The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1937 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Peg Moinea, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 4> 1937 Slffona tapper He* Jltotaeg 8 North Dodge Street t. W. HAGGARD A ft. B. WALLER, Publishers as Second Class Matter at the Postoff ice at , under act of Congress of March 3, 1879 Issued Weekly Member ffesn Association SUBSCRIPTION BATES IN KOSSUTH CO.: One Tear, in Advance *1-60 tipper Des Molnes and Kossuth County Ad- yance in combination, per year I3.BO SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Tear In advance W.SO Upper DBS Moines and Kossuth County Advance In combination, per year $4.00 ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch 35c Want Ads, payable in advance, word 2e [ "Let the people know the truth and the country is Bafp."—Abraham Lincoln. TAKE CURT QCT OF COVRTESY Who's the most important person in your company? President sales manager, or personnel manager? No, on all three, according to John R. Tunis, well known American author. The most important person in every outfit, he writes in the current Rotarian Magazine, is the roan or girl who has customer contact. "It you have contact with the public by Utter, telephone, wire or word of mouth." he urges, "you represent your company. It you happen to be the first person to reach the public, you are the most important cog In the organization. Prom you the stranger gets his impression of the company, an impression that stays in his mind forever. Two minutes have secured lifelong customers, and they have made lifelong enemies. "What sort of person do you care to do business with, the man who growls into the telephone: "Gimme mister smith enifhelsntthergimmeniisterhc* gan," or the pleasant voice which responds, "Good morning, this is the Riverside Hotel'? "Courtesy not only gets business, it holds business," continues Mr. Turns. "Ten years of sound business dealings have been spoiled by ten seconds of discourtesy. A corporation executive checked and discovered that his company was spending over half a million dollars each year to get new business, but almost nothing outside regular channels to hold the business it had. He decided to spend J5.000 on an adjuster, a man who spent his whole time on clients and former clients, Ironing out disputes, seeking causes of loss of business, and finding out whether the company's service was satisfactory. In one year the number of customers dropping from this concern's books declined 62 percent "What a difference it would make if all corporations acted on a policy of courtesy. What a difference if the honest businessmen of the nation paid as much attention to courtesy as the gyps, crooks, fly-by-night promoters, and scalawags who have only one stock in trade—a courteous address and manner. What a difference if business became polite and stayed polite, not only to the public, but to itself. In short, what a difference if we all took the curt out of courtesy." Right and Wrong North wood Anchor: A man who had lost $600 in slot machines in a certain place lost $32 more one evening. Then he carried the machine out of the joint, broke It open and took $32 out of it. Now the court is going to try that man for theft even though the slot machine that cost him $600 was operated Illegally and in defiance of the gambling: laws. Is It any wonder that a lot of us find It mlposslble to distinguish between right and wrong? » * * New and Bigger Taxes Estherville News: The Washington columnists agree on one thing, that the Roosevelt popularity will receive its biggest dent when the money runs out. How the spending program can be continued without new find bigger taxes no one has been able to suggest, for the borrowing limit, elastic as it has proved, Is going to be reached some day. It pleases people to receive money, but they £on't like to dig it up, especially for the government. * * • Hitler Bans Rotary Club* Mobridge (S. D.) Tribune: I have always thought that the Rotary organization—and I am a member of it. and should know—was an inoffensive kind of nn institution. In fnct. I have had much fun poked at me on the claim that the organization does over-much backslapping and poor singing while indulging in innocuous luncheon dishes and calling each other Percy, Dickie. Willie and various other first names like boys usually do when they get together—when they all get together, together, together, and so on. In a few instances where out- sicjers have heard them on an unusually merry occasion as they sang something very daring, such as "Sweet Adeline. My Adeline." they have been accused—by the unthinking, of course—of being positively naughty. And other service clubs have been the vj-t;,,,- of similar jests. Therefore I was sort of pleased when I reat l in the Papers tha,t Chancellor Hitler had ordered all th« Sotflry clubs in Germany to disband. I was pleased tecnu»t it raised Rotary to a new dignity. The organisation must be deitlff something of a positive nature when it gets Under the skin of Boss "Hitler. I would jviat 1IM* 10 Know what it Is that my Rotary boy Mends have been up to over there. They must have been pulling some sort of refreshing devilment, and doing something other than handshaking and saying "Hello, Fritz, old top," and "Hi there Herman, old pal," to get such recognition Th* Family PollUe* Humboldt Republican: It Is said that a census taker asked n woman at the door: "How many in your family?" "Five", was the answer snapped. "Me. the old man. the kid. the cow and cat." "The politics of your family?" Mixed. I'm a republican, the old man's a democrat, the kid's wet, the cow's dry and the cat's a Mormon." * • * Hull (jood MUM for I'r<-Vnlrnt Webster City Journal: Down in Tennessee some of the lending demoi-ratu: politic -inns have Mart" d a movement fe.r the nomination of Secretary of .State Hull to succeed Roosevelt in (he White Hou-c. a. cording to reports from that .state. Mr. Hull is recognized as a verj able man and his fidelity to principle and to the best interests of the country has never been questioned While progressive in spirit he i-, much more conservative than the president. However, it is a little early to start a presidential boom for anybody. A man who might appear to be quite strong now might be. considered otherwise later on. * • V "EiiirrKenries" tirnwini; Tire»oinr Swea City Herald: The present recession of stocks on the country's exchanges is causing thoughtful men to wonder if we have not developed an "emergency" complex. Ever since 1929 we have been fac ing one emergency after another with a icgulahty that is beginning to arouse suspicion. There was the banking crisis, the farm situation and unemployment, t'. name a few of the most important. It has provided a lush period for the politico as well as the demagog, who with much breast-beating. have rushed around telling us how they can save u.-,. A suspicion has developed that this gentry has. deliberately promoted some of these emergencies .so it could put on its country-saving act. There are signs the lountry is growing just a little wearing of this emergency business. Some men are wondering if through i ( or form- right dealing we cannot settle back to that innr, prosaic state of promoting our individual de.itimtn without some government satrap corner telling us which way to g WONDER WHATTHEYttt THINKING ABOUT? church attendance, and related problems facing U. S. Ministers, In Hyannls, Mass., where Rev. Carl F. Schultz of the Federated church listed six causes for empty church pews: Rest, Radio, Riding, Relatives, Roomers, Rum. In Atlantic City, N. J., where Headmaster Frank Ely Gaebelein of Stony Brook (L. I.) School for Boys told a Methodist Protestant conference that little more than 25 per cent of 49,000,000 U. S. young people have ever been In a church. Recent questlonalres, he said, showed that 16,000 of 56,000 school children had never heard of the Ten Commandments; only 2,000 of 18,000 students could name four biblical prophets, only 6,000 the four gospels, only 8,000 any three of Christ's disciples. Headmaster Gaebeleln's remedy: "Revive the family altar and the reading of the Bible." Reader Comment The MARCH OF TIME na. D.I. PAT. or*. Prepared by the Editors of TIME The Weekly Newimogatine standing at iver K\K Salaries Make High I'rniiiuinn Webster <..'ity Freeman: If 1'resident Roosevelt would take up the life- insuraii' e problem anil squeeze the rai ket out of the bu-siness. making the companies furnish the insurance at reasonable prices, policy holders would save enough every year to pay the interest on the national debt. If they could save tins vast sum the y would have that mu< h more to spend for other things, and that would help business considerably. It is said that during the first three years of the depression policy holders paid the insurance companies at the rate of {SO per second and that the beneliciaries didn't get back more than half that amount. Frequently the companies have glaring advertisements showing how mu«h beneficiaries receive, but they never show how mu'h policy holders pay. fo Minimum \\.iKr-, I nuurUablc Northwood Index: How will minimum waKc laws work in all of the state.- V Suppose Iowa h,id a minimum wage law for women oi. sav $liJ Suppose that some small nad w.ik two girls, light work whirh peunitt.-d llu payment of no more than $12 a week without lo.-,., oj piolit Suppose too that the girls weie willing to pel form bUdi light work for $lli a week not only willing. but glad to have the work at that puce. Wiiat. should an employer do in such a case'' What could he do? If he kept the girls at $12 a wick he would be liable to penalty. Jf he abandoned that particular work because the payment of the minimum wage caused him to lose money the two girl:-, would be thrown out of work. It looks like the law in «uch a case would operate unjustly for both the employer tuid the girl employees. There are small bci.-,nie.,..e.i in Iowa which would be caught ill just MIC); a dilemma. FOOTBALL! Another Saturday, and more upsets, without anyone picking all of last week's winning teams correctly. Matt Streit wins the big red apple and one dollar for having the best guesses. He missed the Minnesota-Notre Dame outcome by picking the Gophers, but he only made 30 error points. Father Ahmann was a strong second, missing only the Gopher-Irish game, and having only 31 error points. Little Julian Chrischilles took third place, missing only the Illinois-Michigan game, and having 50 error points. George H. Olsen also was in the first group, but missed being a winner by picking Illinois to win, and having 52 error points, with nearly half of them on Illinois. GROUP ONE: Other than the above, all entries picked more than one game wrong. Group one includes the following, and their error points—G. O. Beard, Algona, 37; John Kohlhaas, Jr., Algona, 37 (he wins a school emblem; come in and get it); Don Wlllaason, captain of the Algona high team, 40, and also a school emblem; Jesse Reynolds, 41; J. M. BJanchard, Lane Rock, 43; H*l Miner, «; Bob Harrington, 00, and Bob picked th* MlchJfsn-IJllnoia and Northwestern-Wisconsin scores right on the head, but placed too much confidence in Minnesota and Indiana: Bernadine Barnes, Algona. 54. and she picked Michigan and Purdue by the exact scores, and only missed Northwestern by one point, but picked .Minnesota and Indiana; Don Blanchard. Lone P.ock, X>; O. S. Reiky. !i4: H. A. Blanc hard. Lone Kock. :,0: diet Holt, r.7; A. L Bcnschoter. Lu- Yerne. "jX; Leon I-af-on, Lone Roc It, l",0; Lone Hock Klevator, «'); Mr:;. H. A. Blanc-hard. Lone Rock. 61; Floyd M. Holt. Ottosesi, <;:;; Kathleen Klbert, 07; and V. U. Timm. ti'.i. Vv'e cave up trying to wade through the error point- of the rent of the entries, and let it go after just checkint: the winning teams guessed correctly and placing them in their respective groups. In answer to how we pick the winners, as many have inquired about it, replies are first placet! in their ri^hl category as regards to the correct guesses on teams, and then eac li pile n checked for error points. After we wade through the first two or three piles, we're ready for a breath of fresh air or something. The booby prize this week goes to Jim Murtagh. He- picked Minnesota. Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin tci win, and Vic Steil was only a shade behind. Klorian Neuroth from the Academy wins the .V-ademy school emblem, if he will stop in and get it. and our old friend Percy Kuhri will have to try a,:am. He missed three games, but was rifc'ht in Hide cm tiie re.-it of them, even down to the .--cores. And here aie the- panics for thi.s week 1 , let's y,t>'. I'.-.-idhne fc.r icceivm;; re [,lies is noon, Hatuiday Miiiii- ••!.! i:; at luvva 0. fhic-ano n at Mn higan 13. IlilJi'a, '; at .\'oi thu este-i n 10 Indiana 7 at Ohio .State It.. I' 'i at Fordham (j. ;.'oti e liai,,.- 7 ,t I'ltl i.aiv; 1':. Iowa State 7 at (I,.! ihnliia 1 1. Kansas U 0 at !\ebi ,-.ska 7. r.\a Smith s|ient all of cine moriiiiiK »ashinsj •..-:ii<i'i.\... s.crappmg off scjme ne'.v paint on the e-d/'-.- arjd other jobd in prepaiation fc;r putting the wint'-r Jicjjit.j on her apartment . . theic .ihe overeil that .-he had nicely cleaned, washed and polished the v.-indow-i that went on the downstairs apartment, for which lJutch Swanson was moot pleased. • « • All Germany asks of us is raw material, say:-. a new.-: story. Won't somebody send them a sub- s,c ription to an art magazine? « * v A football coach is u guy who would give somebody else's right eye to win a game . . . and Tunney Hucuhold can tell you more about a game that lie lisUned to over the radio than anybody else we know of and even pick the Haws in the competing elevens fi c»m his easy ai me hail BALANCED THINKINGWASHINGTON: The basic theory of New Deal economy haa been that the Federal Government should spend in lean years, cave In fat ones; and while mnny a U. S. citizen wondered last week whether the country was on the verge of a major business slump, the President indicated by his saving mentions that he finally felt that :he lean years were over. Although the new budget estimate showed a net deficit of $695.000.000 for fiscal ]B3g—I'j-.TOO.OOO mo o than had been estimated lart April—Franklin Roosevelt emphasized 2 points: that he does not expect the deficit to grow any larger; that he expects Lhe Federal Government to take in in as much as it spends in the fiscal year eiding with June. lOo'.i. Spenl'ing further on e -onoir.y, the President announced that PWA and RFC would make no more commitments, that the Government "must more and more narrow the circle of ts relief activities." To relief ag- •ncies he warned that "unless Federal taxes are to be greatly increased, the expenditures have to be brought within the existing tax receipts." I", duplicate letters to Soutrt Car- olina'c Ellison D. Smith and Texas' Marvin Jones, Chairman of the Senate and House Agriculture Committees, he hammered home the point that "any new legislation should not unbalance the expected balancing of the budget ..." and that any new Treasury obligation should be "backed .100 per cult by additional receipts from new tuxes.' At the first of his hi-v.-c e'dy prc-ssi confcreiic r.-i, he blamed ih'- increased l'.i'!7-:iH dc fn it nn ' o-iniv-isio'ia! appropriation, said he expected next year's budget balance to be 1 achieved without new or- int-i eased taxe ;. At his sec one) press conference, he repeated "for about the- liootn t'mc" that next year's bud;;' '. va.ild be I,- clam eel. SrX OM) UKVISION— WASHINGTON 1 : Among the many Tings President Roosevelt did last week to indicate his honorable intentions toward a balanc ed budget was to cast up an estimate of where he stood today—his third formal .statement on the current budget, and the sfcond revision inc c: last January when he spoke hopefully of a "layman's balance" for fist al l'j'18. liy April that hope had faded to an estimated net deficit of $418,000.000. largely because of disappointing tax receipts. Then the President last week had to hike his net defie it estimate once me,re to >ei!*fi.000,()i). Kven so, unless the figure in (igiiin c-oniicj, rably, it will be the first time the deficit lia^ been below a billion nine li.->c al Roosevelt, second son of the President, last week signed a contract to broadcast news commentaries twice a week from Fort Worth, Texas. His 15-minute programs will contain no mention of politics, will be confined to news "in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen." "VICTORIES" & "NAPOLEON"— NANKING. China: Although the Japanese forces last week captured another 1.725 square miles of Chinese territory, including Shanghai's long-besieged North railroad station and its vicinity, sizeable Japanese units in captured North China territory among the mountains of Shansi were being fed with biscuits dropped by Japanese bombers—a clear indication that harassing Chinese guerilla tactics recently launched on a large scale had cut some Japanese supply lines. Chief generals in charge of Chinese troops waging hectic hit-and- run warfare last week were "Red Napoleon" Chu Teh and "100 Victories" Wei Li-huang, fighting •shoulder to shoulder. Four years ago the Chinese Government was Appreciation Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa Dear Sir: We want to take this mtans of thanking you for the important part you played in making oil? high uchool carnival a huge success. Your donation Was a factor in making this year's carnival net more for the high school activity fund than any other carnival has in the PMt several years. After all expenses were taken out we were able to show a net profit of $129.42. We again want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your assistance In this matter. We trust that we may continue to warrant your good-will. We thank you. Very truly yours, ALEX C. EVANS Superintendent C. C. SMITH, Principal. Glass Auto Glass Replaced while you wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass Greenberg Auto Supply 36-tf FARMERS We are in the market at all times with top prices for EAR CORN, SHELLED CORN, SOY BEANS, BARLEY, OATS Farmers Elevator Company Phone 36F1 R. L. Reid, Mgr. Hobarton There Is No Substitute for a Farmers Elevator 42-43-44 FOR YOUR FORT DEARBORN „, HOTEL 550$ i Under new management thin 18-story fireproof building U being completely remodeled and refurnUhed ... Every convenience, including running Ice water In every room ... New air conditioned Coffee Shop serving excellent food at lowest prices. • • \ "' LA SALLE & VAN BURCN STREETS O/y/w/fe LA SALLE STREET STATION CHICAGO f "THE SYMBOT me CAP THAT is COMPLETE& H E VRQLETj Kaljih Miller |>ri-M-nt«-<J u» u'tli a hi-adlini- Iruin il.i lies Monies i{i.-gi»ter: "Heiver Hinges on .Spirit Lake " That should bu the laij<e.>l set of hinges in thi-i section. llulinaii Audi rson lu-eps htutistics, and lir tien at the mo:-.! letent tally, there are MO 220 in WJ.1'.)7 head of i-attle and :i:i.H24 dairy with poultry at about the million marls. w ri- fur 'lummy Majiville »uyi> hi- like> to do tiling* in u.'ini'.siiliki- way. bo he settled with his last wife *i;ijo,OoO. Think what might happen to him if A'aMl't .SO bUbiliebbllke. truth' iniou!, I.a*t I.iiu — I didn't »iiy you vn-rc ; >uu vouUI just t>Uuul u. Little Najld Income for the- fiscal year is now expected Ice run ahead of the previous twelve-month by S!,.'*.V7.000,- OOo. bi^^cst e,ams bein;j in income anei sejejal security taxes.. But the c..i unite el in* OMH. total has heren re\i-ed downward from .*7.'.!'i.'i.000.000 to .'•; iJ'.O.ltOO.OOil. a drop largely re- fieitin-.; pour ie.-,ult, from the un- di'tributcd piohts tax anel less sanguine.- e X|,ei t at icjiis for business and sto'-li market. OutKii. Total expenditures for li.^e al r.M are now estimated at | $V ,', an increase of t&'J,- I (joO.WW over the original budget I figure b jt $tif>«.OOi).Wj(J below fisc:al l!i:;7 Although spending for Ile- u.veiy aiiel Hulief has been slashed $1. r;!».ooi).(jot) from the previous fiscal year, other government spending continuee! to iiinou'it by nearly .$r,i)ii.i)i)().iioO. As the President pointedly oh.,cived, a yooel part of this e ould be ijlameej on congress. | .Sin.-e the: April budget estimate I w.i.-, submitted, .$20S,OoUOOO of ex- 1 penelilure , have been knocked off by aelniinisArative action and an- othcr $11"),noil.OOO by bookecping ad- jusjiiicnu in the Old Age Reserve Aft omit, a total reduction of $323,- 00c».ijiji). Hut redue ed interest rates on loans to farmers will cost the budget ilo.'XjO.OtXj; extension of J'WA, .iia.OOO.lXjO; social security tax refunds, $.'J«.00(J,000; the Kail- road lietlleinent Ac:t, fll.'i.UUO.UOO; c-ottoii luan.i, $i:;0.eXlO.OOO. Oclit. The net deficit represents a potential addition to the national debt now approaching $37,000.000,000; but tile national debt in the hands of the public will probably be .-smalle-r a I the end of next June than la.-t June 1'KWS V I'll-I'ITS— NKW V()liK: Lac kadaisic; MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAME, SAW AND AGREED "You'll be ahead with a Chevrolet!" Millions of enthusiastic visitors in the first twenty-four hours! Scores of thousands of buying orders! Thousands upon thousands of requests for demonstrations! That's the way people are greeting the new 1938 Chevrolet— the car that is complete —the car that says to you, the minute you see and drive U, " You'll be ahead tvith a Chevrolet!" Decide now to be kind to your desires and equally kind to your pocketbook by buying the car that bears the Chevrolet trade-mark — the symbol of sittings! CIIEVHO1.KT MOTOR DIVISION Cm*ra/ M'Hort Sat* Cjcrporalian UETHOIT, MICHIGAN MODERN-MODE STYLING PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES GENUINE KNEE-ACTION- ALL-SILENT ALL-STEEL BODIES m m. YALVE-IN-HEAO ENGINE I FISHER NO DRAFT i VENTILATION Styling 01 different Ol tt to b*autlfvl, for ItiU bigg**- loodlng, better-looking low prked car. Smooth — powerful — poel rtve ... the taf* broke, far modern travel . . . glvtefli maximum motoring protection. (WITH tHOCKPIOOf •TIMING) So ftofe—M comfortable— to different... "the world 1 * fin«t ride." * (WITH Utmv MASS AU AIOUNO) larger Interior*— lighter, brlghtei colon—and IW- ite*l comtrudioii, making) each body a fortreu of taiety. Giving DM mott effidenT combination of power, economy and dependability. Giving protection agaiiwr draftt, »moke, windshield clouding, and ouurlng each pauenger Individually controlled ventilation. •ON MASTU Of IMCC MOOtlSONlY f fan— monlUr V"}<"*nU to mit your l/u/H. A Gauruf Uoten Vtiltt. Kossuth .Motor Co. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa BOWL FOR BETTER HEALTH BARRY'S

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