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SHALL WE LET GANG POLITICS BLOCK PLAN TO HELP JOBLESS? 1 -AX EDITORIAL- POLITICIANS who hope to beat County Judge Mc- Clintock and members of the court in next election and thereby step into the offices they hold today are ganging together In a secret campaign against the bond issue being submitted to the people in election fj need a bond issue what wc need is a fund for direct is the line of their argument had too many bond issues already so many the people are becoming paupers in paying for them All this bond issue will do will be to put a fund In McClintock's hands to hire voters who will reelect him Vote down the bonds and we can vote McCllntock out of Now the Herald-Post has never been very strong for Judge McCllntock It has found occasion a number of flmes to take issue with him sometimes are realize now erroneously But Judge McCllntock and members of his court so far have been the only public officials to whom the Jobless could look for relief in this emergency offered the only constructive plan for practical relief on anything like an adequate scale that has been suggested And the men employing on the McKelllgon canyon as well as the men they hope to employ If the bond issue carries are being hired on merit alone through the 8 employment bureau not as ward politicians CJ While there are practical benefits aplenty In the proposed bond issues the chief reason for their Issuance now Is the need for jobs for the relief of the jobless that and the advan tage to struggling business packed in a block of new buying power the bond money would create (jAre we going to let cheap personal politics defeat an emergency relief measure such as particularly when we can vote the bonds without a cent of Increase in next tax rate? (JThat sort of trafficking In the plight of the poor may get over with some of our voters now But its promoters may expect to answer for it when they seek votes for themselves Complete Wire Reports of The UNITED PRESS and The ASSOCIATED PRESS Paso IfeiraM Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow slightly warmer Post tonight Home Edition Three Cents in Paso Five Cents Outside Paso NO 284 EL PASO TEXAS FRIDAY NOV 27 1931 16 New Road Opens Up Scenic Attraction to Motorists A Where Japanese Plan Fight This map shows the location of Chinchow In Manchuria which was bombed today by Japanese planes while Japanese soldiers massed for an attack on the city The city la tht gateway to China ft reported that Japan troops after taking Chinchow win enter China proper TWO SECTIONS DROP NIPPON ARMY DEFIES TO' 00 PEACE ORDER mmMmmMm Japanese Forces Move Forward to Attack China Gateway REJECT RESOLUTION Chinese Refuse to Accept League of Nations Plan For Armistice KDON An Exchange Ttlr graph message from Ttoklo today said Japanese airplanes had bombed the city of Chinchow Manchuria The message said the attack from tha air was in reteltetlon for aa attack by a Chinese deatehment on a Japanese force which left Mukden te reconnoitre early this morning Japan Army Chiefs Ignore Peacs Order Lor TbUo accepted the proposal ct Chang Hfuch-llacg today to wlih- womaseosSj 1 ettet BV9 brag la progress southward fram Mukden la Uro general dtndloa of Althoigh TbUo announced definitely it would not occupy Chinchow official Mukden advices said GenShlgent Honjoi the Japanese commander In Manchuria was advancing his forces gteadCy southward toward Chinchow Tha apparent conflict meant Honjo was acting on his own Judg-menL regardless of the decision of the Tbklo authorities Protests Jap Attack on Chinchow Mg imm'ft e-n WASHINGTON 7he American government has made representations to Japan against a possible attack by Japanese on Chinchow and hag received assurances no such attack la planned Sec St Union said today that la view cf there assurances from Baron Shldehare the Japanese foreign minister he is at a joss to understand reports that the Japanese Is approaching Chinchow Japs 'Chinese Again Fight in Tientsin Mg tviM Pmro TIENTSIN Japan delivered aa Ultimatum to Chinees authorities here today after a night cf fighting la which Japanese troops bombarded Chinese rioters with artillery mad swept streets with machine guns and rifles Other foreign eoncesslana were threatened during the fighting the (CsaUeeed aa Page IS) HORSE RACE BETTING RESUMED IN JUAREZ Leased Wire Giving Retails Flared la Rear ef Horae racing books are la operation today in Juarez Betting machines and a leased wire giving results from race tracks have been Installed In the rear ef the Coney Island bar owned by Percy Adklaaoa and Joe Brown Dare Lawson owner ef the Knickerbocker club In El Paso Is operating thO Race results are being telephoned to Paso clubs DIES SITTING IN CHAIR Funeral services tor Tekefore Villareal eg mho died suddenly while sitting In a chair at his home 1001 1 J3L Yraln were pending today at VaUey mortuary- Coroner 51 Ward returned a verdict of death from heart failure ThcaT pictures were Uien In McKelllgon canyon where part of the S2S5jOOO bond Issue will be mens If the election carries tomorrow Trails shown la the lower left picture now make the -canyon passable to motorists Red rock canyon' at the head of McKelllgon canyon Is shown In the top picture Natural Arch rock one of the phenomena of ML Franklin that can be seen from one of the new roads In the canyon is showh In the lower right picture VOL DEATH TAKES PIONEER IN CALIFORNIA Mrs Haymon Krupp Dies In Los Angeles Hospital was Wife of Manufacturer Gave Liberally to Charity For Many Years Mrs Hkrmon Krupp philanthropist died today at 12:45 a la a Los Angeles Calif hospital Faso relatives were advised She had been In the Cedars of Lebanon hospital In Los Angeles for six weeks Her husband president of Hay-man Krupp Ss Co clothing manufacturers and their son Bern-hard Krupp secretary-treasurer of -the company are In Los Angeles A daughter Mrs Leland HaaelUm Hewitt today was en route to orala from Washington CL Another daughter Mrs James Stone lives In Brockton Mass Donated To Charities Mrs Krupp and her husband gave liberally to Paso charities She was a pioneer resident She was a member of both Temple ML Sinai and B'hal Zion congregations Mrs Krupp also was a member of Eastern Star Woman's dub Tempi Sisterhood Council of Jewish Women and- PasQ Jewish Relief society Born In New York She was bom in New York City and had lived in Plus S3 ym an uagr 1 aba waa SS jaaiv ok Besides her husband tod children MfL Krapp is survived fay her father and mothe MV and Mreu Samuel Silverman Hew Tort City three sisters Mrs Pearl Grom Utica Mra Rase Caruso Los Angeles and Mm Miriam Jacobson New York City and a brother 8am 811' vexman Miami Fla Mis Krupp will be buried in Pm probably Mcfcday Hartford mortuary la In charts of arrangements REGAIN EXECUTORSHIP OF WILL MARR ESTATE Mra Helen Marr Andersen Wins Salt Against Otto Armstrong County Judge EL McCllntock ruled that Mrs Helen Msrr Ander ion who sought removal of Otto Armstrong as administrator of the estate of Will Marr had never legally given up her position as independent executrix His decision reinstates Mrs An-derson as Independent executrix without bond attorneys said Armstrong waa allowed $4500 attorney'! fees in the decision He announced he gill appeal because he considered the estate had been In administration long' enough and that the portions of two children in the estate should be turned over to a guardian The estate Is valued at about iSOflOO FOUR GUESTS ROBBED DURING DINNER PARTY Barglan Bemove Punas frsm Bed At i Fairley Heme Burglars who took advantage of a Thanksgiving dinner party at Mrs Lb Fairley's heme 1704 Alta escaped with purses containing 91878 and Jewelry detectives reported today Mrs Smith Mrs Barbee Mra Kahn 2215 Bn and Mra Darnell 2920 Myles were the dinner guests Burglars gained entrance through a rear door and took the purses from a bed Shopping dags till Christmas LI Mg of ct FINAL EFFORTS MADE TO PASS COUNTY BONDS Public Officials Assert Work for Jobless Up to Voters $295 000' INVOLVED Flood Prevention Ysleta Road Widening Chief Projects Final efforts were being made today by supporters of the McKelllgon-Ysleta road bond Issue to bring out a two-thirds majority vote necessary to approve the Issue at the election tomorrow If the election carries bonds totaling $293000 bearing five per rent interest win be issued for flood week In MrKaCigon canyon widening of the Ascsnte-Yslsia rad and for other small projects la connection with these major 1 terns Polls win be open at I a and Till close at 7 The Issue is favored by Bounty and dtr oCfioalB as a partial rsr measure for unemployed If the bondi arc not carried by the ry majority all work in Ms-: Kellisan canyon will stop Monday County Engineer Carter said Forces at work la the canyon were increased from 225-to 209 during the last days of this week to give many men work as possible regard' less of the outcome of the election Precinct polling places for tomorrow's election follow: rtukia acbasl tMa ul OmluA AIum mM VMtt sad Rib a Consolidates Sapely Cs SOSOS Ssa Ufecrty hsfl a lu Jacials sekeSL OCv A gzotmrf bwrt sad Olive a Bull schaat Rsjrasr ud Ktvsra a scbwl mm Ay mi a MlaMs Shoe Shea VIS msdrss la Fits sisuea Ka ZsinUa ess m- 1L Fsyns-JUce Drug store Csyis sad 11- SMa Tilt acfcsel SfoaUaa and Or asm Osremrerat lull grossly Boses i 11 racial! Drug SMS VerahlBC-IS IMMsf's fcrcss 1T01 Msdlssa Muhuua Dqi I tors rtfdru sag Ism frills IT Dsratky Ami caf Dytr sag ICaauhls -Oarers terries staUsa Dys Mg IS Omuilng ft CSatasl Drug Cs S33S ran bits ftreskr grocery Plagrot ang KoMs SL PITS AUUsn Magna sag i Bg aag WMa roc ary copper aag Kaatacky 2 TWiaal ang Ob la IS Ural Pharmacy sas CMar JUg-Way Pharmacy 1MI ft TsndrO SS Lariar sshtoL ISM Moataaa ST Oransa Ca ISM llsetaaa yuaWa-1 tarter asm Hirer Xaianirs caafsrttoaary 1121 dill rtauaa oron virsiau SL nrataroca mt Tam calm mis ml Morehaaa achaol an Artxsns Carl a saraga 12S ClactaaaU SS Want' saraga lift Sfrsa OamuaMy garage I IBS ft Oregaa gaiaar SIS Mlaraan JT- PS Itattao Riiutolph sag NrraSa SS HcKniPi tarasa list Praryaat SS Amarlraa Legtes kam BaaU ai ft VUas achaol S3S tawtaa SI CaauUlla achaaL Safety Pint tfnea CmcUar SS Wlnklrr achaol ss Cooley schaoL SS CaSoanadar achaaL Valsta achaaL ST Soaarro achaaL ft Saa Xhaana peace Jiutlca aaurt Sf Clint aehaal AS Peace Jaatica caurL Pahans IL Tarnllla arhaaL Poll taxes 'Issued not later than Jan 21 1931 must be used by voters Poll taxes Issued after that date do not entitle bearers to vote In the bond election 1 bans happy and frivolous He thinks cowboys are colorful and original Michaelis said Egypt la the mast humorous country he has visited TousisU listening to teles of the pyramids and buying relics and antiques at any price without questioning the elaborate stories of their age present many funny scenes he said Mich ad li via visit Hollywood Honolulu Sumatra' Singapore China Japan and other countries "When get to Hollywood I'm cotng to meet Will Rogers" Michaelis said i Proposed Road to Cut Flood Danger in Half Engineers Say 'Crossings Will Be Barriers Checking Rush Of Destructive Flood Waters in Eastern Area Hood danger to sections in northeast Paso will be iiiiiinLK least 50 per cent under the road construction plan tor the canyon that wlll be carried out If a proposed $295000 bond Issue Is tomor row engineers ssy In addition the city wlU have another scenic drive up ML Franklin One of the major items in the bond Issue Is the construction of a winding road through and McKtlUmn cuuroa BANDITS KILL FARMER As this road winds upward It and re-crosses the canyon Asks Locks For Three Roswell Business Houses Mg JmHcM Ptom banta PE Several padlock proceedings resulting from the late October prohibition raids at Roswell and Magdalena were filed In federal court here today by 8 DlsL Atty Hugh WoodwanL The padlock orders were brought against the following i Tiro sur nuirer mum as Roswell operated bj McriTlOl 111 A building owned by Van Winkle The Ckow Drug store at Roswell operated by Mike Crow Ben 8 Crow Howard Hohnea and Manuel Chaves In building owned by Prank Hollenthome A place at 100 West Alameda In Roswell operated by Mrs Late Tellez la a building owned by Craig- DEATH TAKES HOKE SMITH Interior Secretary Cleveland Dies Under Mg AiiarliM Prore Kok Smith 79 former governor and 8 senator from Oeorgia and secretary of the interior in the cabinet of Pres Grover Cleveland died at bis home here today In 1911 he was mentioned aa the south's candidate for the presidency He was also a successful lawyer and newspaper publisher In 1972 Smith began the practice of law in Atlanta lie waa then only 17 years old His Interest in public affairs led him In 1987 to purchase the Atlanta Evening Journal a Smith was for tariff reform and his beliefs led him to support Grover Cleveland In 1888 He became secretary of the Interior After serving two terms aa gov-Smith In 1911 eras elected to the aenate by the legislature to fill vacancy caused by the death of Sen A 8 Clay In 1915 he waa reelected to the aenate The league of nations fight In the aenate found him at difference with Free Wllaon Sen Smith's opposition to the policies of Wilson carried him so far that his name was offered in the presidential primaries in his state He lost the fight and when be offered a year later for reelection to the senate was defeated His Jena expired he took up the practiro of law in Washington In 1924 he removed to Atlanta abandoning his private practice in Washington FREE PANTA6ES IN ATTACK CASE Spectators Cheer Verdict Wife Faints Mg rreragprew LOS Alexander Fan- tages aculUmiCioRiire theater man today waa acquitted of a chares ct It ns the second Irlil for Pin- tegeSL He tint Just found iila guilty Ho was scheduled to go te San Quentin prison under a one to 50 year sentence After bitter fight he won a retrial from the state supreme court 1 The case was one of the bitterest ever tried la a toe Angeles court It started with dramatic suddenness en Aug: 9 1929 when Mia Pringle ran screaming from a conference room la the Pant ages building Witnesses quickly gathered around her and she told them she had visited Pantagea la an effort to book her dancing act Mtea Pringle charged the veteran showman had attacked her Mrs Lois Pantagea wife of the defendanL fainted today in the arms of other members of the fan Uy when the verdict was read The courtroom of Superior Judge Clair 8 Teppaan was the scene of demonstration Spectators leaped to their seats and threw hate Into the air The Jury had deliberated since pi Tuesday SET ABLAZE Fear Many Injured in Gas Tank Explosion If CiMff Sm BRAXNWOOD Explosion of two big gasoline tanka threw flaming fluid over nearly every building In the business section of this town of 900 today and threatened to destroy IL Storekeepers shoppers Idlers and others ran screaming Into the streets aa the tanka blew up It could not be Immediately determined whether there were casualties CSIte were put In for doctors from neighboring towns indicating that either persons had been burned or that it was feared there would be casualties COPPER MAKES GAIN Production Pact Causes Metal Price Rise Mg PiiM Proif LONDON News that leading world copper producers had agreed upon action to bring production In line with actual demand sent copper price sharply higher here today Spot copper which touched a low of approximately 22 pounds sterling a ton Wednesday rallied to 54 pounds ll'i shillings a ton The Belgian Katenca Interests Issued a statement today to the effect that they had notified the Rhokana Corp the producing unit that they had accepted the propreels discussed in New York severe! weeks ago ACCEPTS APPOINTMENT Mayor Sherman said today that Norman Morriason assistant United States attorney la Washington has accepted his appointment to represent 23 Faso at the president's conference en home building Dec 2 Report Slayers Members American Gang Of Ignacio Chaves 50- San Ignado fanner waa slain early today by bandits who robbed him eC a few centavos According to officials la Guadalupe the faandlts crossed the river from Fabens and are members of gang operating from the American side San Ignacio la about 40 miles down the valley on the Mexican aide Chaves was found dead with a bullet hole through his chest Juarez police said it is possible the bandits may have been tliel raine ones who killed a Clint deputy sheriff recently THREE BARBERS FINED Peace Justice Ward today fined Edwin McMUIrn Robert Horrell and Davis $1 and costs on charges of violating state barber sanitary laws SEE POLITICS IN BOND ISSUE Anti-Courthouse Candidates Oppose Money Spending By AL HIEKEX Political rivals of 'County Judge McCllntock and other court house politicians today were working quietly In an attempt to defeat the $295000 bond Issue tomorrow At least two candidates are withholding announcing their intentions to run against present office holders until after the election The "Opposition' sees loss of prestige for McCllntock and county commissioners if the bonds are defeated Borne opposition candidates also oppose the bonds because they fear that unemployed men given work in McKellgon canyon will vote for present office holders in the July primaries Bob Oliver who friends say is a candidate for county commissioner charged today that-men employed In the canyon were made to spend part of their first week's earnings to pay poll taxes Alexander president of the Central Labor union who has been consulted about every man hired In the canyon denied the men were farced to pay poR taxes He said they sometimes were asked to show poll tax receipts to prove their cltl zenshlp "Lots of men are working hr the canyon who have not paid poll taxes" he cald 1 "The unemployed have an organization whosemem-Ders hare been urging each other to pay poll taxes" JAIL DEMONSTRATORS 14 Persons Arrested in Near White House Riot 4aiw(l(4 frcn Thirteen persons were arrested today in a demonstration of unemployed in the vicinity the White House The arrests were made when the group started to inarch In front of the white house Meanwhile a delegation of four styling themselves representatives the national unemployed councils arranging for a "hunger march on the capital" attempted to see Pres Hoover times Each crossing heft barrier to canyon rain waters As It hits each one of tha barriers the water loses part of Its momentum-part of It held temporarily behind the barriers and released In reduced and scattered volume so that tha force of a flood's rush will be materially checked "At least 50 per cent of the protection we might expect with a dam and the barriers thus Is provided to Altura Grandview and Manhattan Heights additions" said County Engineer Carter At present the flood waters gather speed and volume aa they drop Horn the top to the mouth of the canyon They break upon the northeastern part of the city with rush that carries silt rock and debris Into streets yards and basements The city spends thousands of dollars annually clearing the streets after each flood Huge boulders sometimes are washed as far as Five Points In beginning work In McKelllgon canyon as an emergency employment measure the county already has spent $29000 out of thi county road funds If the bonds are approved this preliminary expense will be paid out of tha bond issue and tha money already taken out of the road fund will be restored for road work In other parts of the county The land on which the work Is being done Including the bed and sides of the canyon up to near the tope of the mountain on either side la now owned by the county GRANDI GOES HOME Mg Anoetotet Prtn NEW Dino 11-day visit to America undertaken in the hope of allignlng Italy and America In efforts toward world peace and prosperity ended today The Italian foreign minister and his party sailed for home aboard the steamship Augustus at 2 JUAREZ ARRESTS ARTIST FOR SKETCHING NATIVES Ham Michaelis German Travels 14 Countries Getting Data For Newspaper and Magazine Articles FLIES ATLANTIC Makes First Flight From Brazil To Africa If L'alr4 frm -The Aeropostale Co announced that Bert Hinkler Australian flyer had arrived at SL Loula Senegal Africa at 2 today from Natal Brazil He completed the first non-stop airplane flight across the South Atlantic from west to easL NITS FOR DIVORCE Cecilia Tyler Huff filed suit for divorce today in 95th district court against Kyle Hufr Hans Michaelis Germany's wandering artist and writer who has traveled through 14 countries was arrested In Juares for sketching native characters of the strecL Michaelis presents the world in writing and drawing in newspaper and magazine articles He was drawing ft Juares pool player when he waa arrested and taken to the Juarez JaiL- His drawings were destroyed Michaelis said Americans have a finely developed sense of humor He finds Mexican people serious Cu- RELEASE rurjt ON BOND Howard Rose) 29 Copeland Kens who was arrested Monday when customs agents seized an airplane loaded with liquor at tbs Municipal airport made 9500 bond today and was released from county JalL WANTS TO "GO STRAIGHT" Glen Dunn 21 today aa a readv to go back to CUnton ILL to taco holdup charges In connection witg tha robbery of a filling statam operator Dunn line rule red to fl raso police because his eonseirnr bothered him ha said 1.

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