The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moinss, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 28,1937 NEWD.O.FRFETS FARM HOME IS M LAST WORD f o Be Beady For Occu pancy About First Of January Geried: C. C. Cammack visited at the D. O. Friets farm Sunday an3 inspected the new farm house under construction there. Mr. Cammack reports it as being one of the county's very finest built farm home he has seen in years. He is a competent judge, being himself a retired contractor and architect, having many churches and schoolhouses to his credit in central Iowa. The house has eight rooms, with full hollow tile basement, cement floors, furnace, a large sun porch and a utility porch off the kitchen. It is wired for electricity and will have a water system. It contains five closets, a lavatory tn the basement and first floor with bath on second floor. The house Is doubly Insulated throughout and equipped with double windows. The kitchen will have built in cupboards, sink and ironing board. Altogether it Is one of those houses you dream of but seldom see and Mr. and Mrs. Friest are to be congratulated in owning so comfortable a home. It will be ready for occupancy about Jan. 1. Mrs. Albert Friets of Elmore spent Monday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Finn. Albert Friets of Elmore, has been doing some repairing at the post office for his mother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Al Russ of Buffalo Center were dinner guests a week ago Sunday at the home of Mrs. Finn. Deloris Mayne spent Tuesday night at the home of her father. Howard Mayne in Ledyarcf. and Sunday at the Paul Gelhaus home near Ledyard. The Kelly family drove to Fairmont Sunday and attended a reunion of the Kelly family at the home of Mr. Kelly's father, the occasion being the birthday of the elder Mr. Kelly. KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR FINANCIAL STATEMENT BECOBD WHEAT CROP IN IDAHO: Large piles of sacked wheat outside elevators at American Falls, Idaho, overflow from five elevators which are filled with largest wheat crop since 1930. Over a million bushels were raised in Power County, Idaho, alone. Hugh Raney Hurt When Horse Fell On Him Saturday Irvington: Hugh Raney was the victim of a very painful ^accident which occurred last Saturday morning as he was helping drive some cattle from a pasture. In some manner the horse on which he was riding, slipped and fell on his foot, causing him a great deal of pain. However, he is now getting around with the aid of crutches. work on their coal shed which has been in a rather dilapidated condition for some time. The local dance club will hold a regular dancing party Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. John Gray of Winnebago. Minn., were Sunday guests at the Richard Leigh home. Carl Brown, south of Algona farmer, has been ill at his home for about three weeks. However, at this time he is feeling slightly better. The pupil? of Miss Pearl Leigh in school district No. 3. Sherman township are enjoying a corn picking vacation, there being 16 pupils enrolled in the school and 14 of which AFFIDATIT STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. We, J. M. Patteison, President, E. L. Vincent, Secretary, and H. J. Bode, Treasurer of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association being duly sworn on oath depose and say that the .said society or association, being duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, held a fair known as the Kossuth County Fair on the 6th to 10th days of September, 1937, in the city or town of Algona, Iowa, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of live stock, together with agricultural products, farm implements, etc., as contemplated in the law. We further depose and say that the sum of 12,780.00 as shown in the financial statement attached hereto has been paid to the winning exhibitors In settlement ofpremiums won at the fair for the current year and that no part of this amount was paid for speed events or to SPcure panics or amusementa. We further depose and say that the attached financial statement is a full and complete statement of the receipts and expenditures for the current year and that the attached statistical data is true and correct. | J M. PATTERSON, President. E. L. VINCENT. Secretary. H. J. BODE, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before ine this 26th day of October, 1P37, by Jewell M. Patterson, President, E. L. Vincent, Secretary, and H. J. Bode, Treasurer of the above named society or association. (SEAL) F. L. McMAHON, Notary Public. FINANCIAL STATEMENT RECEIPTS •Cash on hand from last report $ 353.64 Receipts outside gates (incl. season and family tickets) $4,265.70 Receipts day grandstand and quarter stretch 1.9S6.55 Receipts night grandstand and quarter stretch 993.45 Total ticket gales _. $7,245.70 Entry fees, speed department 395.00 Concessions and privileges - 2,358.67 Advertising in premium list and program 420.00 State aid (this year anticipated) 1,968.00 Miscellaneous Receipts of Fair— * Stall and pen rent...- , 182.70 Entry fees - - 222.00 Exhibit space rentals 270.00 Subscriptions None Rain Ins 539.10 From all other sources of fair—dance 313.35 Total miscellaneous receipts of fair 1.527.15 -, .u Total receipt* of AUr -— H3.9H.6S County aid 4,000.00 Off season rents 1,247.78 Miney borrowed None Other Receipts— July 4th and 5th 4,474.95 Rodeo 1,435.06 Total receipts from sources other than fair . ._• Repairs to Elevator The Farmers Cooperative eleva | ^ „..,.„ „. tor is doing some general repair j are"boys j Miss Bernice Sutton. teacher of the Parsons school on the Airline. SWEA MERCHANTS ASS'N ELECTS 3 37-38 LEADERS Tweeten, Minkel, Hanifan Picked In Official Capacities Swea City: Officers elected at the Swea City Merchants' Association meeting held recently were as follows: A. B. Tweeten, president; Dr. R. M. Minkei, secretary-treasurer; Jeff Hanifan, vice president. The committee to interview the council on the lighting 4uestton consists of James R. Vaux, C. J. Applequist and Ray Sperbeck. One of the major projects of the organization for next year may be the reestablishment of the Swea City Merchants' fair, an idea that seems to be gaining strong consideration from all sections in this quarter. Grand total receipts 11,157.79 $25,425.95 4'ii.nn 105.00 161.OH ir.l.Tf; Open premiums: Horses, ponies and mules _____ $ Cattle (lifi.f ami dairy) ______ Swine. ___ - ______________ . ____ Sheep, wool and Ktxits ______ I'oultry and pet .stuck .. ..... Agricultural products _______ Fruits, plants uiid flowtr* -Culinary produ-ts _____________ 133.00 Textile and art dept. _______ 325.00 School exhibits __________ ... 15!). 75 Dairy product* ________________ 18.GO PullluK contest ______________ 90.00 Total open premiums — 4-H Club Premiums: Colts ________________________ J Cattle (beef and dairy)- ______ Poultry ____________________ Other than live stock ------Tola! 4-11 Club premiums Total premiums other than speed ___ Premiums for speed ________ Music, unit attractions - _______ Miscellaneous expense, of fair: $2.352.25 4.95 Good looking shoes help your appearance more than YOU imagine. These two styles are unusually trim. Exelusive Agency for Red Cross Shoes Christensen Bros. Shoe Dept. 12.00 285.00 F..25 125.50 will present her pupils in a Hallow- e'en program on Friday afternoon, Oct. 27. All patrons and friends are cordially invited. Miss Helen Lemke. Cedar Falls student was a week end guest at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Armor Lemke. Sunday guests of the Lemkes were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meurer of Wesley. Miss Katherine Scnultz's school in Union township had a school program open to the general public on Thursday evciung. Katherine is the second daughter of Mr ;ind Mrs. John Schultz. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lage and family wore Sunday guests at the home of Mr. Lage's parents at Lattimer. Iowa. However on March 1. the elder Lages will move north of oldficld where they have purchased a farm. Mr. and Mrs. Sim Leigh and family attended the hill climbing exhibition last Sunday at the Wm. Etherington farm horns in Plum Creek township. Motorcycles and automobiles were featured in steep hill climbing. Mrs. Ralph BTown was hostess to the farm bureau ladies of Cresco and Riverdale townships on Wednesday at an all day meeting, the hours being from ten a. m, until four p. m. A covered dish luncheon wa'j served at noon. Miss Pepoon, local home demonstration agent, presented the lesson on "Making Gifts and Toys for Children". Postponed Sale Due to the Rcmvick bus crush have postponed our Duvoe Jersey hog and HoLstein bull sale to Thursday, Nov. 4,1937 Sale at farm 2 miles no. 1 east Ren wick, Iowa W. H. Helmke 427.75 2,780.00 1,370.00 4.708. Vi Printing Salaries ._. All other exi>cii>c x s of fair—. Total mifccellanecius ''"[it'll.-*' <>!' fair -.. - expense of fa i r . . - . ImMiU'ilncss »f HK'vi'ius yt-at.H j>aid ami ^liinti. t<inii .u i'"ti!it Insurance, iiiK'K-sl. elr. IVrriiiiiiriil improvum-iits Miiinicitanc-t* of -I'liiml.-, ami liuiUltiiu's Any oihc-r rx|u-ii.-r ,lul> lili am) "iili; i ''lien - - • - - Total expc'h.-i- u.i.iT (hull lair 1,288.00 500.411 100.78 955.70 1.5V.UO 1.131.76 * 13.200.15 814.63 hliU.fil 3S68.S4 !.:',« UV.J Sorensen's! and Saturday < OATS, Opal Brand 3 lb. pkg. 19c SALAD DRESSING, Opal Brand 1 qt. 25c KRAUT, School Girl Z l / 2 size, 2 for 25c KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES 2 for 21c PUMPKIN No. 2 size can, 3 for 25c HOMINY, Van Camps tall cans, 3 for 25c H.l'ih ' 2l.ti78 ' III! llilllil STATISTICAL I»ATA d valUf »f uiuumi.s alifi imjiimrmrni.- ludfljtriiiii •."-. J I •"). '•'•(<». "i; ,-ranttal Pri'Si'ti notes. Tula! uuinbi-r cxhiinlDi .s Numljt-r (it f\lii!jiiu». livi- Mm- Nuuibc-r of hoi'M'S cshibiii-il, (','(. Number of entile exhibited, 'Ml. Number or' swi;;f exhibited, 16C. $7"i,0l)0 (10. ami $(i,ia0.23 747.2D otin.-r ;n i ita|i,irt Number of lie.aii of poultry Number of rubbiib mid cavi AdmUttiou ft-ub charged a! J5c; vehicles, none,. Total number iiaid< Total attedance. at fair (m ut.'ide Aduiu, 10<:; children, .-i, 14.118. H o. "iiiitiidi-. tx aide both i<aid and non-paid •ionn). 20.000. Admission fees charges at grandstand N'ifjbt 35c aud 50c; day 35c and 50c. Admisfcioa feea charged at iiuartcrstretcli—None. Total number paid und uon-jiaid udiui:x>iou.;, at yixindataud—Diiy. 1,324; night, 2,834. Total number i*iid and ui;u-i>aid aduiU&iuiu ut quurteratretch — Noue. • «.*4VI1B Millage levied for uext >ear's county uid, .011 aiills. Amount you auticiiMtte l«>vy will return, $4.&OU.OO. Are grounds owned by (society or county? Society. How ouuiy acres in the grounds? About 40. OFFICERS OF THE FAIR Pre»id«JH—J- M. Patternion, Algoua. Iowa. Vice-President—•Clark Scuftbam, Algona, Iowa. Secretary— E - L - Vincent, Algona, low*. Tr**»u«>r—H. J. Bode, Algon*, Iowa. Ft as o riavor.' The choicest wheat, carefully tested and blended,givc^ this Hour 4 smooth- iiL-ii and flavor truly distinctive. Ask your gfocct lor it. MOTHER'S MM --f,»8esf * Flour 24% lb. sacks, $1.00 49 lb. sacks $1.96 We bought a truck load of white faced heifers very reasonable and are offering them to you at the right prices. Fancy Young Beef Steak per lb. 25c Fancy Young Beef Boasts 17-19c Fancy Veal Boasts 20c Mock Chicken Legs 7 for 25c Young Beef Bibs 2 Ibs. 26c Fresh Fish, Oysters and Chickens SORENSEN GROCERY CO. We Deliver Phones 138-139 Sarchet Having Lumbago Siege Union: P. N. Sarchet has been having a siege of lumbago the past week. Harley Will and Larry Gisch spent Sunday at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Van Deuzen of Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Kobus Tjaden of Titonka and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Laage of Fenton called at the Henry Tjaden home. Sunday. Paul Doughty spent the week end at Webster City. Mrs. Anna Nelson of Algona spent the week end at the \Y. C. Nelson home. , Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Speicher and children were Sunday visitors at the Roy Mino home. Miss Gene Griffith, junior high principal, spent the week end at her home in Des Moines. L. J. Read and son. Lemuel of Lyle, Minn., visited Sunday evening at the Roy Mino home. Wm. Payne and son, Sidney, visited Sunday at the Clarence Tok- tieim home at Armstrong. D. R. Dinsmore. principal of the Irani high school, spent the week end at his home In Fremont, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Steinhardt and children visited Sunday at the Henry Olthoff home in Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tokhetm and sons visited Sunday at the Art Zacharison home in East Chain. Miss Arlene Hammond spent the week end at the home of her sister, Mrs. Hollis Beadle at Swea City. Miss Leona Wesselman and Joseph Krebsbach of Bancroft visited Sunday at the Severt Holm home. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Olson and Nets Pederson of Fairmont visited Sunday at the Andrew Pederson home. Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Haag and children of Ledyard visited Sunday afternoon at tbe Frank Boever home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilcox of Eagle Grove and Mr. nnu Mrs Richard Zielske of Ledyard visited Sunday at the Alfred Zielske home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Selberg and children and Mr. ami Mrs Soren Pederson of Kiester were Sunday dinner guests at ttie Fred Setbe.rg home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Waterbury and children and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Patterson and children, visited Sunday at the O. O. Waterbury home in Welcome. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Nelson, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Bourne of Algona visited Sunday at the home of the Nelson's daughter, Mrs. J, D. Cash in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Link of Waterloo, spent the week end at the Erviri Link home. Sunday, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Link and son, Eldon, they visited at the Merle McAninch home at Rolfe. FABLEY ON WEST COAST —Fresno, Calif: Postmaster General James A. Farley has been touring the western states on a god wiil tourn for the Dem- cratic party. He is shown here as he appeared last week at r. luncheon given in his honor by Fresno members of the Democratic party. From Fre.ino lie visited many cities on his wny to Los ^Angeles where he delivered an address over the nir. Mr. Farley Is now on his wny back to Washington. D. C... by way of Phoenix, Arizona. afternoon at the John Markgraf home. Mrs. Minnie Reisener from Wis., who has been, visiting here for several weeks, returned to her home Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wittkopf, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach were Sunday dinner guests at the August Zumach home at Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Heinrich and family and Alice Whittemore were Zumach from Sunday dinner guests at the Otto Wicntendahls. Mr. and Mrs. Max Bast and Arl- cne of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wichtendahl and family. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratr and family and Viola Bell were Sunday evening supper guests at the Wilmar \Vichtendahls. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Meyer received word from Cherokee. Oklahoma, that Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Peters are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Oct. 11. This makes the Peters a family of two boys and one girl. Mrs. Peters was formerly Irene Meyer, a sister of M. F. Meyr. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Art Rusch, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, Lorna and Edward. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and Elvira, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach attended a birthday party at the home of Herman Zumach at Whittemore recenXly. It was in honor of Mrs. Zumach. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich and family were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Herman Meyer home In Whittemore: Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt and family of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and family of Fairville, Mr. and Mrs. August Gade at West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meyer and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Roeber and family. Couple At LuVerne Wed On Saturday LuVerne: Marvel Davidson and Vernon Kggleston stole a march on their friends and were married at the Methodist parsonage Saturday afternoon by the Rev. Harvey Nelson. The parents were the only witnesses. The bride is the daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Ralpil Davidson, farmers living east of Lu- Verne and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. EgKles- ton, the C. and N. W. depot agent. The new Mrs. Egglcston is a graduate of the local high school with the class of 1934. They plan to live this winter with his sister's family, the Arthur Henrys. Mrs. Freda Christensen left last Friday morning for California, where she plans on spending the winter with relatives and friends. Letts Creek News Sunday. Oct. 31, the Lotts Creek Lutheran church will celebrate the reformation festival. Helen Dreyer. daughter of Robt. Dreyer, spent last Week at Aigona with her sister, Leona, who is employed at the Dr. Meyer home. Mr. und Mrs. Otto Ruhnke and Lorna and Edward viaited Sunday Notice to Surrender Registered Milk Bottles TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given ^that the use by anyone other fhan the Algona Cooperative Creamery, of the registered milk bottles belonging to said Company, is illegal and anyone now having possession of any milk or cream bottles bearing the registered trademark of the Algona Comparative Creamery Company is hereby directed to surrender said bottles to the Creamery at once. Dated this 26th day of October, 1937. ALGONA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY By M. P. Christiansen, Secretary. 43-44' The Algona Auction Co. We are here to Mirve both the «eUer and buyer at our pavilion in Algona every Saturday. Saturday Oct. 30 For thltt Saturday'* Sale we expect to have the usual run of stuff, con*i*ting of mixed lot* of cattle and feeder pig*; alito later on we expect to Hell »onie hone* when you get ready, plea»e bit u» know a* we will have buyer* here. On our Saturday Sale* we will ttell anything that you have, including furniture, pout*, potatoes, apple* and all kind* of fruit, machinery aud MMue odd» and ead» of live stock. Abo expect to make thin our Home Salt* Day. In thin sale we will veil one 1 year old mare, hound. Tuesday, Nov. 2 We are getting good run* i>> wektera cattle tn our Tuesday *ale*. Uutt week with two car* and for thi* sale we expect to have 2 to 8 car* of choice White Face* ranging from MO to 600 lb*. Abo other mixed lota. We have the beat of buyer*, *o brine in anything that you have to »eU. We *ell by the head or weight Don't forget thoae veal calve* a* we have buyer* for I Coo- itign your *toek to price*. w* will do nil we ' to get the beat Abo will have » good nut ur pigs U> expect to have food buyer* for each ••!«, to puta op """"y tiueo sales your ••£&•» Often Every Day. gale Barn phone 77 Start on ttocfc at 1:SU XKI No properly removed ft*. C. O. RIDDLE Baymand Clerk Yes - Lowest.'• Cost Save time and worry—purchase with confidence. Know you have the best—we meet the requirements. Automobile Liability Insurance—Dwelling- Household Goods and all other forms of insurance coverage. See Us Today for your Insurance Requirements Good Insurance Pays The Algona Insurance Agency State Street Home Loans C. R. LaBarre Automobile Loans Phone 85 Insurance DELICIOUS HALLOWEEN CANDIES Wholesome, fresh goodies that are Ideal for parties, etc. Keep it In the house at all times, too, the whole family Trill enjoy it. Butter Creams, 4 f| M 1/2 lb. I UC Candy Corn, 4 f| M y a lb. IUC Jelly Beans, 4 AM 1/2 lb. I UV Black and orange. Jellies, 1/2 lb. . Black and orange. FUN For HALLOWEEN Funny face masks, many styles hats, noisemakers. lanterns, party favors, 'napkins, etc. 5-5c 2~5c 5c each WE GIVE GREEN STAMPS BEN FRANKLIN 10c It Doesn't Cost Anything To Look Because we have a good stock of Used Oars, with all of the better ones reconditioned and ready to give miles of service and satisfaction, all we ask is that you look over our stock, whether you might be thinking for one for farm work, a. second car, a car for the kids to drive to school, or as a family pleasure car. NEW CAR PRICES ARE HIGHER ALL ALONG THE LINE—SAVE WITH A GOOD, RECONDITIONED USED CAR Here is our Today's List of good Cars Ready to Go! 1937 Ford Tudor 1936 Chev. Coach demonstrator, at a real dls- with trunk. In practically count. A-l shape. perfect condition. 1936 Ford Tudor 1935 Ford Tudor 1935 Chev. Coach 1934 Ford Sedan 1934 Chev. Coach 1933 Chev. Sedan 1930 CheV. Sedan 1933 Chev. Coupe '32 Ford Cpe 4 cyl 1930 Ford Tudor 1930 Chevrolet Coach Trucks and Commercial 1936 Ford Truck, L. W. B., duals 1935 Ford Truck, L. W. B., duals 1934 Dodge Truck, L. W. B., dual* 1932 Chevrolet Truck, L. W. B., dual. 1932 Ford Pickup, 4 cylinder 1929 Chey. Truck, with platform, singles Your pnMftt cw or truck may make the down payment, and liberal term* on the halanre. Kent Motor Co. IOWA Open evening* and Sunday morning*

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