The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Pea Moinea, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 4,1937 AT LONE ROCK Neilsen to Bowe of Ring sted Proprietors of New Venture Lone Rock: A Jack Spratt store, operated by Neilsen & Rowe, Ring- sterl, opened up Saturday in the building formerly occupied by the G. A. Sharp store. Visit At Penmen's Bob McCullough and Melvin Miner, Algona. spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Eugene Pearsons. The Pearsons and Mrs. John Dempsey were last Thursday supper guests at the John Arbogasts, Fenton. Mrs, Pearson and daughters and Mrs. Dempsey were entertained Saturday afternoon at the E. C. Weisbrods, Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Hurlburt spent the week end at Fairmont. Eileen Walsh attended the Passion Play at Mason City Saturday. The Jim Longs were Sunday supper guests of the W. H. Riedels, Burt The Mother's club will meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. Andrew Thornsen. Lawrence Zwiefel. Fort Dodge, spent Sunday afternoon at the Wfll Christensons. The Carl Peters family, Algona, were Sunday guests of the Rudolph Peters family. Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen. Clarion, spent last Thursday with Mrs. Tillie Hanna. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Person spent Sunday afternoon at the John Kyi- ens, Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris spent Sunday afternoon at the Ernest Kruegers, Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Donovan. Wesley, were Sunday supper guests of the Ralph Thompsons. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howe. P.ock- well City, spent Saturday evening with Mrs. Evelyn Earing. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Faulstich spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jaskuike. Kcnton. Hertha Ruhnke, Fenton. spent from Saturday night till Monday morning with Elma Krueger. art, all df Algona, spent last Thurs- the north&ast corner of Lot Six (6) day afternoon with Mrs. V. J. Gross. The William Nelsons were Sunday dinner guests at the Theo. Jacobsons, Humboldt, the occasion being in honor of Mrs. Jacobson's birthday. George Rath returned home from the Fort Dodge hospital last Wednesday. He was taken there when he was injured about two weeks ago in a grain elevator. The Lawrence Newbroughs had as Sunday dinner guests, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and the Edward Blanchards. Irvlngton. The Rev. and Mrs. T. Spelcher and son, Burt, the M. O. Richards family and the Harlan Blanthards were Sunday dinner guests of the Clarence Householders. The Henry Schroeders were Sunday afternoon guests at the Walter Thompsons The F. F. Schroeders, Fenton, were Sunday evening guests at the Schroeder home. Mrs. Merwin Marlow and son, Merrill Faye went to Livermore on Sunday to visit at the Frank Collins home. She attended the funeral of Mrs. Charles Armstrong, Monday. Mrs. Dora Laabs had as last Thursday guests, Mrs. Will Swanky, Cedar Falls, Mrs. Jess Johnson, Rolfe, Mrs. Archie Voight, Whittemore, and Mrs. Will Dreyer and Mrs. John Seegebarth, Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan McLaughJin, Tuscon, Arizona, who have been spending the past three weeks at the Otis Sanders home, left Monday for their new home. The Sanders family took them to Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Madden. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Madden, Haifa, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stewart. Burt, were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawcott. Mr. and Mrs. Hawcott were dinner guests of the Harris V'adsworth family. The Fred Wegeners spent Sunrliy afternoon at the Robert Wegeners, Whittemore. Last Wednesday. Airs. Fred Wegener and children. Mrs. Arthur Heidemvith and daughter. Mrs. Dorothy Sobers and son, VVlut- temore, nil drnva to Mallard to see Mr. WegetK'r and Mr. Heidenwith, who are working for the Metropolitan. Life Insurance Co. of Block Twenty-five (25) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa thence south to the northeast corner of Lot Three (3) of Block Forty-nine (49) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, thence weal to the northeast corner of Lot Three (3) of Block Fifty-one (51) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, thence north to the northwest corner of Lot Seven (7) of Block Twenty-seven (27) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, being the point of beginning. (c). School district number two bounded as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of Lot Two (2) of Block Five (5) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, thence due north to the middle of Lot Six (6) of Block Two (2) of Auditor's Plat of Reservation No. One (1) of Algona, Iowa, thence due east to a point due oorth of the southwest corner of Lot Two (2) of Block Three (3) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, thence south to the southwest corner of,Lot Two (2) of Block Three (3) of the original plat of Algona, fowa, thence west along the north line of the alley to the southwest corner of Lot Two (2) of Block Five (5) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, to the point of beginning. (d). School district number three bounded as follows: emergency vehicle may be equip ped with a siren, whistle, or bel capable of emitting sound audlbl under normal conditions from a distance of not lees than five hun dred feet of a type approved by th Iowa Motor Vehicle Department but such siren shall hot be use except when such vehicle la oper nted in response to an emergency call or in the immediate pursuit o an actual or suspected violator o the law. In which said latter events the driver of such vehicle shal sound said siren when necessary to warn pedestrians and other drivers of the approach thereof. Section Eight. That no bicycle shall be equipped with nor sbal any person use upon a bicycle any siren or whistle. Section Nine. That every bicycle while being operated on the high ways, streets and alleys of the of Algona, Iowa, shall be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light at all imes from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise and at any other time when there s not sufficient light to render :learly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a dis* ance of at least three hundred feet o the front and with a lamp on he- rear exhibiting a red light vis- ble from a distance of three hundred feet to the rear; except that n red reflector meeting the re- Commencing at the southeast | quirements of the Stafe Laws may Mr. and Mrs. John Newbrough and W. J. Reynlods spent Sunday with the August Browns. Algona. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton spent Monday at Mason City, Mr. Cotton attending a hatcheryman's meeting. Evelyn Radig, who attends business college, Des Moines. spent the week end at the parental Aiex Rad- igs. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Sorenson, Sisters, Oregon, called at the P. M. and Will Christcnson homes last Monday. Mrs. Wayne Richmond and her daughter, Barbara. Armstrong, spent Friday with Mrs. Harlan Blanchard. Mr. and Mr*. P. M. Chriatenaon attended a county Farm Bureau meeting and banquet at Algona Friday evening. C. W. Pond, Roland, called at the V. J., C. M., and Lloyd Gross homes last Friday enroute to his home from Rochester. Jessie Smith and Elva Ewoldt. Algona, and the C. C. Cushings. Swca City, were Sunday quests at the Karl Ewoldts. R. T. Angus, son Gerald and daughters, Lillian and (Jnice. drove 1 to Rochester Sunday, bringing Mr.-,. ' Lawrence Uittmcr home. j Mrs. Lillie Thompson, d ni^hter. I Neva, Margaret Kehloineaii. IA-OII i ! Schultz and Lilaiu-lie Ileiiriksi-ii | -spent Saturday in Kurt Dod^c. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Si-hultz accompanied by the Uosroe Schultz family, spent Sunday at Hie Robert Schullz home, Marshall, Minn Mrs. Fred, Mis. M. J Laabs, Jr., and "Grandma" Stew- Sexton School Social A Success Sexton: A Hallowe'en program and box social were held at the school house last Friday evening. Baskets sold well and a good crowd attended. Lunch was also sold in the basement. Dora Dooley, Algona is the teacher. Mrs. Ruth Taylor was the auctioneer and Herman Wise assistant Mr. and Mrs. Carl Paetz and family spent Saturday in Fort Dodge on business. Dean Taylor spent Sunday with his little friend. Junior Johnson, south of town. Shirley and Donald Neahring spent Saturday at Britt, with their grandmother, Mrs. Henry Glave. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and sons, Wilbur and Everett, spent Sunday at W«bb with Ur. and Mr*. Evert Hodgtn. Mrs. Hodgin It the former Pearl Steven. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardkopf and children of LuVerne. were Sunday dinner guests at the A. L. Greenfield home. Mrs. Hardkopf is a niece of Mr. Greenfield. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Francis. Webster City. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ma (On and Mr and Mrs Glonn Ki-.incis. Corwith. anil Morris Francis. Algona. spent Sund-iy at the Dale Thompson home. Hanson Reunion At Schenck Home Biirt: A Hansen family reunion was held at the L. H. Schenck home Sunday, honoring the birthday of J. K. Han.seti. Those present included UK M it-old and Elmer Hansens. Al- Rona. the Clair Winkles, and the Matt Roy and Ira Hansen fim- ilieri.- corner of Lot One (1) of Block Six (6) of Call & Smart's Addition to Algona, Iowa, thence north along the west line of Phillips Street to the northeast corner of Lot Two (2) of Auditor's plat of Algona, Iowa, thence east to the northeast corner of Lot Six (6) of Block One Hundred Fifty-four (154) of Coil's Addition to Algona. Iowa, thence south to the northwest corner of Lot Seven (7) of niock One Hundred Eighty-six (186) of Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa, thence west to the southeast corner of Lot One (1) of Call & Smart's Third Addition fb Algona, Iowa, the point of beginning. (e). School district number four bounded as follows: Commencing at tho northeast corner of Lot One (1) of Block Two Hundred Twenty-one (221) of i'all's Addition to Algona, Iowa, thence north along the west line of McPherson Street to the southeast corner of Lot One (1) of Hlock Five <5> of Call & Smart's Addition to Algona. Iowa, thence east along the south line of Block Six (6) of Call & Smart's Addition to the east line of Phillips Street, thence south along the east line of Phillips Street to the south line of N'orth Street, hence west along the south line of North Street to the northeast corner of Lot One (1) of Block Two Hundred Twenty-one (221) of Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa, the point of beginning. (f). School district number five bounded as follows: Commencing on the weat side of Wooster Street In Algona, Iowa, at the northeast corner of Auditor's plat, thence north along the weat line of Wooster Street to the southeast corner of Lot Thirty-four (34) of Call's Park Addition to Algona. Iowa, thence east along the north line of Oak Street to the louthwest corner of Lot Eleven (11) of Block Two (2) of Call's Third Addition to Algona, Iowa, thence south along the east line of Colby Street to the south line of i;im Street, thence west along the> south line of Elm Street fi the point of beginning. (e). A residence district to be used In lieu of a rear light. Section Ten. That loud signaling devices shall not be used during the period of from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise, unless absolutely necessary to avoid accidents. Section Eleven. That every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with a muffler In good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise and annoying smoke, and no person shall use a muffler cutout, bypass or similar device upon o motor vehicle upon a highway, street or alley within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa. Section Twelve. That no person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or traffic control device, in any of the following places: 1. On a sidewalk; 2. In front of a public or private driveway; 3. Within an intersection; 4. Within fifteen feet of a hv- fttreet ot alley within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa shall remove any glass or other Injurious substance dropped upon the highway, street or alley from such vehicle. Section Twenty-two. That the driver of a vehicle within a btfsl- ness, school or residence district emerging from an alley, driveway, or building shall stop ench vehicle immediately prior to driving onto a sidewalk or into the sidewalk area extending across any allay- way or private driveway. Section Twenty-three. That every motorcycle while being operated on the highways, streets and alleys of the City of Algona, Iowa, shall be equipped with at least one and not more than two head lamps exhibiting a white light, at all times from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise and at any other time when there IB not sufficient light to render clearly discernible persons and ve- ilcles on the highway at a distance of five hundred feet In front and with a lamp on the rear exhibiting a red light plainly visible from a distance of five hundred feet to the ear. Section Twenty-four. That every motor vehicle and every vehicle which is being drawn at the end of a train of vehicles shall be equipped with a lighted rear lamp, exhibiting a red light plainly visible from a distance of five hundred eet to the rear. Section Twenty-five. That every drant; 5. On a crosswalk; 6. Within ten feet upon the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign, or traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway; Within fifty feet of the nearest rail of a railroad, crossing, except when parked parallel with such rail aud not exhibiting a red light; Within twenty feet of a driveway entrance to any fire station and on tbe side of a street oppoaite tbe entrance to any tire station within seventy-five feet of said entrance wben proper- erly sign-posted; Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when such stopping, standing, or parking would obstruct traffic; iu- 10. On the roadway side of anv II. uf ( iinlrollini.' traffic aud highway.- local' in the coriiuKite lirinus uf thi of Alj.'on:t, Iowa, .said City i.s eit inin u uu-iiic-.i iii.iti:ct Jend? di.stiic! nnd five .-d mrU ,ii follows: (a). A liu.-iiie^.- d:-tricr as follows: tin' •In i si • lil. il h UUDIXAM'K _\0. 250 AN OUDI.NANCK ItiXiULATING SPKEU, PAUKINCJ, OPERATION, KQIUI'MKNT, INCLUDING l.KJHTS. HIGNAM.V; l)K- VK'KS, HUAKKrf AM) TlItK.-i OF Vi:ill('I,Kri, MOTOR VK- HICLKS. TItAILKKrf, SKMI- TUAILKRS, UK'YCLKS, MOTOK- CVCI.KS, THA<:TOK.S AND KAUM MM'lilNKItY AM) rSK OF HIGHWAYS. STHKIM'S AND | Al-'-'ia, Iowa, 'hence C.I.M ALLEYS IIY TIIK SA.MK \\TTH-'.'lie north line of C:,ii Si r, ,J.\ TIIK COUI'OK.VH: LIMITS' .--..U'lnu-i curn.r "f Lot 1 OF TIIK (TIY OF AI.iiUNA, '•' Iil-"k Three ill of i lie IOWA; KSTAIil.lSUINi; A III'.SIM-;SS AM) rivi: SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN WHICH Till-'. MAXI- Ml'M SITDlJ ul' A\y YK- IIICI.I-:. MOTOIt VKHI'-I.K TiiAil.Kit, KI:.MI--| i; \H.I:I{, 111- CYCI.I-:, Mo'lDl! V LI-:, TUA< !''nil; .NNT) F \li.\I M \i III.NDHY SHALL NOT i:xu:i:n TWKNTY cj'i> MILT.-; lion:-, tr:<; UK.sii)i:.\i i: iHSTiiii'T i\ WHICH TIU: M \ \ IMCM SIM-:I:D SHALL NO'I i-.xn-:i:i) T\VI:VI v- FIVI-: iL'ii MILLS i-Kit Hunt: rsi: OF SKIN M.iNi; ui-:\ i.'i:s: ALSO HKSKKVINc; A SI'ACK OF TWI-:NTY-I-'I\ i: I-M FU.T AT Tin; siiii: OK TIIK :'Ti;i:i;r i\ Fiio.vr UK ANY Tin: \TKI-;.'•-( AridTOIUIM. IIOTKL II AVI \'< ', ' I "• MOKK THAN T\\ I-:.V1 Y-K1VK -'«• SLKKPl.NC, HOOM.S. OH OTIIKH 1 1!!- DLMLDINCS WIILIti; I.AKliK' .11:1 on the a ivsi- >ol JU- cludcr all parts of the City of Altronn. Iowa, nut included in the lni.<in«.-ri district and the five school districts heretofore nu-n- tiuiii'd, described and bounded in this ordinance. Section Two. Tho maximum :•;'<•!•<] nf uny vehicle in .said dis- trii t- .-hall be as follows: (ot For said hu.sim-.s-, district ami five, school districts twenty i-'"i null's por hour. (1)1 For said residence distiict twenty-five H V "| miles JUT hour. Section Three. That no person shall operate or move on any highway, .street ii- alley within the rorpoijite limits of the (,'ity of Al- f-'ona. Iowa, any motor vehicle, traile'. or .lemi-trailer having any metal tire in contact with the road-| motor vehicle shall ho left stand- way. .Section Four. vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a M reel ; At uny where official .signs prohibit stojipiug, or parking. Section Thirteen. That no person shall move a M-liiclc- 1101 owned by huch person into any such prohibited me. i or a-.v.iy from a curb Mich distance a.s IK unlawful. Section Fourteen. That a space of Twenty-five ll.'-"j) feet is hereby rt.served at the side of the street in front of any theater, auditorium, hotel having more than twenty-five sleeping rooms, or other buildings where lurge assemblages of people un> being held, w ithm which apace, when dourly marked as mich, no motor vehicle except motorcycles while being operated on the highways, streets and alleys of the City f Algona, Iowa, shall be equipped vith at least two head lamps with at least one on each side of the ront of the motor vehicle, exhlblt- ng n white light at all times from half hour after sunset to a half lour before sunrise and at any ther time when there is not suffi- ient light to render clearly dis- ornible persons and vehicles on he highway at a distance of five undred feet in front nnd with a imp on the rear exhibiting o red ght plainly visible from a dis- ince of five hundred feet to the ear. Either such rear lamp or ft separate lamp shall be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear registration plate nnd render it clearly legible from a distance of fifty feet to the rear. When the rear license plate is illuminated by an electric lamp other than the required rear lamp, paid two lamps shall be turned on or off only by the pa me control switch at oil times whenever head lamps are lighted. Section Twenty-six. That where traffic-control signals are not in place or in operation the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of- way, slowly down or stopping if need be to so yield, to a pedestrian crossing the street within any Section Thirty-seven. That the signals herein required may be given either by means of the hand and arm or other proper signal or by a signal lamp or signal device of a type approved by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, bat When a vehicle ts so constructed or loaded that if hand and arm signal or other signal would not be visible both to the front and rear of such vehicle then said signals must be given by such a signal lamp or device of a type approved by the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Section Thirty-eight. That all signals herein required which may be given by hand and arm shall when so given be given from the left side of the vehicle and the following manner and interpretation thereof is suggested; 1. Left turn.—Hand and arm extended horizontally. 2. Right turn.—Hand and arm extended upward. 3. Stop or decrease of speed.— Eland and arm extended downward. Section Thirty-nine. That the driver of a vehicle approaching an ntersectlon shall yield the right- of-way to a vehicle which has en- :ered the intersection from a dlt- 'erent highway. When two vehicles enter an In- ersection'from different highways at the same time the driver of the vehicle on the left shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right. | The foregoing rules are modified at through highways and ^boulevards and otherwise as hereafter stated in this ordinance and other ordinances and the laws of the State of Iowa. Section Forty. That the driver of a vehicle within an intersection intending to turn to the left shall yield the right-of-way to any -vehicle approaching from the opposite direction which Is within the Intersection or so close thereto as to constitute on immediate hazard, but said driver, having so yielded nnd having given a signal when and as required by law, may make such left turn nnd the drivers of all other vehicles approaching the intersection from said opposite direction shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle making the left turn. Section Forty-one. That the driver of o vehicle shiill stop OK required by law at the entrance to a through highway nnd shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles which have entered the Intersection from said through highway or which are approaching so closely on said through highway as to constitute a hazard, but said driver having so yielded may proceed cautiously and with due care enter said through highway or boulevard. Section Forty-two. That the driver of a vehicle shall likewise stop in obedience to a stop sign as required by ordinance and the laws of the State of Iowa at an intersection where, a stop sign is erected marked crosswalk or within any .Ttorie or mo^e entrance's ther to linmti rlfttn ftrncLaurn 1 lr nt n*. ln»A*>_ • . . . although not a part of a through highway and shall proceed cautiously, yielding to vehicles not so obliged to stop which are within the Intersection or approaching so closely as to constitute a hazard, but may then proceed . Section Forty-three. That the, driver of a vehicle about to enter or cross a highway from a private That no tire, on a vehicle moved on highway, -iiei--t or alley in the City of Al- -'ona, Iowa, shall have ou its periphery any block, stud, flungp, ing. 'parked, or stopped except in taking on or discharging pa.-i.sen- gers or freight, and then only for nurh lengih.s of time, as i> necessary for such purpose. Section Fifteen. That except cleat, or spike or any other pro- i where angle purkmg IH permitted .-oii' j luberanced ol any material other than rubber which projects beyond •if Ill'jrk 1 plat of i hi- ir.-ad of !hi> traction surface of ili.- iiiv. except, rhat it shall be per- riK.ssibl.- to u^t- ••-. itli !in-s hii'. which will not .Hid|jt al. machinery farm irig protuberance.^ injure the hi-'hway, o that it .-hall be \ ! I- by local ordinance every vehicle. slopped or parked upon a roadway where there is an adjacent curb shall be so .itopped *jr parked with the n-'lit-tiutul of ^ucU vehicle jiurullel with and within eighteen nit he-i of the rititu-hauU ciirij. chains 'it Sectiun Sixlcen. That no person upon any dining or in charge of a motor ve- lUired for ,-aftiy hn le -hall p. unit it to stand unat- .'•• or oilier ( on- i tended \viihoiu .sliipimi;; tin; , 'an e a \eluclc ji.|,_:ine. or when .slun.Jin,.' upon any j perceptible «rad«) without effe - ' upon afi- ' lively .-ellin^ I he brake- thereon ,ii,d 'tuning the front wheeU to i he cin'ij ,,r .iiili- of | hi.- highway. SeiMon Se\ cm een. Thul the ilrner of uny vi.hiclc oilier Itiail uin- on official hii.-iines.s shall nut follow any Hie apjiaiams 'IMV..-1- ii,-' in lesjjoii-e to a tire alarm cln.ei ihan li\c bundled feel or "I i . '„- -:n_- or :ntei -,ec- ...•!,'.•. r, HI .-IK;e|. -ir .1 ,-b.irp ciiive, or a o :.,| ;, 1 ,, in t ru vei.- ,-.ii-'. bridge, c in ve or v.. I Inn >;i id cut pof- !he city of Alkojiui. 'H upeiunn-' a iiiurji '1 • • i il'. i 1-1 f ihl AUK Jil.'IM; IIIOLJ). WITHIN WHICH STACK. WHKN i i.KAK- ,l.Y MAUKKU AS .SUCH, NO VK- 111CLK. MOTOR VKHIi I,K. TUA1LKH, SKMI-TR.U1.1.K. Bl- CV'CLK, MOTOKCyi LK. TltAC- TOU OH FARM MACUlNKiiV SHALL 13K LKFT STANUING. PARKED OK STOPTKI) KX- CEPT IN TAKINU ON OK DISCHARGING PASSKNCKHS OR FHEHJHT. AND THEN ONLY FO« SUCH LKNOTH OF TIMK AS IS NKCKSSARY KOK Sl'CH PURPOSK; PRESCRIBING PENALTY KOK THE VIOI-ATION OF ANY OF THK PROVISIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 217 OF THK CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA. BE IT OHDA1NEU BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA: One. Tlittt Cur tlie pur- . .,lli Ii lo I', • ;,.,;: h- of l.ot 'I ,\ -, I _•) ,,f .. i ir, i . \Uona. i ..'-•I al-'il-' lll>- .-.illlh 'i.i.-k.l Si leel to ' i.l n,,1 hi .1..I col - u-r of I.oi (),,e i I i of Ii..,••!( Fon>- V.o I 1J) of th,' 01 1,1.1' Of Al- 011:1, lov.a, thence oorih aloii^ the AC.^I lille ot 11,ill Sllc'-l !u ; ,il; northc,i.-,t corat-r of Lot K:-lu IS) i.' llluck Tllll't>-ohe Cilt oi tl)tt ')!Kinal plat of AUona. loua. theme ,v "n\ ailing i he south .ey 10 I III; ball l,avi: ii. under i ontrol '.»!,- ti at a rate of .-jit:.;d • l ' !>ah h.-'l eld b.-foi e pi o- ii-.-urd lo ilu: (raff'ic ii i.ighwity.-, and .-.liee'-^ I. l> ot tin: public, and :-.o ine of ihe al- :orm,r of Lot Kight (8) of lllock Thirty-two, (:!:') of Ilu.- original plat ot Aigo.'iu, Iowa, thence north aloiiK tht> went line of Williauu southeast corner Siretl. l<> of Lot Eiiiht I tie (H) of Block Kiglit (S) of the original plat of Algouu. Iowa, being the puiiu of btgiumng. (b). School district number one bounded as follows: C'uuiuieuciug at iho nurikwest corner of Lot Seven (7) of Block Twenty-seven (27) ul the original plat of Algona. Iowa, I hence t*u>t ihti auutii line uf ttus alley to "i .my pt.-i-.viii. S.' i:on Six. Thai no p.-i^on i,all op. lalt- a motor vehicle upon a highway, iireel or alley wiibiu ih..- co! por.tle l:mils of I he I'lly of Algoi'ia. Iowa, not equipped with a horn in -'ood working order and t aj>abU: of emitting nouud audible under normal conditions from it diMance of uot less than two hundred futx. but no hum or other warning device, ahull emit un uu- o^onably loud or hursh oound or a whistle. Thu driver of a motor vehicle tihall when rea&ouuhly uuc- ei-.sary to insure safe oporation (jive audible warning with hi.s horn but .slutll not otherwise use- such horn upon said higbwuya, btreet.i and al- leya. Section Seven. That uo vehicle Btiiill be etiulpiMxi with uur utuill any person use upon a vehicle any bireu, whlatlu, or bell, except tiJt otherwise periuitttd by the laws uf the 8uiU> of Iowa. Any ttuthurized drive into or paik such vehicle uilhin lhi> block where fire uppui- aius ha., .-.lopped in au.iv. or to a lire iiliirni. Seel ion KiKlnoon. 'I'll,it no ye- hii ie .-nail be driven over any unprotected hose of a lire when laid down un any .itn.-etM ur piuate driveway, to be used at any lire ur alarm uf tiro, without tuu cou.seitl of tho liro dejKirttnelit official in command. Section Nineteen. That no per- on .-.hall throw or deposit upon any highway, street or alley within the corporate limits of the City Algonu, iiiwa, uuy glass botllo. t?Iui>«, nail.s, tucks, wire, eaus or uuy other .siibtttauco likely to iu- jure any pertiun, animal, or vehicle upon such highway, street or alley. Section Twenty. That uuy per- aoii who dropa, or permits to ue dropped or thrown, uyon any highway, atreet or alle-y within the corporate limits of the City of Algoua, lowii, any deatructive or injurious material aaall immediately remove the baue or cause it to be l uoved. Section Twenty-one. That any peritoo removing a w rocked or vehicle from a highway. unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except o« otherwise provided in this ordinance. Section Twenty-seven. That every pedestrian crossing a street at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection eball yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the atreet. Section Twenty-eight. That where traffic-control signals are In operation at any place not an intersection pedestrians shall not cross nt any place except In a marked crosswalk. St-clion Twenty-nine. That notwithstanding the provisions of thi.s ordinance every driver of (i vehicle. shall due care to avoid colliding with any pedestrian upon any .street and shall give warning by simmling ihc horn when nt>'-cs- sary and shall exercise due caic upon observing uny child or uny confused or incapacitated person upon n *<treot. Section Thirty. That every pedestrian shall move, whenever practicable, upon the right half of crosswalks. Section Thirty-one. That the driver of a vehicle intending to turn at an inierwection shall do KO as follows: Hoth the approach for a right turn and right turn shall he made a.s close us practical to the right- hand curb or edge of the roadway. Approach for a left turn shall be made in that portion of the right half of the roadway nearest the center line thereof and after entering the Uiter.swtion the left turn shall be made .so as to depart from the, inter/section to the right of the center line of the roadway being entered. That the city authorities may markers, hutton.s, or signs to be. placed within or adjacent to intersections and thereby require and direct that a different course Irom i hut specified in thi.s section be traveled by vehicle.s turning at in intersection, and when marke/rs, buttons, or (signs are so placed no ilnver of a vehicle shall turn n u-bicle al in, intci.scction other ban ,ts directed and rei(uirc<i by •ii' ii markers, billions, or signs. .Seciioa Tlmiy-ihiec. That no .i-hicle. ,,hall be lunit-d soustopro- •eeil in i he opposite diiection upon my ciiivc, or upon the approach lo, or in<ir lint cre^t of a grade or hill, where Mich vehicle cannot be .-ceil by ilu: driver of any oilier vehicle approaching from either direction within Jive, hundred feet. pcr.son shall <iiart u vehicle which Section Thirty-three.. Thai no is ^lopped, .siamling, or parked un- and until .such movement can be made wilh reasonable, safety. Section Thirty-four. That no person shall turn a vehicle from u direct course upon u highway un- les.s and until «uch movement can be made with reasonable uufe4y and then only after giving a clearly audible hignul by sounding the horn if any pedeatrian may be affected by auc.h movement or after giving an appropriate signal ia the manner hereinafter provided la the event any other vehicle may be affected by aucb movement. Section Thirty-five. That a signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during not lean than the Uwt one hundred feet traveled by the ve- hide, before turning. Section Tbirty-Kix. That no person shall atop IT suddenly de- create the speed of a vehicle without first giving an appropriate signal lu tbe auumer provided herein to the driver of any vehicle lauue diately to the rear when there U opportunity to giv* »uch »i«u«l. ttign.s, the City shall furnish erect suitable signs showing road or driveway shall yield tbe right-of-way to all vehicles approaching on said highway. Section Forty-four. That upon the immediate approach of an au- thori/ed emergency vehicle including fire trucks when the driver is Hiving audible Ki^nnl by siren, oxhniitit whi.stlo, or boll, the driver if every other vehicle shall yield the ri«ht-nf-way and shall ImineUi- itclv drive to a position parallel to, ind as close as pos«iblo to, the riKlii-hnnd ed^'o or curb (jf the highway clear of any interaction and .shall «toj) and remain in .such losltion until the aiilhon/.od enier- ^ency vehiclo has [Kissed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer. That this section .shall not >pt>r- nte tii relieve the driver of un authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the .safety of ail jiersons using tho highway. Section Forty-five. On all main liiKhway.s, except extensions of primary roads on which the highway commission shall furnish suitable and the joints at which the rate of speed changes and the maximum rates of speed in the district which the vehicle ia entering. .Section Forty-six. That the operator at u motor vehicle within the corpojute limits of the City of Aljjona, Iowa, .ihall at all times travel on the. right hand Hide of the center of the «r.reet. Section Forty - seven. That it sliali he unlawful for any operator of a motor vehicle within the corporate limits of the City of Al^onu, Iowa, lo overtake and pass another vehicle at Mreoi intersections in the business district. Section Furty-eitiht. That it is u misdemeanor for any jiei'.son to do any act forbidden or to fail to perform uny net required by any of the provisions of this ordinance- and every person convicted of a misdemeanor for a violation of any uf the provisions of this ordinance shall be fined In any not exceeding twenty-five dollars, or imprisoned for a term not exceeding seven days, in default of payment. Section Forty-nine. That ordinance No. 217 of the Cily of Al- gonu, Iowa, be and the same U hereby repealed. , Section Fifty. That thU ordinance ahull be in force and effect from and utter lu passage uud publication as provided by law. Adopted and passed by the City Council of the City of Altfona, lowu this 28th day of October, 1937. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of th« City ot Algona, Iowa. Approved by me tbU 28th day of October, 1937. C. F. 8PECHT. Mayor of the City of Algooa, Iowa. Published ia the Ko**utb County Advance and effective thereupon on November 2, 1937. OUDINANCB HO. 34* An Ordinance uraulliiu to tb« Al- Buna Holt) Company, > Corporation the uaa ot the »pacs baotatb tbe eur- of a cortiifi: Bast and Wwt al'".' i,U' _________ ?»• «> « '' tec nd torn. ii part of the Clly of Algona, also the space upward from fourteen U4) feet above the |»v%- ment of said alley between said lots for a period of utty (50) years commencing from the adoption and publication of this Ordinance as provided by law except ae otherwise provided In this Ordinance. WHEREAS, the Algona Hotel Company, corporation, ,«s now the owner of the North forty-four feet of Lot Eight (8) of Block Thirty (30) of Algona, Iowa; and WHEREAS, there is now located on said Lot One (1) of Block Thirty <30) of Algor.a, Iowa, a building used for hotel purposes now occupied by the Algona Hotel Company; and WHEREAS, the said Algona Hotel Company Is now engaged In erecting a new addition on the said North forty-four feet of said Lot Eight (8) to be used for hotel purposes and desires to construct a crossover above said alley and below said alley to be located to the South of the present hotel on said Lot One (1) as shown by drawings on file In the office of the City Clerk of the City of Algona, town; and WHEREAS, said Algona Hotel Company agrees to construct and use said crossover as follows: 1. CROSSOVER ABOVE ALLET (a) Construction: The second and third floors will be constructed of reinforced concrete floor slabs and beams, supported by reinforced concrete columns along south wall of present Hotel Algona. and on will Is of new Addition. The root will he constructed of metal deck supported on steel joists which In turn are supported on steel beams and stetl columns and masonry walls. The concrete columns along south wait of present Hotel Algona shall rest on specially constructed concrete 'ootlngs. (b) Size: The East face of the East Wall will be located 1' 1" West of ast face of present bulldlns and the West face of the West Wall SI' 1" West of same point. TUe distance shove grade to the top of coping of Crossover will be 42 feet above alley at center of alley at East face of East Wall of Crossover. (c) Clearance: The clearance from present alley grade to under side of Crossover shall not be less than 14' 0" In heigh nnd the full width of the alley, and the full depth (East nml west) of the Crossover. (d) Use: The Crossover will he used as a pnssage from the pr»srut Hotel Algona to the New Addition lo the South and. In fuldlllon will contain not less than four transient rooms. 2. CROSSOVER UNDER ALLEr (al Construction: The wnlls. floor and nlley slab ovpr Crossover muter alley will be construrteil of reinforced concrete. The Knst and West Wnlls helng provided with concrete IIIRS near top of walls to receive al- 1 ley pavement when and tf laid Tin; \vnlls will he of reinforced concrete. 10" thick ami the reinforced slnh fnrmlri* the roof over Crossover, (s ih-slmied to support the rent- wheel? I' a ten (10) ton truck plus :'S per cent for impact. (lit Size: The N'orth far or North wall win be located 1«' G" smith of south face of present loillillnir. ami tlie West dice of West wall will be locateil .10' 2" west of Kast face uf present hiillillnR. The tup of slab over Crossover shall he locutfil at line of present alley fjrade. The finished floor lu Crossover, nt low point will he locntcil not more 10' 8" below present alley Rrade. (c) Use: The Crossover will he us- eil for runnlriK service pipe between present building and new addition and. housing equipment for service. Anil In addition, ns a passage and corridor or both between the two building*. AND WHRREAS. the said AlRona Hotel Company agrees to construct nt Its own expense on the roof of the Crossover U.' 0" from West face of West wall of the upper Crossover, nnd In lire with present electric service wires, a steel frame connected to the steel roof beam at this point nnd properly braced and made ready to receive the crossarnm which cro««- orms shall be furnished nnd attached to the steel frame by the City. Tie design and drnwInR for the uteel frame support shall be submitted to the Superintendent of the Municipal LlKht ai:d Tower riant for hl» approval. The steel frame shall be of such a height no that all electric wires Hhall clear the top of the cop- IOB on the fire walla of tie CroMover by noj less than 8' 0". The co»t of all labor and material for changing, removing, relocating, and Installation of service wlren and the setting of new poled (50' above ground) Ir the alley to tli« Hunt ami Went of the new alley Crossover shall be furnished by the Clly of AlMTonu. Iinvn. and tin- said AlK'ina Hotel City of Ali! Kil'lv Uol- iiKi- In Hi-r- llilmliy shall pny Ih Kona, Iowa. Two lliindr tars CJL'.'.H um for the cl '•e . ai|,t _ U lli;l:l:.\S. sal.l Aluona Hotel imiiany .itjlees lo keep sal,| l.ulhl- K. clossovcr anil steel flame afore- niciii ion, .1 iii h'ooil i-i.palr iluilnn the- hl.H Ki'ani. TI en-fun-, in: IT iii!i>.\iM<;i> HV THI: CITV (C.N'CIL ()!•' 'I'lli; CITV ill- 1 Al.liD.V.S, IOWA: lion < mi- Thai Die Clly of Al- InHa, does hereby urant lo llo- ,a llolel Cuiu|,auy, a totjioia- Uoti. uniter the teiuis aud condition* set out II tin: rorcKollDX preaiubli- ti,e U«|? of (he space- hellcat 11 tile Siir- f a certain MUM! and West alley between Lois Onu 11) and Kltfhl IHI of llluck Thirty ciui of the ui IK- iml |ilat of AlKuiut. Iowa, Itow llv- •huleil lu anil foriuluK a part of the 'It/ of AlKuna. Iowa; also Hie space' luvvard from a luvei fourteen (III eet uhovu tile pavement of uuhj al- ey helweer Hald lulti for a pi.-rlod it nfly yearH cornnienciritf from HIM adoption and publication of U u ordinance UN provided by law provided 'aid AlKona Motel Company ctjn- tructs Maid hiilldlntf. crou^uyer aljovo tlie alley. cruuHovtjr uudi.-r the ulley sled fmme as tiet out lu said l>ri-anibh.- ami In the plar* and spec- itlcatloii.s and druwlriKJ* on tile with the City Clerk of the City of Algol,a, lowu. und keepa Improvement In Kood repair durluK Ihu term uf thin Krant and fully carries out Ilu atfreu- u--ut with tlio City of Algunii. Iowa, s net out In wald preamble. Seclloi Two. That uuld Algona ilotul Compuny. u <'»ri>ornlIon, la hereby authorized nnd permitted to nncct ttuld biilidlng localed un tinld Lot Une (1> of Hlock Thirty (•»«» of uwa. unu the bulldlliK to he erected ou lli»! N'orth forty-four feet Jf Lot KlK'lil (.11 of liluek TI Irty i'iOt if tlie original plat of AlKuna. lowu. jcni-uUi lli« HUitucu of said alley and ipward from u level fourteci 1 (Hj 'eet ahuyt: thlj |jayuluc-ul of natd ul- ev, provided that all excavation*, id'llllon* and fmpruveiueuls shall liu IO:I,IL- lu acconlaliCM wilh the. lawa I ordinances of the Clly of Alti.'i, Iowa. pertalniiiK thereto aud wilh liie approval uf Die City Coiiu- il of llie Clly of AlKona, Iowa, aril loovlilcd turtlier I lull sahl AlKona Hold Cuiupany. a (Nirporatlun. «haH. :it its own expeiiMe. during II.e ,jccu- j,ancy of said space maintain the li.ivi.nn r,i and mirfuru of mild ulluy hilwecn I,,,1s One (1) and KlKhl (8) f Hlock Thlrly C',U> In a Kood aril ultiitile condition for travel, uud liull provide suitable llghtM, prop- rly placed whereby tmid alley may he lighted 'it night, or ut uuy otlu-r cessary periods of thu day. the Clly reserving the right lu mulnlaln Us electric light line liver Maid bulld- IIK as provided In the preamble. Section Three. This ordinance hail hu effifctlvt! from ulrd uftc-r Its >a.H«liiK und publication a» r<--i|ulre,l by luw. Adopted and patfHed by tic- City Couui-il of llie Cltv of Algona. Iowa. ibis iSth day of October. 18H7. •AUAH CARLSON. City Clerk of the City of Algonu. Iowa Approved by mt> this 28th day of October, 1937. C. P. 6IPECHT. Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. City Bills Algona, Iowa. Oct. 38, 1837—City Council mat at tba City Hall with th« mayor and all ths councilmen preMnt Minute* of la*t meeting read and approved. Floyd Pierca beer permit renewed. Ordinances No. 248 and 280 pa»»•d. Motion carried to purcnaaa four UtU (rom Mn. Btoppaxd, prica tp be WOO. Motion carritd to iaUrviaw H. M. Smith in regard to a city map to M used In renaming atreet*. Following bills allowed. APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 468 An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein named. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Section i. That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. Electric >tlght Fond 3. W. Kelly, salary $195.00 Leo Bellock, salary 140.00 F. C. Dalley, salary 140.00 Tom Halpln, salary 136.00 Walter Gorman, salary 135.00 H. B. Stephenson, salary 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00 Adah Carlson, salary 140.00 Harold Roth, labor 105.60 Ernst G. Thiel, meter read- Ing 28.13 Regner Helmers et al, labor 107.00 General Elec. Sup. Corp, merchandise 3.34 General Elec. Co., merchandise 16.25 Fulton Iron Works Co., merchandise 64.38 S. F. Bowser & Co., merchandise 24.49 W. 'D. Allen Mfg. Co., merchandise 69 Atlantic Steel Co., merchandise 57.23 Midwest Supply Co., merchandise u .. 222.48 Terry-Durln Co., merchano- 'se 67.12 Elec. Supply Co., merchandise 142.18 Malleable Iron Range Co., merchandise 381.95 Westlnghouse Elec. Sup. Co., merchandise 679.74 Kennedy & Parsons Co., merchandise 1.7$ Kennedy & Parsons, merchandise 87.15 Jflslyn Mfg. & Sup. Co., merchandise 75.42 Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., lub. °» 194.27 Crescent Elec. Sup. Co., merchandise 64.85 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., merchandise 2.07 Shell Petroleum Corp, cnr distillate 1030.04 . M. St. P. & P. Ry. Co., frgt. on dis 638.73 Am. Check Writer Co., repairs 7.50 Burroughs Add. Mch. Co., merchandise 7.63 Wm. Pestotnik, stove 65.00 Western Union Teleg. Co., service 7.50 Northwestern Bell Telep. Co., service 14.75 . W. Post, frgt. & dray 9.35 y. Express, express 3.82 Cresco Union Elec. Co., service 3.7g ?*. S. Norton & Son, cement, ate 22.62 ?ratt Elec. Co., supplies 7.91 •Cirsch's Laundry, service .... 6.52 Skelly Oil Co., gas 18.04 Nelson Hardware, hardware 2.83 C. A, Heard, supplies 1.75 Botsford Lmbr. Co., merchandise 16.94 Bert Deal, paint and labor... 256.77 Treasurer of State, sales tax 449.35 The Algona Upper Des Moines, printing 9.60 Harris Bros., gas 4.39 Kohlhaa*'* Spillai, md*e. „ MO Tom Akre, md«a 2M Water Fund J. W. Kelly, salary 75.00 Harry Barton, salary 130.00 Frank Ostrum, salary 130.00 Lnura Mitchell, salary 110.00 Earl Bowman, labor 103.60 Albert Olson et al, labor . . 44.05 0.34 Lclghton Sup. Co., mcrchnnd- Neptune Meter Co., merchandise 63.15 Ruffnln Meter Co., mer- i liamlisc 40.46 Iiad«cr Meter Mfc;. Co., merchandise 40.68 nitiK & Muckey, plumbinK 2.82 corKC Holtzbuucr, plumbing 18.43 Skelly f)il Co., gus 13.36 II. VV. Post, frgt. & drny 2.12 Ry. Express Co., express .. 2.01 E. W. Hansen, labor & material 1253.03 (Icnerul Fund II. W. Coekburn, on contract 2,000.00 Algona U. D. M., printing .. 18.12 Eagle Iron Works, mdse 33.97 Kohlhaas & SpilUia, mdse 17.48 Frank Green, salary 130.00 H. A. Van Alstync, salary .. 97.00 H. A. Van Alstyne. Advance 25.00 R. H, Valentine, salary 110.00 P. W. Green, dogs 2.00 Tom Akre, rent 10.42 Tom Akre, mdse 7.79 Harris Bros., gas 62 N. W. Bell Telep. Co., service 3.32 Jess Lash brook, salary 12600 Elliott Skilling, team labor. 148.61 Waldron & Solberg, gag .. 8.27 Willard Gregson, team labor 143.22 Frank Skilling, street labor .. 75.48 Oliver Bakken, street labor 78.54 Geo. Gunder, street labor ... 84.70 John Helmer, street labor .. 84.31 Howard Pentecost, labor 42.30 Clear Luke Sand & Gravel Co., sand 3656 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry. Co., frgt. on sand 46.76 Dutch's Super Service, .46 Nelson Hardware, hardware 8.36 McCormick-Deering Store, mdse 2.08 C. A. Heard, labor 6.25 P. S. Norton & Son, cement, ett- 69.59 BoUford Lumber Co., cement, etc 55.14 Skelly Oil Co., kerosene 9,21 Bert Whitmarsh, care of 'lump 25.00 Mrs. A. M. Collirison, care of rest room 20.00 Dr. F. B. Sawyer, rent rest room „,. 35.00 Harris Bros., gas 15.49 Waldron & Bolberg, gas 9.63 Johnson D-X service, gas .... 4.73 Hewer Fund J. W. Kelly, salary 30 00 W. Getzlnger, et al, labor 131.36 BoUford Lumber Co., material 24.63 Fire Fund C. C. Wright, salary 4500 American LaFrance & Foam- it* Ind. Inc., merchandise 28.48 Claude P. Hooker Sup. Co merchandise »ig Fund Harold Ward, refund deposit 16 00 Carol White, refund deposit sioO H. S. Ebpeland, refund de- po»it 8>00 Sec. 2, TbU ordinance •hall take effect and IM in fore* from and after iU pa*Mg« and approval PuMd. and approved thui 28th day of October, A. D. MS7. C.F.SPBCHT, \fWyor ADAH CARLSON; City CUrlt.

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