The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 25, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1937
Page 6
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The Aigtma ppp«r flat BOOSE A MITEL To Be ftoi Knftltee m Bee. Movie Theatre Car To Be Honored by Banqvef, Dec. noon in- «BflicBtea BF the wm<fe te >rehi|r shnvRfl raniflJr to •completion Ttu> huiiahig of brink ane flteoi. IF mitntanainir hi to fttrunturt anfl th.. tarirem fe Hiiro- nnint rrninttT. Thif huilflinp if. I03x»s jfcet m^ all rn™nurem<mt which make* it much farcer than the 0vo-ajrf cvro namum 3t » different m e number o* WPVE Firm, thnrp JF nn l ntoiTF nr pfefiterefl walls However ; E tnovubte nr finllnpniHip Rtop F cnuifl i ' h nuur: the- Hcatinc capacity if BIH< '> of tin ptnyini flnnr bleacher which are "i- becks hipfc ant' Biphty funt cfrtetidinp nineteen feef-from wali tnwartl thf pieyinp floor ' seat thf Tmnple. -till ptey-r* out of'bnune HMpTnt!o the bleacherR Thir H pn [;F CB n be i to mm! mo-< than fvn> hundred hut wil! not net-en- ' uaefl at repular home Tht opposite Bid? of thr floor contains three room* exnellnnt showon; dremjiiu- rooni* nnfl lockcre vritii ul: thr la?t «K modern corvtnuenne* The hcatiiifr HyrttHU! ha* fntir-tarBt- fans. OTueb | ito thr mmlerti ra- ' ar itnftnBefl » tfhi* . ana tPTtBHHta. Jor thp rpurpmr wriUnp of the School Play AotBen - : A Bunch thrRr >" thr junior dm,* nf th ( tilth sohnol on ThurRde, , U1(! dfv mphts. Knvomhm- if ,,,ui IT i r ..H inch Rrfhnril EJinnaBimn Aii rihnw their ahllff Bnd thr clam and i pnt«d the piny inp all 1'nrtunlr.y tr, mmnotte. muludinp Em-n; Borcharflt. Edmunt! ""n ntv-«on the firm ant! ;™i. tictF nr the i,i B y. Th, j,«h fir.hiw nruhcBtra under thr di-«- ;t,tmrt Frank Winbnle.v. hiph HI! hnol . hcfnrr nnfi f.i: th, s»"f,nt' imt! third m-: fi " i! ' v "~ rvr " '"-P uudianr- •„ , " .-«r- Fox, Wolf Hwat at W-Bend Bend: A fro, ami wolf hun' *** hold Tu«,d«;- afto-nn^ „ ™: I'orweiicr fam; A lurpr c - n v-d •nv.'ti of mcr attentteti and H-rv«d ir tiorvmlior-F i uftor tin hunt - M The i:nn; mriliitlefi Eiither Lueilthc Fiiith ti Mary Ann Br)hjl UH-.. Lunill, Wpvnr ,d: Everntt Muulier Eipinv Lnurt. Ii,it«nth,.r Glauf, Marjorir Vnip:. >t, I, lm n, \Viddu! F.niH« ^nmuic: Burp«Hon .TUri • ant; JUitl, Kuhulit;; Fin- l)ho .lohr • _" TTJw Ai'iirtLro hnntmtball town, Matte Hluftafl vintnry at Drillfror 1Mb. At thr naff Anrottronp tea IB tc * in the thh>B quart.* Arnmtronj; ronnmttefl for f more jinttrts wliilr thr DrillivBr forwarfls noItertBfi hut one fluid pnal. In the riloHinp Tmriag the Armstrong tenro pultnfl nrtt tn B butter lead nf 37 points tt» ImT- iivef'F 14. The Ai'iimLriHip lineup consurtF of. fnrp vntnranf: nf last ycHfV state finalist toimi. Ther are Captain T>onnB Milter. Lavon" STix- oll. Shirlry Pntonion. Bveryn Cnhnth anfl Mnrii Irmltnr. Other mumhorB art;: Marie SanpHtea, Joyro Hanson. France? Hornwell. Mm-jorie Bnnton nnd Doris GanpHtefi Thf Armstronp lioyF flit! not find thr Dollivor hnyt; HO easy ID nimmier of the pirte did. In thr oponlnp per- liofl Dnllfvor led by the smoll Hnore of S tr> 2 In the second pnriofl the Dolliver boy* pulinfi nut tn an 1] to 4 Jena. In thr third quarter thr homr hovF connected for seven point* tn DoJIivcr'i! P points In the cliMinp frump thp Armstronp boy* hnfi srveral channel tn tie thr m-orr or^ro intn thr lead with fntr thmws , hut they all provefl unnunnesuful. ) Thr bpjT made mify 4 nut nf lii tries j ' -nt ihr poal and I>ollivor -wnn IP tr> I TO. TTir hoys' Inieun WTIB Cmip Irwm. Orte Lnrnon. Tefi TOelbj-. Jtm Tip- dal. "Waynr Chrintennon ana * E'jfchart their ritrro- _ nff new* (iruOluiEluii rmttt. Sjy 'W. 'B. C5tan»6- itf i ft* aw** print nrnn- JtoHH'imm prittettf jnftv , Uft»!lui-nr» thp •aircKtonafl prioe hi- ^^ixil itiBTitlTiKttiirutT wfl B .print inm-naBr nf SB.J50 j | par ton on Trill print, anfl -pm t | ton on flat rfhRBts fhr type nf nrtper ' j unefl hi a mnjoritj- nf wnoblieR. I Chmiflter B9de6 that Tuihlishnrp | wotftd hirvp twn -chriines. one nf re- j tatrimp thetr jirtaertt nubnoription I , TBbw BnB tryhilt tn mntrt fhr in- ; j crBBflafl nmrtF by ruftinp down thr j | tntal amount nf ni'WHjiupor pivim I ; tn thr render, or nflvtmnhip fhc rp- I I tall salw -prinr of the pupcr Seneca FamKHT DB Serioa»Iy, Pneumunia Senncu: Francis Foley. farmer ln>- inp twn mile* Houth and onr-half eaift of Seneca. WBF ruahefl tn n Pnrt Dudpr hoRpita! "WeflnmirdBjr Pveninp by Dr Kneller nf Fenton. wiiarr Jt wap found hr hafi Icihula: pnnumohhi. Mr. Folry IF in B KBT- (Hmdicion. IOWA Two ftnash Hits 21c TbaflksgiyiQf Specials Wed. Thru Satordajr, HOT. 24 27 Werters l%rtH»—Bewrty BOYD fl Seormfl Fesfcars—Comrfy aH tiw way also Marjr Boland Edw. Evei-elt Horton ^__^^__^ Walter Cattrt Hoot aibson in "The Painted Stallion" Sunday-Monday, Nov. 2S-29 Will Rogers in "Judge Priest" Huston in "Weftafcy Jim of Mauds" Sunday of Hedridaat BafleyHa»1260 Lambs Now Feeding Kohler HJHJII! Bundo.t "WhltehouHf homi at ihc nnd fflmmfltstaurc are ?L "^ ,, thair e and Mrs Jumw I>unr. te thr Mr aay - r ld» drove tc Alponu Sun- and anem tiu day with re)Mrs Aline Simmons, who been vutltinp at the Eilej- hamt *TiturnBd tti her home at Alpmm tn ana Mrs P O DorweUer returned from KajiHon Citj Baturduv «^n»nc Mrs DorwellorK siBter Allen Dear., who wan hadb' in- hi an autu uccident. wui »mne when they i ( -f . .^i , ., • •-"*. r.iin^ 4i furnier north of Aiponu if pmnp int, Bh ee r ruiBinj: n. t hif WEJ . At thiK timr hi ha^ 1261. iumiM. OTl feed and huj! -H^WBF runniiur ir, hif corr, ntulta Se ha* a nc-w. modern well venl- i ^ u 1 ' ee! ' Hhed aBfl fees »?• 80 leti Bull; e/rpecialh" for nheep This i nheti will ai:t;ommodat«- 12W) aheer, ' and tin neuter part will hold JIKi toiif: of hay KPW penF mid yardf '• «ev«. tu,,,, beo,, DuiJt . «u ur ANNIVERSARY OF CBDRfflATBURT West Bend and Alg-ona Lutheran Pastors on Program | Union Women to Sponsor Bake Sale KUit Uniin, Tin Union Motherr unfl m '.:\ui, art plannrnp u bukr SorutiNetir, pro«erj- utore in Alpona. Tine will bt- in the form of a brat<!fn und each member if Tegueirt- «d ID brine pantry, eepii. chiufeenE ur what have you to make this B nuttcenii. TliiK it thr firm bake to be p-ven by the club I Bun: Thr Lutheran church p«l- ebruted the eiphtb annrverHarr- of tilt dedication of the church biiild- ., ,,uu t "ij; witt a Kjieciai wervice Sundav Lamb* are J H ti twice a day in twn i 8ftar l""ni Kt which the Rev E j shifts A ration of shelled corn and : Wrto ' R " eHt S«"fl. J" oatK if, placed 11; f««derE and half i Immediately folinwinr f. -tit lamtw u: u time turned into *'"~*~~' th, pec to feed Thin i* followed Real Estate Men Have to Buy License T. L. JoneB. State Irrvestipntor for the Real Entate License Department hup beer ir, Alpone recently ; ciiIliTiir on the lic;ciim>d real CBtate • brni-.erF in thip vminity j The Real &Htnte Ijicense ITirpart- I ment emjilnyF one full time im-«-K:- ,• ; ipatnr. whotie duty i: if io inv cf rti- I i pate matterF brouph: tti thr arten- I J tion of the Department where ir. i j Home licetmed real nutate broker or j j Balesman. can used dishnnetrt or un- I ethical methoae in thr tranuaction I of hif busineas. However, the in- Sestrm: Carl TCeuman of Shell Korik. and bin surter. Mrs. Mary Broofcrnaii of Maoon. Mn.. hffve been visiting at the home of their brother. Mr. and Mrs. Ottn KBU- man. They had a reunion at the home of Mr. ana Mrs. On-Ill » Hedrick im Hundny. Those B-tendmp w-nre Mr. and Mrs. Onr) Ebcrl und Bnicnt J-euman of TThittemore. Mr. (tnd Mra. He^ijT Keuman. Mr nnd Mrs Gnorpe HatitaiiKn ull of 41pnna Mr and Mrs. Fr«d Goip«l ana r. m Brb- h l r r?L I ""' n P lon Mr*. -Will Mu!I,!.-n of Ortonvillc. Minr... antl CurJ man of Shell Rot;k. BABOAINB USED i w charpe te Teda McArthur. chairwoman BBBiBted bj- Bertha Sarchett Eltzatieth Kohl and Ada Hofius ' School, Closed Ber- by u ration of alfaUa ha. Lamb* arc not allowed nutaide of dry pens Reufl The "VPant Aa»—^t fun NAUDAIN COAL COMPANY ducted u Hervice which was B com- plett HurpriBe to the f.ev. and Mrs L Bichtnann Thus was in honor of -tire, BTiutverBurieH which occur about this timt. The?- are the 2Utii anntvcmury of Rex" Eichmunn s i work m the miniatry, tbeir 20th weddinp anniveraBry and the 20tb annJveniary of their cominptc Bun. Tiie B.PV Braner made an uddreiw honor of :i,« H{ occuBionK ffirjlB Baun Haiir fc noli, and thr Ecv and Mri. l:iuiunaiir. wen presented with fc purw of moncv Followmp tin nmi!tiii{- nuppur vui iuHnnmii: M .MVI furir.! i. '.tr-.t- unt. m.« a Monday routine and the ajinearance of an investigator ic the community doer not necesiiarih/ tneaE that he is here iirveBtipatinj: the actn-itieii of Hume particular real estate broker. New Warehouse Officials Named New officials of the county ware- hnune board are ac followc: Geo Butterfield. preBiflont: A H. Btmnstetter. vioe preBiflcnt. H 3 Bode. Bccretary and treanurer. and Henrj- TTeber and O. L. Thornon. Several weekp apo we iiamed « county warehoUBe hoard that mnrvu6 Ja« year, and was partially rect. School cloned here Wedneadgv afternoon for B brief vacation over Thankapn-inK ClaBBee will be re- lumud nest Monday ae uaual. Airtn-itie:, at the public iichoult will Bwume their .pmat in «bool -life the Jure part of lieueinber when the first baufcBtball eame a pluyed on FridBy. Dec E. Other activities will al«o be remuned about that timt. Ht-rved ^ mrpi it: ttit turnip ,y_n. -;. $.„,„ V-vn: Brother of Algona, SL Joe Men Dies Ht .To, Funcru! BervinuK for Ed n- Gt- Good Hope Group Pickt Ag Leaders from, mit F i injit: u: r .:u—-it. jy'ini. l!lf; IT. tin r ..u'.!Hlll' E.t: JMiMHf-t: I'VC' of 5)'. .Int. wu> . AIuii(if«. nnirv ;:nurr:t. tiicrt. Ian: 7*nu"Hcu -M.i. lir_i:-nn.'ii: .. „. .. '•iiUinr :IM 'uneru: t-ur -''•'• A*' >;IK, Jyf I. r '"itM tn inn. Kii.'-nnint; 'Jrtmrpt t'.r.ti':: 111;, Adulim um: -!i!. .V.- unr Mn. HL.-IIK: A-' UIK jvl-i. A.!tn;L' J-! C:u-- CHECK THESE DUflKfR -'-•..-.. IIU-.M-.M!!,^ IIV...-1 U ; -,„, j,,.,, v-'-:'- (ii.fu.i,..:i. :--..•• aia utr.i.jiu- M -p. ./f*i'.;-; ':[ii/,v:l ii,. ;in n.-v •••-.r v.-.-'. Kim..-- _,i>.,.. |i'...i 1U (.-ir ;i:<( -iii-.i :,-„.,,. ••!•;, i,-,.,i,ii^ii: Buy "Wolf Hcrond n. {.„.;, Mui'.'ii Huwta. 'Mo'- Alu-iiiv Hiiuri!-i m,c Aiiui un.M ;i ilii-nitin iiuiiuu.i :ii," IIUVL-IIUMKC: ui. Iruit. v/o!! FEATURES .Classified Ads putor to check up on all thorn- Biut- pected of ncllmp real esta^ without B liomme. The lioeniw law provides that any person, wtio Belle or afters for sale, buys or offer* tn buy. or who ICBBCII or offer* to leant, or rents or offers to rent any real <aBt * te •° f intprowTOMTOt* tknimon, tor othert UM t whole or partial vodrtion. mma finrt jwcttoe m rwfl «rtate Jioenae. Howpver. oortate i individuals are exempt from the term* of this law. nucfc a» owners : BolIinB theh- own property, attnr: neyii aomitted tt< practice "in lowg recuiverK. truBtoui. in bankruptrv udminmtrutorf or executor* nr ury purHon Mullinp real eBtutf und«-r order of court. The rt-a! entuU liceniic Urn |,. ; , littiMi in uSiict intifii- Juiiuan- 1 '1 uiiti Hiiifti- thu! itnn ovi-r snij.dlH i'KHi, (iullected anc runtnrdU '-i )iroj rt.-ui eHtute U!:|mr;ni<!ti: tliit.-i nir. 1:0:1: '.In tui:pnyi!ri oj Inwii ui"-"!iin{, a- circi. run: t-Miati n-iu.t:' niuti: (JIM ZHi.lHi JUT yuar In- hit li-eniit tU!:i, Huit-nniui niun: pin Si..ill, r.'7r,.IM(». Imi IHIIII. pinrccl u tlit e'u' fund (if tin. n:uti of lowi- i>v»;' and utn>v» -j,, r : , )H . „; , dt;purtnii!iit Tin n;ul i-Htuti licetiHi ti«i,..irtnn!ii' I n fc clivjijjnr, i»f tiir hut; '!|-.alr F HtTirt; Iir liiin^rl f>. Emuie C.'onimiBHiiiniir Ttit T» ; partmem liiiwi-vwr » n. uctivi ! <-'Iiarj!t of ui exucutivi iwcnt'.urv H H Croiiuiiaw u* LJUI CbargBS Desertion A drmroe action wan filed by abeth Aahing. Burt. apainnt Ira Ashing, IB dintrict court She charpe* her hunband downed her In Marcfa, OBSt. Fenton: The annual Father ano Bon banguel will be held in the JH E church dininp room Monday rvt~- I mng. Km- 28. The nen- u « will! «art promptly at 6:3U A pood pro- i ffntna is Imutf planned by the com- mittue in cliarpt 1930 Model A Tudor 1936 V-8 Fordor Touring 1935 V-8 Standard Tudor 1936 D-2 Dodge Touring Tudor 1936 Plymouth Deluxe Tudor 1933 Chevrolet Truck PRESTONE—ALCOHOL Hare year car winterueed Elbert PiiC'ue (>12 E. Nebraska St. ENJOY CAREFREE OIL MEAT IN YOUR HOME, NOW •LUJIJUI.. i,I !,v.'.,,l. t . ,;,.;,;;.„, „,..,... NOVf 'x ,,,.ai u-.iv, ,,, ,,.,.„ v . ,i .„, •UUt u. you.' iKinu i:,t:.,, : ;,, l ..... .,, ! Ullu.itui: li.;j.f ,.,,:•.t: ,.., t ,„..,,,,, 4 '» -'ii*r:iii .'t'lil.iir h-:-"i V. ,.».""i:: TO KBOn_^»::reu, !( '>• :i:-n iiv/t!llut( 1». u _ VKU ' r«u- •"fiitiin* am ( 1111111:111 run 1 n uO • Ul.- • V -i.i • .,; imjHlt 4i,-4"' v ...-••£::. •'.- i'.t:t-< ~ MI t , ,„,. ll-|>-..:( tli-||. '.u.ll U' IllUif- TI, <\:>'.'- Mil. Ufl-.. 4 -r. 1 ''•• '-'- .t' —f. 1-v. .i.:'" ••••• in,..i-. fiiiin. ;;::i»l. iiur: juv.j. •" i. .'ii;;;ii.. ; .. <l,-4*-lK-4(.~ V ..r."'-t;:-..W ijt-i i,« ui" i:n,c lil>U.«^V/U"i .;ui t ,!'., EiXpurilili' - ' • -J" 7 * 1-i.ilMi l-'Ot: liriufi. in U-.IIJIUL 1 uriut n> viiu ^.u you.. Jurii. wlti, lu. — i'uuuu: u r ..i. 1-t.t.rt' L. .t.flS—7ui. yeur lurn. '_Wii.:. •-• in irunimiuuiui. — f . W ''.'t'-uuiii. r.-jti fc,;itul.i '•'•'«-. t*-.L,i, -';ni:di.«! What uu <.u.-m. 'luyur bur: Piium ^i^;, — Liurm uuuri. --•>' j. Luja i,ui;i, luwii -ti ot guufl improved iumifc uiiiL rsttl touyt ot Ai- feunt mu uiul iumuot. —Kuuluuut Quaiter u yow bt-a; t,t.^a:; .,uv CitauH ... iuuiit b"*i' n.: iiut, vjui turfiiTiirt: in iwaiiiii. t;tiiuii;uf» uuikek ttic aiuat ui cvtrv •<rf eM. iu ar»n(ini» v. Ui iururiit you Wiiy WUUttT uf dirt una u:,Iic; £4U9 ^4tV£ ft EfUUHU . f^ ai thrui..irfe Johnson t ,m.v, auit uli uui luriui, n. tti, uuun:', ID, 'Jl!|l! L Wt Uuvi tilt TliuniJjJiUI; 2t*7 unrefc t niiiut K ut Sweii Cttj fcdw buttiuK tUIllillt IlUr JuUIUlOl; If* ucrBt j x NT* o! L^Vurue Kui Guy leuuiti. uui/ Uit Lwiiuuioii W. UK muefe. i: W, u' fcuiiuruft W t •.L duipuut uj uuau tiirm* ui ^uortau, W L Wiuiiua iir Ciy W F fcoyiuji. B«a JSi, 140, fiiuui Ciry ur tunuuii. Juuit a !X>A£i&>—Prumnt your iunn iuuufc No upprtuMui —'Lu* ^onzuuiJiiiiixb—*iuu ww uuurtuii.—.fcitw HBUM Biog., Aipo.,.. low b WOTiCTfc—fiiwury wtuu no in L>et Mutiwc (u-itt 'MM, u. pwluid m> ttiiO withuut uii-ru ciun»e m Tte liutur mroui*- A wi * W'UJ jiroittk. I u> wur« tur { guirt chit offiue roou. 47* to v dtaut Hilt Independence Twp. F. a Election Hey Femoi. Ai. l«(ii!piJiiuuii!:i l iiiii). turn nurtut niUHHiiif v/ui iiuic! u' :i« cuiiinr hL'tmu^ I- ncuty iNi>' Jt,' Mr aim Mri. Huv/urc MuiiLuliu* of GHKuujuBfc w«ri prch «ir unu Mi tAua\ultar g«!"t t lull. ui Orisuiiizuiioi. P'nut-H i,'Jn; «; JLiiuupenauiicf tiiwiiMtni< Ulid t JIfiiui/ u! iinyi u< uiHtrn.'t Ki, f pruuuiiiut: i. piuyiti; unti-icU J-okt-j Hun-.ui. v.'luct. wui ruuc in Mrb /.lirtt Mf-y«ri. JUri. ^Jtru ••!! alii: Alri. tmujn i II-LUIIU w«:rt- in prcurun. •..•Diiinii-ibt • ..uni:i v.-ui m-'rvud n\ Ait.-u-ir Maiiuuitui fcr l^-umi- \'i)r.ii;iu! uiiti iiitrea Mfv- '.•r;. 'juiiitri wun pluvuu uf'.ur VIlICI i:lKI!'.IIII u! l)R| |i!Uf:i v.-i'.i .Juiii Kurtiur liruuiuuir uiiL *»i::i;i uir- iiuijir 71. uciuuuud Tin iliUM|<uiiUuiict luuullilt •MUlJ inui buiuruuy tiliuriiuui. u: tut IIIIIIH ui iruni uii(i Virgiiii miiu bcvui, iiiuiinwrt. tiit Mn. t C, buruuiuiiU unti Mrt f Wumitruii uiiu t, i FTUIH.-ISI Jim; uu«nu«d Kiuuuuii of iifTi':ur; v/ui't noil! wltn Htiiun Kuril '•iKdud pcoaitluin l-ruui.-!. Juil! VK.-I I»-IH»UUIII hull. Wiiuiurufi ttuut- AlurguoflU burtit. Iremiurtir vuuii Friuut, uuuliuiy iuu Jvudol iiulu m.ti Uurruiut Burkc rujnuire uiixi VirKttu» . ukiuFuui Tut ulue tu iiumbtu* at tUt HUB tiwy Uuuuutl tt, tu* "V«:K«)l" Ttu. urauiiunu, at tin- Juir uuuiuutxd U> Ma uuti uftjut tli^ mitnii.ii, 1,,^, won uuum uui tht ulufe «2fc uot A aneiauuu* UlUllIlKd Ul fat UU14 Ut tUt uf Hnkeu Kuzu Gumttn wtm iiutt Barluuuud Mini *lrt Juau Kuruur is OPEN! •moo Table Tcnnia, 5 piec« Bing-o, WettiKDal Tiut, dolly driuto, iuu bottte w«tb hur dM«pir fib* unmrn wttb her WttO II DWMK «C dtlil

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