The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1937 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Homes, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 14,1937 AT LAW ; ft. 3. Harrington j. D. Low* BAftBtNGtON ft LOWE Booms MS-14 First Nat! Bk. Bide ALGONA, IOWA - ••" -»•--— -i. . X. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALQQNA, IOWA . W. * WABTON tt W. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. B)d| Office Phone 437 _ ALGQMA, IOWA ^i-. .. A. HUTCHISON •OtfAtD O. HVTCHtSOtf THEOOOttE Murtagb Wing Watch Eugene Mttrtagh is keeping time with a new wrist watch, a prize he won In a golf tournament condutt- ed during a national convention of company executives, held recently at Grand Rapids, Mich- ig«n. City Bills Security State Bk. Bldg. Phorts 9W «. J. Vaft Men G. W. Sttlhbae VAN NESS * 8TELLMAN . ATTORMBTB AT LAW Offices In new Heise Budding rfconeata Algona, lows <3*yloWI>. Bhtunway Edw. D. KeUj ft KELLY ATTORNEYS At LAW Office In Quinby Bldg. * Phone 68 ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE Phone 444k>io ., ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. OANAON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg Office Phone 460-J Res. 8U _ ALOONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) a. B. McMahot _ L. B. Linnan •WU4VAN, 1WMAHON ft LINNAIt AJgpna, Iowa Phone 261 Office over Kossuth Mut Ins. Bids « ALGONA, IOWA September 30, 1937. The City Council met at the CHy Hall in regular session. Mayor Sjiecht in chair. The members present were: Hawcott, Harris, Kohlhaas, White, and Hnenhold. Absent: Overmyer. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Motion carried that beginning October 1, Whltmarsh be employed as caretaker of dump at a salary of $25.60 a month. Motion carried that Jess Umbenhower be allowed $20.00 salary for month of September. Motion carried to condemn side- Walk on the west side of Advance Bldg. and the Oliver Moe bulldiftg. Ida Walker taxes suspended. " The following bills were allowed. ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND J. W, Kelly, satorj- - $ 196.00 Leq Bellock, salary ....._ 140.00 F. C. Dalley, salary „„.._ 140.00 Tom Halpin, salary •*+<..*_ 136.00 Walter Gorman, salary .... 135.00 H. fc. Stephenson, salary - 130.00 R. 8. Barton, aa1ary-_.,. i _ 130.00 C. C. Wright, -salary 86.00 Adah Carlson, salary , 140.00 Harold Roth, labor 132.00 rent W. W. Sullivan, P. 1C., postage 174.92 R. F. Donovan, agent, advance on compensation. Chas. Wheeler, easement- E. H. Plttman refund .... Frank Seeley, refund _.i_ Ted Chrlschllles, adv. __ DEPOSIT FUND E. H. Pittman et al, refund deposit 166.00 WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary Harry Barton, salary Frank Ostrum, salary 350.00 16.00 20.84 6.00 5.00 Laura Mitchell, salary .._ 75.00 130.00 130.00 . .. ___ 110.00 Earl Bowman, labor 132.00 Reyner Helmers et al, labor H. W. Post et al, frelght-I Lelghton Supply Co., mdse Neptune Meter Co., mdse. tee Factory, mdse. Kossuth Motor Co., pairs 93.25 3.61 79.67 80.22 .31 re- Laing & Muckoy, mdae. .. George Holtzbauer, mdse. GENERAL FUND 41.50 3.35 6.17 Frank Green, salary .__._ 130.00 Ft A. Van Alstyne, salary. tl. A. Van Alstyne, salary. R. H. Valentine, salary .. R. H. Valentine, salary .. 5". W. Green, dogs Pred Sellchnow et al labor George Dettman et al, labor Harris Bros., gas Tom Frank!, gaa I* A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Quinby Building PHYSICIANS ft 8UBQBON8 '_ J. N. KENKF1CK PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A L. Rlst over RexaU Drug Store Offloe Phone SOO R«a. Phone BSt ALGONA, IOWA ML IK SURGEON ft PHYSICIAN Offloe Joha_ Oalbralth Bid* BOPBNB PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over Post Office Bide. Phonos— Offloe 107 Re*. i OSTEOPATHS DR. & W. MBYBB Oeteopathlc Phymlclan General Practloa Special attention given to BOB- treatment of recul dl» ^Vl'^j^ DR. H. M. OL8QN DENTIST over ChrUteneen itorc BuilneM 166, Resldeooe TO ALOONA, IOWA Wm. Vanderwerf, labor _- 17.75 Ernst O. Thlel, meter reading 33.05 Fulton Iron Works Co., repairs _.. W. 8. Nott Co., mdse. 3.70 Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. 15.75 Electric Supply Co., mdse. 303.05 MldWeet Supply Co., mdse. 32.08 Terry Durln Co., mdse. __ 95.82 Gen. Elec. Supply Corp., mdse. 129.95 Aurora Stove Repair Parte Co., mdse. .56 General Electric Co., mdse 100.16 Malleable Iron Range Co.. mdso. 17.08 Westlnghouse Elect. Supply Co., mdse 326.14 Addressograph Division, mdse. 164.56 Zlon Office Supply Co.. mdee. i.go Shell Petroleum Corp., g«», oil j 1340.84 C. M. 8t P. & P. R'y, frgt. on gaa, oil ,. 1088.80 Dldler Safety Equipment Co., mdse. 17.50 N. W. Bell Telephone Co.. service .. 21.62 Creaco Union Electric Co,, signs 2.29 R'y Express Agency, express 10.69 H. W. Post, freight 21.61 Greenberg Auto Supply Co., mdse. 3.66 E. W. Lusby, mdse. .77 Norton Machine Works, mdse. 67.37 Helres Electric Co., mdse. 25.3E Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil 20.38 Advance Publshlng Co.. printing 26.42 Harris Bros. Station, gas and oil „ 4.47 Koblbau * Snllto*, mdse. 1.60 BoUford Lumber Co.. mdM .16 ICoMtith Motor Co, repairs 8.68 Klrsch Laundry, laundry. 6.92 W. W. Sulllvmn, P. M.. box 72.00 60.00 80.00 30.00 3.60 38.50 6.48 .62 1.46 Dutch's Super 'Service, tow - 1.00 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs and gas n.36 Hoenk Motor Service, repairs and gas :. 13.22 Klrsch Laundry, laundry . 1.06 Thos. Afcre, rent 10.42 Mrs. A. M. Colllnson, salary 20.00 Dr. Sawyer, rent on rest room ' 25.00 Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump 20.00 Jesse Leshbrook, salary . 115.00 Jesse Lashbrook advance. 10.00 Elliott Skllling, team labor 107.80 Elliott Skllling, team la- .76 bor *— ^ J .- J .^—.._• 89.25 Wtllafd Gregmtf team labor 207.90 G«o. Gnnder, labor ^ ., 117.42 Frank SMlltag, Iab6f .... 105.37 Oltvfef Batten, labor .... 110.60 Charlie Harvey, labor .„ 103.95 J6hti Helmets; labor ..... 110.88 H. Pentecost «Jt al, fabof_. 187.66 Roy Haag et al, labor ... 168.46 J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., mdse. — .—.. 14.22 Eagle Iron Works, mdse.. 35.70 Clear Lake Sand A Gravel Co. mdse 80.51 H. W. Post et al, freight . 74.81 Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., mdse. 56.79 C, 8. Johnson, mdse. 3.51 Kossuth Implement Co., mdse. ^ 3.07 Kohltaas & Spllles, mdse. 12.22 P. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 302.60 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 482.84 Norton Machine Works, mdse. 19.14 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., service 3.42 Geo. L. Miller, sidewalk approaches 72.08 Algona Upper Des Moines, printing 31.0S Advance Publishing Co., printing ...i 50.21 bristensen Bros., mdse.- 1.28 Harris Bros., gas and oil. 5.66 Harris Bros., gas and oil . 21.84 Clapp's Master Service, gas and oil 14.30 Waldron £ Solberg, gas and oil 10.83 Dutch's Super Service, repairs 1.60 Elbert Garage, used car.. 412.50 C. E. Erickson Coi, mdse- 19.19 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 30.00 Dick Helmers et al, labor 282.59 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 Clapp'a Service, repair* .. 17.23 Dnrkee-Atwood Co., mdse. 34 53 SWIMMING POOL FUND Bob Sellstrom et al, labor 64.80 Klrsch Laundry, laundry- 7.59 Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse. .56 K. D. James, mdse. - 1 02 ADAH CARLSON. City Clerk. Piles 152.28 Arnold Molor Supply, supplies 401.92 McCormlck Decrlng Store. supplies 107.SB Oreenbcrg; Auto Supply, supplies 114.87 Stnndard Supply Co., sup- Plli-s 21.S3 J. W. Stcele Co., snppllei.. 4J8.4« Kellcy How Thomson Co., nuppltfs 12.77 Waterloo Constr. Co.. supplies 17.51 Iowa Machinery A Supply- Co., supplies 181.IB Owatnnna Tool Co., supplies 181.15 Olbbs Cook Tractor A Equip. Co., supplies 17.92 Sleir Fort Dodfte Co.. supplies 73.49 Austin Western Road Mach. Co.. supplies 86.16 SllRo Iron store Co., supplies 40.2B Central Auto Klec. Co., supplies 30.25 Kwnn Finch Oil Co. supplies 75.93 J. D. Adnms Co., supplies.. 7.09 Employers Mut. Casualty Co., Ins. premium ' 11S3.80 Union Transfer Co., freight 49 55 Brady Transfer & Storagre, freight 3.37 Globe Mach. A Supply Co, supplies 221 86 Standard Oil Co., supplies 1995 72 DRAINAGE FUNDS Dr. No. 4 — K. G. Btlnstrom, labor .... 4 00 Dr. No. 7— Carl Giurett, labor 130.00 Chubb, engineer 3.50 Chas. E. Dr. No. 9 — James Kelso. labor . . M. C. Thill, labor ........ lown Culvert S 1'lpt- t'o.. supplies ....... Dr. No. 30— Clia.-, K. Cliulib, unglniTr. Jim C'liulil), labor ........ Homi;r Nolle, la bur . Dr. No. 31 — George I.ooft. labor ...... D. H. Mayer. Uibor . Dr. No. 67 — ' Jamrs KHso. labor M. C. Thill, lahur Dr. Nn. 75 — ..... Dick Haiifle, lalmr George Orahani. lahur . . Chap. E. Cl.iibh. cnclnw r Jim Chulib. labor Homer Nolle, labor Dr. No. 80 — D. B. Mayer, labor ...... George Lsbft, labor ...... Dr. No. 82— Albert Bosnia. Jr., labor . Herry Christiansen, labor Dr. No. 85— D. B. Mayer, labor 10.80 8.10 7.09 . 6 75 . 9.9 57.6 lfi.9 7.9 1.1 20.0 3.0 4.0 160 , ...... Ocorgre Looft, labor ...... 120 I.-. I »!•,,,„_., ._. ___ .;: BOARD PROCEEDINGS DB. L. a NUGBNT DBNTISV «Ucoad floor Sawyer Bldg. Algona, lows CtfHAAP DR. a D. DENTIST .Bldg. Phone 1» Kern. Phone m . Algona. lows OBO. D. WALRATH, D. D. R CUDNERAL DENTISTRY Office in Poatoffice Block Ptione 20 Algona. low* KABL K. HOFFMAN DENTIST Offlo* la New Helae Bide. 44 RM. Phon* lit ESTATE MCBTAGH * SOW MAL ESTATE FARM LOANf INSURANCE BOND8 <>a«by BMc. PhonalOt VETEBIWAIOAIfg FOX* WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fos Or. J. 3. Wlak* Offloe 220 West State BtrMt Offloe Phone 475-W Res. ALGONA. IOWA Typewriter Paper We have Just received a larf • •hlpment of ream package* (BOO abeeU) which Mil for 75c for 500 aheeta ThU i* a good grade bond paper and will make aa excellent school paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines The Algona UpperiDes Moines Inquire at Tho Algona Upper DOB Moina* for partraclftre Want Ad. Bring Yon Quick Re»ulU See the New 1938 CORONA)! Standard Portable Made by L.CL Smith Co. FOR NEW OB USED TYPEWRITERS SEE The Algona Upper Des Moines AiborUed Undtrwood- Corona & Smith Dealer* Auditors' Office, October .1, 1937 Board of Supervisors met pursuan to adjournment with all member present. Motion by Morris and second b Cosgrove that the following Quarter ly Report of Fees collected be ap proved: Katherlne McKvoy, Clerk J. J. Dooley, Recorder; Casey Ixiss Sheriff; and E. 8. Klnsey, Audtor \yen-. all. Motion by Morris and second b Fraser that Emma Juchem be glv en a cash allowance of $6.00 pe month starting as of date Septem ber 1, 1937, for the care of Jon Juchem. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second b Fraser that the Indemnity Bond o Frank Hatten for $44.00 be approved Ayes: all. Motion by Baum and second b Fraser that the following Paupe notices be served on Ben Hatfleld, H B. Prey, and L. J. Germ an n and Wll lie Bllsborough and wife. Ayes: all Motion by Cosgrove and second by Morris that Hans Schubert be given a refund of $0.69 for 1936 tax pal< on gravel pit that belonged to coun ty. Ayes: all. Motion by .Morris and second by Daum that Coagrove be appointed to make necessary repairs on Drain No. 84. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Fraser that McDonald be appolntei tu make necessary repairs on follow Ing; drains: Trl. Drain No. 84 and Mo 106. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that Morris be appointed to make nace*«urr raixilr> on the folio wins; drain*. No. 4/P. A. K. No No. 24. No. 80, No. 80. No. 90, No. 110 and No. 16«. Ayes: all. Motion by Kraser and second by Morris thru Baum bo appointed to make necessary repalrn on drain* No. 2t. No. 60. No. 80. No. 110 and No. 166. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by flaum Frater lie appointed to make, nerespary renal r.s on drain Nn. ISO. No, 9 and Nn. 2 Ayes: all. Motion by Morris anil seeo " " Con«rove that the renewal bond certificate of William ShJrlev for 15.000.00 he approved. Ayes: all Motion !>y Morris and second by Oongrovc that the salary of Archie Hatnes. janitor of Court be fixed at ISO.00 per month. Avon: ail. Motion by Morris and second by Comgrove that $160.00 be transferred from the General Fund to TeacherH Institute fcr expenses of teachers' meetlnff- Ayes: all. Motion by Cong rove and second by Morris that A. U Jackman lie given refund of $2.00 for Old ABC Tension tax paid In 1936, reason not a citizen of the United Slates of America. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Congrove that the claim for open ditch Klght-of-Way exemption for 1H35 and 1936 on 11.9 acres In 8W \» of Section 17 Township 100 Range 30 be approved. Ayes: all. Hoard of Supervisors proceeded to Audit and Allow Bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: COUNTY FUND W. W. Sullivan. I'. M., pout- age $ in.03 Carl Norman, labor 66.00 Henry JanHsen, bty 1.00 City of AlKoiui. llftht HCIV. 40.11 Helinar Fischer, bty 1450 Howard Itldllmar., lubor ... 3.00 N r lck KiHc.hen. bty i.oo Iteuhen l.nuiltke. bty 5.00 Ueruld Frankl. bty 100 Hetty Kheridan, salary .... 6S 00 Mary K. Sands, salary .... 90.»0 liom-ila Volut, salary 65.00 Myrtle Olson, nalury B •'!> liorotliy T. Klialto. salary .. 55.00 ' l.uellli! Dole tiularv fiTi.00 liole. salary .... 65.00 Sullivan, 1*. II, post- W. VV. atro \V. S. sess (.'has. Cusgruve, cornni. and oii .................. MuiTls, i-oinin. and s»-s- 5.00 181. -10 and \V R. McDonald. HI-SMlon I. 11. Fraser, comm. ai:d scs- slon I'\ Win. Baum, ootnin. and National Hi employment Of-, M j". 'Duffy, adv. bty! ...... O II. Gstwlnkle. del. lux r.ol ('ai-'ev l.oas, bd. and loilKe. prisoners Wm. Shirley, office exp. .. I. J nnnley. office exp 1 A. Wlnkfl. office exp JenMns I'Vrgemann Co.. supplies ^ H. Baten. supplies Advance Publishing Co.. printing Fliilar & Chambers Co., supplies \Vblltemore Champion print- Ing Riincrrft Peitlster. printing °wea fitv Herald, printing.. '•uVerne **i»wa, printing .... " A. PMlllns. supplies .... Kllnlo I.OOS8 I^-af Co.. SUP- nlles 16S.4i 195.35 .212.63 76 .14 10.73 46 30 392.65 44 «7 128 s« 6.26 432.92 621 24.9» 376H1 3.83 17.114 15.55 approp .................. BurrouBlis Adding Machine Co., suppllen ........... Mm- roe CalculatlnK Mach. Co.. supplies ............. 1800 . ., .. Browns Studio, pictures Court of District Court, court exp ........ Mr » Clotilda Ilutchison," O. A. P. Invest ....... K. D. .Tames, supplies ...'.'.'.' C. F. Specht. mayor fees Casey Loss, sheriff fees . . ' John N. Keneflck. mcd . «r T, ,. COURT FUND ' ' W. P. Haley, wltnes* fees . Casey LOSR. sheriff fees .. Clerk of Dlst. Court, court costs ........... B. J. Van Ness, attorney fees P. A. Danson, attorney fees Don C. Hutchison, attorney fees ......... FAIR GROUND FUND Kossuth County Agrlc. Ass'n approp .................. 1 Ann 00 CONSTRUCTION FUND 22.44 59.00 10.00 .82 3.00 8.10 26.00 14.00 20.35 41.48 10.00 10.00 10.00 Mike Baker, patrol ».. „„ „„ Arthur Baum. labor 66 30 ' aul A Williams, graveling 763'80 V' T m. " Vf Co - fr elKht 158.04 J. 1 Merryman, bridge work 86.40 McOuIre Bros., grading ... McOu re Bros., grading McOuIre Bros., grading Milton McFadden. rudman'.'. Herman Wlchtendahl, abor George Wlchtendahl. labor .,„.„« II. M. Smith, salary 24500 E?,?_ T ~ N JJ? ent ' »<H"y iso'.oo 69.50 1792.80 1827.00 1494.00 71.76 30.00 30.00 rodman . 87.50 ,.i JP*J5 e r» ^vm'.rvi r r .,, .. r .. m. F._ Oronbach. labor .... B. I* Ifuber. patrol Hen Nolte, patrol Chester Alme. patrol Spear A Mc-Vey. Kradinir '.'.'. S. H. French Lumber Co., supplies Serviced Products Corp' » Nicholas J. Krleps. rlsht-of- wa y N'nrtl western Mut. Life ins' rlKhl-nf-way I. 1. Merryman. bridge work Jnle Si Iferl. Krudlng "iimiera fo-Op. Assn., sup- 134.0s lOf.10 97.20 108.00 91.00 492.75 4.15.91 9.66 65.00 75.00 911.71 148.50 plies " 131 89 Itolsford Lumber Co.. sup- pllcf $ •>$ MA1NTKNANCK FUND icllieri Hhrrey, damaKes not allowed tollle Stcile, labor ... .not allowed I. W. Post, freight lay Hodden, patrol ..... ~ter Movlck, adv. patrol . F. Curran, labor ...... . * N. W. Hy. Co., freight -'Ity of AlKona. llBht »erv. >cll McOlnnls, freight . I. \V. Post, freight Oliver Young, patrol larence Ilaum, patrol . . are T. . f t a Reeorrt. printing .'... 'nrd Lumber Co.. sup- suo- Hoonlf Motor Service, nllee .............. MIllvaH Bales, unnplles ". W. OHnnen Co.. " A. Kvan» coroner fees ^'""url Kansas Chemical i^^rn.. sunnll^M ........ VnhU.naii A Si-IHeji. suonlles «fp»«u»h Kn«»i>ai. nosp. care *. H Rorch«»-i1t med "r. n. n. Wniralh.' med." . lri '- M O. Bourne, mcd ..... (2-22 2 tl .6K 40884 S Sn 920 S62S 4 47 73 nn DA no "•"•"•. labor ........ nn Hnrm«. w«»-,) cTtini. x^'-'"" weed corn in . Chrstlanaen. weed. It. on 8«A ft .<"• 12.00 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau', '"mm. fit.15 I. T. Turlcy. patrol ay Qudden. patrol •3d Baker, patrol H. Montgomery, patrol . :imer KwltiK. patrol .... lubert Mergen, patrol .... oiii \velr, patrol !. I'. McDonald, patrol 'red J. Coon, put rol olin HaiiKelman, patrol .... rt Shfcllmeyer, patrol .... • M. KsMcr, patrol Jalph Murklu. patrol M FucliNeii, patrol arry Ilelmke. patrol . . '. '. lin H. Merryman, labor ... 'rank J. liurke. patrol .... \'m. O. I.udwlK. patrol .. >lck llauile. lahor '. telnder Kromli:na. patrol . . .1 Hlldman. patrol K. 1'alk. pat rol .'liber F. Fischer, patrol .. vim Kuclienreiher. patrol It'.il IVltll. ifatiol url KariiiK. patrol F. Uulnn. patrol iiki- Keller, lulior en lielperduni?. lubur . . M. LOIIK. labor mi.I,I lielpuiilaiiK. labor . Ii-rvin M.II-IOH-. labor .... il Williiril. labi.r . null llutlerlield. patrol vi-H \VV Mlll.-r. imtrol 1. L. Win-by, p.ilrul "•i Mnvlck. Patrol . . HIT,,i.l II,.Ini, s. iiatrol ... fn ill Tranaiiiar. lahur ... Mbert Fii.snia. Jr., labor Henry l.-insel:. labor Walter Scl wartz. labor II. It Trenury. labor M c. Thill, lui.or '•'.. f rflinstrom. labor ... «tunle.V KBel, lutior T ullu.s Seler. labor Pit ill Kgul. labor Ainl.rosi- I.eiktviK. labor .. '.. IV Huli'lilna. labor .... .lav \V. Brinies, col. poll lax *. M Knllnseh. col. pnil ax K'l Xwiefel. labor . . , Joseph N. Wiltee. labor .... 'Ulrica Kelso. labor *V H. Maver. lahor ! 'ieorite GrHluini. labor .',"".' "eter N Thllires. labor .... ^ A. Gnnlner. labor *<>hn F I t-nertTi. labor ... W. O. Flalir. Huoplles .... DaM Blacksmith Shop, sup- nlies p rnnk Cook, sunnlles ...... ~ Ornrerv. sunnlles Ki-lilhaaii A Sollies, siinplles H Motnr Co.. sunnilps . . Arthur P.>l>r«nn. supollen .. .,. H"liThnucr. Rupplies "»rmers Elevator Co. sup- nllea 'anus Service. t*upnlfes .... County ImpL »il"nl| U»ht Co , Super Service, i-'tntes sorv p»ate« Elec. Co., Elec. Co.. Ti.,rn«i»T, Sy.ark Plug "GO.'. «r,, *llo v Co. s..r,^ll,.H . out '*"Vntern laboratories, Shell Petroleum Corp., »up- 6.i;o RS.B5 25.00 7.00 .50 13.99 6.70 3.55 84.00 91.00 91.00 83 65 76.25 93.45 100.80 D9.25 93.10 104.00 89.25 190.46 91.00 91.00 89.95 115.00 143.55 81.30 77.00 92.05 24.50 107. r.o »S.60 110.40 77.60 .100.80 10« 4f. 92.75 ill. nil ?r, oo lAO.nn tin !in 115 I'ft 77.00 :M. r.o 99 40 *r..fii M.l'fi 116 00 !»1 00 24. fit) .Ili.llO 44.00 x.nn 16. BO 4'J f,0 52.00 6. no H nn 6 no 10 r.o 82.25 1315 17 5r, i no 1.60 Sfi fid In 00 12 in 42 on 13 on 14 ?r, K in 110.57 5.S5 49 r,-. ?7 17 r.<; 12 4« K SI 29 86 .lit .5:1 13 99 2^1 «7 150 00 1 28 1 02 Kd Wlllard. labor K. G. Stlnstrom, labor Dr. No. 86— Charles Kwallck, labor . . Dr. No. 90— Albert Bosmn, Jr.. lahor Henry Christiansen, labor Dr. No. 99— Dick Uaadp, labor OcorKe Graham, labor '.'.'.'. Kllo.rt lloyken, labor .... Dr. No. 10.1— M. C. Thill, labor James Kolso, labor . Dr. No. 110— Henry Christiansen, labor Albert Bosma, Jr., labor . Dr. No. 116— James Kelpo. labor M. C. Thill, labor '.'.'.'.'.'. Dr. No. 127— Farmers Co-Op. Assn., sun- plies Dr. No. 165— Mack Duddtng, lost warrant Dr. No. 166— Ed Wlllard, labor B. G. Stlnstrom, labor Dr. E.-K. No. 2— E. O. Stlnstrom, labor . Ed Wlllard, labor ... Dr. R K. No. 4— Lawrence Walders, labor E-. G. Stlnstrom. labor.. Ed Wlllard. labor H.-K. No. 2-36— Farmers Co-Op. Co., supplies H.-K. No. 3-46— Farmers Co-Op. Assn., supplies .., , Mrs. A. Malccek, labor .... Dr. H.-K. No. 2— Chas. E. Chubb, engineer Jim Chubb, labor Homer Nolle, labor .. Dr. H.-K. No. g— James Kelso, labor . M. c. Thill, labor Dr. P. A.-K. No. 1— M. c. Thill. labor Chas. R Chdbb. engineer Jim Chubb, labor Dr. W.-K. No. «8-13«— Albert Bosnia, Jr., labor . 'genrir ctrtottansmi, tabor Paul Trasamar, labor .... Frank Clapsaddle, labor POOH FUND District No. 1 — J. W. Neville, supplies . Huffs Hestaurant, prov Tieije (Jroc.. prov Hut Hate Gi-oc-.. prov. .... ran! KrnHt, prov '. Klsln Steufisy, caro Mary Dole, care «'. II. Llehty, rent . . W. (I. Mi-rulloiiKli, funeral I n-. Cot-bin, med In-. Meyer, meil '.'.'.. I M-. .lanse. med General Hospital, hosp care District No. L'— Sllss lifwltl, books Ml»» Hiillernian, Imoka .... f. S. Johnson, prov H. A. Clark, prov W. T. I'llcher. prov Sorellsen Grocery, prov Cut ICate Grocery, prov U K. Hovey, fuel Ilolsfoi-d Lumber Co., fuel W. I.. Martin, rent '.'. A. M. Colllnxon, rent .... Harold Schmidt, rent ... . Mrs. Itearch, rent Alex Miller, rent Mrs. Wm. Meyers, care .... Kt. Anthonys Home, care Mary Webster, care Dr. Janse. med. . Dr. Kereflek. med Dr. fTrutuinvyi-r. med A. H. Borchardt, med. K. 1). James, med Kossuth Hospital, hosp care J'. S Grant, opening grave . lit-vlew Cemetery Assn.. opening grave L. M. Merrill, funeral ...!" Hobeiischuh Mortuary era! . W. (i. Herv. J. W. Neville, supplies . '. District No. 3— Fasbenilfi-s Groc.. prov. . . fill liale Groc.. prov. . . T. P. Iioerr. rent '.'. Leu .1. llunlK, rent I. W. Neville, supplies .. Dr. Sartor, meil KoMMuth llusp., hosp. cure IHiitrli-t Nn. 4 Smith I>e|it. Hlore lluoils prnv O. P. Mclionald. fuel ".'.".'.'.'. Ml .-^ Auwu.slu Hi-it/, rare .1. M. Mieriduii. rent *'. II. S''l.roi-<lt-r, rert .1. W. .Neville, supplies .... I n . l-J^.in. int-d .1 VV. McCreery nn-d. I'iclricl No. f, \\' ilsi.ny (iroc , prov Hill T..p Dairy, prov '.'. II. M. I iyi-r, pn,v I Vt. Ni-villf, supplies John f island, rent Kotesuih Hospital, hosp. care I ir. l.niuiiiuisl, med 4.6 8.0 8.6 3.0 4.0 10.0 3.6 7.6 3.0 4.0 8.0 6.0 2.4 1.8 1.6 22.0 12.0 14.0C 4.0 3.6 10.4 9.37 1.4 1.4 60.8' 1G.2I 5.6 4.2 1.6 21.4 1.6 8.8 4.1 1.5 9.9 fur- amb. prov. Oatruin. labor ..pp. printing Illlmu I.. A. . County Fa rm Frank Miller. Iliilit surv ("•arl Norman, lahor I'arl Norman, tabor John Hi-nnlnK. Inl.or ... L. A. Vlpuiid. threshing \V. F. Gnnder. lal.or Alt-x (jlllliiKhiim. labor .. P. V. .Imia,.. nied Thos. Akn- prov 2697S 13 20 Farmery piles K. P J.-ini II. }'.n iHiaus Kossutli 8ll|Jplll McCnrniii (Bounty uup- ..... -H. supplies Irnpl. Co., 9.77 5.00 3.00 30.00 2.50 42.86 14.00 8.00 14.&0 20.00 3.00 CO.DO .40 2.95 18 00 10.00 9.60 18.00 18.50 4.00 8.30 8.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 10.00 10.00 45.00 26.00 25 60 1.00 28.50 8.93 2.34 141. BO 10.00 8.00 26.00 88.20 2.00 50.16 12 00 D.OO 10 00 10. on 410 5.00 69 60 10.00 10 on r, oo 15 (III 2)1 00 s.on 341 32.75 7.00 20 on r, 41 14 f,~, in nn 84 r,o 6.2fi c nn l.oo 12 B5 67 n 60 no 6K f,o 6 nn 1 2n 83'07 4n 87 IS ?( 3 S7 128.8R 127 3» k DrorliiK Store, suppllev 23.66 Botsord Lumber Co.. supplies .B) Vendor & ''•aldwell. supplies 7.7.1 Fox & Wlnkel. veterinary serv us »n Fred Park, supplies 6.27 Algunu li'.'iiderlntf Co., tank- age 28 7s Dr. M tl P.oiime. med. 200 <'()\ST"Hl'TION FUND Concrete Product Corp., supplies Peerl(s,< (III C'n.. SHI,piles . . 317 3R BuH.ttcl' Co. supplies 43234 P«!«OI VKD: That tr.e Coontv Auditor Is iiulln.rl7.ed to Ixxne Wnr- ••Hiits or hills iiil.i Wt .,i a t (hi,, meet- InK as ner "S.'!,e,| u | e 0 { Claims" ben-innefore written. On motion bJurd aJourntd "»lre die." B. M. KINSBV. County Auditor. PUBLIC AUCTION This advertisement is intended for fanners who intend to hold a public sale this winter, and its object is to provide a form calling for everything the printer will need to make a good bill and a goo d ad. interested farmers should clip this advertisement and bring it to Tile Algona Upper Des Moines. Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement 1—It is customary to start out with some reason for holding the sale, such ail "As I am about to quit fanning and more to town" Give your reason herf - —i" ~" ~" ~ 'J~ — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — -. — — — _•- — — .. > __ - —— ..-.._.._ __. _«._.._..*,__*,_ «.«. — «**. .**. «.*•**•— «.»». 2—Give the distance from such towns' as you want to mention to your farm, (Do not say "Five males north west of Algona"—say, "Four miles west and one mile north of Algona") , . ' - ,__ m ± 3—Give day and date of sale ^ „. 4—Give hour when sale is to begin ._ . 5—What about lunch, if any ? ^ 6—How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any outstanding horses or teams give particulars 7—How many cattle? Describe them, and be sure to give particulars about bulls, dairy cows, purebred or good grade beef cattle, etc. Play up the merits of your stuff. The fellow ten miles away will know only what you tell him in your bill and ad. 8—How many hogs? Do as you did with the cattle. Tell everything you would want to know yourself if you were looking for hogs and saw a bill or ad of a man 10 miles away who was going to close out. Let the printer sweat if yours is a long bill—the price will be the same anyhow 9—Sheep, mules or other stock 1 ? , 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc. 11—Which do you want to come first—horses, cattle or hogs? 12—Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete list. In these automobile days, a grindstone may fetch a buyer 10 miles away 1O \i j , jI, 14—S«'(.- your banker, get the terms, and set tliem out here How many inos L") ]f«i\v many hills do you want—usual number is 100 Itj—I low lar^e an ad do you want! (The usual size is Y 4 page) Note—fThe customary order calls for 100—12x18 bills and a quarter page ad That roauirea setting the type once for the bill and again for the ad. But you can, if you like set only tha ad and then print biJls from the same type. This la considerably cheaper, but your biU will be con siderably umailer than the uaual size, and this arrangement la not recommended for anlea whirl considerable property is to be sold. ^ wnere 17—Your name , 18—Auctioneer r , 19—Clerk •outh Remember that from the north line of Fem.on, Burt, Portland and Buffalo towoihipa to U line of the comity no sale is well advertised unless it is advertised in The Algona Upper baa ««~fa. if you give your bills and an ad to a local shop 1 ; see to it that your advertisement is run Uj Uu» AJt Des Moines. In these day» of the automobile farmers think nothing of traveling 30 to 80 mllM. they want, and one buyer from a distance will often pay many times the expense of in this newspaper. Let uu cite concrete examples of farmers who advertise wisely. Clip this advertisement and put it where you can find it when you get ready to prepare copy for your sale

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