The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1937
Page 8
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t Is The Algona Upper Pea Motftea, Algona, lowa> Pec, ft, 1&37 START QUARTHtLY SOOALSECURTTY RETURNS IN W8 December Last Month to Make Monthly Return; Important News After the month of December, H87, tax returns under Title VIII «t the Social Security Act will be gfed quarterly Instead of monthly. 1I» quarterly return will be a com- ftlned tax and Information return. TChe first quarterly return will be tot "January, February and March, IMS, and must be filed In the office «f the Collector of Internal Revenue not later than April 80. 1938. Blank forms for the filing of this return wilt be mailed taxpayers in •ufflclent time for preparation cud filing before the due date. Ttat Return for December Taxpayers' monthly tax returns for December, 1837, must be filed as usual In the office of the Collector of Internal Revenue not later than January 31, 1938. Blank forms (SS-1) will be mailed taxpayers for that purpose. Information Return for Period July 1 to December 81, 1MT Taxpayers are also required to file returns showing the total wages on which tax was paid by them, and the amount of wages paid to each employee by them, during the period from July 1 to December 31, 1937. Blank forms (SS-2 and 88- Sa) wfll be supplied taxpayers for that purpose. They must be filled out and filed in the office of the "•^'lector of Internal Revenue not later than January 31,1938. Union 4 Program Union: Miss Khutson, teacher in District No. 4 Is planning a Christmas program to be given Friday evening, Dec. 17th at the school. Everyone is Invited and the program will be free but lunches will be sold. LABOR PAINS/ m The Orley Hobsons. Fort Dodge, were dinner guests Monday nt the D. T. Hobson home. A post-nuptial shower for Mrs. W. R. O'Donnell was given Wednesday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lyle Marlow. Al 7h, STOP SICKNESS an SLOW GROWTH Qua- TEN TEARS AGO Clark Peck, a resident of Kosnuth county for over 55 years, had died at the K.ssuth hospital where he had been taken for treatment Mr. Peck had been one of the early settlers in this county and had for & number of years resided upon a farm in Union township. • • • For several years the Algona postoffice had been doing business without a lease. The lease had expired several years ago. and as the room had been too small for the amount of business done at that ime, a change of location had been contemplated. A representative of the postoffice department was to come here and was to lay out plans after which new fixtures were to be nstalled in the First National Bank luilding. and when accepted the ease was to be made. • • • Owing to a nevcrc storm, the Kossuth county teachers' institute had been postponed indefinitely by Sup- rintcndent Shirley. He had had a splendid program arranged and had .he best talent obtainable booked 'or the occasion. At that time, Mr. Shirley did not know when the institute would be held. • * • Two fire* In Algona had failed to do any great amount of damage. The first fire had been at the Chas. Clement home on South Jones street, and the roof had been bad- DOBt l*t i •refits! Oatr Ic par w»rt Mch ttf with MASTER dldM. Scientifically Form Tested—Guar•Radio Advertised. FOB SALE BY: Herb Furst 217 Elm St., AlRona Plume 089-J 49* XMAS TREES Green Painted Silver Palnh>d Western and Northern Minnesota Trees Buy Yours Early Long's L, ATTENTION—FARM HOUSEWIVES TREE DISHES Every day (Mon. tlmi Pri). until further notice y<m lutvt- a <-liaure tu win a l>ca\nil'ul '.'>'!piece set of dishes—service I'm- (!. These dishes make ideal Christmas uit'ts—-either tu yourself or tu someone un vour Christmas li-t. And hest of all T11KKK IS XOTIII\<! TO lil'V. For complete details listen to the McCormick-Deering Program Station KiiLO (1210k,-) Ma>on City -Mon. thru Fri. 11:1.') to 12:1.') i,oou sponsored li\McCormick-Deering Store Phone 52 Aljzona. Iowa ftJVJWAPAWUVWAVW^^ The Algona Auction Co. We are here to »erve both the ilion in Algonu every Saturday. and buyer ut our pav- Saturday Dec. 11 W« have u lot ol wjme shop tools and out or two u»»-d kccond hand cur*. If you are looking for bonu- good cju-^, i*. on hand. On our Saturday Kales we will sell anything that you hay.-, Including furniture, posts, potato*-*, apples and all kinds of fruit, machinery and some odds and ends of live stock. Also expect to make thin our Horse Sales Day. We have a team of mules UsU-d for this sale. Don't forget we handle the DeLavuJ separator. Keineinber we sell the full line of Mai*ey-iiari U machinery. Tuesday, Dec. 14 Boii't forget that we uiU sell by weight or head. Also Other mixed lot*. We have the bn»t of buyers, su bring in anything you have to »elL Don't furgt-ttliooe veal calves as we feave buyers for them. Consign your stock to m» as ue will do all we uui to get the best prices. W«s ejtpctt to have good buyers for eatli side, so plan on liuthing these sales your nalea. BK1NU IN VOl it liUAUS. Open Every Da}'. Sale Baru phone 77 Start ou stoek at 1:80 TEB11S—<Ja»h. No property removed until settled for. \*. , (J • R I D mJ • 1* lL« Operator and Auctioneer Raymond Riddle, Clerk 34 ly burned, believed to have started from sparks froip a defective chimney. The second fire had been the Guy Mantor home, starting by a burned match or cigarette, which had been dropped into the waste paper basket. • * • Between 600 and 700 auto licenses had been sold by the county treasurer's office, and the demand for the 1928 numbers had been steadily increasing. By next week it was expected that people getting the numbers would have to stand in line for a time before they would be waited on at the treasurer's office. • * * Mrs. Ruth >'asby, of Ottumwa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. D. James had been expected here for a visit until after Christmas. • • * Mrs. Abnor Long had been railed to New Hampton by the death of her father, J. T. Jackson, who died suddenly from heart trouble. • • • The duplicate bridge club had entertained their husbands at a dinner at the home of Mrs. Al Falken- hainer. The Christmas idea had been carried out in decorations, and after the dinner bridge had been played. Mrs. M. P. Weaver had won the high score. m • * Airs. Elsie Cady and Evelyn Cady had been to Mason City, called there by the death of G. W. Cady. TWENTY YEARS AGO J. 8. Trontman, one of the be«l known and prominent farmers of Union township, had died suddenly of heart trouble, while in the field husking corn. Mr. Troutman had a husking machine and had been accompanied by Mrs. Troutman on going to the field. An empty wagon had been ready to be loaded, and he had remarked that he would brush out the snow with some corn husks. He had walked over to the field while Mrs. Troutman watched the horses. When she looked up, she saw him lyin^ on the K r °un<i. and ran to his assistance but was unable to get any response. She got help, but Mr. Troutman had passed on. • • • W. II. Freeman, who was the well known postal clerk, had enjoyed a visit from his older brother, Walter. They had not met for 37 years. Walter Freeman was at that time employed In the federal land depart ment and lived in Nebraska. • » » Thousand* of persons of limited means had been prevented from assisting Uncle Sam by the buying of a Liberty Bond because they did not have $50 andvstill they had been as patriotic as mmiy who had made large purchases. The gov- i-inrntnt realized this and had made arrangements whereby even boya and girls could be enabled to invest their pennies and help pay the ex- j< of the war. This plan was to purchase war saving stamps, which were to be sold from the post office at $4.12. No person was to allowed to purchase over $100 worth at any one time or to be able to hold over {1,000 worth of hose securities. • • • K. J. .Murtagh had been Initiated nlo the Shhntrij' degree at Dea Woines. Frank Seller and H. C. Adams had gone down with Mr. Vturtagh to give hirn pointers on :he most improved manner of riding the goat. • • • The board of supervisors met in regular session. They had ordered record book to be kept by the county recorder, in which the names of every soldier from the county were to be recorded along with the division to which he had belonged. • • • James Stewart had visited with relatives at Armstrong. • • • Bert Norton had attended the stale meeting of grocerymen that was held in Des Moines in an effort to find out how the govern ment wus going to allow the groc crs lo sell sugar and other supplies that were being regulated by the government. Mr. Norton had said that it hi*d been a hard matter for the grocers to find out what tht government had planned to do. There had been u new sou in the Sam Medin family, which made their fourth boy. • • * At a I-adJtV Aid meeting at the Congregational church the following officers had been elected: president, Mrs. Herbal; vice president, Mrs. R. Miller; second vice president, Mrs. H. K. Morgan; secrctury. Mrs. J. O. Paxaon; treasurer. Miss Jennie Pettibone. Best Buy of the Year For only throe cents per week, or $1.50 per year, in The Algoua Upper Des Moines, YOUR weekly county-peat newspaper, yon get: ll_News from 25 to 30 correspondents located in all sections of Kossuth county. 2—A summary of all county-seat court news, official board proceedings, tax news, and everything pertaining to the biggest business in Kossuth county, running the county. 3_-A weekly summary of national and world news, found nowhere else, in this paper in "The March of Time". (Edited by the editors of Time Magazine and the moving picture feature, "March of Time"). 4—The Man About Town, which sneaks for itself. "Odds and Ends," personal tidbits from here and there, about people you all know. 5—News pictures of local, national and international events, reproduced in this newspaper within four to five days after the event happens. 6—A well-balanced presentation of advertising and want ads, worth their weight in gold to thrifty shoppers, who save many times the paper's cost by shopping through the ads. , We'd like to have your name on our list, if it isn t *' now. - In combination with The Kossuth County Advance, the subscription price is $2.50 per year in Kossuth county for both papers, and $4 per year outside of the county. Subscription prices tubject to change without notice. It's a Wonderful Age We Live in! Union: Efficiency in farming? This story from Union township is something—can anyone tell a better one regarding efficient operation? A mounted corn sheller proceeded to shell corn on the Hugh Herman farm, tenanted by Karl Taylor. The shelter was placed In such a position that the corn • could roll into the trough of the sheller with little exertion. The spout of the sheller delivered the shelled corn into Taylor's elevator and elevated the grain into a bin close by, while the husks were blown directly into a nearby shed, to be used for bedding. The cob carrier delivered the cobs lnto*an empty wagon near the water tank to be used for fuel to run the tank heater.- 2 Farm Sales Listed lit Paper Farm sales listed f«f the coming week follow: Thursday, De«. ttttfc—At 6. H. Weaad place, onfr-haij mil* eaat and two mites north of Bwrt, sale of 111 Head uvettw*, detail* In today's paper. Thursday, Dee, IWfc—At Paul dark place, thrte mites east and one south of Algona, complete sale, listed In todaV* P*P**, elsewhere. The MARCH OF TIME i " mao.o. i.»«. OTT, Prepared by the Editor* of TIME The Weekly Newsmagazine LOVE AND HATE- DEATH OF MACDONAI.D LOSSIMOUTH. Scotland: Thret days out from Liverpool last week on the small British liner "lieim del Pacifico". slowly plowing its way south towards Bermuda and a South American cruise, most of the passengers were just finishing a hearty dinner. Too ill to cat his. however, was the "Reina's" most distinguished passenger, James Ramsey MacDonald. At 8:45 he quietly died of heart failure at the age of 71. Few men living have been more beloved by their friends or maligned by their acquaintances than Ramsey MacDon*ld. A sentimental Lowland Scot who loved to write sad verses for his friends, he was a founder of the British Labor Party, the first person to bring it to a position of importance in Bn'.ixh affairs, three times Prime Minister of Great Britain and un intimate personal friend of King George V. Yet "traitor" was a word hurled at him over and over throughout the last 20 years. Because he spoke out loudly against British entry in the World War in 1914 he was ostracized as a traitor to the nation for years. Because he felt it necessury to abandon the principles of the i/ld Labor Party in forming his coalition cabinet or "National Govern- ment" in 1931, Ramsey MacDonald was called a traitor by most of British organized labor. Failing eyesight-and mental depression broke his health. The Crown, anxious to honor him, offered him an earldom last May, but Scot MacDonald turned It down lest It crimp the political chances of his son Malcolm, who Is Secretary of State for the Dominions. Because doctors worried greatly over Scot MacDonald's increasing melancholia, he was sent on the "Reina del Paciflco" cruise with his youngest daughter, Sheila, for companion. With his body still at sea, the Britiab Government proffered him the honor of a Westminster Abbey burial This the MacDonald family politely refused. For years Ramsey MacDonald had hoped to be buried In his beloved Losslmouth, beside his still more beloved wife, Margaret Ethel, who died in 1911. "In Lossiemouth arc both my licaVl and my hearth, said he. "A Lossie loon (boy) was 1 born, and a Lossie loon shall 1 die." - f\ — NO S-O-8: GREEK TRAGEDY— MOREHEAD, North Carolina: Outward-bound to Rotterdam with a treacherous cargo of scrap-iron last week, the 5,815-ton Greek freighter "Tzenny Chandrts" had barely cleared the port of Merehead City, when In the lash of a Whining nor'easter she sprang a leak. After a three-day battle against heavy seas that left her in bad shape off Cape Hatteras, her frightened crew of 28 begged Captain George Coufo- pandelis to flash an S. O. S. to one of the several vessels which passed by. But he ordered them back to the falling pumps, confident the old freighter, bought from th« U. S. Maritime Commission, would ride out the storm. As their plight grew worse. Third Engineer Bortas Balaskas slipped into the radio room at 4:15 a. m. stood over the operator with drawn knife, commanded him to break the captain's orders anAsend ajcall for help. It was too late. Dislodged as the gale tossed the ship, the "Tzen- ny Chandrls' " cargOfShlfted. She listed craKlly, water rose In the hold, the pumps ceased as the freighter foundered. All hands s6ramb»ed excitedly off Into the dark, cold water. Thirty-two terrible hours later Commander Henry Coyle's Coast Guard cutter "Mendota" picked up the last of the 81 survivors who clung to bobbing bltt of debris. Captain Coufopandells bore_a, painful gash on the bridge" of his nose, the bite of a sailor who shared the captain's improvised raft and went mad from drinking salt water. The others, six of whom were saved by the C. D. Mallory tanker "Swift- sure", told a gruesome tale: the sea had suddenly become alive with sharks. Helpless comrades could only look on as, the man-eaters tore the bodies of two seamen to bits, pulled a third through his life belt. Churning the water with their feet, as the sharks slashed at them, the other terror-stricken sailors drove off their tormentors. Finally Lieut. A. C. Keller spotted the survivors from his naval plane, dropped smoke bombs and plunged down in dangerous power dives. which frightened off the sharks lonsr enough for the "Mendota" to reach the scene, pull the exhausted mariners from the water 40 miles from the grave of the luckless "Tzenny Chandris." ing to be the nephew of a rich Pac- We coast gangster, the agent caned on Chin and they became fast friends. Vflhen the agent went East to buy opium for his "uncle", he had a warm letter of introduction from Chin to tongman Jimmy Wong, was introduced to Treasurer Ko Wing Chuck of the Hip Sing Tong. The agent bought a generous s«p« ply of opium, then went to Chicago where Tong men were so entranced with his personality and appetite for opium that, when he capped his friendly gestures by presenting them with a wad of tickets to the Braddock-Louls prize fight, they Initiated him Into the Chicago branch of the Tong. He brought along a fellow agent, had him initiated also. By this time, the agent was also expressing an Interest in heroin and morphine, which the Tong members were able to supply through a group of white friends Who apparently had a reciprocal treaty for opium trading with the Tong. Not until the agents had spent $10,000 and almost two years laying their plans did government officials give the signal to draw in the net last week. New York and Brooklyn provided the biggest haul—five Tong members, ten of their white friends, and one extraneous Chinese. In Chicago two. more were arrested, In Pittsburgh one, in San Francisco two—In Butte two—Chin Joo Hip and Chin Joo Hip, Jr. NUTS OR GENIUS? THE PATH OP PROGRESSWASHINOTON: Patents granted various optimistic inventors by the U. 8. Patent Office during the past few weeks include an apparatus for compressing air against the ear drums to exercise the ears; a net to protect cities from airplane bom- wet ankles; ™ 'rubber to diminish «.» of foul balls; doughnut bath soap, to be worn on a around the baUiert neck £» keep It from escaping; a to oth- brush with a rubber bulb ,t*\ tt£ handle for rinsing the teeth while brushing; women's cigarettes which/ produce smoke of any desired color;: spiral wrappings for hot dogs; a gun. which shoots a disk on the end of a plunger at house Hies; a pie pan* with markers on the edge to facilitate cutting pie Into just and equal pieces; side bumpers for auto- Ottosen 0. P. G. Meets Ottosen: The O. P. C. met at tha. Truesdell home with Mrs. Kennetn Stephenson as hostess. Scripture, Psalm 23, was read by Mrs. Clara Lander; lesson on Handmade Elegance by Mrs. Nelle Movlck; spec- " ------- —-- •- ial JnuBlc Digest, Mrti by the i» Mar; hostess; Reader's* Srle Morgan. More Scarlet Sever Ottosen; Three mote cases of scarlet fever at Ottosen: Paul Wat- nem, son df Mr. end Mrs. Percy Watnem; Mrs. fitenry Knuteson, wife of the creamery man and the Noah Anliker family. Motor Mishap Cars belonging to Dr. J. A. Mueller, Fenton, and Henry 8chroed«r r Lone Rock, collided northeast of Fenton a few days ago, according to a report at the Kossuth sheriff* office. The occupants were uninjured. OPIU>I. TRAPPED TONG WASHINGTON: Simultaneously one night last week 60 agents of the Treasury Department's Narcotic Bureau conducted raids In Chicago, San Francisco, Butte, Pittsburg and New York, captured 23 persons suspected of using the Hip Sing Tong (American-Chinese secret organlz- 1 atton) aa the frame-work of a nation-wide naroctlcs ring doing $1,000,000 worth of business a year. Organization and origin of last week's raid dates back to 1936 when a Narcotics Bureau Agent In Seattle arrested a Chinese on a minor charge, learned about a much more Interesting compatriot named Chin Joo Hip in Butte, Montana — a wrinkled, cadaverous torigman with drooping white muntache. Pretend- For Sale FOR SALE3—Genuine black Krtg- Iish bhepherd pups, mother from Sunnyside kennels, A-l cattle and watch dog. —Fred C. McWherter, it. 1, Whittemore, Iowa. 48-49 FOR SALE—Ludwig banjo and case. Cost $140.00 new, will sell for $45.00.- E. J. Neville. 49 FOR SALE-—Ford heater, Ills 1935 and 1936 cars. Used 2 months. $10.00. Harrison water heater, $4.50. Inquire at Upper Des Moines. VJ FOR SALE Purebred Spotted Poland China boars, cholera immune. New blood lines for old customers. 3 miles northwest Whittemore.- Mike Higgins. 49- 50* acre farms in Kossuth county now on the market. Webster silty clay loam soil (our best type), all tillable; full set of buildings, on good gravelled road, readily accessible to markets, school and church; has telephone and rural mail. Ask at once for further detailfl.f—H. D. Hutchins, Broker, Algona, lov/a. 48* FOR SALE—A few Duroc Jersey boars. I'hone 12196. Burt, Iowa. —C. E. Sigsbee. 46-47-48-49' FOR SALE—Duroc boars.—P. M. Christenaen, Ix>ne Rock, Iowa. 46-tf Wanted FOR SALE -Purebred Hampshire boars, both fall yearling and spring. These are lengthy, heavy bred individuals. Also one two year hero boar.—Joseph Skow, Wesley. 49* FARM LOANS—Approved without expense. Low rates. Write W. C. Irelan, Algona, Iowa. 48-49* For Bent FOR SALE—Two liew 5-room bungalows, with garage, just completed. One located Minnesota and McGregor, other Elm and Phillips. Phone 109. «'-tf FOR RENT— New, modern complete set farm buildings, with five acres of good farm ground, besides bldg. lots, on gravel road, close to school and pavement, 10 miles from Algona. Will rent for one year next March to good, responsible party only.— McDonald Real Estate FOR SALE--Two new, fine room bungalows with garage, just completed; one located at Minnesota and McGregor, other at Elm and Phillips. Phone 10«. 49* FOR SALE—Jap hullsss popcorn, new type, extra good, freshly husked, shelled and winded. Pops like lightning.—Merle Weliendorf. 48-39* A UtriUiitK uew detective mystery uovel by ttuUi Burr 8aii- boru. Begin reading it ill the American Weekly, the magazine distributed with Next Sunday's Oiicago Herald and Kx- I'HEO CARS, bargain*, all in A-l condition. See us; be convinced. *ii mtkts; :M model*. We trade; easy terms.—KC.'JT MOTOK C., Algumt. lov-a. 4!) FOR SALE—At a Bargain, Ono 1932 Chev. truck with large grain box, also one .'436 F->rd tudor sedan. —Western Crdeit Company. 4Stf FOR SALE—Brand new Corona and Underwood portable typewriters, un ideal Xmas gift, $39.50 and up. Rebuilt standard size Underwood, $::7.50. Remington standard, $26. On display ut the Algona Upper Des Moines. ONLY $121 AN ACRE and only $4.500.00 down by March 1st, 1938, will buy one of the choicest 240 Algona, phone 126. 48 Miscellaneous WIOULD YOU LIKE to grow corn which does not drop its ears? See Walter Vaudt, Wnittemore, local representative for Pioneer Hi- Bred Seed Corn. 49* FARMS FOR SALE—All sizes prices, locution*. Terms to HU! you. List your farm with us.—Me Donald & Co. 10-t FARM LOANS—Ten year farm loans, 4H, no commission.—C. W Nlcoulin, Real Estate, Algona, Iowa 43-14* REAL BARGAINS on good 1m proved farms, *l»o real buys on Al xona Iota and homes.—Koblhaas Bros., pbone 23. 2A-t LOANS--Prompt appraisal on 20 year farm loans. No appraisal fe —no commission—no red tape— low interest.—Edw. Cnpesius HeUa Bldg., Algona, Iowa. 22-t NOTICE— Every want ad in Th Upper Des Moines with 3400 circu lation, is picked up and carrie without extra charge in The Sattir day Shopper, 2000 blanket circuit! tion of Algona and Algona routes Why b« satisfied with lesa? The Algona Upper Des Moines See the New 1938 CORONA Standard Portable Made by L. C. SmlUi Co. FOR NEW OR USED TYPEWRITERS SEE The Algona Upper Des Moines Athorizsd Underwood- Corona A Smith DwU«ri Annual December Promotion of New \_ Spring Cotton FROCKS CHRISCHILLES STORE Fashion Firsts Here's the first shipment of lovely new Spring Cotton Dresses—a brilliant, sparkling, daring array of colorful prints, designed to stimulate holiday buying. You'll Vint two or three of these attractive ' and you'll want several for gifts. « large assortment—all s«es—many 3*98 3.98 Store

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