The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 4
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ft» AJgea* PaNr P* Molatt, AlgOM, Imrm Oct. M, 1987 oner Ebte Bfafbrwok to We*-",. ' Jack HlltOn and Elsie Ralbrook will be married Friday, October 30, at the LfttJe Brown Church at Nashua: Elsie's sister, Violet Halbrook of Mason City will be the Maid of honor, and Bill Hilton, brother of the groom will be the best man. The single ring ceremony will be performed in the presence of Immediate friends and relatives. The young couple will go to the Twin Cities for a short wedding trip. They will be at home at 606 South Jerome. Lodge To Meet—' Royal Neighbor lodge members will meet at the Legion hall this evening (Thursday). This is to be a very important meeting and all members are requested to be present Royal Neighbors— Members of the Royal Neighbor lodge met at the home of Mrs. Esther Helberg, Tuesday afternoon. Hostesses were Mrs. Frank Ostrum, Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Jr., Mrs. Joe Cosgrove and Mrs. Mary Gud- erlan. A business meeting was followed by bridge played at five tables. Mrs. Louis Lynk won the first prize, Mrs. Ralph Valentine the door prize and the cnosolation prize went to Mrs. Jlmmte Allen. Aft afternoon luncheon was served by the hostesses. Candle-Llght Club— The Candle-Light club will meet Thursday evening for a 6:30 dinner in the Blue Room of the Hotel Algona. Bridge will be played at Mrs. J. T. Chrischllles' home after the dinner. New New N ew Lamp Shades ....... 15c-49c Lamps Comp. 79c, 1.25,1.49,1 S .75,1.98 Dresse* . . . . . .... 69c-98c fast color Pepperell limited quantity yd | Q J> tff* Halloween Novelties Favors, Horns, Napkins, Caps Masks lc and 5c Pumpkins 5c, lOc, 25c Fresh Candies of All Kinds Hawcott & Ogg The Wonder Store m For Your Fall Coiffure Rowie-Lichter "Nuptials— Loretta E. Howie of Emmetaburg, and Dr. Magnus I. Lichter of Burt were united in a pretty wedding ceremony at the St Cecelia church, Wednesday morning at eight o'clock. The single ring ceremony was performed by Father Ahmann. The bride wore a light grey ensemble, with black accessories, and a corsage of yellow tea roses. Her matron of honor, Mrs. H. H. Raney of Klemme. was attired in blue and also wore a corsage of yellow tea roses. Anthony Lichter, brother of the groom was the best man. A wedding reception and dinner followed at the home of the groom's sister, Mrs. John N. Lmdwig, at St. Benedict Mrs. Lichter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Howie of Emmetsburg, former well known Al- gnoa residents. She graduated from the Algona high school in 1930. Dr. Lichter graduated from Algona high school in 1929, and from the Iowa State college in 1634. He was president of the varsity "I" club. Doctor Lichter is now a veterinarian and is practicing at Burt •Dr. and Mrs. Lichter left for a week's wedding trip to the Twin Cities, and will attend the Iowa state homecoming at Ames. After December 1 they will be at home in Burt Hallowe'en Party— Lois Barnard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnard, will entertain at a Hallowe'en party, Saturday evening. The eight of her little friends that will be present are Rosalie Hatpin, Barbara Beck, Dorothy Johnson, Jane Brown, Barbara Hanson, Jean Beamish, Marjorie Dewel and Ann Stillman. Games will be played throughout the evening. Mrs. E. W. Hanson and Mrs. David Beck will help Mrs. Barnard with the serving. Fast Matrons Meet— The Past Matrons of the O. E. S. held a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the Masonic Temple. Mrs. George St. John, Mrs. W. E. McDonald, Mrs. E. W. Lusby, Mrs. Dana Paxson, Mrs. D. D. Monlux, Mrs. Harry Hull, and Mrs. Mart McCall were the women in attendance. There was a business meeting and a social afternoon followed by the serving of light refreshments. Thimble Club— Mrs. Wm. Wendell was hostess to her thimble club at her home, Monday afternoon. Members in attendance were Mrs. Alma Nelson, Mrs. Walter Good, Mrs. Al Spongberg, Mrs. Vernon Spongberg, Mr*. Antone Anderson, Mrs. G. L. Vohs and Mrs. Wm. C. Steele. Mrs. Tlmm was a guest of the club. A light luncheon was served following a social afternoon. T Missionary Convention- Mrs. Neal smith, Mrs. Bertha Michel. Mrs. Ed Genrlch, Mrs, C. W. Davenport and Mrs. A. A. Blsh- op attended an all day convention of the Methodist Woman's Forelgh Missionary society at Armstrong, Tuesday. Mrs. Michel, Mrs. Gen- rlch, and Mrs. Bishop were on the" program. Larkln Club— "~ Mrs. John Dutton entertained the LarWn club at the country home of Mrs. OsTar Anderson at a 6!30 Hugh Post won the high prize, Mrs. dinner, Tuesday evening. Bridge was the evening's diversion. Mrs. George Mahoney the travel prize and Mrs. Louis Lynk, the consolation prize. Methodist Choir— The Methodist church choir will meet for practice and a social time tonight (Thursday) at the H. D. Hutchhra home," with Mrs. Don Hutchins as hostess. Mrs. Vaughn Rising Is the choir leader and Mrs. Don Hutchins the organist. The next meeting will be with Mrs. A. E. Michel. I* O. A. Class— The L. O. A. class of the Congregational Sunday School will meet this afternoon with Mrs. H. R. Cowan. Mrs. Joe Paxson will be the assisting hostess. There will be a business session and Mrs. D. D. Paxson will review the book, "Silver Fleece." % Bridge Club— Mrs. Burdette Agard entertained her bridge club members at her home, Tuesday afternoon, at two tables. Mrs. Rae Asher received the high score prize, and the second prize was won by Mrs. W. C. Ire- Ian who was also a guest of the club. Helping Hand Society— The Helping Hand society of the Presbyterian church will meet on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 4, at the church at 2:30. Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, Mrs. H. J. Bacon, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. H. R. Turner, Mrs, M. W. Ferguson and Mrs. R. M. Wallace will be the hostesses. Bel Canto Club— The Bel Canto music club members met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand. Mrs. Vaughn Rising was the leader. The subject was "The Function of Rhythm." Wm. Cosgrove Has Clothes Torn Off In Farm Mishap William Cosgrove, Koosuth county mpetVl«6t living South of Titonfta, had a harrow escape from being badl# mangled or possibly kilted, last Friday. ' 'As It «, he fortunately escaped With only a feip stiff joints and bruises. And he also, after the incident, knows what it Is like to be a member of a nudist camp, and in October, at that. Bill was spending a little time with the corn picking, Friday morning. He was standing near the power take off while the tractor and picker were idling. Suddenly the power take off caught the ddge of his overalls, and began ripping them to shreds. The machinery pulled off garment after garment, while Cosgrove braced himself and called for assistance. By the time the machinery was stopped, Bill, according to reports, was. standing in the October breeies with all of his clothes gone with the exception of a Jacket he had on. His overalls, underwear, etc., had been chewed Into pieces less than a foot square. He started for the house, then accepted an Offer to wear a pair of proffered overalls. But the close call itself was no joke, and we're glad it came out all right, with only the loss of a little clothing. Brown of Indianapolis. They are seniors this years. Bob plays end and Joe tackle. John Frankl Buys 1,000 head of Wyoming Cattle And Shoots Real Buffalo new Do not forget the prices we have added to the shop's list. Bhampoo and Fingerwave 35c & up Haircuts 26c & up Wo arc now fully equipped to give you the very best with service that satisfies. Reach out for your telephone and call G04, the busiest place in town, and let our service cultivtae vour bcautv. Cora D. Miller BEAUTY PARLOR Hallowe'en Bridge Party- Mrs. William Geering, Mra. Elmer Phillips and Mrs. Frank Vera were hostesses at the tatter's home at a Hallowe'en bridge party, Wednesday afternoon. There were 28 guests present. Mrs. Ed Sheehan won the first prize, Mra. Henry Flint the second prize, Mrs. David King, the low score prize, and travel prize went to MM, Roy Roeder. *rei*tt«riK»d Miner CWS- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster were host and hostess to the Neighborhood dinner-bridge club at their home at a seven o'clock dinner, Monday evening. Bridge waa played at three tables, with the woman's ligh score prize going to Mrs. W. McCullough and the men's high score prize going to A. L. Long. Hallowe'en Luncheon— Mrs. S. D. Wilfion and Mrs. Vaughn Rising entertained eighteen guests at n Hallowe'en luncheon on Tuesday afternoon. The afternoon wa.s spent socially. , Sewing Club— The sewing club of which Valeria PicUett, Mra. Melvin Knoll, Evelyn Toothman and Margaret Brown are members, met with Mary Harris Tuesday evening. Farmer At Rolfe Loses 80 Chickens In Raid on Farm Claus Ziegler, who lives on the south edge of Rolfe lost a large bunch of chickens to thieves early Monday evening. About 80 were gone from one house and more than that was thought to be missing from the other chicken house raided. The family was having a late supper, heard the chickens fretting, but did not go out to check on them. They did not think of thieves that early in the evening for it was With Phil Kohlhaas, Local Men Play Indian on Western Range VISIT OIL FIELD, TRIP TO DENVER John Frankl and Phil £ohlhaas returned Monday morning from Wyoming where the former had been to buy 1,000 head of cattle to fatten and sell. John Frankl shot a buffalo on the second largest ranch in Wyoming, which boasts 100,000 acres. The buffalo was a 600 pound calf, and was one of a herd of 27 buffalo. It was shot from the car. as the buffalo do not run from an automobile. The ranch owner received a bill of sale from the government for the herd of buffalo if he would allow them to graze on his land for only between o'clock. seven and eight Further' commotion and Ziegler went to investigate and found the poultry disturbed. A car parked on the road nearby started away in a hurry, Ziegler chased it, took the number and turned it over to the county sheriff, who is trying to trace the thieves. Little Hardware Items That Find Big Welcome Dripolator Percolator 2 qt. 95c 2 qt. Double Rice Boiler or Fr. Fryer 95c <-* J Ricer with stand & ]« mix bowl 95c TO RADIO James Drug «SAVE with SAFETY)) Wesley, Burt Nip and Tuck In Pin League Wesley and Burt bowlers have been hitting the maples at the Barry alleys, in the city bowling league in such fashion as to greatly strengthen the prestige of the teams from outside of Algona, and are giving the Skelly bays, still in first place, something to think about. Standings including Wednesday night's games, follow; Team W L Pet Skelly ......................... . 6 0 1.000 Wesley ............ .................. 3 Burt ...................................... 5 LuVerne ............... . ............... 3 Phillips ....................... . ....... 3 Irvington ...................... ."...« Titonka .......................... 4 Flowers ........... . ................. 2 C.-H. Rats .......................... 3 Jr. C. C ................................ 1 Skelly bowls LuVerne, tonight (Thursday), the Flowers bowl Wesley Friday night, and LuVerne and Titonka bowl Monday. 1 .555 4 JJ65 5 .500 B j .500 B' B a five year period. However, they are a great nuisance. Their hide is so thick they can walk through a barbed wire fence and never "blink an eye. The two men spent Saturday and Sunday in Boulder, Colorado, with Mr, Frankl's wife, and children, Helen and Harlan, who are attending college there. Paint Sheep Black On the many sheep ranches one man and his shepherd dog has a band of 2500 sheep. Enough black sheep are born in the herd to make a ratio of about 1 to 100. If there are not enough nautral black sheep some of the white sheep are painted black. These black sheep are tne leaders and markers, that the herder counts every day. If one black sheep has strayed away, It Is a very close estimate that 150 white sheep strayed with him. The shepherd leads a solitary life, wlTh only his dog as his companion, and shorts visits with the ranch owner when the rations are brought to him. The sheptierds have a week to ton days off a year, during which time they i go to a nearby town, drink, get j drunk, and stay drunk during the entire time. Twenty miles west of Douglns is the Sinclair Oil company tank farm of 250 tank* each of which holds 285,000 barrels of oil. This oil was not emptied for two years. Knowrd in Two Days The large ranches in this state are composed of from 3500 to 100.000 acre* of land, uslully one half of which is deeded and the other half leased from the state or federal government. Mr. Krankl and Mr. Kohlhaas were snowed in at one of these large ranches for two days. There was only a trail to get to the ranch by car, which was impassable when wet, as even chains do not help in wet weather in the gumbo. .444 4 6 5 ' .444 ,388 333 -.167 6 qt. Kettles oval bottom 95c 6 qt. Kettles with handles <»r bail 95c C qt. Tea Kettle 1.35 Roaster 69c,J.50 •to Stove Pans oblong 35c 3 piece Set ivory - white 95c Many other items in this assortment—all of the above taken from our regular stock of high grade ware. See the square dishpans. Koblhaas & Spilles BOTH for$65 . . engagement ring with fiery solitaire and 4 smaller diamonds . . and matching wedding ring that U set with 3 diamonds . . both for $65, and if you wish you can make arrangements to purchase them oo terms. Come in and tec them whether or not you are ready to buy. Ben Felts, Wesley, Leave for Florida Wesley: Mr. and Mrs, Ben F. Felt Ifet Monday morning about ten o'clock for Rock ledge, Florida, to spend the tenth consecutive winter there with their daughter, Mrs. Nina Ranck. Monday night they were stopping at Oclwein to be with their daughter, Mrs. P. J. Haverly until Tuesday. The Felts are both over 75 years old and have always made these trips in their car. Another daughter, Mrs. Al Wagntr and husband and sun, Dwight, are occupying the Felt residence during their absence. Historic Fort The country is very mountain-like, and is covered with thin grass, sage brush and cactus. It takes from 30 to 60 acres of land to graz? one cow. However, the grass is harder and the food value more concentrated. Every year state agricultural students visit each ranch in the summer and plant grass to test the soil and find how much grass-grows in a square yard. It takes from ten to fifteen minutes to count the grass blades in these squares. A report is made to the government and the government in turn reports back to the ranch owner telling .him how many acres it will take to graze each animal. Wyoming has many artesian wells which throw water the size of a three inch pipe. Closer to the mountains there is snow and spring water. The federal government Is helping the grazers to preserve their water supply according to the size of the ranch, allowing a certain am ount to build large basin dams in river and creek water runs. The dams cost from $1200 to $1800. The dams hold a great volume of water for summer use for catfle and sheep. The artesian wells furnish the ranch houses with hot and cold running water the year around. Don't Woffy AWfot Moth Proofing is FREE. All wool garments cleaned and pressed by us are guaranteed against moths for six months unless cleaned elsewhere. Take no chances with your woolens. Our repair department is always at your service and prices are reasonable. Ask about our laundry service Modern Dry Cleaners Phone 537 We Deliver Now Is The Tune * For Fall House Cleaning Freshen those walls and wood work with new paper and paint. Estimates given free of charge: Harry Baker Phone 778 Algona Canned Foocfs SPECIAL PRICES BY THE DOZEN ON ALL CANNED FOODS JACK SPRAT CORN, whole kernel golden 2 No. 2 cans 29c TOMATOES, Preston No. 2 can 7%c PEAS, Mayflower ___No. 2 can 9c JACK SPRAT Drink all you want TOMATO JUICE Ig. 60 oz. can 25c PORK & BEANS Jack Sprat __No. 300 can 5c PEACHES, Halves or sliced —No. 2% can 19c SNOWBUDOY MARSHMALLOWS 16 oz. cello bag 16c POPCORN, Japanese hulless 10 02. can lOc Antiseptic, deodorant, disinfectant SUN-X, the Household bleach qt. 16c EXTRA Prince Albert or Velvet Smoking Tobacco 10c MEATS Pork Loin Roast, end cuts Ib. 23c Slab Bacon, sugar cured whole or half __lb. 29c Corn Fed Baby Beef Boil —Ib. 13c MISS MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR Saturday only _._____.— 49 Ib. bag M.79I TOP PRICE FOB BOOS Frulto and Vegetable ANDERSON'S Phone 3<8 We Deliver Algona U. D. M. Wants Ads Bring Quick Results Will Be Marked Hospital News Kowtuth Hospital Thursday, October 21— Henry Bergen of Titonka underwent an appendectomy. Thursday. October 21— Roy Ollom of Burt, entered as a surgical patient. , Saturday. October 23— Herbert Schmidt of Algona entered as a medical patieut. Saturday, October 23 — Mrs. Russell Cook of Algona gave birth to a baby girl. Saturday, October 2»— Mrs. Kwalt Zuetluu of Whittemore gave birth to a baby girl. Sunday, October 24— Mrs. Harry Rahn of Dodge Center, Mien., entered for major surgery? Monday, October 25— Mrs. Ralph Uurlburt of Lone Rock $av« birth to a baby boy. Tuesday, October 26— Mrs. Bugen* Meyers of Algona gave birth to a baby girl. Tuesday, October Johnson of Algona, surgical Wednesday, October «— Mw. Matt Murtha of Al*ona *a*» bfartfr b a b&by boy. Swea City Herald: Next year Iowa Is celebrating its centenary. Harvey Ingham's suggestion that tne sit« of Fort Schyler be marked as one of the undertakings of the centenary year U highly appropriate. There are uo markings in the neighborhood of the old fort, the aite of which is on the Howell /arm down the lake shore southwest from the Iowa lake store and garage. Some years ago we recall of correspondence with the Estherville and Fairmont chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution concerning the old fort. At that time the D. A. R. women were engaged in marking the historic sites of this region, but nothing ever was done about Fort Scnuyler. Mr. Ingham in his small book entitled "Northern Border Brigade", which he wrote and had printed for private circulation, has constructed a written record of the fort, and the part it occupied in the activities of the Northern Iowa brigade organized to quiet the settlers who feared the Indians. Tom Sherman of Algona is also familiar with the story, and Clark Orton of Algona is another student of the Indian lore of this region. Altogether it should be easy not only to mark the site, but to retell the story of the old fortification as a part of next year's centenary activities. Binoculars Used In War Are Handy Tom Sherman has a letter which he prizes highly. It was written to him by President Roosevelt when the latter waa assistant secretary of the navy during the war. It waa sent to Mr. Sherman to thank him for the loan of some binocular* which were used in tne navy and later returned to him. The binoculars have been loaned to Dud Mc- Donaid to s*» tb» NoU« Dame- Minnesota football game Saturday and w* trust they will com* through tne gam* as safely as they did tit* war. ' • • ' - .. Our Current DIVIDEND Rate on INCOME BHARES IS 4% Per Annum Allow Your Savings to Earn a Better Return «»** INSURED 8afet » The safety of your investment in this institution is fully insured up to $5,000 by the Federal Sav- „ ings & Loan Insurance Corporation, an instrumentality of the U. S. Government. Because your long-term savings work hard and long at helping responsible hpine owners own their own homes, your savings earn more than if they were employed part-time, elsewhere. WE ARE NOW IN A POSITION FOB A LIMITED TIME ONLY TO ACCEPT MONEY ON PAID-UP SHARES Algona Federal Savings & Loan a R. COWAN, Prw. M. Q. NORTON. Vice PrM. O. R LA8ARRB, 8«cy-TMM. G. W. OTHLJUCAN, COUOM} DOUGOTOttB nlc Jfnhlhu* Fra A. I* P*UiWMi M. P. Wttv«r

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