL The change has been made in ac cordance with recommendations from Fire Chief Ball, who has not been- satisfied with the gymnasium work from the start. The main reason for the change Is that the holding of largo classes for physical instruction at the gymnasium has resulted, according to Ball, in irtppling the various engine houses. The men would notbe available in case of a large fire, us four are taken from each fire house during tjie, exercise time at the y. m. c A.v'J.;.u-;':.iii.: " The firemen are needed at the houses in case of a Targe fire, and at the present time it is necessary to provide for lunch- and other meal hours, for vacations, sick leave and days off. ' Fire Chief Ball says lie can not allow his men to leave the houses for an hour twice a week to take physical exercise, and has asked for a course of instruction to be given by the captains in the houses. Turner has agreed to this course. "BUFFALO BILL" 15 HEAD OF LEAGUE Showmen Choose Veteran as Leader of .Fraternal and . Beneficial Society, CHICAGO, Feb. 15 Col. Wiliram F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), has accepted the presidency of the Showmen"s League of America, a new organization which is to have Jts permanent home in Chicago. Col. Cody made known his acceptance today and will formally take office at a meeting of the league In the Hotel Sara toga Wednesday tevenlng. ' The league Is to have club rooms here. probably at some hotel until' permanent quarters can be obtained, but eventual ly expects to own a large clubhouse of its own. During his term of office Col, Cody will be a resident of Chicago. , Col,; Cody, Warren - A. Patrick and Frank L. Albert have high hopes for the PIERRE. S. I. FAh iKnirct success of the new venture, which 1 in- electlon of saloorl keepers by popular 1endel t0 b fraternal and beneficial vote is proposed -fn an amendment to .organization, with the object of uplifting a bill for regulation of issuance of liquor licenses offered "by State Senator Brown of Tripp .county In the legislature. To relieve city officials of obligation to decide' moral fitness of applicants for license is Brown's inspiration.- - "HKST" IS THEME OF IvECTURE. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 15. "Opened Under Ne;W Management" will be the subject' of Rev;. J. -W.. Horn's sermon -tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock at Ce.ntenary Southern Methodist churchy Bush street, between Oough and Octavia. At 7:30 p. m, his theme wl!! be "Rest." and bettering the conditions of the thou sands of showmen. ( J . OFFICIALS ONLY ELIGIBLE. Circus, wild west, carnival, state fair, park, aviation, live stock show, horse show and exposition Inen will be represented In the league, but only the persons occupying responsible positions with the various amusement enterprises will be admitted to membership. "The idea of this organization Is a splendid one," said Col. Cody last night "It will be of great benefit to the showmen. The home of the league will be In Chicago. A great number of outdoor amusement enterprises have winter quarters here.'" NEW FREE MARKET OPENS M1QST BLAZE OF GLORY Most Successful Opening Event In the History of Oakland's Commercial Enterprises 7! t3tm&'&&TZZIM" ' T""""T '?'T?3WBSft8fJE' 3 JL u VIEW IN NEW FREE MARKET. In a class absolutely by itself the Ne Free Market, located at Sixth and Washington itrncts, opened yesterday with an unprecedented 'attendance. The appreciative crowds coming from all section of this city and neighboring, towns, were unequalod at auy nlHitlr event. From ths first opening of the doors until late lit the Evening there was a " constant stream 'of humanity, from the hrimblest to those people of the higher planes ..of societyr- passing' list' arid bul7 Fashionably dressed women mingled with th mechanic In his overalls, each vicing with the other, buying and searching for bargains. 'i ' ' .i . . Hposklng of bargains, we bad here surely the surprise oft -the day and from the many words of praise and pleasure that were heard It Is no wondcihthat thu buying public always will fathom out and trade where they can get the best ana the most for. the least money. Such representative men as Ton? Clecak of the Gas Kitchen; Henry Winking of the Forum Cafe, Sheriff Barnet, W. H. J.. Hvnes, Tom Ifowsen,' M. J. Klley, Kd IMsner an eth,ra. too nu-Hiiuu tu iuii4m'H, m:h mil every nn after viewing the market, had unlimited "It Is the best thing that ever hap-a pnea in uaxiana, ' irom one. ( "i nave traveled oil over the country and have been- In many, many markets; but never have I seen any to equal this one In an respect." "It can't be beat. .Light, airy and roomy, tho market Is unsurpassed fur service, qualttyl and, price of goods on sale." . ; ' . The . ladles seemed to come erf masse, Autoniobllil" lined the" .curbing all da long, departing loaded with good things to eat. Women with babes In arms and children trotting alongside 'were- by ne means an unusual sight and all had those same Words of "praise, "How truly re markable." v r 7 I . . - Among the many ladles present wer Mrs. Kmlly Brown. Mrs. Hughey Carpenter. Mrs. C. 8. Hmlth .and others. f . A new Innovation in an establishment of this " nature U the ladles' ' dressing-room with maid in attendance and free use of telcphonei We " congratulate Mr. Jack Rohan; Sir. Sam tlvlngston and Mr. William Kelley for. tholr energy and foresight in estab-honing sui'tv a suocesstul and rmirh-neU rd Irifttlntlon amongst - Oakland's' commercial enterprises. v. E-AdrwUnoieat. A grand collection of dashing iiew spring styles now being shown at the Pacific B;.b;;-ifl'7fi2 Materials are of excellent quality of New Bedford cords, hairlines and soft "finished ma teriaj in new spring ' shades; also black and; white, plain and0broken checks, 1 SPRING COATS In a variety of new models, new materials, new shades. 88 Late Fall Suits Variety of Materials and Colors ; Values Up to $30.00 SI 1.75 63 Late Fal 1 Coats M'ateriris VfoA QfJ , and Shades Values up to $12.50 x '. NEW SPRING DRESSES, $6.75 TO $25 -See . .. v : rm .:. . N. E. Cor. Eleventh and Washington Sts. The Value Givers C0MISKEY COMING WITH FULL FORCE TO TRAIN Special Will Lea vr City of Chicago Tfturs-day; Here Sunday j (By R. W. LARONER.) CHICAGO Feb. 15. Twenty-five Ctrbs," ln cftrge of ManagerEvers and Treasurer w'lliams, left over the Illinois Central t 8:17 tonight for Tampa, Fla., the spot chosen for the training of the 1013 team. The smiling face of Frank " Chance was missed) but Johnny Evers wo hi prettiest grin and shook hands just as cordially as his predecessor had on similar occasions. Since the close of the schedule meetings In New York, the candidates for po. slttons on the Cub team have been gathering here. . Some of the new ones camt earryto get acquainted with their matet and superior officers.-: The gang that left here "tonight will reach Tampa on Monday. On Tuesday Manager Evers will order the first drill and from then until March ,18,'tl)ere will be strenuous activity. On March 18 the slow Journey, north will be started. "With the West SIders on their way te Florida, local Interest turns next to the departure of the Sox to the Paclfle Coast. The South Side . team had the CaUfomia habit a few years ao, but swore off for a couple of springs. This will be the first trip- to the western 11m-its'Sjnce 1910..'. ' : - : The Sox special will' leave at !:30 next. ThursdSy evening over the Northwestern. President' Comlskey and hlB wife have 4nvlted a party of friends to accompany them and the squad will be augmented by V number of Pacific Coast Leaguers on their way to their season's work. Counting these and the newspaper men, it. Is estimated that almost ninety will be on the special when It pulls out'. The train Is due at. Oakland next Sunday afternoon. The" Sox will spend abctut six hours in the coast metropolis before running to Paso Robles,. the first conditioning place. Paso Robles will be reached Monday morning. Only a day ! or two over a week will be passed there. for the exhibitions in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles begin early In March. ' ' COMMERCIAL CLUB L A wonderful picture, Henry Ault's mysterious painting,-"The Shadow of .the Cross," on exhibition at 9.05 Broadway, Oakland. - ' Advertisement. ND STEADINESS IN NEW YORK-MARKET Further Liquidation Is Noted in Pennsylvania; Stocks Aj?-: v. Technically Weaker. NEW YORK, Feb. "18. Today's stock market. lieed Friday's session. Mactfay displayed strength at 86. Northern Pacific told off sharply. uv iuisui -tuai (diiusjlTaUia WUUIU VI ICT IV Btockholders the balance of treasury aharea, about 130,000,000, at par, brought further liquidation that carried the price to 118. IbW Valley was under pressure. United Sta'gtt R'Ji;i ber common, which talis gecn selling oiiiyju ai-surdyl high basis, Judged by the figures furnished by the eo in pa u y, broke to 03, The tech n Ira I position of storks Is weaker for the covering by shorts Steel common was weak and the- -copper shares lacked support. A continuation of liquldntlon is looked for Id . the general 1st. Southern Pacific, bowerer, appears to hare reached bottom and seems to be largely oversold. Number of shares sold today, 128,206; year ago, 87,651. Par value of bonds sold" today, i82,000; year ago, 91,124,000. LONDON MARKET IDLE. LONDON, Feb. 15. The market was Idle today. The undertone was firm, however, on the, recovery in Mexican Issues. Discount rates and Amsterdam they were up. Rand Mines, 611-16; Ds Beers, 21. v "J UNGHEQN HOSTS Live Oaks Entertain Panama Pacific Exposition Officials at Hotel Oakland. The Live Oaks 8 !the members of the Commercial Ciub "are known entertained for the first time on Saturday wnen xney had as their guests the delegation of tbe Panama-Pacific Exposition ai luncneon in tho Hntel Oakland. The first venture was an Informal affair, but the Oaks will eo a a-reat deal stronger before tney fin ish boosting Oakland. The guests were C. C. Moore, president of the exposition board; R. B. Hale, vlce- Dresident: C J. umsei 01 oum uij, Idaho; CalvlnJjJ. Brwn, chief of the department of nBmeetito exploitation of the T . .-!! . r rt Tlir.lv ranama-.r-acanc miupsiuuu, . j, chief of denVrtment of livestock; W. L. Carlyle, dean of agriculture, director of exposition staUon and acting president 01 Idaho State University; J. Vr McPherson, horticultural Inspector, Boise City, and Robert Newton Lynch, vice-president and manager of the California development, board. - . -. . i , Among the members of the Oakland Commercial Club present were C. J. Heeaeman, D. E. Perkins, Harvey Hicks, Frank J. Woodward,' "A. . A. Denlson, F. W. Bllger and A. S. Lavenson. WOMAN IS HURLED, TO STREET BY RUNAWAY Struck by a runaway horse at Fourteenth, and Broadway shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday - afternoon, Mrs. M. Stone of t2g"'Twentyr eighth street was taken to the Receiving Hoapital suffer-1 ing from a number of contusions. The: horse and vehicle belonged to the Max-' well Hardware Company, and was driven 1 by Ray Wright until It got away. DESPONDENT MAN UJ TAKES GAS ROUTE SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. lo." Fred' tln,nilil. fl machliiUt of 16t Chrjlmil atreot, was found deadIrrbenhls after- noon, having evidently commuiea sui-! cide.- He had turned . on the (rai, :re-1 moving the key which was found In 'his I pocket. : Other occupants of'tha house. stated that he had been despondent and out of work. ' ;' NEW, TIIOKillT KKKVIC'KS. Services will- be . held in New Thought church, . J5 Hundwlck ave-nue, today at il m DISSOLUTION SALE $7500.06 CASH to be raised within 10 days to buy our retiring partner's interestyin the business. Sweeping reductions ' have been made in every department Without exception we have cut prices on our entire stocK to the lowest possible notch. - SALE NOW ON day $5.00 LADIES' LONG SILK KIMONOS , Empire yoke, in all colors Sale . . . . Specials $2.95 New Spring Arrival LADIES' WHITE LAWN DRESSES, ... trimmed with lace and, embroidery medallions; regular $4.00.' Sale y Come &nd see our windqwifor prices The Kimono House Dan T. Lowe 8c Co. 1111 Washington Street Between Uth and 12th Streets . ,, . .-i

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