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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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FKIDAY EVENING. -OAKLAND TRIBUNE- MAY 1, 1914. 13 "V- 4 1, tt! OAKLAND PIONEERS TO FORM SOCIETY Adtioncii Sports Wolves TaKe Lead in Home Runs Help Seals Musser Knodted Out Series; Listless Game to Win for Fanning of Box in the Second Organization Planned Among Early Memorial Building Discussed. Listless ball on both sides character- teed the defeat of the Oaks yesterday by Bacramento, 4-1. Bailor Stroud tight- lined up after the first, Inning, but Ma- larkey lacked his usual effectiveness; Bhlnn's baUing, a double steal In tne first; spectacular catches by Zaclier ana Ness shutting off three runs, and Alex- PORTLAND.

May 1. Schaller's home run In the first Inning tni Fitzgerald's In the third, followed by FannlrW's -tally on thrM nU flftn gave SanFran- ciflCQ the g(w. The Beavers mustered two jjoane souring rn the sixth and rjavls In the seventh. Brown relieved West k. the and flushed up the Goes further than green tea-more refreshing, too.

ANGIDLE May 1. Venice defeated Los Anneles to 5 yesterday. The features of the game were poor' pitching by Muaser and Klepfer, and a triple by Hayltss in the second Inning, scoring two runs. Musser, formerly with the Washington Americans, pitched his first game for Los Angeles and was knocked out of the box In the second Inning. Klepfer started well for Venice, striking out six men In three innings.

In the fifth inning, however, when two men were out and the bases were full, he walked three men, presenting Los Angeles with three tallies. VENICE. nilr'n tramilna- of Tennant off third on fake throw to second, were the leat- SACRAMENTO, ah. R. ktH.

eB. TO. A. Elnn, rt. Iran, cl.

Hatllnan, b. 0y. Tannant, Ibw Totug, at- Hannah, -e, KrouU, Total! ..44 2 3 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 l- ooo 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 0 a 4 8 4 32 4 10 8 27 17 OAKLAND. -AB. K.

PO. A. E. "7 AB r. nn.

ro. 2 11 I Carlisle, If. J'lard, 2b. Meloan, rf Ilajlesa, cf. Utaclil, 8b; Borton, lb.

Elliott, a. "Klepfer, p. Smith, p. Snlnlan, If. 4 1 1 neat.

2b 0 0 MldcWston, rf 4 0 1 Kacner, cf. 4 0 2 Hetllof. 8b ..8 0 0 lb. 3 0 2 Alexander, c. 8 0 0 Cook, as.

0 0 Malarkey, 7 0 0 Gardner 1, 0 0 Totals 29 8 HIS JELLS OF CONVENTION The organization of. a-society of Oakland pioneers Is being planned and a call will soon be made to all citizens who have livM here during the '60s and '60s, or prior to-1878. F. R. Porter Is th organizer of.

the proposed society. It is said that the organ ized, will be composed of many of the wealthiest citizens of the olty and plans for the erection of a memorial building to be constructed cf adobe and along the lines of the Wtsslon or old Spanish architecture, are being discussed, This. build. lng, If made possible, would contain early records of California, pictures, souvenirs and reminders of the early life of the men and women who. made, the civilization and claiming of the state possible.

Horace Carpentler, who was the first mayor of Oakland, which was in 18,14. Is stile alive, and resides in New York City. He Is expected to ylslt Oakland during the coming summers- and will be asked to Join the sdclety anWild In Its becom ing a' reality When "Carpentler became mayor of Oakland there wqre not 600 people In the community, while, according to the latest statistic, the population Is 185,000. Other citizens who aro eligible to membership of the proposed society are: Qulncy A. Chase, 1863; Edson Adams and Bam Bell McKee, 1860; Henry Roger, 1864; Geonge Chase, the- first "white boy bom In Oakland, 1854; L.

J. Hardy, 1856; H. P. Maloon, 1855; Charles O. Reed, 185C, who was county clerk In 1876; George W.

Reed, 1856; Wllber Walk er, secretary of the Merchants' Exchange, 1857; Fletcher, former' chief of police, 1857; M. T. Dusinbury, tha first of the A. A. Cohen railroad, extending from Seventh street to Frultvale, 1860; A.

D. Wilson, 1860; Charles Jurgeng, who kept a small grocery store at Temescal In .1863 and who Is at present said to be the heaviest taxpayer In Oakland; Mrs. Er-mlnia Peralta Dargie, who Is a descendant of the original owners of Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley; A. A. Moore, who was the first lawyer admitted tQ practice In Alameda county, 1863.


Foote, who Is one of the accomplished hostesses of local society, will entertain on Friday afternon, May 8. with a bridge tea at her home In Bay street. There will be nine tables of cards and a number of others vih lie Hi'ed for teas In compliment to gome of the older matrons, Mrs. Foote wll liosi.M a Hewing bee on Tuesday; May.12. ROUTES OF TRAYEL 0 0 i 0 2 1 0 4 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.

0 2 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 a 0 0 0 0 0 27 11 0 Gardner batted for lletllug in 8th; core 07 innings: ,1 2 8 7 8 Sacramento .....1 0 0 0 10 10 0 4 Base hits .2 0 2 0 2 1 2 0 110 Oakland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Baas bits 2 0. 10 1 0 1,18 8CMKARY. Three-ha hits RlUnn. Two ban hlta Ti-n-Bant, iltodleton. Strmid.

Na. Sacrifice nlta Ouant, Alriander, Moran, Malarkey, Yauna-, Shlnn. Flrat baae on callro' balls MalarkPT 2, trend 8. Struck out Ma)arke 5, Stroud B. ft on' baaaa Sacranivntu Oakland 7.

Wild a. nme or same Urair minutes. and Held. qnd 63 The Vallejo Independents baseball lne. formerly the Vallelo Juniors, under 2 i 0 0 a 1 27 12 LOS AN0ELE8, AH.

R. BH. PO. 1 2 0 14 8 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 Wolter, rf. Page, 2b.

Maggart, cf. Alinteln, lb. Ellis, If. Moore1, lb, Johnaon, aa: Bro(iks, c. Mualer( p.

f'llech, ''p. Meek Ktimkfl, 'p. 4 4 4 8 4 8 4 0 8 1 0 Totals .35 8 27 15 Meak batted ir Chech In the Sth Score by 1 2 8 4 5 4 7 Venice Baa hits Lea Angeles Baae hlta ..2 '4 ..1 2 ..0 0 10 0 1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 29 0 0 27 0 0 16 0 0 28 .0 I 1 2 1 RTTMU AHV Hlta made Off Muaser 2 and 6 runa (4 at bat) In 11-8 Innlnga; off Klepfer 8 and 4 runs (19 at bat) In 4 2-8 innlnga; off Chech 8 and 1 run (23 at bat)' In 6 2-8 Inninga. Charge defeat to Mueaer; credit Tlctor to Klepfer. Three-haee hlta Baylesa, Mtachl.

"Two-heee hlta Elliott 2, Abatcln. Sacrifice bits Car-llale, Mloan, Leard, McArdle Runs reaponalble for Muaser 6. Klepfer 8, Ehraka 2, Rmltb 1. Baaes on balls Off Mueaer 6, off Chech 4 off Klepfer off Smith 4. off Ehtnke 1.

Si. "lfPfr 8, off Smith 4. off i nlruc "nr bt Kieprer 8, by Chech to Johnaon to Absteln. Stolen baaee Carll.le 2. Iard, Ba.

leas Lltarhi, Maggart 2. Moore. Wild 07 P'teher-Mariart by ana mtn utea. Umplrae Finney and Phyla. NATIONAL LEAGUE.

OF THE CLUBS. Won; Lost. Pet. Philadelphia 2 .838 3 .67 game, retiring the six men wno him. Score: BAN rRAMOISOO.

au. k. an. ru. Fitzgerald, ef.

OLeary, 8b. Nchaller, If. llowni, 2b. rf. Ctiarlea, 14).

Corhaa, at, Bepulrrda, e. Fauulne, p. Total! 2 0 2 1 1 10 2 1 .83 8 7 27 10 PORTLAND. AB. It.

BIT. PO, Poeoe, rf. Derrick, lb. a. 1 Kodgers, 2b.

Ryan, cf Korea, 8b. Lobr, if. Iiarla, aa. Hawortn, e. p.

Pialieri 0. Braehear Bancroft Brown, p. 0 0 if J) TVvtala 2d 2 27 Breaahear batted for Weat in 71b. Bancroft ran for Baabear In 7th. Biota, by.

Innings: '(H? -l 2 8 4 San 0 1 0 H. Ulfa.k.i.l 1 1 0 Portland 0-0 0 Ba blta 0 2v 1 0 18 9 1 0 0 0 0 8 8 1 ,,0 0 67- 7 0 1 1' 0 02 1 -V'1? 0 0- ni.jifliABi, vf- tnii'k ont By Weat 1, by Fanning 8. Baaee on ball Off Weat 2, off Fanning 8. Two-taa hlta Cflrhan, Fisher. Home rune Fltsgerald.

Double plara Corhan to Charlea; Charlea to Fanning to Bepulveda. Run reapon-elble for Weat 8, Fanning 2. Sacrifice hit Kndgera. Hit br pitched ball SepuUeda by Weat, Rodgera. Fnnlnge pitched Be West 7, hits 7, ruua 8, at bat 80; by Brown 2, rona 0, at bat 8.

Charge defeat to Weat. Time of game 1 hour and 4S minuter. Umplrea Hayes and Guthrie. AMERICAN LEAGUE STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Club rvitrnlt Won.

Loat Iot. .643 Chlcaaro .671 .658 .645 .600 .600 .400 .250 1 Ia Iiiston Cleveland GAJfEa TODAY. Boston at New York, f'hlcngo at Petrott. Cleveland at St Loci. WRPhlngton at Philadelphia.

At St. Louis H. Cleveland lOOflOOOHOOO 8 St. Louis ..000002001000 3 Batterle.B-Mltchell, Gregg. James and il.u..

Baumgartner and Jenkine, Game called account of darkness, At Detroit R. H. E. Chicago 0000000 34 i Detroit 0 0080001 x-6 Batteries Hall, Dause, Covalskl Stanage; Bens and Schalk. 8 0 and Boston-New York rain.

game postponedrChlcoeo "7 01 0 1 3 the management of Jack Hurley, will York i i. asnlnarton District Attorney W. H. L. Hynes.

who returned todav from the annual convention of the District Attorney's association of California at Pan Jose, stated that the meeting was one of the most successful ever held by that bdy. A freat many problems to do with he duties of the public prosecutor Were discussed at length. There were crltt- cmifis of the present' conditions of the criminal laws and Institutions with sug-; gestlons for remedy In several instances, i Franklin Swart of Pan Mateo county: criticised the grand jury system, decmt- lng that the grand Jury Is too unwieldy a body to -give efficient service and characterized the Inquisitorial body as merely a "watchdog of the treasury." The discussion led to reference to the present auditing system In many counties where Improved methods of figuring out the counties' financial status have not taken the place of antiquated systems. John D. Fredericks of Los Angeles was elected president of the association for the coming year.

W. L. Hynes of Alameda county was elected vice-president and Franklin Swart, secretary. The convention closed last night with a banquet given by the Santa Clara county bur association; Among the speakers were Judge John E. Richards, recently appointed appellate Judge, Judge Lucien Shaw, and Judge Angailottl of the supreme court.

Judge Kerrigan of the ap- pellate court and District Attorney Fred-ferlcks. 8PEAK9 ON SYSTEM. In his address, the subject of which was "The District Attorneys," Captain Fredericks took occasion to point out remedial measures for the present prison system. He Bald. In part: "In regard to a general scheme for handling criminals after the district attorney has done his work," sa)d Captain Fredericks.

"I have some well defined Ideas which I will touch on. I am thoroughly convinced that thire should be careful segregation of offendors. con ducted by- educated men and women! along scientific lines. Every criminal Intended for the penitentiary should first be1- gent to an observation station, where he will be required to spend sufficient time so that his entire history, characteristics and defcts oould be "studied with tho same care with which a phvslcian would. diagnose a patient's rase.

He should then be sent' to one of a number of Institutions. SUGGESTS CARTFUL GRADING. The Institutions should be graded, and there "should be an opportunity fori iirocresslve staees. from the strictest! discipline and moBt onerous labor to In- i and CREDIT A Big Bargain $9975 Ld bd Special for the very latest and up-to-date models in SUITS All desirable colors all the new materials, and all sizes. ANOTIIEtt ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL SALES ON WAISTS in Lingeries Silks and other materials; Outfitting Company 581 14th Corner Jefferson ALLEGED OREGON LAND SWINDLERJO G0 NORTH SAN FRANCISCO, May l.John Logan, rgal estate man and pro- rooter, Indlctftd on three counts in Connection with whnlmaU ianA dl rrirnn ale Oregon, appearefl this morn- lng before United States Commission- eral days to wind up his affairs here.

Logan, together with Attorneyg Norman B. Gook and W. 8. Nicholson, were taken Into custody after ft the ring; of which It in claimed they were members, had cleaned up nearly 2,000,000 during period or eight years. OAKLAND ELKS TO VISIT DEDICATION STRONG County Auditor E.

Osrrlson, who in of the local Elks committee Elks, will leave on a special train for Itlchmond at 7 o'clock tomorrow evenlnsr. Last night In the club rooms of Oakland lodxe, the Elks Stock Company, entertained a large crowd with a theatrical performance. EASTERN CREDIT 3 .625 6 4 .500 8 10 .216 7 .222 THE SCENIC ROUTE TO THE EAST Through the Grand Canon of tha Feather Rlvtr and the Royal Gorge, Grand Canon of the Arkansas tja BBTKnrn a ikstth AID DEJAST ...2 2 1 0 0 0 0 5 PACIF10 DEPOT, THUID suranAiitn. tola, Boyle, Wlnsemuoca, Elko, Salt lake City, 9:48 a.m.-( Ogden, Provo, Grand Junction, ftleuwood Springs, usblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Qllup.m. Bt.

Louis, Omaha, Chicago Pullman Observation Sleeping uar on m. train ThronBft Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars to above destinations in connection Willi BTOLinCrTOB' MTSSOPHI r326 Broadway Western Pacifis, Denver Rio Grande Miiaoori raettie and St. Leuis, Iron Mountain soutnern i-nono 1130 Broadway Burlintton Route i Phone Oakland 3523 1226 Broadway Rock Island Lines Phone Oakland 7471 TICKET OFFICES 4 i. 1 Urd and Washington estern frooKivn U'indnnati York Oilcago 7 4 6 4 1 ot. 1JU1S Boston GAMES TODAY.

New York at Boston. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at PftUburr. St. Louis at ClikMto.

At Chicaa-o R. IT. B. 6 0 I M. IX)UlS OAAAAAAAA 13 4 Cheney and Bresnahan.

Cinclnnati-Pittsburg game postponed; rain. New York-Boston postponed: rain. Philadelphia-Brooklyn game postponed: rain. CALIFORNIA LEAGUE STANDING OF TIIE CLUBS. Club Won.

Tst. Pot Frasno ...7 4 ,.3. ...8 6 .500 ...6 (1 .600 ...4 7 -Vipi Run Jnae Ntocktoa Modesto RESULTS TKSTumnAV E. Modesto i Stockton 13 0 nanrriea ana K.unn; rieroy and R. .....3 Cook; IT.

BS 10 3-8 2 Wald- San Jose Fresno Batteries Brown and schtuldt and Stevens. CITY COUNCIL PASSES ROUTIjME STREET MATTER The following street matters wore reported on by Commissioner of Streets W. J. Baocus, and adopted by the City Council today: Directing; City Engineer to prepare proceedings for curbing, grading and paving Wood street, between Fla-hth. eentn ana xwentietu streets.

directing the City Engineer to Dre- Pr proceedings for improvement of stltutlons wnere discipline ana guaras tfrull He waived extradition tat were replaced by freedom and honor." walye" extradition, stot-Frederlcks touched upon the dlfflmil- In? that he was ready to go north and ties encountered by a district attorney would not inslRt upn a preliminary and the methods of solving them. Dis-' examination. He was taken Into Vi TiT' TLllli Federal Judge Doollnse court and what to do with him, the Los Angeles district attorney cited the criminal rec order made transferring- hl caaa ord of his county from 1904 to 1914 and to the district court at Portland. He compared it with other recorus. tie asked for and was granted a stay of Shilfd facL which will allow him ev- Scion of Prominent Family Goes to Jail Earl Waite, said to be scion of a well known family In Ireland, was taken to Kan Quentln today to serve sentence of one year on a charge of passing a fictitious check.

According' to the ilQn. Ar thur Reginald De Fame, alias Ronald True who is serving a fifteen months' sentence In the county Jail on a federal charge, Watte Is his cousin, a son of a nobleman who deserted from the British army and who is now doing service in the Philippine Islands. The federal prisoner says that Waite's real name Is Archibald De Farge and that ha cams this country following a quarrel with his Walte refused to recognize his purported cousin although hs admitted that his face was familiar. The two had not met in years. ALAMEDA COUNTY FAIR ASSN.

VOTES INCREASE An Increase of capital stock frorrt $10,000 to 350,000 has been voted by the directors of the Alameda County Fair Association, as well as the enlargement of the governing board from fifteen to twenty-five members. The name of the association will be changed to Pleasanton District Fair rto. 2, and the annual fairs will be held In the series of district exhibitions arranged for all parts of the This year's fair will be held September 23-26- Immediately following the) state fair at Sacramento. ROUTES OF TRAVEL ADfD 8TEETS Wa.rTims. orovuis.

j-or- i A.rrlv 7:50 a.m. 5:50. pan. and the East PACTTIO WICK UlbMMB Pacific Depot Phone Oakland 574 FOR COMFORT TAKE THE MODERN STEAMERS Portland osAngeles Beaver Rose City Ralls 12 Noon Balls 11 m. May 6 112.114, rirat Claaa 17.

SI IS. 1 AMD MEA1I IMOXtrDtD The San Francisco and Portland Steamship Co. H. V. llLAgntX.

City Ticket Agenl, Brnadwar, Oakland. OaL Pima. Oakland 1111 Hilt trost fainieaa brntut iStwa!" P'ataa Tail, nt. Tth aa BVaaaVar. Otot Oafo'a Inl Sura.

Inn, te I. unsay, II Ii Oak. Ml TIIE TKIBUNE operates) the largest Job Printing i'ltyit In Alameda CooO-ty. Good work at reaaoaabl ftcures. rUonQkJand 029.

I MKT May 5 i niuiiirji cm inoi, jwi wnaj uv 1 executed. ITia address was onv of the most Interesting delivered at the convention. Th 191R convention of the district attorneys win De neia in uaaiana. uis campaign for the noting for, tins city. GALT MAN IS BARRED ON ACCOUNT' OF AGE WASHINGTON, May 1-The Postof- flce.

Department declined to appoint ii. 1, Merrill postmaster at Gait, 'because JsfcssBfjjii of Merrill age. The department has a which will have charge of the delegation rule against appointing postmHters who attending the dedication of the Elks' new have passed the age of'-70. Merrill had home In Richmond tomorrow night, has) unanimous indorsement of the Demo- completed all arrangements for the affair cratlo committee of Sacramento and and It is assured that more than 600 mem-many other Indorsements. Third As- bers of Oakland Lodge, No.

171, will at-slstant Postmaster-Genera) Dockery is tend the festivities. The delegation, to-over 70. I gether with a large number of Alameda Richmond avenue from Moss the Napa Valley town aggregation of ball i tonsers. season the Vallejo team won the pennant of the Carqulnei league. Manager Hurley expects to make the trip to by auto buss.

and It Is pected that quite a number of fans accompany the nine up the valley. The Diner Tailors met and dofoated the Albnnv team hv th aenre nf I tn 0 The game was featured by the pitching of the tailor pitchers. Arlett and Hoffman: earn worked in tne box for the tailors; and neither of them a owed a hit. These' two men are fast and each are out for a record year. Roust who is on the re- cetvlhg end Is one of the hendteat catch-1 rs In the bushes.

The infield which Is compusea or Liuirer, rosier, ttauun ana Vinther Is one of the fastest agctrega-tiona around the hay. Hodgeman and Marscanla who form the outfield are all Xftry fast and heady players, i The tailors have met some of the fastest teams, around the bay and only have met defeat once. They have now won eight out of nine games played. The tailors are out for a record andswlth such a fast aggregation this team bears watching. Bcore: R.

H. E. Albany 0 Diner Tailors .16 2 -i vne nuiaun isperrv mows win rmerrain the Mav day crowd at pixon Saturday when they will plav the Arlyuckle team. A puree of $50 has been' offered aa. a prize to the winning team so there dill no doubt be a little Carroll will probably work on the mound for Rulsun as Hopkins la sched- nled ro pitch against Richmond at 8ul sun, Sunday.

The second series of the Bav Counties Industrial league will be pulled off Sunday when following clubs tangle bats, Richmond at SuLsiin Benlcla at Vallejo, standard Gas Engine Co. at Crockett and the Kahn Bros, -club at Napa. Kahn Bros, have arranged for an excursion to Napa on this dav and will probably take up 75 or 100 fans just to make the game Interesting. The fare has been reduced tto $1, for a round trip ticket from San Francisco on this excursion, and no doubt a large crowd will make the trip. The boat leaves Clay street wharf, Ran Francisco, at 9: 45 a.

connecting with th electric train for Napa at Vallejo. Tickets may be -secured from J. Joyce or Ftea Fisher of Kahn Bros, or w. rt, Crosby at THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE. The Porter and Halght school baseball nine fought to a 14 Inning tie.

at Lincoln park. Alameda. Wednesday after noon, tne final score being a to 8. ine boys had to stop on account 'of dark- ness. Scores rzrr Porters ..5 3 2 Heights Batteries Moore and Lolzer: Coehs and Speedy.

The' fitit Fjiit nnktAnrl Tnrlenendenta defeated- the Hayward's nine Sunday morning by a score of .20 to 1, the fea- iurc ui mo uiiiu wno imuimi Garcla who pitched a no hit; one run game and the batting of Christiansen who knocked three 3-baggers scoring two KNI.lflAL i I ALniaPlilrr IIPH MAT I ALAMEDA. May l. Plans a re being rompietea ior i uijoiuuk ua. reBuvmi-n of tne.Enclnal Yacht club, which he held Bunday. May 10.

It will be a day-, of sports and will Include plcnlo features. There will be swimming and yachting contests, ship's games, water polo- and water baseball, I-ltattons Jhav. been tendedto the Lincoln Uticoin rara ui i Ian Yacht -and th meai cl" to participate in the affair. Frizes wllljio ii, of the races. i.

yr "ai tiA The committee, in charge comprises Ed- gar Lion, J. R. Henderson, J. A. Lands- berger and H.

H. Shed. 41 SPOKANE INDIANS CUT THE SUDS Beer going to waste in Spokane Is the latest word, from that city. Last year the Rainier people made the announce- am, nlavA hnnnllnff the Dflll case of Rainier beer. Several days ago the scorer called Wagner to the screen after tbe latter had turned the trick and asked him where would have the goods 'delivered.

"I don't know," said Wagner, scratching his head, "none, of the boys 'are drinking a drop that I know of. Watt until the end of tho season and maybe I can. find a good place fBr It." t- At Baker, Ore. R. H.

E. Walla Walla ....8 4 3 Baker 7 12 Batteries Brldger and Brown; Sutherland and King. At Pendleton. Ore. R.

I E. North Taklma 3 10 3 Pendleton .7 12 0 Batteries Jorstad and Taylor; Os-' bTnesnrl Pembroke. DOCTORS FOR MEN Where tnonaanda hare baea eured for 25 years is tba safe place for you te go. If you art In trouble, It will pay yoa to oomi whara ererj'tliluf la paiVATB and CoNFIDKNTIAL. extra charges are man tot meal-etnea.

Conaultatlon fraa, PI, MAhL Medical Inatltute, i Representative Raker has recom mended' the arpolottnont of Mrs. Iura Fowler as postmaster at Henderson, California postmasters appointed today were: Hugo Kronberg, Arboga; W. E. Butler, Topers. Go East Over Route and the Costs no more and you will see the beauties of tha Pujst Sound Gauntry Mt.

Shasta, Mt. Rainier and bther snow -crowned monarchs of the Northwest view from observation platform or. car window the engineerinfj wonder and majestic mountain scenery alone the Milwaukee'' '-'enjoy the servica and comfort features of the superb all-steel This train with "The Columbian," another all-steel train, pro- vides twice daily service between Taooma, Seattle, Butte, Min-- neapolis, St. Paul and Chicago via the Chicago," Milwaukee St. Paul Ry.

Tickets, sleeping ear reservations, descriptive literature and Information about rales East, at 22 Powell St. (Flood San Frnnclsco. (C. M. A St'.

P. Tty. Broadway anJ lain Street, (Southern Paclllc Co.) Saturday Evenings Washington-Philadelphia game poned; rain. COLLEGE BASEBALL NEW YORK. April 30.

Pitcher John- son of TJrstmas college upheld the family reputation on tha mound' In worklnr Kmnsi ruranim nivencitv nere today by twirling a not hit, no run game, At Santa Clara: Clubs: L. Pet. Stanford 1 7 1 banta Clara 2 Batteries Hayes and fcnd Ramaee. 6 1 Leonard, At Philadelphia: 8core: R. H.

lafayette .6 12 2 Pennsylvania 1 8 3 Batteries Oerard and Wright; Wlsner, Weede and 8chwert At Princeton: 8core: R. If. Mrglnla ..4 Princeton 6 3 Wood Batteries Gammer and Green; and Wall, ADD COLLEGE At New Haven: Georgetown 013S000 10 Yale 1000000 1- Batteries Tyson and Lynch; Gile and Hunter, Mudge. At Princeton North Carolina i Princeton 3 9 5 1-6 Brown, FEDERAL LEAGUE. STANDING OF THE.

CLUBS. Ulub St. Baltimore Indianapolis Chicago Won. Lost Pet. .10 8 5 'snii BrocWlyn .600 Buffalo i 3 .333..

Kansas City 4 Pittsbunr 1 k-t nhiacm Baltimore 0 200100A 0 ii i Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22 7 1 Batteries vvimeim ana Jaclitch; Mc- Qjre an Block Af K.n,a oit'v n' nnnnnMA Kansas City 10200001000 4 11 4 Batteries Walker' Adams, Dickson and Berry; Hart and Warren. I At St. Louis-i H. E. 8 0 Buffalo 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 I St.

Louis .2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 8 0 1 Batteries Moore and Blair; Groom and Chapman. KENTUCKY DERBY TO BE RUN MAY 9 LOnSviLLE, May 1. Becre- SSTr in h. th. mmlx.

lng of the hew Louisville Jockey club will he Of course the Kentuckv Der- lnir or ht tiw Tniiiovil a uh will SS OTrr r- tne meetln and the Kentucky baks, as 0f iate yeHrSi wm be the closing day of ine meeting, wmcn wiu irefliay ana lenpf-uiiveiy The five other stake races are set as follows: DebuUnte Stakes on MonffayMay 11; Hasiirora Manor ritaKts, Wednesday, May IK; Clark Handicap on Saturday, May 16; Junevllla, Stakes on Monday, May 18; Prank Stakes r. on Wednesday. May 20. This leaves five davs during the coming meeting at the Downs on which no. stake Tace Is to be decided, the off days being Tuesday, May 12; Thursday, May 14: Friday, May 16; Tuesday, May 19, and Thursday, May 21.

On these days an extra attractive card of special purses and overnight handicaps will be carded, so that ever day at the Downs this spring will have an (attractive feature. BOWLING E. Paganettls' bowling team the E. Springs two out of three game The game was exceedingly Interesting with scores as follows: K. PAGANETTIS Bird lie 14B 101 131 1H 123 Morris Avery Goldsprlng Paganetti Totals'.

4ei ..149 .........103 139 37 131 149 62S CIS team total, 1897. E. SPRING. Jwuvenal Hollman Wight Bllse Spring ,.,..144 .....101 .....124 161 130 144 152 132 116 193 lis 114 117 138 Totals (74 7( 1 1 i 8- to vVeatall avenue, 11 Arlnntlno- nlnna anit KnaiilftnaMnna Twenty-third street, between Twen i'ty-flrst and Twenty-third avenues, and recommending adoption of resolution of intention. plana specifications for the improvement of El Dorado "venue- between Fairmount and Bayo Vista avenues, and recommending passage1 of resolution of Intention.

Adopting plans and specifications for the improvement of Santa Rosa avenue, between Vernon, and -Chet-j wood streets, and recommending- passage of resolution of intention. Granting F. IV Gallagher permission to install a wooded box culvert in the west branch of Glen Echo creek. in property on south side of Fortieth "treet, nd west side oftManiIa ave- nua. Granting; the Oakland Pavln irn ntTntr th finirionf Pav nt om w.w VH.

vvm Permission pave with, tutphult 4 otherwUa- Jmproye Jefferson "treet, between the northern line of liiineenm sireei ana tne soujnern line of Seventeenth street DIES OF INJURIES IN AUTO-TOWING MISHAP Jack Knowles, a stableman, who was seated In an electric; automobile belng-towed to a repair shop by H. B. Lyons, and -was Injured en' an electric car struck -the, rpaclUne, died early this morning at the Receiving Hespltal as a result of his Injuries, The accident occurred at thejcorner of Eighteenth and Market streets, when Lyon's machine crossed the trarjks safely and the other auto, hauled by a tow-rope, was dragged across the path car. Conductof B. J.

O'Farifill of the car declares that there was1 ftj; time to stop. The auto was 'wrecked- and Knowles picked up wltn a fractured skull. He was removed toeOie receiving where Dr. E. B.

Dowdte made ao effort to save his Jife, put In vain. An inquest will bs held. TARGET PRACTICE GETS SCHOOLBOY INTO COURT Charles Campbell, a schoolboy, residing at Klxty-foorth and Shattuck avenule, erecting a target In his hack yard, that he might Improve his shooting before being called on' to practice! on Mexicans. The Oakland 'police weer not so patriotic, and as they were instructed to arrest anyone shooting within the city limits the. lad was forced to put up HO ball before he could go 0 school this mora-Inr Tha tanft waa destroyed.

Placet the Fully Guaranteed i r. LEAVE 40TK 4k JBHAFTBa AV. iisity Bieept aa. Notafl. 1 tiacraiiieuto.

i ittplmi'K. hy I'olut. Bar Point aoa Way Htattona. Sacranifntn and Pltjaburg only. Car I- rlM I'arlor, Oltaervatlsn Car.

I Concord and-Way gtatlona." gun. only. arnnii-nto, Plttahnrs. na. Point Bay and Way Stations, arrami-pto.

Hbt I'olBL Cowrd and War Statlona. 8airamnto, Plttahurg. Hr Polat Bar Point anit Wjir Stations. Plttabnrg. Sacrammto, Marys'lll.

Co-Inaa, Ororllle. Chlco, OhaerTatleii-Car. Conrnnl and War. eirent Siiodaya. Plttabnrg and War Htatlona.

and War- IMP MOP SOP AH1I0CH St tABIEUrt a AIL WAX, 4Mb end Shatter Phone pladmont 870. Call Oak. 444, Peopla's Chwl, baas. NORTHWEfT LEAGUE IUS8ULT8 it. iLin.

Seattle 9 0 Spokane i. 9 3 Patterles Brknclder and. Cadman; CoveUakle and Shea. R. E.

Victoria ,....1. .2 a Vancouver 10 2 llatterles Pope and Cunningham; Hunt and Grlndell. Tacoma ............4.0. 1 1'ortlnnd 4 KatterleB McGinnity nd Harrlsi Stanley and Munay. ASSOCIATION GAMES.

Cleveland-Milwaukee game postponed; Fraritz Premier 1S; VOUK HOME racific' Coast Specialties Company Factory Branch is at yoiii" service, Over 3000 satisfied housewives are- itsing the FEANTZ PREMIER in Oakland'. A. phone to us will bring a free demonstration to your home. Call Oakland G183. A lllieral.

allowance oa oW cleaners. -f. Pacific Coafst Specialties Go. INCOlil'OKATI I). 1 1700 Broadway, Oakland, roil.

Frantz Premier "-Suction Cleanor-, Jtiild Wnshtns? Machine, "Foen" Electric Hair Dryer, Slinpli x. Ironer. -1 I hCOOSOOOOOOO is.

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