The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1937 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 10
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The AJj^na Upper Pea Molars, AlgiMia, lcy% Mbf. 11,1937 Talk Annex (You know—that little bargain spot back of Steele's dothing Store) One of these days, we're going to have a little birthday partj at the ANNEX, celebrating the third year of its existonoe. We'v, had a nice business in our lit tie shop—we have given our cus tomers good values and we hea no complaints about anything over there. We think we'll hav an evening party—from 7 to 10 some Wednesday night—and nl the'gifts will be "bargains' We'll tell you more about it lat er. Right now, let's talk about new S4.88 silk dresses which nrrivec this week. Nifty, sparkling hoi iday dresses, with special festive touches which set them off (like fire crackers on the 4th) all sizes from 14 to 44. Two special Jots this week—silk dresses for only $1.99 (some of these sold for $10.00 once) and a rack of wool challies for only S2.99- Those $8.00 wool dresses are a dollar cheaper this week— only $4.98. Coats Goats Coats We are certainly "ringing the bell" on coats this Fall—Leoria sells two or three most every day.. Of course, there's a reason—where else can you get such beautiful coats for only $9.90 and $16.60 Remember all the $1.19 cotton dresses are only 98c. All hats— regular $2.00 values are only And many, many other items, too numerous to mention. Get the ANNEX bargain habit—it's as catching as a winter coid 6ut never painful. 01TOSEN FIVES WILL PLAY TWO GAMES TONIGHT FOR SALE—Typewriter paper, just received large shipment, good white bond paper, 60 cent a ream Boys, Girls Open Season On Home Floor Against Des Moines Twp. Ottosen: The Ottosen high school girls' and boys' basketball teams play their first game Friday night, Nov. 12. with Des Moines township on the local floor. The girls out for basketball this season are: Frances Enockson. Mae Van Buskirk, Gladys Satern, Maur- nie Holden. Vivian Purdy. Gladys Lovig, Faye Van Buskirk. Edna Liest, Charlotte Bergum. Marilyn Klnseth, Mavis Holt. Shirley Kinseth, Mary Jane HVSus anil Loretta Reese. The boys out for basketball this season are: Donley Jacobson. Leo Wehrspann, John Hansen, Dennis Purdy. Darwin Jollifle. Connor Starin, LeRoy Warbe, Kenneth Sween and Stanley fcnockson. Congregational Church Geo. C. Vnnce, pastor Services in library, theme, "Why Not Leave It to Buddha?" In The WEEKS NEWS CVRRENT EVENTS PHOTOKHAPHfin POK The Upper Des Moines Silk Dresses Slaughtered Annex We have replenished our $1.99 silk dress rack for this weekend and will say without hesitancy that It contains the biggest silk dress values of the entire year. Sizes from 12 to 40—all colors, smart this-season's styles, mpre dress value than you ever bought for this small price. Remember—there have been at least 25 dresses ADDED to our past showing. $1.99 Classified Ads For Sale FOR SALE—Team of farm mares wagon and harness. Sell reasonable foixcash. 115 North Ridgley. 45' FOR SALE—8 head of young horses. Some broke. 7 miles southeast of Burt.—Chris Bolle. 45 FOR SALE—iburoc boars. Telephone 20F11.—George Kohl, Algona. 45-46* FOR SALE—Closing out G-iant, purebred, White Pekln ducks at W.OO each.—Frank Kuhn, Lone Rock, Iowa. - 45* FOR SALE—Hampshire boars. mi. south and 2H west Tltonlm. —Andrew Cebulka. 45* NAZIS PARADE IN NEW YORK—New York. N. Y.—The Stars and Stripes keep company with Nazi flags during the parade of the German-Amer-. lean Bund through YorkviJle here, October 30th. The scene above is along East 86th Street. Thirteen hundred police guarded the paraders who number- 800 uniformed members. Four minor fist fights took place and mixed "boos" and "hells" greeted the marchers. The Chrischilles Store BRIGHT FROCKS for under your coat Right now ... a bright frgck for that NEW loatL Chocwe boaatt blue, Florentine red, Fuchsia . . . colors that make you sparkle. Slips and Falls Union: Orville Dixon slipped and fell from a load of soy bean hay Monday while working at the Chester Bailey farm, injuring a couple of ribs. PITT MARCHES ON TOWARD THE ROSE BOWL—South Bend. Ind.: Pitt's decisive defeat of Notre Dame last Saturday puts them a step nearer the Rose Bowl game. Photo shows Patrick No. 24 of Pitt gaining 9 yards over Notre Dame right end in the fourth quarter. Challie Print Dresses Annex Fri. & Sat., Nov. 12 13 For two days, we will soli about 25 challie print dresses —one of the season's most outstanding dress materials, in misses and ladies' sizes, all colors and a full size-range, for the small price of only $2.99 Sat. Special Formal Dresses at the Annex A few weeks ago, we sold 13 formats on one Saturday for $1.00 each. This Saturday (Nov. 13th) we have taken just six (6) high grade long dresses (formals) which formerly sold from $10.00 to $15.00 in sizes 11 to 18 (black, red, cerise) and will close them out, SPK'.JIAL, one diy only for $2.99 You may see these dresses Friday, but none will be sold until Saturday. rtlYSTERIOTJS MO14TAGUK ACQUITTED—La Verne Moore alias Montague. Hollywood's man of mystery after his acquittal in New York on robbery charges of seven years standing. Montague is reported to have signed contracts which will bring him a total ot $1,000,000 during the next several years. Methodist Church F. Karl Burgeta, pastor The inspiration to better living must come from some higher source han ourselves. Go to church Sun- lay." We welcome you to services this church. Our Sunday School meets at 9:45 a. m. with classes or all age groups. You will enjoy this hour of study. Our morning worship at 10:45. Special music by the choir led by Mrs. Vaughn K. Rising with Mrs. Donald H. Hutch- Ins at the organ. The pastor. Rev. F. Earl Burgess will preach. The Bpworth League will meet at 9:30 p. US. We Join in the union services at the high school for the closing program of the National Education Week. This is a subject that interests the whole community. Be sure to attend. The official board met at the church for dinner Monday evening and began the formulation of plans for the work of the year. If this is your church home we urge you to be present at its ser- l vices. If you have no other church j home we Invite you to worship with us. Come. FOR SALE—Poland China boars. Cholera immune.—Meyer & Dahl, Fenton. Phone 1116, Lone Rock 45-46* FOR SALES—240 acre well Improved farm 7H miles due north of Swea City. Gust Isenberg, tenant—A. J. Blewer, 1011-14th St So., Fargo, N. D. 42-45* FARM FOR SALE—187 acres, Webster sllty clay loam; one of the choicest In Kossuth county, full set of farm buildings, close to market, church and school, Corwlth, on good gravel road, needs only little more drainage; in high state of fertility; already well financed with "government loans" transferable to purchaser. Illinois owners want to settle among selves and will sell for $125.00 per acre. See H. D. Hutchlns, "Over Barr/B", Algona, Iowa. 43*45 Nlcoulln, Rea! Estate, Algona, Iowa. REAL BARGAINS on good Improved farms, also real buys on Algona lots arid homes.—KohlBaas Bros., phone 22. . 20-tf LOANS—Prompt appraisal on 20 year /arm loans. No appraisal fee —no commission—no red tape— low interest—Edw. Capeslus, Heise Bldg., Algona, Iowa. 22-tf Smith of Algona gave b|rth td a baby girlr-whd died a day aft«f birth. . ^ . Tuesday, November ft—Hensel Knudsen of Swea City, 11 year* old, had a bullet removed from nts left leg. NOTICE—Every want ad In The Upper Des Moines with 3400 circulation, is picked up and carried without extra charge In Th,e Saturday Shopper, 2000 blanket circulation of Algona and Algona routes. Why be satisfied with less? FARM FOR SALB—188 acres, 1 mile east from Lakota, Iwoa, with splendid churches and schools; Webster-Clarion soil, highly fertile, fair set of buildings. Most of the farm lies outside high-taxing district Owner wants to consolidate his properties and will let this go AT A BARGAIN PRICE] See H. D. Hutchins, "Over Barry's", Algona, Iowa. 43&4S CHOICE FARMS FOR SALE— Slghly fertile; both improved and unimproved. Would-be farm owners LIST YOUR REQUIREMENTS WITH US and we will try to find what you want. OUR BUSINESS IS TO BRING SELLER AND UYER TOGETHER; also to help finance the purchase of farms for new owners,—H. D. Hutchins, "Over Barry's", Algona, Iowa 43&4S FOR SALE—Purebred spotted .'oland China boars.—C. F. Kern, 2 miles west, one mile south of Fenon. 43-46* Lost-Found LOST—Curtain for Packard sport phaeton, near Bradgatc two mos. ago. Reward $2.—H. S. Beatty, Algona. 45* Wanted WANTBD—Middle-aged house- teeper. By employed widow with two children. Write "A" in care of Upper Des Moines. 45* I WANT TO BUY 7 pure bred or high grade Holstein cows fresh vithin the last 30 days or to bo rcsh within the next 30 days. The kind that give 25 to 40 quarts of nilk per day when freshing find milk the year round.—E. L. Gilbert, Phone 13 on 14. 45* Miscellaneous WHAT A BEAN—Here Is undoubtedly the biggest bean in Illinois, displayed by its owner, George Hope of Chicago Heights, Illinois. Mr. Hope grew it on his own property, where he has several other.! almost as large. It is known as a Chinese bean, weighs IM and one-quarter poundt. is fwo feet and one-half inches Ions, and twenty-three and one-half inches in circumference. Th<> bean was planted last May and plucked from the vine in October. Mr. Hope expects to get a week's servings fruin it. Services Cancelled Union services, scheduled to be held at the high school this Sunday evening in conjunction with Nit- ional Education Week, have been cancelled due to unforeseen developments, O. B. Lain?, school superintendent, stated yesterday. DILL-PICKLE— WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania: In West Chester last week, there were no injuries in the collision of cars driven by Donald Dill and James Pickle. II SELL REAL ESTATE OR CHATTELS FIND WORK OB HELP H . II III! LOST STKAYKIJ STOLEN i I BUY TRADE LOAN lit! LET TUK WANT ADS WORK FOB YOU UN 2c A WOBD PAID IN ADVANCE 3c CHARGED MINIMUM j 25C 1 Reach 3,500 Buyers With A. U. D. M. Want Ads How funny Mr. Fields rashes I in on hi* Jinx. i'entUtant misfortune*, both nerioiu and trivial which the popular comedian turn* Into gag* and wise-cracki*. A full page fi-ature of the American Wef kly, START YOUR OWN business. Big profits. Sell monuments direct from factory to consumer. Exclusive territory. Do not write unless you mean business.— B. Kelm, Sauk Rapids, Minn. « 47« LUMBER SAWING—Have a steel mill with a three head block carriage which insures good work. Have some lumber on hand, for sale.—Frank J. StebriU, Algona. 45* CASH PAID for old gold such as dental gold, broken jewelry, watch cases, etc.—Borchardt'a Drug and Jewelry. 454« FAUMS FOR SALB—All gizea prices, location*. Terms to suit you. List your farm with us.—Mr- Donald & Co !0-tf General Hospital Thursday, November 4—Ronald Peterson of Algona enterde for minor surgery. Friday, November 5—Mrs. Rose Moon of Corwith entered for medical care. N Saturday, November 6—Reta Studer of Wesley, minor surgery. Tuesday, November 9—Mrs. Geo. 31awe of Corwlth gave birth to a baby girl. Kosmitii Hospital Thursday, November 4—Dean Lofs of Algona underwent a ton- sllectomy. Thursday, November 4—Mrs. J. Preushel of St Benedict gave bith to a baby boy. Thursday, November 4—Mrs. Eugene Hutchins of Algona entered as a medical patient. Friday, November 5—Peter J. Grelner .of Algona entered with a broken hip. Friday, November 5—Mrs. Fred Schoby of Algona gave birth to a baby girl. Saturday, November 6—Jane Carlson of Swea City had her appendix removed. > Saturday, November 6—Mrs. Harold Van Allen of Algona gave birth to a bay boy. Saturday, November 6—Walter Gorman of Algona entered to have a cast put on a broken right leg. Sunday, November 7—Mrs. C. V "The accident was caused by the glaring lights of a passing automobile." So reads an accident report. Every motorist in the country knows well what that statement means. It is dark and a motorist driving carefully is suddenly blinded by the glare of an approaching car. From that instant, it is as if he were without eyes. He cannot see the road ahead, judge the speed, or decide definitely the position of the approaching car. He may slow down or come to a stop, but in that time in his blindness he may drive off the road into a ditch or into a railing. Courtesy is the answer to the elimination of these accidents. If all drivers would dim their lights, this glaring condition would be eliminated. It can be done If we all cooperate, and it is certainly our duty as ciUzens to protect the other fellow and be protected. Dim your lights! In checking a few statistics the other day I learned that fully three- fourths of all motor vehicle fatalities among children occur while the youngsters, for the time being, are innocent little pedestrians. It seems so little to ask of men that they try just a little bit harder to protect the lives of our little folks; that they should make It a rule to drive at all times as if they were expecting a little tot to dart out Into the street Suppose your own child should dart out suddenly from the sidewalk, yard or school playground. If you thought for one minute that he would, you would exert undue safe practices to be sure you child* would not be injured. It seems to be the unquestionable birthright of every child to be free from accidental Injuries. Aren't they worth It? What your tonsils are for! A distinguished English phynlclan explains the reason for these troublesome glands in an II- lufttrated feature of the American Weekly, the magazine diiitributed with Next Sunday's Chicago Herald and Examiner. FARM LOANS—Ten year farm loans, 4'/i, no commission.—C. Wl "DOGGONE"—Nubby, an unusual one year old Collie was born without front legs and feet. In learning to walk, Nubby has developed a strange kangaroo hop, propelling himself with his rear legs. While sitting he uses his large tail Huni(iir<>o /ashion to balance himself. He was raised by Albert Baurnbauer of Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Richpoint News Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Clark, Britt, and Dr. Southgate and son, Billie. Marshalltowri, were guests of honor at a family dinner at the George Johnson home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Faith were Liverinore visitors Sunday. lAslic and Roland Jenkins are husking corn for J. A. Johnson with the new corn picker they bought this fall. Oorothy Schultz held a successful social at her school in LuVerne township, Oct. 20th. | Maxine Devine spent Thursday uiKht with her aunt, Mra. R. H. Skilling. Fender and Body Repairing Expert Service We are equipped to handle all types of body and fender repairs. Fender* are rolled, hammered, straightened and rettnished by expert service men. Bodies are straightened and refinUhed and made to look like new. The prices are very reasonable. FRAME STRAIGHTENING .EXPERT ARC-WELDING. Visit Used Car Department For Bargains of the Year Sedans, Coach, Coupes, Trucks All Makes - All Models All Prices On The Way! What's your Hurry, Brother- Junior, you Can't Go Along! That Crowd Must Mean A Riot! You'll Stoop, Squat and Squint to See It! WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT Two new 1938 ford V-8'« are coining .. . we've Men them . . . they're bigger, more beautiful, and if they don't take you by •term w they did us, we'll eat this ad ... Honest... You'll agree that the JMV Ford U the year's motoring treat. KENT MOTOR CO. Phone i:U 8ale*-FOBD— B^vice Algona, Iowa

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