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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CLASSIFIED PAGES OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 9, 1913. NO. ,78. JL. PERSPECTIVE OF TEtf-STORY THOMSON OFFICE BUILDING TO BE ERECTED IMMEDIATELY AT BROADWAY AND SEVENTEENTH STREET. IT WILL BE THE FIRST PRIVATELY OWNED CIA6S sA STRUCTURE IN OAKLAND AND IS TO BE COMPLETED BY JANUARY 1, 1H. WALTER REED IS Tip; ARCHITECT. Sce: di OA ICEXE8 AT PEN'NANT-RAJSINO CSttttMONVTCR TTSTERTAY AT THE OAKLAND BALL CLTJB. PRESI DENT AljLAN T. BAUM IS PRESENTING THE PPVNAVT TO HOM'S MANAGER OF THE )AKS, WITH "HAPPY" HOUAN LOOKING ON. BELOW THE "CILMJS ARE USED IP BEHIND THE COVETED BUNTING. i 11 i i i i i vol. lxxix. Indicted Detective to Appear 311 STATE BHD TO CHS SYSTEM PERMIT vrii tun v.a it It 11T Hffl he dare," cried Barrett: "A search was made for Mooney, but the announcement was made that he had disappeared. "Did he leave between the time you left this room and your return?" asked Attorney O'Connor, (speaking to Secretary Skelly, who had searched for Mooney. "That Is uncalled for, Mr. 0'Con nor," cried Commissioner Roche. COCLDNT REMEMBER, Later Mopney appeared and asserted that he could not remember who the third party was. 1 The session of the-police commissioners bejeun yeBtprday morning con--tinued ylitil after midnight and the taking Of testimony proceeded. Frank Kossettl, a cousin of Frank Du was examined. He told of hearing of the payment by the'bunco' men of money to Esola and said that he had been informed oh one occasion when Officer Josephs, who came Into a saloon where he was drinking, had been given IS a bunco man who was standing with him at the bar. On direct examination he stated that he was working In South San Francisco for three months. On cross-examination, Attorney O'Connor asked: "Who was your "A man named "Who? You don't mean the sher iff?" I Tea. Sheriff Eggers." "Who got you the Job?" "A man named Shortall." "You mean Judge Shortall?" "Yes." "What is this; haven't you been serving a term In the county Jail?" "Yes. Judge Shortall sent me to the county Jail for 90 days." It developed that Rossettl had been arrested for vagrancy after being warned off Pacific street by Policeman Josephs. Besides Mrs. Gallo, who told of receiving payment from "Black'- Toney and of Esola asking her if she -had obtained the money, a number of other witnesses of minor importance were examined. ARRESTED WHILE TRYING' TO DISPOSE OF LOOT While attempting to dispose of a suit-esse -an several silk shirts- In secondhand store at Seventh and Washington streets, Theo l. Laverell was arrested -by Inspectors Charles McCarthy, James Drew, and Willis Quigley on suspicion. It was found that the shirts had been stolen from the Chinese-, store of F. O'Hara, an Oriental merchant. Laverell will be charged with burglary. Charles Heywood was arrested Sixth and Washington streets, when he tried to sell 25 feet of hose which He had ttolen from in" front of a Washington street store. Heywood be charged with petty larceny. Big Banner Floats Over Ball Park While Oaks Go Down' to Defeat. All the glories which came to ths Oaks last season when they brat' out Vernon by half a -gams and won the championship after the most thrilling struggle In the Coast League, were brought to mem. ory yesterday afternoon when the offi cial pennant-presenting ceremonies were enacted at tie new ban pane in mis Rain could not dampen the enthusiasm of the three thousand fans who dared the elements to do their worst. The sun shone far jmi long enough to allow the Champions -to accept their trophy and hoist It Jubilantly to the top of the flagpole In centerfleld. LatJer came rain and defeat, but that Is another story and ran be left to Billy Fits on the sporting page. After a short spin through ths city In automobiles and headed by a. brass band both teams' began practice earlier than In order to permit the league'of-flclals to carry through their program. It was Junt 3:06 p. m. when the bnnd, blowing brass, headed for the home plate, as escort for President Baum. Umpire Held opened festivities with a speech, both short and eloquent, in which ha Introduced the "Hon. Albert T. -Baum, president of the Pacific Coast Baseball League." Baum's first name Is Allan, but Albert Is more dignified in Held's estimation. Hencs ths Albert. Baum complimented the Oakland ball club and the city of Oakland for having such fine team and then graciously handed Mttza the pennant; Here the stands let off a Ittttn. enthuslssm In the way of cheers, handolapping and stamping. Mitze doffed his cap. said a few words of thanks and then Ipvlted Hogan to assist him in hoisting the The bunting was then carried to the flagpole by the players of the two teams, led by the band. The flag was hoisted to the top of the pole amid the cheers of the crowd. The-pennant Is twenty feet In length and bears the Inscription: "Champions 1912." VICE-PRESIDENT DENIES COL HARVEY'S CHARGE WASHINGTON, May Vice-President Marshall today replied to. Colonel George Harvey's statement that his recent public speeches were meant to incite the "predatory anybody will produce public utterance of mine advocating the curtailment or distribution of honest wealth except by affair Inheritance tax I will go to Wall street and pub-licly apologise," said Marshall. GIVEN PEIAKI Alameda County oo Be Pioneer in Installing the New i Methods. The State Board of Control yesterday approved the system of accounting de vised by the firm of Lester, Herrlck A Herrlck, accountants, for Alameda eoun ty and which the latter has adopted as a safeguard for the disbursement of public moneys and as a check against all county departments. The system is a direct result of the campaign which the Tax association ef Alameda county has carried on for the past two years for efficiency and economy lh the administration of county affairs. The action taken by the State Board of Control following the hearing given by that body to Ansnn Herrlck. representing Lester, Herrlck Herrlck. and Thomas I. Casey, representing the Alameda County Tax association as its assistant secretary, at a meeting of the board held on Wednesday, when the matter was thoroughly discussed In all its details. The approval of Ihe system by (he State Board of Control will. In all result In Its' being accepted as a basis for a uniform system of accounting bv all the counties- in the Btatn. which will be a practical reform in the safeguarding of the handling of county funds. It also helps to put Alameda count more oinsplcuously on the map as a pioneer In the administration of county affairs. 1 Special Prices on Coats All our high-grade coat prices are lopped off 85. Here's a saving to you. Coats 'are In demand, all. the. year rOtmdV and. our selection Is the largest anywhere. You can open an account. 624 TWELFTH STREET. Between Washington and Clay. OAKLAND. CAL, AND in Superior Court Tomorrow. Police Commissioners Con- "tinue Hearing in Bunco Case. SAN FRCISCO, May. 9. Former Detective Frank Esola, Indicted by the grand Jury for grand lurceny, will ap pear before Superior Judge Dunne tomorrow morning to be arraigned on the charges against him. The stenographers have.becn busy getting up1 the transcript of testimony given be fore the grand Jury and this was filed shortly after noon with Presiding Judge Dunne. The case has been assigned to department 6 and tomorrow morning Esola will make his first appearance in the Superior Court. District Attorney 'Kickert declared today that the accused officer would be brought to trial within 30 days and that no delays would be permitted. "If they move to set aside the Indictment or enter a demurrer they will have to argue their motions immediately," declared Flckert. "We will not permit any delay and if they attempt to block proceedings by tech nicalities we will go before the police commission and demand that the trial there go on. Meantime we are busy summoning additional witnesses to appear before the commission next Tuesday night in connection with our Several of our witnesses have disappeared and are also trying to round them up. There are certain odds and ends to these cases that we must gather up." FACE INDICTMENTS. The grand Jury has not yet taken a final vote on the eight true bills charging the suspended policemen with conspiracy. This ballot will be voted, it Is on Tuesday night ana probably, on Wednesday the eight ac cused officers will have indictments brought against them before the pre siding Judge. The calender In Judge Dunne's court is not clogged and there seems to be no reason why the trial of Esola should not go on at once. Flckert'a statement of a leevjay lteved to be extreme. At an early hour this morning when the of police commissioners adjourned had just taken part In a verbal fei if match with the battery of lawyers retained for the defense of the accused officers. Mrs. Cella Gallo, wife of Mike Gallo, ofte of the confessed bunco men, had Just declared that she had had a conference with Captain Mooney and a third individual. She did not want to re-. veal the name of this mysterious party. The commission protected her and Chief White also endeavored to prevent the name of this Individual being revealed. Despite the efforts of counsel the matter still remains a mystery, although it is thought that the man is August Jouanou, the waiter who first told Chief White regarding the fact of the present scandal. DEMANDS NAME. "Who wis this third party Inquired O'Connor after the refusal of the members of the board to let Mrs. Gallo answer. "In the name of Justice," cried Attorney Barrett, "I demand the name of this- man." Thefommisston -boasts of giving these officers a square dea. Why not let us know who this mys. terious party is? I demtwd to know his name." i. Finally Commissioner Kuhl replied hotly: "Who is conducting this hearing, Mr. Barrett, you or the police commission?" Barrett replied that the commission was handling the case to suit themselves and to-the detriment of the offlqers In this case. "Put Captain of Detectives Mooney on the stand and let him tell us, If A delicious confection In which fresh shredded cooonnut plays an Important imrt. Res-ujarly 50c per pound. SPECIAL TOMORROW 9 C. Per Jdl Pound Also In special boxes at 25c ea. PIG'N WHISTLE -i 14TH ST OAKLAND Lemon Cocoanut. Taffy MaMaMsVaVHaSBMHai TEN-STORY BUILDING FOR BROAD WRY A WD 1 7TH SL AS. LM LOCAL CHURCH Pastor Will Deliver Sermon In First Congregational, Sunday Morning. Rev. Charjes F. Aked, pastor of the First Congregational church of San Fran will deliver a sermon In the First Congregational church of this city next Sunday morning Jl o'clock. His pulpit will be "occupied by F. Carter, as Distant pastor of -the First Congregational church of Oakland. Hundreds of local parishioners have already heard Dr. Aked preach here ait well as in San Francisco, where he presides over one of the largest congregations of that He cham ploned the cause of woman's sffrage dur lng the recent campaign, which won for him many warm friends in both sexes. office buildlngi" la tK Broadway and Telegraph- avenue gore, A block further west, at Sixteenth street and San Pablo avenue, construction is to be commenced next August on the 000 First Trust Bank building, TATIQN OPENS THE WAY Towns Along the Oakland Antioch Within Easy Ride of Oakland. At last' the 'opportunity, which so many city people have been longing ror has arrived. For years those Vvho have beeh fortunate enough to have driven over the Berkeley hills Into the beautirul valleys at the base of ML Diablo, have longed for the time when this section would have proper trans- portatton facilities so that they could live and raise their family In this favored land and at the same 'time be able to go back and forth each day to their work in the city. With the opening ef the Oakland and Antioch electrics road all of this country is within easy riding distance and population la already flocking in. Those who are the first to buy will reap a rich reward, as the prices' of land are very low, but will raise rap-Idly in value as people begin to ap preciate the beauties of this section of California, See column. IS pt today's TltlBUNEl for a list or the best buys in Contra Costa county, 0 PREACH RANSPOR Rjirrc Be Broken In Con- Architect Walter Reed and will contain evenr modern convenience known to hljrh claai office building. The atructure will be one of theoet beautlfuMn Oak- rcing inc-ou ciin.ciy with cream ornamental with simple but ele- srant terra eotta trimmings. A part km larly metropolitan aspect of the building will be architrave, usually comprising only the first story or base, which on the Thomson building, will be extended to Include the second story. The windows of this story will be wide plates especially Hunted for commercial purposes. This feature has ben taken from recent New York office buildings, some of which have aven Included the third Story In the architrave, as- this feature' is much sought by large corporation tenants using' an entire floor. Is expected 'that several" whole floors will be rented to Individual, tenants as negotiations are now onder way with two of three corporations toward that end. tt glTan- tp the. Installation of every possible con venlence for doctors and dentists. un usual elevator service will be maintained, provision having been made for three elevators of a speea or ao reei Per minute crtvinar the. fastest elevator service In Oakland. An especially attractive feature of the building will be 'ft spacious entrance lobby slmtjlv but richly ornamented in nar inonlous tones of selected gray marbiea As -a completed structure the Thomson building will represent the last word In Class structures, both as to elegance of appearance and the utmost conven lence to tenants. The building will contain over 100 offices, every one 'of which will be a well-lighted outside office. the bnlldlnsr Is being erected on the corner, 60x62 feet, leaving 40. feet between it and the City Hall Annex. will be dlreotly across Seventeenth street from the Dostofflce. Contractor Walker 'states that the Thomson building will be the most rapidly erected class ''A' office structure ever put un In Oakland. The Thomson building will extend the ten-story office-building sky line of the east side of Broadway from Eleventh street to Seventeenth street, a distance of six blocks north and south, which aky line Is crossed east and west by a seven-story sky line from the Hotel Oakland at Fourteenth and Alice streets to the Hotel Alma at fourteenth and Grove 'a distance of eight blocks. The Laymance Real Kstate Company will be the exclusive agent and manager of the Thomson bulldlngLj'. Bruce Maiden, manager of the realty conducted- the financial negotiations In connection with' the building enterprise. iAlraost opposite "the site of the Thomson building, work is to begin this summer -on-tha tioa.000 Carlsina Bnydar WKere You Get The Best Soft Shirts Collars to Matcb, SI.50 CatToll'Hats" Speed Record Will Financial h4ve. been t.n.tnrv atore ind office bulldln by M1m Lucy Gv Thnmn nH fcr hrothxr. William i Edwrd Thomeon, at the northeast cor- er or Broadway ana Beventeenin sireei. The (Oakland Bank or Bavinss nas loanea to the Thoragon estate izoo.two ror trie construction. This will be the; first pn- vatelv-owned ciass-A nuiiaina uui- sort here being; the property of banks or corporations. Percy J. Walker, the contractor, announces that -the building will be ready for occupancy neit January. The owners are the daughter and son of the late Peter Thomson, who was a ptpneer merchant of San Francisco, and one of Oakland's foremost real estate owners and developers of high-class resl- dance broberty. Thomson be re jterrtbefBd by old esldentsof Oakland on account of "Tils hobby of" enclosing hl4 vacant lots with- neatly whitewashed fences, keeping lots and sidewalk free from weeds and rubbish, by- reason of which he was known to secure $10 and 120 a foot more for his land than his neighbors could obtain. The building has been designed by Men's Suits BIGGER AND STOCK FROM WHICH TO SELECT AH yon pay Is little down-after that a little each week or month- Men's Suits and Overcoats, to $40 COLUMBIA OUTFITTING $85 Twelfth -(. Oppfc St. Mark. Motel 8. I I I iasssssl 1 MMl II II vi-. i B. V. D. Knee and aiiKK length Draw-' era and sleeycK less Shirjts in a large assort- ment of fab Prlceif i'Ati braidd shapes rr W. I A I i 'I- Silk and Linen Mixtures, Silk and Silk Crepes with French cuffs and collars to match. and Wash Neckwear also to match. Prices 2.00 to 7JS0. latest shapes- andH; in straw" and -newest and. coforinga. in felts. i CARROLL TsCAalROtmri PAUL 124 1 126 WashingtoiLStreet. 1 CARL J. SOHST fkank davidson A Progressive Firm, in

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