The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1937 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1937
Page 3
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na Upper Peg Moines, Algona. low, frmt. ift 193? The MARCH OF TIME Prepared by th« Edltofa of TniE 7%. WWW JOHN L. LEWIS* YBAR WASHINGTON: Vigorously which contained no germs those in test tubes, flasks ar ° Und the house ' lnt » the street' the • the most significant in history its Wagner Act decisions preme Court Fenton Rural Teachers, Guests A farm bureau meeting schoolhouse, rour" miles west o Fenton. and a reception for the wr , u - <stes9M were Mrs. Walter Welsbrod Hnd Mrs. Ernest Vottef- Tho program committee was Alfred Meyers and Mrs. Norman Finnestad. Miss Florence Alto county , "(From Nova Scotia paper)— Halifax to Cuba Jamaica and Santa Domingo. S. S. "Clss" . . . April 25. S. S. "Ba" . . . May 9. _ 120,000,000 OR A HANDFUL? ofth or the «»nnot blame u P ost ^ Shanghai says the attempt . . a bit of nn fi~. n. * exhibits at the county iair. we notice that our girl of "Up and Down the Street" in the Saturday Shopper guzzled a bottle of Coca Cola while down there visiting, and young Bill ReUey was taking lessons driving the gol-darned things * * • nU < n C J t n?'?r MOIld "/ the DeCOrah *«™* «"•- niin<r nn the recent marriage of a ; : shop, says that some daj ting married In a church. * 3 ge " ,. n . The 19S7 'ootball season win officially get under way on Sept 25th. This year The Upper Des Mblne*. through this column, hopes to conduct a weekly football forum. " th ' S conutr y- °«« ed in it. n °PeruI that we do not get entangt- Most wars spring from "incidents." The World 3£ SSiSJSTSL £5"~ - raif Ur Sympathy to Americans in war zones; and H r uio flumlnistration's statempnf nn/i »r n »«. in. that they remain in the waj^iX,™- , weekly guenses on the outcome of all ,!!"T ptoyed by Bl * Ten «*»"«.»««» Notre Dame, Odds and Ends will also Print each Thimday preceding the games. It's mm |me* S on the score* All gnesses must be to ttte office by 9 a. m. on Saturday mornings. 9 WlU "* 'eprtnb^ the following * " Umulate tWn t» » "«*. tte l«H^r offer three prlxea f OT the three beat gue^es 1 In cash; 2_«|ght months subscription, new or renewal; s-slx months' subscription. " Chedule8 ' and Iet>s h »ve your membership to power and numbers the Labor after „.. played. The teachers being were: Frances Gordon teacher of district No. 6; Mrs Dor- I othen Gerhardt. No. 5; Gayle o Lewis year. Starting with the to develop sugary at Lon« Rock, spent the week end with her parents. * Elliott Klnseth and Melvin Bratland left Monday for Mason City where they will enter business college. Mrs. Henry Henrikson nnd her daughter. Blanche, visited nt the Fred Lenz home nt Rodman Saturday. Mrs. Jesse Van Buskirk and Jo Stephcnson visited at the John Van Buskirk home in West Bend. Sunday. Lorraine Bergum went to Forest City Wcdnvsday. where she entered ter second year nt Waldorf col- Mrs. Bernard Jacobs nnd Mrs Geo. Thatcher of West Bend acrom- mnied Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holt to Fort Dodge. Thursday. Mrs. Frank Brown of Mount Veron. Town, and Mrs. Isabel Patteron of lonin have bex?n visiting nt the John Stone ftom« fttt* other friends the past wwefc. ™ Mr j» n «l Mrs. LW Holt r«C, Thursday from a week's vfsft relatives and friends fn They left for Sheldon, omra where they will make theft Sam*. H, W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped t« do Ail kinds of draylng and hauling. »-tf ott<)Mn mobile .indurtry St0 t r h mlnp f acten ; uIacU a t p°: n5?T.&3 buvTf'or £Tl™ $^«^K£ft& P " them n ° n il yet ^ Sa '< were strictly C. I. O. affairs. YOUNGSTERS—THEY "Out of the agony and travail of I D1DW>T LIKE THE TEACHER conomlc America.' John L. Lewis „ CHICAGO: Because Chicago's declared, "the C. I. O. was born. To — - — -millions of Americans, exploited without stint by corporate industry and socially debased beyond the understanding of the fortunate, its finmlnrr » rn . . * * ooming was as welcome as dawn to the night watcher the It S03IETHING FOR NOTHING— WITHOUT A CATCH t-J^l. 1 !^ ^.T" th0 8Un ' al>d R ' 8 ^^S^^cSS^T^SS^- «i' U "« d ^__° f .!?' er V linment ""> fn to trap- following ?,?,? °5 the Mlnn «P°«- Star says the vo,n* T ,, L * d ° Pe °" what happened to Frnn* ™ R ° osevelt and the mayor of Cannes France. The President's son was with a group of celebrants participating fn the gay festival A gentleman (who later proved to be tL mayor) ap preached and made a wide sweep with hat bowed very low in his hand. From that position he uttered a speech of welcome in his native tongue Roos- r^nTi r ^ d . um _r hIthhe h c r tent8 ° f * bott * °<- i high hat, and the mayor after __ **i£ui. wanjiier . , . it is now and henceforth a definite instrumentality destined greatly to influence the lives of our people and the internal course of the Repub- Of Ohio's Governor Davey, whose militiamen broke the steel strike in that state, Labor Lion Lewis r ,m : ^' The steel P u PPet Davey, is still Governor of Ohio, but not for long, I think, not for long! No tin hat brigade of goosestepping vigilantes or bible-babbling mob of lackguarding and corporation-paid scoundrels will prevent the onward march of Labor." Of Capitalism, John L. Lew The Fenton Reporter tells a story about n man who had a horse ill with sleeping sickness but cure d him by giving him a pint of whiskev E£ it n n°ot b tH ck coffee - (We ~ *TSS arank It, not the man). the rare east of Bancroft. It is but thl to i in the events, uses ammunition, or dev- of soda pop, really free la There Is no consumed by humans. Now. J. A. don'tTeFus Thai you never heard of a Coffee Royal. • * • Idle moment, a copy of 1-.«....,,,,, uuuii ij. IjGW declared: "Unionization, as oppose to Communism, presupposes th relationship of employment: It i based upon the wage system and i recognizes fully and unreserved! the Institution of private property I and the right to investment o profits . . . The organized worker of America . . . will prove the fin est bulwark against Intrusion o alien doctrines of government " Of Franklin Roosevelt, whom he did not mention by name, butlvhose famed quotation "A plague o' both your houses" could not be mistaken, John L. Lewis declared: "Labor next year cannot avoid the necessity of a political assay of the work t two events startled lat la new and . ire e. thte coming Sunday, it will be only '^u.'e'oTbSi weather, an earthquake, or a revolution? LeVs hone we have none of them. More power to the Kossuth Conservation League, and donf cheat yourself out of a good time by missing the program this Sunday. so-called friends beneficiaries » , "Bando-Lwe" lurea™ Y7 Ji. Mouldettes " "Sllmtites", and A±L ^l^ e °:. l " addi " on ' ">« modern woman • along without a oatr of deadly embrace LINERS locked • ***-x.«»«oc V^llUHfgU *1 Board of Education miraculously d ™™ red in lts ki "y an «tra $900,000 wherewith to pay its often unpaid teachers an extra week. Chicago's public schools were ciue to open a week ahead of time. Then five days before the scheduled opening, Board President James B McCahey announced that they would remain "indefinitely closed" because of a threatened infantile paralysis epidemic. President McCahey's order «,'°!£r t much P leasul- e to the citys 619,000 hale pupils; but to the Carpenter Elementary school on Chicago's West Side it brought destruction. Picking up whatever implements they could lay their hands on, a band of marauders broke into the school and proceeded to thwack whack, hack their way through each and every one of its dozen classrooms. They battered blackboards into slate piles and desks into kindling, doused gobs of ink on walls disemboweled a piano, scuttled kit Chen equipment, tore up writing paper, tore down wall clocks, scattered movable and immovable objects on the floor until thousands The O. P. C. met at the of Mrs. Jesse Van Buskirk Thursday afternoon. Roll call was answered by Common Errors In English. The program consisted of group singing, scripture, Psalm VI Blanche Chrlstenson; lesson.' s We Ought to Know Ahout i." Gertrude Jacobson; spec- music, Helen Stephenson. - —"«• until iiiuuauiiu< or dollars of damage had been done What typewriters they forgot to destroy they took with them, sold for 50c each. Next night they came back. This time they were greeted by a policeman who was surprised to discover that the pillage nnd wreckage had been done by six barefooted dirty-faced moppets, twins Chester and Leo Froelich, 9; John Rudecki >. and his 8-yenr-old brother. Walt' WE CAN DO WITHOUT GYPSIES It seems Impossible for any celebration, fair or gathering for purposes of fun to be held without a visit from those perennial wanderers, the gypsies. Where they come from, and where they go, nobody seems to know. Nobody welcomes them, nobody wants them, but they always manage to be on hand when a crowd gathers. Picked pockets, rifled tills, shoplifting and a half dozen other more or less petty crimes can usually be coincided with their presence in the community. If people want to be suckers enough to fall for that fortunetelling gag in gypsy tents, that's their tough luck. But In the meantime It would Mem that a strong discouragement of their presence might be Indicated, or else feet made so prohibitive for their concession space that they go to other more receptive communities. And it would be Interesting to find out whether or not this particular breed pays any income taxes or any other kind of taxes. After all, maybe it has been the success of the gypsy tribe* that has caused the sudden wave of automobile trailers and trailer-households. And in conclusion, the gyp-sy Is well named. When he saw a man enter the store, having all the ear-marks of asking for a handout, Leonard Nelson waa quick on the trigger. He went went to the basement stairs and yelled down: "Say, did the boas say when he would be back." It worked and L. J. says here Is no copyright on the Idea. thPr ~ . Fair, and also that there would be auto racing at the Clay County Fair Did you ever listen to one of those fellow, who dldn? leave you with the Impression that he thought he " A local woman marched her hubby into a barber shop, and to the astonishment of barber and customers, proceeded to tell the scissors wleider how she wanted it done-half an inch short here, full out n, e t7;,Z? C " *r d thU " a " d 8 °- The barber f °" ow "d mstructions the woman paid, and the couple left without hubby saying a word. The weaker sex- bah! f New York candidates for — Nazis are as far off on th.^ °"; er . ld *£" «• th «y are that one, we'll say they're plenty off. ' Report* have it that Earl Hall of Jtfauon City in J ^nf? i * n>t * Cabl * * trong enou «h to pull him Into politics ... and that, we might add, although r^J liu , W ?" ld make a good con <»date, shows good editorial judgment, too. But the trouble is too often, that good men because of their knowledge of what political campaign, and political office, really mean. refu,e to be dragged into the arena for the pleasure of the lion* and tigers. ^tJ^^^JPZ-** •P""*' ta « P««on r *f~*** t vuiiio.* jniftKjjluC" ent, landlocked Hong Kong Harbor seventh busiest in the world and always alive with yachts, junks ferries, sampans, freighters, liners | and men-of-war, was last week more than usually jampacked with shipping taking refuge from Shanir- I 5 a !?H W ? r J' 000 rnllea to the north . Suddenly in from the China Sea blasted the worst typhon in ten years. So furious was the wind that observatory instruments, capable of registering up to 125 miles per hour, broke down. I At least 18 ocean liners were ripped from their storm moorings and slammed ashore. The "On Lee" a 1,026-ton coastal vessel was smash- I ed against the British "Suffolk" bounced back like a ping-pong ball Into the British destroyer "Duchess , rammed through a wharf, piled ashore at the foot of a water- - . aer: Walter Miranda and his 6-year- old brother Norbert John Rudecki he only one who tried to escape' was extricated with difficulty from between the blades of a ventilating an. Bundled off to the station house, they were lined up, photographed. bound over to their parents pending a hearing this week The raider, explained they did not thalr nri Ladlm Rural Club The Ladles' Rural club met nt the home of Mrs. Roy Jacobson on Thursday afternoon. A flower show wns held. Roll call was answered wfth "Whnt Flowers Each Hnd Brought." The lesson wns glvon by Mrs. Roy Telford. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess. Community Ladien' Aid The Community Ladles' Aid met Friday afternoon at the church parlors with Mrs. John Coyle nnd Mrs. Everett Nnsh ns hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. John Stone visited relatives in Alta Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Olson and sons were Algona shoppers Saturday. Dr. Shipley was taken to Rochester. Minn., for medical treatment Saturday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford and sons were Stuiday dinner guests at ^.- and Mrs. Erick Dahl spent Thursday nt the Tom Olson home in Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zinnel and their daughter visited relatives in Minnesota, Sunday. Blanche Henrikson, who teaches Humor, Novelty, Hospitality, Proflt-Ifs a Five Star entertainment offered by Clyde Brutow Loses 2 Horses Portland: The loss of two good horses is reported at the Clyde Brls- tows. Any farmer who is fortunate enough to have the disease pass by his horses is certainly very thank- Felts, Velvots and Velours Fascinating flattery in the new crowns. Turbans twirl . . . toques tower . . . berets flare upwards . . . profile brims roll magnificently ... all make you feel distractingly gay. Black and colors $1.95—$5.50 The ELITE Famous Explorer Finds Breakfast to Brace-Up Nerves! QUAKER OATS, BREAKFAST OF GREAT AMERICANS, * JWNS PRAISE OF RUTH HARKNESS, GREAt AMERICAN EXPLORE*, \ WHO CAPTURED SU.UN, GIANT PANDA, ALIVE. -'oar ******* BRACES-UP NERVES & DIGESTION ! AMPLE FUNDS TO LEND AT ONCE to buy, build, refinance now! The inflow of new savings, since our accounts have been insured for safety up to $5,000, giyes us increased funds to lend to home makers. No red tape to unwind—no delay. It'll pay you to secure funds here to finance building, buying, modernizing, or refinancing. Let us explain our economical plan. Algona Federal Savings & Loan Algoua, Iowa C. B. LaBarre, Sec'y Member Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation —„ „.„ *u-uv v& a wt»ier» front street. Included among the at least 20 ships sunk was Britain's Hunan", with 1.200 Shanghai Chinese refugees aboard. Hundreds of fishing vessels and small Chinese houseboats splintered against the sea wall and rocky coast as scream- Ing coolies catapulted Into the seething water, many to be drowned, few to be saved by a life line of rope-tethered police and customs officers. j Hong Kong's business section became a sordid shambles. Motor car parts flew like pebles, steel lamp- posU were bent almost at right angles. A waist-high flood of stinking water and mu escaped through the waterfront streets. Though the typhoon was spent after six hours behind was left a trail of fires and cholera. At week's end, British officials still trying to assess casualties and damages despondently gave out that at least 600 lives had been ^.'..^L^ 6 typhoon had cost Hong Kong dollars Mrs. Vernon Pederson, Bode spent the week end at the Wyott Stotts. John Trunkhill took Stella Isenberger to Sioux City, Saturday, to enter Mornlngiide College. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brayton took . wT' Richard - to Dubuque. ast Wednesday where he will enter college. Mr. and Mrs. John Trunkhill re- M™ i ™ Wuednesd <»y from Elk Mound, Wis. having taken Ralph Jain home. Bertha Daniels, Burt, accompanied them. .??• "I* 1 "- T °ny J»ndl arrived home Tuesday after spending a few days in Minneapolis, attending ™* ***te fair and vidting relatives. Mw. O. Oilom came here with them for .everal days' and on Frl- hTI he j, andls took Mrs. OWom back to Minneapolis. AN EXPERIMENT TO GET PNEUMONIA PREVENTIVE WASHINGTON: Everyone of the 300,000 Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees who is willing will nex month get a hpyodermic injectio m his arm. In consequence it hoped that no more than 300 of then Will develop pneumonia this winte that only 10 of them will die from " -sease which regularly people in the U. S. ever th i • B X l CCC men who refus the injections may not be so lucky for according to averages pneu monia will fell two out of every housand of them, and one out o eleven who takes sick may expec o die. Bacterioligists and chemists of Washington's Army Medical school last week busily prepared this new preventive. To avoid adulteration they worked in glass cages, sterilized each morning by live steam and ventilated all day by sterile conditioned air. Before the men entered the Class Reunion Fa!rview-Corwith:A reunion of the class of 1926 of the Corwlth high school, was held at the home ias^we* a Stilson ' one eve "ing Tho»e present were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson of Sexton, Mr. and Mrs Lyle Pearce of Britt, Florence Docker of Rochelle, III., Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oxley and Paul Beckman of Corwith. The early part of I the evening was spent roasting wieners around a campfire at the back of the Stilson home For Any Old Stove, Regardless of Condition, As A Trade-In Value On Any NEW FAMOUS Torridaire Regular Price $49.50 to $79.50 Rectal Diseases Varicose Veins and Rupture I use the ambulant method in treating these conditions. This means that you suffer very little if any pain, do not have to go to bed or lose any bloed You can go right on with your regular work and lose no time except for a few minutes in my office once a week. You are welcome to come in for an examination without charges. At that time I can explain my method of treatment. Dr. S. W. Meyer, D. 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL Iowa 21-tf • Entire inner unit of cast iron, extra heavy, rugged—to withstand severe usage. •Each of the five sizes is Identical in design and construc- tion—flre bowl weigbto mi the new TOBKIOAIRE Increased 80% over the ordinary tyne— HOT BLAST DOWN DRAFT TUBE—doors fitted to precision air tightness—easily ac- cesibie cooking top—the very thing for heating water warming milk, preparing a cereal, a light breakfast or supper. • Porcelain enameled back Louvres reflecting heat down- war , dl Presenting cold and drafty floors. •All joints Interlocked and double cemented, which prevents the escape of gases leaks and drafts. • Water pan gives comfortable moist healthful heat. Enameled to prevent rust, insure long use. •All ash doors have sliding dampers, machine ground. •Mica fire door, giving open- lire cheerfulness. round reversible • Cast iron collar. • All these features— such as EniuiieU-d back, Hot Blast Tube— und others enumerated are included at our lowest price— in short, there are no "extras". Xour S«ti*frction IS GUARANTEED IN WRITING When you buy a Tor- ridaire Circulator Heater you are given written guarantee by its maker, The Tennessee Stove Works, that it will gi ve you years of trouble free service. Ask Jeuier. your Act Now! Bring in Your Old Stove! ' Or Call and We'll Get It for You EASY AW ALWAYS B FOK THE GREATEST VALUES Home BARRY'S BEER BEST

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