Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 16, 1916 · Page 31
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 31

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 16, 1916
Page 31
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APRIL 16, 1916. 31 mm still. Lions and Tigers Are Best Riders o o o OF Mi III G. Barnes' Wild Animals Clever SCHOOLS GF CITY jj-" J"'. PtrltWp VI Wf"" Forty Per Cent of. World's Supply Is Consumed Here. Portage Houses Used in Great tr i - Many Districts to Relieve Condition. EUNDAY , MORNING LACK COFFEE CHAMPS i: fr&w fir? "Y i dftiA 7r l WASHINOTON, April 15. The American tiaoDla. lnnv lrnn - - i.. - - - -' m w . mo ' woA'i coff drlnkeri, actually con-' ui& 40 pr cent of the quantity sold i In the lnternatlanal markeU, aocord- tar to flgurea announced by the bu- J teau of foreign and domeetic com-' znerce. , More than one billion of ooffe came to thle country laat rar. ' Germany normally le eeoond In coffee drinking but the war cut off her Import last year and made France second,- with recelpu less thanon-1 fourth aa large ai America'e pur-chaaes. The entire United Kingdom consumes only one-thlrty-nfth the amount of coffee drunk In the United States. A The United Statee rank third In (tea drinking, with the United Kingdom tiff and Russia second.' One-fourth of all the cocoa produced in ,the world finds lt way to the United 'States. Coffee Imports show that the approximate per capita consumption In the United States Is ten pounds, tea even pounds and cocoa one and two-thirds pounda Three-fourths of the coffee con-ramvd la the United States comes fr'flm TTMftflri 1 inil Hae1 All aV. SXr!& applying neany one-nan tne amount onaumed. The Dominican republlo leads all countries as-a seller of cocoa Jo the United States. 190 Persons Doomed for Madagascar Plot ZjONDOX. Anrtl 1 K Bn..i ai- patchee from Johannesburg say. that 10 persons hare been ennVw.rf 180 persons hare been convicted and sentenced for participation' In the so-called poison plot In Madagascar rlast year. Forty of them have bn I ordered Imprisoned for various terms, I I ranging irom two years to lire, while the remainder were banished for I tlHA1l f rmw 4wn ... I rri Ti v .... . jiia x-ans journals corresponaent I at Tananarlvo, Madagascar, in a dla-I patch February 18, said German agents had financed and otherwise encouraged a native plot to overthrow the government of Madagascar. It had been planned to poison FTench officers and soldiers and either win the native troops to their cae or obtain from them their military weapons. The white officials and colonists were then to have been massacred. JESS WILLARD SAYS TAKE NUXATED IROM ftf you want plenty of stay there' Strength and , , . Endurance and Health and ' Muscles Like mine" hitherto untold Secret of his Great Victories over Jack Johnson and Frank Moran . Ordinary Nuxated Iron will often increase the strength rH, and endurance of delicate, nervous folks 200 per cent, in two week's time. .0k WW J 1 : I eonilder that plenty oi Iron la my blood is the secret of icy greet strength, power and endurance. - SlX'CiAT, VOTE fir. B. Suner, t wII now iiti.vIHnn Who ha Kurtl'd wldoly In both this country and Europf, bn Wen ii'inii)r em-Jilo.vd to moke a thunmfh Invntlsttloa lnt Stln rfal aevret of the grnt itirujith. power F ud tDduranct of Jrw Wlllard, and tha mar-I loui valua of siuated Iron' aa a atraogtk bulldr. NEW TORK. Upon belnr Interviewed at his apartment la the Colonial Hotel, Mr. WlUard tald: "Yes, I have a chemlet with me to study the value of different foods and products as to their power to produce great strength and endurance, both of which sre so neces sary In the prize ring. Oir his recommendation I have often tnhen nuxated u ntid I have wtrticulurly Bdvocatea fra. HflA it Irnn hv &11 those who lah to obtain ureat physletil Bed mental pVwer. without It I am sure 'jiai should never have been ible to whip Jack Johnnon so completely and "wstly ia, eai wblls'training ror my ou Le7V' Jn' - " ' --rr i -i " r - a ...t..zn ONE OF THE WILD WEST RIDERS - ' Nubians and While the principal equestrians with the Al O. Barnes big four ring wild animal circus which will open a two days' engagement in Oakland tomorrow are , lions, tigers, bears, leopards and ether wild animals, the ?uma? rWer has not been forgotten. In order to show by contrast Juet how g T p- m Tffi- i ... M n Departxtievtot Good-FettowJg Following Is a letter which was handed Into the Blue Bird Bureau t a ted Iron, and I sm certain that It was a most Important factor in my winning so easily." Continuing Dr. Sauer - said, ' Mr. Wlllard's case Is only one of hundreds which I could cite from my own personal experience which prove conclusively the astonishing power of nuxated Iron to restore strength and vitality even In most complicated chronic conditions." Not lone; ago a man came to me who was nearly half a century old, and asked me to give him a preliminary examination to find him with the blood pressure of a boy of to and as full of Vigos, vim, and vitality aa a young man; In fact a young man he really was, notwithstanding his age. The secret be ssld was taking Iron nuxated iron had filled him with renewed life. At 10 be was in bad health; at 46 careworn and nearly all In. Now at 10 a mlraele of vitality and bis face beaming with the buoyancy of youth. As I have said a hundred times ever, Iron is the greatest of all strength builders. If people w1uld enly throw away patent medicines and nauseous oonooctlons and take simple nuxated Iron, 1 am convinced that the lives of thousands ef persons rnlfht be saved, who now die every year from pneumonia, grippe, consumption, kidney, liver and heart trouble, etc The real and true cause which started their disease was nothing more nor less than a weakened condition brought on by lack of iron Ui the blood. Iron is absolutely necessary to enable your blood to change food Into living tissue. Without It, no matter how much or what you eat, your food merely passes through you without doing you any good. Tou don't get the strength" out of It and as a consequence you become weak, pale and sickly looking just like a plant trying to grow in a soil deficient In Iron. If you are not strong or well you owe It to yourself to make the following test: See how long you can woiic or how far you can walk without becoming tired. Next take two five grain tablets of ordinary nuxated Iron three times per day after meals for two weeks. Then test your strength again and ses for yourself how much you have gained. I nave seen dozens of nervous run-down people who were all-in 'all th whiu donhia their etrensth and enduranoe and entirely get rid of I all symptoms-of dyspepsia, liver and other trouble' In from ten to fourteen) days' time simply by taking Iron In the proper form. And- this after they had i In some cases 1)een doctoring lor months without obtaining any benefit Put don't take the old forms of reduced Iron, Iron acetate or tincture of iron simply to save a few cents. Tou must take Iron In a form that can be easily absorbed and assimilated like nuxated Iron if you want It to do you any rood, otherwise It may prove worse than useless. Many i an athlete or prise fighter has won the day simply because he knew the secret of great strength and endurance and filled his blood with Iran before he went Into the affray, while many another has gone to Inglorious defeat simply for the lack of Iron. B.. Sauer, M. I). NOTE Nuxated iron, recommended abova Dr. Sauer, la not a patent mullein, but aeerrt rrnwil, bat one which Is wall knows to drug-Slat and wooes Iron conatlManta are wliii; Jraacrlbed by amlmot (bjaltfluia erarywlnr. nllke the older luerfaaie Iroo product. It Is sandy anlmllated, doaa not Injure Uw teeth, make ttiam alack, ear upaat the atesuohi on tha contrary. It I a moat potent remedy, in atari? all forma of todle-astloo, at wail as for oerteue. ros-dowa eondltiona. . The maao-fictnrara have ears great confidante In Nuxated I ma that tbry offer to forfeit 1100,00 tn any charltabl Institution If the ran not taka any nan 'r wnman nnd-r 60 who- lacks Iron ana Iticrea.e their atreoirtli 200 per cent, or orer In four wefkV. lime, prorln-d they ha?- eo serious org-unlc trouble. Itey alto offar to refund ymit mnoey If it doea not at leata double your .itrencth and endurance In "tea days time.- fr h dl.peeeod tn the elty y The Owl Drw Oshear ae WITH AL. G. BARXES CIRCUS Are No Match Jor Royal Bengals much mors graceful and dextrous animals are as riders than are men and women, Barnes carries a large oerpe of the most expert horsemen and women la the world. FVch one of these human riders Is a champion, but the Nubian lions and Royal Bengal tigers make them look like nov-Iocs. day. On the upper right-hand corner of the envelope, which Is the proper place for a postage stamp, was the notation "No stamp." As a stamp only costs the small sum of 2 cents well, the following letter tells the tale: Dear Editor: 1 have a wife. She's a good wife. " ' And a child. But no Job. And no money. And no prospects Of either. And today My landlady Came, and went Empty away. She's a good Landlady. And I'm sorry. And I wonder If you've a space In your paper To ask someone If they have A job that No one else Wants. Like a Hangman or Something. So that My landlady, And my- wife, And my kid child. Can be happy. I thank you. Not so very many years ago a young girl, like all other young girls, fell in love. It was a mutual love affair. for "he" loved her too, and as a natural consequence they were mar ried. For a while they lived happily together, and then little troubles be gan to arise, as they so often do. Of course, they were never serious, and with a little forgiveness on both sides, the troubles were forgotten. One day a stork was seen hovering over this home with a little whits, soft, fluffy bundle' in his, beak, and what did he do but deposit his bundls at the door of this couple. The little stranger was very graciously received, and since that time this same old stork has paid this same couple two mors calls. Skipping over a few short years and arriving at the present time, we now see In this home a mother and three young children, but the father Is not there. Time has been very hard on the family, for, nearly, a year ago, the father disappeared and since that time they have heard nothing of him. Now the mother does not know whether he is dead or alive. She is making a desperate effort to keep her little family together, and unless she gets assistance ef some kind from some Oood Fellow, or Fellows, she will not be successful. Her rent Is due, and in spite of the fact that they moved to a. little bit of a house where the rent would be cheaper, she now owes $6, and Is at a loss to knew where tt Is coming from. - In the last few years she has lost the entire sight of one eye and the other is slowly failing her. Her glasses are broken, but she has patched them up with the aid of a piece of string. They are more of a nuisance to her than a help, but she will have to make them do unless some Oopd Fellow comes to her assistance and has them mended for her. , How do you think you would feel and what do you think you would do under the . prevailing conditions? Think It over and let us have your suggestions. i Would SendBachV Five WeehY Bride OROVILLK, April 15. Five weeks ago Geusl Ondo, a local Japanese, married a picture bride, who came to him all the way from Japan. The marriage ceremony was ' performed by Rev. Partridge of the Methodist church, Last night a little Japanese boy, aa emissary from 1 Ondo, delivered tits following note to the clergyman: "Ondo no like wife. Wife no like Ondo. Want you to unraarry them." . Rev. Partridge sent' a message by the . little boy, admonishing Onrta to try wedded life for a few weeks longer before giving-up, as five weeks Is nonearly Jong enough to det-rm'ne the question oX whsUisr msj.-lase ia i a faiiuifj "Of the ten elementary schools In the 'annexed territory of East Oakland there are 82 claxses ooeupying portable buildings, because there Is no room for them In the main school buildings, and 10 more portables will be required for the entire city Immediately to accommodate the estimated Increase In enrollment for the next term of school," is the condition of affairs reported by A. C. Barker, city superintendent of schools. "Some remedy must bo found and shortly put Into operation to relieve congestion of the schools if -Oakland Is not to be forced into the position of turning away pupils or of neglecting them If accepted. Other schools of the city are as badly congested as are those of the 'annexed district' The situation la rapidly becoming more serious.". , At Bflmhurst school, where there Is an average dally attendance of tit pupils, 12 of the 25 classes are forced to occupy spaoe In 8 portable houses, and praotlcally all of the classes contain greater numbers of pupils than authorities recognize as satisfactory for best results In Instruction. SIX IX PORTABLE HOUSES. Of the It classes at Hawthorne school, 6 occupy 6 portable houses, and more will be required next term. The dally attendance here Is S82, of which 175 are housed in the portables. I Six of the 14 classes at Highland school are'housed In portables, nearly half of the total attendance of Ml pupils being so accommodated, and tt is estimated that two or more additional portables will be needed for the beginning of th fall term. Dewey school, with an attendance ef 820, is the only one of the sohpols of this part of tha city which Is not using portable buildings, but two of the classes of this school are occupying rooms outside 6f the main school building. Stonehurst school consists entirely of a portable house. But two or the 18 classes of Jeffer son school are housed In portable structures, although two mors will be required for the fall term, when the: attendance of 590 will be Increased; to 640 pupils, , At Lazear school one-half of the 12 1 classes and nearly one-half of the: 430 pupils are occupying portable houses and mors have been asked tor for next term. - - CLASSES LARGE. . , Manzanlta school with 9 classes and 828 pupils, and Melrose school with 12 classes and 884 nuolls, re el u Ire but one- portable houss each at the present time, but more will be needed to accommodate the ten per cent Increase In attendance for next Tsar. Melrose Heights school has 12 olaasea, and an attendance 'of 145, of wnicn o classes with 162 pupils occupy temporary quarters In portable buildings. Throughout the city. 59 portable and 80 temporary structures are used; to house the pupils crowded out ofi mo main scnooi Dunaings, ana me school authorities are facing the problem of housing mors than 2000 nsw pupils next- f alL HONEYMOON IN NORTH. Tha marriage of Mrs. iule K. Peterson and Franklin W. Peaxoe took place Thursday evening at the home of the nride s sister. Airs. Al. H. uuber, In i Twenty-sixth street Preceding the ceremony, the bride's niece. Miss Aadeene Guber, played Paderewski's "Minuet," : following which she sang "I Love Tou Truly." Reverend Clifton Macon of the Trinity Kplscopal church read the ser- 1 vice. Later a wedding dinner was served at a downtown cafe for the wedding . party. ! Mr. and Mra Pearce left for an ex- i tended trip through the northern part ' of the state after which they will be at 1 home at 1291 Lewis street Santa Clara. California. . . Urges Everyone to Drink Glass of Hot Water Before Breakfast Just as coal, when It burns, leaves behind a certain amount of Incombustible material In the form of ashes, so the food and drink taken day after day leaves In the alimentary canal a certain amount of indigestible material, which if not completely eliminated from the system each day, becomes food for the millions, of bao-terla which Infest the bowels. From this mass of- left-over waste, toxins and ptomaln-llke poisons are formed and sucked Into the blood. I Men and women who can't get feel-. lng right must begin to take inside hatha Before eating breakfast each, morning drink a glass of real hot water with a tsaspoonful of lime-' stone phosphate In It to wash out of the thirty feet of bowels the previous day's accumulation of poisons and toxins and to ksep ths entire allmen-, tary canal clean, pure and fresh, i Those who are subject to sick head- I ache, colds, biliousness, constipation, otherr"who wake up with' bad taste,' foul breath, backache, rheumatlo stiffness, or have a sour, gassy stomaoh after meals, are urged to get a quarter pound of limestone phosphate from the drug store, and begin practicing: internal sanitation. This will cost very little, but Is sufficient to make anyone an enthusiast on the subject Remember inside bathing Is mors Important than outside bathing, because the skin pores do not absorb impurities into the blood, causing poor health, while ths bowel pores do. Just as soap and hot water cleanses, sweetens and 'freshens ths skin, so hot water and limestone phosphate act on the stomaoh, liver, kidneys and bowela Advertisement a V, USUZao Saeraeante, ' PUk kerf, Dlioe, MaryevUle, Oetna, Ore-TUla. Cale. Okaerratiee Cat. Oenoord, Pl.ble aad Way StatlSne. ISK C0MIT Ssraaiaaie.Tpbsaa, Plrtskers. Cfcire, Welaai. I Oantse Pariar OWrraMas Oar. ) 0:iea I PbMbvat, Caoeerd, Sua. aa4 Way, U'.ftOA I aaraaMate, Plttabws, Cklce aiM Way. liSOF I sacraaieaie, rnnnri, l-oioa asd war. tSOP .ctameota. nixan. Ptabg;., BW Palat :0P I Cancoril, Plahle eed Way Staubaa. k:r I X&I MITEOa Plttaborf. Sarfaaente, Marjarme. nratuie, USIco.) Celaee. Obeerratlon Car." I , WS I PHtenore. Dinme, way. e. S4adaf. t S'lP I Sacras.Ht. Plttabarg ana War! OAXLUrD. AKTIOOK SASTIHM SilaWil t)9 sets aaS Steraar Mr nm Mas. em-Call UsssUe SMf, Peees Bs, s CSaal 1 FACTOR! I seal H rl i ittt-- VfiMLl ,! la.e, belly Bxctpt aa MoieS. i ! i. Vie ate Doing It Before Essfet and Giving You the Benefit How Monster Sale of Easier Ribbons 10c Yard I -inch, all-silk. Checked Rlb- bons, all desirable colors. . 8 -Inch, all-silk, Fancy Taffeta Ribbons, all desirable colors. 8 -inch, all-silk, Fancy Moire Ribbon, all desirable colors. Sash, hair bows and millinery ribbons at prloes that cannot be) duplicated in any other store In Oakland. , WASHABLE CHAMOIS GIOVES $1.00 Qf quality at KID GLOVKS all sizes and colors, $1.25 1 00 value at Pl-Vl' VAL. LACES Edges and Insertions In matched sets, piece of 12 yards, Qf jir -' inch 'embroidery FLOUNCING new patterns and designs, CCf. yard FANCY BUTTONS 75c and $1.00 values, Oe?f card of at . ; ;wv FANCY COAT and DRESS BUTTONS, new Spring styles, sises to match, card 1 CV of at loo and .... .. . FANCY PEARL BUTTONS new shapes, card C of 8 at 10c and- SKIRT BELTING white and black, an Kr widths, yard v TAPE 24-yard pieces piece So. PINS 400 oount, 2 .papers 6 c. HAIR PIN CABINETS 1 for Bo. ' SAFETY PINS 2 cards for Be, , ' CUBE PINS 2 cubes 15o Men's Silk Socks An immense 16t of purs thread silk and fiber silk Socks reinforced . with lisle cadet heel and toe, .in black, tan. gray, lavender? navy, worth ito and 50a, pair green, 19c - Muslin Combination Suits Corset Covers and Drawers, splendidly trimmed with embroidery and Insertion run with ribbon: all new, fresh white undermusllns, at a greatly reduced . 50C 35c ay a kbV g aa saswaaw er- To Absorb Freckles and Other Blemishes Every spring numerous Inquiries are made by girls seeking some reliable recipe fer removing frecklea Laat year very favorable reports were received from many whs bed used mercollaed wax during the freckling season. The wax seems te possess unusual properties which completely absorb the freckles, with no harmful effect. The oomstexlon improves wonderfully, becoming as soft as a rose petal, and as delicately tinted. Get an eunoe of meroolised wax at any druggists' spread a thin layer over the entire face every night fer a while, washing this off tn the morning. For rough, spotty skin, sallew-neaa, blackheads, pimples, and all cutaneous blemishes, this treatment Is superior to any other, Springtime also brings wrlnklee to many sensitive skins that are mueh esposed to winds and changing temperatures. To a half pint witch hasei add an ounce ef powdered saxollta, which quickly dissolves. Bathe the faoe In this; the effect oa a wrinkled skin Is remarkable Ad-vertlsement. MaKe Your Own Clothes Our assistance In this regard will be valuable to you. We teaoh designing, V cutting, remodeling, fitting. Puptlfc bring their own or friends' materials None too old or too young te learn. Take our course and be smartly gowned at reasonable cost Schoolrooms centrally located; pleasant, well equipped. modern and sanitary. Classes dally (except Sunday), 6 to 4. Night classes, Tuesdays and Fridays, 7 to 9. Further Information will bs cheerfully given if you will call. run ECONOMY SCHOOL for DRESSMAKING AND LADIES' , TAILORING. Rnnrn 501-KO9 Pantflo Bldg. 18TH AND JEFFERSON 8TS. OAKLAND. CAL. Those cozy little 11 o'clock suppers snhanced with Expo Beer. Phone your dealer or Oakland 69I.-Ad- Ml Matlni at tlas VSXBC33B Ofltota 15c Yatd 4-tnch Messallne Ribbons, an- silk, desirable colors 4-lnch Moire Ribbons, aH-silk, desirable colors. 4-lnch Scroll Edge Taffeta, all-silk, desirable colors. 4-lnch Checked -Ribbon, aU-sHJc, desirable colors. 4 -Inch Floral Ribbons, all-silk, desirable colors. 4 H -inch Wire Bdgs Ribbons, all-stlk, desirable oolora 4 -Inch Molre Ribbon, all-silk, 'desirable colors. Suits Great sale of new Spring Suits for wsmen and misses. Suits that sell regularly at $18.0 and $17.60. Big assortment of chocks, plain and trimmed, plenty of navy, Copenhagen and blue and black, also Copenhagen leunagou aura $8.95 white Corduroy Sport Suits. Sizes run from 16 years to 44 bust Pre-Easter Clearanoe Sale Pries Waists Great sals of nsw Spring Waists, TaMes to 6.00. Pongee silk, orepe de ahlns, Roman stripe silk, plain wash sjlks, wide range of ool ors. Included In this lot it a big sample line of $8.10 and $5.00 Waists. Sixes 86 to 44. Pre-Easter Clearanoe Sals Price.. . $1.89 Hat Shapes New Rat Shapes just received In time for this sale. Wonderful assortment sf sailors, high crown hats, trloornss, turbans, dross shapes, plenty of black and an assortment of wuwus v 79c new Spring eolora Hats wortn double ths Pre-Easter Clearanoe Price Flowers and 50c Now 75c Now SI tnd $i. N$vr 19c 25c 39c WASHINGTON ST. AT ELEVENTH GREAT TO ML CLOTHES OH COEDIT Until comparatively rseent years, the number of men who bought thetr Clothing on Credit was few at least, far fewer than today. The principal factor" in bringing about this change was ths establishment In Oakland of CHERRY'S Credit Clothing Store at 12$ llth street, betwesn" Washington and Clay streets. Ever sines ths store's opening about fire years ago mors and mere men have tsken advantage of CHERRY'S Credit System. All you have te do Is to pay a part of the price of your Suit when you buy it, and the rest on small weekly or monthly payments But for the fact that the company's officers knew that the Credit System would bs a big suooess in Oakland, CHERRY'S would never have opened this store. But they had been Immensely successful In several other coast cities, where they now operate eight stores. '1 ,, Any responsible man ean go to CHERRY'S at any time TOMORROW and buy a Bult on Credit. Of course, this store keeps abreast ef the styles and shows 'the newest and latest all the time. CHERRY'S stores are always open for business until 10 Saturday evenings, so you'll have plenty ef Urns to visit any of ths (el- Perhaps yeu know CHERRTtVadl dresses Their ladles' store Is at lis 18th street, and remember they have another beautiful stors exclusively for men -right across the street at 688 18th street. Their two San Francisco stores are located at 1009 Market street and 2400 Mission street. Other stores on the Pacific Coast are at PortTand,Taootna; Saframents and Les ingsVssi- A6veftlsenisas. . ' 25c Yard Mnch Broeade Ribbon, an -silk, desirable) oolors. IH-inoh atla Edge Metre, sll slUc desirable oolors. I H-Iush Heavy Bathv Ribbon, atl-sllk, desirable oolors. l-lneh Wire Bdgs Taffeta, all-silk, desirable oolsra l-tash Floral Ribbons, aU-sflk, desirable oolors. 848H. HAIR 80W8 and MXLU-NERY BOWi TIED FRED. FANCY VOILES 18 Ins. wide, striped and flowered patterns, 0ns shssr - 91 tuahty, yard ZEPHYR GINGHAMS 8 1 Inohes wide, neat plaids, checks and stripes, fins 1 Q quality, yard ... C RTPXiETTSl ' SEERSUCKER small stripes, for 0Ar rompers, yard 472' flowered organdy 66 Inohes wide, smal) floral patterns, OO r jsard PERCALE II Ins. .wide, Ujrht and dark oel- n-ore, yard - ana np BLEACHED TABLE DAMASK heavy quality, 64 ......... 43c ATIX MESSALINE black. 86 Inohes wide, $1.60 ffl. $1-15 CHTTFON , TAFFETA black and colors, J Iff yard wide, yard..... CREPE DID CHESX all-silk. 66 inohes wide, all leading shades, 61.66 7r quality, yard ''. AMERICAN FONGTO 86 inches wide, beautiful lus-. trotjs finish, a eplen- 7r did 81.80 vslne, yd...... ,JSt BURSOX HOSE 14r pair WOMEN'S ITALIAN STLK 6HJCEVSXEU VESTS rein-. forced under arm, QCf (1.(6 quality at ...... 7 30 MEN'S SHIRTS great va- ' nety, 11.06 fiOn quality at vv FOR COMFORT TAKE THE MODERN STEAMERS Portland XosAngeles Beaver Bear : Sails S B. sja, i Sails 11 a, as. April 17 cA April 2Q Hrs6 HiV Firs Class S) Class $18, $14, lis. j $4.33) Second , . Seeond Class " Class II. ,:; i. V.sa Bartt sad Meals tsatoia ' THE SAN FRANCISCO AND PORTLAV STEAMBMIP CO. H. V, R LAID EL, City Ticket Agenl , Uitl UnUwj. Oailaaf Oai ' ta. eaWaaliTa aliAasaI'ljJ "lj'Xr ri aaa aakjasta lis. luues siu LIMITED wltk Arrln fas SCKN1 ia(u(k elMpers tot Sal Ua Dauj ,lty, ffeatar. vmnom, vK.aH wwo, aaaaaa vuy aaa at. . Ml. S:3ni Ttm rinric Bxmrss it iImim far Salt Lake City : T:154 WISTEHN PACIFIC TICKIT CPICES US BreaSway. and SrS and WaeWagfee Stxaatt. t.l.akwM Oaalana 181 aa M. SM Market St aas Dale Farry Itatioa. - r, elaakane Saner 1S31. Sactsse ekaekaS frees saS Sail eara teak Painless Rarker . Conliol TWgtSTrf-sry stOAOWSv'.- iiiaiii Laate Daily im r I JSP mob. uarmn, a teg iunj aaas.

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