The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 25, 1954
Page 2
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ilYTMirVILLl (AM.) COURIER NEW! TUESDAY, MAY If, Science Probes Mysteries of Mars As Red Planet Gets Nearer Earth. Fifty-Seven New Books Added ByBOSE KRULL NBA Spwiftl Correspondent WAHINGTOK — (NEA) — f T*« red planet has an important XtndMVOur with earth this year during which man will try to solve some of its age-old secrets. Is there life on Mars? Are there intelligent beings? What is the meaning of the mysterious "blue envelope" which cloud* the planet's surface? What do the dark greenish markings portend during the Martian summer? Are they vegetation? Are there really "canals" on Mars as claimed by the Italian astronomer Schiaparelli in 1877?. The patting years have not settled this controversy. Thftat are some of the mysteries •cientists hop* to penetrate this yetr—and in 1866—when the planet will approach closer than it has in 16 years. Mars swinge next beyond tht •arth in distance from the sun. When the two planets reach positions ; nearest each other in their orbit*, at intervals of slightly more than two years, their average distance apart is 48,000,000 miles. At time*, Mars is more than 300,000,000 miles from the earth. • Mars' orbit is off center, however, bringing it closer to the earth In regular cycles. In 1954 it will pass & distance of about 40,000.000 mile* and in 1956 a little more than 36,000,000 miles, closer than it has been at any time since 1939. Last summer the International -Mart CJommittee was formed to plan and coordinate astronomical work on the red planet. In the coming year, observations will be mad* on all major continents, from high flying planes and perhaps even from stratosphere-piercing •Unmanned missiles. The chief attack upon the planet's secret* will-be made by a team of astronomers", sponsored by the Lowell Observatory, of Flagstaff, Aril., and the National Geographic Society. The expedition will be led by Dr. K. C. Sliper, of Flagstaff, who has given a lifetime study to Mars. It win spend nine months at the Lamont-Hassey Observatory Bloemfotein, South Africa, where a 37-inch refracting telescope will be trained nightly at the planet. The telescope is ideally placed for the work, being located at a latitude where Mars will pass almost directly overhead each night. The akies there are unsually also clear in late spring and summer. The committee hopes that by organizing round-the-world study of Mars, in which numerous amateur astronomers will participate, science will gain its most searching knowledge of the strange planet. One goal i* more exact measur- ment of the planet's diameter, a- bovit haK that oC the earth, and from, it a better understanding of •Mars' internal makeup. Another is the photographic investigation of the so-called "blue envelope" that clouds the planet's PORTRAIT OF MARS — Painting by Howard Russell Butler, reproduced by courtesy of the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History, shows MBTS as it might look from its inner satellite, Phobos. Some think lines are "canals." Fifty-seven new book* have been* added to the circulation of the Blytheville Public Library including 36 memorial books, according to Mrs. I.- Gray, librarian. The memorial books are: In memory of James Calvin Babb — "Cowboy Sam and the Indians" by Chandler, donated by Miss Winnie V .Turner. In memory of Dr. W. F. Brewer, — "Power of Positive Thinking" by Peale, Mrs. John McDonald, Sr.; "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Carnegie, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Shelton; "Thomas Jefferson" by Judson, Mr. and Mrs. James Oates; "Wonders of Medicine" by Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Riley B. Jones; "365 Home Workshop Projects and Ideas" by Popular Science, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bryant. In memory of S. J. Cohen — "How to Make It, A Book of Crafts" by Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Norris and Maureen Norris. In memory or Mrs. Clyde Drake ~ "Encyclopedia of Religion" by Fern, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stick- mon; "Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II" by Batchelor. Mr. and Mrs, George Wiggs; "The Period Piece" by Raverat, Mrs. Mary Catherine Nelson. In memory of Moses George — "Around the World in 1,000. Pictures" by Runyon, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Copeland; "Out in the Open" by Koon, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore and Charles Moore; "Home Book of Trees" by Lewison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitworth; "George Washington, Leader of the People" by Judson. Mrs. Rex Warren and Miss Sunshine Swift. In memory of Lawson Hardy — "The Silver Chalice" by Costain, Mrs. H. L. Hunter. In memory of R. D. Hughes — "Greatest Short Stories. 1947-1853" by Chicago Tribune, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White and Mr. and Mrs. Dick White: "Clothes Make Magic" by Gotten. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chamblin; "Successful Salesmanship" by, Ivey, B. A. Lynch, Farmers Bank; I "What is a Farm" by Lawson, Mr. TO BOYS' STATE—James Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Farrill Harris of Manila has been named a delegate to the annual Legion-sponsored Boys' State encampment at Camp Robinson May 29 to June 6. Barnes. In memory of B. G. West—"Minutes of the Last Meeting" by Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White; "Commodity Exchanges and Future Trading" Baer and Saxon, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Price; "Pictorial History of the Silent" by Blum, Rotary Club; "The Taft Story" by White, Dr. and Mrs. I. R. Johnson; "East of Ed«n" by Steinbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Monaghan; "Cotton—Demand, Supply and Merchandising" \>y Cox, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Crowell, "Washington, City of Destiny" by Hager, W. L. Homer and Miss. County Lumber Co.; "The Bobby Jones Story" by feeler, Mr. and Mrs. Siegbert Jiedel; "The Bobby Mr. and Zsa Isa, Porfirio Plan Month's Stay in Paris LOi ANGELES <VP)-—• Zsa Zsa Gabor and Podfirio Rubirosa plan to leave Sunday night for a months stay in Paris, the actress said yesterday. A trip to Mexico City, she said was canceled because she had to prepare for the European trip, and Rubirosa "wouldn't go co Mexico City without me." POSITION OF MARS in relation to earth at various dates is shown on diagram prepared by Hayden Planetarium scientists. surface at all except brief intervals. Is there life on Mars? It has an atmosphere, with varying weather and climate. It has polar caps, which change in size with the Martian seasons. It has hugh dark have failed to observe them. The overall network has never been photographed satisfactorily. Galieo first observed the phases of Mars in 1610. The first sketches of surface markings were ir.ade in 1659. Bv 1783. astronomers had dis- areas which extend toward the covered the polar caps on Mars WARNING NOTICE IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, ARKANSAS Peda Laverne Gray, Plantiff vs. No. 12,509 J. W. Gray, Defendant The defendant, J. W. Gray, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Red a Laverne Gray, planet's equator. These change overthe years and also with the seasons, althought their general outlines remain relatively fixed. The markings are dark greenish blue in the Martian summer, turning to a browner shade as fall and winter approach. This has led to conjecture that, they are formed by vegetation. Probably the most controversial th.uic about Mars, however, are the "canah which SchiapareUi saw. Sirica canals would imply some- -r::^ dug by intelligent beings. ;he;>' have excited man ever since. Ovher astronomers have seen Schaparelii's lines, thin and straight and zr&cmz a grid-like pattern over vast areas of Mars. But still other astronomers, competent, also. expanded and shrank in regular variation. In 1877, two moons, tiny rfMars w ^e hscoveml and Mrs. B. A. Lynch; "New Fibers" by Sherman, and "Handbook of Skits and Stunts" by Eixenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Taylor; "Founding'Fathers" by Schachner, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Black; "In the Summer House" by Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McHaney. In memory of Lafayette May — "Sportsmen's Pictorial Encyclopedia of Guns and Hunting" by Stringlellow, Mr. and Mrs. J. G Hew To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Ploc« Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat, laugh or tmlk? Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plate*. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly and more comfortably. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor (denture breath). Get rASTKETH today M any drug counter. STIONS SWERS Joes that tell-tale looKV* on your face say . ^ / change of life? A Brent many women sutTVr "ohansrr of life" after forty. They '.ire «>n,si!y. h;ivo "nerves", «!oep poorly, are haril to jsvc with. Their eyes tinri face £el lh;it "chant'*?" look. Cardui ha* helped Dated this 10th day of May, 1954. \ to lose that "d>ans:«.-" look. C;u-,iui GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By VIRGINIA WALTERS, D. C. Oscar Fendler James W. Steinsiek, Attys. for Pltf. Atty. Ad Litem Dan M. Surge 5/11-18-25 6/1 (1) improve ap pet it c. ('2> thus buiitl itrenjrth »ntl resistance. ( 3 ) COM* tenM»n uml nervousness—»!*ep bettor. Let '.riiile-iioiitin C»rdui help you feel better, look bi.-'lcr :uni b« your normal, cheerful self Ktrain. Got Cardui today. (Say: "ranl-yau-t y> " I. MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF LIFE MEDICAL TABLET***. STOPS"BED DISCOVERY! I DRY-TABS fc the wine Mf*. n«di- i J <•! formula di»eov«7 that is pr«- 1 I •crlbwl *ntf recommended by many | jdocttn. Nwi.lMbtt forming. No i I k>^u«..1 rf..._ I dna*. NOW: tant CWtWl- aWDM. dll- e*mf art font fortTtrl Without Electrical Devices... Rubber Sheets...Diet$...A/arms Almost miraculoisly ends Shamt, Discomfort, taeonvenienct Why put up with ihe needless shame .. discomfort and distress of this unfortunate habit . . . the daily nuisance of changing and washing bed linen and clothes. Why suffer the embarrassment of foul spielling bed • rooms ... the expense of ruined furniture . . . the danger of catching colds and Infectious rashes. Doctors agree BED-WETTING can cause nervousness, stuttering and emotional disturbances in children, verv often seriously affecting their future and character. At last medical science has discovered * safe, new, easy way to stop BED- WETTING without electrical devices ... without rubber-sheets, alarms or special diets a»d without interruptinc needed sleep. Yes. almost miraculously, amazing safe DRY-TABS help Stop functional BED-WETTING . . . relieve tension nnd strain, often the underlying cause in »o*t case*. So don't wait . . . end the BED-WITTING habit thta easy way or DO CUIl. ADULTS* Scientific tests actually MVWLI9. pTOve DRY-TABS to be 75% effective In stopping this unfortunate habit — even after ycon *f torment! Inds the constant worry *f •verniKht hotel stopi . . . nappinf on train* and buM* tut ftar * public KIRBYJ8S STORES Q. ARE THERE MANY YOUNG PEOPLE IN A. A.? A. One of the most heartening trends in the growth of A. A. is the fact that more and more young men and women are hein»- attracted to the program "before" (heir problem drinking- results in complete disaster. N'o\v (hat the '"progressive* nature of alcoholism is better appreciated, these young people recognize that, if one is an alcoholic, the BEST time to arrest the illness is in its early stages. In the first days of the movement it was commonly thought that the only logical candidates for A. A. were those men and women who had lost their jobs, had hit Skid Row. had completely disrupted their family life or had otherwise isolated themselves from normal social relationships. Today many of the young people turning to A. A. are ; n their twenties. A few are still in their teens. The majority are in their thirties and forties. Many of them still have jobs and families. Many have never been jailed or hospitalized. But they have seen the handwriting on the wall. They recognize that they are alcoholics and they see no point in letting alcoholism run its inevitably disasterous course with them. Their need for recovery is just as compelling as that of the older men and women who had no opportunity to turn to A. A. in their youth. Once they are in A. A., the young people and the oldsters are rarely conscious of their age differentials. In A. A. both groups start a new life from the same milestone—their last drink. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blythtvillt, Arkansas Anyone Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meetings 8:00 p. m. Every Friday Niirht Closed Meetings 8:00 p. m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. E. Main Street — Blythtvillt, Ark. Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon. MANILA NEWS By Ruth Horn* Sidewalk* Repaired .. Work was started this week on the repair of the sidewalks on the east side of Main Street. The city i providing materials, but the property owner pays lor the labor. Yearbook Dedicated The 1964 Lion's Echo, Manila High School yearbook is dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth Miles, school secretary since 1041. She is a'mem- ber of the Arkansas Education Association, the National Education Association, and the Methodist Church. Editor of the yearbook is Jeannette Tiptonn, daughter of Mayor and Mrs. Alvin Tipton. Assisting her were Martha Ellis, associate editor, Jimmy Miles and Esther Hodges, business managers; Wanda Brasher, copy editor; Floyett Gammill, photographer; Millie Johnston, art editor. Mrs. Frances Faulkner *erved as faculty advisor. Appointed Eugene Matthews, former Manila nette Tipton, daughter of Mayor tha Matthews Lawhorn, news editor of th* Manila Sentinel, and now a Hot Springs attorney, has been appointed • to the Mental Health Survey Committee which is working in cooperation with a statewide study plan being conducted by Dr. Daniel Blain of Washington and the American Psy- chiatirc Association. Installs New Tank The Planters Oil Company received a 30,000 gallon butane storage tank last week, the second of In memory of James R. White — "Hiffen Silver" by Faulkner, Miss Winnie V. Turner. In memory of Slant Wyatt — "Farm Bureau Through Three Decades" by Kile. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bilbrey: "American Birds in Color" by Harrison, Foy Etchieson Swift River" by O'Brien. family. Other books added were "Caves of Steel" by Asimox, "Caroline Affair" by Gibbs-Smith, "Bullets on Bunch Grass" by Trimble, "Bugle" by Hinkle, "Enchanted Island" by Meyers, "Friday's Child" by McDonald, "Frog" by Meek, "A Gypsy in the Parlour" by Sharp. "Kentucky Derby Winner" by McMeekin, "Long Goodbye" by Chandler, "The Journe" by Smith. "Mary Anne" by Maurier. "Midshipman Lee of Naval Academy" by White, "Modern Electroplating" by Gray, "Mystery of the Black Diamonds" by Whitney. "Our Changing Weather" by Fenton, "Pocket Full of Rye" by Christie, "Pure Breeds" by Dennis, "Return of Silver Chief" by O'Brien, l ffK" i *yi^ 1 *'" ~" 1 **"* V * TO GET DEGREE—Miss Bonnie Lou Sheppard of Dell is to graduate June 4 from Memphis State College with a degree in education. She was a member of Sigma Kappa and was Panhellenic treasurer. She also belonged to the Wesley Foundation and was Home Economics Club president, Miss Home Economics of 1953 and state vice president of college Home Economics Clubs. its capacity to be installed this year. Methodist Men Elect Crockett Wright is president of the Manila Methodist Men's Club. Other officers include Hugh Miles, vice president and Roy Ashabranner, secretary-treasurer. Teacher Honored Manila teachers presented Miss Julia Reed a plaque before her re-, tirement from teaching- at Blackwater School, near Manila. She had been in the Manila system for 11 years, but ill health forced her to return to her home in Cape Girardeau. Mo., after completing 39 years teacing. Legion Elects Johnny Cullins has been elected commander of the Herman Davis American Legion Post of Manila. Bill Shockley is adjutant Perry Ballard is chaplain and Roy Denton is finance officer. Harvey Durham serves as first vice commander and A. E. McCulley was chosen service officer. The post has been active in community affairs having purchased an electric clock-scoreboard for the Manila High School gymnasium, and have been .contributed to the underprivileged childrens' fund last Extended Fishing Trip SPARTANBURG, S. C. (IP)— Itt April last year, H. J. Johnson Jr. rented a motor boat and wenl fishing. The next day the boat was found, overturned, in the Santee-Coopef Lake and an unsuccessful search for Johnson's body followed. Yesterday Johnson came home. Asked about his strange disappearance, he replied, "No comment." More than one-half the population of the state of Delaware live* in the Wilmington area. Murder in the theatre! A gripping story of diplomatic intrigue and theatrical magic! Don't miss "The Royal Boot" by the fascinating author of at least five best-selling novels —Frances Parkinson Keyea. One member of the glittering group in the Royal Box was destined for murder, and before the killer could be trapped, everyone's deepest secrets would be exposed! Read "The Royal Box" — a complete-in-one-issue mya- tery novel in the June Ladies' Home Journal! Out today—on all newsstands! ARTHRITIS? t l have been wonderfully blessed in being restored to active life after being crippled in nearly every joint in my body and' with muscular soreness from head to foot. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and "Royal Box" by Keyes, "Spike of! winter. It is also sending James Harris to Boys' State in Little Rock. deformed and my ankles were set, Limited space prohibits telling you more here but if you will write me I will reply at once and tell you how I received this wonderful relief. Mrs. Lela S. Weir 2805 Arbor Hills Drive P. O. Box 2695 Jackson 7, Mississippi •Tor IV EW Ch TO Pure, fresh, GRADE A MILK with pure chocolate added! Approved by school nutritionists for school lunchrooms! try it! You'll love tt! Buy Hlowf Golden Royal Chocolate Milk is on sale at Your Favorite Foodstore!

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