Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 6, 1913 · Page 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1913
Page 17
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FRIDAY. EVENING -UAHLAND TKIBUNE- JUNE 6, 1913. 17 Real Values in Wines and Liquors LARGE BOTTLE Famous Claremont Cocktails. With bottle cherries FREE, . v Full quart bottle - " Bucha Gin. . . . . . . Pure Barley Malt (for medical use) . . . , 90c 90c 75c 8-year old SI. 25 straight COGNAC BRANDY Deuar Scotch Johnny Walker (Old Highland Scotch) $1.05 $1.35 SI. 00 Murdork Scotch COLLINS' RYE Full quart that's whiskey I 75c K VMM Eli (per bottle) Large bottle old Table Claret (Gold Seal brand) . . Vz frail on SI. 00 Port Wine, Including fancy glaHs holder. . . 90c 17c 40c Vz iral. S2 Port or Sherry Wine, including R A fancy glass holder .... I w W Old Zinfandcl, Kcriilar 75c Wine, gal 63c Deal With a House Where You Know You Will Get a Square Deal. Purity, Quality, Full Measure. Prompt Free Auto Delivery to Oakland, Berkeley. Ala- fMiieda. Monte Santa Wine Co. 9 15 Washington St. Phone Oakland 7536 zzzzziczzz: WANTS DAMAGES FOR KICK IN. STOMACH LANSING. Mich., June 6. Because he was kicked In the stomach while helping a teacher spank a pupil, a Grand Rapids F'f'iool Janitor has applied to the Indus- Board for damages. Own a player-plano-JI.OO per week will furnish your home with music. Receiver's sale. 421 Thirteenth street. t Cor. Washington and 11th Sts., Oakland. Men's Hats Worth $2 and $ 1 QC $3 on Sale Tomorrow at A V Straw Hats, Derby Hats, Soft Felt Hats, Borsalino; in , fact, every good style, shape or kind of hata for a man will be on sale tomorrow at this price. Some of them are samples, some of them reduced from the regular stock because the sizes are broken. Some of them bought specially for this sale event. Regular values from $2.50, $3.00 and a few of them worth $3.60. On sale Saturday at $1.95 $1.50 Solsette Shirts, 95c Golf shirts made of soft silk solaette or crystal cloth In plain tan and cream, also In pretty stripes of blue, black and lavender. These shirts are vfell made from fine materials and have two soft separate collars to match with, turn-back French cuffs. "Wash Ties for Men, 3 for 25c, 2 for 25c 25c Each Special assortment of silk madras and mercerized ties suitable for lummer use. Nice- qualities in white and also In pretty light colors. Excellent values at each of the above prices. Men's 50c Swiss Ribbed Underwear 35c Sweater neck shirts In fine quality Swiss ribbed underwear in pink and blue with drawers to match. Regular 50c quality on sale now at 85c. New Silk Petticoats, $1.95 Heavy quality messallne and good grade of choice taffeta petticoats In a variety bf new styles and In pretty plain and changeable effects. All the popular colors represented. On sale at $1.95 on the third floor" tomorrow. Get Your Butter from THE CHURN . 707 Washington ' 2 1 JAPAN PROTESTS ALIEN LAND L jTokio Government Argues 14th Amendment to uur uonsu-tution Is Violated. TOKIO, June 6. The rejoinder of Japan to the United Btates- note on the subject of California alien land ownership legislation reiterates that the land bill -passed by the California legislature violates the spirit of the Japan-American treaty by discriminating against a friendly power. It points out that even if the question is an economic one, it enters the domain of international relations and thereafter becomes a political question. The note says that the California land legislation violates article 1 of the JaRan-Amerlcan treaty of 1911, which authorizes subjects or citizens of the contracting parties to own or lease houses, which are inseparable parts of real estate. . It also declares that the new bill violates the fourteenth amendment to the United States constitution requiring the states to grant equal protection under Its laws to all persons within Its jurisdiction. CABINET READS NOTE. WASHINGTON, June 6. The outline of Japan's latest note, as contained in the Tokio dispatches, was received in Washington with the greatest interest by officials and dip- , lomatists. The note was read to the cabinet at the regular meeting today and' sent back to the state department ' to Counsellor John Bassett Moore,- the government's foremost authority on International law. Diplomatists agreed generally that I the new , point referred to by Presi-i dent Wilson yesterday as opening the ) field for "new and interesting nego-! tiatlons" was Japan's contention that jthe anti-alien land law violated the j fourteenth amendment to the constitution. It was accepted that Japan I refers to that clause 'Which declares that no state shall "deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its Jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." The contention that houses are Inseparable parts of real estate also is a new one but was not regarded as so interesting as the contention of a violation of the fourteenth amendment. Secretary Brya'n, having left for Pittsburg to attend a dinner tonight to George W. Guthrie, the newly appointed ambassador to Japan, will take tip the new phases of- the situation with the president when he returns. Meanwhile Counseller Moore will work on the question. It may be two weeks or more before reply is made. INTEREST tNABATED. TOKIO, June 6. Interest In the American-Japanese anti-land ownership controversies continues unabated in Japan and is the paramount topic of conversation among all New Waists worth up to $2.93; on sale at $1.95 Excellent variety of dainty lingerie and marquisette waists In high and low neck styles. Beautifully designed and tastefully trimmed In many pretty ways with choice laces and good embroideries. Some extremely dainty -models In the collection at this special price. Girls' Middy Blouses, 95c Norfolk and regular styles' made from heavy quality galatea with collars of French and navy blue. Some also with embroidered emblems and navy blue serge collar. Sizes from 8 to 20 years. Regular values up to $1.75. Choice Saturday at 95c. Men's SilK Hose, 25c Extra quality In fine weave silk with reinforced heel's, toes and tops. Colors black, tan, grey and navy. Opening Day Specials BUTTER TuO Weight Brand" (None Better) pounds .... 60 pound 30 EGGS Fresh Select Ranch Eggs. two dozen .55 ALAMO HOTEL BUILDING SOLD;. ' SAN FRANCISCO ESTATE OWNER ' '"'THlOl I jililie-- - - - 3 'r-kS i mm. in --'-" FOURTEENTH STREET BUTLDTXG WHICH HAS BEEN SOLD TO SAN FRANCISCO INVESTORS. The seven-story and basement, steel frame hotel and store building at the northeast corner of Fourteenth aid Grove streets, known as the Alamo Hotel, was-sold today by H. C. Morris and F. A. Muller to the Sheeny Estate company of Ban Francisco. The consideration was classes. Several mass meetings of protest are being nrranged. Tatsue Yamamoto, minister or ag riculture and commerce, in a statement today, declares that the Japan ese government is desirous of partici pating In the Panama-Pacific imposition at San Francisco, but in consequence of popular feeling on the California land question it feels obliged to wait in order to determine I the attitude of public sentiment i toward the exposition before proceed- I ing further with its plans. I The Japanese government has postponed its reply to Secretary of State Bryan's proposed plan of International arbitration, which it is under stood is being favorably considered by , thirteen nations. i ATTEND GUTHRIE'S BANQUET. WASHINGTON, June 6. After at- ' tendng the cabinet meeting today, 1 Secretary Bryan left for Pittsburg to ' be present tonight at a farewell banquet to George W. Guthrie, the new ambassador to Japan. Viscount Chlnda, the Japanese ambassador, : left for Pittsburg on an earlier train to attend the same function. I S FLIGHT OF BRIDE P. Boone of Berkeley and Wife Halted by Motor Policeman. BAN JOSE. June . That Mr.' and Mrs. Charles P. Boone got safely out of San Jose last night on their honeymoon Is not the fault of their friends. Following their marriage they slipped into a big machine with a trusted driver and started for Oakland, where they were to have taken a train this morning for the East and Europe.- They had not gone a block before they were confronted by Motor Cop Morgason. They wore taken to the city prison. There they fnund a dozen of their friends standing about awaiting their arrival. The wedding guests rallel them as they saw their mahout bookM for speeding and released on 2B cash i ball. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Boone slipped out a side door of the city hall to their machine and found two flat tires and a missing spark plug. A tow was procured and the auto was hauled to a garage. There they found a score more of wedding guests with the batteries of their humor In excellent tune. Mrs. Boone, befrtre ' her marriage last night, was "Miss E1U Benedict Smith, a leader in the younger social set and a talented musician. Her father is 8. E, Smith, a business man and politician. Boone Is the son of a prominent Berkeley family, bis father having been the" founder of Boone's Academy. His uncle is a millionaire mining man who lives In Berkeley and operates In India. They were married at the First M. B. church by the Rv. o. a. Miller. OF CHURCH SUES Members of the 8wedlsh branch of the First Finnish church has filed suit In the Superior Court against the First Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church for a division of their property at Harrison and Essex streets, a lot In Berkeley and ISM cash In bank. Plaintiffs recite that there had been a division In the congregation since 1910 owing to a difference In the language spoken among the members and that a proposition to separata the interests was suggested to the congregation In August. 1D12. At a meeting of the board of trustees the plan was voted down on September last witn toe result that a portion of the congregation decided to bare the ma, ter settled la the oocrts. OFFICER SWEDISH BRANCH J1 50,000 and the transaction was an all-r;is!i 'in.-. The sale was made through the Laymance Real Estate company. It further emphasizes the strength of Fourteenth street as the main cross-town thoroughfare of Oakland and Is the third corner on Fourteenth street that Morris and Muller have bought, improved and snM within the last two years. Another gratifying feature is that it is new money brought into Oakland frid that the Sheeny Estate company, a wealthy real estate corporation having two fine. downtown holdings in San; Francisco, decided that It would like ai downtown holding in Oakland, thus showing that the best reai estate In these two cities are being equally sought. F. B. Maiden and Geo. F. Prake of the Laymanre Real Estate company represented 11 pnrtles to the transaction. Safely .Boisto A popular type Hoist for all round general purpose: it is the medium between single and triple sheave Hoists, combining in part, speed of single and lifting capacity of triple. The No. 5 is one of. the best selling Hoists that we have, gives good satisfaction to users and will he found of great value to motorists. Made in ten sizes from 300 pounds ca-pacity to five tons. , HALL DANDELION PULLER Gets 'em, root and all 50i rcJfrdwar 1210 6' I HERE'S V LtL. WHftWairtTHrtlHW FRED LEWIS. COMPELLED THE OTHER OAKLAND MEAT WHAT? INFERIOR AUSTRALIAN MEAT. HOW DID HE DO IT? He sells the -best meat that can be obtained at a much lower price than the other markets. How does he do it? He buys his meat direct from the cattleman and cuts out the jobbers' and wholesale butchers' commission. "My City Oakland" advertises patronize i , ml I x T I - 1 1 , . 1 1 " 1 i WW nome mausiry. men Duy are some of the prices: SPECIAL IN MUTTON Leg Mutton ....12Vs Loin for Roasting . . .lSVt Loin and Rib Chops ....12V2 Mutton Chops 10 Mutton Stew 5 Lard .... .'. . . . 15 FKED WEIGHT OF C0IM IN POCKET CAUSES DROWNING EVANSVIL.I.E, Ind.. Juno 6. Weighted down with coins, which he had taken In at his saloon, Edward Buckmar was drowned In the Ohio river near here, when his launch upset. Buckmar and Frank Teager were running a trotilne. Both leaned over the same side of the lmmeJi to null In a larare fish and the boat upset, in coins. Burkmar carried about S150 Auto Jacks, Grease Guns, Goggles, Tire . Pressure Gauges, Valve Tools, Spring Washers, Cotter and Taper Pins, Etc - 8 Co Broadway (TOMORROW) 2 lbs. Full Weight Fancy Creamery.. .63 Eggs, fancy ranch, one dozen , r-. . . . . -30J 1 lb. Full Weight Fancy Creamery. . . .32 We retail at wholesale "prices every day. Our price list WILL BE FOUND DAILY on the first page of the Second Section of this paper. MAIN STORE: 3 1 9 1 2th St., Bet. Webster and Harrison Sts. Branches Lincoln Market, Berkeley. Log Cabin Bakery, 18th St and San Pablo Ave. 2267 East 14th Street, Near 23d Avenue. OUR ROYAL ICE CREAM ONLY $1.50 PER GALLON Open Tomorrow Evening Until 9:30 o'Clock the had use did m meat irom iewis, a ne nas cui oui ' BEEF Round Steak . . .15 Sirloin Steak ...'.'.17 Rib Roast ....... .12H Pot Roast 102 Morning Glory Compound J LEWIS TMJutcher Oil on He 12th Street, Bet. Broadway and Franklin We have butlt tip a splendid buslnem by our consistent method of riving our patron THK BEST OF QUALITY at a low price. Money, wring specials dally. . LAMBS 100 Choice Sucklings for Saturday. Hind quarters 17c Fore quarters 10c Yearling legs, lbs. and over.lSVio Shoulders, yearling 8!o BEEF Pot roasts 11c and H'jC Corned beef llo Rib steaks, each ...15c A fresh shipment of Australian beef at about 2 cents below domes, tic prices. PORK Young Tig. Shoulders ...1314c Chops IRe and WzO Leaf lard la'ic Salted spare ribs 10c VEAly Fancy Suckling. Legs 15c Shoulders .11c and la'ic JjAHD Best Kastern IRc Best Eastern, 10-lb. pall $1.40 EVERY SAMS GUARANTEED Creamery and Bakery Department- CREAMERY ours, the Butter with Get the fine flavor, churned fresh every day. 2-lb. sq.f full weight ,.65 Best Petaluma Ranch Eggs 30 dozen We sell Fresh Milk and Cream, also fine Buttermilk. one aorii CENTt iiy boiled MliTWiillliwriiiillll iiiUnirii I MARKETS TO SELL THAT Here an torcign mantcis, PORK Leg Pork ......... 12 V4 Loin-Pork lGMitf Pork Roast .......15Vd Hams VZVit Salt Pork 12Vi 10 TT AOlllll Jt X Vll 's Tea and Coffee Department SUGAR SPECIALS for SATURDAY and all next week. Delivered to Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. 11 lbs. best Granulated Cane Sugar .50 23 lbs. best Granulated Cane Sugar fl.00 47 lbs. best Granulated Cane Sugar fS.OO 100-lb. sack best Granulated Cane Sugar $4.25 When bought with other goods of the same amount In thla department. ' . Hill's Crown Brand Teas, 50c lb.; 5 lbs $2-25 " Hill's Topular Blend Coffee, 40c lb.; 3 lbs $1.10 All the popular brands of Spices, Baking Powders, Flavoring Extracts, Chocolates or Cocoas. PHONE OAKLAND 3503. BAKERY Try our home-made Pies they are simply great. Fine Layer Cake in many different flavors, 40 each. Home-made Doughnuts, hot all day long. corned iieef is the rage i v SO 9

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