The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1937 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 12
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The Algona Upper Pea Moine*, Algofla, Iowa, Sec. 2, •SECOND'BILLY SUNDAY ARRIVES TO PREACH HERE Federated Full Grespelites Foresee Second Coming of Christ Called "a second Billy Sunday" by his followers, the Rev. Thomas Wyatt, evangelist who has been holding "old fashioned" revivals on the Pacific Coast, will open a three weeks' session here, starting today, at the Federated Full Gospel church located at South Thorlngton and Kennedy streets. The second coming of Christ is believed near, by the followers of the Federated church.' Look magazine for November 23, carried a full page of pictures pertaining to the Rev. Wyatt. One of them depots a woman, "slain by the lord", lying on the ground in prayer. Many of the worshippers claim that their prayers and Rev. Wyatt have cured them of disease. Children are also depicted praying excitedly as they "drive the demons from them." A picture supplement in the Portland Oregonian further elaborates on the wonders of Dr. WJr- att's preachings. His method Includes the "laying on of hands", in which he holds the head of his worshippers during their religious ecstasy. The local church has been under the direction of the Rev. Carl Davis, and Helen Cooper, who acts as pianist for the services. Lottery Laws It is again necessary for us to call attention to the postal lottery laws. Frequently we are asked to carry news about events which include lotteries. Any drawing or giving of prizes constitutes a lottery with the the postoffice department, and we must abide with their ruling to preserve our mailing rights. • Quit Your Knittin' Ladies— Two 1938 Ford V-8 Cars Displayed distinct lines of Ford V-8 cars are now being displayed in dealer showrooms. One is a newly- styled standard Ford line in three body types, the other a de luxe Ford line in eight body types. The de luxe Tudor sedan is pictured above. The de luxe sedans are larger in appearance, with longer hood and sweeping lines. Tfre de luxe cars are powered with the 85 horsepower V-8 engine, the standard cars with either the 85 or the 60 horsepower engines. Newly- styled interiors are- pictured at right New Instrument panel has Instrument group in front of driver, grille for radio speaker installation in center, flanked by engine controls and cigar lighter, and glove compartment at right. In the de luxe cars, the compartment locks, and a clock IB recessed In the compartment door. A headlight beam control Is fitted on the toe-bocrd. a tell-tale light on instrument panel indicates wusthar the headlight beams are raised or d 2 Big Sales On Next Week Farm sales listed with this paper for next week are as follows: Thurs.. Dec. 9th—George Kohl, three miles north and on<> and one-half west of Algona. Forty head livestock and full line ol machinery; see ad In today's paper. Thurs., Dec. 9th—Gottlieb Hansplman, three miles west and one-quarter mile south of Lu- Verne. Selling 134 head livestock and full line machinery; see ad in todays paper. To get a crowd at your farm sale, reach 3,400 families in The Algona Upper Des Moines. FOR SALE—Genuine black Engish shepherd pups, mother from Sunnyside kennels. A-l cattle and watch dog. —Fred C. McWherter, U. 1, Whittemore, Iowa. 48-49 FOR SALE—Jap hulless popcorn, new type, extra good, freshly husk- <j shelled and winded. Pops like Ig'htnlng.—Merle Wellendorf. 48-39* and get in on these wonderful bargains at the Annex What's the use of sitting around the house and knitting when there are such wonderful bargains down at the ANNEX. Really, ladies, for this week end we are offering these exceptional values. A lot of fine, pure silk, full fashioned silk hose (including some odd shades and sizes in the famous MKM hosiery) all sizes, but not all colors in all sizes—choice 4t»c or 1 for 98e- New styles in those fast color, full cut, stylish cotton dresses- sizes 14 to 20 only—the biggest value in years and regular 98c and $1.19 merchandise—choice 680, 2 lor $1.25. More new dresses in the $1.99 and $2.09 rack—these dresses sold for up to $10.00 and are positively the greatest dress <s>ilki bargains of the entire season. All iizes— don't pasjs these up. New short smocks for Christinas —fast colors *1.19 New satin lounging pajamas— special —$4-88 And sweaters, underwear, millinery and close-outs at your own price . . . (Leona has instructions from the "boss" to CLEAN HOUSE at the ANNEX which means selling regardless of former price). Grandmother of C. R. LaBarre Dies At Waterloo, Mon. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre went to Waterloo Tuesday, called by the death of the former's grandmother,' Mrs. Mary Jane LaBarre, 98, who died Monday morning. Mrs. LaBarre was a pioneer of the Water- oo vicinity where she had lived for 84 years. Up until the past year she had been active and in good lealth. She made her home with her son, C. A., father of C. R. Another son, C. F., also of Whterloo, survives. Funeral services were tield Wednesday at Waterloo. Delores Montag, Clarence Kenna Wed West Bend: Miss Delores Montag and Clarence Kemna were united in marriage Tranksgiving Dny. In Sts. Peter and Paul's church. Rev. that 8:30 Ads For Sale Lost-Found FOR SALE—A few DUroc Jersey boars. Phone 12196, Burt. Iowa. —C. E. Sigsbee. 48-47-48-49* For Eent FOR SALE—Chester White boars cholera immune.—S. B. Son, Renwlck, Iowa. Hefty & 48* A LARGER FARM—Will you trade your improved 120 or 160 acre farm on a 240 acre farm? We are authorized to offer the Froehllch Estate farm 1 mile south of St. Benedict on a sale or trade basis to enable settlement to be made among the heirs. High-class soil, complete set of buildings, gravel road, elephone, mail route, close to school, store and elevator. Our •government loans" are available to any right party to help in this deal. See us soon.-H. D. Hutchlsn, (Over Barry's), Algona, Iowa. 48 FOR RENT—New, modern complete set farm buildings, with five acres of good farm ground, besides bidg. lots, on gravel road, close to school and pavement, 10 miles from Algona. Will rent for one year next March to good, responsible party only.—McDonald Real Estate Co., Algona, phone 125. 48 FOR SALE—Spotted Poland China boars, price $19.00.—Howard Witham, 5'.i miles west Algona on 18. 47 ' 48 GIVE DIRECTIONS TO THOSE AFTER , 50c CORN LOAN Read These Instructions and Save Yourself Time, Trouble HI White has a dot- At«lover of do^s he is not confined to ofte. Various pictures of the canines adorn the •walls of his law offices. * * * We've heard of Swiss Jrodetors and nightingales but Farls Miner can put them all to shame with a brand of whistling which gets results in a hurry. It is called "Whistling up the Stairway." Although Fred Behlmer will be partially blocked out from hi*,share of the Xmas business by the construction of a new front ho wants it known his big stock is on hand and people can get in thrqugh the temporary door. How about a box of candy? Preliminary instructions to prospective borrowers of the fifty cent federal corn loan are as follows: 1. Call at the office or write to the Kossuth County Conservation office at Algona, Iowa, and inform them that you wish to seal corn. Tou will receive information whether you are or are not eligible to seal, evidence of which will be demanded by your sealer. 2. Only corn grown by an eligible owner is eligible for the Federal Loan and an eligible owner may buy and seat corn grown on a farm in compliance with the 1937 Agricultural program. A certificate of purchase and a certificate of eligibility from the conservation office will be necessary. room apar tment near a beautiful 3. If the corn owner Is a tenant, | k The , eaveg arft stm on tne find out whether consent of storage treeg and the suns hi ne | 8 warm and can be obtained until maturity of f riend i y _ Mountains are on two the loan. sides of the clty . *. Find out if all liens can be If wil] come down aome waived. If you expect to use a local .._._. loan, ask them Bournes Located At El Paso, Texas 1217 E. Yandell Boulevard, El Paso, Texas, Nov. 29, 1937—Algona U. D. M. R. Gentlemen: We arrived in El Paso O. K. after a pleasant and Interesting trip. Did some visiting and sight seeing along the way. Carlsbad Cavern was especially interesting. The great stretches of desert in western Texas and southerrt New Mexico are like a new world to an Iowa man. We are nicely located in a two- room apartment near a Grandjenett At Carroll, Idwa St Benedict: The John <Q»nd- jennet family received the «<> *«W» Monday morning that Mrs. Orand- lennet's mother had passed away some time Sunday. Joe drove to Rockwell to get his sister, Mrs. Frank Wiener to accompany them to Carroll, for the funeral which was Wednesday, Dec. 1. Mrs. Grandjennet has been called there again since last Friday. 6 Bancroft Homes Newly Insulated Six Bancroft homes have been Insulated within the past few days, bank to Ret this If they will assist you with these liens. a Remember your crib should meet the following specifications: Floor well above ground level, sides must be slatted to at least 6 or 8 feet above the ground and crib must be completely enclosed. Roof must be good. There must be opportunity for air passage on all sides. Cribs should be substantially built and braced with no danger of bursting. Width should not be so great as to prevent air passage through the corn. If the foregoing instructions can be complied with, the borrower is ready to call his sealer. However, he should be prepared to pay the sealing fee which after much deliberation, the Warehouse Board decided to leave at one-half cent per bushel. If the prospective borrower of Federal Corn Loans will give the sealer the assistance provided in the foregoing instructions, much expense of sealing can be saved and loans will be procured much quicker, H. J. Bode, secretary of the warehouse board stated. we will slip across the Rio Grande and see a real bull fight, but don't tell anybody. The last U. D. M. we received was Nov. 18. It will be like getting letters from home when It arrives. Respectfully. W. J. Bourne. Whittemore 4-H Officers Elected The Whittemore Whlzzers 4-H club met at the Carl Elbert home, Nov. 27, with Bertha Ebert and Amanda H. McWherter as 4-H leaders and hostesses. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Ileen Rochleau; vice president, Laurette Klsh; treasurer, Helen Kollasch; historian, Janice Elbert. Miss Pepoon of Algona was present. The next meeting will be at the home of Ileen Rochleau, Dec. 29th. All girls from 12 to 21 years of age are cordially invited to join. Miscellaneous FARMS FOR SALE—All slaes. prices, location*. Terms to suit you. List your farm with us.—McDonald A Co. 10-tf FARM LOANS—Ten year farm loans. 4H, no commission.—C. Wl Nicoulin, Real Estate, Algona. Iowa. 43-14* REAL BARGAINS on good Improved farms, t!so real buys on Algona lots and homes.—Kohlhaas Bro*. phone 22. 20-tf TANK HEATERS Hardware. at Johnson's 48 LOANS—Prompt appraisal on 20 year /arm loans. No appraisal fee • • red tape— —no low commission—no interest.—Edw. Capeaius, Heise Bldg., Algona, Iowa. 22-tf Jungblut read the ceremony united the happy couple at o'clock in the morning. The bride is the only daughter of Mrs. Will Montag and was graduate of the Rodman high schoo with the class of 1934. The groon is the son of Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Kemna near Wt-ot lienj. A wedding dinner was ..orve.J »• noon at the home of the hri.lj s mothir. They gave their rruiny friends n wtdding dance Hitunlay evening. They will h e at home to their many friends east of town on a farm. FOR SALE—Purebred Hamp- Bhire boars, both fall yearling and spring, These are lengthy, heavy bred individuals. Also one two year herd boar.—Joseph Skow, Wesley. 46-47-48 FOR SALE—At a Bargain, One 1932 Chev. truck with large grain ox, also one ma FTd tudor sedan. —Western Crdeit Company. 4*tf KEEP YOUR CLOTHES UPTODATE Remodeling Repairing Helming You can still use our front stairway, although the new front is under construction. Or you can use the west stair in the new building. Clopton the Tailor Phone 36 Over Behlmers FOR SALE—Brand new Corona nd Underwood portable typewrit- rs, an ideal Xmas gift, $39.50 and ip. Rebuilt standard size Underwood, $37.50. Remington standard, 25. On display at the Algona Up- ier Des Moines. ONLY .$121 AN ACRE and only $4,500.00 down by March 1st, 1938, will buy one of the choicest 240 acre farms in Kossuth county now m the market. Webster silty clay .oam soil (our best type), all till able; full set of buildings, on good gravelled road, readily accessible to markets, school and church; has NOTICE—Every want ad in The Upper Des Moines with 3400 circulation, Is picked up and carried without extra charge in The Saturday Shopper, 2000 blanket circulation of Algona and Algona routes. Why be satisfied with IttW? TheMan About Town Says Rev. Burgess is J.C,C. Speaker Rev. Burgess, new pantor Iff the M. E. church h«re, addressed members of the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday evening, at a general meeting here. About 20 members were In attendance. In the absence of President John Haggard, who is ill, Vic Steil presided. Julie Chrtachltle* likes the Johnson Wax program over the air. He vouches for that particular brand ?of floor wax. It is as good for polishing shoes as the floors. • • • Joe Bloom bemoan* the fate he cannot do business in his sleep. He I* sure more toys are sold after he nods into slumber than during a regular day. Toy chatter Is continuous throughout the night. • • • A business man waited on the writer of Up and Down the Street in the Saturday Shopper. With mind lingering back into the days of the school kid he recalled when his was the seat behind the writer in the Central building and often- time* he dipped the ends of her golden curls into the ink well. • • • Numerous driver* are Having the horns put In working shape on their cars. Not so much as to comply with the new city law but there is j a growing tendency of stopping at I several places at night and giving two honks or two becpa. Charles Akre Takes Job in Chicago Bank Charles Akre. who has beer, a title examiner in the Rlggs Bank in Washington, D. C., for several years has acctyited a position of similar nature with the Chicago Title A Trust Co. of Chicago. Ho and Mrs. Akre left Washington Saturday for their new home anrt Charles began work Tuedsay. The new position comes as a fine promotion for Charles, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tho«. Akre of Algona. the Cowan Building A Supply Co. reports. Homes are thole of F. Bradley, K. Kennedy, F. Thelse, A. H. Fuchi, ft. Bernard and Dr. Eagmn. BRING YOUR FOOT TROUBLES TO US Decide now that you are not going to suffer another day from needled--foot trou- bles.Cometoour Foot Comfort Department and let our special MBH^^^—-—— man tell you all abcut Dr. Scholl's Foot ComTort Appliances and Remedies. There is a separate device or remedy to relieve and correct every form of foot trouble. Places you under no obligation to get a free demonstration. We tell Foot Comfort as well as shoes. Brownell Shoe Co. Whittemore vs. LuVerne Whlttemore high school cagers defeated LuVerne, 30 to 21, Tuesday night at Whittemore. CORRECTION! Last week an item from LuVerne stated that Herman Hlntz, Sr., was riding in a car driven by Bill Rte- tau when an accident occurred. Mr. Hintz was not in the machine, and we gladly correct the .statement. Erpelding'a Sale Brought Good Price St. Joe: The J. B. Erpelding farm sale which was on Tuesday is re- markets, school and ehurcn; nas [)Orted to have brou&ht fair prices. telephone and rural mail. Ask at' Thg Er p e | dmgs w ju mov e into their once (or further detaild.<—H. D. Hutchins, Broker, Algona, lov/a. 48* BARGAINS IN OIL BURNERS at Johnson's Hardware. 18 FOR SALE—Choice purebred Duroc boars, vaccinated. Bargain prices—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 47-48* FOR SALE—Duroc boars.—P. M. Christenben. Lone Rock, Iowa. 46-tf house in Algona soon. Mrs. Mary Erpelding and sons of Whittemore have rented this farm for the coming year. GLASS CLOTH, 20c per yard at Johnson's Hardware. 48 We Aim to Sell Fuel so a! with ii service? so dependable and .spirii and roiirti- Iv that \'«'U will waul V Ml ll mv a vuiir friend- al from u,s. Exclusive Dealers of HI LO and ENERGY ROYAL BLUE JELLICO Super-X Stoker Coal Naudain Coal Co. KOSSUTH CO. FARMS—We have .sold all our farms in the county ex- cfcpt 3. We have the Thompson 297 acres, 3 miles N of Swea City, Edw. Satholf. tenant; the Johnson 154 acres l'» NW of LuVerne, Roy Guy, tenant: alao the Dennison 80. no bld{,'s.. 2 W of Bancroft. We want in dispose of these farms at once. Address W. L. Whitham. Webster City. W. F. Boylk-n. Box No. 143, Sioux City or Lincoln Joint Stock L'uid Bunk. Lincoln. Nebr. 47-48 Plan Santa's Visit, Election of Officers Fen ton: Santa Clam will make iis apperaance on the Fenton streets Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 21, and distribute sweets to the kiddies it wan decided at the November meeting of the Fenton Community club. Election of officers will take place at the December meeting, when there will be a membership drive and an oyster stew. The president Is setting a poor example for the learning boy in school. So much work needs finishing that he called an extra session of congress and then hikes out on a flshing trip. Can't blame the kids for playing hooky. Game flshing is over for another year. Even Tuesday, the last day, oiks with rod and reel were at the iver. So they are relieved, for the aw was open, and it also prohibited flshing through the ice as was be- ng done. A question arises. Did hey flsh legally or not? The Jack Johnstons sat down to lurkeyless Thanksgiving dinner. The Insurance company sent a turkey, a late arrival. As they discussed its absence the little rat ter rier scratched on the door. Jack opened and let it in. The dog walked toward the table where Mrs Johnson was sitting and placed a Hurry! Last Call THIS IS THE TWELFTH AND FINAL WEEK IN A. * P.. GREAT WORTH OF PRIZES You can Win Too. Ask for Details. TURN TO-TfA TODAY ORDIR DEUCIOUS VIT»'li;iNC (l» NOW LIST WITH US the type of farm you want to buy or sell. We mean business and make no charge unless we can be of service to you.—H. D. Hutchins. Licensed Real Estate Broker, Phone 205-W, Algona, la. 48* Wanted Economy? Phooey! Many opponents of Presideni Roosevelt have been hammering him to reduce federal spending Monday he announced a plan to reduce federal expenditures for roads. Wednesday morning the secretary of the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce and some others were quoted as being "greatly opposed" to curtailed road funds. Where should economy begin? The answer seems to be always, with somebody else. Glen Mino, Dad I Lone Rock: A boy was born on i Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Ulen Mino out C. Jrtlan, Algona, Iowa. 48-ia* E. State St. Phuue 212 '®#ffiff l ffa<jxo^^ WANTED — Hom t . butchering work by experienced butcher. Call 71&-W or 343 Algona.—Andrew HolUbauer. 4«» VMANTED TO RENT—A farm on shares, ajl personal property cleur. Reference if wanted.- H. C. Kruck- enbreg, Heron Lake, Minn. 48* Mid Continent Program I A demonstration by U. S. Wilson ' of the Mid-Continent petroleum < corporation will be presented next 1 Monday evening. Dec. 6th. in Li.t ; Legion hall, at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Wil| son, who ii an exoeiienced chmeist, will run te.its on gasoline end oil products. The publir is invited. bird it had been carrying in its mouth at her feet Then he looked up a* though he knew exactly of the absence of a fowl and understood the conversation. There are many cases like that of a man who for many years drove a truck for a local coal company without an accident. Because his eyes were not perfect he was denied a drivers' license. The past two years have seen lots of folks considered physically handicapped weeded off the highways. Wonder if the law is not too drastic on some and too lenient on the others. Certainly with all those denied the privlege of driving a car one would think of safety as a growing institution but it is just the opposite. More deaths and more accidents from the physically fit year after year. • * • If pulchritude has anything to do with getting votes as some have accused the lady voters of falling for, Sheriff Loss need not worry about another election. He has for a deputy the kind of man Hollywood in fter. A fine dresser, well built, good looking chap with a pleasing voice and manner is Art Cogley. • 9 9 It 1* generally understood that the cornirs were reserved for unloading ionuu with a ten miimU: parking limit. However, there seem to be a few privileged persons whose cars can remain there for ten limes that ten minutes. When ubout it one fellow suitl he juit drove around the block and back and parked again. NECTAR BLACK Tea i Ib. pkg. 15c H Ui. pkf. 29c NECTAR GREEN Tea k Ib. pkg. lOc H Ib. pkc. 17c White House Evap. Milk 3 tall cam 20c A. * P. Big Twist Bread 3 loaves 25c lona full *td quaL 4 No. t cans Tomatoes 25c Armour's Pure Star Lard .2 Ibs. 25c Navy Bean* 6 Ibs. 25c Spry —3 Ib. can 49c Sultana Br. Sle. 8 N«. ttt cans Pineapple BOc RED CROSS PAPER Towel* 2 roll* 19c M 0*. Pkg- Oxydol 21c M os. pkg. 57c Toilet Soap Camay cake 5c White Napth* 10 re«. ban P&GSoap __29c 10 l«. ban 85c Hormels lOtt OB. can Ala King 29c Hornier* Spiced Luncheon Meat—-12 02 tin 29c Dinty Moore Beef Stew 2 24 02. cans 29c Comfort in seeing is necessary for complete erijoyment.Perfect fitting glasses that enable you to See dearly with* out strain ia one of science's greatest gifts ),-n,to man. A thorouabK , *t ,examination period!- . cally» will-help assure.;.,. •. you of healthy virien < ., , and eye comfort. A. W. Amunson OPTOMETRIST Over BorchardU Drug Store RICHARD ARLEN, popul.r Colorablt Plcnrei «*r, now ippearins ia "The Murder in Greenwich VUl»««".witelj itUettS modern tir-condl- tioned Coolcntor for » Chrittau sift to hit wileJobrot Rilston. 1OBYNA RALST6N. tttr«ctir» wife of Ricbud Arlea. ii funtd for her ctnfmiac dlaniti M th* Adm's Totect Ukt hooM. Whh h« n*w Coolcn- tor, IB* will now eoior th* tetr lot word ia modern refrUerndoo. A GIFT THAT MEANS IDEAL REFRIGERATION FOR THE ARLEN* ... AS IT DOES FOR OVER KO.OOO OTHER AMERICAN FAMILIES TAKE a tip from the stsn of Holly wood. To keep-food § fresh and ostursl'tii ting, they chooie Coolerator, the sir-conditioned refrigerator. You. too, csn celebrate Christ' mas with Coolerator. But first, try better... how one filling of ioa ordinarily Isats from foot to smrf days... how you can main ic* cubes in only 5 minutes. Then compare a big, beautiful Coolerator with any other kind ... and rejoice, along with 3*0,000 mas Wlin VAMJICr*lUEi UUI HI »t. *• J _ the model of your choice 10 dayt other American families, that you ' can actually own this mod- free. Note bow Coolerator'i patented air-conditioning chamber makes foods taste ern refrigerator for about )i what you'd expect to pay I Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory Phone 270 Algeria, la. CALL TODAY FOR 10-DAY FREE* TRIAL! »lze M do*. Grapefruit 39c sit* W, 8 lor Head Lettuce 18c Emperor 4 Ib*. Grapet 29c /UP FOOD STORES m u u mm m m inrwTfw.B •••••••••»••»» •••»••»•••• — •• — — — — — The Algona Auction Co. We are here to verve both the teller and buyer at our pavilion In Algous every Saturday. Saturday Dec. 4 We have a lot of gome shop tool* and one or two used second hand can. On our Saturday Sales we will sell anything that you have, Including furniture, posts, potato**, apple* and all kind* of fruit, machinery and »ome odds and ends of Uve stock. Also expect to make this our Horse Sales Day. We have a team of mules listed for this sale. Tuesday, Dec. 7 We expect about 10 food Holstein heifers and some good milch cows. Dont forget that we will sell by weight or head. Also other mixed toU. We have the beet of buyers, so bring til anything you have to sell. Don't forgetwose veal calves as we have buyers) for,, them. Consign your stock to us as we will da all we can to get the best price*. Also will have a good run of feeder pig* IB each sale. We expect to have good buyers for each sale, M plan on making these Mies your HUM. Open Every Day. Bale Barn phone n Start oa •lock at 1:M TEBMS-Cash. »• prop**** removed until •HOed for. C. O, RIDDLE Operator .ad A*.*~er Raymond Riddle, Clerk •"•• 84 YOUNG MOTHERS AND MANY OLDER ONES KNOW OF THE PROGRESS SCIENCE MAXES TO PROTECT THEIR HEALTH. Mothers need rich blood, for the blood of the Mother is the blood of the child. All Mothers should keep themselves fit, their duties are many and arduous. thtpflppt {jeep their nerves under control at all time*. OtflWI eanuet lly now and then but Mother is different, |h« roue* keep order in the family. Don't let yourself be all in at noontime ; build yourself up with CO8VAN TABLETS, containing besides tonics, iron in a form easily assimilated, and Vitamin B, the body building Vitamin. Conic in and get a bottle of CORVAN TABLETS toda< , don't he just half well. E. W. Lusby

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