The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 4
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The Algona Uppef Des MoineB, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 2,1937 LUVERNEWOMAN'S Dies ifi Car Crash on Way Home from Visit to Wife and Baby LuVerne: The V. XI Tooheys went to Milford, Monday, to attend the funeral services for her brother, Ray Thelan, who was only 26, and was killed in an automobile accident near Lmke City Thursday night He had been to visit his wife and six day old baby at the Lake City hospital and was returning to his farm near Rockwell City when his car collided with another car. Thankoffering Services The Woman's Missionary society of the Evangelical church held a Tbanksoffering service, Sunday evening, with Dr. G. E. Knopf, Hubbard, as their guest speaker. Dr. Knopf was at the head of the hospital in the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky when Esther Merkle taught there. His talk was illustrated with slides. Mrs. E. E. Hancock will be the speaker Sunday morning at the Presbyterian church when the annual Thankoffering will be received. Mrs. Hancock was born in west Africa when her parents were stationed in the Cameroun and although the family returned to\Am- erlca when she was eight years old, she can remember many in- cidents of her life in that country, and has heard many more from her parents. Josephine Donelson who teaches at Garner spent Thanksgiving vacation at home. The Marty families around Lu- Verne hat! a family gathering at Wm. Marty's, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Merkle spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Emma Lehman at Boxholm. The Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Hancock spent several days the first of the week with relatives at Moorehead, Minn. Mrs. U. S. Grant came home the last of the week from Mason City where she had been visiting her son, Henry Hawley. The Robert Murrays left Tuesday morning for Los Angeles, where Robert will complete his dlesel engineering training. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gets went to Ashland, Nebraska, for Thanksgiving at their son, Allen's. From .here they went on to Lincoln. Paul Blumer was at Waterloo last week to see his father. The elder Mr. Blumer is quite 111 and little lopes are held for his recovery. The Henry Pergandes, Mrs. Ed 'ergande and daughters and Mrs. Smilia Pergande visited, the Albert 3 ergandes at Bricelyn, Minn., on Saturday. Esther Merkle and the Rev. E. WETAKEITTHETURKEYSHAD A HARD TIME ON THANKSGIVING ton. Walters went to Boxholm Friday. The Walters visited his brother. an 'v daughter of Emmetsburg, Mr. Harry Walters and Miss Merkle. and Mrs6 Mark Simmons and fam- If Each One Ate a Leg, How Many Drumsticks Were Needed? Fenton: Thanksgiving day dinner guests in various homes were as follows .1 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Prlebe and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Priebe and son, Donald of Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Priebe and son, Dennis and Leon Larson of Lone Rock and Arnold Dreyer at the Ed Priebes; Mr.' and MM. Ernest Vot- :e1er and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Votteler at Mr. and Mrs. 3eorge Seims; Mr. and Mrs. Earl iVallace and children and Mr. and Vtrs. Arthur Kuecker and daughter, Joan, at the Fred Kucckers; Mr. and Mrs. Enos Wrede of Mason City at the parent*] G. R. Krauses; Mr. n> (1 Mrs. Leland riantt li.ian r.nd family at Mrs. Dora Laabs n>>ar Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Theesfleld and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mueller and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Jentc and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram all of Fenton and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schweppe all of Fen- Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Higley who is state secretary for Toung People's work in the Evangelical church, stayed for Friday night and helped to organize a mission circle in the church there. LADY BULOVA ... 17 Jewel, with two diamonds . . . ?• A DEPOSIT WILL HOLD ANY ^'ARTICLE UNTO, CHRISTMAS LUSBY'S DRUGS AND JEWELRY ily of Fairmont and Theodore Krueger and daughter, Elma, and son. Harold at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jentz in Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. John Kerber and family at the parental J. W. Bells near Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Grelnert and daughter. Verdell and Mr. and Mrs. Ervln Bruhn and family at the parental George Meyers near Whlttemore; Mr. and Mrs. George Goetsch at the .1. B. Hansons; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hanson and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hendrlckson and son and Mr. anti Mrs. A. L. Kenn».!y at the Harley Petersons; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hantelmnn and Mary Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Norland, Dorothy Stigman Krause with Mrs. and Katie Delorss Hantcl- man; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanson and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Waltz and family, the latter of Hoflan- dale Minn., with the Otto Hansons: j Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Goetsch with Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goetsch: Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod and the Alfred Meyer family with the Kern Elericks. Alta: Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Bonn and daughter. Mary Ann at the Ed Dehnerts, Lu Verne; Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Newel and family, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson and family, the latter of Bancroft, at the Truman Johnsons; Mr. and Mrs. William Jentz and daughter, Janice, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause at the F. W. Jentz; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reimers, Mrs. Dorothea Gerhards and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Yager and son, Clarence and Mr. and Mrs. William Stahmer at the Amos Flnnestads; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Grenunels, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Langetinan and Frank Humphrey at the Fred Lang- ermans at Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Berkeland and family of Emmetsburg and Ray. mond Berkeland of Mason City at the Andrew Berkeland home; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bierstedt and children at the Fred Bierstedts in Whittemore; Mrs. Sophia Bleckwenn and children at the Claude i Wrights; Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bleck- ,wenn and daughter and Mr. and iMrs. Ben Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. John Micklick at the parental 'Ole Petersons; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dreyer and sons and Frank Dreyer at the John Kohlwes home; Mrs. i F. Schendel and sons, Emil and Julius at the E. C. Fauerbys; Mr. nad Mrs. Emil Huskamp and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Arbogast and daughter at the Herman Huskamps; Mr and Mrs. Will Huskamp and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schmidt ar.-i family at the Hans Baagos; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beck, Mr. and Mrs Alvie Ross and son, Gene, Irene Depew, Sally Beuckema, Ervln Gremmels and Benny Malakowsky at the Arthur Bamseys. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wynn of Prescott, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. H. C Lindsey and son, Edward at the C M. Umsteds; Dr. and Mrs. B. K Bahnson with the latter's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Vig- ores, Stratford; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stoeber and son, Blllle, at the John Bergugges, Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Widdel and sons at the Lawrence WJddels at Belmond; Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Lakin and daughter, Arlene and John Espe at Mrs. Frances Laklns; Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Whitlow and family, Dr. and Mrs. J. T. \Maite and son, Frank at the Frank Baileys; Mr, and Mrs. Herman Krause and Mrs. Minnie Dreyer at the A. J. Krauses; Mrs. Carrie Volgt and Ardis and Gerald at the Wilbert Holldorfs; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schulte and family at the William Schulte and George Normals near Gaylord, Minn.; Ella FCyhl of Mason City and Mr. and Vfrs. L. M. Holldorf and daughters at the Robert Kyhls; Mr. and Mrs. 3aai Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert iVegener, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wegmer at the Louis Wegeners, Algona; hfr. and Mrs. E. A. Huskamp and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elgler and laughter, Mary Jane at the Derwood EigUrs; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andreson and family of Jewel at the Wilfred Stoebers; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber, Mrs. Chas. Bas sett and son, Lyle at the Lewis Reeds, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Straley and daughters at the Gerald Braces, Burt; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wfegener and children at the C. O. Baileys. Seneca; the A. R. Willretts at the A. J. Wlbbens. Burt; Mrs. Carrie Haase and family, Algona at the Herman Gades; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayenga at the Clarence Riebhoffs, Burt Frances Schutt and Clifford Haase at the R. Laabs; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weisbrod and son, John and the E. A. Weisbrods. Whlttemore, at the Elmer Weisbrods; Mr. and Mrs. John Bellinger and son, Claire and the Otto Wichtendahls at the Kenneth Bellingers: the Derwood Kerns at the Chas. Blightons, Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thorson, Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson and daughter. Betty and the Anton Nelsons and son. William and daughter, Jennie of Ringsted at the Fred Browns; Henry Wieners and Glen Mino of Lone Rock at the Roy Chrischilles; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kohlstedts at the Geo. Mienkes: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ware and son at a family gathering at the William Reasoners, Ringsted; Mrs. Anna Reimers and children of Burt at Mrs. Otto Menz; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bierstedt and two children and Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Berninghaus at the John Rhunkes; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wilberg and family at the Reuben Larsons, Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Don Weisbrod and daughter, Marilyn at the Art Raves, Ringited; Mr. and Mrs. Art Ttetz, Algona, and the H. B. Thecsflclda at the Henry Tlemaiu; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Davidson and son of Algona and Leona Kellogg of Gait at the Fred Kluss home; Mrs. Freelove Weisbrod and son, Maurice, and daughter, Hazel and Mrs. Emma Curry at the Clarence Osborns; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGovern and children at the parental James Mc- Governs. Silk and wool White and colored patterns Congregationalists Of Wesley Select Church Officials Wesley: At the annual meeting of the Congregational church, Saturday night, the following officers were all reelected: chairman, Ole Flom; secretary, Mrs. Esther Skow; treasurer, Peter Seaberg; pianist. Miss Anna Flom; assistant, Alma Funnemark; janitor. Swan Nelson; Sunday School superintendent, E. M. Paulson. Legion, Auxiliary Meet Both the American Legion and Auxiliary are holding their regular meetnigs next Tuesday evening, December 7th, in the Legion rooms. This U not a joint meeting, each organization planning to hold their own business sessions. James I. Dolliver has been procured as speaker for the joint county meeting to be held in Wesley Thursday night Dec. 16th. ! * 50c up Plain or patterns Hand-made Silk or wool 50c-1.50 X-Act-Fit. Can be adjusted to correct size. 1.00 1.95 AJJ wool. A good warm Cimrtma* gift. 5.75 6.65 home with a daughter, Mrs. Chaa. Kraus. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Braley returned nome Sunday from Iowa City where they had spent their Thanksgiving holidays at the home of their son, Dr. Alson Braley and with a daughter, Ethel who attends the university there. Christian Peters who has been in ailing health for some time submitted to an operation for a gall bladder ailment at the Mercy hospital in Mason City Thanksgiving day morning. He Is making satisfactory recovery. Guests Thanksgiving day at the Olaf Funnemark home were the Lester Larsons. Ole Bloms, H«mry Funnemarks. Mildred Funnema-k and her girl friend. Miss Luella Zeal, both of St. Olaf College at Northfield, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haverly and family were entertained Thanksgiving day at the home of his brother, Henry and family. That evening Mr. and Mrs. Will Becker and son, Dickie, of Algona visited at the J. L. Haverly home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McMahon drove to Des Moines early Monday morning where they were guests at dinner sponsored by the General Electric Company. His mother, Mrs. T. E. MeMahon and daughter. Hazel of Garner, remained at the McMahon home here during their absence. Charles Friberg of Minnesota, is here for a visit with his brother, Paul Friberg, and Sunday the two men were guests fingstrom home. Monday evening they were guests at dinner at the Swan Nelson home. Charles Is planning a trip to his mother country. Sweden. Mr. and Mm. l*o Blelch entertained 30 Mends at five tables of bridge in their home Sunday evening. First price went to Mr. r Mrs. Tom McMahon, sceond high price to the Lou Ooetses, and doc price to Mrs. Alfred Erdmann. M and Mrs. LL H fdeinpeter were the guests of the club. To Present Fcnton Scout* With Badges Fenton: Fenton's Boy Scout meet- Ing will be conducted by Scoutmaster J. Wallace Smith of Fenton and H. ft. Heath of Fort Dodge, members of the executive council, Friday evening, Dec. 3. The program will include a talk by Mr. Heath, and an outline of boy scout work, presentation of tenderfoot badges In recog- ntion of the work the boys thus far accomplished. Vernon Ohm is patrol leader and Howard Schulte, assistant patrol leader. Other members ar e Herbert Krause, Lyle Weisbrod, Hadley Bailey, Melvln Elm ore. Lyle Bassett Harlan Holldorf and Melvln Elmore. The meeting will be held at the Fenton high school. Miss Dorothy Miller returned to Cedar Falls, Monday to resume her studies at Iowa State Teachers' Col- Winter Needs for Your CAR Prertone Wt £*i». *2.95 , al *1.00 gal . Both made by Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. Winter Oils Quaker State Valvoline Veedol JBnarco Winter grease for transmission and differential And winter grease for chassis We recommend Firestone Mud and Snow Tires for Winter Driving t Willard Batteries Cost less to own because they last longer, crank faster and don't let you down. Our rental bfttter<- ies are NEW. Hoenk Motor Service We«t of Ooort Home H. L. HOENK Phone 391 ALGONA, IOWA AY, Bath Robes All wool robt.s <,! Flannel. Warm and comfy. 4.95 up Pajamas rs! by Glov- Boxed for gilu. 1.95 2.95 Belts — Sox—Suspenders—Garter s Gloves Genuine ^igikir., Mouha. fur or wool liatd. 1.85 3.25 Hats —Luggage- Handker'fc Monogra/ned or with colored border, 3 in box 25-45-59c -Underwear Madson & Hanson THE HU.MK OF BtTTEtt VAU/ES New Instructor Wesley Baddleey of Williams signed a contract over the week end as coach and instructor for the local high school, replacing George Orbell who was killed Friday morning in an automobile accident. Roger, little son of the Vincent Daughns, has been ill with a siege of whooping cough. MUs Ida Young employed in Mason City, spent the week end here with her parent*, the Oliver Youngs. Clarence DeBoer of Des Moines spent his Thanksgiving holidays here with his parents, the daus De- Boers. MUts Eva McCall and dar e were entertained Thanksgiving day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Haynes. Miss Irrna Ward returned to her school work at Kudd Sunday having spent the Thanksgiving season at home. MUs Nina Mae Wagner, business student at Mason City, spent the | week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Wngncr. Mr. and Mrs. L H. Kleinpeter and children were Thanksgiving day guests at the home of his sister, Mrs. Leon Smith at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Larson and Arvizi drove to Clarion Sunday, where they were guesu at the honi of has mother, Mrs. Peter Lar.turi Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lot big and son, Billy, were Thanksgiving day gueaU at the home of her parents, me Mack MiMurrays near St. Benedict. Mis. Arlo Dawson and Mrs. F. A Diekmann were hobtes&es to the Methodist Ladies' Aid at the latter's home Wednesday of this week , Lei.-, lit. Mrs. J. L. Kviuis of Omaha ar- j rived Friday evening for a wei-l-V vioit cert with her father. Mr. I Harm who is ill and making his SENSATIONAL SAVINGS—LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES! Here U a 10 day radio sale that will undoubtedly set a new standard in value giving. This isn't a sale of old models, or discontinued models or sets specially built to meet a price. We have actually slashed prices for this event on our newest 1938 radios. Here are savings that make this sale one of the greatest offerings of new radio values you have ever seen—values that knock the spots off any previous idea of a good buy in radios. Ordinarily prices are cut at the end of the radio season but we are lowering prices at the very peak of the season, right at the time when people are buying radios, right at the time when they want the best values they can get. We don't believe you can duplicate these values anywhere. These sets were outstanding values at their regular price but now at these reduced prices they absolutely eclipse anything we have ever offered before. To further prove the values we offer, you are invited to try one of these new sets in your own home for 6 days absolutely free, entirely without obligation on your part. We want you to convince yourself that this IB the biggest opportunity of the year to purchase a fine radio. A phone call will place one of these sets in your borne. Sale starts Friday December 3rd. s USE OUR LAY-BY PLAN. Select your set now before stocks are depleted and merely make • 10% down payment we will be) (lad to hold H for TOO until Dec. 18th. If more convenient, use our Budget Payment Plan. Small monthly payments can be made while you use the radio. Sensational TEL-O-MATIC DIAL CORONADOA.C. CONSOLE inl •a brought to you at a new low price for the duration of this sal* only. Blindfold Tuning CoroMHlo Electric Irhre 11 TUBE A. C. CONSOLE Exclusive Select-O-Matic Tuning CORONADOA.C. CONSOLE A masterpiece in beauty of cabinet design and a symphony in superb reproduction. The peak of all radio values! now offered with these outstanding features at a price that brine* you Me savings. Bee H today and recocabe this sensational value. TM-O-OUtte OUI • AMWem • Large «e-lncfc walnut A Radio you will be proud to own SLC.A. A Christmas Gift the Whole Family Will Enjoy Regular Price Stt.M SALE PHICC COMONAOO II TUM Tuning AC C*me4e Rec. Price SI2MC Sab Price Per Weeh, Payable •VtoffMttwty rWeelu PaywMe RewCorou.o Pith Bittwi A.C panel console This beautiful inclined operation. Simply touch your 6 favorite stations instantaneously • Mitch FuM CORONADO A. C. ARM CHAIR MODEL Oae at the oeateet and meet compact chair model* oa the market. Base te quality equivalent to a eoMole radio. ,V8 BOW it this special sale price. OttMMwt t-Twkt Trjr This Coo»«aient Model Complete Relaxation COAONADO U-TUK A.C. CONSOLE **•.»>•": '59.99 COMONADO 11-TUet A.C. CONSOLE *49.99 COMONAOO w-TUBE A.C. MANTEL '22.9S COffONADO 4-TUBE A.C. 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