The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 8
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1987 Stftip For Acre of Texas Land Llvermore Gazette: The Algona Republican editor says that Editor Jackson of Coleman. Texas, solicited him for assistance In raising money for the purchase of 700,000 acres of land for a national park; and that in the spirit of brotherly love he sent him a $1.00 bill, and that now he has n receipt to show that he owns one acre of ground in the new park. And furthermore, If the picture of his acre in the park is a correct representation of what he got for his money, he is rcndy to donate the sanctity of the premises to all or sundry of his friends who would like to get away from the trials and tribulations of this world for ft brief spell, and rusticate on his one acre of Texas land. Also he predicts that after they spend a brief spell there he will rest assured of their early return to God's chantry. Jfo* so long ago a lady who was tefeerbt$ in the interests of missionary wreck in China solicited this of- ffie» fnv a small sum of cash, ex- ftttia. tSa« oar money went so far in tftat country that one Chinese boy could receive a. Christian education tor only 25 e«nts. and that we would tavs tfte satisfaction of knowing that w* had brought a b*»th«n soul oat of ctorfcness into Bgftt trial said Httln IXfathen vooM fre instructed ne to wbo was has benefactor and guardian asget in this country, and wmdd report to> us yearly, and wouhi probaMy forever after ris« up and call agMegBtd-'Ty* thought that w» « wbote tot fee cw mcoey. So thca and tbere we Umsted to en« CftJnaman. and for aught we tottrw oar tftfe is still good in him. We tore M* hfe picture* but "San Chiaamen took alike", and we wiB nrap ear Chinaman for the Algona tailor's one act* of Texas land, un- sigbt nween. Tfcfa offer bold* good indefinitely. Editor's Note—We are sorry that we cannot accept the kind offer to swap the Gazette Editor's Chinaman for our acre of Texas land. If we could use the Chinaman here in the shop, we might do it, but they tell us thnt the Chinese typesetters have about 16 times as many fonts of type as do those setting English. However, we might act as a go-between. Maybe the Texas boys would be willing to swap back our dollar and something to boot for a good Chinpman. and we'll ask them about it. After all, there must be someone who could use a good Chinaman, although most of them seem to be quite busy across the Pacific at the present time. Now Frank, Who Is This Eleanore? Frank Green, city marshal, got a letttr in the mail Wednesday morning, postmarked and with a return address and box number, from a distant town in Iowa. The city officer opened and read the letter, he pondered over its many pages, then turned to several nearby folks and said: "That's hist fine, but I don't know anyone named Eleanor*." So if there is another Frank Green in this vicinity, they will know what happened to the letter. Must Maintain Bailroad The &« mil«8 of railroad between Ccrwith and St. Benedict must be maintained by the H. & St. I*, the interstate commerce commission ruled Wednesday after the road's petition to abandon it was heard. Read Tr>? Want Ads—n Fay* FEEL THE JOY OF LIVING IN ONE OF THESE JUNIOR FROCKS And Slill They Come- more ;ind mure youthful, dashing M Uodaon's,—here's the mid- showing and more attractive than ivcr. You'll te ' c-c- urazy" about these modsls. juat received in tmr stock—i^cns and dozens of them—all with the aparkle of youth. U you're a little miss, if you take a size 11, 13, 15 or 17—you'll riii'l a perfect lit ind oodles of hatisfaction in one of these new Doris Uudsons. CHRISCHILLES STORE Will these two European leaders, "Men of Destiny", at least to themselves, precipitate another European and possibly World War. Mussolini of Italy, at the left and Adolf Hitler of Germany, dictators of their respective nations, are snown here as they are riding through the streets of Munich recently. When the boys got their heads together, and figured out how many ma,<sed men they could throw into the field against anybody CUT. particularly Russia, or France and Great Britain. The Feuhrer has promised to pay Mussolini a return visit within three months. DRILL FOR COAL NEAR SWEA CITY Work At Vernon Burt Farm; Sure Coal Is There Swea City Herald: Four Fort Dodge coal miners have been at the Vernon Burt farm four miles northeast of Swea City since a week ago Monday drilling to determine whether coal was present in quant- ty and quality sufficient to be mined. The experiment is being made by Walter Benson, former farmer here, and Wm. Suer. The work is under the direction of Tom Irvine, a veteran coal driller. The fourth member of the party is a son of Mr. Suer. All four men are ex- >erienced coal miners. Using a drill operated by hand from a derrick, the men were still n pand Monday after a week of toil. They expected arather week of work would be necessary before they could begin their calculations. The party started from Fort Dodge with a large power drill, but the machine could not be taken under the highway underpasses, nor would it clear the high line wires. If the men arc encouraged enough after the present experiment with the hand drill Is finished, they will dismantle the power drill at Fort Dodge, haul it here and set it up again. Numerous holes then will be sunk over the farm before the miners feath definite conclusion* concerning- the quantity and quality of the coal. Well drillers have said for years that coal underlies this neighborhood, particularly from Swea City east. A four-foot vein was struck when the town well was drilled last year. The well at the Burt farm penetrates a seven-foot vein. Mr. Irvine said Monday it was possible the drilling would reach 800 feet before con! was struck. He has spent a life-time prospecting for co'il. gold and other mineral deposits throughout the western part of the United States. As a rule. Mr. Irvine said, in this part of Iowa a layer of sand from oO to 40 feet will be found near the surface. Then comes blue clay to a depth of 18 feet before hardpan is struck. Beneath the hardpan is the "roof—reported to be cap rock— over the coal deposit. Often a vein three feet in /depth can be mined at a profit. The men Monday were non-committal about the success of their experiment "Come back in a week or so, ant we might have more to report,' said the veteran Mr. Irvine. FOR SALE—10 head horses, mostly mares, 3 to 7 years old, wt. 300-1600—C. L, McVay. phone 781 Algona. ' 43* FOR SALE—One Hampshire buck and one Oxford buck.—C.'L'. Bailey, phone 25F23, Algona. ',*3 W FOR SALE—« hole Copper Clad range, good condition.—Moe & Sjo- ;ren. 43 FOR SAlE—Potatoes—1000 Ibs. potatoes No. 2 grade at $4.00 while hey last—Ray McWhorter, Burt. 43* Classified Ads For Sale FOR SALE—New HampsMr* led pullets, now laying.—Ed -I*e- big, Wesley. ''43 FOR SALE—Used electric wash,-, ng machine. Motor in A-l condition. 17.50. Phone 514-W or call at 712 3. McGregor. FOR SALE—McCormick-Dcerlng ,wo row corn picker, Farm-all mounted.—Van A. Hansen. Burt, 1 mi. east. 6 mi. north of Sexton. 43* FOR SALE—Monarch electric ange. $50. Phone 615-LW, Algona. 43* FOR SALE—1.000 ft. 1H pipe in very good condition.—Gi*«nberg Auto Supply. 43 FOR SALE—240 acre well improved farm 7!4 miles due north of Swea City. Gust Isenberg, tenant.—A. J. Biewer, 1011-Hth St. So., Fargo, N. 'D. 42-45* FOR SALE—Single row, Pull type tank picker, good condition, $75.00. John Steenhard. Lakota, Iowa. 43* FOR SALE—Chester White boars cholera immune. Farmers' prices. —Aaron Taylor, Burt 43-44* FOR SALE—Buff Orpington pullets.—Lucille Andorfer, 1 mile E. St Benedict, c-o Al Rosenmeyer. 43-44* FARM FOR SALE—188 acres, 1 mile east from Lakota. Iwoa, with splendid churches and schools; Webster-Clarion soil, highly fertile, fair set of buildings. Most of the farm lies outside high-taxing district Owner wants to consolidate his properties and will let this go AT A BARGAIN PRICEI See K. t). Hutchins. "Over Barry's". Algona, Iowa. 43445 FOR SALE—2 registered milking Shorthorn bulls. 14 months old. Reasonable prices.—Wayne Keith. Burt, Iowa. 43* FOR SALE—1937 pull type John Deere corn picker, picked 200 acres.—Stanley Keith, Burt, Iowa. 43* CHOICE FARMS FOR SALE— Highly fertile: both improved and unimproved. Would-be farm owners LIST YOUR REQUIREMENTS WITH US and we will try to find what you want. OUR BUSINESS IS TO BRING SELLER AND BUYER TOGETHER: also to help finance the purchase of farms for new owners.—H. D. Hutchins. "Over BarrxW Algona.- Iowa 43645 FOR SALE—New suit, size 38, 82 waist, powder blue, winter sport suit. Too small for me. Sell cheap. Box A, Upper Des Moines. 43* PROM HMO. T6 «>«, THETHE rtfcAOT tO 00 When It conM* to fltitag the feet of men, women attd children, a person would i*™**f» * >«*» tp&y to find ntoffe tdnitsnwre and complete places to I** at, shop for and pwrehMe aftoea mil can be found In Algona, There are two Mate! MtHng shoes exfchwlvely, 1ft* BtowneB Shoe Co* and JimmfoNevlite, for men, women and ohMt*n. And other store* «1M earryhi* shoo linen include KrtWlwky'« and Chrlstemen ittwa, fo> women and girls, and Mfeb&eVa, tender * CaldweH and Th* Htab Clothiers for men and boy*. Every nationally known and reputable tine of «ho*ft van be found on the shelf of a merchant In Algonn, Verne joining the M. * St L. depot on the west occupied by Mr. Meyers as renter. Possession will be grliren on delivery of the deed for the town property and March 1st next on the lands. These properties are going to be sold to the party making the best offer and anyone Interested should get in touch with we Immediately. M. P. HAGGARD. Referee, 43-43-44 Algona, Iowa. FOR SALE—40 Spotted Poland China bears. Good ««**. —Anton Vamen. Ringrted. Iowa. S9-44 STOCKERS AND FEEDERS— Before you buy Me the large assortment of whit* face and Angus steers, heifers and chelae tahres at the Central Cooperative Feeder Yards, St James, Minn, For further information, write or phone 432. —R. M. Miller, N. H. Otoea. in charge. 41-43* FOR SALE—M head fall and spring Hampshire boars—Joseph Skow, Wesley. 41 and43* FOR SALE—Ever-Ready used electric radio, $6.50. Phone 514-W or call at 712 E. McGregor. FOR SALE—Purebred spotted | Poland China boars.—C. F. Kern, 2 miles west, one mile south of Fenton. 43-48* FOR SALE—Hampshire boars, spring and fall. Cholera immuned. —Alphonse Berte, Bode. 42-44* Frankl Should Get A Skeleton Key John Frunlil parked his car at the Behlmer corner, got out, snapped hi* door shut And then he found he had locked his keys in thu car. The la:,t we Unew. John, Bill )au, lliirol.l Cilni'jre, Ralph Miller ,n<l several others were all quarter- jacking on the job, of how to get he door open without smashing a window. FARM FOR SALE—157 acres, Webster silty clay loam; one of the choicest in Koasuth county, full set of farm buildings, close to market, church and school, Corwith, on good gravel road, needs only little more drainage; in high state of fertility; already well financed with "government loans" transferable to purchaser. Illinois owners want to settle among selves and will sell for $125.00 per acre. See H. D. Hutchins, "Over Barry's", Algona, Iowa. 43445 HOUSES AND LAND FOB SALE I have been appointed by the Court to sell the following described real estate at private sale for the highest price offered: W^ BE 20-94-27. All In cultivation but no buildings and laying 2 mile* from LuVerne. Wfl 8W 19-94-27. Mostly in cultivation with some in blue grass and laying 2 miles from LuVeme. Lota 4 ant 5 Block 1 Zoell'i "2nd Add to LuVerne, being a small house and two lota occupied by Wm. Hedrick aa renter. Lot 7. Block 7, McCauley's 2nd Add to Livermore. Also the house and 3 acres at Lu- New Meat Locker, West Bend, Soon Up West Bend: The farmers new laeut lotkc-r building is well along and up, and workmen are now putting the roof on Ihe structure. The building is made of brick, and although no work has yet been done on the inhidc, workmen expect to have it finished within a short time. Swea Folks Going To Lutheran Rally Swea City: A reformation rally of the American Lutheran conference churches of this area will be held al the Koosevelt school auditorium at Kslherville next Sunday at 3 p. rn. The speaker will be Dr. Conrad Bergendoff, president of the Augustana College and Theological Semniary at Rock Island, 111. Several families from Swea City expect to attend. Algona Mat Men Book 6 Meet* The wrestling schedule of the Algona high school team for the corning winter, ban been announced as follow*, by O. B. Laing, superintendent. Dec. 10—Puton, there. IJec. 14—Gilmore City. here. Jan. 7—Eugle Grove, here. Jan. 14—Palon. here. Jan. 21—Eagle CJrove. there. Feb. 11—Clarion, there. C. C. Ridenour of the high uih fiieuty is the wrestling coach. Celebrttins Our 78th Anniversary with Big Values I nnft nn KeUU WORTH OF PRIZES ,UUU.UU v,uu* j n 52 Weekly Contests A ak A fifP Manager for full detail* C D 11 Iowa State reamefy ttutterumnd EAT MOKE m* HtttUUifulf Nourifchiui*', "~SS^ Economical Sunnyfield Flour lona Quality Flour CrJSCO Sborteoing 1 Ib. lona Brand Psas 75c doc. 2 Ib. i«i « 73c 24 Vi U>. ba« 21c 49 Ib. Hcourlog fowder Gold Dust 4 can. 19C Make* Ol»h Washing Quick and Ea»y Silver Dust i*«. 0 *"l9c 39c 1.39 iT 1.29 t^52c t No. 2 can* 29c Beans \.b». 25c Dromedary Dttes 'JL* 12c Uiuger Bread, Devil* Food M PrwiMXlwy ft ,, IX 14«*.UMf. 2JC A&P FOOD STORES For Rent FOR RENT—Seven room modern hous*.-Tony KJmch, 704 B. North phone 888. _ 43 Mi«c«lianeou8 FARM LOANS—Ten r _ loans, 4*, no commission.—C. W| Nleoulln, Real BsUte, Algona, Iowa. RBAL BARGAINS on good trt- prbved farms, also real buys J™* 1 ; gtma lota and homes.-Kohlhaas Bros, phone M. »** NOTICE—Every want ad In The Upper Des Moines with 3400 circulation. Is picked up and carried without extra charge In The Satur- dav Shopper, 2000 blanket circulation of Algona and Algona routes. Why be satisfied with less? LOANS— Prompt appraisal on 20 year farm loans. No appraisal fee —no commission—no red tape- low Interest—Edw. Capeslus, Helse Bids:., Algona, Iowa. 22-tf BUY A FARM while prices are down. List your property with me. —Edward Capestus, Helse building, Algona. 37 ' M FARMS FOR SALE—All sizes, prices, location*. Terms to suit vou. List your farm with us.—McDonald ft Co, 10-tf EXPERIENCED young girl wants general house work or work in cafe. Call at this office. Phone WANTED HATCHERY FLOCKS —All breeds chickens and turkeys. Have taken heavy breed eggs eight month* this year. Leghorns not so long. Interested in flocks anywhere within 30 miles of Swea City. Write or see us.—Swea City Hatchery, Swea City, Iowa. Phone 35. 43 P.T,A,Aik§F«*r Rummage Good* The gr*d« school P. T. A. wIIB hold a rummage *ale at thfc 014 post office building, Saturday, O«. 30th. '• Anyone Wishing to donate gar* ments or other articles call Mrs, Moulds, 181-J. Bundles may be taken to the old post office building on Saturday or any time after four o'clock Friday afternoon. Funds will'be used to furnish hot lunches and milk to Algona's underprivileged children this winter. Cleo Blacks Are Moving To Union v Irvlngtort: Ben Terhune engaged Cleo Black (o do his fall plowing with his tractor last week. The Black family will move March 1st to the Jens Sorensen farm In tTnlon township which they have rented. Barney Frankl will farm the place vacated by the Black family. Injured By Gun Dr. C. C. Shierk of Algona met with a painful though not serious ' ' eye Injury, Sunday, while wit shooting squirrels. As he was about to shoot one of the squirrels, his gun , backfired burning his left eyeball with the powder. j First Lutheran Church Next Sunday: Mottling Worship at deblock. Sunday School, at Id a. m. Choir practlcb thl* evening (Thursday) at 7:30 at the paraon- age. Idle Hour CSub— Mrs. F. A. Corey entertained the Idle Hour bridge club Wednesday afternoon at her home. Mrs. A. L. Long was a guest Correction To correct an item in the Sexton news it is announced that the Ladles Aid meeting which was scheduled to be held next week at the Mrs. A. L. Greenfield home baa been Indefinitely postponed. ' this Great Coat Promotion Chrischilles Store OVER 200 COATS TO CHOO8E PROM Compare these coat* with other* you have seen at J1&-60, $29.75, $46.00 and (69.00 and you'll agree that they are the GREATEST VALUES OF THE SEASON. Here are brand new, ultra-modern coaU of *oft«at fleece*, warmly injgrllned and with both fiur ffyid untfimmed coUAM* Gloriou* color* of wine, and grey make II i_i'nl| djjlliiillliiil in appearance and The (root wMch to male* THIS IB COAT week to buy your new CHRISCHILLES STORE T H t G R t A T r>Af iHf 1 I A iVGMPAS V

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