Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 6, 1916 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1916
Page 3
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Dflfclann Xrfbync APRIL 6, 1916. THURSDAY EVENING it Police Investigation J qf Mysterious Fire A mysterious fiie occurred early this 1 morning In the home of Mrs. Caroline Ross, 1715 East Fifteenth street; The firemen noticed thedorof burning tur-" pentlne when theybrcEff"1nto the place ' to flght the blaze. Mrs. , Ross was awakened by a policeman who discovered the Are, and was able to leave the house without difficulty. Damage estimated at $300 resulted I from the fire. The origin of the blase has not been learned. Inspectors Pardee I and Smith were detailed to Investigate. Ttugwelljury May Not Hand in Verdict - LOS ANGELES, April 6. Up until 8 a. m. today - the jury' In whose handa rests the fate of Percy A. Tug-well, charged with the murder of Mrs. Maud Kennedy here two yeuri Ago, :' had not communicated any ; word as to their deliberations. Indications were that the final r- suit may be a "hung Jury." XEW POLICE SXT3TARY. Sergeant Henry Nedderman. who has been desk sergeant at the Cen- tral police st.atlon -for some time, has been appointed secretary to Chief of P611ce Woods. Clarence Turcotte, w ho filled this position, Is 111 and has been granted a leave of absence for one month. Turcotte may not resume his. position as secretary, but may be assigned to duty as assistant inspector under Captain. Petersen, when he returns. ML ERUPTIONS AND p-'On Forehead, Skin Red and In-' flamed. Irritating. Disfigured Face. In Short Time HfALED BYCUTICURA' SOAP AND OINTMENT "Borne time ago small eruptions appeared on my forehead -bich proved very annoying to appearance and alto to comfort. The appearance of (be breaking out was a very dense rash,' ta skin being both red and inflamed. The break-' lng out would at times Itch and upon scratching it. It would burn.' It was certainly irritating and disfigured my face. "I wrote for a free sample --of Cutlrura Soap and Ointment. Tbe aitipln afforded almost Instant relief so I bought mortAand In a short time I was healed." (SlgrTod) Miss Daisy Austin, R. R. No. 1. Box S3, Walla Walla, Wash.. July 1. 1915. V ( Sample Each Free by Mall With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Address post-card "CwtUura. Dept. T, Moid throughout the world TO I Tell of Great Aid of Geodetic Survey preparedness, and what It did In the civil J fled by other speakers. Prof. ' William war. was told this afternoon by Rear Henry Burger, professor of civil engineer Admiral Richard Walnwrlght, V. S. N., lng at Northwestern University, told what DROPPED retired. In a speech at the convention In celebration of the survey's eentennury. That the work of. the Geodetic Sur- lt has done for geodesy. Dr. Otto Hllgan Tlttmnnn, president Coast and Geodetic Survey Is doing fori vey' has been of general aid was tf sti-1 tlonal worn, nr. Douglas Wilson Jonn-1 The ceienranon win ne enaeu mm rvcu-i nuimu, Supervisors Accept Statements : of Clinic Row in Letters.- m Well Known Local. Druggist Says Everybody Is Using Old-time Recipe for Sage Tea and Sulphur. Hair that loses its color and lustre, or when It fades, turns gray, dull and lifeless, Is caused by a lack of sulphur in the hair. Our grandmother made up a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to keep her locks dark and beautiful, 4 and thousands of women and men who 1 value that even'eolor, that beautiful dark shade of hair which Is so attractive, use only this ojd-tlme recipe. Nowadays we get this famous mixture improved by the addition - of other lngre(dlents by asking at any drug store for a 60-cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com- pound," which darkens the hair so naturally, so evenly, that nobody can possibly tell It has been applied. You Just dampen a sponge or soft brush with It and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning; the gray hair dla-' appears; but what-delights the ladles with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound, Is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a few applications, it also brings back the gloss and lustre and gives It an appearance of abundance. Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound Is a delightful toilet requisite to Impart color and a youthful appearance to the hair. It Is not intended for the cure, mitigation or pre ventlon of disease. Advertisement. The charges filed ' last week against Marian Skinner, nurse at the County Dental Clinic, in, whlc,n she was accused of neglect and carelessness In her work, were withdrawn! at the. meeting of the Board of Supervisors tody. Following the withdrawal of the charges, Miss Skinner resigned, the resignation to take effect the first of May. The letter of ,R. H. Gray, curator of the Oakland College of Medicine, charging Miss Marian Skinner, nurse at the Dental Clinic, with neglect of work, was withdrawn. Dr. H. O. Thomas declared that "It Is impossible for a nurse to be In two places at once," explaining . this as the cause of complaint. He urged that two nurses be employed.' . Henry Skinner, attorney for Miss Skinner, lied her resignation, after the letters clearing her of the charges were filed. "We should have a nurse, and then also a girl to attend the routine work," said Supervisor F. W. Foss.- "I think that it would be better for th aervice if Miss Skinner did not resign until we have someone else to take her place," said Dr. Thomas. "My sister has no desire to embarrass the service," said Skinner. "She will remain until the clinic. can get some one else." " This was accepted.. Supervisor Foss urged that $100 per month be spent on the clinic, to employ a nurse and an assistant, This was referred to the committee of the whole . asks investigation; Henry H. Belter asked an investigation as to the pound, operated by the S. P. C. A. and to which the county contributes 1160 per month. "The society performs no service," he said, "and should be made a paying institution if conducted as It formerly was." This was referred to the committee, of the whole. Annette 8. Powell, secretary of the Board of Public Welfare, stated that the board report was not to recommend any city hospital site, but to simply give a basts for consideration. This was filed. A letter from the Board of Public 'Welfare, calling attention to the Public Welfare convention in Los Angeles, May 1 to 6, was filed. - Supervisor . Joseph - M. Kelley declared that the expense of sending delegates could not be borne by the county. Chairman Murphy announced that he would name two representatives, who could go if they personally desired to do so, NEW MAP FILED. Official maps of the new tract known as "Chevrolet Park"" were adopted and bonda accepted by the board from the Realty Syndicate. The Hutchinson Company was awarded a payment of f57 on the New Warm Springs Road. The sum of $5 was fixed as compensation for election officer In the coming election, and official Hats, prepared by the committee of the whole, will be adopted Monday. John Kerns was named construction Inspector at the county infirmary at a salary of J150 per month. A Sure Way To End Dandruff There Is one sure way that haa never failed to remove dandruff - at once ai.l that U'to dissolve It, then ;.fi di'lroy it entirely. To do this, just get about four ounces of plain, ronimon liquid arvon'from any. drug store (this is all you will need), apply It at night when retiring; use. enough to moisten the scalp and rub it la gentb with the finger tips. By morning, most If not all, of your dandruff will be gone, and three or . four more applications .will completely dissolve and entirely destroy every single sign and trace of It. no matter how much dandruff you may have. Tou will find all Itching and digging of the scalp will stop instantly, and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glos-sy, silky and oft, and look and , fl a hundred times better. Ad- 'isement. Vice Is Rampant, Is Grand Jury's Report SAN JOSE, April . Vice and crime flourish with little hindrance from the police and "some county" officials In Santa Clara county, according to a report of the . grand jury which was filed late yesterday. Lottery gambling and Chinese lotteries were named among the vices which are permitted to live. They are a prolific 'source of graft, the Jury de-clacad, but the beneficiaries of such graft, if any exists, are not known to the grand Jury, it asserts. Filth in the Santa Clara county jail Is rampant and the cells are filled with vermin," the report says. For forty-four years, the report savs, grand juries have condemned the jail, but little improvement haa been made. Recommendation that the State Board of Charities and Corrections cancel the license of the Baud Balllngton Booth Home, an orphan aayuum near Palo ' Alto, because of alleged poor manage-' ment and Ill-feeling of the boys there Is , contained In a report of the county; also i sweeping ly condemned conditions of vice i in San Jose. The report was returned i last night. ' ' " Waste Paper Company May Yet Have to Fight Suit win be filed against the Oakland Waste Paper company by attorneys of the Scavengers' union if the concern continues to collect paper as It has done In the past, according to Attorney Ezra Decoto fn a statement issued today. The paper concern is said to have threatened to continue, its previous course on the assumption that Federal Judge Van Fleet had not ruled that waste paper was considered as garbage.' The case has been In litigation for some time, the members of the Scay engers' union suing to enjoin the paper concern fronj collecting waste paper on the ground that It is garbage. The Scavengers' association pays the clty 11000 a month -for-the exclusive privilege of collecting the garbage In the city. ADJTDGED INCOMPETENT. SAN FRANCISCO, April . Mrs. Delia Nunan. widow of the late Matthew Nunan, president of the Hibernian brewery, waa declared incompetent by Superior Judge Graham today and given Into the care of Rev. Father Joseph McQualde of Sacred Heart church, who- will act as - her guardian. . The Mercantile Trust Company was appointed toSlook out for the $250,000 estate. " NEW RATE ON ORE. SAN FRANCISCO, April 6. A new rate of $2 a ton on manganese and chrome ore on lots of 60,000 pounds or more, from Orovllle to Pitt, was announced today by the Southern Pacific. It was stated that the war had increased the demand for this ore and that the rate would .make . toe fields near Orovllle more available. WASHINGTON, April 6. What the . --x I ' r k 1 J ill I I I . l X 'V . . r lull II 'V 1 yr H 4 P - a. i i v. , jwzt iLjr..tr a y S'Mtf V Dr. Otto HllgardJ of the Natlonaly son, sssociate professor of geology at Co-1 lng with a dinner at the New Wlllard himbla Cnverstty, told what It has n-i(t which President Wilson, the Swiss; tnmitea;to pnysicrai geography. i t. . MnlHt Secretary Redfield, Secretary Charles Iine Poor, profesfor of ( elostlal ' . SMechsnlcs at Columbia, discussed ocean i " Geographic Society, told of its Interna-f tides with reference to the bureau's work. denhall, oldest ex-superintendent of the 1 SAVE MONEY AVOID PAIN 10 Years' Guarantee with all Work. IS2-K. GOLD CROWNS W OO t of Teeth . IS.OOIRrldjre Work.tS.OQ m niiingn.i.oo;silTer Fillings.. 00e jf DR. F. U STOW. COSTON-DENTAL- ' JI0 WASHINGTON STREET. b-Mk ear Is . Inaaar t to U mm RELIABLE HOME TREATMENT Thousands' Of wives, mothers, and sisters, are enthusiastic in their praise of ORKINE, because It haa . cured their loved ones of the "Drink Habit" and thereby brought happiness to their homes. Can be given secretly. ORRINU costs oniy l.00 per box. k for Free Booklet. Osgood Brothers,. Broadway and 7th. Washington and 12th Su, Maurice -Reich says: "Sell and Sell Quick and Sell Without Profit But Sell!" LISTEN TO THIS l The New YorK Stores are the largest distributors of Women's and Misses' Ready-to-Wear in California. The New YorK Stores own and operate five stores, in various Cali ( fornia cities. . The New YorK Stores do and have done the largest Retail Business in Women's Suits, Coats and Dresses in every community where this store is represented. . ' The New York Stores always sell for less, because their quantity purchases enable them to get price concessions from the Bet Houses in New York City which no other California store can approach. THE - OTHER STORES HAVE TO GET MORE MONEY FOR THEIR GOODS BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR THEM: The Association of Retail Stores (A "Trust") has forced all stores for years to add a tax of from $1.50 to $5.00 for alteration charges, but now that we are bigger than the trust we guarantee to fit every garment you buy FREE OF CHARGE. If you will help us we offer you all pur profits on your purchase Fair Enough ? Suits $15 Values to $29.75 Silk Dresses $10.75 Values to $25 Coats $9.75 Values to $25 SILK LINED SKirts. $L95 Values to $5 ALTERATIONS FREE Without a doubt the greatest values at above prices and on up to $25 that were ever offered to the public. CLOAK m SUIT HOUSE Sfocktor 1212 WASHINGTON ST. Oaklard San. FraiNcisco OAKLAND 5acramerfo This season we find oursefves in a position where we have to do the extraordinary, the unexpected, the unheard of We have to'sell without profit before the season has even opened. Our loss will be your gain. We are OVERSTOCKED with the very best merchandise obtainable and we mast take in, one way. or another, $15,000 more in our Oakland Store than we did last March. mm look for this sign V ihe Gasoline of Qualify In front of garages and at our SERVICE STATIONS. - . It stands for the unmixed, refinery , gas, highest in carbureting iquali-ties, in purity anduniformity. Use ZEROLENE, th Standard Oil for Motor Cart Standard Oil Company (California) -1 1 ,' Oakland The Automobile City Center Beverly Terrace and Hollywood Offer an ideal location tf or beautiful bungalow homes. Choice fruit trees of several years' growth add to the value of residence lots in Hollywood. Twenty -five minutes to the Oakland City Hall and fifty minutes to the San Francisco Ferry building. Five-cent carfare and $4 commutation rate from the Automobile City Center. b $10 a Month Buys a Home Site All city improvements included in - the - purchase price. Macadam streets, cement sidewalks, curbs, gutters, sewers, city water, telephone and electric services. Immediate Possession No Interest or Taxes . for Two Years i.iaSwia FREE BOTH WAYS To the Automobile City Center and back, via the big motor bus Leaves the Syndicate building every afternoon at 2 o'clock. Get your free ticket, at the office of M. T. MINNEY CO. . . - , . .- ' ' Second Floor, Syndioat Building . , -Telephone Oakland 1350 OAKLAND,-CALIF0XMA-

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