The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1954 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 25, 1954
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. L—NO. 54 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 25, 1954 TWELVE PAGES Published Daily Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENT* Indochina Conference Still Secret Procedural Snarls Said ir End By EDDY GILMORE GENEVA (AP) — The Indochina peace conference went into another secret session today in a new attempt to get down to concrete talks on a cease fire. A source with close Communist connections expressed belief the latest procedural snarl would not hold up the talks any longer. • Numerous private consultations took place during the morning. U.S. Undersecretary of State Walter Bedell Smith conferred with British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault saw Premier Prince Buu Loc of Viet Nam. V. K. Krishna Menon. representative of Indian Prime Minister Nehru, -also was busy continuing | his efforts, to break the deadlocks here over both the Indochina and Korean problems. He saw Red China's Chou En-lai and then had lunch with Eden. Eden, Molotov Meet ROAD-E-O WINNERS — Paul Westbrook (left) scored 340 out of 400 possible points yesterday to take first place in the Teen-age Road-e-o safe driving contest sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. High scorer among the girls was Gailya Stihvell. Second place went to Jimmy Tompkins with 336 points and third was Hays Sullivan (right) with 321. All three boys will enter the State driving contest at Sheridan Saturday. (Courier News Photo) Reds May Be Building Bastion Near Panama, Sec Dulles Says Arms Shipments Called Threat To Canal Zone In anotner meeting, be highly important. oelieved to Soviet For- General Testifies He Didn't Hear Sec. Stevens Ask Schine to Pose 4 WASHINGTON (AP) — Maj. Gen. Cornelius E. Ryan testified today he never heard Secretary of the Army Stevens ask Pvt. G. David Schine to pose with him for a photograph. Ryan said he was with Stevens every moment the Army secretary was at McGuire Air Force Base, N. J., last Nov. 17. It was during this visit that a photograph was made which became the famous "cropped" picture of the McCarthy-Army hearings. . . : :—4- Washington Plans End to Segregation WASHINGTON (AP) — The District of Columbia Board of Education adopted 6 to 2 today a five-point blueprint for ending segregation of white and Negro children in Washing- eigh Minister V. M. Molotov called on Eden at the Briton's villa. The meeting was arranged on short notice after Molotov telephoned Eden. It was their first meeting since Eden returned from London with new, secret instructions yesterday. Smith also saw Prince Buu Loc. It was understood they discussed the proposed Southeast Aia defense pact. Smith had discussed that matter last week with ex- Emperor Bao Dai, Viet Nam's chief of state. Western diplomats, more than | ton's public schools, ever, expressed belief the Geneva Plans are to make the start next *- confrence had reached a decisive I fall and have it Completely in ef- stage. With both the Indochinese | feet one year thereafter, and Korean negotiations bogged Korean negotiations down, • the West generally agreed this week or next would show definitely whether there was any use for further talk. The latest hitch, developed when Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov demanded the conference devote its efforts to general political problems of permanent peace. The Soviet diplomatic chief, who had presented a five-point program Friday for getting down to brass tacks on a cease-fire, said the military aspects of the question should be handed over to the "two sides" —France and the Communist-led Vietminh. West Surprised ' Western delegates were caught by surprise. -They had believed the procedural problem settled, at least temporarily, since Molotov - s Friday proposals dealt solely with military problems. French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault was reported ready to put up a stubborn fight against any discussions on a possible political settlement before a cease-fire is arranged. U. S. Under Secretary of State Walter Bedell Smith arid British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden were ready to back him up. Unless either side gives ground, this means all the apparent progress of last Friday has been nullified. The program suggested by the Soviet foreign minister Friday called for an agenda based on the following points: a cease-fire, assembly zonea for grouping opposing army units, the question of foreign reinforcements, supervision and control of the cease-fire, and ' guarantees of any agreements reached. Some quarters here had interpreted the proposal as a "peace plan." The immediate problem was how to reach an agreement on procedure which would allow the con- fcross to get down to work on the problems of an Indoc~:inese peace. Korean Talks Resume The Indochinese talks will be in recess tomorrow while the 19-nation conference on Korea goes back into session to hear the United States and other nations comment on the latest proposals advanced by South Korer. and Communist China's Premier Chou En-lai. There still was no information here as to what instructions Eden brought back with him from London yesterday after conferring with Prime Minister Churchill and other members of the British Cabinet. It was understood, however, the British were nearing the end of their "wait and see' policy. Western delegates still were not See CONFERENCE on Page 5 President Eisenhower has voiced the hope that a successful plan for wiping out separate schools in Washington may serve as a guide to ease the way for abolishing school segregation in 17 Southern and border states where it has been compulsory. Five Points The plan is designed to put into effect the Supreme Court decision holding racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. The five points in brief: 1. All assignments and ratings in the school system shall be based upon .merit, not race or color. 2. No pupil shall be favored or discriminated against because of race or color. 3. Children in no event shall be permitted to attend schools outside the boundaries in which they live for reasons of race or color. 4. No records of pupils or personnel shall make any reference to race or color. 5. All schools shall be used to maximum efficiency without regard to race or color.. The Supreme Court's decision on public school segregation came May 17. In a series of follow-up decisions- yesterday, the court issued orders aimed at giving Negroes admittance to publicly supported colleges and universities, theaters, golf courses and housing projects. Reconsideration Ordered In some instances the rulings were final. In others, lower courts were told to do some reconsidering on the basis of the May 17 decision striking down segregation in public schools. City Again Is Without Dogcatcher The city of Blytheville is once again the market for a dog catcher after Wesley Hall gave up that position to haul cotton choppers. John Foster, chief of police said this morning. Over a period of about three weeks. Mr. Hall picked up about 125 stray dogs, the chief said. To date the city clerk's office has sold a total of 450 city dog tags. Before the drive against stray dogs began, the city had only sold 50 tags to owners who had their dogs vaccinated. A tag cannot be purchased until the dog is innoculated against rabies. After a dog is picked up for not having a tag. it can be redeamed b paying a nominal fee and having it vaccinate and purchasing a city dog tag. According to estimates made by local veterinarians at the beginning of the anti-raoies drive, and taking into consideration the number of tags sold and number of dogs picked up. there ivould still be approximately 1.000 stray, unvaccinated dogs in Blytheville. WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Dulles said to- iay the Reds may have shipped arms to Guatemala in order to build up a Communist bastion near the Panama Canal, Dulles told a news conference that was one possible objective of the arms shipment last week from Poland amounting to 2,000 tons valued at 10 million dollars. He said this had made Guatemala the dominant military power in Central America. Dulles also declared: 1. The United .States would support an appeal to the United Nations for the dispatch of a peace observation mission to Southeast Asia. Dulles also said that the prospects for some kind of United Nations action looked better now than they had recently. Terms Made Clear 2. The United States government had made clear to the French in talks now under way the terms and conditions under which it would be possible to consider American intervention in the Indochina war. The conditions include, he emphasized, approval by Congress and the creation of an anti- Communist coalition in Southeast Asia. 3. The United States is about to send a new note to Russia on President Eisenhower's proposal for an international atomic energy knowledged ordering the picture i peace pool. Dulles said that con- cropped to show only Stevens and j sultations are going forward with As introduced by the McCarthy camp, a photographic print showed Stevens and Schine alone, standing before an airplane. The McCarthy camp contended Stevens had asked Schine to pose with him. Stevens said he didn't recall it. It developed later that the print was made from a more extensive negative showing also an Air Force colonel. Army Counsel Joseph N. Welch denounced the cropped print as "shameful" and "doctored." An aide to Sen. McCarthy ac- OSCEOLA POOL OPENS — Osceola youngsters crowded the new city swimming pool when it opened for the first time yesterday afternoon under the direction of Billy Beall, Osceola football coach. In the background to the left Is the dressing rooms and showers of the $39,000 facility. Out of the picture at right are located diving boards with the shallow water at the end by the dressing rooms. Construction of the municipal pool was authorized by the City Council In January, 1953. and work began last summer. Another item featured with the pool is a ..separate wading pool for the children. (See picture on Page 5.) Courier News Photo) Schine but insisted there was no intent to deceive. Ryan a decorated Korean War veteran was on the witness stand for the 20th day of the McCarthy- Army hearings, to tell first hand what he knew about the Army's charges that McCarthy and his aides brought improper pressure for favors for Schine. Ryan commands Ft. Dix. N. J., where Schine, former consultant to the McCarthy subcommittee, was sent for basic training when drafted into the Army last fall. Denying favors were sought for Schine, the McCarthy camp has counter-charged that the Army used Schine as a "hostage" to try to "blackmail" the subcommittee into dropping its investigation of alleged communism in the Army. Tells of Photo Relating the occasion of the picture taking. Ryan said an aide to Stevens telephoned him to say Stevens and McCarthy were coming to McGuire Field and that Schine was to be present for the purpose of conferring with the senator. He was instructed also to have a plane ready to take McCarthy to Boston. Ryan added. Jaycefte Drive In Final Week Blytheville Jaycettes. auxiliary of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, I yesterday began the final week of The District of Columbia com- j the -nte-a-lawn' drive to mtssioners quoted Eisenhower as j funds for cancer research. The campaign, in progress raise allied countries on the note. Such countries in this case are primarily Britain and France. 4. Prime Minister Menderes of Turkey will visit the United States in the period June 1-4 to discuss economic and financial matters. Dulles discussed the Guatemalan and Indochinese situations in response to questions from reporters, after he had issued a statement noting that Guatemala is the only American nation to have received "massive shipment" of arms from an Iron Curtain country. Friends Armed In a move to counter the Communist shipment of arms, the United States is flying- rifles, machine guns and other light, combat gear to friendly nations in Central America. The State Department announced late yesterday that arms are being airlifted as "rapidly as possible" to Nicaragua and Honduras, Guatemala's neighbors to the south. Moscow radio immediately called the action preparation for "an attack against Guatemala." But Guatemala's foreign minister. Guillermo Tonello. told newsmen, "We do not believe the arms Ike May Begin Tossing Few Political Clinkers By MARVIN L. ARROW8MTTH WASHINGTON (AP) — A White House aide's criticism of Democrats in Congress raised a question today whether President Eisenhower himself may be getting ready to toss a few political brickbats. If he does, it will be a sharp | plans no barnstorming; campaign- departure from the be-kmd-to- j ing in behalf of Individual Republicans, but indications are he will travel around the country to plug for a workable Republican majority in the next. Congress. 47 Each ; The Democrats and Republicans novv each have 47 senators. In the House, the Republicans barely out- Democrats role he has played consistently since taking office 16 months ago. Criticism of the opposition party voiced yesterday by Bernard M. Shanley. one of the President's key aides, was something quite new. Speaking off the cuff to a meeting shipment has anything to do with us." He pointedly sidestepped any mention of Nicaragua, which has The general said Stevens was only at .the field for about five minutes and, during this time, he was with him. Asked whether the Army -secre- • recalled its envoy from Guatemala. tary Basked Schine to pose with j Bjjt he sajd HonduraS [ s a goo d friend. War Seen by Paper However, the Chicago Tribune said last night that war seemed imminent between Honduras and him. Ryan said, "in my presence he did not." Ryan was called before the Senate Investigations subcommittee primarily to tell of what treat- expressing great interest a week ago in plan? for ending school segregation here in Washington and asking them to keep him posted on progress. There are more Negro than white children here. And aides said ment Schine received at Ft. Dix. He said no preferential treatment was given the draftee except on representations from the Mc- for j Carthy subcommittee that Schine several weeks, will be completed by I was needed to help with subcom- an intensive door-to-door canvass.! mittee work. So far in the drive, 180 of the all-metal lawn markers with luminous numbers, have been sold. Half of the sale price, or SI.50, of each the President feels a successful I marker goes into the Damon Run- plan to end segregation in the capital would ease the way for the change in the 17 Southern and border states where school segregation has been practiced. Inside Today's Courier News , . . One Red Hot Week Pays off for Braves . . . Pee-Wee League Roster Are Announced . . . Boxer's Manager Dies During Fight . . ,. Sports . . . Pages 8 and 9. . . ... Manila . . . Courier News Photo Feature . . . page 3 ... . . . Full Discussion I sin Order to Change Court Make-up . . Editorials . . . Page 6 ... . . . More Explicit Action by Supreme Court Needed to Clarify Segregation Issue .. . page 7 ... Three Men Held For Two Service Station Break-Ins CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Three men are being held in county jail here on charges of burglary and larceny in connection with two service station burglaries at Hayti Sunday night, according to the sheriff's office. Virgil Scott, Jr., 17, of Manna- duke, Ark., Jake Riedout, 22, of Hayti, Route 1, and J. C. (Slim) Baxter, 37, of Hayti were arrested. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday. The three men are charged with breaking; into Lee's Service Station on Highway 61 south and City Service Station on Hayti city square and taking about $20 from the two establishments. Lee's Station was entered through a broken front - -Jndow after breaking the glass to unlatch it. Baxter was a member of the Hayti police force assigned to night duty for several months before the last change in city administration, officers said. yan Cancer Fund. Mrs. Bill Hrabovsky or Mrs. Harold Thompson are in charge of the sales. On such representations. Ryan said. Schine sot many more passes than the average draftee. Ryan declared firmly he did not consider requests for the passes for Schine to be improper attempts to obtain preferential treatment. Ryan noted he had orders from See MCCARTHY on Page 5 Sen. McClellan Called 'Enemy Of the People' by Labor Leader LITTLE ROCK (ft — Arkansas Sen. John McClellan yesterday was identified by a southern labor leader as "an enemy of the people." Charles M. Houk of Nashville, Tenn., told delegates to the 48th annual convention of the Arkansas Federation of Labor here, "if you can't call Sen. McClellan an enemy of the people, then I don't know xvhat you would call an enemy." "Punishment" Asked Houk is southern regional director of Labor's League for Political Education (AFL). "It's the duty of the league," he said, "to help the people punish our enemies, aVd I'm sure that by a vast majority, labor in Arkansas will do that this year." McClellan will, in the summer primaries, seek re-nomination to his Senate post. His chief opponent is former Gov. Sid McMath. Houk charged that McClellan consistently had voted against the people of Arkansas—"casting 'wrong' votes out of 30." 24 Houk said there was no excuse for a Senator "who claims to be a Democrat" to have a voting record like that. C .W. Mowery of Hot Springs, Arkansas Federation president, said McMath would meet today with out-of-town women delegates in an effort to arrange house-to- house meetings in their neighborhoods. No Official Endorsement Mcwery noted that there was no official endorsement of McMath but the former governor was the only senatorial candiadte to attend several labor meetings Sunday. Houk told the group that contributions of "one dollar per AFL member, going into the labor league fund," will go for campaigns of candidates friendly to the ideals of labor. "McClellan won't have trouble getting money for his campaign. It won't all come from Arkansas," IM said. Guatemala. Tribune staff writer Jules Dubois wrote from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, that Honduran border guards captured five armed Guatemalan Communists inside Honduran territory Sunday. He also told of reported troop and military air activity in both countries. U. S. Ambassador John E. Peurifoy said he had heard of no such See REDS on Page 5 Joycee Officers To Be Installed Thursday Night Installation of incoming officers of the Blytheville Junior Chamber Of Commerce will be conducted at a banquet at Razorback Thursday Anight, George Anderson, chairman of the event, announced today. Speaker will be Jim McDaniels, Jonesboro attorney and onetime candidate for Congress. Frank Harshman will be installed as president of the organization succeeding Billy Boone. Others who will ta,ke office are Joe Warren, first vice president; Joe Bill McHaney, second vice president; Ted Bourzikas, secretary; Harold Davis, treasurer; and board members, Nick Powers, Jack Owen, Emery Francis and Bob Warren. Mr. McDaniels, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1948, was a lieutenant colonel in the Army during World War II and was named outstanding young man of the year during his residency in New York City. Bill Hrabovsky will be master of ceremonies for the banquet which will begin at 7 p.m. Entertainment will be proviso:! by Roorcr Sudbury, Danny Cobb and Eugene Still, Jr. of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Assn.. Shanley accused Democrats in Congress of throwing "important roadblocks" in the path of the administration's legislative program, Approved by Ike It was the first time anybody high on the White House staff has sounded off so bluntly against the Democrats. In doing so. Presidential Special Counsel Shanley reportedly had Esienhower's approval. And that touched off speculation that the President may be getting set to speak out himself, perhaps with an eye to the coming congressional elections. Eisenhower has said that unless the Republicans enact, what he terms a dynamic and progressive program, they won't deserve to win in the November elections. But so far he has refrained from cutting loose a* the Democrats. One obvious reason is that his program can't be put across without their cooperation, so closely is Congress divided. The President also has said he Lodge Says Red China'Wholly Unfit' for UN number Democrats. In his speech Shanley also suggested that former Vice President Alben W. Barkley and other Democrats are trying to ride to victory in November on Eisenhower's coattails. Barkley is bidding for election to the Senate seat now held by John Sherman Cooper, Kentucky Republican who is seeking re-election. Shanley did not mention him by name. Barkley said in New York that if Shanley's statement, "had reference to me it is utterly preposterous." Listing the "roadblocks," Shanley spoke of "the solid vote of the opposition party to the major portions of the President's program." He mentioned the Democratic votes against <1> administration tax revision proposals in the House. (2) amendment of the Taft- Hartley law in the Senate, and (3) a proposed constitutional amendment to lower the voting age to 18. The tax bill passed the House, U.S. Delegate Calls Demand for Entrance 'Strange Paradox' CHICAGO UPt—Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., U.S. representative to the U.N., declared today he considers the Chinese Communist regime "wholly unfit" for representation in the U.N. He called it a "strange paradox" that the Chinese Communists demand to be let into the U.N. while at, the same time persistently attacking it. He drew up an indictment of the Chinese Communists which the U.S. mission to the U.N. described as "the most comprehensive bfll of particulars yet presented by a U.S. official "against Chinese Communist representation in the U.N." In an address prepared for the 70th annual spring meeting of the Inland Daily Press Assn., Lodge's counts ranged from charges of direct aggression to the use of narcotics for subversive purposes. Lodge said that, considering their policy and practice "it seems to me a very strange kind of moral blindness which can advocate that the Chinese Communists be regarded as a 'peace-loving' state fit to sit in the U.N. Resistance Promised "I can promise you here today that the United States will steadfastly resist all maneuvers by the Chinese Communist regime and its Ark-Mo's Employes Boost Industry Fund Blytheville's industrial fund was given a lusty kick upward today when Arkansas-Missouri Power Company's em- ployes came in with a $4,500 investment total. The report, which brings Ark-Mo employes up to the $4,800 mark, pushes the $150,000 campaign to $142,595. but the labor and suffrage meas- j advocates to bribe its way into the ures were blocked in the Senate. United Nations on mere promises of good behavior in the future." Lodge accused the Chinese Communists of being "guilty of flagrant aggression"—direct a^es- sion in Korea, concealed aggression in Indochina and internal aggression against the Chinese people. Lodge told the group the Chinese Communists "have consistently refused to respect United Nations' resolutions and decisions, particularly those dealing with Korea. "in fact," he said, "they seem to villify all United Nations action See U. N. on Page 5 It marked the most successful phase of the Junior Chamber of Commerce-sponsored employes' division campaign and brought the balance of the drive down to four digits for the first time. All but an estimated half-dozen of Ark-Mo's 150 employees invested in the building which will house Central Metal Products here. Company spokesmen pointed out that since shares Were sold only in $25 denominations, it was practically impossible to get 100 per cent participation. As it was, the Ark-Mo group averaged better than a share of stock per employe. In some instances, officials pointed out, the company made stock purchases available by loaning the money for the stock and then using a payroll deduction system to gradually amortize the loan. Chamber Finance Committee Chairman Unwell Phillips was high in of the Ark-Mo drive and the work employe division drive." Chamber officials today were still anixously awaiting the completion of details with the Kansas City firm. They would like to see construction started within the next day or two. 300 Kibitzers-All Experts ELMIRA, N. Y. -There were 300 kibitzers on hand last night when firemen doused a small blaze in the kitchen of the Mark Twain Hotel. The advice came from delegates to the 27th annual conference of the Eastern Assn. of Fire Chiefs. Weather Forfeits Speeding Bond Frank Hall of 309 Walker forfeited *10 bond in Municipal Court his praise of "both the spirit this morning on a charge of speed- tte Jaycee* in conducting the I ing. i ARKANSAS—Considerable cloudiness and mild this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday; scattered showers and thundershowers. MISSOURI — Cloudy through Wednesday; occassional showers this afternoon and tonight becoming heavier with local thunderstorms Wednesday; little change in temperature. Maximum yesterday—88. Minimum this morning—M. Sunset today—7:03. Sunrise tomorrow—«:51. Mean temperature (mldwfcy between high and Iow--76. Precipitation last 24 hour* to 7:0t a.m. today—none. Precipitation Jan. 1 to d»t«—ID.flT. This fate Last Year Maximum yesterday—93. Minimum this morning—73. Precipitation January 1 »o

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