The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1937 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1937
Page 10
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WESLEY RURAL ROUTE TO GET NEW PATRONS By virtue of an extension of rural route number two. the Wesley post Office is to add seven new patrons who had previously been given service through the Sexton post office and by an Algrona rural route. Postmaster Hazel Gerdes announced on Tuesday. The application for the extension which will add three miles to the route covered by Vee MnlHn was made last spring. Mrs. Gerdes said. Five other patrons who had previously had to come to town for their mail will be given Rural Free I delivery literally to their door step after the extension srws Jnto> effect next Thursday. September 16. it was said. Thy are: Jehn Roadinjyr Lawrence Wiagert. Jefen J. Ltefc- tei£, Leo W«yner and Leo Ge*a$».. The mate when ttw cxtrassoa becomes effective', after CTsaiEty eeto> U. & highway is at the CSwt Ftwtt- Bcn farm two mH*s west <rf 6*r». P»s west on tb« pavestsnt to t&« northwest eom«r ef tft» Appte Tr»*S FSurm. srotit l..t mite* t»- &fi» Loa Katoc&ara farm earner atari tfctn east tww miles ti? t&» WtEiani RScfcr and Joftn KHHas eorasr. Befwre. ta» root* cam* east on Site paT»- fflwnt from t&» Ft<re&2tfr &rst to ta« T&on&i. nwi awn; sotttai a main t» tfta BQBSaa <rtjrrr«»r. ! S*w 3»fa»ms Snr sft>» Wsstej- TOSS ! offlteir iitirfurffr: £ Hmfrrcifc EKsT* I TSmnnwiCTi W: ami Di ©mnitjrs *arf ! ?**- F; Sdfltolttrn" *v*><7 TjiiJ Start The Algona Upper Peg Moineg, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 9,1987 In The WEEKS NEW; CURRENT EVENTS PaOTOGRAPHKn FOR The Upper Des Homes tfltr criftrrodl TS**- SkMuit jrost offi&rtr TJ»e otlttir ter«r m Rutscnnra ,im£ Jtjmr been m in JCgrms If. f C. E. Galloways Wed Forty Yeam ITS .JTST CRASS—In west- era EEnou tbe grass grows as SaB as tfc« corn. Orrflle Ffcs- swtt's farm, near AJedo. pro*seed this eleven foot stand of Stodaa srrass. Hariet Rathbun. an ferre*. and her sister. Mar- fsret. of Xew Windsor, wonder what a lawn mower for this grass would look like. : Mrs. C. E GaJ- ; loway entertained 25 z^esis for din- 1 ner and 19 for s-ipper last week f Sunday observing the fortieth wedding anniversary of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dawson. They have two daughters. Mrs. ago Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. McCartney, who lived on the farm now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sheffleman. They have lived all their married life in Hancock and Kossuth counties, in the vicinity of Corwith, except for two years in Saskatchewan, Canada. Thew have two daughters, Mrs. Galloway and Mrs. Albert Schroeder of Kanawha and two sons, Chas. Jr., of Ames and Leslie of Corwith, all of whom, with their families • were present. They have five grandchildren. Wednesday Harness Racn RrsulU Kossuth Co. Fair 2:14 Trot, Purse $200 and Added Money Calumet Dallas, b. g. (J. F. McMillon. Waverly, la.) ..10 5 9 William King., ch. g. (Ed Miller, Marshailtown; la.) 1 4 2 Mary Kent, b. m. (Fred V. Kent, Ottumwa, la.) .... 811 Frisco Pete, b. g., (D. W. Reed, Grundy, Center, la.) 226 The Red Bird, b. g. (Qerry Coleman, Ft. Dodge, la.) 435 Dr. James, b. g. (J. A. Lane, Sac City. la.) 374 Scot, b. g. (Robert Bell, Marshalltown, la.) 9with'n Peter Paul, b. g. <Ed Berry & Son, OskalooSH. Ia. > . 7 9 7 Sis Man, b. m. (C. E. Agler, Mason City, la.) 683 Trusty Brewer, w. g. (Ray Belts, Waverly, la.) 568 Time, 2:im, 2:104. 2:09. 2:20 Pace, $200 and Added Money Volo B, b. g. (T. H. Carnle, Newell, la.) 997 High Myrtle, b. m. (Russell Helmer, Terrill, la.) 6 6 6 Pathlr Brewer, b. m. (B. Mackson, Eldora, la.) Ill Iowa's Wet, b. g. (Leo L. Baker, Humboldt, la.) 778 .Steve William (Clarence C. Ellirig&on, Minneapolis) 2 ° 2 Tod Mon. b. a. (J. A. Lane Sac City, la.) . '. s 5 4 Rtferee, blk. g. (M. F. Spillane, Waseca, Minn.) 433 Sir Soulock, br. g. (J. A. Browning of Columbus Juction, la.) S 8 5 Peter Bradley, ch. g. (C. E. Agler, Mason City, la.) 34 J r Time. 2:08\, 2:09. 2:09'i. Whiteinort- and Titonku Win Bull (Jjtjnet, Whittemore defeated F«mton 15 to 0, at the fail Wednesday and Ti- tonkd defeated Wtsley, 3 to 2 "FOR FEVERISH TREES" —When trees get sick and have a fever, this method is used to lower the temperature. First a regular fever reading thermometer is Inserted In the tree's internal parts, through a hole previously made, and from readings at intervals the condi- ition is observed and the tree treated. This experiment is now being used in the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis Mo. FOR FAKMS or town property »ee rut-.—C. W. Niroulin. ival i-stati Algona. tat 36-51 Sleeping Sickness Among Horses Hits AH Sections County (Continued from Page 11 inity is reported by our farmers, many of them having lost from three to five head, while others have been able by early attention to combat the disease. Many and different kinds of treatment are being experimented with, but the losses will run into large figures in this and surrounding communities. SKXTON FARMER HAS SIX HEAD ILL Sexton: Mr. Pftffer, south of Sexton, has six horses ill with the sickness, and two of the six have died, and the other four are very sick. A number of other cases are reported RENDERING \VOKKS NOT ABLE TO HANDLE 'EM Swea City: Veterinarian Jack Sanftner is still working night and day trying to save horses that are down uith sleeping sickness. The epidemic is still raging and last reports were that the Hewitt rendering works was unable to handle all of the hordes tin-re were »o many dead. Irviugioji: Ivj .M,,-.V(j.,l, y l u .,t a valuable I'eiTheiun h<u>e from the sleeping sickness and many others are reported ,»s seriously infected. Algona Auction Co J buyer at our pav Saturday. Sept. 11 We are K , ttijig fe,Uer pi« s for our s^l,.,, and rxptvi to have a nice eonJgnnieia for thi, Saturday. Thn* pig. weigh from SO Uw. to 10(1 Ibh, wmie vucciiuiteil long time. 60 head of cattie aiid expect U, have a good coiu,ig,, nus ,,t of uU- tto thin week. So if you have anything in the livestock line to neU bring it iu, or if you wuut to buy, be on hand. We handle the DeLaval Separator*. We deal ia new and u»ed machinery. Alll»-Chalmer. Tracton and Uw M**My-H»»U line of machinery We will trade for anything you have. See iu before you deal Will (tart on stock at 1:30. TBRSIS— Ca*h. No property removed until settled for. Open Every Day. Sale born phone 17 \J» Operator ttiid Auctioneer C3erk CATTLE FETCH HIGH PRICE—A load of Whiteface steers marketed at National Stock Yards. Illinois, by M. L. Happel. of Marion County. Mo., averaged 1219 Ibs.. and sold at $16.75. This is the highest price since 1928. Ration included corn, cottonseed cake, barley, clover hay and a prepared food. V. S. BOARD TO MEDIATE RAIL STRIKE THREAT— Threats of a nation-wide railroad strike were temporarily averted as the "Big Five" railway brotherhoods permitted the National Mediation Board to step into the picture. Representatives of the 350,000 railway employees, in meeting, announced that the board has taken jurisdiction in the brotherhood's wage dispute with 86 major roads, and opened hearing in Chicago. Saturday. Should cither or both parties refuse to arbitrate, the dispute will be referred to President Roosevelt. This would avert the strike at least 60 days. Left to right are T. C. Cashen, president Switch- meiVs Union of North America; Alvan Johnston. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers: J. A. Phillips, president Order of Railway Conductors; C. H. Smith, vice president Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and D. B. Robertson, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen. •-•..••'"; . >•••: :.• ^^-'-'v'- : ^-J-^sc5 l 4. ii *- s 7/'^f V>:"- ' ji. JT*\ •• •:.-•'./:• ••-•.•.^» i .^ f ^-fr:r^^-f-^ ! -v-.v- Caassified^Ads FOR SALE—Farmall 20 tractor. o. 1 condition. New corn and stubble plow.—R. A. Nellis, 1 mile north, mile east of Whittemore. 36* FOR SALE—Used McCormick- Jeering binder.—McCormick-Deer- ng store. Algona. 36 FOR SALE—Used McCormick- ieering 15-30 tractor.—McCormick- Decring store. Algona. 36 FOR SALE—Used International model B-3 truck.—McCormick- Decring store. Algona. 36 THE MANKATO Commercial College, Mankato, Minn., will send you a free catalogue upon request. It will aid you in planning your life's work. 36 & 40* LOANS—Prompt appraisal on 20 year /arm loans. No appraisal fee —no commission—no red tape— low Interest.—Edw. Capeilus, Helse Bldg., AJgona, Iowa. 22-tf FOR SALE—Used 1934 Model Dodge truck with grain box.—Me Cormick-Deering store. Algona. 36 FOR SALE—One good used one- row McCormick-Deering picker, also one good used Oliver two-row picker—McEnroe Bros., phone 519 36 FOR SALE—Six column Allen adding machine, 1936 model. Perfect condition.—Eugene Wray. 36 FOR SALE—Wealthy apples. Took 1st prize at Kossuth fair.— .!. B. Johnston orchard.—John Han .ii-lman. Phone 773. 38' AT AUCTION—Wed., Sept 15, Prairie Creek Rumely threshir/j machine with tractor.—John Killiao farm, 'i miles west 1 south Wesley. 36' FOH SALE—Four brood sows to farrow soon.—*;. Winkie, Burl. 36* FOR SALE Oood rneaty plurns. Call 7F14, M. L. Mutton. 36 FOR .SALE—C. \V. Ward 200 acre farm located l"i mi!*.-;, north of Algona. Inquire of Mrs. Ethel Gttrd- r. .'J5-36' FOR KALK-Registered Hereford bulls, yearlings and two year olds. Anxiety breeding. ALso Hampshire hoars.--!'. W. Kccce, Elrnore, Minn. 35-36 I SKD CAR BARGAINS iLi.':. r i I .lodge Coach ISi.'iS iJodjje Sedan I'j.'i3 Chevrolet tudor 1!)29 Dodge sedan Four 1&2& Chevrolet coaches 1&31 Ford coupe 1932 Chevrolet truck S. B. 1937 Chrysler Royal sedan 1929 Ford coupe 1929 Buick coupe New Chryslers and Plyrnouths still available at current prices MAXWELL MOTORS 36 FOR TYPEWRITERS bee The Algona Upper Dug Moints. Authorized dealer for Smith-Corona and Underwood machines, both portable and standard sizes. 34* Miscellaneous I AM NOW able to give all my time to private, lessons on all band instruments, and can repair and overhaul same.—J. F. Giunzow 109 So. Colby St 38-M* FARMERS— Use "Yeajtto" and save 011 feed. Also have agency for Master Liquid Hog and Poultry medicine. This is the name product as advertised over the radio.—Herb Furst. Phone688-J. 38* FILM DEVELOPING—aad printing, «uiy uz«, We per roll, true fcnJargenuat witb any roU. —Lu*bj J » drug 15-u FARMS FOR SALE—All sizes, prices, locations. Terms to suit you. List your farm with us.—McDonald tc Co. io-tt REAL BARGAINS on good Improved farms, also real buys on Algona lots and homes.—Kohlhaaa Bros., phone 22. 20-ti DO YOU WANT a good Job? The way to get ready for it is by attending Mankato Commercial College Mankato. Minn. Our catalogue will be sent to you free upon request. 35 4 39 Lost and Found FOUND—Truck tire on rim, last week. Owner can have same by identifying and paying for ad. Inquire this office. 35» FOUND—Key case with several key*. Identify and pay adv.—Upper Des Moines. 35 For Bent FOR RENT—One furnished room well located —Mrs. J. J. Dooley 36* FOR RENT—About 8 acres of third crop alfalfa hay.—W. H. Brandow. Algona. 36* Wanted WANTED—I will buy all the old inner tubes you can bring me, at a good price. See Nielsen at Walter Klarnp Service Station. 36-37* WANTED—Ambitious man, permanent position with large company established bO years. Demonstrating work among farmers. Experience not necessary. Liberal income. No lay-off*.—Ward's Company, Winona, Minn. 36* WANTED—Girl for general housework. Call 174. 36 WANTED—Piano tuning and repairing, call 168, G. S. Kuhn. Also some good second-hand pianos, guaranteed. 35* WANTED—Lady help to work In laundry.—Klrsch Laundry. 35 4 SS Auction Sale The Board of Directors of Lett* Creek townnhip, hereby offer for aale, at public auction, for caub, on the 15th day of September, 1937, at the hour of 2 p. m. of said day, the following described property, to-wit: One frame building, size approximately 20x28, known an the Dalziel School, situated in Rural School district No. 7. Lotu Creek Town- chip, Konauth County, Iowa. Po»- nenilon will 'be given to buyer, on or about October 1, 1937, following completion of new building now under construction. Said sale will be held on the premises above described. Dated this 1st day of September, 1937. GBO. WINKBL. 85-3«» Secretary. Methodist Church W. G. MnhlewMi, »tat Sapt. In the absence of the pastor, Rev. J. H. Edge, we are announcing that the pulpit of the Methedlst church will be filled as follows: Sunday morning, Sept 12, Rev. M. L. Metcalf of Sioux City. Sunday morning, Sept 19, Dr. E. A. Brigga of Kanawha. We invite the members and friends of the church to come out and hear both or these gentlemen. They are fine men and will great messages. •Hie pastor, Rev. jf. tt Edge, wfij All the pulpit on Sunday, Sept &, Which is the last Sunday In the conference year and the Quarterly conference will be held in the church parlors on Monday evening, Sept 27th. Every member of the board Is asked to be present and every report should be made out and brought to the meeting. first Lutheran Church • M. A. 8)0Ctt*Ml, ffMtr* ' A confirmation Mass will be org- anlted on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Sunday School next Sunday at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Lutheran Brotherhood on Tuesday, Sept 14, at S p. m. Luther League on Wednesday, Sept 15. Luther League On Sunday, Sept Id, Bancroft will' celebrate her 60th anniversary. Services will be cancelled for the 19th,. In order that we may celebrate at. Bancroft "Sweet- . . new series of patntthts by ry CUve. nhtttrat£ig m*** tfc*t wfll live forever. Reproduced In fall color In tne Anterlaut Weekly, the magBSine distributed with Next Sunday's Chicago Herald and Examiner. AS ALWAYS Hub Clothiers are the First to Show The New Season's SUITS And Topcoats It's Only Natural We Should be the First to do so. Our Values Are Exceptional Always. Without Fail the Wanted New Things Cost You Less at The Hub. - We Sell Value! We Sell Quality! One of the newest, up-to-the-minute styles that we suggest, and we know you'll like them, too, is *he V-LINE TAILORED BY HART SCHAFPNER & MARX Flatters your figure, isn't extreme, generous shoulders, full chest 29 50 35 00 The Flair* A new effect . . . and juit what the name implies . . , p hat that'* not only becoming but flattering! Built by LEE. Hats For Fall 2 95 395 5 00 THE HOMBURG WATER-BLOC* bit about town tor the man town. A ttifecdy 100*. tb« mut «b» can bat on »"%, y°a «W,LEE W«tor-Btoc will Mt fir .put *t»m 0* •reran mu . . . top 7*1 ia Hjlt and lou of ill

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