The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 4
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The Algooa Upper Pea Molnes, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 4,193? Friday, Nov. 6 2 P. M. Matinee Auspices clubs Brillian new music by Rudolph Friml. OR GAMBLE «iS nOMANC-1 ) BY KEEPING SILEHT'X Buy your Tickets From Ctab Saturday, Nov. 6 Matinee from 1 o'clock Plus Sill} Night* "Villain Still Pursued Her" Sunday-Monday, November 7-8 The SWEETEST STORY SHIRLEY'S CAREER! with JEAN HERSHOLT A 2Oth Century - Fo« Picture Sweetest Little Girl in All Suitzcrlttnd Buy your WINDOW GLASS from a glass store. Our entire East store is full of glass. Hundreds of different sizes, you do not have size. We carry all standard sizes, a saving to you. Not only that our list price is the same as mail order houses. We save you the postage and packing. We also carry a complete line of Auto Glass, Plate and Safety Glass. Phone 118 Algona, Iowa FAIRBANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL BURNER (•IN FEIO TYM) No coal pile in sight. No coal diuti No coal ihuvcliog. tits into (be boiler or furnace you now have. No exuu to buy. loiullatiua require* only • fetv boon. Standard Bearers— The Standard Bearer group ol girls was organized Monday evening. Mrs. F. E. Sawyer is sponsor. She entertained the group at a six o'clock dinner at her home The newly elected officers are Miriam Norton, president; Marilyn Fuller, vice president; Mary Ellen Hatpin, secretary, and Rosaloe Swanson, treasurer. This group Is a part of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church. Host to Eight— M>s. R. B. Waller was host to eight Algona women. Wednesday afternoon, at a double bridge foursome and luncheon. Mrs. C. D. 3chaap won the high score prize. Others in the foursomes were Mrs. A. E. Kresensky, Mrs. D. E. Dewel, Mrs. G. D. Shumway, Mrs. J. N. Kenefick. Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, Mrs. H. W. Dobson, and Mrs. H. W. Trainer. O. E. S.— The Order of the Eastern Star leld a meeting at the Masonic 'emple, Tuesday evening, honoring he past matrons and past patrons f the lodge. Mrs. W. G. McCulough gave a report on Grand Chapter which was held at Des Moines, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Legion Auxiliary— The regular monthly meeting of j the American Legion Auxiliary will be held Friday evening at eight o'clock in the Legion hall. Mrs. J. H. Hoppe will be in charge of the Armistice Day program, and Mrs. G. D. Brundage will be the chairman ofyrefreshments. Easy Aces— Mrs. Elmer Phillips entertained !ier Easy Ace bridge club at two iables at her home, Tuesday after- loon. Mrs. Louis Lynk won the ligh score prize, Mrs. Wm. G-eer- ng the second high prize, and Mrs. "Imor Phillips the travel prize. 'Nidann" Club Meeting- Members of the "Nid.ana" ing club, Mrs. Melvtn Knoll, Mary Harris, Lftona Stewart, Valeria Pickett, and Evelyn Toothman met Monday evening wtih Margaret Brown. Beta Sigma Phi— The Beta Sigma Phi business girls' sorority met Tuesday evening with Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen. This was the first meeting for the five new pledges. About Town Says Calvin Kollasch, the youngster at Kresensky's is on the right road to success in his chosen work. For :he ladies he' must wear clothes neatly and attractive. Leaving it not to clothes alone, Calvin acquir- d an artistic permanent wave. • • • Arthur Hof, the big banker (large physically, too) from LuVerne en- 'oys the home high school football fames. Art, as a lover of sports, at • ended nearly all the baseball games n Algona the past summer. • • * On hi* farm near Irvineton last Friday. Fred Geigle picked corn with the aid of a straw hat for protection from the sun. Frequent stops to wipe a perspiring brow slowed down the flipping of ears. Some record or other by the weather is believed to have been broken in the torrid wave. • * * This must he a banner year for j mice. A sudden run on Uie supply at local stores left them without a trnp. Follts were turne-i down when in need of a motive catcher. Girlx turned out pnmit.too to the Junior Chamber of Commerce Theo. Ilerhst EnSertain— dance. It did no good. The boys Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Herbst were <fickle?> kept their distance until lost and hostess at a buffet supper, ithe Inte hours when nerves \vcrc Sunday evening, honoring Mr. nnd turned loo^o nnd they braved a Mrs. Charles Carlon of Phil.TVI- | dance or two. At one time during phia who were guests of former's the evening one hundr?d girl.s .stood sister, Mrs. D. P. Smith, enroute to California. Mrs. Charles bu Churine II of Grosse Point. Michigan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Rice, is recovering from an operation performed last week Friday. Mrs. Du Charme was Mary Rice before her marriage. waiting a turn to dance with the eight bold boys who kept up the spirit of the Chamber. POST TOAST1ES large size TODAY ,ongs AND SAVE MONEY! Fairbanks-Morse Automatic Coal Burner will end this drudgery for you—completely and forever. Your basement can be as clean as the dining room. You shutcl A'O coal. You never tend the fire. And your fuel bills will t>c loner than they are JVOIT7 Fairbanks-Morse Automatic Coal Burners have cut fuel bills as much as 50 % {or others. Why aot ioveuigate? See us DOW. Big Carnival ance Balloon*, s(]ua\vkf.'i's, honis, blowouts, lial.s and confetti. A Hot Tinu- for all SAT. NOV. 6 Sexton Knll..\vTli.-r r ,,wd Free First 20 Ladies Dance Every Sat. Nite SEXTON Monday morning a policeman stood on the intersection of the paved highways north of town. He was greeting everyone by holding a coca cola bottle in his hand. Shall the blame go to pranksters? The jcop was one of those stationed on I down town streets crossing during the hours school children pass that way. i • • » I Whose going to break first? ; Coach Berger or the football team. Two more games like the past two (before the Eagle Grove game) with a one point margin victory coming from behind will about end a coaching career. Watching a coach in such a fray is more fun than the battle on the field. «* . • * • y .' Andy Beck would like to know who backed up a truck to an overhead granary Saturday night while the family w;is in town and motored with ,1 load of o'lt.s. * * * •i SpniiKlMTK sat on lln 1 river KI-.IICT dam with a i '1 ilul'. irs v.-nrth of - 'f c\|>"ri"-tic c anil r. 'i IM li Inn-; I'L-- liind him. i I < "iiMn't fitch .-i thin;-'. Hut i::,'.,' i «/•- thr r.-ci-k a -.vniipiii v. i - l: i Ku .-;u k fur a polo ;i!]l' : I!-i)i' !i::r A' '.V ili'il- cd her Itnil fcmt !>:.;.• pi- Ui i-.-l. How dill Alimi IV.'i ' * • » Kill and Viri(il Spear had the ta:-k to remove- the old uut- sidft toilet from thf Norton grounds nt-tir thu depot. For many year.-; the building Mood ;ird to ttvir knowledge As they picked up one side .someone shouted, "Hey. I'm in here " A cur from the I.ou Muti-rn farm yard went to town Saturday night. The driver found it rather jumpy and jerky. Running along fine of a sudden it would balk quickly and then rfcaume its evenness. Particularly was this noticeable wTien another car passed at the rear. Inspection found a telephone wire tied to rear bumper. A block of rolling brought no end. They had pulled an entire line to town, ClautlB \VhiU- hit. at the dinner j table but doesnt chew hi** food like he hhuulu I.ei.ser m.'istication tcnd.T to h;ivt- th>- grub .stand by one j !i;ii,c*-r. Thi^i IT ;* saving on the 'gio, ny bill. Kiom Ihi.i economy c !.-. tu 3:1 vc enough ca.'.ii the in. w cur IH 'ln% - H. W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Lofiu distance hauling. Every load iii^urid against loss or Uiitnage. Equipped to do all iciiitu of draying and hauling. 32-t St. Benedict News 1 M; - In i,,- K'l bmdiT fror:i .S 1 •!••> vi 1 .!' . Vim; . viMlcil hi-r ni'jt':.- < r. Mi M Ki HIM-. SuM'i'iy, I -Mr ;n.,l Mr.;. John Sli.iys ;»nd family vi.-itnl hi r mother here. Mi.i. C:irriL- Kric k->on ami .sons, tin Anderson Grain & Goal Co. Phone 308 Milwaukee Tracks DRINK PEPSI-COLA Good With Everything Party Tonight? Mr. urn! Mrs. l-riv/rim c Lmhvig .-inii Jo-iii 'I l>arin-r \vi-re .supper V.u< : '>t:i at tiit Henry Arndcifvr home 'MiUj-.-.iiuy evening- Wilbur I>;tili-y vv;i!> bruu^ht to an | Algona lio.ipital Sunday night after being t iki-n quite .sirk. He is a aon of Mr. and Mr.-i. Murria Uailey. Mr-* <il>. n Woods mid infant daughter were brought home Sunday. Little Janice Ann was two weeks old Sunday, Both mother ami baby are doing nicely. There was a family reunion of j the Kunkel family at the Ben Kuni kel home Wecinehday evening. Kel- alivts who came from a. distance for the Neuroth funeral attended. The Ko.sary Sodality leaders and circles will entertain next Sunday night, Nov. 7. There will be a cafe tana supper and other amusements. Everybody cordially invited. Mrs. Alfred Ntlaon who underwent an operation on her bead and none for sinus trouble at Maaon City, U home and U getting along a» well aa can be expected. She ap«nt the nrst few day* with her mother in Livermore. New Electric Line Will Open Today Letts Creek: The newly constructed electric tine built west of Lotts Creek store by the Central States of Armstrong will be ready for use Thursday. Mr. and Mr*. Art Jackman and family were Sunday dinner guests at the J. M. Cox home at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Mittag and family were at Trnesdale Sunday visiting with the Hugo Mlttags. Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Sjogren and family of Algona -visited Sunday afternoon at the Aug. Pjahn home. ernoon visitors at the Art Rtisch nclme. the Nick G<fagl«r family were callers in the evening. Miss Krtssln gave a Hallowe'en |>arty Friday afternoon. She also entertained a group of other small children. They were: Ruth Fuer- stcnau. Betty Ann Gehgler, Wm. Faulstlch, Darlene Speth, Kenneth Meyer, Grace Jackman, Parker Allen Smith. Grant Children's Hallowe'en Party Grant Twp.: On Thursday afternoon the children in the first and second grades at the Grant consol- The Young People's society meets Idated sdhool enjoyed a Hallowe'en Friday evening at the parochial school basement beginning at 8:15 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. John Geitzenauer and family from Armstrong were Sunday dinner guests at the Otto Wichtendahl home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and Elvira were Sunday aft- and a birthday party for Donald Mino. Guests at the party were: Donald's mother, Mrs. Leonard Mino, and her daughters, Marilyn and Marybelle, Mrs. William Speicher and sons, Bobby and Darold, Vivian Wentworth, Darold Boever, Lyle Allen, Loraine Jacobson, Dean Zlelske, Philip Hamand and Mildred Patterson. ROW iiiii:;': 1 Well fit them perfectly in Red Cross Shoes Notice We Will Discontinue -Giving; Green Stamps Alter November 15th They will be given between now and then on all purchases or payment on accounts, but not after Nov. 15th. Moe&Sjogr&i GROCERIES—MEATS Algona, Iowa. Hie SUZANNE FOUNDATION No. 2 Stn ™ H '9* Q«"/<*y Prict Still Onfy THESE DOORS AREfcg? OrTNTOMLWHC/T" ,Your search is over. Here are sboes that rtwV dip — can't gap. Because they're made over the ingenious Limit" Lasts, these Red Cross Shoes hold the foot t"ck — give a snug fit at the heel (without pinch- m &) — £vca with the shoe "^laffd Come in—fee. Christensen Bros. Shoo Department American Education Week Wednesday, Nov. 10, Bryant Bldg. Elementary Mothers Meeting Thursday, Nov. 11, Junior-Senior high "Go To School "Night Thursday, Nov. 11,11 a. m. Armistice Program H. S. auditorium Algona U. D. M. Wants Ads Bring Quick Results OUT IN FRONT - - IN QUALITY - - IN STYLE - - IN VALUE Men are quick to recognize outstanding value and quality, and that is why each year more men wear clothes bought at THE HUB CLOTHIERS than ever before. They like the authentic styles, they have learned from the wear test that our fabrics are top quality woolens, and they have found that our clothes wear well and hold their shape under the strain of constant every day wear. No wonder, because of the sturdy reinforcing of inner construction and careful tailoring in all clothes sold by THE HUB. THE TOPCOATS Ideal between season coats, so welcome at this time of the year.. .fabrics are all wool. ., lustrous, longwearing linings ,.. shower proofed . . . whatever model you have in mind, you'll find it here. THE SUITS Single and double-breatsed models in regular and sport styles ... all the new fall and winter models, fancy and plain patterns . .. superbly tailored . . . and fine, all wool fabrics. THE OVERCOATS Handsome, luxurious coats in endless variety of models and patterns ... regardless of the price you wish to pay, your preference can be completely satisfied here. $10.00 $15.00 $19,50 $22.50 $24.50 $29.50 $33.50 $40.00 $50.00 You'll Find the Real Values at CLOTHIERS LEUTHOLC^-WILLIAMS-REYNCH-DS

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