The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1937 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 7
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^^ -...„_ „ wiUUKt JSfaiS-**•..!*"•. G- "M> wd new ft* » ._ ,, — "B° otreet. ••^feVjowMsa attending a post graduate course left Tnesd i to be gone „..„,„, A Co. bu8ines * trip for Swift C. ' arrive J Joyce Chrfotensen w!t y h h spend the <*H with her parents. Joyce is a V«£t Alvln _ w *be« «>« near I*. verne were fhimiav j>i«.... »_ of off _,. her home Saturday after spending the past five weeks Mrs. Grace Algona. Cummi The Algona Upper pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, P«e. 16, 1937 -Jthn JtoMhtfM, Jr., son of Mr. and MM. John Kolillwas, Spent the wieeR ^ Moll«nhdff» , school friends. Peanut Brittle per lb Old Fashioned Chocolate Drops _ lb 15c 100% Filled Candy iu' 9/v , «y ~ ——————— ———— — _.__ _._1D, juUC Xmas Butter Creams lb. 20c Xmas Eibbon Mix lb 200 Chop Suey .... r .. "_""_"""lb.' 20c i. ii-i—" •"•*•»" •«-'•'««»»« to Bpfetid the hoHday Reason with hef daughter, Mrs. Deanis Qoedew and other relatives and friends. Dr. and Mw. i. W. Fox win drive to Spencer this evening (Thursday) to attend a birthday party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Stefzing, honoring Al's birthday. B ,* rB! J r » Smith win come home Friday from the Iowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls to spend her Christmas vacation with her mother, Mrs. Clyde Smith. Omar Kelly, star football player at the Crelghton University at Om- ahn will arrive Friday night for a two weeks' vacation visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jo9. Kelly. _ Alice Rlst Is expected Monday - from Washington, D. C., for a three weeks' visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. H. E. Rist. Alice is doing secretarial work in Washington. W. L. Jensen has resigned as salesman at Kennedy & Parsons, to accept a position with the Druggist Mutual Insurance Company. Mr. Jensen is a registered pharmacist. Phil Bergfleld will arrive Saturday night -to spend Christmas and the holidays with his parents, Mr and Mrs. C. W. Bergfield. Phil is studying law at the University of Iowa. June Adele Overmeyer will arrive Saturday from Oskaloosa where she is an instructor in the schools, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Overmeyer, during the holidays. Mrs. Louis Bode and daughter, Joan of Union township, spent Monday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth, where they celebrated Joan's sixth birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Fardal of Adel will arrive next week to spend Cordial Choc. 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(Second Feature) Blcluwd Arien Ulli Palmer in "SILENT BABRIEBS" Great Railroad Picture Christmas with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Blossom. Mr. Fardal Is an instructor In the Adel schools. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foater drove .to Primghar Tuesday to attend an operetta in the Primghar schools. Mary Elizabeth Foster, the Foster daughter, is the music teacher in the Primghar schools. Charles Stephenson win arrive from Minneapolis this week end to spend the holiday season with his mother, Mrs. Theo. Herbst. This is Charles' junior year at the University of Minnesota. Gwendolyn Deal will arrive Friday from the Iowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls, where .she is a student, and spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal and friends. Doris Silvers, sister of Mrs. Floyd Pierce and Mrs. Harold Cosgrove, who recently went to San Diego, California, writes that she has found a good job there, and is enjoying the mild climate. Elmer Hake of Glasgow, Montana, and his brother, John of Glenburn, North Dakota, arrived Wednesday and are guests at the Frank Shllts home. The Hake brothers are cousins of Mrs. Shllts. Vernon Kohlhaaa and Bom Lar- Barre will arrive from the Univers- it yof Iowa, Saturday, ot spend the holidays with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles LaBarre. Mr. and Mrs. Arnle Horsford will spend Christmas day and the week end In Minneapolis visiting Mrs. Horsford's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson, apd Mr. Horsford's sister, Mrs. Waldemar Hagen. Ruth and John Bishop are expected from Iowa City Saturday to spend the holiday season with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop. Ruth is a teacher in the Iowa City schools, and John is a student at the Iowa State College. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh are expecting their daughter, Betty, student at the University of Iowa, at Iowa City, Saturday for a visit during the holidays. Betty, who is a sophomore, will come as far as Ames with friends and come the remainder of the way by train. Marguerite Dalzfel wilt arrive Friday night from Kewanee, Illinois to spend the holidays visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lusby, and other relatives and friends. Marguerite is director of physical education in the Kewanee schools. Portland Twp. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhorter were host and hostess at a Joint Legion and Auxiliary business and social meeting at their spacious modern home Tuesday evening. Sunday dinner guests at the Joe Zanke's were: Gilbert Nelson fani- 1 y, Rlngsted; R. A. Harvey family, Union township and the Mike Arendt family, neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Rnney Put* and s n J? y !? flve hundre «l «t the Fitch's Friday evening. Kenneth Carlson and Victor Fitch were Algona business callers Monday. Elda Jandl, Fort Dodge, was an over Sunday visitor with the Tony Jandls. Sunday dinner guests nt the G. O. McFftrlands were the following Bancroft folks: W. S. McFarland family, Lee Hawbnker family and Elta Irons. Church Play At Whittemore, Sunday Whitteraore: The T. P. S. of St. Paul's Lutheran church is presenting the play "Peggy" in the school hall Sunday evening at eight o'clock. Rev. W. H. Discher is the coach. The cast follows: "Jueeny" Johnson, Alice Dau; Bridget Slattery, Helen Hahn; Grandma Roberts, Norma Bell; Mrs. Gordon Bailey, Vera Dau; George Packard, Harold Behnke; Miss Hendricks, Esther Potratz; Peggy Roberts, Alvera Behnke; John Roberts, Harold Volgt; Jim Adams, Maynard Roeber. Everyone is welcome. Bode Bride Guest, West Bend Shower West Bend: Mrs. L. J. Miller was hostess at a post-nuptial show- ir at her home, Monday evening in lor.or of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Merle Wllderman of Bode. 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Mince Meat ___2 for 23c Apricots No. 10 can 52c Del .Monte Crushed No. 1 can* Pineapple ___3 for 25c A. & P. * No. ZH can» Peaches 3 for 49c Navy Beans, 6 Ibs. 25c Cricso 3 lb. can 49c Blue Rose Rice 6 Ibs. 26c Cold Stream Pink Salmon 2 No. 1 cans 25c lona Peas —4 No. 2 cans 29c Del M»y AMorted Chocolates 3 lb. box 69c 6 lb. box 904 Frenh Roacted Peanuts lb. lOc Crystal White reg. ban Soap 10 for 33c 6 Ig. bar* 2Sc Emperor Chrapes 2 Ibs. 15c Texas ' Grapefruit __ doz. 39c Marah Seed*** Cranberries —lb. 16c Fre-bofttey Day"—«o « «w> P FOOD STOKES The Algona Auction Co. ^'''"''^'^'''^''•'^••••••••••••••••••••i^^^^^^B^^^^^iM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ W« are here to serre boHi the seller and buyer at onr par- luon In Algona every Saturday. Saturday Dec. 18 A complete line of household good* for 5 or fi ronm h««. - -- *•* •"=»' -•=* » B -• = we JSTuL'Tii?! WB r« d ' C *"« "X**™ 1 separator. Remember we sell the full line of Massey-Harris machinery. 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Gold Nugget Flour 49 lb. b»e 1.29 Peanut Brittle No. 1 fresh Ibs for 19c Sugar fine granulated (Limit 10 Ibs.) ,,.. 49c GRAPEFRUIT Texas seedless 8 large 25c GRAPEFRUIT Texas seedless 1 doz. med. size 33c BANANAS Bright yellow Dozen 19c GRAPES Fancy Emperor Pound 7c Peanuts, fresh roasted 2 Ibs. 19c Fancy Hard Christmas Mix. lb. lOc Partly Filled Hard Xmas Mix 2 Ibs. 25c Chocolate Covered Cherries ___! lb. box 21c Assorted 100% Filled Candy . J lb. 19c FANCY Delicious Apples Buy Them Now For Christmas A Limited Supply Bushel Basket 1 «3 9 English Walnuts New crop jned size 2 ,K. 29c CRANBERRIES fresh 2 Ibs. 27c CELERY jumbo stalks Each 15c ORANGES Xe\v navels, Sunkist 2 doz, good size 33c HEAD LETTUCE large size 2 heads for 15c Potatoes IGA GELATINE DESSERT POWDER And One Small Package " FREE WHITE SODA, GINGER ALE OR LIKE RICKEY, 2-i-oz. bottles 3 .25c Pecans, ex. l#e. waxed & iK>lislie<l, soft shell Pound 29c English Walnuts No. 1 large Pound 23c Chocolate Drops standard Pound 10c Fancy Dates bulk 21b* 15 Fig Bars fresh 21b». 25c UK Whole Kernel Corn __No. 2 cans 15c 18K No. 2 Veg-All ___2 cans 25c 18K No. Wt Sauerkraut 2 cans 21c Fresh Luues Tangerines Cucumbers Tomatoes Brussels Sprouts COFFEE Folger's (Friday * Saturday) lib. 21b Salad Dressing, IGA quarts 33c Fancy Asparagus, HJA, 15 oz . tin 23c Peas, IGA Sifted June, No. 2 2 cans 27c Pancake Flour, Rival Brand 3 lb. bag 15c Baking Chocolate, Hersheys 2, ^ lb. cakes 25c Cocoa, Much-More Brand 2 lb. box 15c Blue "G" Coffee, cup and saucer free lb. 29c 18K Pure Grape Jam 24 02. bottle 21c 18K Stuffed Olives 5% OZ . bottle 29c 18K Crushed Pineapple NO. 2% cans 25c Broken Sliced Pineapple No. 2y 2 can 21c Pork & Beans Van Camps Med. cans ______ 25c Coffee lied "A" Brand 21b.pkg .. - Fancy Meat • Branded Beef—All Meat Handled with Respect Sirloin and T-Bone Steak, tender cuts lb. 23c Beef Roast, choice meaty shoulder cuts _lb 15c Pork Roast _ per p ou nd 17c Leg 0' Lamb per pound 29c Beef Hearts per pound 12c Veal Roast per pound 17c Cheese, Wisconsin Longhorn per pound 23c Oysters per quart 45 C Perch Fillet per pound 27c Hood's IGA Store Algoua, Iowa Phone 355 I-C-A- STORES^ Flour IGA None Better at Any Price 49 lb. bag 1.73 Flour Carol money bark guarantee 49 lb. bag, _ 1.59 Christmas Trees -all sizes—all prices. 15cto49c 18K In Syrup g^ 8 i M Swt potatoes 2 ens 27c Sally May Beauty Soap 4 brs 19c ItiA 0 oz. Mince Meat 2 pkgs 19c Pure Lard, 2 Ibs. for Bacon Sqrs. ifiy per lb. l_ll72C Ground Beef, 2 Ibs COFFEE Butternut (Friday A Saturday)

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