The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1937 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 7
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Atare spent Tuesday in Fort Dodge with friends. Ixwk called on MM. font , "lends at LuVerne, Sunday. and 3 ™ and wife, %?**?* ****** •»*»* ViSltln * her and Mrs. J. E. Wll- MU| *WIMI K ° suth Mm. Elizabeth Amesbury spent end at »u guest of her friends, Mr. and Mrs. *. A. Lerdall. Marlon Corey was a week end guest of Esther Pratt at Des Moines. Esther is taking a business course there. their Week. Mrs. Lura ganders said there would be a display of many children's books at the library at that time. j ftobMe »&«well, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Maxwell, visited at the 1 _ of j lis B'andparents, Mr. and d*Yvr f?' Majt y tre "- at Eagle Grove during the week end. Tasker and Diane Falkenhainer of Rea Oak visited their Melzar Fajkenhainer, and ... cl . grandmother, Mrs. Al Falkenhain- er, over the week end. Mrs. J. O. F. Price and Mrs. J. M. Brechtbili were in Fort Dodge Tuesday afternoon calling on Mrs. Ethel Helter, who has been seriously ill with Intestinal flu. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer and daughter, Jane, drove to Waverly, Wednesday afternoon, to listen to a German pianist in a concert at Wartburg College. William Hofer and son, .Virgil, from Kiawa, Kansas, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs C C. Scharlach. The former brother of Mrs. Scharlach. Mr. and Sirs. W. H. Rockey, who live in the Rev. A. English house and daughters returned Tuesday after a few days spent at Decorah visiting at their former home. Airs. Lewis Burnham returned to Charles City today (Thursday) after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne, since Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Burnham will move into their new apartment next week Monday. school in Chlfficothe, . Missouri. Bernard Wttoon and Henrietta Haggenson of Lake Mills were * u . ests Sunday of the former's par« - ' his sister, Mrs. Vaughn Rising. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McCall of rr i _ *•*• *T*WI»H Ol Kenosha Wisconsin, will arrive ,/L a £ for a vislt of several days w Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Shierk , with Shierl m ° ther of A supper will be served in the dining room in the basement of the Presbyterian church, Saturday eve"'"*• November 13. Serving will 8 ° Ck ' Invited PUbllc ls is a A&P HAS VALUES Atk for dttailt about AUP't £***% <V\n /Retail \ » 3 3,UUU. V Valua^ Worth of Prize, in 12 WEEKLY CONtESTS CriscoiJ? NafJ ChmM« Week Feature fli**.* MM Amerlcan rt _, v.neese or Brick 25c Pumpkin 3^ H 25c Syrup IS Blue A Country-Wide Producer- Consumer Benefit Campaign Walnut ,t' BUsh Red Heart Do 9 Food 3 ir MACARONI OR Spaghetti 4 box Campbell's Tomato 19c oz. 4 Blue Rose n. 6 Kice ib*. Navy Beans L. Waldorf "Soft-Were" Tissue 4 Rolls Scot Paper Towels 2 Rolls Wanning Powder Climalene Toilet Soap Camay White Naptha 25c 29c 29c Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Fardal of - will visit during the week end the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S . Blossom. Mrs. Fardal will be remembered as Margaret oiossona. Fr&nlclin Cl&dlc of sL€i\Iflps returned to her home Saturday after two weeks spent with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W Berg- neld, while.recuperating from an appendectomy. Mm. H. Ahrens b spending; a month's visit in Ann Arbor, Michigan, visiting her daughter, Sister Mary Emanuel, Mrs. Ahrens makes her home here with her daughter Mrs. F. K. Sawyer. Mrs. F. E. V. Shore and Mrs. Gardner Cowles of Des Moines arrived Tuesday for a visit of several days at the homes of their sisters, Mrs. L. J. Dickinson and Mrs. Archie Hutchison. Mr. and Mrs. Will Mauler and Mrs. David Logan of Spencer, and Mrs. George Hiett of Pomona, California, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller, Saturday and Sunday. The women are sisters. Mr. and Airs. John Steil returned Saturday from Eden Valley. Minn where they had attended the funeral of William Steil, brother of the former. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Rose Koch and Mrs: G. R. Cook, proprietor of Cook's lunch room near the fairgrounds has purchased five single and two double tourist cabins from William Ketchen of Emmetsburg. These are modern cabins, and available for tourists. The Algona Ppper Des Motors, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 11, 1937 Prank Mftthes o* Artes was here on business, Saturday. The Fred Wegeneft ot Lone Rock called at the Lloyd Walkers, Sunday. Rose Brown of Ann* h visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Mary Mr. and Mrs. August Strom visited Sunday at the J. D. Graham home at Burt. . John Cullen, postmaster at Whittemore, was a caller at the Upper Des Moines office, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Williams of -*rinnell were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronin. Elmer Phillips, employed by Hugh Post, drove to Mason City, Monday night, on a business mission. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawcott of Burt were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne. Steve and Bob Murchland left ast week for California, where hey expect to spend some time. The M. O. Richards family of •"One Rock attended the funeral of heir uncle, L. A. Miner, Sunday. Mrs. Margaret Murray of Burt nd her sister, Mrs. Jeanette Goozy isited at the Jim Murray home unday. Mrs. Ruth Hunter spent the week Local Church, in Remodeling Process, Was One of the Earliest in North Iowa Congregational Structure Dedicated'in 1886, Oldest in City nd in Algona with her parents Ir. and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson, and er son, Lynn. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Hengrl of Fairmont drove down Sunday to attend the funeral services for the late L. A. Miner. Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner attended the funeral of the Intter's brother held at Hubbard. Iowa on Saturday afternoon. W. B. Butler, agent of the Minnesota State Board of Control spent the week end with his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Butler. Charles Paxson visited nt the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson over Sunday. Charles is taking a business course at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. William Sloan of are now cake 25c 27c 19 C 19c 35c 5c 32c 6 Iff. bare :!8f Cranberries Cobbler Potatoes Head lu " 15c I .. Lett Per size uce head eo * oc Sunday dinner gue*t« of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Rising will be the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrr. S 75. Wilson, and her sister, Mrs' Florence Peterson and son, and her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wilson of Titonka, Mr. and Mr«. C. H. Taylor returned to their home Monday noon after visiting since Thursday at Newton with Mrs. Taylor's brother Clyde Roswell, and at Humeston with Rev. Frank Webster, who was formerly the minister at the local Baptist church. Air. wid Mrt. Oeorce «t bUMnrllM stepped their way home from th«.homecoming at Iowa City to take their little daughter, Mary, home with Inem. Mary had been visiting at the R. H. Miller home since Wednesday. Mr. Thompson and Mrs Miller are brother and sister. W. C. McNo-m and daughter, wary Louise, brought Mrs. F. P. •Clahr home, Saturday, from Lawrence, Kansas, where she had been visiting during the past month, with icr daughter, Mrs. W. C. McNoun. Mrs. Klahr makes her home here vith another daughter, Mrs. George St. John. John McNoun, n nephew ->l Mrs. Klahr, of Minneapolis and lis friend, Dave Vescly, also of Minneapolis drove down Saturday o spend the week end at the St. 'ohn home. Des Moines were guests Thursday and Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Llnnan. Mr. Sloan is a Des Moines attorney. Virginia Arn, who is employed j,t the Sorensen drug store, spent Tuesday at Fort Dodge visiting her mother. Mrs. Bessie Arn. nnd other relatives and friends. Mrs. L. C. Hanson returned Sunday from Mason City where she had visited since Thursday with her daughter, Pauline March. Mr. Hanson went after her Sunday. Hugh Post returned Tuesday with Roy Bjustrom from a business trip to Des Moinea, Fort Dodge and Ames. Mr. Post attended the automobile show at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Orvilln Bleller, Mamie and Ruth Blciler and Lydia Cardine, all of Monroe. Wisconsin, spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Peterson. We received a post card from G. F. Kanouff, requesting that his paper be sent to 419 Dallas street, San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Kanouff report* that everything is fine down * there. The Woman'* Home Miraloiuuy society of the Methodist church will not meet November 18. but will meet on November 23. The change in dates is due to a district meeting to be held at Ruthven on the 18th. Donald IIiuiHcn and Lorriiinr Llnderholm, both of Minneapolis, were married last week Thursday afternoon in th« Trinity Lutheran The repairing and remodeling of the local Congregational church, which will soon be completed, brings to mind the fine part that organization has had in the history of this community. The present building now being renovated, was dedicated on June 13, 1888, over 51 years ago, and at that time was considered the best church building in northern Iowa. Prior to that services were held in the Old Town HalL The Rev. Chauncey Taylor, better known as Father Taylor, came to Algona on April 19th, 1856, the first minister to settle permanently in the county. He organized the local Congregational church August 15th, 1858, which is the oldest church of continuous service in the city. Services were held first in the Town Hall, located at State and Moore streets, and in 1887 the Congregationalists, who owned the majority of stock in the building, took it over entirely for their religious use. It was moved Early Founder parsonage by Uev. P, Mrs. Leo Bullock and J. Brnner. Mrs. P. J. 2 Swell Programs 2 21c Wed. Thru Sat. "ALawManlsBorn" with Johnny Alack Brown Second Feature "THE SHADOW STRIKES" A-vP FOOD STORES THt GHIAI ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC. 11A COMPANY Sun.-Mon. Geiii« Autrey in a musical western "SPRING TIME IN THE KOCKIES" Second Feature Kent Taylor in "THE LADY FIGHTS "1'ainUd Stallion" Special Thunksgivijig Day Attraction •luck Haley Ann Southern Mary Behind Edw Everett Hortoa in •DANGER, LOVE AT WORK' liraner were the attendants. Mr. ami .Mrs. Robert Hi-ll are the parents of a baby girl born at th? Kossuth hospital, November 1. Mr. Hell is the proprietor of tilt- Hell Motor Company at Swea City. Both and Mrs. Bell were formerly employed at the Kent Motor Company here In Algcna. Eddie Dean arrive*! here from Fremont, Indiana, last Friday for a short visit with his parents, living near Corwith, and his fiancee, Miss Ruth Lund of Algona. Young Mr. Dean has been at Fremont for the past year where he is in the garage business with a brother-in-law. Ed Cuile.ii returned Sunday from California, where he had spent the past three or four weeks. He enjoyed his stay and had a job with the Pomona Valley Hardware Co. However, labor conditions were becoming so complicated with strikes, picketing and union troubles that he decided to return to Algona and is back again at the Koolhaas & Spllles hardware. Krma Dee Schlnmiel imd sinter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoepncr, Jr., of LuVerne spent the week end in Des Moines visiting Mr. Hoepner's brother, Harry, known as "Tex of the Oklahoma Outlaws" over WHO. The Outlaws are leaving the last of the month for Hollywood where they are featuring in their second picture with Gene Autiy. to the present high school site, a tower, belfry and 20-foot room added and served for the church until the present structure was dedicated in 1886. Retired in 1873 Rev. Taylor retired in 1873 and his place was taken by H. B. Underwood whose ministry was cut short two years later by death In 1875 Rev. W. H. Burnard began a work that lasted until 1888. It was under his supervision that the present edifice was erected. The late E. J. Murtagh recalled to the present pastor how fifty odd years ago as a struggling youth he donated five dollars to the construction of the building. Following Mr. Burnard came W. E. Davidson, C. E. Sinclair and W. J. Suckow, the latter being affectionately remembered ns marrying many of Algotm's now middle adult couples. Rev. Suckow is now serving the Congregational church at Alden nnd next year will observe the fiftieth anniversary of his ord- inntion into the ministry. It was he who delivered the sermon at the 75th anniversary of the founding of the church in 1933. Rev. O. H. Holmes followed and It was during his ministry that the church made its greatest growth, receiving 225 names on its roll during one year. Mr. Holmes, who died in Oregon last year, was also instrumental in installing the present organ although the movement was instigated under the fromer pastor. W. J. Suckow. Other Local Pastors Two men served short pastorates between Mr. Holmes and the Rev. B. M. Southgate. They were L, A. Goddard and J. J. Jones. Mr. Southgate was called to the church In March, 1919,- from the beautifu Congregational church be had just erected at Rochester, Minnesota. He 5 MAIL CLERKS WILL STAY HERE Pangrr Hint the desirable residence of five nviil clerks m the railway pnstofficc service might be transferred into Dnkotn fnr their future residence, seemoii removed here yesterday. Becnusc of a eh.inee j n t j mp on the Milwaukee tr.iins recently, a change of residence was orrlc red by the rnihvny mail department to ef- feet a saving of some But verifirntion of nn order from th? Miln-aultee that indi-itrs tint !!ie Sioux tniin would he crnngpd bark to its old time schedule "effective November 2!). will make th? shift of residence ur,rHv.yss.irv. Clerks who wmild h.-ivo been af- focteii are F. A. Bunting, L F Writrht. G. A. CinUli::. J. L. Holmes and G. \V. Ciou.l. Father Taylor, pictured above wa«i the founder, ami fir Ifi years pastor of. the AIRO'IT Congregational church. He came to Algona in 1856, and died in 1876. Present Pastor labored for JO happy years in the community, being well loved by all. It was during his pastorate that the Men's Forum, the first service club in the city, was organized. Rev. Southgate was followed hy Rev. Wi?i. A. Frazier. who serves the Congregational church nt Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Fred I. Clark, son of the late Judge Clark of Mason City, served after Mr. Crazier, and he was succeeded by the late J. ttobcrt Hoernor, who so tragically died at his task. Dec si. ID:H. Tlic Rev. George C. Vance, present and chronologically .speaUiiu;, 14th pastor of the church, has been successful in fulfilling a dream that all of these men held—of a better equipped building in which to c.»r- ry on this line church tradition. The community congratulates the Congregational church and its leaders on its past history and its prejent worthy endeavor. Rev. George C. Vance, above, Is the present pastor of the church, nnd has taken part in the present program of remodeling nt the local church. Rev. Vance came here from Smith Center, Kansas. He has been here over two years. cf&&®c<aaaQ£&^^ Announcement GET ACQUAINTED DAY Saturday, Nov. 13—Texaco Station Highway 169, North of Fairgrounds Special for Saturday Only 1 Qt New Texaco Oil For lc with each $1.00 purchase of Fire Chief Ga* Texaco and Havolene Oil* Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated TEXACO SERVICE Walter Elbert, JMtgr. Bud Elbert, Asat. J. D. l.cme uiul ,J. C'. Knppen of Buffalo Center returned last week I Monday from Canada where they had been hunting deer for a week. Tin y brought a six-point buck and a line doe home with them. The buck was a dandy und dressed out about 22:1 pounds. They report big game as plentiful this year in that region, but at the same time one. has to endure a lot of hardships in tramping tiie rough country in order to get u shot at deer or moose. Joe Steil and Air. uiid Mrs. John Steil returned Thursday fi'om Eden Valley, Minnesota, where they had been culled to attend the funeral of the menjs brothre, William, who died Monday at the University hos- LuVerne Wins 2 Opening Basket Games At Grant j LuVerne- The local high school basketball teams played their opening games at the Grant consolidated school, Monday evening and were succeasful in winning both games. The boys won 27 to 19 and the girls' team made the score of 32 to 15. The girls are coached by Supt. Evana and thoae making this trip were Maxine Smith, Jacqueline and Darlene Conoway, Hazel Nygaard Virginia Ramus. Phyllis Lichty', Betty Burtia, Carmen Wermerson. and Shirley and Kathryn Uiniler. C. C. Smith is coach for the boy.s und his team included Merl Hunting !• Good; Eat Venison, Moose While many an Algona home enjoyed a venison steak through the courtesy of J. D. Lowe, Algonu Utorncy, who hdd success on a recent hunting trip way up north. West Bend folks were equally as hrilled by getting u tri.ste of moose iieut, brought back from unntlier nintlng trip by Dr. P. O. Dorweil- r, of Bend. Mr Lowe's venison was ncntly u-mppcd into parcels, and distributed locally as f;ir ;is it would jj,, Dr. Dorweiler returned .Sunday evening from a hunting trip to Canada, where lie and Dr. Hanson of Forest City hanged their moose while on a two weeks' trip. The moose meat i.s now in refrigeration at a West Rend meut m:ir- ket. boys and girls, and consolidated, Whittemore's B. B. Schedule for the Season Given Out Whittemore: Supt. F. J. Rochford of the local high school, has completed the basketball schedule for this year, ns follows: Nov. 19,^St. Cecelia's, Algona, girls nnd alumni boys here. Nov. 23—Lone Rock boys and girls, there. Nov. 30—LuVerne boys and girls here. Dec. 3—Ottosen, boys and girls there. Dec. 7 —Wesley, there. Dec. 14—Lone Rock, girls, here. Dec. 17—Cylinder, boys and girls, there. Dec. 21—LuVorne, boys girls. there. Jan. 4—Vernon boys and girls, there. Jan. (i—Algona Academy, girls, there. Jan. 11—Cylinder, boys an ( < K irls, here. Jan. 14—Wesley, boys and girls here. Jan. 21-22—girls' tournament. Jnn. 28-29—boys' tournament. Feb. 1—Vernon consolidated, boys and girls, here. Feb. 4- Ottosen, boy< nnd girls, here. Feb. 8—Thompson girls, 'here. Mr. and Mrs. William Ticde, Lu- Verne, visited at the Louis nnd Werner Braatz homes Friday. Mrs. Herman Braatz, Milwaukee, is spending some time here with relatives. The Matt Kirschbaums h.ive moved into the Carl Volgt home, north of the tracks. Mrs. Edw. Thompson spent a few days with relatives and fircnds at Garner last week. Mr. and "Mrs. Lloyd E. Walker RcweUa Voijrt, Beulah Lar«on, FJor* ence Dehnert. the latter of .-\lgona, Mrs. Art Heidcnwlth, son Ellsworth, Mrs. Dorothy Sebers and tne Inter's son, Ralph were Wednesday evening dinner Riieits at the Herman Voigts. George Gronbach was t.-ilcrn to he local hospital Thursday ti;r a major operation. Thompson, Merle Eggleston, Howard McClcllun, Merlin Baker, Ray Legler; Donald Bowman, Robert Chapman, Robert Lee Lichty. Daryi Builis and Uoy Nygaani. AH but one of last year's first team were Jui-t by graduatit-n. 80 Attend Book Forum, Livermore Livermore: More than 80 women registered here for the Book Forum meeting Saturday, under the auspices ol the Federated clubs, held at th-j high school auditorium Every fedarated,club of the •oun- ty was well represented, and a delightful program given by women from all of the clubs. A tea was given with Mrs. W. F. Johnson, president of tho Equality club and Mrs. William King, president of the Twentieth Century club pouring. Mra. Nellie Devine. also of Liv- Rewrites Of Newi From Last Tuesday'* Kossulh County Advance ermore, had u part on the pro^iu giving ' - gins." review of "Green Mar pital in Minneapolis, ativea who attended Other rel- were four sisters, Mrs. Theresa Hammer and two sons, Victor and William of St. Joe, Mrs. Rose Koch of Ladysmith, Wis., Mrs. Frances Balk of LeSeu- er. Minn., Mrs. Mate Mathias of Milbank, South Dakota. The Steil obituary appears elsewhere In today's paper. Pete Greiner, manager of the Corwith Implement company, had the misfortune Friday evening to slip and fall as he stepped from the O. K. Lunch at Corwith. His leg was broken below the hip and Frank Rockwood took him to the Koasuth hospital here. Mr. Greiner's wife and family live here and Mr. Ortluer has b««o tootalag at the Albert Corwith home at Cor- U»t sine, b. bM company Mr. and Mrs. Hay t'ook, Kflly, and Lloyd Pratt drove to Lylc, Minnesota, Sunday, where Uiuy wci'u quests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O.strum and family. The men formerly played in the same band. Ed id now managing the Botsford Lumber Company at Lylt 14 Cresco Girls Hosts To Mothers Thi. fresco Chums 4-H club held its ivyular ini.'eting at the home of Mrs. Parsons. with Phyllis Maxwell as hostess ami Patricia Materii, presiding, last week. Each of the H girls present had their mothers as guests, and Mi: n Lucille Pcpoon, 11. I). A., iva.- KOXES ARE LARGELY responsible for the dearth of pheasants reports submitted to a meeting of the Kossuth conservation league held last Thursday evening in the court house here indicated. A report of Field Day activities waa presented, and the league cleared enough so that about $200 can be set aside as a reserve fund for the Field Day next year. • • • P. J. GREINER, Corwith, received a broken hip, when he fell last Friday evening while leaving a' rest- DR. H, M. OLSON, local dentist, will move his dental equipment to the tenant space in the Call theatre building, recently vacated by the Blackstone weekj. Cafe, in about two NEW COURT CASES: Albert F. Cox, Woodbine, Iowa, lias brought Uit on behalf of his daughter ag- inst Albert Schumacher, Bancroft /or damages allegedly sustained by the girl in an accident near Wood- Inne, August 29. A total of $10.000 damages is asked. Three other damage cases 1 1- cf from one accident, were bro::-lu separately by Doris. Arthur and N'ick Fisher against Mr. and Mr.-, I'Vank Ci uil'.sl.ank. Tin- claim.; say ; h"'it an M.-ill'n! oc-cur-'i'd f'.nir ^i miles north of Aluomi. and that ., j the plaintiffs .seek ,t total of $1.^5 in j tho three rases for damages done Mr. and Mf». H .eiiry Furst drove to Webster City, Sunday, where they visited Mr. Furst's sister, Mrs. Ed Telkamp. The latter's daughter, Naomi, was ill in the Webster City hospital at that time, but is now recuperating at home. Mr. and Mrs. Furst were also guests of their friends, Mr. and Mrs D L Potter. Air. and Mrs. Raymond Irons, who have been living at Ames for the past year, where Mr. Irons has been in charge of the sales force for the sale of a stoker, are about to leave for the east and will probably make their home at some pomt in Massachusetts. It is expected that Mr. Irons will be in charge of the sales for the same stoker concern for that state and will probably locate there permanently. Mrs. Irons ur a daughter of Fred Anderson of Algona and ahe and her husband b»ve Mpy friend* here who will wish them weU. Special Talks were given by Zelda I..ML:, j tllt '"iselves and their car." Alice Kparks. Patricia Matcrn and * * * Dorothy KiiiK. Hi-rni. e Reaper an.! <'KLEBUATI.\<; TIIK hOtli year Lorraine Thomas also had parts on "' ils history, special .services will |J « held Sunday at Ihu local Piestjy- ierian church. Frank licigtl will lead a hi.sloiy i,f I he chu/vli. f * » FCNKRAI. SKRVICKS for I. A Miner, 64. were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Baptist c/jurch. with Rev. 1}. C. Vance officiating. Interment was in Riverview cemetery. Mr, Miner had been ill with heart disease for some time. The end came Friday morning. Mr j'vTiner was born May 5, 1873, at Franklin. He and his bride Edith Williams of Ackley, came to Algona shortly after they were married in 1909. He at on e time operated the Miner Candy Kitchen, was employed at Riaing'B elevator, and tor the post four years had been caretaker at the Masonic Temple. Besides his widow he is survived by two slaters, Mrs. Maude Bilaborough, Algona, and Mrs Delphi Inman, Hibbing, Minn., by a brother, H. E. Miner of Algona, and his children, Melviii, Farris and Robert. Pailbearera wer J. F. Overmyer, W. H. Freeman, F. W Green, D. D. Paxaon, Lynn Keith and J. B. Wheelock. the program and Mi.-,., Pepoon gave lu talk before the meeting adjourn- | 1 ed. Brother-In-Law of Alex Radig Dies Lone Rock: Alex Radig received word Saturday evening of the sudden death of a brother-in-law, Ernest Peterson, Pasadena, Calif. His death was due to heart disease. He U also a brother-inlaw of Mrs Dora Laabs. This is the sixth death in the family within a year. Called to Bedside, Mother Gravelly 111 St. Benedict: Mrs. John Grand- Kenett was again called to Carroll Saturday night to be at the bedside of her mother, who they did not expect to live very long. John returned Sunday afternoon and Mrs. stayed with her mother M th4» writing we have not heard about her condition. '"^^^^"•""^•••••"••••••••••••l Important! Bring in those cut and broken tires and have a permanent repair made instead of taking a chance on a stick-in boot. W> Sppolanzo in Vnlcnnfzlnjr Tiros nnd Tubes. All work guaranteed. SAMPSON TIRE SERVICE Lnrntod nt 110 State Sf, Does Your Mellotte Cream Separator Need Attention Tf so there will ho factory exports at tho store all day Friday, Novemhor 19th, (a week from this coming Friday). Briii^ your separators in and have them put in first class condton hy experts that know how. No charge will ho made for lahor. J?otfiilar prices will he made on all parts used. Nelson Hdw. •"^^"•"^••••^••^M Baldwin Food Market Phone 355 •«••••• Grapefruit 43c *:: CAROL Salad Dressing Cleanser Free Delivery •SMBM^MHIBB Oranges Raisins Napthi Fresh ••••• Roast Meat Cutlets BEEF BOIL' 3r7fi ...... • lwrv ^^ wvw ^^-WAVJW^^^ WW WWW^^ The Algona Auction Co, I Saturday Nov. 13 For ihis Saturdu) 1 !, Sale nl itllll, cuiisisliiiK "I later on »c evpc, t to «.|l ,_„ , VI1( let us know uj. we will have buyers here. .. V " «--*I«ft tu have the usual run uvrd |ou o< rattle und feeder pigs; uUo Tuesday, Nov. 16 - W V!?1 ?. etU ." K .KT? """ 0> »«««« cattle in our - « «. — - —™ —. n^DtmU U»fcUO LIJ Last week with two curs uud for this sale we have 2 to 3 cars of choice White Fa«» ranging from fean viir^T/"^ Ioto - We h * ve **"> "«•* «* buyer, in anything that you have to bell We sell by the head Oou't forget those veul oulvea a» we do to Al»o will huve u good run of fewfcr pig* *" -* sale Barn pnon, 7, Start on .tock a* No property removed uutU irttlrd far C. O. RIDDLE op-**, «4

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