The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 16, 1937
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im;i, .\i. "-MARCH TIME V. P. W.-G*Nr. HEPLY BUFFALO, frew York: Address inv ; t&» 3fth encampment of the Veterans 6t foreign Wars assembl ' '"' Buffalo last week, Majo , .'*«at&r; U. 3. M. C., retir ed, uprose amid cheers and whistles to read.-,* ''reply" from the Pres Went,congratulating the veterans on th«r ,aflii-war resolution call ing fof ftrtmdatory neutrality in th* current Stno-Japanese war and tin withdrawal of U. S. armed forces f run foreign soil: "Other countries must make their damned war with otifc our help." When he finished the general looked up, said: "I ain't signed. Wouldn't it be fine If we did get such a letter from the President?" MEDITERRANEAN'S SUBMERGED PIRATES LONDON: In recent months al least 25 British ships have been at tacked in the Mediterranean, French merchantmen have been fired on numerous Russian ships sunk. Last straw! for Uie British Lion's back was added last week when past the awftroyer "Havock", on Mediterranean patrol off Alicante, dartet the long 1 white wake of a submarine torpedo. Out crackled a mesage for help and whooshing overboarc went seven cylindrical depth .By the trme sister ship reached the "Havock" the Iridescent with oil. The mystery sub had apparently been sunk. > Then two days later the British tanker "Woodford" was sunk by two torpedoes fired at point blank range from a submarine whose Identification had been crude ly painted out. Backed to the hilt by, France two long and secret meetings were held hi Downing Street, and scon came the announcement that a meeting of twelve nations would be called to discuss piracy In the Mediterranean and action to be undertaken to suppress It Meantime, a special meeting of the Cabinet was called to meet the crisis, while still more British warships steamed to the Mediterranean to protect British shipping. Since Francisco Franco controls only two Spanish submarines, and since Germany is at present anxious to keep In Britain's graces, almost every observer agreed last week that the pirate submarines must be Italian. Careful not to mention. Italy and piracy in one breath was Great Britain, busily trying to wheedle Italian cooperation for her 12-power parley at little Nyon in Switzerland. But Russia, fighting mad at the loss of her ships during the summer, suddenly upset the applecart, bluntly sent a note to Rome, accusing Italy outright of the torpedoing of the Soviet mandlng cash reparations. Just as bhuitly did Italy deny the torpedo- tag, refuse payment. Intimate that she would sit at no conference table with Russia. K. D. R. 8IONS, DISAPPROVES SUGAR BILL WASHINGTON: The Sugar Bill spurred through Congress in its closing days by lobbyists last week lay on,the President's desk for signature. It provided for domestic eane and beet growers continuance of the quota limiting raw sugar imports, and cash benefits to be paid from a 'ic per Ib, processing lax. Although reconciled to holding an umbrella over the growers in the form of a domestic price about three times the world price, the President strenuously objected in principle to that part of the bill which, for the benefit of mainland refiners, severely restricted imports of refined sugar from Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Cuba. But the veto wWeh Washington observers expected would have brought down on the President's head the anger of both growers and refiners. After meditating; last week at Hyde Park, Franklin Roosevelt therefore decided that discretion glgctra Upper Ues Jllotnes Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER Hi. 1!):i? Ton Pnecs VOL. 35.—NO. Concession Man Sentenced In County Fair Rape Case Hew Yorker Accused By Kossuth Girl, 16, of Serious Grime GIVEN 10 YEAB8 IN PENITENTIARY Harry Bernstein, 33, who gave New York City as his home, was sentenced to a term of not to exceed 10 years at Fort Madison penitentiary, by Judge F. C. Davidson at Emmetsburg, Wednesday afternoon, on a plea of guilty to a charge ef statutory rape. Bernstein was connected with the show located Just north of the Floral hall, where the chief attraction consisted of an expert who model* ed sand and clay into statues and other creations. Bernstein was the barker at'the show. CUrl 18 Tears Old Local authorities have been working on the case for several days, since details of the case came to light after the girl was reported missing, by her mother. The girl, who was only 15, told Bernstein, according to his own written confession, and in a statement made after his arrest by the girl, that she was 18 years old. Both Bernstein and the girl wrote out stories of the case, which correspond in all important details. The girl spent the night in the tent at the concession, both stated. Bernstein said he had a wife and child In Philadelphia, and had been with the concession since last spring. He denied knowing the girl's correct age, and she corroborated his statement The rape occurred Sept. 9th. Statute On Rape County Attorney L. A.. Winkel outlined the statute of rape briefly. When the man is under 29, the age of consent is set at 17, and when over 25, the female age is cut to 16 years. The Information against Bernstein was signed by the girl's mother. The girl told officers, after she was found at Spencer, that she had decided to run away from home. She was picked up at the Clay coun- ,y fair grounds, where she intended to join the sand modeling troupe,. tence of from five years to life. Kossuth County Fair Summary Approximately 20,- Attendance , 000. Financial Outcome—About broke even. Baseball—Fenton 0, Whlttemore 16. Titonka 3, Wesley 2. 4-H Clubs—Bancroft Busy Pals, first in booth display, second to Fenton Forwards, third to Portland Pep"py Pals, fourth to Buffalo Boosters, fifth to Swea Spirits of Service. Marlon Jensen and Shirley Marlow of Burt won first in team demonstration. Second place team was Betty Anderson and Lucille Rath, Swea club. Third place to Marjorle Johnson and Mary Ann Bohn, Fenton. Calf Club—Clifford McGregor, Armstrong, grand championship with Black Angus In senior class, sold to Horrnel Packing Co. for 21 cents per pound. Decker's and Lars Sorensen, Algona, were other purchasers of choice baby beeves. Team Pulling—Henry Bros., Algona, won heavyweight class. Pet- erson team of Rolfe, first in lightweight class. Auto Race*—Gus Schroeder, Cedar Rapids, set new Kossuth fair half mile sprint record, in 26.2 seconds. Harness Races—Record entries, splendid races, good competition. Livestock Judging—Horses, major honors carried off by C. M. Gross Lone Rock (Percherons), F. F. Fett, LuVerne, (Belgians), Claude Seeley, Algona, .Clydesdales), and Kenneth Seeley, Dr. L. W. Larson, four firsts (draft), colt club, first to Albert Fett of LuVerne and Ed Rlppentrop, Titonka. Cattle: Shorthorns, Ben Studer, Wesley; Herefords, P. M. Chrlstenson A Son, Lone Rock; Angus, Ben Studer, Wesley; Holsteins, Floyd Bode, Algona, and Andrew Godfredson, Algona, Herman Soderberg, Bancroft, F. H. Mescher, Bancroft; Jerseys, Mitch Taylor, Sexton; Guernseys, Loren J. Brown, Algona, W. H. Bosworth: Brown Swiss, Robert Mayer. Try Whiskey as Cure for Horses' Sleeping SicknWti Authentic report* that many farmer* are using whiskey •» a tonic In an effort to core their horses of sleeping sickness, have been circulated locally In the past few days. Some farmers report that the results seem to be a help toward recovery, rather than the opposite. In most cases, the youngest and best bred of the stock seems to be the most susceptible. Death losses have been heavy, but there has been a slight dropping off of new cases reported. Prevention and cure methods have been an varied as those used 100 years ago, and as modern as the best veterinarians can devise. Reports hare been heard that crankcase oil was poured Into the ears of one horse victim. Some keep their horses shut In nights, and out days, and others operate Just vice versa, in efforts to protect the horses. Others have walked victim* around with Ice packs on their head, and feeding of salted hay to Induce much drinking of wnter has also been tried. Many sling; the horses up to keep them on their feet. No specific cure has been found, and little agreement arrived at as to the method* of treatment best for the animals. The farmer is forced to do his best, with the aid of hard-working veterinarians, nnd hope for good luck. PLANS COMPLETE FOR DEDICATION OF ALGONA P.O. TJ. S. Senator Gillette To (Jive Main Address Tuesday, 2 p. m. Final arrangements have been made for the official dedication of Algona's new postoftice, to be held at 2 p. m., next Tuesday, Sept. 21. J. D. Lowe will preside, and U. S. Senator Guy M. Gillette of Cherokee will deliver the dedicatory address. The dedication program commit tee named by the postoffice department consists of W. W. Sullivan, postmaster, chairman, L. E. Linnan, O. S. Reliey and Fred Gilchrlst, Laurens, 8th district congressman. The program will open with invocation by Father A. H. Ahman, followed by an address of welcome by C. B. Murtagh, state comptroller. Mr. Linnan will introduce Senator Gillette. Rev. George Vance will deliver the benediction. Other committees named to act as reception committees for various groups include the following: Postal Employees—W. W. Sullivan, chairman, J. W. Haggard, R. B. Waller, W. C. Dewel, D. E. Dewel and T. C. Sherman. Civic Leaders—O. S. Reiley, chairman, Joe Bloom, John Haggard, J. J>. Lowe,*E. G. Thlel and L. J. Dickinson. Public Officials—L. E. Linnan, chairman, C. F. Spocht, P. J. Kohlhaas, Dr. F. C. Scanlan, and R. J. Harrington. Farm Bureau officials—A. L. Brown, chairman. G. W. Bleich, Ed Youngwirth, Wayne Keith, Geo. Hawcott and H. J. Bode. 3rd Conservation League Field Day is This Sunday HOW HOMESTEAD DRUNK DRIVER GETS S MONTHS IN JAIL, James E. Peterson was sentenced .o three months In jail, by Judge Davidson, at the same session, Wednesday afternoon. He was arrested last Friday night, bound over to llstrict court Saturday, and enter- id his plea of guilty yesterday. Peterson had been working as a farm land on a farm near Algona, and ast Friday purchased four bottles f liquor In Algona. He was un- nble to pay a fine. He did, however, pay for the damage to one of two cars he hit, and declared he in- ended to pay for the damages to he other car, if possible. was the better part of principle, simultaneously signed the Sugar Bill and denounced it, indignantly insisting that a sound measure had been "seriously impaired in its value by the inclusion of a provision designed to legalize a virtual monopoly in the hands of a small group of seaboard refiners." He added: "T am approving the bill with what amounts to a gentlemans' agreement that the unholy alliance between he cane and beet grower* on the one hand, and the seaboard refining monopoly on the other, has been terminated by the growers. That means that, hereafter the refiners' lobby should expect no help from the domestic growers. That is at least a definite step in the right direction." 4 Get Wedding Licenses, 2 Days Ltafrases to wed, Tuesday and We^aJMday of this week, were as foHpwi Sept. It— Oscar L. Whitney, of Plover, «3, and Katherine Hanson, Shell Lak*, Wls., 46; Ernest Goett- licker W, end Evelyn Whalcn, 18. both of Mankato. Sept. 16— John! St*>tt,| and RoM&MHk Long, 17. Wesley; Walter F. Drummer, 23, juid Viola 88, boot Wesley Robbery Sutpects Have Jbfl Records Two men held in jail here, charged wy*» robbing the Deep Rock oil 8ta%>n, several weeks ago, were found to, hav* police records. Th* pajjr, George Alien, 20, Richmond, Mich., and Earl Laymon, 25, JopU», M0., had been employed in • BID* Earth canning factory during the fojouner. After the plant oIOMd th* pair went to Mankato, Wh«r« Laymon purchased a gun for t* Layman has a police record, and «*rv«d 18 month* in the Iowa pear , and also sentence* at Tul- Ftorwt City, Waterloo, and in California. Schrader Sets New Speed Mark At Spencer Fair Spencer: (Special) — Following world record breaking speed per- ormances by champions Gus chrader and Emory Collins at 'uesday's professional auto races t the Clay county fair, here, predictions are being made that additional track, state and world's marks will be shattered in the final championship events bringing the annual exposition to a sensational and thrilling climax, Saturday afternoon. The records shattered Tuesday include world's five lap mark, which was brought down to two minutes and 16.71 seconds, Iowa state one lap of 25:93 seconds reduced to 25:82, and Clay county fair record for nine laps. The use of an official "electric eye" timing device assures recognition of the new marks. Both Collins and Schrader with more than u score of professional stars will return for the feature events Saturday when a 25 lap final sweepstakes will be run for special purses and points toward 1937 world's dirt track championship. Attempts also will be made to break the world speed marks for two and three laps and for the 25 lap distance. Advance reservations for grandstand seats indicate another huge crowd. TO BE HANDLED If Taxes All Paid; Will Get Checks; Otherwise See Treasurer Here's how the homestead exemption check refund works. If you have paid both your first and second half taxes for 1936, the refund check will be mailed to you from the office of M. J, Duffy, county treasurer. If yqu have not paid your second half taxes, which by the way become delinquent October 1, when you call at the treasurer's office to pay them, the homestead exemption check iki your name will apply on your second half taxes. A state warrant for $108,688.10 was received last week by Mi. Duffy for distribution and credit in Kossuth, and 2,523 residents of Kossuth are eligible to receive the credit. There will be no extension in time to pay the second half taxes, Duffy also warns, and penalty will begin October 1. To Make Escape From Coffin, Call r ! ..,i\=-A.WU'atifeiS,^>Jii!fe'-.', 1 ,<UiarM»" u Bob Loss Now On State Field Force Robert M. Loss, county chairman of the Kossuth agricultural adjustment program, has been temporarily assigned to duty with the field force of the state committee to assist the regular field man from this district in checking individual farms. G. D. Welhousen, Titonka, ia acting chairman for Kotuiuth in the absence of Mr. LOM. The county committee has received request* to measure 2,163 farms out of the 3.527 signed up, pliance with the 1837 program. New Liquor Store Livermore: Whether Livermore will or will not have a liquor store beeiua to greatly depend upon whether a suitable building con be obtained. It aeems that the requirements are very strict, stnd that the building has to be of certain size, and at the present time it looks an if a building of those requirements in not obtainable here. Hold Whittemore Accident Victim Rites Wednesday Whittemore: Funeral services were held Wednesday at St. Michael's church for Peter Mergen of here who was killed in in an auto accident Sunday night eight miles northeast of Emmetsburg. Two other victims were Mrs. Norman Finnestad and son, Duane, three years old. Peter Mergen. son of Nick Mergen, was born September 24, 1910, at Whittemore. For the past three r'ears he has been employed by Mrs. Dpal Henry on her farm syuth of town. Father Win. Veil conducted the funeral services. Burial was made at the Catholic cemetery west of town. Mr. Mergen is survived by his father and step-mother. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mergen and eight brothers and sisters, Leo of Algona, Joseph, James, Elizabeth, Susie, Dorothy, Mary Ann and Phyllis Mae. Pull bearers were six of his cousins. 3 Men Injured In Bode Mishap Three men were injured in an auto crash a mile north and a mile west of Bode, Monday afternoon. The injured were Tom Thorson and Martin Eager of Bode, riding in one machine, and a Decker Co. representative whose name was not learned in the second machine. Tall cornfields obscured the vision of the drivers. Thor Selvig, farmer living near the accident scene, took the men to Bode, where their cuts and bruises were treated. Among the many amazing Illusions to be performed by Mysterious Smith, the great American magician, for two days at the Call Theatre. Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Sept. 22 and 23, is his famous coffin mystery. Encased in a regulation straightjacket, every muscle helpless, he is placed in a casket from the regular Yitock of a local undertaker. In less than three minutes, Smith, despite his trussed-up state, emerges from the straight-jacket and the sealed casket. Man's Knee Crushed In Swea Accident Swea City: Stg Loge of here received a crushed knee, asthe result of an auto accident that occurred last Sunday evening. Arlcne Helmke, Loge and Melvin Wiliams were driving along a road near the Alex Mortensen farm, two miles southeast of Swea City. The car got out of control, left the road, and turned over twice. Miss Helmke and Williams escaped with minor bruises and scratches, but Loge received a crushed knee. The injured man and his companions were picked up by Walter tSWVtt ^v*liy» XTJJB Cal*' iVKB "uSOijr damaged. Bancroft Barber Shop Catches Fire Bancroft: The roof of the Baker barber shop caught fire Monday morning but the blaze was quickly extinguished by the volunteer fire department. Quite a large hole was burned in Ihe roof. Thrown From Horse Lone Rock: Charles Hawks received 'i cut in his forehead, requiring two stitches and a cut on his nose requiring three stitches, when thrown from a horse Sunday. Blanchard Home Lone Rock: Donald Bluiu-hanl has closed a season of baseball .it Selma, Alabama. and returned home last week Wednesday. ALGONA ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY PAGE TWO— Foster's Furniture Miibach's Harris Bros. Wraj^s Service PAGE THREE— Algona Fed. Savs. & Loan The Elite Bjuatrom's PAGE FOUR— Jimmie Neville Kohlhaas & Spillen Graham's C. S. Johnson Greenberg Auto Supply PAGE FIVE— Kresensky's PAGE SIX— Huwcott Ai Ogg Sorensen Grocery New Call Theatre Anderson Grain & Coal Christensen Bros. PAGE SEVEN— Brownell's Modern Dry Cleaners Madaon & Hanson Iowa Theatre Algona Auction Co. Baldwin-Food Market PAGE EIGHT— Council Oak Algona Produce Bernice Stock K. S. Norton & Son Zender & Caldwell PAGE NINE— Botsford Lbr. Co. KlasMu Motor PACE TEN— CiinschiJIes Store Kent Motor A & P. Food Store Victims of Auto Accident Near Fenton Mrs. Norman Finnestad, 30, and son Duane, 3, who were fatally injured in an auto crash west of Fenton. are pictured above. The accident happened Sunday night. Further details are In the Rewrites. The Finnestads were from Graettlnger. Fenton: Double funeral services for Mrs. Norman Finnestad and her son, Duane were held Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 at the home and two o'clock nt the St. John's church in Depew with the Rev. A. K. Gaard of Cylinder officiating. Mrs. Finnestad and son, Duane of Fenton nnd Peter Mergen of Whlttemore were the victims of an auto accident Sunday evening about six o'clock eight miles southwest of Fenton. only four miles from the Finnestad home. Mrs. Finnestad was born near Falrville on January 26. 1904. and was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Louis Christian. She spent all her life in this community and for several years was clerk in the Fenton Mercantile store where she made a host of friends. On March 31, 192fl, she was married to'Norman Finnestad and since their marriage they lived on a farm 3Mi miles west of Fenton. Pall bearers for Mrs. Finnestnd were Richard Hengel, Arthur Voigt, Walter Wegener. Bertel Bergeland and Charles Reed. There were about 700 people at the funeral, the largest funeral and the saddest ever held around Fenton. There were many floral offerings. New Site Mile West of Bancroft Beady for Crowds PROGRAM STARTS WITH TRAPSHOOT HOGS %" Best light butrh.,140-180 . $8.50-9.00 Best lijrht butch., 160-180 0.00-10.00 Best light butch., 180-200 10.00-10.50 Best light butrh.. 200-250 11.00-11.50 Med. heavy, 250-290 Med. heavy, 290-325 Butchers, :s25-350 Butchers, 360-400 11.00-11.25 10.75-11.00 10.75 10.00-10.26 SOWS, Packing BOWS, 400-500 9.00-9.25 CATTLE Veal calves $5.00-9.00 dinners nnd cutters 2.75-3.75 Stock steers 5.00-7.00 Fat steers 9.50-10.50 Fat yearlings 9.00-10.00 Bulls 4.50-5.50 Fat cows 4 TO-6.00 <;RAI.V No. 2 yellow corn No. 4 yellow corn, new No. 3 white oats .21'* Barley. No. 3, new .48 No. 2 rye .07 Hennerys 24c No. 1 20c No. 2 He Cash cream— No. 1 35c No. 2 33c Sweet 36c POULTRY Sens, over 5 Ibs. 19c Hens, 4 to 5 Ihs. 17'^c Hens, under 4 Ibs. I4c Leghorn Hena 14c Cocks, under 4'-j 8c Cocks, under 4'j 10c Springs, over 5 Ib.s. 21c Springs. 4 to 5 lite Leghorn cocks 8c. Leghorn .springs 17 "nr Springs. :i to 4 n He Springs, under .'! 17i' Markets subject to change by the time of publication. SUDDEN DEATH TAKES LORETTA WINKELJILGONA Services for Young Lady Planned Here Friday Stop Hog Theft At LuVerne Farm Kelsey Burtis. LuVerne. was bound over to tiie Kossuth county district court. Monday, under bond of $1,000. which he was unable to furnish on charges of larceny of domestic animals. Burtib is charged with having driven into the John lichnkendorf farm yard near LuVerne last Wednesday anil thinking everybody !m<! none to town, proceeded to load his ar witii liog.s. However, officers say, the Behnkendorf .sons were home and caught him in the aet. This community was shocked ant grieved, Wednesday morning, to learn of the death of Lorettn A Winkol, who passed away at 5:30 a. m. at a Fort Dodge hospital, after an illness of about two wpckn. •She had bern ill for about ten days when peritonitis developed and caused her death. Miss Winkel had been employed at the Chrlschilles store in Algona for the past two years, and had a host of friends, who join with members of her family in mourning her passing. KiiniTiil Kltrw Friday Funeral services will be held at St. Cecelia's Catholic church In Algona, at !» a. m.. Friday, Sept. 17. Father Ahman will officiate, and interment will be in the Catholic cemetery. liiroh Winkel, father of Loretta, passed away on March 23rd. , Other members of the family surviving are Mrs. Jacob Winkcj, her mother, and the following brothers and sisters: Ralph Winkel, Morris, III.: Lavina Lucina, .Iowa City: Lawrence of Algona. Julius B. of Algomi. Marie Jacobs of Algona, Frances at home, and George of Whittemore. H.1 Veurti of Age Mi.s.i U'inhel was .'!.'! years of age a I the time of her death. She was born March 24, 11104, :it the parental home in Union township. She .-it- tended the Algona schools, and graduated from Algona high school in \'JT2. .She attended Cedar Kails ilmva Hlnte '/Yacht; 1 .-. 1 ! college for one year. Relatives expected hen- for the funeral include Mr and Mrs. Ralph Winkel of Morris. Ill . and Mr. and Mr.v (Jeorge I.acina of Iowa City. Heal i'lov'-iip* of Hume ucus dm- Sept. -,'7. 'M, '"(til in MTeen- lincd entertainment presented by The Algi'iia I pper lie* Moincf, in tin- .NY« < lt u f j heat re. Kossuth county's third annual Field Day is all set: Thousands of folks, families and entries will make the new location, one mile west of Bancroft, their mecca, this Sunday, Sept. 19, with the program scheduled to get under way at 10 B. m. 9. D. Lowe, general chairman, announced Wednesday night that a picked team from the State Highway Patrol would meet the Mason City police team In a pistol match at 3:16 p. m, Sunday. Should weather conditions prevent the event this Sunday, it will be held a week from then, Sept. 26th, at the same place. A County Affair The Field Day will more than ever be a county event Committees as announced this week are as follows: Grounds—Charles Morris, Loni' Rock, Charles Inman, Bancroft, J. Deiterlng, Bancroft, Flynn Hum Bancroft, and A. Illlf. Bancroft Parking—John Foth, Algona*C Walt Steward, Burt, Bill Rlcklef*4 Titonka, Floyd Ncwvllle, Algona, J. Schrader, Swea City, and Carl Dnhlhauser, Algona. Safety and Police—Casey Loss, Algona, Art Cogley, Bancroft, Ed Underdah), Lakota, L. E. Hovey, Algona, and H. A. Van Aistyne, Algona. A public address system for announcements is being furnished by The Algona Chamber of Commerce, and O. S. Rcllcy will handle the announcing. County Trap Shoot The live-man trap shoot for th* county championship will be limited to the several units of the Kossuth Conservation League, and th* teams will be composed of five man, selected from the following squad*. Teams and squad members registered to date, follow: Whittemore—O, A. Poirot, aeM««h«i4tf Blmln Oi'eeiin'eTa,' Wm. Letnlngw.^ Reiner and R. F. Brady. Lone Rock—Hlldreth Pettlt, Alton' Pettlt, Woodrow Pettit, Delmar Fisher, Gene Pearson, M. Culbertson, Art Pricbe, Frank Flalg, H- Blanchard and Alf Krueger. Algona—Wen French, Mauric* Bartholomew, Charles McGinnU, H. W. Peterson, Mel Falkenhainer, Wm. Hawcott. J. H. Hope, M. P. Haggard, M. P. Weaver, C. H. Cretzmcyer, Carl Dahlhauser and Ed Tlmms. Hurt—G. W. Bleich, Geo. P. Haw- ott. Jess McDonald. Walter Hanna, Hugh McDonald, Ed Welske. Lloyd Schenck, Dr. Magnus Llch- tcr, LeRoy Boettcher and H. W. Trainer. Bancroft—A. A. Droessler, E. J. Deiterlng. Raymond Wolfe, F. R. Hunt. Maurice Hernhard, Dr. C. M. Klerscht and Dale Donis. Titonka—John Fisher, Elmer Peterson. Alfred fl)esterrelcher, W. J. Denton, Tom Young and Ernest Peterson. 1'urk 2,000 Cum There will be free parking space for 2,000 cars, the committee «n- lotmces. The schedule of events follows: 10 a. m.—Competitive ritle shooting; competitive pistol shooting; •ompetitive trap shoot: competitive lorseshoe pitching; competitive "Bride Wakes Up 99 - See How on Movie Screen Here There'll Bonuuice in Hoiue- niaking. Sec it for yourseU Sept 27, 28, 28tb in toe New Cull Theatre lut Ule wt-U-utue guest of The Algona I put-r Det> Maine*. There is always something new under the sun. Entertaining proof of that statement. will be presented by The Ai- gonu Upper Des Moincs. which is bringing to The Call Theatre, Sept. 27, 28 and 29th a motion picture that pioneers in fresh, stimulating treatment of the uldest and important subject in the world — Humemak- ing. Doors open at 9:30 a. m.. the picture starts al 10 u. m., and will run for 56 minutes. Attendance prizes will be awarded following the picture. This is no routine lecture, no methodical demun&trutiou which the Algona Upper Des Muines will give to the women of the community for three days, without charge. This paper takes a genuine pride in being among the first to spun- t.or "The Bride Wakes Up", a full- leuglii feature picture, directed uiid filmed in Hollywood, with u competent cast to interpret I he appeal- Ing story. Women, young and old. and lacii. too, will appreciate the humuiiiictia of this roinuntic screen story, in which home problem* have been approached from ua entirely new angle. EmerUiimncm profitable instruction, humor and romance art woven deftly into a production which abounds in ingenious camera studies and remarkable The c.iiucra has modernized the Cooking School, magnifying its benefits, lo.sing none of its hos. •able, friendly charm In fact, there are close-ups of \ new chocolate layer cuke iind ii« lemon chilfon pie that arc destined to send the hungry audience hustling home to duplicate the culinary triumphs, free recipe sheets each day will provide added incentive. She t'an't Boil Water Experienced housekeepers will thrill lo the adventures of the winsome bride, whose husband begins j spoon-s drop their level into the bowl, when th spoon ij creamin just as though the model lutcii. were right on the stage, with Ih c.« -eption Dial tile view .i.-tu.illy will be more complete fur cat h person in the audience. The n'lists ot The Algona Upper Des Moinc m the back rows will share tli same close-ups of the busy mixing wl which are being seen in the fit of the Call Theatre. Students to Sc.4- Film school authorities have to cooperate ^o :nts in the home econ- that omics classes will be allowed to attend in groups, u different group viewing the picture each morning. When the graduated measuring to fume when he finds that she cu.n'1 even boil water. But this bride is bless deu limitation, even faithful servant in horn her What with resourceful though the her girlhood made every elfort to spoil 'pens, after the honeymoon in over? What haypen.. when the bride becomes aware of the critical gaze of some of her husband's old sweethearts, who are not apt to forget heavy biscuit* in a uurry? It will be a real cooking c lass, portions wooden •h u U-irn-,' being .1. in - and the dry ingredients sifted, uach alep of lii il ing. blending and mixing prucc.-.s will be pictured faithfully U>iuu,,i. a series of fascinating This will be no direct-from-UK- oven sample of speed or trick |-holography, but a thorj'juh. re..l-ufe camera study of .scientific HU.UM,,'.... designed to be helpful, even wink the story entertains So realistic i.s the atmosphere ,,i the modern kitchens, with theii y learning. convenient equipnu-n and , lieery informality that the audieme really feel.-, p.iit of Hi scene Soon tiie deft worker ,c -in to be talking directly in each j,et , ( ,i in the theatre, rather than to th puzzled bride. A Harvest of ideas Kvery listener will Imd a har-. est of practical ideas among the .suggestions for more efficient honie- niakh'ig. covering such daily problems a.s laundry, refrigeration, up- to-date entertaining, beauty secrets, news of modernized home equipment and tips on making these mechanical .servants yield the high- .st degree of usefulness. Not only will the picture be free, but *thcrc ttili be a ho*t of daily itiflh and surprise arranged ii) tlu- Algoiia I uper IV* Moinc* and puj-ticip;.ttiii£ iirnis, who are joining forces to make Uie unusual entertainment available to the i ominuji- It .l-ili..! Sept. L'7, 2b. and 111 .sharp, on your cal- ami t-hiii to juin your i Tile Cull Theatre. archery. 10:30 a. m.—Bait rod and fly rod asting tournament begins; coun.ty •hampionship team trap shoot begins. 11 a m. -Open championship trap hoot, live man teams, opens. !1! noon -150 bird trap event tarts: dog show and trials get inder way 1:30 |> m —Grand parade of dogs. l:<fl p. m. Crack .shut denionstra- 1011. - p. '" Special nil.- match be- ,vicn I.uVcriie team, and Mason City 2:'M p. in.—Crack pistol demonstration. Hazel Al.stolt. Mason City. -:-i-"< p, in.- XVnman's .special trap shout. ,vilh expcit team f I um Ma- .sun < 'ity. '•' |i m -.Suh-mai June «uu dem- un.^tration. .'(:).) p. m Special police pistol mutch, iive man team from Mason, <'ity police a^ain.-,t county sheriffs. To Handle Own Traps The six traps for tile shoot this year uill all be- in charge of members of the league from various towns. Whittemore, Wesley, Titon- ku. Lone Rock, Burt and Algona will handle the traps. Adequate food stands will be found on the grounds, and will be operated by the league. There will be no concessions. The situ of the Field Day is one mile west from the Bancroft cemetery corner Frank Smith Of LuVerne Buried Tues. LuVerue: Funeral services for Frank Smith of this place, wao died at his home south of here last Saturday after an attack ol! heiirt rouble and complications, were held Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist church, with Kev. V. V. Schult in charge. Mr. Smith is survived by his wid- w and one son, Howard, a brother. Cecil, and a sister, Mrs. Cnas. aii, Livernjore. Burial was n Uie LuVerne cemetery. Mr. Smith had been a farmer in his neighborhood for 25 years.

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