The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1937 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 16
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; - • .».<* . * The Algona tTpper Des Moinea, Algona, low^ ^ec. 2,1937 . Free Movies and Free Dance in Algona Next Tuesday, December 9th RADIO BAND HO FURNBH MUSIC MdCottnick-Deering store Sponsoring Full Day's Program Roy Butzell, manager of the Mc- CormlcR-Deering store, stated today that arrangements have been complied for a McCormick-Deering day at Algona, Iowa, on Tuesday, December 7th. The day's program Includes free movies in the afternoon and a free dance at night The sound movies will be shown at the Iowa Theatre, starting at S:80 p. m. The movies include a IfUfety of short agricultural and educational films, as well as come• dtes- The afternoon show will be out about 4.SO p. *m. so as to give the farmers plenty of time £o get home and get their work done before the evening dance. farm dance will be held a the Anderson hall beginning at elgh p. m. Music for the 3ance will be furnished by the popular radio or chestra—Mac ind his Intematinoa Truckers. This orchestra is heard regularly over the radio from sta tioh KOLO at Mason City. Free balloons will be given away Special dancers fBnm Bernice Stock's School of the Dance will en tertaln between dances and at intermission. Several out of town visitors from the International Harvester Company are expected to attend this celebration, according to Mr. Hutzell. These include Mr. Lawson branch'manager; O. C. Murnan, assistant' branch manager; A. O Hageberg, credit manager, and R. !. Hughes, advertising manager; all of Mason City. Lolcal Harvester men who will mrticlpate in the meeting include X J. Bredall, blockman, Roy Hutzell, store manager; M. W. Coan, ractor salesman, J. L. Morgan, lairy equipment salesman, and S. O. Anderson, collector. Mr. Hutzell extends a personal nvltatlon ot every farmer to attend his McCormick-Deering celebra- ion. Greenberg Auto Supply Stock Reducing Sale Right in the Midst of the Holiday Season Auto Supplies All Prices-Cut to the Bone! No Use Mentioning Prices, We're Selling Every Item in Stock at a Low Price. Tires ! Tires By General and Gillett, One look and you'll buy These Boys Will Offer Free Dance Here, Dece 9th 1 Mac and his Internationa) Serenanders who will ntertain at a free farm dance. Tuesday, Dec. 7, in he V. F. W. Hall over Anderson's grocery, are pic- tured above. The dance, and a free movie at the Iowa that afternoon, are being sponsored by the local McCormick-Deering store, and its manager, Roy Hutzell. TIRE CHAINS WINTER FRONTS FOG LITES ELECTRIC AND KEROSENE FLARES HEATERS — BATTERIES — RADIATORS Tillotson Carburetors Safety Glass AXEL SHAFTS— DIFFERENTIAL GEARS Just a few of Our many Items You'll find anything you want here, for less $ $ SAVE MONEY— BUY AT THE Greenberg Aulo Supply AUJONA, lOV.'A The Place tn (let Autu Supplies Is at An Supply Store --That 's I's! FASTEST AUTOMOBILE TRAVELER—Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah: Captain George E. T. Eyston in the cockpit of his racer, "Thunderbolt", just after he had finished his assault on world records over the saline course here last week, when he traveled the fastest man has ever gone in an automobile—311 miles an hour. This broke the record of 301.1292 miles per hour made by Sir Malcolm Campbell here in 1935. NOTRE DAME DOWNS NORTHWESTERN— Evanston, Illinois: Before a capacity crowd of shivering football fans Notre Diimu whipped Northwestern 7 to 0 at Dyces field Saturday. Nov- tmber 20. Here's MeCormick, Notre Dame, getting a necking from ;i Northwestern tackier after gaining eight yards. Aul« The primitive man met dangers which were inevitable. We meet dangers which are preventable. Automobile accidents can be prevented. In fact, all accidents can hi- prevented. What makes the ruor;tl significance of this safety movement i.i the fact that we can. if we .viil. eliminate to a very large i'k-nt: the appalling dangers of ' modern lift. | We thoulil realize and appreciate jilie value of a human being. Not I M people stern to realize or appreciate that. The < regarding human life is tr.e great tragedy that ij-iiiK-i ov.-r h' industry. Only n/<tntly i.;n tt.'-rr developed a re- ^'-ird for human life, and we hope that thu regard will increase. The footon.-.t < an help considerably m solving thi.j problem by driving carefully. < and thoughtfully on our highways. a EARLY <z/u£ < BRING the wife and boys Hospital News FRltl mYVAUJEY ™CHOOL UAVS • »"'"' * ' --• -"-- iia«M Admission by ticket -Only CHAM »i ON p^$ ^aMaa^.^-— ••« ».<„„ /"i,.;;^^'-'»i». *• rhat's Newto farm tquipment A MM* >«•) •( «•» "*«•», «•« dt«*l«*>""""' W * * *J, n 0.... t«.w—•' » '-' """ '""• Juin the tiowd ind hjvc 4 yuuj time with Ui. LtJin *bout i machines, new mcthodi and new na/i of caltinj com. If you don't have- tickets, or need mofc, ask us for them " before the day of show. They are £K£E. KOSSUTH iGOUNIY IMPLEMENT CO,, ALGONA Kossuth flu*pitul Thursday. .November ll--Riciiard (j'C.'oimur of \\'e.^ley L;i*ere'l for major Mjr^<Ty. Thui.iday. November 1! Mr.i. Amelia Becker of Alyona entered lor rnedl* ,il care. I-'riday, November 12 Mr.-. Will- i.iu; K<nira of West Bend guvc birlh ti/ a baby boy. Saturday. November !.'{ ..... Mrs. Milie of Algona ^;we birtli to a baby ^ H J. Haturday. Novtrnbcr 13— M-ible I Wandlm^ ol Wesley, surgery. | .Sunday. November 11 - -l.U 1 M j Wull.ii e ui AiKuna, minor surgery. 'i'ue.-day. November lt>- -'i honias Kitz.->nninun-> of I.oiin Kuck tnt rc--J us u niedieal patient. Tuesday, November 10— John V/eber o? Algo/ia. me(iical. Wednesday, November 17 — Mrs. J. A. Suiifliitr of Swea City, baby boy. Cast Removed Union: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bacon took their small daughter, Joan Marlenc to Iowa City, about a week ago and had the cast removed from her hip. She is progressing satisfactorily and her hip is in perfect condition. However, she will not be' permitted to try to walk Gould Dinner Union: A family gathering was held at the Ben Gould home Sunday with a chicken dinner. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Jens Sorensen and daughter, Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Straytr and son. Sheridan of Irvington, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook and son, Junior of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gould and Bon, Ronald of Union. Council Minutes Citaerul iloi>uilul Monday. November 10—-Charlotte Kinscth of Algona underwent u.n appendectomy. Tuesday. November 10--L>. J. Brt- dal! of Algona, medical. A hum tit plenty ruuitiug ovtr with good tinned tu tat is on display at tilt Sortrisen grocery win- Uu.v. If suggesiliou iuu» an effect on one's mind he certainly cannot pass by the door after looking into the window. Nov. 25.—The City Council met in regular session with all the mem- bens present. It being Thanksgiving the meeting was adjourned to Nov. 26 at 8 p. m. Nov. 26, 1937: The City Council met at the City Hall in adjourned session with Mayor Specht, and all of the councilmen present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Ordinances No. 251 and No. 252 were passed. Resolution passed / authorizing City Treasurer to assign two $1000 Federal Land Bank of St. Louis bonds and receive proceeds received for said bonds. R. L. Robinault beer bond renewed. Following bills were allowed: APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 469 Electric Fund J. W. Kelly, salary JJ95.00 Leo Bellock, salary 110.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 15.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 125.00 Tom Halpin, salary 135.00 Walter Gorman, salary H. E. Stephenson, salary 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00 Adah Carlson, salary 140.00 Harold Roth, labor 105.60 Ernst Thiel, meter reading 28.50 Wm. Vanderwerf, et al, labor 63.60 United States Rubber Products, mdse 37.94 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. 42.41 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. 31.85 Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co., mdse 587.41 Electric Supply Co., mdse. 283.11 Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., mdse 3 14 Joslyn Mfg. & Supply Co., mdse. 36.60 Thoinpaon-Haywurd Cherii- icul Co., indue 12.00 Lunkenheimer Co., mdse 10.18 General Electric Supply Corp. mdse _ 4 7.60 Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse -232.40 Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse , 78.60 Terry-Durin Co., mdse 134.94 West. Electric Supply Co. ._ 81.29 Shell Petroleum Corp., gas oil ..._ 362.26 Shell Petroleum Corp., gas oil _ 398.44 Milwaukee Ry., freight on gas oil 424.40 Addressograph Co., mdse. .. 100.38 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse - 13.57 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs .. 6.54 Kohlhnas & Spilles .86 Pratt Electric Co., mdse. .. 66.34 Cresco Union Electric Co., mdse 3.30 Ry. Express Agency, express 1.55 H. W. Post, freight 40.36 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., service „ 16.54 Mrs. W. D. Nugent, return goods 10.00 Skelly Oil Co., gas & oil 5.83 Harris Bros., gas & oil 1.95 Algona Laundry, laundry .... 6.72 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse... 6.27 Alpona Ins. Agency, public liability 276.20 The Permutlt Co., mdse 75 Deposit Fund Harry Christcnsen et al, refund deposit 94.70 Water Fund J. W. Kelly, salary 75.00 Harry Barton, salary 130.00 Frank Ostrum, salary 130.00 LauraVMltchell, salary 110.00 Earl Bowman, labor 105.60 Ryfier Helmera et al, labor.... 88.88 Buffalo Meter Co., mdse 7"8.81 Neptune Meter Co., mdse. .. 175.10 Jas. p. Marsh Corp., mdse. 6.13 Wlgman Co., mdse 91.40 Lelghton Supply Corp., mdse. 37.37 Kossuth Motor Co., mdse. .. 7.62 Lalngr A Muckey, mdse. ....... 5.60 Botaford Lumber Co., mdse... .77 Ry. Express Agency, express .96 H. W. Post et al, freight .... 3.66 Skelly Oil Co., gas & oil ,. x 8.82 Algona Ins. Agency, public liability 138.10 General Fond Frank Green, salary 130,00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary .... 10.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary .... 112.00 R. H. Valentine, salary 110.00 Bert Norton, special police . 3.20 F. W. Green, dogs _ 2.00 K. '& H. Co-op. Oil Co., gas and oil 12.37 Harris Bros., gas and oil 1.60 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs 12.57 Northwestern Bell Telephone, service 3.32 Jesse Lashbrook, salary 30.00 Jesse Lashbrook, ulaary 99.00 Elliott Sklll'ing, man & team 125.89 Willard Gregson, man & team 117.42 Oliver Bakken, labor 78.61 Frank Skllllng, labor 61.60 George Gunder, labor 79.81 John Helmers, labor 74.30 Charley Harvey, labor 7.70 Spear & McVey, team work.... 45.03 J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., mdse 18.88 Austin Western Road Machinery, mdse 10.95 H. W. Post, freight 1.98 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 12.98 Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse 28.41 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 11.48 Greenberg Auto Supply, mdse 23.64 Kent Motor Co., repairs — 16.79 Harris Bros. Station, gas and oil STARS THE GIFT SEASON ELGINS Waldron & Solberg, gae and oil 7.47 9.29 Clapp's Master Service, gas and oil 17.83 Dutch Super Service, gas and oil 7.02 Thos. Akre, rent 10.42 Johnson D-X Service 15.45 Bert Whitmarsh, care of dump 25.00 Mrs. A. M. Colllnson, matron rest room 20.00 Dr. Sawyer, rent of rest room 25.00 Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse. ... .77 J. F. Overmyer, repairs 256 OIlie Robinault, refund cigarette license 37.50 Algona Ins. Agency, public liability 138.10 Sewer Fund J. W. Kelly, salary 30.00 Wm. Vanderwerf, labor 9.75 Botsford Lumber Co.. mdse. 1.41 Fire Fund C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 U. S. Fire Equipment Co., mdse 25.20 American LaFrance & Foam- ite Ind., mdse 14.00 Passed and approved this 26th day of November, 1937. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. tTe are featuring etpe- cialty the remarkable new tljetcel Lord Elgtnt and 19 Jewel Lady Elgin*. A»1t to tee theitil • It's a role these line watches hare been playing for more than three genera- tfons-«nd this year they are more brilliantly in the gift- giving spotlight than erer before. For they include the •enMtional new 21 jewel Lard Elgin wrist watches for men and the stunning W jewel Lady Elgin semi, baguettes— the most important timepiece creation, of the decade! All the models for men nare • raggedness and stamina that shows in every line. The models for women •™ *> g«T. *> appealinr— and still so trustworthy. See them all todayl Prices: *18.50 to $750.00. Tbtfu CD. tift. | Sourt Elfin t»co«tf. fa ln> ^ta, Mtor.1 .old. ttf.n A. H. Borchardt Drugs and Jewelry. Farmers Attention MeCormick Deering Day! Tuesday, December, 7th Free M Free D S Here's something to look forward to—a big party for you and your family at our expense, t MAV.OC Beginning at 2:30 P. M, IflOVieS - in the Iowa Theatre Beginning at 8:30 P. M. Music by Mack and his International Truckers (popular KGLO radio orchestra heard regularly on the noon-day McCormiek-Beering program) .Special numbers by pupils from Bernice Stock's School of the Dance. x SPONSORED -BY -THE MeCormick Deering Store ALGONA, IOWA R. R. HUTZELL, Mgr.

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