The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1938 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 9
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MARIE ARNDORFER, ST. BENEDICT, WfftQ n ADEW fTEJ/u tLrUlElN/ The Algona Upper Peg Moines, Algona, Iowa, Jan. 11, Groom, Popular Young (Couple, to Live Near St. Benedict St. Benedict: Miss Marie Ann Arndorfer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer, became the bride of Clarence Sterner of Wesley, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Sterner, in a nigh Nuptial Mass at the St Benedict church Wednesday, Jan. B, at 8:30 o'clock, the Rev. J. H. Hageman of Petersburg, Iowa, uncle of the groom, officiating. The bride wore a beautiful white lace covered satin dress of floor length, and carried a shower bouquet of white carnations and sweet peas. Her attendant, Frances Slemer, sister of the groom, wore a floor length dress of sky blue and white trim and carried a bouquet of pink carnations and wore blue slippers. The groom was attended by Philip Arndorfer, brother of the bride The ceremony was arranged very nicely. The bride and her attendant marched up the middle aisle to the music of the Lohengrin wedding march, the bridesmaid taking the lead followed by the bride, her long •veil bteutlfully trailing. The gronm and tap attendant, marched from the sacristy's side door, meeting the bride and her attendant at the al tar rail and from there they march single ring ceremony was then performed. After the ceremony the bridal !>arty retired to the home of the bride's parents where a wedding dinner was served to about 60 relatives, friends and neighbors. The young couple will make their home on a farm west ot St. Benedict, March 1. However, they intend to take a short wedding trip next week Miss Arndorfer has been organist at the church for eight years and well known and liked and has mHny friends who wish her the best of good wishes for a happy married life. There will be a miscellaneous shower given in her honor Sunday, Jan. 9, at the St. Benedict hall. The bridal couple entertained the choir members the evening of the wedding and served ice cream and angel food cake at 7:30 o'clock from thence they all joined them at a wedding dance at the Kleinpeter hall In Wesley. Fenton Teams Lose Fenton; The Fenton high school basketball teams lost two double header games last week. Tuesday evening Fenton played Lakota on the local floor and lost On Friday the Fenton teams Lone Rock at that place and also lost both games, the scores being 19 to 8 and 37 to 10. BECOMES A MOTHER AT AGE OF TWELVE-LINTpN, Ind: A romance between two young children, resulting In the birth of a child to the girl, only 12 years of age, has shocked this community and split the citizens Into two opposing camps. Some helieve the solution to this problem would be an out-of-state marriage for Betty June Lacer, unwed mother at age of 12 and Tommy Chapman, age 13, who admitted fatherhood to the young girl a baby. Others think the youthful couple should be separated from each other. At the present, Tommy Chapman is being kept in Detroit and has not been allowed to see his child sweetheart nor baby boy. Photo Shows Betty June Lacer, age 12, with her baby boy who has been christened, Thomas Howard Chapman Lacer. \ • DOUBLE SPORTS BILL Algona Hi School Friday January 14th 1938 Basketball Algona Hi vs Iowa Falls 7:30 P.M. Wrestling Algona High vs. Paton After Basketball Adults 25c Students 20c TWENTY YEARS AGO Friday was to be the big Red Cross day In Algona. The drive for membership had been on and the city promised to go 100 per cent. The big auction was to take place in the afternoon. Everybody was donating something to be sold and the entire receipts of the sale were going to the Red Cross. A large list of articles Including live stock, merchandise and almost everything Imaginable was to be offered. The young buffalo meat was one of the most attractive features. The buffalo was to be cut up and sold from the auction block. Glen Naudain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Naudain, had resigned his position as professor of physics in Oskaloosa high school, and had joined the navy aviation service. Glen spent a day here visiting his parents and friends and had left for Des Moines, from where he was to go to Chicago. Every city and every town was beginning totfeel the effect of the war and to notice the absence of many of their best young men. Joel Herbrt had been helping In the Algona State Bank on the book work since Warren Ayers had en listed In the army. Joel was one o Names Make News , . .• .".m^-. A , • , . >•.,_.. ' I \^ ^w^'feTiE^.i'fciHi*, v> ;.»i,:,. *--4y^^>. s «.:;<nfeM^-^-.S^i»^-i wifefeijta, .?lMi#MW6iiW#iyl And the names of 17 new subscribers, plus 79 renewals since Christmas, make GOOD news. We'd like to have YOUR name in«rar next list, if your subscription has expired NOTICE—Susbcription statements are n6w being mailed out, if your subscription has expired. We ARE NOT, at least for the present, increasing our subscription price. Your prompt remittance will be ap- • • preciated. New Subscriber* Mrs. Louise Nlsaen, Eldora, la. Rev. Qeo. H. Wessel, Burt. Mel B. Orlflln, Algona. John Meine, Whlttemore. R. M Schwyhart, U. a S. Wyoming. New York. A. W. Faulkner, Chicago. Gerhardt Krause, LuVerne. Mrs. Mary Ludwig, West Bend. H. R. Rasraussen, Algona. Mrs. J. M. Storm, Algona. O. L. So! berg, Algona. W. F. Deibler, Algona. Wallace Donovan, Wesley. C. A. Fouhy, Algona. Presentation Slaters, Algona. Hugh Herman, Algona. Renewal* Wm. Fitzgerald, Algona, Rt 2. A. E. Hopkins, Algona, Rt 3. Wm. Hanover, Whittemore. C. E. Vigdal, Whittemore. Chas. Wheeler, Algona. August Gade. We»t Bend. Peter Erpelding, Algona, Rt 2. Ous Sjogren, Algona. E. P. Keith, Algona. John Allman, Llvermore. a S. Dleterlch, Algona. Bob Gross, Bancroft Henry J. Weber, Corwith. Joe J. Cink, Algona, Rt L Burt High School, Burt L. R. Dutton, Algona, Rt 1. Mrs. Elmer Peterson, Titonka. Wm. Dallman, Wesley. Rt. 1. George Griese, Lakota. T. C. Sherman, Algona. Alvin Weber, LuVerne, Nathan Studer, Wesley. D C. Vogel, Bancroft A. R. Cruikshank. Algona, Rt. 2. J. J. Wadleigh, Algona. H. 8. DaUey, Whittemore. Clarence Schutjer, Wesley. August Vaudt, Whittemore. Geo. H. Johnson, Irvington. Philip Wander, Fenton. V. I* Nelson, Swea City. Peter Elbert, Whittemore. L. A. Cruikshank, Burt Mrs. B. L. Palmer. Algona. August Schmidt, Algona. Mrs. Peter Murtha, Algona. Leo J. Aman, Algona, Rt I. Nick Fuhrman, Portland, Oregon. Elsie Haskell, Chattanooga, Tenn. Charles Gllbride. Algona, Rt 2. Mrs. Casper Smith, Algona, Rt 1. Christian Godfredson, Algona. C. C. Baas, West BenU John Ketelson, Algona, Rt 1. H. Bailey. Algona, Rt 2. Mrs. G. D. Stokes, Algona. Leonard Thilges, Bode. Leo Bellock, Algona. Arthur Luedtke, Lone Rock. Peter N. Thilges, Bode. T. H. Wadsworth, Algona. Chas. Berte, Bode. Freillnger Bros., Uvermore. R. W. Heise, EmmeUburg. Math Erdman, Wesley. J. P. Thilges, Algona. John VMS, Sr, LuVerne. Addle Arpke, Appleton, Wls. John Carlson, Wenley. Mrs. a E. Butterwortb. Algona. Mr*. D. J. Mitchell, Algona. Jos. Koppen, Llvermore. H. J. Aman, Algona. Cleve Lantry, Spokane. Ed Wirtjes, Titonka. Leo J. Hanig, Swea City. Rudy Hardt, Swea City. Mrs. Vernon Kollaach, Whittemore. Fred Ryther, Algona. Otto Harig, Alden, Minn. , Adolph MUsall, Titonka. Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Armstrong E. M. Hanson, Elm ore. John By son, Algona, Eleanor Cruikshank, Rockwell City. R. W. Carlisle, Whittemore. Dr. L. W. Fox, Algona. Vivian Stephenson, Chicago. Mrs. Lena Loss, Algona. Martin Rahm, St. Benedict. he fine young men of Algona, and lough he was still in high school, ad been a capable business man. Will Becker had moved over from iVesley, and was to occupy the lesaler house which had been pur- hased by Mr. Johnson. * * * At a meeting In the Commercial lub rooms, steps had been taken o organize for charity that was o be done in Algona that winter. A list of families who had received ielp In previous years had been landed in and some names taken off while others had been added. The families had been investigated, and the Investigation had revealed startling conditions. Families with six or nine children had been found ivlng In the most destitute circumstances. Baskets of clothing and _'ood were to be made up and delivered on Christmas morning. Mrs. Mary Elsenbarth, 76, had Massed away at the home of her laughter, Mrs. John Huschka, near St. Bendelct. Mrs. Eisenbarth had suffered a stroke of paralysis fol-, lowing several months of ill health, and had been making her home with tier daughter. W. H. Harrison had died, December 17, 1917, at his home on West Nebraska street, after having been afflicted for about eight years with diabetes. Resident* of Bancroft were rou»- ed In the early morning by the fire alarm to find Jorgenson's Cafe and the building next which had been used for storage purposes by the Bancroft Auto Company in flames. were totally destroyed. Origin of the fire was unknown. TEN YEARS AGO The annual meeting of the Ko»- suth county farm bureau was held at the K. of C. hail. The weather had been cold and the meeting had not been called to order before 1:30 p. m. following a dinner served by the ladles ot the Catholic church. Musical selections were furnished by the Burt high school orchestra, -nd followed by community singing. The speaker of the day, Charles Hearst, president of the Iowa farm bureau federation, had warned his listeners of the continued need of their staying in the organization. Tne cast, hs said, had just become aware of the fact that the food producing sections of the United States ware being hard hit financially. This had caused the falling off of sales by some of the eastern manufacturers and In some cases they had been consolidating. * • • Algona-'* spirit following the closing of the banks had been the subject of considerable comment In the northern part of Iowa. Merchants and business men had been of course stunned for the time being but had come back with a stronger punch than ever. Christmas tree* had been placed on the four business blocks, and he large tree on the court house iquare had been decorated by the Campnre girls' group. The new engine that wa* being nstalled In the city electric plant was to complete one of the be equipped and operated plants in the state. Jos. Kelly was able to give particulars that were a surprise to nany. Many Visitor* At St. Benedict Wedding Rites St Benedict: Relatives from a distance who attended the Sieraer- Arndorfer wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. August Siemer and family, Wesley; Rev. J. H. Hagemann, Petersburg, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. John Kohenke, Granville; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hagemann, Marcus; Mr. and Mrs. Julian Arndorfer, Ackley; Mrs. Joe Hanig, Ackley. Table waitresses were: Misa Lorraine Arndorfer, Algona; Miss Deana Arndorfer, Algona; Miss Lenora Arndorfer, St. Benedict; Miss Johanna Recker, St. Benedict. MB. ADVERTISER: When yo u put a classified or display ad in The Algona Upper Dea Moines, you're sending a direct message to the 96 folks above, and about 3,860 more like them, plus others in their families Mrs. Anna Huschka is at present not enjoying the best of health. Mr. and Mrs. John Grandgenett motred to St James, Minn., last Wednesday to visit at the home of her sister, Wednesday and Thursday. Chas. Stufflick, Jr., left for Oakland, California, last week to complete a course in diesel engineering which he has been taking at home the past summer. Sexton Meeting Sexton: A Farm Bureau home project meeting was held Friday for the township leader* ct the home of Mrs. B. B. Sander*. An all day meeting wa* held with ten women attending. Annual January Clearance Sale USED CARS•TRUCKS During the year of 1937, we sold 477 used cars. During January of laat year we sold 48 used cars. Why? Because our cars are priced right and sold a* represented, after being properly reconditioned in our own shop. Due to the splendid public acceptance of 1938 Ford cars and trucks, we have the finest selction of Used Cars and Trucks to offer that we have had in many months. ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS, ALL READY TOGO. Stop in and look them over. Perhaps your old car will make the down payment and possibly save buying two licenses. EASY TERMS TO SUIT, IF DESIRED. Again, during January, we will liquidate our Used Car Stock, because we are stocking up with new cars and need the room. Despite higher prices on all new cars, our used cars are going to be sold on an average of $75 less than a year ago—again we ask you to-— Make Us An Offer 1 - 1937 Blue Ford Fordor Sedan With heater, mud and snow tires on tbe rear. This qar is clean in every respect rind looks like :iew. 1 - 1937 Ford Tudor Sedan i Low mileage, has always been in town. A honey o •->" I - 1937 Ford Tudor Coach Blue color, heater and defroster, must be seen to be appreciated. 1 - 1937 Chevrolet Master Tudor Has been owned by a professional man. Never driven hard, also low milegac and ready for the load. 1 - 1936 Chevrolet Coach With built-in trunk, heater (hot water) and mud and snow tires on the rear. Try it out. One 1933 Chevrolet Coupe Lots of Service Left in this car. One 1930 Chevrolet Sedan 4-door, good cheap car. One 1929 Chevrolet Coach New paint, looks great, runs fine. One 1932 Ford Coupe, Model "B' has not been abused 1 - 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan Gray, with radio, hot wa'.c. 1 heater and overdrive.! This car is as clean as a button. 1 - 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan Gray, hot air heater, motor reconditioned, as clean inside and out as a new car. 1 - 1935 Ford Tudor - Black Completely reconditioned, good rubber, finish in excellent shape, runs beautifully. 1 - 1934 Ford Fordor Sedan With Radio and Hot Water Heater, a nice For- dor for someone. 1 - 1934 Chevrolet Coach lias been thoroughly recondiitoned, and a real buy—lots of car for little money. 1 - 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan Reconditioned motor, new tires all around, a« clean as a whip. This is a wonderful buy. One 1929 Model "A" Coupe has been around but will stand lots more. One 1930 Ford Fordor Town Sedan, a dandy running model "A" One 1929 Ford Model "A" Town Sedan, pood for many miles AND SEVERAL OTHER GABS PRICED TO SELL CHEAPLY USED • TRUCKS One 1936 Ford L. W. B., Heavy duty, dual equip- One 1934 Dodge Truck—Motor overhauled. Has ment. This truck thoroughly reconditioned dual tire equipment and long wheel base, from stem to stem. One 1933 Ford L. W. B. Truck-Cheap, new LABT BUT NOT LEAST-1937 FORD L. W. B. paint, mud and snow tires on rear, motor recon- 7:20>s m "' onl . 32 -°. 10 ply duals in rear—low ditioned. mileage, can save someone plenty of money. One 1935 Ford Pickup—dandy farm unit. Kent Motor Sales FORD Service OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAY MOR NINGS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE

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