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Leicester Evening Mail from Leicester, Leicestershire, England • 12

Leicester, Leicestershire, England
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RUMOURS CAUSE STAMFORD LABOUR SENSATION PARTY'S CONFIDENCE IN CANDIDATE -OFFICIAL STATEMENT A SENSATION has been caused in Labour circles in the Rutland and Stamford Division this week by the circulation of reports that the Divisional Executive Commtttee recently unanimously passed a resolution expressing a lack et confidence in the prospects of the prospective candidate, Mr. Arnold Gray, of winning the seat, but rescinded the resolution a fortnight later. The Leicez4ter Mail approached Divisional Party officials and was handed the following statement by Mr. J. Dunford, of Morcott, Divisional chairman, and Mr.

A. E. Naylor, of Ryhall, Divisional secretary. "Our attention having been drawn to reports of what is alleged to have taken place at our private meetings. we think, in order to clear the public mind, it perhaps is advisable to the facts as to what actually transpired mously that the resolution of the Executive Committee be not confirmed, and that the General Committee has the fullest confidence in Mr.

Arnold t.rav, our present prospective candidate. 'The Labcur Party, when it has any problems, faces up to them, and, being a democratic organisation, the Executive Committee abides by the majority decision, and will give Mr. Arnold Gray their fullest support. Our hopes of winning thc scat for Labour have not, as stated, undergone a change. hut we are as conftdeit as ever that this seat can and will be wrested from the forces of reaction which now hold it." ELECTORS' CONFIDENCE At an Executive Committee held in November a letter was read from Mr.

Gray apologising for non-attendance due to bad weather. This led to a discussion on his non-attendance at some advertised meetings. It was eventually decided to call a special meeting of the General Coinmittee on peeember 12, and ask Mr. Gray to attend to discuss this matter, as it was felt that by his non-attendance at public meetings he was in danger of losing the confidence of the electors through the Division, and a resolution to this effect was carried. As Mr.

Gray had a previous engagement on this date. the meeting was held on December 19, when, after a full, frank and amicable discussion, it was moved and carried TWO CAMPAIGNS Mr. Gray has twice opposed the return of the Member, Lord Willoughby de at the by-election in 1933, when he reduced the Conservative majority to 1,787, and again at the General Election in 1933, when the Conservative majority jumped to 5.5161. Mr. Gray lives at lngleby.

Saxilby, near Lincoln. SAVINGS The National Savings Committee announce that 7118.48 National Savings Certificates were purchased during the week ended January 2. 1917. making a grand total purchased of THEY'RE SPREADING IT AT FHOPSfa- IN BETWEEN DANCES, when you feel you'd like something quick, light and appetising to eat, try some toast or biscuits with Velveeta. It has a rare, delicate flavour, and it spreads smoothly and softly even on thin, hard toast or crackly biscuits.

i I i :4 4 .0, 4 1 '-xt 1 4 I 4. i i 4 V' 46 THEYIIE SPREADING IT IN SHOPS- WHEN YOU SIT DOWN after a hard day's shopping for lunch, tea or a snack, what you need is a glorious, rich Velveeta sandwich satisfying, sustaining, giving you new pep to keep you going on a strenuous day. iirof 7 4 A It A 1111.1 4 14 l'P i .1 er. 0 Am is 11. I.

44, 41r. 4 Al A 0111 C. ii i i 7 4 4 6 1 4. VELVEETA SPREADS LINE PUTTER! 'UOR lunch, for "brunch for teas, for sprees food you're really craving for is Velveeta, the astonishing new cheese food that has taught the country a new habit. I lost people just spread Velveeta like butter, on bread, toast or biscuits.

But housewives have discovered dozens of ingenious yet simple ways of using Velveeta. (Two examples are given here.) Get Velveeta at your grocer's today. Only Bd. a box, or in portions at 6d. a box.

DIGESTIBLE AS a GRADE A MILK Read what say ahead Velveeta Containing proteins other than casein, Velveeta is exceptionally easy to digest. Children may eat it freely as soon as they can help themselves to food." Minds sturdy teeth and bones "Because of its high calcium content, Velveeta builds up the teeth and bones. The Vitamin A in Velveeta develops general resistance to infections." Good for the nerves and brain The phosphorus in Velveeta makes it an important brain food. For this reason, Velveeta is excellent for brain-workers and for children at school." VELVEETA OLD SCHOOL TIE SAVOURY STUFFED TOMATOES A LA VELVEETA THE NEW CHEESE FOOD BY KRAFT 1 .44.4 414 tii is 14 0 vglY.s- g7- 15: 4.4111 TWO NEW VELVEETA SUGGESTIONS .....) ..) 4 .) Trost a slice of bread on one aide; Cut small slice off the top of each spread the untoasted aide with tomato, scoop out the centres and elveeta. Then place two strips of mix them whh Velveets, bread- fried bacon on the and crumbs, salt, pepper and celery put the .1 hole affair under the VIII.

salt. Put the mixture back into the Serve and eat immediately and tomatoes, and bake to a moderate then make some more. (wen tenth the Velveeta is melted. (why i. It called "The Old Ihe only people who don't like School Tie 7 Because it's covered this one are the people who can't with lovely stripes, of course.) stand tomatoes.

Made by hroft omponv Limited, Hayes, KRAFT CHI KRAFT SAI SPREAr KRAFT WELSH RAREBIT dittgit movaCH A It 10 cuaLta fr 4 MESE II II ii Zoo Escapologist Who Fools The Keepers THERE have been various escapes at the Zoo, the majority ending with the recapture of the animal concerned. All have involved the keepers in a large amount of work and trouble, but there has -always been the final triumph of capture. But Trim, a ratel from Hadhramaut, South Arabia, has discovered a new and most provoking "escape," one that can never end with the ignominy of capture and cannot give the keepers any feeling of triumph. She escapes, and then when the keepers are busy trying to catch her, when they have assembled all their apparatus and are ready for the "chase," she calmly and most exasperatingly walks back into her cage. About a year ago Trim escaped in the orthodox manner, made straight for the keeper's kitchen and had a fine time until she was caught and taken back to her cage.

boxes, and while they were deciding on the best method of approach, Trim slipped back through the hole in the root and lay down quietly in her cage. The hole was quickly repaired, but the same thing occurred the next day and the next. In a few days' time, practicolly all the wire of the cage had been replaced. Finding that she could make no Impression on the tough new wire. Trim turned her attentions to the keeper, and now refuses to let him enter the cage Having foiled the little animal in her "escape" act the keepers are now considering a way in which friendly relations can be re-established.

CLAWS AND TEETH Her new method is delightfully simple. lintels belong to the badger species, and are active and vigorous little animals. Trim's long claws enable her to flit about her cage with perfect ease, and she soon found that her claws and teeth could make a considerable impression on the wire of her cage. A workman arrived to repair the damage and the keeper went back to his kitchen. He had hardly turned round when the cry was raised, Trim has escaped." and there she was silting on the root of the cage surveying the gardens.

Keepers arrived with nets and LEICESTER GIRL'S FRUIT FRAUD ON A GROCER In a case heard at Leicester Juvenile Court, yesterday, a a-year-old girl was charged with obtaining ilb. of apples, two oranges, and a bar of chocolate from a Braunstone-gate grocer. The grocer said the girl told him a customer had sent her to fetch some bananas. "1 bold liar I bad nn bananas. so she said she would take apples.

oranges and chocolate. I did not see her again," he said. Detective-inspeetor Haywood said the girl had told the same story to obtain goods and money from other It was stated that the girl used the name of a woman with whom she used to work. The case was adjourned for three weeks. Alderman Sir Jonathan North presided.

and with him was Lady Oliver. APPLIQUED EAGLES Upon the canopy, which will be made entirely at the school, work has already begun and to-day a reporter was shown half a dozen girls and older women working on the raised silver eagles which will be appliqued on to the border. There will be eighteen of these eagle around the edge. Samples of cloth of gold from which the canopy Itself will be made have arrived at the school. One of the samples Is pure cloth of gold and is priced at £l4 a yard.

One of the women now working upon the eagles also helped to make the canopy which was nsed at King Edward Vll's coronation. Meanwhile, Lady Smith-Dorrien, who Is now one of the busiest wonien in London, was making arrangements for another visit to the Queen to discuss designs for her Majesty's robes. THE QUEEN'S DRESS "The Queen has asked us to submit designs the embroidering of her Coronation dress and train, and we are hoping that the work will be done at the school," explained Lady Smith-Dorrien. "I have been busy getting out designs, and in those for the train we have included in the centre a large with a crown above it. The train itself will be made of royal purple velvet, the texture of which is so perfect that the firm where it is woven can turn it out only at the rate of three yards a week.

The design chosen will be carried out in geld and silver, and perhaps a Mite diamant. the dress to be worn by the Queen," continued Lady Smith-Dorrien, "will be made of white satin and will be embroidered all over in white gold and perhaps also a little diamante. "ln the dress designs we are trying to get every colony and Dominion represented by emblems, with probably lotus flowers for India." DESIGNER OF OUR WAR-TIME SUBMARINES SIR ARTHUR JOHNS DEAD THE death in London is announced, to-day, of Sir Arthur William Johns, who was responsible for the design and construction of Britain's submarines during the war. Sir Arthur. who was 63 was one of the leading naval architects of his day.

Entering Devonport dockyard as a shipwright apprentice at the age of 11. he joined in 1901 the staff of the constructive department at the Admiralty, and eventually he was given charge of the designs of British submarines. He was also engaged for a time on the design of rigid airships. In 1930 he was appointed director of Naval Construction, and he held this post until forced to resign by ill-health in July last year. He was knighted in 1933.

Funeral Service of City Doctor's Wife A service preceding the burial at Kilsby, Warwick, of Mrs. Jane Sevestre, wife of Dr. R. Sevestre, of Si. Mary's.

road, Leicester, took place at St. Peter's Church, Leicester, yesterday and was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. R. L. Leathertiale.

The family mourners were Dr. Sevestre and his son, Master Robert Serest re. Among others at the church were Dr. p. V.

C. Braithwaite, Dr. and Mrs. Astley V. Clarke.

Dr. W. I. Cumberlidge, and Miss Cumberlidge, Mr. and Mrs.

T. C. Clare, Dr. L. K.

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. lialtord, Dr. W. D.

Jeans, Dr. Little, Mr. Harry Lockton. Dr. and Mrs.

Mitchell, Lady Oliver (Sir Frederick Oliver was unable to be present owing to indispositioni. Dr. and MTS. H. Mason.

Mr. H. T. Plowman, and Dr. and Mrs.

S. E. Tanner. World Drive to Increase Wool Sales Opening a conference at Melbourne to-day of South African, New Zealand, and Australian wool merchants, Mr. J.

A. Lyons, Commonwealth Prime Minister, said that he hoped the meeting would he a forerunner of a greater one, including all the countries of the world which were Interested in the production, manufacture, and sale of wool. reports Reuter. The Australian Government would assist a world drive to increase sales. EGYPT AND ITS ARMY The British military mission which is to advise on the strengthening of thr Egyptian Any and the purchase of tanks, guns and war material from England, arrived yesterday, states Reuter from Cairo.

HUMBERSTONE GATE OAKHAM LEGION Cal The annual meeting of Oakhi British Legion Club was held night, and the balance sheet presentru by Mr. 11. It. Powell, the secrete). showed that receipts, including Md.

brought forward, amount 10 6s. bd. Payments totalled £783 and there was a balance at the banb 3 £lll Bs. Id. with cash in hand ed Mr.

Powell asked for more sult from the members in regard to development of the social side a IV: club. SIR HAROLD Sir Harold and Lady Zia are sailing for the United Stato err nest month. CHILDREN CANT HAVE TOO MANY 0 0, "HIV 1 1 1 PURE WHOLESOME- DELICIOt. EARLY APPLICATION ADVISED SILKS FOR WEDDINGS WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE without Calomel sad yetill Jump out el bed Is the evening lull of vim end vigour 'Me should pour out two pints of liquid bile Into your boweis daily. If this bile is not flowing freely, your food doesn't digest.

It mat decays in the bowels. Cies bloats up your You get constipated. Your whole s)stern is poisoned and you 15.1 spur, sunk, and the world looks punk. Laxatives help a little, but a mere bowel movement doesn't get at the cause. It takes those good oki Carters Brand Little Liver Pills to pt these two pinta of bile Sowing freely and make you feel "up end up." Harmless, gentle, yet amazing in making bile low freely.

Ask for Canem Brand Little Liver Pills. Stubbornly refuse anitbing else. tah nod kfr. tit 1 ENGLISH GREEN PEAS FRESH AND FLAVOURY, Per fin 3 for 1 IL for 2 3. Large tins eaeN 1 14111, I in Marko Plant.

THE BEEHIVE (Next Opera Home) CHEAPEST GASH INAPERS IN LEICESTER lestweed Coals Are Better Value ASH I. EU SPECIALLY SELECTED, 45 ASHLESI COBBLES ao 6 per ton Discount. Flo A 1 1, I BESTWOOD COLUERY S. Stmt, Toi 22277 COUNTY GARAGE 111 Mj fr TRUCK AYLESTONE ROAD JR! 11 11' i IP 1 as .1 1 0 cp. i i i tY 40 1 11111, 4 SITTING OCT.

Some of the guests at the dance held by the Coalville Town Football Club Supporters' Club at the Baths Hall last night. CALLS THREE TIMES TO DEAD DRIVER LEICESTER RAIL TRAGEDY ORCNER'S COMMENT ON DANGERS A FATALITY on the L.N.E.R. line near Western-road, Leineter, was the subject of an inquiry by the Leicester Coroner, Mr. E. G.

B. Fowler, and a jury at the Town Hall, yesterday. In the case of George Edwin Oakhill, aged 51, railway engine driver, of Ingram-terrace, Bulwell, Nottingham, the jury returned a verdict of "accidental death," attaching no blame to anyone. The Coroner said that about 2.30 a.m. Oakhill was killed by a train.

He was the driver of a goods train that had stopped because the signal was against him. FIREMAN'S STORY He got down from his engine to go across the line to a signal box about 60 yards away. A fast goods train on the other line knocked him down. He died almost at once. John E.

Whitcomhe. engine fireman, of Bulwell, said that when they were held up by a signal in I.eicester goods yard. Oakhill set off to the signal box on the opposite siflg of the line A fast goocta train passed on the other line. CALLED THREE TIMES When the signal went down for the train Lee looked for Oakhill and called three times. He took the train into the loop himself, and then found Oakhill lying on the track.

Oakhill was going to the signal-box to acquaint the signalman of his position. UNAWARE OF ACCIDENT It was stated that the driver and flre-' man of the other train did not know there had been an accident. The Coroner said this was the third fatality on the railway he had had to inquire into in the last few days. "1 am beginning to think," he said, "that, if things go on like this, walking on the railway line will become as dangerous as walking on the road." Australian Minister Criticises Britain The British Government was to-day attacked by Sir R. Parkhill, Australian Commonwealth Minister of Defence in a statement on the Empire Air Mail Scheme, says Reuter from Melbourne.

Although repeated requests." he said, "have been made to the British Government for details of Australian bases and of the air mail flying-boats they have still not been supplied, Delays dealing with the subject are not entirely due to the Commonwealth. "Unfair partisanship has done more to make the British air mail scheme unpopular in Australia than anything else." SINGAPORE DEFENCES The total personnel engaged in the forthcoming manoeuvres to test Singapore's defences will be 8,000, says Reuter. Coronation Needlewomen Begin Their Work THIRTY-FIVE of the finest needlewomen in the country have bben 1 chosen by Lady Smith-Dorrien, Principal of the Royal School of Needlework, for the Coronation work which will be carried out at the school during the next three months All of them are regularly employed there, and most of the work upon which they will be engaged will be exquisite embroidery work on the canopy to be held over the King and Queen during the anointing of the King's robe, and probably on the Queen's dress and train. The King's robe will be that which was made at the school in 1902 for King Edward VII and it is to be sent to the school shortly to be examined and repaired if necessary. It is of cloth of gold embroidered all over with coloured Tudor roses, green shamrocks, purple thistles, and silver eagles.

TWO "KILLS" WITH THE BELVOIR DUKE OF GLOUCESTER OUT ALL DAY The large field out with the Belvoir Hounds at Waltham yesterday, including the Duke of Gloucester, enjoyed a thrilling day's sport. The first fox sprang out of a hedgerow and with half the pack close at his back, he dashed over the motor. congested Grantham main road. The remainder of the hounds were engaged with another fox, and for several minutes riders were at a less to know which hunt to join. The original I.

however, provided a first-rate gallop lasting nearly an hour, and he was then killed. at Ling's Gorse. SECOND KILL From Goadhy Gorse hounds again got away at top speed, and this time killed their leader at Goadby Bullimore Covert. The day concluded with a third cross-country spin from Herby Hills. The Duke of Gloucester remained with hounds until the close.

Birstall Treat to 800 Children Eight hundred Birstall children were the guests yesterday of Birstall Social Club. The Lillie Troupe gave a performance of "Aladdin," and the youthful audience received gifts of fruit and chocolate. W. K. Wells was in charge, and was assAted by the following J.

If. Hartshorn W. H. Wells, C. Nowbois, J.

Warrilow. F. W. Abell. E.

C. Barker. R. Wiloot W. Nileot.

H. Plaine. W. li h. Re a7i B.

White. RHEUMATISM Sciatica, Lumbago, Gout, et c. Men and :14,. years been locked iu the vice li4e rheumatism find it hard elieve there could be a really quick cure for it i i pain. Yet Fynnon Salt is bringing that bless ed relief in thousands of cases every dor Rheumatic sufferers everywhere are each other how Fynnon Salt has reliev4 the most obstinate cases, broken throes.

stubborn resistance and ielessed joints until the patient could scarce: believe the good news rue. The reason Fynnon Salt earl ea le rapidly is due to the fact that it is actusti, composed of not one salt but ninny, chii among its many curative ingredients sh Sodium, Potassium, and Lithium splendid things for rheumatism, Bo gout, etc. There's short shrift for causing uric acid when wise salts working in the systeru. Out has to and with it the other th at the system and make a perfect breedir4 ground for rheumatism. A teaspoonful 'it Fvnnon Salt in water as efficacious as three glasses of heft laden spa water.

It must do your rh ea matism good. Try a tin and seek, BARGAINS IN MATERIALS BY THE YARD A DRAWING CROWDS LEABLiONS The general public seem to knort that the prices of woollen materiels are advancing greatly, for they are buying very freely. It is a double advantage to buy now. Mary goods are half usurt! prices. Re NOW AND 4I'E MONEY MANY HALF PRICE AND LESS TWEEDS AND COATINGS all 54in.

wide, rich colours, smart best designs, lovely tailoring weight. Each line enormously reduced. Early application is advised. VII 2'll 411 611 yard NEW SPRING GOODS INCLUDED FANCY COATINGS Some of these were 10 11. Best colours.

Smart Boucles, neat Flecks and Fancy Weaves, Beautiful new fresh goods. 211 3'll 4'll 611 yard FROCK MATERIALS All Wool, 541 n. wide. Full ranges of best colourings, many of these will be I and 2 more when we repeat them. I'll 2'll 3'll 4'll yard A SAVING OF SHILLINGS A YARD BLACK MATERIALS Black is likely to be very (ash.

ionable this Spring. We have splendid sale lines in Cloths and Silks. I'll 2'll 3'll 6'll yard GREAT SILK BARGAINS Many half-price. All Silk Spuns at 2 also lovely Florals 1 1 6, to 211; rich Dress Crepes, usually for Check Reversible Satins usually new season's heavy satins worth 5 11 for new wedding silks 2 11, 611; ivory velvets 4 11; and hundreds more. LEICESTER EVENING THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1937.

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