The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 30, 1937
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"Oife Academy boyn are playing button this fall whether of not you know It "They have been using the diamond at the park south of .town. Whatever arrangements for Ate use of it were made is not known here. But it is known after playing a few games somebody ren*ved the plate from the pitch- er's' mound and the one at home, Wesley high school came Friday afternoon and played with paper fof bases. St. Joe and Whittemore played the Academy in a doubleheader Sunday on a like field. Now it seems, there should be some men big enough in Algona and liberal minded to permit the home boys a right to play with the non-perishable plates. But what's the use of going on. The bases and plates raltot be saved for a colored outfit next year, or next generation, and home boys can go to pot. • * * Hans Wallukalt, manager of the power dam at Rutland and brother of Chris of Algona Is thinking of seeking legislative aid in placing a $25 bounty on Algona fishermen. More than a hundred from here enjoyed the wall-eye catch- Ing at that place Sunday. (The count by note*, only). Hans is sure a track load has been carried into this town within the last two weeks. • * * Dick Shaekelford Is not only captain of this year's football team at Simpson college but was recently hired as assistant coach. This boy will bear watching. Many a big time coach today started in a small boy and had to wait until being graduated before being recognized as to coaching ability. • • • "Bowl for what alls you" is a slogan in vogue at Barry's. Kenneth Roney of Irvington believes in signs. He is one of the most consistent high point men of the local alleys. A season ago he was nursing a sore arm. The troublesome aliment kept him from picking corn. However, it bothered not with a bowling ball, which soon put it in tip-top shape. • » • Bill Finn has many jobs and meets many people in a business way. As a member of the Junior Chamber of Convnercc he sold his quota of ten season tickets to high school football games. That Is he sold nine and retained one for himself. Before Friday night he sold his own ticket ten flmes. Each time he sold It he returned for another. That's the spirit of the Junior Chamber and It Is on the road to success. • * • Ted Larson gave a demonstration of steaking n fish at the Smoke Shop. So many fish are coming In from Rutland, Ted was asked to teach the fishermen the right way of cleaning one. In less than two minutes he had the fish ready for the pan, sans skin, scales, fins and bones, without a loss of even an ounce of meat. Ted did nick a finger with the sharp knife but then that to a part of the art ••• lilf,**** ing for specs! on a track team or crosa country run we recommend Attorney HI White. No star dodged so'gracefully, parked cars, hurdled curtri. sped the straight aways and had wind enough to shout, "Here I am," as did HI when he learned hta pot of gold rested in the Call Theatre. The dust hadn't settled when HI waa on the return trip to hta office, with a smile. Tbe alley from the Norton lumber offices to the Lalng & Muckey shop is a short cut to the post office for east enders. Almost a continuous line of pedestrians is wending its way daily over this route. A few patches in the pavement would help to make the alley more popular. When a fellow does a man some good or helps with a boost he is more or less offended later on. Wonder if Hodgepodge didn't err in selecting a name to fit the writer of this column? Some weeks ago Hodgepodge told bis public he did not print names in Ms column. Of course, newspaper men are all like that. Hv. »iy. What u neat bit of advertising in the Colyum in last week's Advance. Alien telling Sperbeck of Swea City that the wise guys here send out of the state und save 49c per carton on cigarettes. Where's that old 'Trade at Home" spirit? Seventeen business men or more in Algona have paid this city and state a license fee to sell the things. Part of them advertise in the local papers. Do the out of state dealers send in their ads? Do they pay tuxes and build up the home town? Well, what's the use, again? Do they or don't they? Let's all send out of town for everything. What d»"^ou say Regardless of Alien's attitude toward the matter it should not have gone in print. What he shoulc have told the public and been rightfully upheld in the storm is that some business men take their monthly statements to the newspapers made out on forms anc blanks printed in nearby towns FMftnkT which local jobbers coulc put out as cheaply and as good or better quality as sending away for them. Give more home men work but then will they trade at home? Around we f«. What fun * » • Those who failed to fill up at the out of town «tand near the Pratt Electric sto*e can' remember there are a few grocery stores and vegetable stand* in existence in Algona and, nearby, run by ioca people whose profits help to boost her*. And you can still go to one at these and say, after paying cash ta UM stranger*, 'Til get my check a» tb« fifteenth. I will gladly pay JMU then." And don't go back on the flrUenth. / Hlgona Jilomejf Established 1865 AUWNA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, WV7 Twolvt 1 Pages VOL. :15.—NO. TITONKA HAN WINS IN LIQUOR TRIAL CLEAR LAKE IS ALGONA FOE ON GRIDIRON, FRIDAY Fans Hoping For More Adequate Seating Space At Athletic Park Algona high school will attempt o score its first football victory of :he season, Friday evening under Jie lights here, when it meets Clear L<ake high school In a North Central conference game. The game starts at 8 p. m. Clear Lakes conies here with a record of having been defeated twice this year, but both games were against tough opponents. Charles City down the Lakers, 14 :o 0, and the Charles City team lost by only a touchdown to Mason City. Clarion defeated Clear Lake, 20 to 7, but the Cowboys have another cyclone. Must Brush Up Defense That Coaches Berger and Finday must patch up their defense was made evident in last week's game with Emmctsburg, in which the Irish won, 12 to 7. This does not mean that the defense wasn't fair enough at times, especially through the line, but the tackles and ends do lack exper- ence on turning In plays, cutting through interference, and breaking up plays before they get started. The Bulldog, offense looked good, with a fast, scrapping backfield :hat drove through for many gains against Emmetsburg. Whether or not Algona has a good season will more or less depend on whether or not Schulz, tackle, and Cnoklln, also a tackle, and the ends develop as Is hoped for. The boys are playing their first year of competition, and can be expected to mprove with every game. Where Are Bleachers? Much dissatisfaction has been expressed — and we are passing it on n print — regarding the question of places for fans to sit during the rames. With automobiles now barred from the athletic field, because of the widening of the field and laying of a new track, which is an hoped far some of s«ats capable of handling one- fifth or less of the crowd is all there is at the field at present. It was understood that the park board, city council or somebody was going to put up some steel bleachers, but perhaps things have been delayed. Good work has been done on the field thus far, and if some good bleacher seats can be provided, the local park will rank on a par with any In this section. Brings Home Bride To Spring Surprise Wesley: Frank Fox, popular and well known farmer and trucker, living four miles north of town, stole a march on his many friends here in September by driving to Missouri to visit relatives and friends. Frank returned home Saturday, the 25th of September, but not alone. He was accompanied here by his wife, formerly Maude Smith of Iconlum, Missouri. The couple were married on September 14th. They spent the remainder of their time continuing to visit friends and relatives, and upon their return have taken up their residence on Mr. Fox's farm, north of town. Girl Struck by Car Wednesday A. M. Eleanor Steinman, student in the local school, was injured slightly, Wednesday morning, when struck by a car driven by Don White of Algona. The little girl had just been let out of her parents' car. when she dashed across the street into the path of White's machine. Her face was bruised, and her lip and knee cut, and s~he was shaken up in the mishap. After being taken to a doctor for treatment she waa released, however, and will suffer no serious injury. Algona Boy Regular On Creighton Squad Omer Kelly, above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly of Algona, a former football star on St. Cecelia's Academy team in this city. Is now playing center on Coach Marchie Schwartz's Creighton University football team. He is ranked as one of the outstanding players on the Bluejay squad. Photo from Omaha World-Herald. LOSS OF HORSES FROM DISEASE IN AREA8PERCENT Survey Made By Bank - Among FflTtoentflives Accurate Figure An average for Kossuth county of about 7 and 8-lOths of the horses have died as a result of sleeping sickness. This interesting and accurate information was obtained by R. H. Miller, president of the Iowa State Bank, in a survey that the bank has been conducting for several weeks. Questlonaires were gent out to the owners of horses on which the bank holds a mortgage. There were 107 answers received, affecting 604 horses in all. A total of 47 of the horses had died, or the average shown above. Some estimates had been running much higher, aa high as 20 per cent. Although the smaller percentage does not minimize the loss to those whose animals have died, it is encouraging in that it shows the estimated higher percentages have been wrong. Bowling Season To Open Monday The bowling wafson tn Algonn will get under way next Monday, October 4, when the Barry alleys will be opened to the public for the fall and winter season. Bill Barry says that his nlleys have been reaanded In occord- **r>! the na An eight team league will probably be formed this fall, with play Ncht-duled to begin October llth. Anyone desiring to bowl on one of the toonm should fuw either Bill Barry or BUI Geerlng, who U president of the league. Swea Boy Joins Big League Team Artie Deim, well known Swea City athlete, returned home last week after playing a season of baseball with Williamston, N. C., in the Costal Plains League. The team he played for belongs to the St. Louis Browns, and at the end of the season the team retain ed his contract, which means that the possibilities are good that he will be taken along with the St. Louis team for spring training, or sent to the Texas league. la Radio Speaker Virginia 'Mwk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cari Morck. recently el- eoUd freshman queen at the Un- ivcraity of Minnesota, spoke over the radio wv«ral evening* ago, in connection with freshman week work. Mi«* Morck, graduate of tbe Jbigh »chool la»t •pring, waa •elected from a group of freshman girls, all others of whom were from tbe Twin Cities. Frosty Mornings Usher In Fall Nippy weather which smacked strongly of fall und winter, shoved into Kossuth county this week. Week's weather: Date Higii Low Free. Sept. 22 92 S5 Sept. 23 79 66 .02 Bapt. 24 76 51 .88 Sept. 28 60 38 Sept. 26 66 38 Sept. 27 66 47 Sept. 28 58 4* 67 Forecasts for this week were fair and somewhat cooler. So beware! Jr. Chamber Meeting A business meeting of the Algoua Junior Chamber of Commerce baa been called for thin evening (Thursday), at the Legion hall, at 8 o'clock •harp. The meeting is strictyl business, and is very important, Vic Steil, secretary, says. Bancroft Store Opens A steady volume of business greeted the opening of tbe Bancroft liquor store, last week. Henry J. Deitering La the manager, and X F. HeUnsky tbe clerk. More than 300 brands are carried ut the store. Ernest Priebes Wed 50 Years The Krnest 1'riebes of Lone Bock celebrated their 50th wedding mi- niversary at the home of their son. Carl, Tuesday. There were about 75 people present to help them observe the aus- piciou:) occasion. Mrs. Priebu has been ill for several weeks. The couple wus wed 50 years ago in Des Moints. Kev. H. D. Stahmer of Fairville, gave the sermon. Children of the couple are Clarence, Ralph, Ed and Carl, and Mrs. Otto Voigt. Burtis Sentenced To Year in Jail Kelsey Burtis, LuVerne, had his purolu revoked by Judgi; Heald. Wednesday in district court, and was ordered to spend a year in the county jail. The defendant was on parole from a charge of forgery, but was arrested recently on a charge of larceny, when he drove into a farmer's yard, the John Behnkendorf place, near LuVerne, and allegedly was coaxing several of the family pigs into his car. He declared that he intended to buy the pigs. At any rate, Kelsey has u year in jail to meditate everything. Car Rammed In Rear On Sunday Occupants of two curs which collided six miles south of Algonu on highway ltt» escaped injury, Sunday afternoon, shortly after five o'clock with the exception of minor cuts and bruises. The accident'Occurred when Hiir old Mattice, Primghar, ran into the back end of the Adam W. Elbert car, driven by Lilly Wolfe of Lu- Verne. The Elbert car stopped at the sign as it pulled onto the paving to go north, and just an it swung onto the paving the other machine struck U in the rear. Riding in the filbert car were Leroy and Everett Elbert, and Viola Schumacher, all of Algona. Sheriff Casey Loos investigated Blood Clot On Leg From Barbed Wire Grant Twp.: Mrs. Severt Holm has been in bed several days suffering from u blood clot on her leg caused by a gash torn on barb wire. Mrs Carrie Chi istophel, who has been ill for the past two weeks, is able to be up again. LARGEST CORN CROP SINCE '30 SAYU.S.DEPT. Billion More Bushels than Last Year Are Predicted Washington: Summarizing Its revisions of earlier estimates of this year's U. S. crops, the Department of Agriculture last week Indicated that total value for three major crops—corn, wheat and cotton will be $4,600,000,000, largest since 1930. Total farm income from the sale of all crops plus playments by th« Agricultural Adjustment Administration will total up to nearly $9,000,000,000, largest since 1919's $10,479,000,000, and more than a billion greater than last year. Corn—Present estimate for this year's corn crop is 2,549,000,000 bu. •109,000,000 bu. less than estimated a month ago but R billion more than last year. Wheat—With a crop now estimated at 885,950,000 bu. largest since 1931, and last week's price of $1.0!i a bu., the U .S. wheat crop is worth about $1,000,000,000. Wheat has already been harvested, so the department estimate is pretty sure to be right. Including last year's 90,- 000,000-bu. carry-over, wheat on hand amounts to 975,950,000 bu. of which some 775,000,000 bu. will be needed in the U. S. With 200,000,000 bu. more to dispose of, the U. S. may become an Important wheat exporter for the first time since 1932. In the world's wheat marts, the U. S. will this year have little competition from Canada or the Danubian countries, both having fall crops. Argentina and Australia expect fair crops and Russia a huge one. Last week European demand for U. S. wheut manifested itself strongly for the first time this season and on one day nearly 1,000,000 bu. were sold abroad. 1,307 Women Attended Movie Cooking School Nothing but unstinted prnise greeted the showing of the first motion picture rooking school ever presented in Kossuth county. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings of this week, at the Call Theatre. Title of the production, sponsored by The Algonn Upper Des Moines. was "The Bride Wakes Up." The total attendance for the three days was 1307. StudenN Sop Film Through the courtesy of the Algona high school faculty, members of the home economics classes wore allowed to see the film. Attendance the three days was as follows: figures were tnken from registration curds handed in daily: Monday . 34" Tuesday 520 Wednesday 349 PRESS GROUP TO BOOSTSPERBECK FOR LEGISLATURE WOMEN'S CLUBS OF COUNTY TO The Kossuth County Federation of Woman's clubs will meet at Burt in the Methodist church Tuesday. Oct. 8th, with the following clubs as hostesses: Burt Woman's club. Doan Woman's club, Portland Progressive club and Titonka Woman's club. The following program has been arranged: reports of the Sioux City biennial; music; address, "The Pageant of Nations" by Mrs. Rob Roy Cerney of Mason City. Mrs. Cerney comes highly recommended as a very interesting and instructive speaker. A 25-cent luncheon will be served by the Burt Methodist Ladies' Aid. HOUS Best light butch., HO- 160 $9.00-9.7, Best light butch., 1BO-1MO U.50-10.50 Best light butch., lSt)-'2u<> lu.fiO-ll.OO Best light butch, 200-250 11.0U-H.2. r Med. htuvy, 250-290 10.75-11.00 Med. heavy. 290-32!) 10.50-10.7. r Butchers, 325-350 10.25-10.50 Butchers, 35U-JOO 10.50- 10.2f Packing sows, 300-350 a.7f Pucking sows, ;',50-400 9.50 Packing sows. 400-500 9,()o-9.2r CATTLE Veal calves . . $5.00-9.00 Canners and cutters 2.50-3.50 Stock btcers 5.00-7.00 Fat stetrs 10.00-11.00 Fta yearlings 8.00-9.00 Bulls 4.50-5.50 Fat cows 4.00-5.00 UKAIN No. 2 soy beans $.79c No. 4 yellow corn new, Oct. 30 .51 No. 4 yellow corn new, Nov. 15 .49'ii No. 3 white oats ............ 25'/i Barley, No. 3, new .......... 48 EXJGS Henr.erys 26c No. ! 22c No. :i! ... . . 15c Cash cream — No 1 . 36c No. 2 ............ 33c Sweet ....................... 36c 19c 18c 15c 15c 8c 10c 21c 19c 18c 18c 18c by the Hens, over 5 Ibs Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs Hens, under 4 Ibs Leghorn hens Cocks, under 4 Mi Cocks, over 4'* over 6 Iba. 4 to 5 ibs. Leghorn spring Suruigs, 3 to 4 Iba. Springs, under 3 Ibs Markets subject to change lime of publication. Lyle Raney Hurt In Hayrack Fall Irvington: Lyle Raney suffered an exceedingly painful accident last Saturday when he sprained his ankle. He wa.s assisting with some hay and tried to step from a feed rack onto a hay rack and mis- stepped falling to the ground below and lighting on >t stump in some manner bending his font backward. At present he is compelled to use crutches. Wesley Man Held In Humboldt Jail James Lloyd of Wesley wa.s bound over to the October grand jury in Humboldt county lust week, on a charge of larceny of domestic fowls. He had been staying with the Ralph Block family of Kenwirli. His urrest occurred when county officers declared they found evidence in Hurdy that chickens belonging to Mr. Block had been stolen anil sold later hy Lloyd. IJovd is confined in the Hmnbnldt county jail for lack of bond. Farm Hand Kills Self At Ringsted Sylvester Rice. 54. farm laborer living on the farm of his brother Lou, near Kingstcd. wus found Saturday morning by his brother, with a ritie shot through bin head. The body was in the bedroom of the home, which had been Sylvesters. It is believed he committed the deed in a moment of despondency. Coroner Fred Sternbrog of Estherville said there would be no inquest. 2 Traffic Oases Two traffic cases were heard by Justice P. A. Dunson, this week M. C. Malek, Garner, was lined $1.50 and costs for failing to stop for a school sign, Monday. M. H AJbrecht, LeMars, was fined $1 and costs for illegal parking, with thu case continued until the 13th of Oct. No. Iowa Ass'n Votes to Seek His Nomination In 1938 Editors belonging to the county ress association, composed of iters outside of Algona, met last Friday at the Bancroft Register office, and voted unanimously, it was reported, to support Ray Rpcr- bcck. editor of the Swca City Herald, for state representative in 1938 on any ticket he may choose to run. Commenting on the matter, Lee O. Wolfe of the Titonka Topic says: A better suggestion could not have been made. Ray Spcrbcck is independent in religion and politics. calls a spade a spiule, has voted the democratic ticket for years before the advent of Hoover, after which ho swung Independently to Lnndon. He Is a man who will vote for what he believes are the best interests of his county and state— a man who always favors the underdog and has a heart as big as an ox." No statement has been forthcom- so far as w« know.J rom Mr tloned before as candidate for the office, but thus far he has always shied away from actual participation In the political arena. Georgia Anne Geigel Gets College Honor Storm Lake: Miss George Anne Gelgel of Algona has been honored by election to the position of secretary-treasurer of the junior class of Btiena Vi.sta College. 6 Schools Form New Cage League A Nix-school basketball league with teams representing Thompson, Burt, Armstrong, Swea City, Ringsted and Ledyard has been formed and will begin play this fall. Supt. Morris of Thompson wa elected president, and Hupt. Bowie of Burt wa.s picked as secretary. Eitcli tciim will pliiy 10 conference Barnes, five nt home and tivi awoy. Wedding Licenses .1. Vi;itcur Klirhanlt. .'!(». LuVcinc. iinJl Coiistiuii Marios. Id, I.ivvi-nuiri Kept. in. Joseph A. Becker, 30, Bode, and Christina M. Ori«ei, XNi, U'liittc- inorc, Sept. 12N. rliircnei- K. I'ersiK, 2-'l. Blue Karth and Klsiu Kchwarz, 21, Lakotu, Sept. 27th. Hi Some Sprinter Hi White won the >prmtiiiK rhainpiun.sliip of (lie Al^oiia l.'ivv Vfi-rt, Tue.sil.iy nielli, when lie rai from his office to the fronl of Ui> ('•ill theatre in a time that shaved six .seconds oil all previous records. Just what prompted him to try this da/./lin^ billet of speed wa.s no! entirely clear, but that he was seen making the dash was verified hy <iuitu a number of people. N. ('. Rice timed the run. Total Home EC classes 1232 75 Grnnd Total 1307 Word has been received already hy this newspaper that it is likely a new motion picture cooking school will be prepared this winter and offered next year. Many Win Prize* Prize awards were as follow: Monday— Mrs. A. A. Fisher, Algona; Mrs. C. D. Pelleymounter, Algona; Mrs. J. D. Burns, Algona; Mrs. Adam Lieb, Algona; Emma E. Crouch, Algona; Mrs. J. F. Biggins. Algona; Mrs. John Dltsworth, Algona; Mrs. Harold Brandow, Algona; Mrs. Andrew Beck, Algona; Rose StebrlU, Algona; Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom, Whittemore; Mrs. M. J. Young, Algona; Anita Kohlhaas, Algona; Mrs. Wayne Stephenson, Algona; Mrs. Elliott Skilllng. Algona; Audrey Potter, Algona; Mrs. Cora Bacon, Algona; Nellie Burlln- gnme, Algona; Mrs. Sarah Douglas, Algona; Mrs. Chns. Kuchynka, Algona: Mrs. Sylvia Gunn, Algona; Mrs, John Wheclock, Algona; Mrs. Krnest Richardson. Algnoa; Belle Purvis, Algona; Mrs. Geo. Yeoman, Algona; Mrs. May Miller. Algona; Mrs. Frank Capcslus, Algona; Evelyn Capesius, Algona; Mary M. Parr, Maxwell, Iowa; Mrs. B. H. Potter, Algonn. Tuesday — Mrs. E. M. Hubcr, Al gona: Mrs. Carl Hanson, Algona; Mrs. Peter Heldt, Irvington; Mrs. Walter L. Johnson, Algona; Gcn- evieve Sterling, Algona; Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, Algona; Mrs. Wayne Keith, Burt; Mrs. G. H. Ogg. Algona; Mrs. George Ehler, Corwith; Mrs. Emma Cosgrove, Algona; Mart Jones Algona; Mary A. Miller, Algona; Mrs. F. Esscr. Algona; Mrs. Lucille Blunchard, Irvington; Mrs. Sarah Douglas, Algona; Mrs. Myron Lud- wlg, Algona; Lorcn Bakken, Al- Kona; Mrs. August Slagle, Algona; Mrs. E. H. Thomas, Irvington; Mra, A. R. Gardner, Algona; Mrs. H. S, Montgomery, Algonn; Harriet Raney, Algona; Vanlta Ventelcher Wesley; Mrs. Wm. Rich, Burt; Mrs way, Algona ; Rose Ann Ventelcher Wesley; Mrs. Louis Huber, Titonka; Mrs. Walter Lane, Algona; and Mrs. Elliott Skilllng, Algona. Wednesday — Mrs. Clara Gadd Algona; Mrs. Otto Nelson, Algona; Mrs. Bernard Jensen, Burt; Verona Klatt, Algona; Mrs. John Huff Algona; Mrs. Roy Keen, Algona; Mrs. Paul Schneider, Algona; Mrs Bert Cronan, Algona; Mrs. Antone Johnson, Al|?ona; Mrs. Roy Richardson. Algona; Mrs. Emma Kueck, Lonu Rock; Mrs. Elliott Skilllng, Algona; Dora Weber Urrh, Algona; Audrine Culbertson, Algona; Mrs. Gladys Waldron, Algona; Mrs. Olaf Romstad. Burt; Mrs. Geo. Kaln, Algona; Mrs. B. Amelsberg, Algona; Roae Stebritz, Algona; Mrs. Matt Hansen, Burt; Mrs. C. N. Aalfs, Algona; Mildred Molamphy, Algona; Caroline Wernert, Algona; Mrs. W. H. Gerber, Algona; Mrs. G. W. Sample, Algona; Mrs. Otto Taylor, Algona; Mrs. J. Cosgrove, Aljjona; Mrs. E. Godfredson, Algona; Mrs. A. C. Bjustrom, Algonu. DIRECT VERDICT FOR BOECKHOLDT HEREWEDNESDAY New Angle Placed On Illegal Possesion As Result of Trial K. & H. Meeting The annual meeting of the K i H. Cooperative Oil Co.. is to be held next Tuesday, October 5, J. P. Studer, secretary, announces. A 12 percent dividend is to be declined. The company's financial statement is contained in this week's paper. Named To Position Klcunor M. Ci uiknhunk of Algonu was named county public health nurse by the Calhoun board of bup- 1:1 .'isors. Wednesday. She begins IIIT duties October I. Her offices will be at Kufkwt.ll < 'ily. Howard Seeleys Leave I'lum Creek: Mrs. Howard Seeley li-ft by train Thursday night for Washington Htute. She wus culled there by the serious illness of her father, Hurti.s, who was not expected to live. 320 Acre Farm Sold H. D. Hutchins reports the sale of the Rockwood farm of 320 acres, neur Corwith, in Prairie township, to Win. E. Guurley, Jr., and John E. Gourley, brothers, who have teen living houti, of t'urxvitli. and are well known in (hut territory. Teacher Resigns l.uVerne: Miss Corrint; Smith, iitth i.nd sixth grade teacher Was obliged to give, up her school work because- nl ill health und bus gone to her home ut Huiu>.-ston for a few Weeks' rest. Miss Vera Madden Humboldt, is substituting for her Surprise Party On Pastor At LuVerne l.ivcrinoic: A company of friends of Hcv. inn) Mrs. V. V. Sehuldt of LuVernc. drove over to their home Monday i veiling ami .surprised them anil also spent the evening. Those who wem from l.ivcrmorc were Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Mackintosh. Mr. and MIH. KalpU lloll- intjer, Mr. and Mrs. Sayers, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilson, Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Hdmltz, Mr. and Mrs. Alan ('ameron, and tile Misses Miriam Kv.ins ami Florence Warren. lie- Idle hei marriage, Mrs. Schuldt was Miss Until llulse, daughter ol Kev. and Mrs. Hulse. of Algona. AI.I.ONA AltVKKTISrJtS' OIKKCTOKY 1 J A<JK TWO— Barry's PACK THIUOK - Kreseiisky's K. i H. Co-Opcrative Oil PACK FUUK-- Algona Fed. Savs. it I,oaa The Elite l 'lopton, Tailor Uowu.ii Bldg. &. Supply PACE FIVE— Council Oak (J. S. Johnson Klussie Motor Co. Creci,brcy Auto Supply PACE SIX— Cull Theatre McCormiek-Deering Store Christensen Bros. Kohlhauj & Spilles Algona Auction Co. Harry Baker A. W. ABIUIJSOJI PAGE SEVEN— Baldwin I. G. A. Brownell Shoe Co. The Hub Clothiers Huwtott & Ogg PACE TEN— Sorensen Grocery F. S. Norton & Son Mudson & Hanson Nelson Hardware Jimiuie Neville Andeison Gruin ^ Coal PACE KLEVEN— Elk Cleaners MJsbucii's PAGE TWELVE— Chrischilles Stun; A 4. P. Store A quirk of the law tlmt WHS unknown tn mnny persons hearing :he case, resulted in the acquittal of Hatnm Bocokholdt. Titonka. on a charge of illegal possession of liquor, Wednesday morning, ns the first jury trial was concluded. Judge George A. Henld ordered a directed verdict in favor of the defendant. Boeckholdt, in his defense, stated that liquor found In his car by state agents, was not his, and that he did not know the liquor was there. Herman Boeckholdt, a cousin of the defendant, testified that he placed the liquor there. Herman entered pleaof guilty to a similar charge several months ago. was fined, and paid his fine, and thus his connection with the case was cleared up. Hamm, at an earlier trial, denied his guilt and connection with the liquor, and was granted a new trial when an error was found in the Instructions of the judge that heard the case nt that time. Tlie court verdict therefore sets tlie precedent of saying that if liquor is carried In a person's car, without the person's knowledge, the aforesaid party cannot be convicted for illegal possession. Sitting on the jury were Leona Christensen, Earl Taylor, Alfred Barslou, Clyde Sanders, Francis Teeter, Dorothy Pearson, Thomas Engcsscr, John Boyer, Merman Bussle, Anna Larson, John Bisen- iu.'i ami Elvidgc. L. A. Wlnknl, county attorney, represented the state, and H. B. White was attorney for Bocck- holdt. Holdup Man Gets 10 Years BasJ Lsymon, , variously b«e» given a« Blue Tmg Minn., Missouri and M!ohl|r»n, sentenced to 10 years In Fort Madison penitentiary, Wednesday morning, after being chergcd with robbery. D. C. Hutchison waa appointed his attorney by the court. Lnymon was the second person to figure in the robbery of the Walter Meyers' Deep Rock service station here, Sept. 2. George Alien, the other man arrested, was sentenced last week. Asked which penitentiary he preferred to be sentenced to. he chose Fort Madison. He .said that he had spent some time in Anamosa and would like a different place to stay. 3 Likker Raids Are Duds Stale and local officers returned search warrants, this week, showing that ihree raids made in an effort to uncover illegal liquor had netted in a total blank. No arrests were made, and officers stated on the search warrants that nothing had been found at any of the places. State Agonl M. I >. Hewitt, and City Policeman II. A. Van Alstyne visited Die ,1. A- 11. You'igwirth place in Prairie-Wesley townships. They searched tile place of Mrs. Hose Lloyd, Wesley. They found nothing at either plat c. At the Hub Ash place in Wesley, llcwilt and City Marshall Frank Cieen li;id the s,imc cxpcru-m * Nothing New In Block Case Tliu..u who .in- waiting fin- something and i <m<Tt ti: on the Max Block rase, will have to wait a little longer. KooMilh'.-, gi and jm y touk a temporary lei-ess, Wednesday aftvrnoun. ami indication., were that no ri pi.ct would now be made before, the latter part of the weeli. Tile grand jury has been taking temporary recesses at intervals, and it is believed that the continual digging up of new evidence is the cause of tij» adjournments. Typographical Krror In the report of the Hlock Citae in thin week's Advance the story eiU-d u report that the elder Block uus seen lfiiviii|j the born "two minute's" before thr tire. Thitt is u tyuogruiihictt) error which is rcsretU-d, ami WUH not iuhmdi'd. The *tory bliould Imve read "twenty minutes." The "two nu'uuto." would give uu indication that the tire wua started by Mr Block, whereas a period of 2* luiuutes would yive opportunity for ii iiaturul cause to result in tile llujues. The Advance jilukca this i orrcclion uu its owu volition. This in bring published through Uu- cuurU-»y of Uu I'upcr Des Muillen ty tile All vuuee iu the iiltt rcot of correct- in (i err or-, us quifkl> as possible- Tiie £i'and jury is now in its aec- orid week of duty, having already returned two lindings of nol guilty. 1 Continued on Buck Page)

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