The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 23, 1937
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NMtolnMft last Wdty V Cotitfy AdV<ne« toon, . ..«» OAJttfNCR OOWLE8 doii- tttf another $300 cheek as a Christmas gift to the Algona library. This U tt« third stteh gift as to also the income from a $6,000 endowment. * ' • * * * ft. W. BLEICH, Burt, waa reelect«l president of the Rossuth Farm Bttfeau, Monday, at the annual flieetmfheld atButt. Edw. Young- wlrth, Whlttemore, was named vice president; Wayne Keith, Burt, secretary; George Wallentine, Lakota. tteASurer; Mrs. J. H. Heetland, I*Kota, home project chairman; Mrs. Ray Miller, Titonka, county gnb leader; Mrs. Martin Becker, Portland, county publicity chair- titan. * * * RURAL MAIL carriers attended a Meeting here Saturday, to lay plans for the annual district conference of rural carriers and the auxiliary, to be held Feb. 22. At the meeting; :were the following Kossuth earners: George Thompson, bedyard; Fred Genrlch, Lone Rock; L. E. Stephens, Algona. . E. F. JONES, Algona, was sentenced to 80 days in jail for writ- Big bad checks by Justice Delia Welter, Saturday, * * * ALL NtCHBtr PARKERS on Algona city streets were warned that their can will be towed In, and costs assessed against them by city officials, starting at once. Mayor C. F. Specht Issued the warning, aajdag^that .the move • was being •one so that snow plows could clear* flte street*. Instead of detourlng for 6*n parked all night - ... Lotts Creek School's Famous Chorus of4TVoices ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, PJCEMBER aCTrcJ Kicrht P _ .. .. , -MESSIAH" presentation here Sunday, drew a packed auditorium at the Congregational church, and some 300 were turned away. Eighty-five local people participated. In a free will offering $65.80 was donated to cover expenses. Praise on all sides greeted the work of the cast. • • » "AUNT JEN" WADSWORTH'S funeral rites were held Tuesday at the Congregational church, with Rev. George C. Vance In charge. Interment was in River-view cemetery, beside the graves of Mrs. Wadsworth's pioneer parents. Her death, which occurred Sunday, marked the passing of a member of a pioneer family, and a woman beloved far and wide for her extreme kindness and warmth of neighborly feeling. Mrs. Wadsworth was born March 22, 1867, at Maiden, 111. Her father became a pioneer hardware merchant here, arriving In 1867. She attended the public school, at which time Harvey Ingham was a classmate. She also attended Algona college, later transferred to Sioux City (now, Morntngside college). Janet Me-1 Intyre married N. A. Bushnell, whose first wife was Janet's sister. She proceeded to bring up the four children of her sister, three of whom « Mi* Harvey P !S tur f d Tttb ° ve ls the* complete chorus of the Front row, left to rlght-Ortrude Le!nlng*r The chorus members follow: . J»«' V .™_*VJ T -T2 V "T-»-*»eW—wine hard Rlggert, EugeiiSTtadlf, Harle FrnBMMr.UoVna Ruhnhe WUma Laabs, Ruth Pljahn, Vera MeyeV, DeloMs Potratz and WilbeH Ruhhke. Center row, left to right—Robert Lelninger. Lorna Faulstich, Ella Weteel, Mildred Faulstlch Lora Radlg, Mary Ann Hinte, Helen Dreyer, Phyllis Gengler, Verona Buss, Regtna Wolter and Harold Wolter. TOJR.C.OFC. PICKED BY VOTE •x Cook, White, Miner, Finn, Andrews, Murtagh, Steil Among Named Directors of the Junior Chamber of Commerce were elected at the annual meeting of the organization last Thursday evening at the Legion Iftll* ' The Junior Chamber was organized last March, with John A. Haggard as president; Frank Baldwin, vice president; Victor Stell, secretary; and Evan Finnel, treasurer. Directors have been chairmen of committees. Directors elected at the Thursday evening meeting are Woodrow Cook H. B. White. Melvln Miner, Dr. W Andrews, William Finn, J. R. Mur- tMh, Evan Finnetl, Victor Stefl and * Hrrlngton. The board win VOL. 36.—NO. 51 Meyer. .,,,. . Kneeling, left to rlght-Robt. Fuerstenau, Eldon Meyer, Harold Rlggert, Kermlt Kuecker, Arthur* Potratz, Gerald Kuecker and Marvin Lelnlnger. Photo by Algona Upper Des Moines, aided by equipment loaned through courtesy of Will F. Brown. Algona photographer. JUDGE DECIDES NOT TO DRIVE OVEUATURDAY Joke on Judge Davidson Who Temporarily Forgot Christmas Kossuth School Chorus on Radio 4 Times, Two Years Judge F. C. Davidson of Emmetsburg, presiding over the last term of district court for Kossuth county, In Algona, dropped over to sign a few orders and attend to other legal matters, Tuesday. As the judge was preparing to leave, he turned to Alma Pearson, clerk of court, and told _b*jOW a -« r/wtiiw Notice! Publication Change Publishing schedule for the Algona newspapers for the next two weeks will be as follows: Thursday, Dec. SOth—Kossuth County Advance. (No Upper Den Moines published next week). Tuesday, Jan. 4th—Algona Upper Des Moines. Thursday, Jan. 6th—Kossuth County Atvanee. Correspondents, advertisers and others are urged to notice dates. Oldest Singer, 14, Youngest Only 7, in Lotts Creek Chorus This is a story of a remarkable musical organization In which the oldest singing musician is 14 years of age, and the youngest Is but seven. We refer to the Lotts Creek Lutheran school chorus, of which Wm. Schmlel. teacher at the Lotts Creek school since its founding In 1896, Is instructor, in not only music, but all other common school branches of learning. . officers some time this week, pHtr-ofeMtem-at the same time will draw lots to determine five who will serve two years and four one year. Hereafter four will be elected In odd years, five In even years. General discussion followed ttie election, and It was decided to make some effort to clear the snow off the soft 'water pond and reflood the sur- fac * wjjk wa ter pumped from the river. Th» late heavy snow temporarily ruined skating. Plans were discussed for a "stag" party as a holiday event next week. The president and a member of the Junior Chamber elected for the purpose are ex-officlo members of the board of the Senior Chamber of Commerce. Wm» F. Steele has been the director in both clubs since organization of the Junior Chamber. Any young man, resident of Algona and 21 to 35 years old is eligible for membership In the Junior Chamber. SEASON'S GREETINGS FROM THE 3Hpper 29efii Jftotne* EDITORS AND STAFF J. W. Ha*gard R. a Waller EarlBpragve Merle ScHwIetert June Corey Dow Laldley Ruth McKoe John Dmighan . _,.had lived in _ for a period of ,., . —T-TJ™, ~*-nr — Uvitlai Included iCJvIc wo**, ahd work In the Congregational church, of which she jras a life-long member. . , a '" *iP'*" ' .f-A PESMANprr transfer of "Charles F. FriU, of the internal f revenue department from Fort Asocial AecurltK etc., may be referred to hlm*t Hto office Is In the post- office. f '¥ • -s~ ' *.- w»*w _^__ __ skid __w. Judge :l|avld*on > linked surprised for a momelW, and Wen the reason why he hid bettef not' drive over came to him, and, he'departed Tter QkpttMgng wishes for *rry <H>ri<tmM and a Happy j ear." • • . • V ." - - Twoaow cases were filed in court, Ethel Gardner, Lottie E. Wl&gert and Arthu*. C. Ward are plaintiffs in an equity case, with Harry'E. Ward as defendant Tom Akre Is plaintiff In a erne against Mr. and Mrs, Graver Reed, defendants, in a suit at law*for'Ju Account. „__. • . • - -7=5; ne f the fact ' firat^olMioiu of Lotts Q*ek commun DANIEL J. LONG, 93, RESIDENT FOR 62 YEARS, DEAD Bites •JfiPfc Here Wednesday IA.ITAI* Lakota Mother, 2 Children Nearly Killed by Gas Leak CHRISTfTIRS S-ERVIOE5 _, _ r JOftE HELDSATtoAY . •• • _____ Pay» Subtcription ToJune 15,1940 paid aiFfar afceadvtnrfs yean or L ;That toj the caM^however, , rranic;ltV Bonder's subscrip- on to M|» newspaper. From LlVMniad( New Jersey, Mr. ondor aant a c^fcttjart %»«]( far there __ attack. in He/had been for » oon, and InUrment cemeter here WOOTT, Burt. a brief of Burt survive, newspaper have - ;o« IU wh- naU[ up .ff.--'^ p'-JIi '1lg^—1»-4Miplicate Mr. Bondor'aT^pnance will bo met with open arUliftt the Algona Upper De» Moines Offic v Whltt calf show .« ittemore .. :e crowd, Sfttur- antries, eight and 21 in the 7 day. There in the beef division. Winners in Marvin and [ueller claas were oSC Eugene Twice in 1936, and twice this year, the Letts Creek children's chorus has broadcast over the air. Their last appearance, about a month ago, .resulted In many comments, and 'hence this story. Every Pupil a Singer '•• There are 41 pupils In the school •today. Every, one sings in the Chorus, from tile smallest boy to the largest girt.' .,: Until 193S, singing was taught In the old way/ namely that a melody was played Over and over on piano or violin oMMKthe teacher singing, until musically Inclined pupils respondedwld could reproduce the melody more br less correctly. Then 1n 1935 attention waa directed to a different method of teaching, called the "so-fa" syllable method. By this njjthod the chlld- «*£•, without ll the instruments FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH ity i. Offering lolneXtog^Tsuall^^! 1 I'J" 1 *:** « *•«• • In ifrusical circles. ~ * ""»-»«'| ™J^°f K°«uUi county, passed - • - - ' ' yvy Monday at the home of his —.^, T ,,,, .,Mr*. Hawcott was i in England, coming to America Auction new in auction*, on f Uctric _„, .. Jre WfKIr —.-r,, „„ fact that the calf show had late start. In the beef division was close, ami,. the Eilfen Rochlfau, larvln „ _e rather Best light !f*5 ISSf buteh Bert O&t butch., 180-920 ............ Best light butch., 8«V2SO ............ 7.30 «*»• 5«*vy, 2SO-270 .................... 7.10 JtoJ. heavy, 270-JW .................... u.90 Med. heavy, 890-325 ................ 676 Butchers, 328-360 ....................... a,80 Butchers, «XMOO .......................... eS Packing sows, 860-400 ................ 6JO Packing »owf,owso4) ..... .- ....... (MX) ititt*| wer« ilbert, Ger- Dellon _,,—j.Oth- IvUlon were lei, NoAin Ibert, Milo Ko, $ and-Richard ers 4Mnrlng in this Billy aiil Francis I. Elbert afd OryilU Mu_-. Judging" WM in charge of Harold Walker of A^ona. He sUted that it waa too <early for calves to be in their prfate show^ig, but many showed wonderful Dwiibilitiej for compytltlpn at the Kossuth fair. Following the lodging, a grand parade was held down Mam street, followed by Saalf Glaus, who distributed over 700'lacks of candy to the children, ^ , There waf a great d«sj of work n7 fi , ay eveliinf, Dec. pre««n| a pro- „- •$on«qring[ the I thanks o/ theHown Ralph Wtftleti ^d putpe]fir8t way. As pupils' lff»duat«, newcomers are worked into a perpetual chorus of beautiful voicep, . Many Letteta Deceived a result of the broadcast, the iTtes received letters not orv- ly from TMk.hut from Minnesota, Nebraska, KalJifc-'Htaaouri, Illinois and WigcpnJ|n7 'fi , 1 'This coming 34th, the chorus gram at the school, under U& direc- Mr Schmiel, which will cul- \vveeks of practice on aa^nongs and carols. »n some small degrei we wUh to pay tribute te the splendid work toat has been done by Mr. Schmiel, and,, by the community which has given him iu cooperation.. A better-behaved group of yottigtters, capable of rendering sweetS, truer blends of musical talent, would be hard to find. .• Lott* Creek can well be pc«ud of it* unusual chorus. daughter, Mrs. Jennie Sabln, "at Kanawha, Iowa. Funeral services for the aged pioneer, who came up the Mississippi River valley in the late 1860's and Into Iowa, were held Wednesda* afternoon, at the McCuliough -I'lm- eral Home. Interment warlri R| v . erview cemetery. Ret* A? English ?*!L ch ^ r J re —9*J*» **rvlce», Mr. . .. , .„ Pennsylvania . after coming to Kossuth youth, worked for man/ f --T-, J *; brt okmaker, and bricklayer in this vicinity. Many of the ••f'y bulldingg, some of *ft|ch are still standing, were product* which he helped to bajld. He a^o farm- Surviving besides Mrs. Sabin is another daughter, Mrs. CaroUne Beenktn of Titonka, a son, Daniel Jr - «tf Dakota, a brother Richard In Seattle, Washington, and two •Uters, Jennie Long and Emma Carleton, both of South Sterling, Pennsylvania, Mr. Long had made his home with his daughter at Kanawha for the past six years. HB was widely known, especially among the older generation, and wa» known for his checker playing ability. He also Christmas entroits and responsei will be rendered by the choir ant pastor. The pastor will preaOwdfT the Christmas program theme, "The WorJ&Bii^Bneii Flesh." Th* public " " by ttu^iunday School wlll*be"'heid on«8Unday evening at 7:30 p. m Th« program entitled "Christmas" win be given. An offering will be lifted for the benefit of the Sunday School. ' • J • • • , FIRST METHOD^T CHURCH F. Earl Burgeas, Minister Friday, the pageant. "The Coming of the Klngf will be presented In the evening as our Christmas program. A fine group of living pictures will be presented, accompanied by a reader, and a choir of 60 voices. A sub-district Kpwortfc League rally will be held Sundr.y afternoon and evening Dec. 26th. imr TOINrrr LutHEBAx CHURCH • j 'c^jplf^<^r7]B[|iijn4ri'nmtOT **• "-\ :lal children's* Christina was 24 p. rt . -. Gifts will be presented to all children. Christmas services will be held In the forenoon op Chrlatmu -Day at 9 a. m. in German an<J 10:30 in English. The Lord's Supper will be celebrated. ' On Sunday after Christmas, English services "will be conducted at 10:30 a. m. * * * f' PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH The Christmas program will bt >re«ent«d at 7:30 p. m., Dec. 3«h. Recitations will be offered by Barold Banwart, Harriett Brown, Robert Pommerenlng, Treva Bowman •ad Biljy Guderlan,-'whil« a pageant anA wngs by the primary department will also be presented. v Sarvices next Sunday as usual, at la, m. with church school at 10 a. nt. Husband Returns Home to Find All Three in A Coma Lakota: A mother and her two children from Lakota, were nearly the unfortunate victims of a leaky gas flatlron, last Friday at their home In Lakota. Only th« arrival of the husband and ^— asleep on the lying on the bed,' unnble although she tried to w5en beard her husband come home, Mr. Mitchell immediately opened all doors anfl windows, and Uw fresh air haloed to revive the children somewhat Mrs. Mitchell said, she had laid down because Of a leadache, and without realising It, he gas fumes were slowly suffoeat- ng her. The children becamr nauseated^ but were then able to throw off th* •ffecu qf tb« poKon. Mrs. Mtt> hell wu not so fortunate, an4 wa«. making a alow recovery (though reported a* ' ' ' ' Mu}lin Taken > Hp«pital, Sunday Mullin, who has e November ff, who a suffered ft »ieg« o'f taken to the bos- , , ge Sunday where atjons ajd treatmtnta were administered i»- dl««»y«riBg ' uses his conUJnugy crlt- Mr. Mullin's route for ^elivery: is being token lTheroti Hanson, sub- w $>.«* member of the Odd Fellows lodge.' ~, His wife, Eliaabeth, preceded him in death 11 years ago. Corwith Cager On Crutches After Spill Fairview-Corwlth: Edward Evans, guard on the Corwith independent basketball team, received a painful injury, Wednesday night of last week, while his team was playing an independent team from Wesley in a practice game. He was accidentally tripped by a player, and the muscles were torn loose in hi* ankle so badly that he will have to use crutches for walking for the next three weeks. ' Farm Auction One farm auction sale is listed for next week, as follow: Wednesday. Dec. *»th— Mamr B Penton & Son, at farm located five north of AJgoaa, on highway City Receipts For Fiscal Year Show $43,000 Increase A comparative report for cities in Iowa, including the City of Alfona, was made public last week by the state auditor's office. Receipts for the {Jity of Algona for the year from March 81, 193( to March 31, 1837, w:lu*ive of transfers between the various funds, were $174,010.10 while the F«fpendUures, exclusive of transfers to£area*fj»8,«4UL The amount of intey fund transfers Receipts included a federal grant of Receipts for the year from March 31, 1835, to March 31, 193«, exclu sive of tranifew, totaled fl31.p52.14, while expenditures, exclusive of transfers for the same aeriod, totaled $101,766.55. The amount of inter- fund transfers waa 120,000. Light Rain Make. Highways, Walks Icy A light rain for about an hour notarial. Ml»L,fr ___J- -t . i ' . Tuesday night, ,t*eeto , herous W«d»esda*of *«ek, until a wanning Sun th « worst of the light ce, , advance fekecast for "week en* was -f»r «r, slighSy colder this Cihris favorable , in temperatu Hospital News Ko»«uth Hospilal Friday, December 17-Florence Householder of Idkota entered for majof surgery. Saturday, December 18—Mrs. Theo. Herbst of Aigona ente*ed a« 4 medioal patient T&|*day, December 21--H. D. Robin|pn of Algona entered for medical care. -• ~-* -^tm-^^-^ *- *~*—*f*rm*' flat Iron-had developed . caused the trouble but ** ! only a apall amount of the Iron, not enough ga- _^,_ w » feneraUd to prove fatal to thaui- wwpeettog victim*. A doctor stated that aaotharJ hour under th% affects ol^^ would have probably taken u. ™»^. ives. Th* 4lit«b*lU can fMl (Me, ial reasons for being happy thi Christmas. General — Friday, December Saturday, December 1»—Mrs. J. W. Doerr of Emmetsburg entered for medical care. 6.00-8.00 2JW-3.SO property ud in today's , %* shce man. ortu%te accident he feU at the store omeaU in his knee. pened is bard to b*d he few to be of ^,e year being about and old friends. • _ o«r thaf *«* in. but Jaw of Male "Hen-HuMi«»", You Bet, 8 of Them The worm turneth—and the males of the species can do a* the female* do, And with those word*, a group of Aifona men have formed the "V»n-&wiy Bridge C^*f', hold, reg- , , eg- ular meetings, and do about ,«very- thijng that the iadiea do, with the possible exception of 1 paying "dunujiy" or ng tome at the : ng while laps splll- ie dirt Dr. F, E. SawyerJISpresident, and ttember* are W/rA. Vigars, lir» Jorensen, Mr. |acobs, Geo. Conk- tin, Albert Grpnzow, W. J. Fuller aniMr. Step'^ ^ Tha "Hen-L _ w Wednesday jfcht, followed~by their regular rou^i of cards. Fornwi'Wc.lcynn, Divorced and W*d On tK« Same Day A former Wesley resident, Lawrence Nattreos, who ha* b«en JiviM "fSf Charjts City for the past two. yeafs, obtained a divorce and remarried the same day, according t* new* dlspatchea i« the daily paper*, Mr, and* Air*. NattrtM want to Wesley from Mdralngiid* collie, where he had been enjftayed. They operated the UcKunwon farm for a time, th«n moved to Charles City. Last Friday Uw Jtettreas' were. ranted a divorce - '~ 'ueha»d lnt "iTrffi|t Nattre** wa* r^^- month ali|n bis former ., Friday «vi married to Dt the family livfd Page was the N*_ His age wa* gjven . raurrJagf license, and ™ 1 la. -^ Mrs, Christensen Here> Paper That 4 Komea Thajw's one^opy of The _«,„... Upper Des Mokea that does a lot of tjitveUga, andgeta a lot of thumb prints before gfiiijj out o| circujaj The paper gota first to Mrs. Minnie Long of AJgona. Oaea. aha sends * to her dajghtf/, Mrs. Wallace of CoJdfrater, MicMgw. Mr.*. to a furmar l^hntnn i_ * . "^J * J*"sf [ho w turo aeoda tt In Chicago Jiv |n sjturedft \*9*i, to of Lu Verne Diet Lu Verne: (Special): |fr>. Peter Chjc^tjensen, wife of. a itron farmer liyjag northeast ol Verne. p«M»J. away najiday "^fffBfeg, * |4r». Cnriatsnsen is h« b^hand, and two «w f Ja»e«, 9, aad 41 who are ftuiwed by ; "

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