The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 4, 1938
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**•*•*»«(• Z^MARCH frftft POWCT8 AND When FfanMln Roosevelt called Congress Into ex- «*>dMhmry session three months ago, he outlined a five-point legislative program providing for (i> cjop control, <3) wage and hour regulation, (3) executive* reorgan- Itatlon, (4) regional planning, and J6) anti-trust law revision. But *wnen Congress adjourned before the holidays, it had passed a very dWetwilt flve-palht program: <n a 1226,000 aaprtrftfiatlon' to pay members' traveling expenses to and frwn the extra session; «) a |12,000 appropriation for page-boys' salaries; (3) a resolution to lend fair of the Capitol'* gallery of portraits of signer! 6f the Declaration of Independence to the Corcoran Art Ctenery for a belated sesqui- centennlal exhibition; (4) a minor amendment to the Credit Union Act; (6) an extension of the time- limit In Whit* a bridge may be built ever the Tennessee River at Sheffield, Ala. ALGONA, IQWA , JANUARY 4, 1938 Jiome* fj " New Year Arrives without A City, County Police Call But Traffic Violators Still (Jet Tagged and Fined mimi RATE CHAMPIOXS- ROMB, Iteiy: "My eight child- rcn, Tour Excellency, have all been born'without a midwife. You see, ••-"•ate farm la » long way out In the «Ktfttry. and the midwife always arrives too late. I am soon going to v. UaWmf' HlMll, Tour Excellency." ' I have bad *eveiitmn children, , Your .Excellency, and fourteen of them are Ihrmg, but only nine have : been born' Alice April IB, 1889—BO 4 1 have entered only the nine In this contest, Tour Excellency!" "My husband was fighting In Ethiopia, Tour Excellency, when my .quadruplets were born** ' The*e pleasant tales of motherhood Were last week babbled to Benlto Mussolini In his big office by Italian mothers representing the 94 big winners In his More Babies Contest who have had 727 children (7.7 apiece) In the last eleven years. Each received from the Dictator five crisp new 1,000 lira bills, and to an Italian peasant 5,000 lire Is a great deal more than Its exchange equivalent in the U. S. (283). Each also received a paid-up insurance policy. Of the 94 champions one Is an Italian noblewoman, mother of seven. Hearty in his talk with most of the mothers, II Duce dropped his voice to an undertone while talking with Slgnora Venla Rrranl, mother of 13, whose husband is fighting In Spain. The Dictator then deliver- j ed extempore a series of lusty remarks about fecundity so pointed that several husbands who came with their wives blusht.l furioue- ly "You report to me," Mussolini warned his champion mothers, "if your husbands don't treat you as they should r A New Year's eve and week end that was the quietest in many years, was observed In Algona and Kossuth county, this past week end— and with the quiet and peaceful atmosphere—and the blessings of the city police department and the sher- d's office, 1938 got under way. Only blot on the otherwise pure record, at least so far as the police and county dockets show, were several traffic violations. Justice Delia Welter heard three cases and is scheduled to heaf another one Saturday, while Justice Danson case. E. B. Thomas, LuVerne, was fined $18 and costs for speeding with a trailer. * John C. Buzicky, Britt, was fined $10 and coats for speeding With a trailer. (The trailer law say* that anything over 36 miles per hflur wif» a trailer attached I* epeedirtg). Mllen BJnstrom, Whittemore, was fined $2 and $2 costs for failure o have a tall light on a trailer. Justice Danson sent Mat Hentges to the county jail for 20 days on a charge of issuing a bad check. Hentges is serving his second sen- tence'for the same offense at present. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rusch, Sr., Whittemore, are Wed 50 Years U.S. HUNGARIAN SOCIETY SEEKS KOSSUTH DATA Plans Magazine, Library Reference on Man Oo. Is Named for Kossuth county—named for the greatest patriot in Hungarian naf> lonal history, will be accorded a place of honor In a national Hungarian magazine and material re- th «i Mr and Mrs ' W""* 1 " >*«"<*. Sr., celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, at the home of H. R. Zumach, Tuesday of last week, Dec. 28th. The happy couple are pictured above. Cut furnished through ' courtesy of the Whittemore Champion. Mr. Rusch was born Dec. 28th. IBM, in Dodge County, Wisconsin. He moved" to Iowa when 28 years of age. His wife was born In St Paul. Minn., Oct. 10, 1867. They were married Dec 28 1887, by toe Rev. Maahs, in Letts Creek. They moved to Wisconsin, where Mr. Rusch operated a cheese factory, but came back to Iowa In 1890 and located In Lotts Creek township. They farmed until 11 years ago when they moved to Whittemore Twelve children, all of whom are living, except Mrs Will Meyer, who died several years ago, and a son, Herbert, who died in Infancy. Those present to celebrate the occasion with their parents were Mrs. H. R. Zumach of Whittemore, Mrs. Adele Meyer, Mrs. Alma Ruhnke, Mrs. Alvina Oengler, Mrs. Aurelia Lelninger and Arthur Rusch, all of Lotts Creek, W. A. Rusch of Whittemore, Mrs. Irma Kortegast of Racine, WIs., Ewolt Rusch of Watertown, WIs., and Mrs. Renata Lents of Galva, III. There are 38 grandchildren. Mr. Rusch also celebrated his 81st birthday the same day. ., beat Jack ghafkey in six Knttdimnft, became ' heavyweight champion of th* world in 1933. Fighting all over Europe and the U. S., Camera probably earned a million dollars. But his managers got most of It, he threw most of hi* share away, then disappeared from U. 8. »port pages after Negro Leroy Hayne* knocked him out twice. Two months ago word came from France that Prlmo Carnera had been knocked out by a •parrlng partner while training for a comeback. Almost penniless, one time Chnm- plon Camera was last wek discovered sprawled out on two beds In a Budapest hospital, wistfully admiring a silk robe he used to woar in the ring. He had suffered a kidney hemorrhage and was definitely through with fighting. One of his few prudent act* while in the money will *ave him from the fuddled penury of most prizefighter*' declining year*. H* had given hi* mother a Jtttto hotel In Venice. The Injured and obsolete giant plans to go there «ad retire. He is 31. INSURANCE REBATE TO CABFFUL DRIVERS— NEW YORK: At least half th-i drivers of the 28,800000 motor vehicles that crowd U. S. roads are conscientious, careful motorists, who in no way contribute to the nation's annual half-million highway casualties. Being considerate of themselves and others, they are most likely to insura against accident; and they have long complained that some way should be found to compensate them for their safe driving record*. The 38 big companies that comprise the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters last week found the way, announced that all their policy holders carry- Ing ordinary liability Insurance who made no claim against their policies during a calendar year will be entitled to a refund of 16 percent of the premium. On a "$5,000 to $10,000" liability policy which cost* |79 yearly, safe drivers will *ave $11.88. The new policies will go Into operation Feb. 1 in most states. First rebate* will be made a year hence. _ 001*0 week by O. 8. Relley, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Incidentally, the society is also asking for all material regarding the early founding of the county, which can be obtained. Persons with information from pioneer days suitable for Incorporation Into such a story, are asked to send It to either the Chamber of Commerce or this office. The connection between the founding of the county and the selection of Kossuth as the county's name, Is especially desired. The Hungarian society has 20,000 mem bers, Is 42 years old and owns a building in Washington, D. C. where its headquarter* are located. Boy Lost! Sees 3 Whole Shows Garry Dean Rente, Algona, aged six, wa* lost from about 1 p. m. until 7:48 p. m. Sunday. City poUoe began an active •earth for him late In the after- ting In the- froni row. H» viewed three whole doable feature pictures, and was starting on hi* fourth sitting. What happened to Garry after police took him home waa not disclosed. 36 Hour Illness Fatal To Robert Stockweli, Age 1 An Illnes* of only 36 hour* proved fatal to Robert Dale Stockweli, year and a half-old son of Mr. and Mr*. G. I, Stockweli of Algona, goo """""• AUG. W.SCHMIDT, COUNTY RESIDENT, 67 YEARS, BURIED Born Near Penton and Farmed All Life in Kosauth WIDOW, 6 SONS, DAUGHTERS LEFT Funeral services for August W. Schmidt, a lifelong resident of Kossuth county, were held Friday afternoon, In Algona. A brief service was held at the McCullough chapel, and at two o'clock at the Trinity Lutheran church, Rev. P. J. Braner conducting. Burial was In the family lot in Rivervlew cemetery. Mr. Schmidt was born August 27, IB70, on the Andrew Kading farm, In Fenton township. On November 22,1896, he married Hulda Ros- enlhal of LuVerne, Iowa. The marriage was performed at LuVerno, and the couple lived for about 13 years on a farm near there, and rthen farmed for 35 years In BurT I township. Seven years ago he retired from farming and moved with his wife to Algona where he has since resided. Six Children Survive Six children, three sons and three daughters, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt. In addition to his wife, the surviving children are the sons, Paul of Woden, Arnold of West Bend, and Alfred of Lone Rock, and the daughters are Mrs. Srlma Miller of Algona, Mrs. Lydl.i Swan of Fenton and Mrs. Margaret Byson of Algona, all respected members of their communities. Twenty-seven grandchildren and two brothers, John Schmidt of Al- ftona, and Will Schmidt of Clear Luke, Minn., also survive, besides other more distant relatives. Lifelong Church Member Mr. Schmidt has been a lifelong member of the Evangelical Lutheran church. As long as Mr. Schmidt was able, he was a regular attendant of the church, and a sturdy worker in the Interests of his church. He had been ill since last spring, suffering very much, but taking his ailments With calmness and fortitude. At noon on Wednesday of Mr. Schmidt went to 10 Escape Early Morning Farm Fire at St. Benedict Santa Went to Town in Algona Quilt Salesman Under Arrest City: Housewives in the state line region -who ordered ffooncdown quilt* from one Adrian Felix, salemnan who said his headquarter* were at Fairmont, Minn., are wondering; when they are going to receive their qullto. Felix was recently arrested at Mankato on charge* of etnbec- slement preferred by officer* at International Falls, Minn. To date, no qoitta had been received. MRS. P. W. ELBERT OFWHOTEMORE, 75, DIED SUNDAY Funeral Services Today (Tuesday), At St. Michael's Church ALLrAMKBICAN TEAM- NOW York: "This team has great strength on the attack. Indeed, I defy anybody to pick a more of- f*nslv« aggregation." So last week wrote massive, loudly liberal Columnist Heywood Broun in his syndicated column, picking his own 1A37 Ail-American Stuffed-Shirt Eleven. Eliminating a left wing entirely, Leftist Broun put both Sinclair Lewi* and Broke Carter at right guard, Dale ("How to Win prUnd**) Caraegia at quarterback. New York 1 * bumbling Senator Royal Samuel Copeland at fullback. "Because he ha* a tendency to block the attack of hi* own aide," Mr. Broun, against the advice of friend*, made A. F. of L.'s President William Green center Instead of a blocking back. At "extreme" right «nd he placed Colgate'* spoon-collecting President George Barton CutUn, ooe time (1487-88) star Yale haMwck of whom Mr. Broun wrote, "Whenever three or fout manufacturer* are gathered together, there ia the not very femou* educator giving it the old college try." Lightning Strikes, And Three Times Swea City: There is an old adage that "lightning never strikes twice in the same place." The Andrew Berg family know that it isn't true. But they are hoping that the say- Ing "three times and out" will hold good. Their daughter, Llla, whose appendix was removed Thursday, is the third of the Berg children to undergo such an operation within a year. Gloria, daughter of the Harry Lindes, also underwent an appendectomy on Dec. 28th. Both girls are recovering satisfactorily. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 T.CO Best light butch., 160-180 7.20 Best light butch., 180-220 7.60 Best light butch., 220-250 7.30 Med. heavy, 260-270 7.10 Med. heavy, 370-290 6.90 Med. heavy, 290-320 ..., 6.76 Butchers, 825-360 6.60 Butchers, 860-400 6.50 Packing SOWS, 800-350 6.40 Packing sows, SBO-400 ..., 6.20 Packing sows, 400-500 6.00 CATTLE Veal calves $6.00-8.00 Canner* and cutters 2.50-3.SO Stock steers 5.00-6.60 Fat yearlings 6.00-7.00 Fat steers 7.00-8.00 Bulls 4,00-5,00 Fat cows 3.60-450 GRAIN No. 3 mixed corn $.45'/4 No. 3 white corn 47 No. 3 yellow corn .40 No. 2 soy beans 82 No. 2 white oats *5 Barley, No. 3 42 EGGS Hennery* 20c No. 1 20c No. 2 15c Cash cream— No. 1 46c No. 2 42c Sweet 36c POULTRY Hens, over 6 Iba 17o Hens, 4 to 0 Ibs. 15c Hens, under 4 Ibs. 12He Leghorn henu , 12 Vic Cocks, under 4% 8c Cocks, over 4Mi lOc Springs, over 5 Ibs 18c Leghorn springs 13c Springs, under 4 Ibs 16c Springs, 4 to 8 Ibs. 16o Stags ............ '. ........... 3c under springs live 12u Duck*, live ........................................ 12c Turkey*, No. I I9c Swea City Creamery Meetirjg, Saturday Swea City: The Swea City Cooperative Creamery will hold its annual meeting,'Saturday, Jan. 8th, In the Legion hall, preceded by a noon lunch. New officers will be elected and reports on the success of the recently adopted producer-ownership plan will be given. A very successful year has been experienced, according 1 to the officers. Henry Larson is president. Otto Jensen is vice president and Stuart Butterfleld, Ed Bergeson, and Ole Kvamsdale are directors. Marie Vaux is secretary and Hans Engen is.buttermaker. Ihij^ioved to-faefr home at Wesley, and then to Algona on Nov. 25th of this year. Death occurred at 2 p. m. and was caused by obstruction of the bowels. He leaves besides his mother am father, four sisters, Mrs. Henry Nelson of Sheldon, Ruth, Ilene and June Adele at home. His grand mother, Mrs. A. D. Stockweli of Algona, and a nurnber of other relatives and friends also survive. Funeral services were held Wed nesday at the home In Algona, and burial was at Wesley. Rev. A, English of Algona was in charge of the funersl rites. Adoption Decree For Bancroft Girl A decree of adoption was granted in court, last Friday, to Mattie Guide of Bancroft, who had petitioned in conjunction with Elberta McQuade that the latter be legally adopted by the former, and that the McQuade girl's name be changed to Maxine Guide by court order. In the petition, It was stated that Miss McQuade had been taken care of by Mattie Guide since January, 1918, when she was two years of age, and fater her parents had both died. She had been raised in the Guide home. Miss Guide Is now 21 years of age. Baby Born Without Arms, Fails to Live West Bend: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zittrick, born in a Fort Dodge hospital last week died shortly after birth, and the baby s mother is in a serious condition in the hospital. The baby was born without arms. There are four other children in the family, the eldest child being a boy 13 years old. Mr. Zittrick is employed at the farm of John Dorweiler, west of towp. Eat 29 Lbs. of Lutensk Xmas Swea City: A truly Scandinavian Christmas feast was held at the Bert Larson homo on Friday nigTit, where a group of relatives including the Ed B*rges(ms, Jay Larsons. W. O. Nelson* and others gathere.1 to eat luteflik, lefska and other Norwegian holiday delicacies. Mrs. Lar*on'8 skill as a cook was demonstrated by the fact that 29 pound* of luUnsk disappeared Correspondents! Some correspondence sent to the Kowuth Advance laat wek arrived too late for their publication, or waa crowded out. Some of that which wa* not printed in the Advance will be found in today's Upper Des Moinas, and the balance will be credited to the correspondent* by the Advance, so everyone will get proper credit Ben Zaugg Hurt,, Grinder Damaged Irvington: While Ben Zaugg wa* grinding feed for Ralph Lage, recently, he slipped from a wagon in borne manner, fell on a wheel and suffered two cracked ribs. Zaugg later sent his outfit back to finish the grinding, and unfortunately the outfit backed Into the Lage barn, breaking and causing some damage to the grinder. It was necessary to make a third trip before the grinding was completed, and we'll say that Mr. Zaugg had hts share of bad luck. Modern Woodmen to Install Officers, 5th Installation of officeis of the Modern Woodmen of America lodge of Algona will take place Wednesday evening, January 5th, at the Legion hall. The date Is also the 55th anniversary of the founding of the lodge. Vernon Casler will take office as venerable counsel, Wm. Seaman as worthy adviser, Bert Bakiwin as secretary, Paul Richardson as bank- tr, and Chester Willey as watchman. Melvin Sill will be* installed as escort. All members are urged to attend. The meeting start* at 8 o'clock, and will be concluded with an oyster ttew supper. Club Membership Hits a New High Fenton: A new high In membership for the Fenton Community Club was achieved this week, following the report of members who have been conducting a drive. .Total memberships for 1938 up until Wednesday of last week wuro forty-one. The new members taken In are Gerald Volgt, F. H. Elgler, Alvln Zumach, Arnold Krause, Fred Boyken, Henry Schultc, S. E. Straley, Shortens Place. G. R. Krause, W. V. Yager, Delbert Long, R. C. Goetsch, Art Krause, Crltz & Co., J. M. Nordahl, Chas. Welsbrod and J. T. Waite. Final event of the 1937 program waa a Town vs. Country basketball fame, in the school gym lest Thur-slay, and another was played be- ween the Fenton town team and ^uthven. Fenton won both games. Santa Clau* Is a pretty swell guy, but he developed a few weaknesses In Algona, la*t Mistletoe Day. Hearing of the extraordinary . warmth of the greeting. The little lady giving Santa Claus an old-fashioned Algona greeting, is Virginia Arndt, drug clerk. The picture Is reprinted from the Des Moines Tribune. And Santa Claus and Miss Arndt posed by request, just in case Mrs. Claus might see this paper. Mrs.'Peter W. Elbert, 75 years old, of Whittemore, passed away Sunday evening at her home, following an illness that began November 10th. She had recuperated then suffered a relapse. The end came at 4:15 a. m., Jan. 2. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock at St. Michael's Catholic church, Whittemore, with Father Veil In charge. Burial was at Whittemore. Six grandsons acted as pallbearers. HuHbond, 12 Children Left Mr*. Elbert Is survived by her husband, Peter, and twelve children, all of whom have grown to prominent positions In their own localities The children are Mr*. Mike Schumacher of Whittemore, Otto C. of Whlttemore, Mr*. B«rt Fuctuen of W**t Bend, Frank W. of WhltU- more, Andrew Elbert of Whittemore, George J. of Algona, local Hoiue, Food, Clothing To* tally Destroyed at Ben Kunkels PARENTS IN CHtJRCH; CHILDREN HOME ILL St. Benedict: Fire completely destroyed the farm home, and all of the belongings of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kunkel, and their 12 children, early In the morning on Saturday, January 1. The farm Is located south and * short distance east of St Benedict Fortunately, the children of the family who were home at the Urn*,, had already arisen, and thai Ik greater tragedy was averted. Mr. and Mrs. Kunkel and two daughters; we're attending church when the fire wai discovered. Go W Ml. to Phone The fire started near the chimney in the home. When the children discovered It, It Wai necessary for them to go three-fourht* of a tall* to the nearest phone to give the alarm, which they had to do on foot. The Kunkel farm had no phone. By the time some of the neighbor* could get to the farm home, the) flames were beyond control and scarcely anything could be saved. The loss Included household furniture, canned goods and food put tip for the winter, and all personal belongings such as clothes, etc. Pnrt of the family Is at the Dan Froehllch home and several are at the John Youngwlrth and Charles Kollasch homes where they are b«« Ing cared for at present. Giving Benefit Shower Kindly neighbors, alert to the Ur- riblo plight of the family at this time of the year, have organized and will hold a shower for the stricken family this coming Thursday afternoon, at the St. Benedict ., school hall. Everyone Is invited to- -Mi assist In this work of giving n ~ * ~ aid to the family In their Mid j Had th« fir* broken One Family Conducts Entire Church Service Lakota: The Ukena family had charge of the entire service at the Presbyterian church, Sunday evening, last week. Mrs. Jerry Uk«nu and son, Paul played a piano duet. A male quartette composed of Jerry Ukena and son. Paul, and Maynard and Gerald Ukena. gang. Mrs. Gerald Ukena and Dorothy Ukena sang a duet, and Jerry sang a solo. Then the Rev. Gerald Ukena, pastor 'of the Jesup Presbyterian church, preached a New Year's sermon, entitled "The Open Door." It is indued unique to have so much talent in one family. Irvington Elevator Paying 10 Percent Irvington: Hugh Raney, secretary of the Irvington Farmers' Co-Operative Elevator association, mailed checks recently to all stockholder* for a 10 percent dividend on all paid up capital stock. Practically all of the old indebtedness has been paid off and the company has enjoyed a prosperous business during the past year, under the able management of J. C. Mawdaley and his assistant, Frank Asa. Father of Fenton Woman Succumbs Fenton: Mrs. R. W. Kabelltz, wife of the Lutheran minister here, was called to Cedar Rapids Saturday because of the illness of her father, 1. C. Schneider, who passed away hat evening. Rev. Kabelitz left for Cedar Rapids Sunday to attend he funeral which was held Tuesday. Mr. Schneider, who had been ail- ng for some time, was in his 60's. ie is survived by his wife and their only child, Mrs. Kabelitz. While the Kabelltzs are away, Mrs. Arnold Klatt Is at their home caring for the children. Lakotan Injured In Truck Crash A Lakota man was one of three injured in an accident between two trucks on icy highway 16, four miles west of Albert Lea, last Thursday night. He is George Gallagher. His injuries included a lacerated ear and other bruises. Others Injured were Theodore Jordahl of Elmore, <tnd Joe Sandum of Buffalo Center. Sleet on the road and windshield caused the collision. Harry Holmes Wins Kiwanis Xmas Prize Harry Holmes won the Algona Christmas decoration prize of $15, offered by the Kiwanis club of this city, Phil Kohlhaas, club president announced at the linal meeting of the year for the club, last week. T. C. Sherman won second prize, and $7, and Frank Geigel won the Oscar Anderson Heads Fire Dept. For 21 Years At the annual meeting of the Algona flre department held Tuesday evening, Oscar Anderson was reelected flre chief. Mr. Anderson has been the chief the past 21 years and previous to that served as assistant chief. Other officers elected were: Frank Kohlhaas, president; Lloyd Muckey, secretary; George St. John, treasurer; Frank Ostrum, first foreman; and Ralph Elbert, second foreman. A special business meeting has been called for Jan. 11. There are 15 men on the regular force of the department. Whittemore, and Mrs. and Mm. Richard Vaughan, also of Whittemore. Planned California Trip Katherine Kcrker was born at Lourds, 111., in 1862. On Jan. 10th, 1882, she became the brldo of Peter Elbert at Lourds. The couple would have been married 56 years this coming January 10th. The family came to Whittemore in 1898, where they carried on nn active carrer of farming, and raised their fine family. Mr. Elbert had . planned on retiring from the farm i this month, and he and Mrs. Elbert | were going to take a trip to California for the rest of the winter, and stated a* Co whether W not thef houM wa* Insured. Adding to the misfortune, i* th* fact that at this particular time, tbe> smaller children are afflicted with whooping* cough. Total loss Is estimated at (3,500 to $4.000. Eckholm, Tweeten Swea City Xmas Contest Winners visit their son, Charles. Host of friends join with relatives of Mrs. Elbert In sincere sorrow at her passing. 2 Crashes Near Swea, in Holidays Swea City: Auto accidents marred the holidays for two families in this vicinity. The Martin Olsons had ttteir oar damaged as they were driving to Swea City to attend a church program. Their machine and another driven by a Mr. Stewart of Algona. collided. The accident occurred about a mile northwest of town. Snow was falling at the time ami it is believed it obscured the vision, but fortunately nobody was injured. The other accident occurred two and one half miles west of Swea City when the car in which a party from Jackson, Minn., was riding turned over in a ditch, injured. Nobody was prize and $3. J. D. Lowe, newly elected president of the club, will be installed as the new Kiwanis president this coming Thividay. Dissolution Sale Frank Zender & Sou are announcing u dissolution sale in today's paper, in line with the purchase of the interest of Bob Caldwell in the Zender & Caldwell store in Algona. The page ad of lender's, makes the sixth consecutive week that The Algona Upper Des Moinea has carried at least one full page of a single firm's advertisement, wants to make it seven? Who 2 St. Joe Infants Given Baptism St. Joe: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thul born Dec. 23rd at .he Kossuth hospital in Algona was oaptlzed David George recently. Sponsors were Mrs. John Thul and eorge Becker. This is the first ihild for Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thul and the first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. John Thul. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrn. Edward Uornian born Dec. SMth in the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge, was baptized Marilyn Hose. Sponsors were Mrs. John Becker un£ Mike Bormann. This ia the first child for the Borniuns. Week's Weather Week's weather follows: Date High Low Prce. Titonkan's Honey Stolen from Truck Will Schrnm of Tltonka had tTt unusual experience of having honey btolen from his truck while on hi way to Sioux City, and while the truck WIIH in motion enroute. He noticed a car following him which finally turned off its lights Schram thought perhaps it was patrol car checking up on him, bu kept on going, watching the car In a rear-view mirror. Finally, he slowed the truck down keeping it In motion, but got ou on the running board, and as he di- eo. he saw a man was on top of tl<« truck. He yelled at him and tin fellow jumped off and disappearei in the darkness as did the car. H found 1A gallons of honey had ben thrown from the truck. He report ed the incident to the highway prtt rol station. Cagers, Wrestlers In Action Friday Algona high school's baaketba! and wrestling squads will resume activity this coming Friday night In the local gymnasium. The Bulldog cagers will meet Clear Lake in a game that bring together two opponents in the North Central conference, and the wrestling team will meet EagI Grove in its severest test of the season. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. 1 Jan. 2 27th 28 29 30 44 35 38 32 22 17 22 trace 10 22 17 trace 8 -1 Home from Hospital Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gill and their daughter, Shirley Mae, went to Fort Dodge Friday jind on Sunday brought home the son. Robert, who had treatment there. taken medical ALGONA ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY PAGE TWO- Jimmie Neville Algona Ins. Agcy. Algona Fed. Savs. & Loan PAGE THREE— Kresenskys. PAGE FOUR— Ohristensen Bros. Call Theatre PAGE FIVE— F. C. Zender PAGE SIX E. W. Lusby Sampson Tire Service Modern Dry Cleaners PAGE SEVEN - Sorehsen Grocery Botsford Lbr. Co. F. S. Norton & Son Brownell's PAGE EIGHT - Ravbley Lbr. Co. Chriachilles Store Fosttr Furniture Co. H. M Colwcll Swea City: The home decorating contest sponsored by the Swea City merchants resulted in prizes to the following: £. P. Eckholm. first prize of SS. Hu decoration scheme was a group of plywood figures, taken from Old English Christmas scenes. A. B. Tweeten took second plac*, with a presentation of the thre« wise men. Third prize went to Rev. H. H, Harvey for a blue and white ill- liouctte arrangement of the wiM men. Meidame* R. A. Sperbeck, P. J. Helken and Paul Larson did th* judging. Five Teams Hot In Bowling League During the holiday season, UM Skelly bowling team again took first place, holding a slim lead over the Courthouse Rats, and Weslsy. Standings »s of Monday follow: Team W L Pet Skelly 21 12 .63« Courthouse 20 13 .608 Wesley 20 13 .608 Irvington J8 15 .540 Titonka 18 15 £46 Phillip* 17 16 .9U Hurt 16 17 .484 Flowers 14 19 ,424 LuVerne- 13 20 .393 Jr. C. of C. 9 24 .219 It is reported that the other team* intend to donate some spinach to the Junior C. of C. maple cracker*. Archie Hutchison HI Archie Hutchison, prominent Algona lawyer and banker, has been confined to his bed for the past week with illness and is be>n£ car* £d for by a trained nurse. His mnny frionds are hoping for good new* from his bedside. Yea.erday a* improvement woj tiot-:\. Legion Meeting The regular monthly meeting of the American Legion will be held .his evening I'TJuebday) ut the Legion hail. Guest spoakcrs will include Drs. Fox, Woodward and Prius, and several farmers from his section. Schools Reopened Schools in Algona, and throughout KoHauth county repoened y**> erday, with all teachers reluming o start the new year off in a filling and proper fashion. Boy at Hammers St. Joe: Mr. «n4 Mr*. William Hummer are the parents of a b->y •>orn Dec. 31st. The Infant was bap. ized Richard Dean Sunday. Spon- _orx were Mr. and Mrs. Petor Schmidt. The Hammers! now have family of three boys and twi» iris.

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