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Carbondale, Illinois
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Page Eighteen SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN, MON DAY, JANUARY 7, 19C0 Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion a MM MM contends ACIU vr rn i nun co Ragsiini Desson: Yy don't km to hoy Id i I i Alms Schebaum hmnn full syir OS los present to By Ron Barker Provo, Utah (AP) EDITOR'S NOTE: The Civil Liberties Union is ask- Analysis Thousands of families are convulsed tag a federal court in Utah to by battles between anguished parents grant all juveniles full court and teen-agers gone somehow wrong, hearings with appointed at- becoming involved in crime or drugs or torneys if necessary before al- simply losing their emotional grip. lowing them to be involuntarily Some parents conclude they can no committed to private reform longer control their children and pack schools. "Parents don't always them off to reform schools. act in the best interests of a Just how far distraught parents may child," says one ACLU attorney, legally go in seeking to control their Associated Press writer Ron children through reformatories is at the Barker describes the legal battle shaping around the Provo Canyon School for Boys. Joyce Alms and Mark Schebaum were united in marriage in a 3 p.m.

ceremony Nov. 17, 1979, at the St. John's Lutheran Church in Chester. The Rev. A.

Ranta of Chester and the Rev. Maurice Alms of Eddyville officiated before an altar decorated with autumn color flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Alms of Chester are the parents of the bride.

The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Schebaum of Herman, Mo. The bride wore an empire silhouette gown fashioned of white quiana. Serving her as maid of honor was Kathy Zimmerman of Vandalia.

Bridesmaid was Ruth Baumslark of Herman. Flower girl was Julie Katthoff of Herman. Organist B. A. Wagner and soloist La Nette Kotthoff, both of Herman, provided the wedding music.

Best man was Mike Schebaum of Herman with Martin Schebaum of Herman and Melvin Schebaum of Montgomery City, as groomsmen. Ushers were Jim Alms of Chester and Merrill Schebaum of Herman, and the ring bearer was Joe Koenig of Perryville, Mo. The newlyweds greeted guests at a reception at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Chester. They are at home now in Herman after a wedding trip to Florida. The bride is a graduate of Southeast heart of an American Civil Liberties Union suit involving a private reform school, the Provo Canyon School for Boys.

In what is expected to be a highly emotional court fight, probably beginning early in 1980, the ACLU will try to persuade the court to establish the Utah. Crist said an Arizona doctor has been sued by his son for allegedly sedating him and delivering him to the school, but he added that the school had LEONARDS STUDIO broad principle that children in such no advance knowledge of the father's Joyce and Mark Schebaum cases should receive all the legal and alleged plan. constitutional protections currently af- Ms. Collard also contends students forded adults. are "like zombies" from over- The ACLU objects to two situations: medication, but an inspection of the That parents may enroll juveniles school by the Utah Division of Family who are drug abusers, runaways and Services found no evidence of that or Missouri State University at Cape Gi-rarde'eu, and is employed as a home economics teacher at Gasconade Rl School.

The i groom, a graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia, is employed by Building Trades and S. and S. Homi 5 Sales. By Adam Clymer New York Times Des Moines, Iowa Televised political debates are more often lost than won, and Saturday night in Des Moines the clear loser was 1,447 miles away. Former Gov.

Ronald Reagan of California did not lose by sweating and appearing nervous, the way Richard Nixon did in 1960, or by announcing the freedom of Eastern Europe in the manner of President Ford in 1976. Instead, he just declined the invitation and stayed home, a decision that nettled some Iowa Republicans when he made it, and bothered more of them after they watched his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination debate issues and jab at each other in a dignified way. By and large, the candidates who came tended to impress most those who already liked them. The exception was Rep. John B.

Anderson of Illinois, who was singled out by politicians and country editors as one who made the strongest, freshest impression. But as Stephen W. Roberts, the state Republican chairman, said Sunday, "Most Republicans thought it was a tremendous event. The biggest loser was Reagan, especially because we thought the debate worked, that it didn't turn out to be a farce that wasn't worth the effort." At least for Iowa Republicans and for those who watched the debate on educational television or a delayed showing of it broadcast by CBS the impression conveyed was one of a group of capable exponents of Republican beliefs who were younger than Reagan. That impression has to work against the Reagan campaign approach, which, his aides concede, is to act as though the nomination is his by history and by competent organizational effort, unless he makes a fool of himself.

"I was impressed by their knowledge, the way they articulated their views," said Robert Beck, editor of The Iowe-gian in Centerville. was most unusual to see such a fine collection and hear their views," said Al Pinder, publisher of The Grin- truants in private behavior modification nell Herald-Register. Elsewhere in the state, their counterparts echoed those views, even in the rural areas where Reagan's support is strongest. The impact of these electronically generated opinions is hard to predict. The Jan.

21 Iowa caucuses are pre-eminently an organizational contest. Anderson has virtually no organization here; Bush and Reagan, on the other hand, each has a far-flung network of eager workers. But if Anderson manages to get on the board, or, more realistically and more significantly, if Bush manages to beat Reagan, it may mean that debates mean something, and it may deflate the Californlan's stay-away strategy. His contention that a debate would be divisive was hardly borne out. The others, all agreeing that he should have come, made fun of him.

That kind of result in Iowa might even challenge the conventional political wisdom that it is good politics for a frontrunner to stay out of debates. Times may have changed, and the snappy Republican discussion, where one- and two-minute answers kept things moving, may also have affected the Democrats. Iowa, with all the attention now on its caucuses, is showing the first signs of a case of New Hampshire arrogance about its politics. The successful Republican discussion will only increase that pride. So the other loser may be Carter, whose late refusal after an eager and early acceptance led to the cancellation of the Democratic forum, which was to have been held Monday night and had been more expectantly awaited than the Republicans debate.

Television commercials and group phone calls will bring him to Iowa Monday, but he will be 984 miles away. Danner Davis any other abuse. The school's educational program has been reviewed by the Utah Board of Education, which found no shortcomings, said Eugene Thorn, a clinical psychologist and a partner in the school. The school consists of a modern single-story classrom and dormitory complex on a wooded rural lot north of Provo. The school grounds are surrounded by a high chain-link fence.

Some of the students are enrolled by their parents, who pay tuition of $1,500 a month. Tuition for others who have, been committed by juvenile courts in several states is covered by federal; money. Ms. Collard maintains the state has the right to impose standards on private rehabilitative schools if they get public funds. In April, the ACLU obtained a prelim programs without a hearing.

That juvenile courts in some states may also commit juveniles to such programs without providing them an attorney. The ACLU is asking a federal court in Utah to grant all juveniles full court hearings with appointed attorneys if necessary before allowing them to be involuntarily committed to private reform schools. Its class action suit against the Provo Canyon School also asks for a ban on all private reform schools not supervised by state agencies. "Parents don't always act in the best interests of a child," said ACLU attorney Kathryn Collard, who added that she considers the suit to be the most important juvenile rights case in the country today. She contended it's the court's job to Th( bride is a licensed practical nurso and is employed by the Jackson Coun ty Nursing Home.

Prior to this she was employed in the office of Dr. Jam( ss L. Crouse for 10 years. The'? groom has been employed in the physi cal plant at Southern Illinois Uni-versity-Carbondale for the past 12 Ruth Danner and Paul Davis were united in marriage in a 4 p.m. ceremony Dec.

8, 1979, at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Mclntyre of Carbondale.

The Rev. Mr. Mclntyre, the brother of the bride, officiated in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gillooly, close friends of the couple.

They newlyweds are at home now in Murphysboro. Csipkay Lpillinger inary injunction banning some practices ensure parents act responsibly and that the juvenile's right to proper treatment at the school, including using a lie de- is protected. rr 400 Legals 400 Legals 400 Legals Proposals will be received for VOICE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM FOR THE Department of Corrections, Medium Security Pris on located in Hiilsboro. Illinois, by the Department of Administrative Services. Procurement Division, at its office located at 801 Stratton Of Sealed bids will be received until 2 p.m., CST January 8.

1980 in the office of Director Of Purchases. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 223 Administration Building, Urbana. Illinois, on behalf of the Capital Development Board of the State of Illinois, tor photographic equipment. Necessary forms and full information wilt be furnished upon application. Bidder's Illinois FEPC Prequalified number is required on all bid proposals.

06657, Dec. 26, Jan. 02. 07 fice Building, Springfield, Illinois 62796, until March 7. 1980 at 10:30 Sea'eo tvds will be receded until 2 CST January 8, 1980 in the office of Director of Purchases.

University of Illinois at Urbana Chamoaign, 223 Administration Bu'iamg. Urbana, Illinois, for cnina ware, analytical balance; esca ciam analyser; paint, traffic marking; Imseed meal pellets; used fork lift truck; growth chambers; farrowing stalls; electronic balance; instrument lamps; high voltage power supply; giass pipe; electric paneooaro; salad dressing. Necessary torms and full information will be furnished upon application. Bidder's Illinois FEPC Pre-quaiitication number is required on an bid proposals. 06656 Dc.

26 Jan 7 a.m., COST, then and there will be publicly opened. Specifications and Susan Marie Csipkay and Gary Raymond Dillinger were united in marriage in a 4 p.m. ceremony Sept. 15, 1979, at the Grace United Methodist Church in Wycoff, N.J., with the Rev. Robert Duncan of Wyckoff offifiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Csipkay of Wyckoff are the parents of the ride. The bridegroom is the son of Reon Dillinger of Carbondale the late Raymond Jay Dillinger.

The bride wore a gown of ivory silk and satin, accented with French lace. Serving her as maid of honor was Nancy K. Csipkay. Bridesmaid was Mary Ann Csipkay. Best man was Gary T.

Miller of Murphysboro. Ushers were Bill, Tom and Eugene Csipkay. The newlyweds greeted guests at a garden reception at the residence of the bride's parents. They are at home now in Carbondale after a wedding trip to Freeport, The Bahamas. The bride is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and is a former member of the SIU-C Women's tennis team.

She is employed as a tennis coach and adult education instructor proposal documents may be obtain- lector, censoring mail ana assigning disobedient students to a "prescription room," a form of isolation. The Mp-room" now can be used only for physically violent students. Crist defended use of the polygraph and limited mail censorship, saying that since both were discontinued, thefts and drug problems have jumped. U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins, in granting the injunction, said, "This court strongly believes that when children are involuntarily confined in private, run-for-profit state must provide appropriate Insure that children receive' adequate therapeutic treatment and that their fundamental interests are protected." Thorn, the clinical psychologist, says the main question to be decided by the suit is whether parents have the right to choose what they consider appropriate therapy for their children, or whether the courts are going to intercede.

If the ACLU is successful, he said, it would mean "a parent couldn't force a child to have a tooth pulled without fear of a lawsuit." ed by application to the Depart 'Even though fallible, parents are still the best judge," argued Dr. Robert Crist, a psychiatrist and medical director and co-owner of the Provo Canyon School. Ms. Collard has claimed that the school's treatment program is really a form of mind control. "They're punished for what they think just for thinking about running away," she said.

Crist termed the accusation absurd, while admitting the school is strict. Many of the school's 95 pupils have juvenile court records and have taken drugs, Crist said. Some have emotional problems and are on medication, he added. The boys, aged up to 18, are required to follow conservative codes of dress and grooming. They are punished for stealing, swearing, fighting, running away, taking drugs or breaking school regulations.

Privileges are granted for behavior that conforms to rules, Crist said. The school has been rumored falsely, Crist said to have drugged children at home and spirited them away to ment of Administrative Services, Division of Telecommunications, at its office located at Lincoln Tower Plaza, 524 South Second Street. Springfield, Illinois 62706. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Eastern Illinois University is now accepting bids for: Kenneth Mauck Voice Communications Manager 1. Scientific Chemicals I Li if.

C0948 Jan. 7. 11. 16 Please contact the Purchasing Of fice. Eastern Illinois University.

Advertisement For Bids Charleston. Illinois not later than 2 00 p.m. Central Standard Time. The State of Illinois, Capital Devel opment Board (CDB) at its bid re Wednesday. January 23.

1980. The ceiving office. 3rd Stratton opening and reading of these bids Springfield. IL, will receive will be public. sealed bids for: CDB 291055 001 Eastern Illinois University specifi Remodel Entrance Enclosure and cally reserves the right to reject Seated Dcs will be received until 2 m.

CST January 17. 1980 in th of tice of Director of Purchases Uni veristy of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 223 Administration Building, Urbana, Illinois, on be haft of the Caotal Development Board of the State of Illinois, for tablet arm chars Necessary forms aid tuii information will be fur nsheo upon application. Bidder's Illinois FEPC Prequalitication number is required on all bid prooosais 6812, Jan 7. 9, 16 INVITATION FOR BIDS Clary and Susan Dillinger Thci groom, a graduate of SIU-C and the University of Missouri School of Law, is a partner in the law firm of Dil- Office Space any and all bids and to waive any Illinois State Police District 4 Crestwood (Cook County), Illinois informalities in the bidding and to accept the bids which in Its judgment will be for its own interest. Bid opening on Thurv.

Jan. 24. 1980 at 3:00 PM prevailing time for General Work. John Checkley Director of Purchasing at John A. Logan College in Carterville.

lingeir and Miller in Murphysboro. Project Description: New entrance C04228 Jan. 7. 11. 17 enclosure and remodeling office space including related heating and electrical work.

"Advertisement of bds The State of Illinois, Department Sealed bids will be accepted in the CDB will publicly open and read Johnson of Law Enforcement, acting through the Department of Admin Crain bids immediately after specified Purchasing Office of Southern Illinois University. School of Medi istrative Services is seeking sealed closing time. cine, P.O. Box 3V26, Springfield. Il Bidders must be prequalified In ac proposals for the lease or purchase Of an IBM 3032 SYSTEM, for which cordance with Instructions to Bid linois.

62708, until Wednesday. January 9, 1980 11 AM ST for a step and repeat camera for micro the acquisition, oeliery and instal ders. Bids shall include: 1. Bidder's Illinois FEPC identi latin have been arranged. An 1MB 158 COMPUTER will be used as a graphics on Req.

1089. fication number. In China, they'll take a brown egg over a white egg every time trade tor either lease or 2. Properly completed FEPC Form Detailed specification and bid forms may be obtained from the purchase. PC 2 and Representations S.

Certifi Purchasing Agent of Southern II-! Seaied proposals will be accepted cations (in Bid Form). linois University. School of Medi cine, 1545 North 11th Street, until 4 00 PM local time on Janu ary 16. 1980. 3.

Not less than the prevailing hourly wage rate as determined by Springfield. Illinois. 62702. phone 217 7820228. Interested bidders Comoiete details concerning this solicitation may be obtained from W'Zf the Illinois Department of Labor.

4. Bid security in amount of: General $1000 Obtain biddmg documents from Mr. Dwight E. Bee. Illinos Depart must comply with Federal and State Fair Employment Practices ment of Law Enforcement, Data Processing Bureau.

501 Armory including prequalitication numbers. CDB's Technical Services Division, The University reserves the right to reject any or all bids." Buitdmg. Springfield, IL 62706 (Telephone 217 782 7676) 08369 Dec. 27, Jan. 03.

07 (No Deposit), 3rd Stratton Springfield. IL 62704 (217) 782 8536. Documents also on file at: 09404 Dec 27 Jan 4.7 F. W. DODGE CORP.

Advertisement for Bids Advertisement For Bios The State of Illinois. Capital Devel opment Board (COB) at its bid re 975 Durkin Dr. The State of Illinois. Capital Devel Springfield. IL 62704 opment Board (CDB) at its bid re ce-vmg otice, 3rd Stratton Bidg Springfield.

IL will receive ceiving office, 3rd Stratton F. W. DODGE CORP 230 W. Monroe Chicago. Illinois 60606 Springfield.

IL 62706. will re seated bios tor: CDB 678-010 Oil ceive sealed bids for: CDB Proiect No. 120 120-028 REHABILITATION AND SITE WILL CO CONTRACTORS 254 Ruby Street Joiiet, Illinois 60435 Rehabilitation of Medical Unit Cathy Lynn Johnson and Terry Alan Crain were united in marriage in a 7:30 p.m. ceremony Sept. 8, 1979, at the First Christian Church of Murphysboro.

The Rev. Stephen W. Kembrel of Carbondale officiated before an altar decorated with silk roses, stephanotis and babies' breath. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles L. Johnson of Murphysboro are the parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Burl S.

Crain, also of Murphysboro. The bride wore a gown of taffeta, organza and lace, accented with pearls. Serving her as maid of honor was Cynthia Jones of Murphysboro. Bridesmaids were Cynthia Johnson, Jana Strothmann and Linda Murphy of Murphysboro. Lynn and Vanessa Strothmann, of Murphysboro provided the wedding music.

Best man was Randy Penrod of Murphysboro with Jeff Strothmann, John Murphy and Marty Will of Murphysboro as groomsmen. Ushers were Dick Crain, Randy Crain and Craig Buchman of Murphysboro. The newlyweds greeted guests at a reception held at the American Legion Hall in Murphysboro. They are at home now in Murphysboro after a wedding JOLIET CORRECTIONAL CENTER IMPROVEMENTS OLD STATE CAPITOL SANGAMON COUNTY SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 'I Capital Development Board Donald S. Glickman 1125 Collins Street Joiiet, Illinois 60432 (Will County) Executive Director Rick Legereit Bid opening on 21 January 1980 at Bid opening on January 30, 1980, at 1:30 p.m.

prevailing time for fol Proiect Manager 9 30 AM prevailing time For fol lowmg work General. Electrical (217) 785 1592 Pre bid meetings: 14 January 1980 lowing work: General (RT). Ventilating, Electrical. Plumbing and 06700 Jan. 7.

14. 20 Fire Protection. Heating Air at i 00 PM Illinois Historical Library Old State Capitol Building Springfield, Illinois Conditioning Advertisement For Bios (RT) indicates contract eligible for Retention Trust. Pre bid Meeting: At Joiiet Correc The State of Illinois. Capital Devel- Proiect Description Terry and Cathy Crain 1) Restore Old State Capitol Moat jopment Board (CDB) at its bid re- tional Center on January 16.

1980, ceiving office. 3rd Stratton and Portico steps waterproofing Springfield, IL. will receive system. at 1:30 p.m. Bidders to meet in the Guard House.

sealed bids for: to French Lick, Inc. CDB 606 70 -004 trip Th 2) Rehabilitate Parking Garage floor and ramp structures; joint and crack install floor Proiect Description: Remove existing interior partitions, bride is a senior at Southern II- Install New Freight Elevator Water Resources Building doors, windows, elevator, plumb drain in south peaestrian access Champaign (Champaign County), structure. ing, mechanical and electrical in stailations; construct new interior I partitions, ceilings, floors, install Illinois 3) Site improvements: complete Bid opening on February 14, 1980 at restoration of perimeter sidewalk. linoi.i University-Carbondale and is employ id by SIU-C as a secretary. Th'e groom, a graduate of SIU-C is empioyed by Borgsmiller's Wholesale and Jewelry in Murphysboro as a sales 9:30 AM prevailing time for Gener euros and entrance sidewalks; new stairs, elevator, doors, windows, x-ray.

casework, plumbing. al. Plumbing and Electrical Work. complete rehabilitation of perime Proiect Description: Provide new ter fence; stone base anchorage, New Y'ork Times Peking To the Chinese, there is no question about it: the brown egg came before the white chicken, and the white egg's time has not yet come. White eggs are stacked In small mountains in food markets all over Peking, and newspapers in Shanghai say it is the same there.

They sell, but mainly for lack of choice. Brown eggs, meanwhile, vanish faster than state warehouses can deliver them. Most white eggs come from egg factories, relatively new and productive commune enterprises in which genetically programmed Leghorn hens, originally imported from Europe, Australia and the United States, work overtime. The trouble is that their shells are thin and break easily. Their yolks are pale and their color has traditionally been associated with death, funerals, mourning and ghosts.

Brown eggs, on the other hand, are the old reliables. They are produced by peasant-owned hens that have to scratch out their next meal. Their shells are thick and tough, which becomes important on the way home. There are no American-style egg cartons here; customers generally carry eggs In fishnet totes. In a tour of Peking markets, white-egg advocates noted that since eggs are sold by weight, white-egg buyers get more egg and less shell per pound.

Brown-egg disciples wondered whether the white-egg types had ever tried to ride home on their bicycles In a snowstorm with thin shells colliding in a tote under the handlebars. One broken white egg, they asserted, and more is less. Wen Hui Bao, a Shanghai daily newspaper, attempted to refute allegations that brown eggs were more nutritious than white eggs, finding in a test that white eggs had more protein and less fat than brown eggs. White chickens, the article said, could lay brown eggs, but their laying rate would drop from 260 to 160 eggs per year, if they were so programmed. Western agricultural experts here point out that yolk color and shell hardness are determined by diet, not the color of the laying hen.

A diet of corn rather than sorghum, for example, will turn the yolk more yellow. More calcium will make "the shell harder. Eggs are rationed in China. Now, in winter, city dwellers are limited to roughly one pound about 10 eggs per month, even though there is an egg surplus. They cost about 90 cents a dozen, which is relatively expensive for China.

To offset billions of dollars worth of state subsidies to farmers for grain and edible oils, prices were raised 30 percent on meat, eggs and vegetables this fall. The reaction in some cities worried officials enough so that they rescinded some increases. But they would not consider lowering the price of white eggs. That, officials said, would be evidence that brown eggs were superior and would; conflict with official pronouncements that brown and white eggs were equal. Early in 1979, the state increased the price it paid farmers for eggs.

The new price turned out to be higher than the retail price at which state and so-called free markets sold their eggs. So for a few weeks, enterprising farmers would sell their eggs at the fixed government price, then go around and buy them back on the market for less than they had been paid. Then they would resell them. elevator, includes con paint fence mechanical and electrical systems. CDB will publicly open and read bids Immediately after specified closing time.

Bidders must be pre cretemasonry shaft and related 4 install attic lighting in the Old cons uiiani plumbing and electrical work State Capitol building attic; install CDB will publicly open and read catwalk tor ceiling fixture service bids immediately after specified access; rehabilitate House and Sen closing time. ate oome ceiling support hangers; Bidders must be prequalified in ac install electric hoist tor servicing cordance with Instructions to Bid senate Chandelier. oers. Bids shall include: qualified in accordance with In structions to Bidders. Bids shall include: 1.

Bidders' Illinois FEPC Identi fication number. 2. Properly completed FEPC Form PC 2 and Representations Certifi cations (in Bid Form). 3. Not less than the prevailing hourly wage rate as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor.

4. Bid security in amount of: CDB will publicly open and read bids immediately after specified 1. Bidder's Illinois FEPC identi fication number. closing time. 2.

Properly completed FEPC Form Bioders must be prequalified In ac PC 2 and Representations Certif i cordance with instructions to Bid cations (in Bid Form). oers: Bids shall include: 1. Bidder's Illinois FEPC identi nutritious Cheese biscuits very 3. Not less than the prevailing hourly wage rate as determined by General $124,200, Ventilating fication number. the Illinois Department of Labor 2.

Properly completed FEPC Form 4. Bid security in amount of: Gen PC 2 and Representations Certifi $16,000. Electrical $20,300, Plumb Ing Fire Protection $15,900. Heat ing Air Conditioning $16,900 Obtain bidding documents at Archi era I $4,000 00. Plumbing $200.00, cations (in Bid Form).

Electrical $300 00 oaki og powder, baking soda, salt and suga cut in butter until particles are 3. Not less than the prevailing hourly wage rate as determined by Obtain bidding documents from CDB's Technical Services Division, tect Engineer's office by depositing $50.00 per set, cash or certified check, payable to d'Escoto the Illinois Department of Labor. line, in a small bowl with electric beat No Deposit), 3rd Stratton 4. Bid security in amount of: Gen Springfield, IL 62706 217) erai 131.700. Electrical $1,000 er a a high speed, beat cheese until it is Box 1003.

Aurora. IL 60507. Tele phone No. (312) 902 2280. Documents also on file at: 782 8536.

Obtain biaamg documents af Architect Engineer's office by depositing as nooth as ricotta at least 2 min F. W. Dodge 230 W. Monreo $25.00 per set. cash or certified utesh add egg and milk: beat until check payable to Hanson Engi Chicago, IL 60606.

CHICAGO ECONOMIC DEVEL neers. 1525 South Sixth Street. Documents also on file at: F. W. DODGE CORP.

975 Durkin Dr. Springfield. IL 62704 230 W. Monreo Chicago. IL 60606 Peoria Builders Suppliers 512 w.

Main Peoria, IL 61606 OPMENT 1339 S. Michigan Springfield, I 62703, (217) 788 2450 blended; add to flour mixture and stir with) a fork until flour mixture is moistens! and rather sticky. Turn dough, by By Cecily Brownstone Associated Press Food Editor Cheese Biscuits Our latest version of a delicious and nutritious hot bread. 1 cup all-purpose flour teaspoons baking powder 4 teaspoon baking soda hi teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons sugar 2 tablespoons butter cup small-curd, tangy cottage cheese 1 large egg 3 tablespoons milk In a medium bowl stir together flour, Chicago. IL 60605 Contractors Association of Will Documents also on file at: F.

W. DODGE CORP. Grundy County, 254 Ruby Ja 975 Durkin Springfield, IL level WDiespoons, into buttered 14 by lief, IL 60435 62704 Capital Development Board Capital Development Board Capital Development Board Donald S. Glickman Executive Director Donald S. Glickman Executive Director 4lntht muffin-pan cups.

Bake in a pre-heatud 450-degree oven until a cake tester inserted in center comes out clean 15 minutes. Serve hot. Makes 2 Christy Poggas Donald S. Glickman Executive Director'. Proiect Manager: David Grieme Telephone (217 782 6615 CDB Protect No.

120 120428 C46466 Jan. 7, 25 Rick Legereit Proiect Manager Project Manager (217) 782 8877 (217) 785 159: 07032 Jan. 7, 14. 25 06467 Dec. 31 Jan.

7, dozen. i.

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