Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 21, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1896
Page 6
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Great Traveler The woman who does the washing travels from pole to pole and crosses the line many times. She soon learns from experience that she can save time, money and labor by using SANTA CLAUS SOAR the best, purest and most economical soap made. She also discovers that clothes washed with Santa Claus look better and last longer than they do when washed with ordinary soap. Santa Claus is sold everywhere. Ask for it. Made only by THE N. K. FAffiBANK COMPANY, Chicago. ffittgjj^TaTo^^^^ is the very best Smoking Tobacco '•'•i made. Blackwell's Genuine BULL DURHAM You will find ono coujwn iDHldo Cftch 2 oanco ba«and two coupons Inside each 4 ouncc'bag. Buy a bug, read tho coupon and seo bow to get your sburo of |250,000 In present*. Mw^i^M^i'^^m^i^'i^^ "DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN VERDI'S NOBLE GIFT. Donate* One Million Lire for the BonelU of InillRont SlnsloUnn. The veteran operatic coroposw, Gul- ^eppc Verdi, has crowned his houoroble and' successful musical career -with fin 'act ol generosity which will still f-ur- ,'ther endear him to the whole musical •world, and which will at the same time eventuate in an enduring- monument to 'Bis memory. He has set apart the sxirn 'at, 3,000,000 lire lor the.- erection, and 'maintenance of a homafor aged and in« 'digent musicians, tho first installment ol which he lias already paid to therou- sicipafity of Pa'iliia for this purpose. . Verdi is now in his S2d year, and slill 2psscsses the creative ability in Tindl- minished degree, as has been shown by iis recent operas, "Othello" and "Fal- GU1SEPPK VJSRDI. .Haft," -vyriticn- at - a period oi ogo irhen but lew men have re- -Sained sufficient of their power 'or physical vigor to engage in original work. His. first opera was produced in 1839, and during the 57 subsequent years opera after opera has ap- ipeared os ihe largess'of his prolific muse to the world, few ol which have 'failed to achieve success and win en- burins popularity. In a11 thcse y ear9 |Se has stood at"the head of the Italian Uchool and his reputation has not snf- jlered any eclipse, even that brilliant Hnminary at liaireuth, though the latter affected Ilia style In his later years. Tho aggregate performances of bin operas Bttve, exceeded those ol any other modern- composer, and he lus given pleasure jto millions of people. His'reward.cojno Sn, a. widespread popularity, handsome .financial remuneration, and -unbounded K Irom many countries, DS well as In Italy he wna a member O-f.the national assemwiyln issy, a deputy In the parliament of 18(31, minister of public instruction in 1371 and senator of the Italian • kingdom in 1872, nnd Italy would have given him still more honora 1 hcd he riot chosen to live in retirement. 'France made him a member of the Legion of Honor, and Prussia a member o£ the Academy of Fin'e Arts. Italy, Eus- 'dia, Germany, .Turkey-and Austria have given him decorations. Fevf modern composers have been so conspicuously appreciated nnd richly, rewarded as Verdi. Few have led more, charming lives or enjoyed greater popular adoration. That he is sensible of all this is evidenced by the munificent gift ho has maclq to the world of musio in his old age. ft is doubtful whether the world will enjoy another operatic work from his pen, but the wish will be universal that he may y-et be spared many years in this world, for which he has' done so much with his delightful music. - • How Folion-Acti. Carbolic acid produces immediate vertigo and intoxication, with, burolrcff pa-.ln along nil points of coratact. The breathing becomes Ktentorlous and the ptipiUt of the eyes contract. Phos- piiorus in, overdose produces irritation and d ; li(turb<i-nee over every part of Tuu- cpua it touches and the con-tents of tho stomach when removed arc luminous as is phosphorus. Prussic acid ifl tho most rapid of all poisons, killing like tv stroke of llg-Iilndng 1 . A teaspoonlul of two per ceiit prusslc bciii wi)} Mil. In a few seconds after the liquid !s taken the face turns bluleh. aud the person sinks to tho floor. Opium, morphine and the like prodnco a period of exaltation, followed by stupor, which merges into death. Strychnine is followed by convulsion.*; the head Aeries back and the body rests on -Uie head and heftlH, arched like a bow. These, spasms com* intermittently till death. Camphor in poisonous do6e8..prpduce3'. giddiness, cramps, numbness, Imperfect sight, difficult breathing, and con-- vulsious.—Syraciiise Standard. i'lnyfl UK an AntHIoto. ' . In China, in time« of jiestilence, persons are perniitted to witness gratuitously theatrical performances and displays of fireworks, the object being that their minds iii'ny be distracted from the prevailing 'epidemic. In large towns places are pnvldrd in which those who- in desperation ,7ivi! up the battle of life" mny irjnlrtly lin clown ivnd'd Chronliile, -. '''..•• A CLOUDBUK8T. Leaves Dsatli and Dastruotion Be' hind It in New Mexico,' The Towns of Mogollen and Graham the Victims—One Hundred Families Rendered Homeless. St. Louis, Aug. 20.—A special from Mogollen, N. 11., says that city was struck by a cloudburst on .Tuesday evening which left death and destruction behind it. John Knight, a miner at Georgetown, was drowned while in his cabin. Several others are reported missing, but so fur only two bodies, that of Knight and an unknown Mexican, huve been recovered. These bodies were found in a Held on a ranch.'six milos-be- low, Or.e hundred families have been rendered almost homeless, and 30 houses have been washed away completely. The property belonging to the Colonial Mining company, of Boston, lias suffered to a great extent. The assay office, mill house, powder house nnd blacksmith-shop at the mill u-ere washed away entirely, with nil their contents.' It is feared the mine is filled with mini nnd water. XliC Deep Down Mining company, ol Kansas City, was loser to':i considerable extent. It-s main office, assay olnce uncl entire wood pile were washed away. This place is situated in a de«r, canyon b'etwoon high mountains, Thu flood attained a height o£ eight feet in the .street, and lasted 30 minutes. Had its continuance been ten minutes longer the whole town would have been swept away! ns the dsbris liar] collected in the street, forming a solid wall, just as tho flood began to .recede, Hnrclly a business house in the town .--scaped damage. The cloudburst also caused loss of life nnd dania.TC to proniviy nt Orahani, N". ."'.[. The Coiiliuenct mine, belonging to the Helena Mining company, of Denver, was badly dnmiiged by the flood, which carried nway t-ho shops and supplies. Nine horses that were at the ore chutes were washed over*' tlie stec;; precipice and killed. The men thai were working 1 at the mouth of the tunnel barely escaped with their lives. DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP. Political DifTeronrufl Cause .Prominent Lawyer* to Tart. Detroit, Mich,. Aug. 20.—The law firm of Dickinson, Thurber & Stevenson, which-is comprised-of Hon. Don M. Dickinson, Henry T. Thurber, private secretary to President Cleveland, and JJllioit 0. Stevenson, late chairman of tlie democratic state central committee, has dissolved on ncconntof political differences which have arisen between Messrs. Dickinson nnd Stevenson since the Chicago convention. Mr. Thurber. will remain with Dickinson. This law firm probably had a larger revenue than any other similar, firm in the state. DALY IS RELEASED. The Irish Dynamiter In. However, StUl Attended by Prison Officers. London, Aug. 20.—John. Daly, the Irish dynamiter, who-has been serving a life sentence in Portland prison, was released Thursday. Daly arrived in London at seven o'clock in the evening. Although he is nominally at liberty he is still attended by officers of Portland prison. Only a few of his friends were allowed to welcome him when he was released, and the same course w.as taken in London when he arrived there, the object presumably being to prevent a demonstration. It is understood that Daly will go, to Birmingham. •Engineer and Fireman Killed. Carrollton, 0., Aug. BO.—An, engine ou the Cincnnatl, Columbus-& Springfield railroad hauling four cars of coal and a caboose jumped the track one mile south of here Wednesday evening. It rolled down the embankment striking two mammoth oak trees. This prevented the caboose with 20 section men aboard frojn. following. Joseph Kirk, engineer, and John Hardesty, flremnn, both of Canton, were iustantly killed. The remarkable, fact developed on Investigation Thursday morning that the wreck was caused by three railroad spikes which some small boys had placed on the outside roil at the curve where the train was derailed. Spantah Account of a Buttle. Madrid, Aug. 20.—A dispatch from Havana, to the Imparcial says that on Sunday a body of insurgents- under Mnceo set fire to and destroyed a railroad bridge nnd derailed a train which wns on Its way to Pinar del Rio. The military escort of the train consisted o£ 150 m<en, who fought the rebels until reinforcements of Spanish troops arrived and drove the insurgents off. It is estimated that Maoeo'a force numbered S,000 men. The loss to'the rebels Ls not known, but the Spaniards had six killed nnd 32 wounded. • . . • Astronomer! Successful. St. Petersburg, Aug. 20. — The St. Petersburg astronomical expedition which was sent to Tornea, Finland, to observe the recent total eclipse of the Bun, has been very successful. Members of the expedition have telegraphed here that they were enabled to get ten excellent photographs of the corona. Woman Kills Another. London, Ky., Aug. 20.—News of a tragedy in Leslie county has just reached here. Late Saturday a difficulty arose between Margaret Green,Martha Ann Day nnd Dora Shepherd. The Shepherd woman drew-a revolver from .under her apron nnd shot -and 'instantly , Jellied Margaret Green. . ,. -. . | , , -. A Quiet Funeral. Hamilton, Mass., 'Aug. 20.—An entire absence from"ostentation characterized the funeral of-Miss Mary Abigail Dodg«'' (Gail-Harriilton).'which was held from' he,r lute; home in this town at;three o'clock Thursday afternoon. A big factory wa» brought to' a standstill the other day for want of a common shingle - nail. The trouble was a jmystery at first, Even the boss mechanic could'ut tell what was the matter. They sent for a high-priced expert who charged ten dollars an hour. All he said was : "Gimme a nail." He drove it in the right place and in two minutes the whole factory was going again. ' That's way with tlie machinery of the human body. When the'Btomach and bowels are wrong what seems a mere trifle, blocks the whole system. Every part of the body feels the. effects of a little constipation, The head aches, the rnouth tastes bad; the stomach is distressed, the liver is congested and torpid; you feel sluggish and miserable and down-hearted; the energies are completely paralyzed— all for want of a little help to regulate the stomach and bowels. What you want is Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They will make you regular and you keep so; they act in a comfortable natural way, not violently but surely. They give the intestines power to move, naturally; and also, tone the stomach and liver. You dou't become a slave to their use, they cure you so you stay cured. If a druggist makes more money on some violent purging pill he may try to sell it to you. Don't let him. You will be helped to. a thorough understand- j,i 50 cnch. Tlie profits were devoted, to publish- iii'i/the present edition ofh.iif-a-million free cop. jcs to be scut tsbsoliilrly ftrntii lo wryom-wlio fends 21 one-cent stamps to cover co*t of uunlmg onlr Address world's Dispirits.-"y Medical A* Ky:iatiou, KG. 663 Main Street, Builalo, N..Y. RUINED BY' A STRIKE. Lout a Position Worth Eiprht Thousand r>ollurs n Yciw. The story of Ilichard lleesc (or Pieeves), the counterfeiter who wiis arrested tiear Los Angeles recently, is a tragic example of the mutability of human affairs. Kecse has seen but two years less than half a century .of life. His training was tluvt of a mechanic. He is not a man skillful with hand:; alone, but one who works with both hand and 'brain. When U. S. Grant was running for president, years ago, there wns a big political celebration in Chicago. Grant was there, and Reesu rode in his carriage as a representative of the laboring classes, proclaimed by his fellows the most skillful mechanic; in all America. As the years went by the man's reputation grew nnd increased. At lastlio obtained n place in one of the great shops at Homestead, Pa. Eventually he rose to be foreman, with a salary ol 88,000 a year. Then came the great Homestead strikes, which brought ruin and dea.th to so many men. Eeese was infected with the labor doctrines then prevailing. When tlie struggle was over Itcese was a ruined man. Hisplace was lost, and a reputation, established as a man who could not be relied on in a strike. Keese came, to California. He came to Los Angeles some months ago, expecting toolirain B. position as foreman of the rolling mill. There was some hitch, and in, eonserjuence Reese obtained orfy a subordinate position. Ho wns not content with this. .There was a dispute, and Eeese's connection with the mil) ended! Reese got very poor, indeed, and poverty drove him to crime. He'put his skill os a mechanic to the evil use of making bogus mor^y. He declares ho lias been engaged in/the nefarious Business but a few months, meaning. to save money enough to buy a little home for himself and to get another start. That accomplished, -he had vowed to live'an honest life again.— Los Angeles Times. THE MARKETS. Grain, Frovlsldni, Etc. Chicago, Aug. 20. 'WHEAT— Unsettled. September, E5%® BGVic; December, 5S%@59He.. . CORN— Firm. No. 2, 23@23<4c; No. 5 Tellow, 23^@23«c; September, 23H@23%c; December, 2<i4@2«c and 24%c; Hay,, 27©27%e. OATS— Fair trading and firmer. No. I cash,.17@17^ic; September, 17V4@17»ic: May, 19?4@20Mo. Samples steady. No Grade, 80 18%c; No. 8, 12@21c; No. 8 White, ISJWlfte; No. 2, 17Mi@17%c; No. 2 White, 2iuiff22?ic. MESS PORK— Market moderately active and prices easier at }5.90fiXi.CO for cash ;J5.80 @6.00:tor September; $5.9C@5.97V4'. for October, and $G.S7&@7,00 for January. LARD — Trading moderate and prices higher at J3.4003.42& for caah; J3.36O3.40 for September; |3.42Vi@3.47W for October, and $3.7603.80 for January. BUTTER— Tho market Is. ruling quiet, with quotations at ll@16^c for creameries and ll@Uc for dairies. LIVE POULTRY— Pair demand. Turkeys, SQilOo; Chickens, T%®9i4o;. Ducks, 80 B'/4o per pound; Geese, per dozen, J3.00 @G.50. • "•' •'•'• WHISKY— Steady on tho. basis of $L2J for hlghwlnes. Now York, Aug. 20. FI/OUR— Steady, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 Red firm, fairly active, September, C3K@<>3%c: October, 61 7-160 ftc; December, 66@C6 8-16c; May, C'J%c. . CORN— No, 2 dull, firmer, 2S%@29%e; August, ' 29c; September, 28 15-1C0M l-16e; December, 30 16-16<0>31c; May, 32%o. OATS— No. 2 dull, firmer. Western, 22 B30c; September, 22%c bid. . BEEF— Dull," steady. Extra mess, $6.00 gfl.OO. . . I ' PORK— Steady, New Mess,. J8.50@8.75; old mess, J8.0p©8.25. L.ARD— Steafly, quiet. Steam-rendered, .82M!.'. \- ; ' BUTTER— Quiet, firm. Western dairy, t@12<;; . do. - creamery, ll>4@16e ; Elfrlns, '16c. CHEESE— Firm, quiet. Part Skims, 20 c. . \ " EGGS— Quiet, firm. Western, . Stock. .-<,'. .Chicago, Aug 20: ket) f . ... ,.. .-,. ., CATTLE— Market) for best steady, others weak - Fair to .best Beeves;; ' $8:00©4.7B;' Btocknrs and foccleJ-.s, S2.40S3.75; mixed ows and Bulls, fl.te3.50; Texas, J2.50@. S5.;- •.:'.•..(;.'" ..- \ '•' - ' "-' HOGS— Light stroitper, others &6>10c lower.. . Light, 1 .- $8,20<S>3.«5; rough packing:,. (27002:85; mixed and bitche'rs', -$2.95(5 1 3.45; , . 30B.V1- packing and slipping.- SBO^S.Ml Piga,.$2.EO®3:w. .-..- ' \ ••:•','•.••'•'• ••••' HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News by TelegApb. from Various Towns In Indiana. Mam Meeting of Striker*. Ehvood, Ind., Aug. 20.—The biggest labor demonstration, that ever took place in this city was held Wednesdny night by the tin plutu strikers and their sympathizers on the public square, and fully 2,500 workmen crowded wound the band stand to hear President Garland, of the Amalgamated association, 'nud President Gompers, of the Federation of Lubor, address them on the tin plate difficulty. Both speakers reviewed it at some length, and said that the Amalgamated association \vos only seeking what, was right, and that the reasons, given by the company for not signing the scale were untenable and that no concessions would be made. They declared thiR company had 'an advantage OVET the other companies in the matter of free fuel and mafiing its own steel, and said the Amalgamated association had nothing to concede. Messrs, Garland, Gompers nnd Cashmore will riraain here until after Monday, the date set for starting the plant, in-order to watch the situation. An Odd Reunion. Auburn, IncL, Aug. 20. — Rev. Mr. Mecse's matrimonial reunion on the eve of. the event promises a large attendance. Couples married by him are arriving; on every train. Bands ore playing, and the streets are crowded with strangers, visitors and citizens. Banners, badges and flags are prepared, and the grand stand is I'curly for the occasion. The matrimonial address will •be by Prof. Bowersox-, of Bryan. 0., lit ten o'clock. The grand march of the married people takes place at two o'clock. Citizens will turn out en masse. Excursion trains will arrive on till roads, and farmers will come in vehicles from every direction. ArrcHtad on iv ChiirRfn of Bigamy. Crown Point, Ind., Aug. 20.—Thomas Notter was arrested at his home at Deep River, this county, on. a charge of bigamy, made by his first wife. Mrs. Notter No. I, married Notter in South Dm.-.ha in 1392 and two.children were born to them. In December, 1S93,3N r otter suddenly disappeared from wife Xo. 1. He then IR said to have married Miss Fanny Hock, living near La Porte, Ind. He lived in Chicago two months and then moved to his father's farm on Deep river. Wife No. 1 started in search nnd located them on the farm. Both were taken before Judge Van Winkle for hearing, who bound them over to the. circuit court. Cannot Stop Street Dl«cus»lon. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 20.—In. In- iianapolis, as in every other large city, crowds have been in the habit of collecting at certain corners to discuss the financial question. A couple of days ago the police made several arrests for obstructing the traffic and since then there have been no crowds. The men arrested were brought before Judge Cox in polics court, who dismissed them after making a speech of some length, in which he declared that citizens had a perfect right to collect in any number upon the streets or elsewhere to discuss political questions.. As a result the crowd cgain collected. - : , . . Bnndlti Operate oh a Train. Lebanon, Ind., Aug. 20.—As the eastbound passenger train on the Big Four was leaving the station here three masked,men were seen to jump from the platform of the front coaclxand disappear among several cars on the sidetrack. A passenger in the front of the. coach was held up nt the point of a revolver, and forced to part with $75 nnd a gold watch. The men had been concealed in the toilet-room of a. coach. The officers were nt once sent upon the tra.il', but no arrests have been reported. Knmilon of the Harliin .Family. Richmond, Ind., Aug. 20. —, Tin; national reunion of the Tlnrlnn iamily is in progress 1 here. This >s one of the largest- families in the country, and;its representatives reside in a score or mow of states. There were 200 present, representing Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. An address of welcome wns delivered' by L. P. Ilarlari, of Indianapolis, nnd responded to by A. J. Hnrlaii, of Savannah, Mo., president of the society. • • • ' ' i No Pocket lu Their Hloomor*. CrawfordsviJlc, Ind., Aug. 20.—The young women of this city who ride wheels during the evening will make it Interesting for the next robber who tries to "hold them up."' They have -armed themselves .with revolvers and have them in holsters nently strapped to their wheels, where they can be reached in a moment. Maoto lusnno by Morphine, Fort Wayne, Ind., Aug. 20. — Prof. Paul Siegler, principal of St. Peter's Lutheran schools, has been declared insane. The cause' wos not Icnown until -his room was searched. Officers found 30 empty morphine bottles. His actions indicate that he hns been ft morphine-fiend-for years,.but kept the habit secret. . • • . ; .. A F»t»l Shot. Lebanon, led., Aug. 20.—While Eddie, the 12-yeor-old son of William South,of this place, was playing .with a revolver the weapon was accidentally discharged, the shot taking effect in the breast of. JEddi£, t McCoy,v.a»Jad-..*boufc- the some age, who was fatally injured. Killed by ft Train. , Portland, Ind .;AMgv 20.—Andrew Elliott, a school-tender, \wos killed here. while attempting-"fo board a fostrmov- Ing-Lake Erie & Western freight train. His body was badly mutilated.:- ^ * • Viiaine may have „ to ' provide this; year's crop of "saaxlines,"aa ihcFrench saidine box soUerers have gone on. Strike just, as ihefisbiiigKoftsoiiopened., They object :-roT 1V- y..-.p:oyaent of women an<#l8,b'r," •*.••.$; rss'aqnbiciy. • '' ' - -- : --' " •»' PURELY VEGETABLE. The Ch«njicst, Purest and Best I<amily Medicine in the Worldl AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC, for all di!tcnsc» of the Liver, Stomach mid Sp.lcen. Regulate the Liver ,erad prevent CHILLS AND FEVER, If ALARI-! ous FEVERS, BOWEL 1 COMPLAINTS, REST- LE8SNES5, JAUNDICB AflD NAUSEA. DAD BREATH! Notliinir Is no unpleasant, nothing «o common n bad breath, and in nearly every case it comej from the stomach, and can be 10easily corrected if you will uike SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR. Do not ncprlcct to secure a jcmcdy tor thi» re- pulsivc d.sordcr. It will al«o J™P">™ your appetite, complexion and gcner^ health. PILES I How many (luffer torture day after day, male, ing life a birder, and, robbing existence of all pleasure, owin* to toe «ecrct Buffering from Piles. Yet relict: Is ready to the hand or o.most any one who will use systematically the remedy Uiat has permanently cured thousands. bl«- MO.NS LIVER KECUI.ATOR is no drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant to natur*. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not be .regarded as a trifiing: ailment—In' Met,; nature . demands t)i«-ntmostree»V«nty of tho bowels, and any cevntion from this demand paves the way otten, to serious, danger. It is quite as • necessary to remove impure accumulations from the bowels as it is to cat or sleep, and ' no health can be expected where a costive habit o£ body prevails. SICK HE AD ACME I This distressinff affliction, occurs most fre- aticmly The disturbance of the stomaca.ans- ini? Crom the imperfectly digested contents.. causes a severe pain m.tha head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and this constitutes what is popularly known as Sick Headache: .or the relief of which TAKE SlWMONt UVEK REGULATOR. '•-• •. ' • MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Philadelphia, Pa. -ONE-HALF SIZE OF OCX. POZZONPS 'GOMPlEXIflH -POWD'ERj I h:.s been tho smndnrc: for forty yenra i 18 more por-ulsr tx«Ia7 Ulan ever bcioro. POZZOXI'S I Is we Ideal oomplciioc powder—beautifying, | rcfresliinfr, cleanly, healthful and harmless. . | A d«llca:i.-, Invlailiie proKctloo to the lace. | [ With every box of_POZZo> PS a may} I ulliiTiit .SrovIlT* COLD PCFF | I JwX-la K>ven tieo'-ot cliarire. . 1 AT DRUGGISTS AM) FANCY STOKES. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY __ _ CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers TbcOreatext Perfection yet attained In But Coflltrnctlon— Luiurloa* Equipment, Artistic FwalihtaE, DtfOtttiaa wid EMIclent Service, Injuring toe highest degree of ____ COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. r"ou« TRIM «* WWC-BCTWEEII Toledo, LOW RATES to Plctureiqiie Mukiiwc *od Return, IncludlnK n«l» and Bertlu. From Clevctand, ( 18; from Toled*, $19 ! <rom Detroit. •13.50, -... EVERY EVENING . Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Train* for .11 T>ointJBiist, South and Southwest and M Detroit for all points North and North weit, Sundiy Trip* June, July, Auyntt «>«l SepUrob«r Onlf. EVER/ DAY BETWEEN Clevdand, Put-in-Bay ~j Toledo Send for Ulustraled Pamphlet Addresi. .• :. A. A. 8OHAHTZ, -«i>. ».. DITHOIT. MICH. CO. Manhood Restored •••"""^r^gjg •-EB.VITAS. tho 'ondei-rtrt Horaan Bruiirou- tec to euro all Ncrv- Po\vcr, Head..^H.., lV;,l;tfulno»», LOKC J.naliuou, jNCrv- .\ troplijr, X-HIKW."'!^, VaricocRlc, Liutsitudo, all driLln> • —"~»--i^^ . And loss of poiviT or ^slinc, LOGANSPORT. IND. » GOOD INVESTMENT. PIPE-LIKE CERTIFICATES. ; 1 Ejncd In dcnomlBatlpn" o' $50., $100., ?2SO., $500., $1,000. Tho interest is guaranteed for 6 years. ThcyneUhc purchaser 8pcrct. perannom. The intereet js Jroia earnings.. The coupons are payable seini-annnally.- . They aro similai lo Collateral Trust Bonds. The principal is r«pidly enhancing In vulne. They arc A .safe inve&Unent. • . • , ilauSattan Building, Chicago, IllsF CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE > Zi«fl»W, •al»t-Xe«r«ito»ep-, . ArJaunolrdotd Oic Fnrtmrft Institution of America. Unojcolled facllitlos tor a tborou*h course In MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. o«|>lcU ..1). wn • Tom. M»t Fn* ADpUCEtlon« for tlivn-ee and pirU»lschol»r«lllT>i -llf bo rocclvca to August ifltb. j have the- Best k g | Brain anlJ?£iJSS | *5" ISSpS^lTo^iidirets'f'ar Pf rtirtilars;' ; , •( K(. I, S- ?^s;johr, S on, J M.O.;,,*Stl*Cieek.Mch. ; »; ., »3l^l^^G&QQ^«^S^iSSilXX3^

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