The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1937 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1937
Page 2
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The Algoim tfrper to* M *. frwa. tot. 0, 1937 * « „.„,. * Nwth A W. HAGGARD * R. B. WAJUUBR, Publishers «rt«*d M Second ci«« Matter at th* Portoffiee at Aiftraa, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1*79 Issued Weekly Member Iowa Association RATES jj, KOSSUTH CO.! One Tear, in Advance i Upper Des Molnes and Kossuth County : Advance in combination, per year .. $250 SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDEI KOSSUTH One Year in advance M 50 Upper Dea Moines and Kossuth" Coiinty Advance In combination, per year $4.00 ADVERTISING RATES Dtaplay Advertising, per Inch 35* Want Ads, payable in advance, word _"...."Z....2e "Let the people know the truth and the conn- Iry is safe."—Abraham Lincoln. those taking part In it live. It will result in the overthrow of the democratic party Just as the reoub- vi?!l P ^ *** wertl "w*n I" "I*. No man bat one blind with passion or drunk wilh power would attempt it. * * • Replacing Property Tastes u, ? e ? orah Journ »': One of the principal faults which has been found with new systems of taxation Is that every tax that has been started Is an additional tax. When income taxes were started years ago in Wisconsin, taxpayers found that they merely had a new and extra tax. Now in Iowa we have the homestead tax exemption. In Wlnneshlek county more than 8,200 property owners will be benefited by this tax exemption. The funds for the refunding of this tax are to be raised through the sales tax and Income tax on individual and corporation Incomes. In the past the sales tax In Iowa has been an additional tax. Now these funds are being segregated and what Is left over after payment of emergency relief and old age pensions is to apply to refunds on property taxes. Many persons will benefit. We have not been as heartily in favor of the homestead tax exemption as some others have. We feel that renters of homes In town and tenants on farms In rural sections deserve assistance as much as do home owners. This does not reach them. However, It Is a better homestead tax exemption, we feel, than that of Minnesota where the tax is lowered on one property and raised on another, giving the direct benefit to the homestead owner as contrasted to the renter. We are pleased to see at last one tax a replacement, tax—Instead of an additional tax. TheMAILCHOFTIME Prepared by tfi* Editor. olTOliTh. KM*** NtwtnuHtiOt* ROOSEVELT OUTLINES SEVEN SINS WASHINGTON: That Franklin Roosevelt loves the Supreme Court any better because his plan to change that judicial body was beaten, no one in Washington ever believed. Last week when he got ,», ridges, shot their way clear to th launch. Said Dr. Fields: "We hoped to find a vessel at se which would take us to Nassau However, after cruising severa hours we ran out of fuel, and ou motor broke down.* We drlftec .i_i. »._ i —-• four **y* at s «« without food o signing the modest Court I water." enacted by Congress, he! Suddenly down to the waters- fora statement edge came Cuban rural policemen political pur-1 hastily summoned by the fisherman u . _, ., <d that he had One look at th e smll arsenal o backed down from his original rifles, gas bombs, ammunition In It peppered the meek bill the boat and the suspicious police f±2'£ P Jll 8 l d "'"' 5?«?J«"-'»- ™hed the refugee, of? to Jalf «S- tha ALL RIGHT, LETS DO SOMETHING There are only three "iron lungs" in Iowa, with which to combat possible infantile paralysis cases. A girl was recently rushed from one state to another because in that state there was a lung; In her own section there was none. This "Iron lung" business for Infantile paralysis has been common knowledge as a means of saving life for at least a year or two. ^ And still nobody seems to do anything about it. 1 Surely "Iron lungs are not as expensive as battleships or marines In China, or relief for those that don't want to work anyway. Surely "iron lungs" cost less than millions donated to reform the "heathens" in Africa, Asia, Zuluiand, the Eskimos, or what have you, and do some actual good. Surely "Iron lungs" are worth as much, at least, as a collection of paintings that nobody understands, but for which «ome will pay fabulous sums. If "iron lungs" will save lives, then let's get some Iron lungs. Let each state equip its state hospitals with enough for emergency cases. Why not? And here is a fine place for the medical profession to begin a campaign. The medical profession has the power, the funds, and the knowledge of the situation, to provide "iron Junes" wherever they may be needed. Coolest spot In town Is undoubtedly—during any hot spell—under the trees just east and a bit south, on the Kossuth hospital lawn. That breeze sweeping jn from the south is a honey. ' s- Anrt n n Ti • V^f 1 » nad equacy. pecting them of being a revolution- And finally It insisted that his own ary expedition to Cuba. This week defeated plan wan not just the Cuban authorities released them, Presidents desire but one of the arranged for their return to Great hearts desire of the people. Wrote Inagua, where government officials -,; T . . ^, . arriving from Nassau, 400 miles to it can hardly be doubted that our the north, verified stories of the people are restive under the slow riot, reported that the natives had and uncertain processes of law . . .settled back "to their accustomed I spoke, therefore, for an upbuild- routine." ing process, not only to preserve the I — o— Independence and Integrity of the EDDIE CANTOR'S Judiciary, but to reinforce it and FATAL MAGIC strengthen It as an essential and HOLLWOOD: On the 20th-Cen- honored part of our institutions ... tury-Fox lot In Hollywood last week In effect, I spoke in behalf of the half-a-dozen men were grouped In American people In their desire for and around a queer-looking double' increased respect for, and confidence decked platform In the air, held to- in, speedy and^ fundamental justice gether by piano wires. The whole „„ oy the Federal thing was hung by cables from en_ . , ormous pulleys on the stage ceii- The acts seven sins of omission Ing. The lower deck, with springs as outlined in the President's mes- and pads like a huge mattress, was o e n e lts ,' ailure to: covered with a carpet. In fact, this Relieve "the burden now Im- 1,500-lb. super-gadget was a "magic on the Suoreme Court." «omat" ,»hi«t, EU.»_ >-•__>__ i ___ I as represented Courts." posed on the Supreme Court. 1 carpet", which Eddie Cantor has .. c ~,,», m «, s , or wnai A . j ""L^ D> Shulrt *aj' verify this one. you. and do some actual good Surelv "Iron , dy st °PP ed Shumway and asked him why " are worth as much, at least „« „ ™iLf,°" f. wasn '^ P° sslbJe tor the benches to be placed on the court house lawn. Shumway explained he had nothing to do with It, and that he wasn't Relley. The next day the same lady stopped Relley and said, "Well, Mr. Shumway, perhaps I should apologize for calling you Mr. Reiley." Flabbergasted, Relley told here he was Reiley, and there the matter wound up. One or the other of the boys is going to have to shave off his mustache. • • • And Bronk Nagunki, with whom we once traded fouls on the basketball court while freshman in college, is now heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. Just goes to show you never know whose toes you may be stepping on. • • * Over at Clear Lake there Is a fortune teller whom a few of the folks swear by. Last week a group of local women, Including one lady who is not married, decided to visit this psychic marvel. The unmarried lady borrowed a wedding ring and went into a seance. The fortune teller proceeded to do her stuff, asked questions about the patron's "husband" and his business venture, asked how the three children of the lady were (the patron replied she had only two) and otherwise "told her fortune " • • • A -MAN OF ACTION—The Fenton Reporter tells the following: "The Ringsted Dispatch In a recent issue believes one Ringsted man had the right idea. With a newly-received mail order catalogue under his arm, and a gleam in his eye, he strode Into the nearest hardware store and secured a long, shiny nail. And that's ust where they all belong." • • • Ml Goth, Hadn't Thought of That— Swea City Herald: The crowd at Lakota's Sauerkraut day Saturday was one of the largest, If not the largest, in the 37 years of the event. We are waiting for an estimate of the crowd's size from Editor Edgar Inlay of the Lakota Record. Russ Waller of the Algona Upper Des Moines would count all the legs and divide by two. But the Waller system is not completely Infallible. How would you come out if there were a number of one-legged persons in the crowd? Inel. (3) [ dockets. (6) Provide for "new blood' Federal benches. THERE AINT NO JUSTICE! When a small boy in a Kentucky school could not get his teacher to nod her head, after he had raised his hand, the youngster up and left the room anyway. The teacher switched the boy, whose folks then filed a complaint against the teacher. At a court hearing, the judge ruled that the teacher has the right to recognize, or refuse, as she sees fit the qUeS «£" 1 i, n ^J' °/ °, 1 , e "P raised ^"d "> classrooms. On behalf of all schoo! children, we say there aint no justice. _ ~« ——-"-• ,t*<»i|svii. , WIIIVH ciuuie v^aniur JIBS Increase lower court person- been using for three weeks Jn bis _ latest picture. 'Balancing and rig- Provide effective means of ging the contraption for the day's assigning district judges to pres- ride were a crew of property men. *' ..<. ,,., Two were on the upper deck, one on AH ., Up . fl " lble machinery . . . the lower. Winch Operator Phlo readily adaptable to needs as they Goodfriend started hfe electric ,*1' AJ, i winch, slowly raised the magic car (5) Adjust crowded lower court pet Into the air—Pit! one of the sup '" " " I porting cables snapped. Before even on a warning shout could be raised th ... „ ,_ . heavy platform had bumped (7) Touch the problem of "aged down 20 feet to the ground, fatally and infirm judges who fail to re- crushing Winch Operator Good tire or resign " friend, hurting Propertyman Har in this still-fighting humor, ry Harsha so badly he died in a Franklin Roosevelt, as yet uncom- hospital a few hours later, municative aDout calling back con-/ —o— gress for a special session, packed AFTER HIS DEATH— his bag for a three weeks' rest at IMMORTAL INVENTOR Hyde Park, said nothing about a WEST ORANGE, N. J.: Eleven rumored tour of the Pacific North- years ago the general manager of west which son-in-law and publish- Thomas A. Edison, Inc's storage er John Boettlger had predicted in battery factory, George E. String- nl« MAatfla "t>A*>(- T.. 1.^111 __ ii I •_!• ••••>. .. . . Have Jail Trouble*, Too Sac City Sun: We have a good laugh every time •omebody breaks out of the Sac county jail, and we call It a cracker-box and.chicken-coop and other none-too-endearing terms. Unless a prisoner is locked In the Inside cage it is a known fact that anyone can pick his way out of the Jail any old time he wants to, and he doesn't need burglar tools to do so, either. But this constant escape of jail-birds ceases to be a joke. When a man Is placed In Jail It is supposed that he will stay there as long as the authorities want him to stay there or until the court determines his time Is up. It's a shame for any county to have a "cracker- box for a jail. It does not promote law-observance or law-enforcement a bit when prisoners can consisently thumb their noses at officials and give them the merry ha-ha as they slip out whenever they please and come back when they get ready In other words, Sac county needs a jail • • • The Fight Comes Next Year Humboldt Republican: President Roosevelt has announced or will announce that he will carry the supreme court matter to the people In next year's elections nnd see if the voters will not give him a congress that will take steps to place a constitutional amendment before the state legislatures that will permit him to regiment agriculture and industries At the present time the constitution prevents the president from accomplishing his desires Therefore next year he will carry the matter to tne people and get their reaction. ,. * I hat '" as jt should bc If the voters of the United States want to amend the constitution to permit the powers at Washington to regiment them and tell them wniu they can do and how and when they can do it, we're for it. That is. if the voters want It. But we I! bet our peace of mind against President Roosevelt's that they won't. Or does the President really want the reaction i « u pe ^ P !f °" the " >urt mutter? Isn't this just a left-handed manner of "getting back" at those who opposed the court bill in congress? Doesn't it place the president's stump of approval on all those who bent their knees to him in the recent court bill (iulit an «;£ 1S St u amp of disa PI>roval on those who did not"' When the court bill was defeated there was an understanding that there were to be no reprisal.. If Uiu i»n t a reprisal what is it? The force of the ad- mlnibtration is to be thrown uganist the re-election of all those who opposed him. If President h^cvtlt carries this matter out in ^ r ten "i 111 "' 11 -- 11 ht '<* » very foolish politician. In the first „}», e it w,JI .split his party wide open. It will cause a | U ;ht that will tarry on as loi g as [his Seattle "Post-Intelligencer. 1 MADAM PERKINS' MC ORADY OUT WASHINGTON: No flower ever bloomed so long or so repeatedly as the rumor that able Edward McGrady was about to resign as Assistant Secretary of Labor. Yet month after month he sweated over ob of settling major strikes. Last week, after a conference with the President, Ed McGrady denied for the "nth" time that he had quit, but denied in a way that amounted to a confirmation.. Said he: "I have not resigned yet ... I'll give you all 48 hours' notice." When Ed McGrady's career as an efficient, two-flsUd WMhincfam 'into the inventor's "Mr. Edison, would The Lakota Record report* that some of the Sauerkraut Day posters were denied space in Algona windows. Don't know all particulars, but we did see xome of them around. Might add that The Upper Des Moines carried a full eight-column banner story of the event on the Northeast Kossuth page. We believe not only this paper, but also our local business men. know the value of cooperation, and earnestly do so. At least they turn out in goodly numbers to patronize events of this nature held all over the county. * • * The Hodgeit melon stand introduced the well known sandwich-man form of advertising, Saturday, only the sandwich "man" was a youngster with a bell almost as large as himself, and two yellow placards over his shoulders. It pays to advertise! And Thomas Schultz, another local produce raiser, uses our want ads, and says they bring him good results. • • • The Fort Dodge Mekwnxpr. Saturday, reported that "Dr. H. M. Wallace of Algona gave a cornet solo" in covering a sto.-y of a local women's meeting Now Doc. have you been hiding your musical talent under a bushel, or did the Messenger really mean Dr Walrath did the tooting? ed And if you are one of the two million that enter,i recent puzzle, and didn't win, you now keep awake nights in a new contest .'•amc out lit. What a people! can by the Kumuuh Ijmt I.iin—.lust stro rfii mi- and tin- sun, ( o\cr tin-re Believe It Or Not this ZENITH FARM RADIO will operate cither OH HATTEIIIKS or HKill LINE with no difference in tone or performance. Just turn a twitch to make the change. See this Radio in the Floral Hall Hooth at rhe F ar. Kossuth Radio & Electric (In Pratt Electri«- Bldg. Iowa labor lobbyist caused him to be boomed for Labor Secretary In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt appointed Instead hi» wife's good friend, Frances Perkins. When Postmaster General Farley recommended Ed McGrady as an assistant secretary, Mdam Perkins decided she did not want him, but changed her mind after he, as an NRA administrator, had settled the 1933 coal strike. Thereafter, when he not only did all the department's Important field work but also got credit for being its ablest member, it was no more than natural if Madam Perkins was nettled when labor leaders who had known Ed McGrady for years turned to him instead of her. At least once she drew herself up In dignity and said, "Now, now Mr. McGrady, I'm the Secretary of Labor." But bald-headed, honest Ed McGrady has more concerns than Madam Perkins. One of them is cash. Starting as a union pressman on the Boston "Herald" after acting as sparring partner for 'Terrible Terry" McGovern,, 69-year- old McGrady's 40-odd years as a labor leader and organizer have brought him great prestige, little cash, and he felt that he owed it to his family to do better than the $9,000 he gets as second-string to Madam Perkins' riddle. Last spring he was reported to have declined a $50,000-a-year job with Distilled Spirits Institute partly because he felt his job would not let him leave, partly because he felt Secretary Perkins might be going to resign. At RCA, where he is expected to start some time after Labor Day, Ed McGrady will receive from $15,000 to $20,000 for smoothing over labor difficulties developing in KCA's three fields) of radio: communications, broadcasting and manufacture. Best guess why Ed McGrady did not abruptly quit last week was that he wanted to let the President .start the difficult job of picking his .succe-ihor, a men. who, among other things, must be, as McGrady was, acceptable to and trusted by ('. I. I O.'s John Lewis and A. K. of L.'s William Green. AN ISLAM) UKHfrJU.ION MAYARI, Cuba: Startled fishermen looked up from their work on the beach near Mayari lust week to see five American*, nine British West Indian Negroes tumble out ol a grounded, rudderless motor launch whose makeshift sail wua made ol dirty shirts and trousers. Wolfing food and water, the first they had seen in four blistering days, the survivors gasped out a story of rebellion on Great Inagua, southernmost of the Bahamas, 50 miles from Cuba. fortnight ago, ran the mumbled story of one Negro (Dr. Dudley Fields, representative of the Governor-General in Inugua), he sent out an order for arrest of a native accused of molesting a young boy in Matthew Town, largest island village. Armed natives, blaming Jo- siuh Erickson, of Swampscott, Mass.. co-owner of Inagua's $000,000 salt factory, for the order, stormed the Erickson store, killed one employe, then roamed the island in search of other "Yankees." While enraged natives fired the radio station, store, Commissioner's residence, salt buildings und warehouse, Erickaou, four other Americans, Pbyslcian-Com- miasioutr Fields and eight Negroes grubbed rittta, tear-gaa gun*, cart- fellow, yelled less deaf ear: [you be continue as con< sultant for the battery company after you passed to the Great Beyond? Said Edison: "You are crazy." Shouted Stringfellow: "It might work ... in your mind there Is Information that no one else has. Will you let the staff give you written questions about the battery every Saturday afternoon before you go home? You could bring 'the answers in writing Monday morning." Edison did this for two years. Stringfellow kept the memoranda In a black loose-leaf notebook. Recently Edison batterymen were tirouWeAi The Iron used Portland Progre** Club Meet* 16th at Ro«co« Stewart* Portland: PbrtlaAd Progress club is scheduled to meet Sept 16 at the Roscoe Stewarts. A four club committee meeting was held at the Ray McWhorterg home Monday evening to plan tne County Federated meeting which is to be held on Oct. s. Hurt and Tltonka are in charge of the program and Portland and Doan favors. The Ivan Longs were at the Merwyn Holdings, Burt, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hudson spent Sunday at the Chas. Egels, Irv- ngton. Loretta Larsen began teaching In Brltt last Monday. She teaches the first grade. Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCorkle were Sunday afternoon callers at the Ray McWhorters. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhorter rere Sunday evening callers at the "•"ed Rlngsdorf home. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McWhorter nd daughter, Jane were Sunday fternoon visitors at the Ray Me- Vhorters. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Johnson, fr. and Mrs. Rex Austin, Jewell, mve spent several days at the Geo. Larsen home. An ice cream social was held at the D. M. and Roscoe Stewart home last Sunday. Guests were the W. J. Stewarts, Earl Shlplers and LeRoy Burgers. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. McFarland attended the state fair two days last week and while on the trip visited relatives and friends at Stratford, Webster City, Roland and Stanhope. Todd Rlckard and family returned Monday from Sioux City where they had visited for several days. Mrs. Rlckard's brother, Russell Bonder, returned with them for a visit here. S. M. Peterson went to Waterloo Tuesday to get acquainted with the new grandson at the Harold Nelson home. Mrs. Peterson, who has been there for a short time, expects to return home with him in several days. Advise me if yon cannot supply the copies. Tour* very truly, W. J Zbornlk, Cresco, Iowa, Algona Upper Des Molnes Algona, Iowa Deaf Friends: Please find cash tor's check for $2.60 and thank you very much as I just simply did not remember when the paper came due. I always enjoy reading the Upper Des Molnes as I find that even In the news columns you are some times ahead of our Minneapolis papers, t have seen a good many weekly papers from different counties In Minnesota and Iowa, but never found a weekly paper that comes up to the Upper Des Molnes. Well, next ween Is our state fair and I am sure going to spend a day over there to see the stock and vegetables. I never get tired of see- Ing nice stock and nice vegetables and Minnesota has a nice state fair. Thanking you very much for all past favors and wishing you ail prosperity and good health, In fact, I believe I only know one of your staff and that is the old timer, J. W. Hagfard. With best wishes, Mln*e*pdHt, Minn. Rectal Diseases Varic&se Veins and Rapture I use the ambulant method In treating these conditions. This means that you suffer very lit- tie If any pain, do not have to go to bed or lose any blood. You can go right on with your regular work and lose no time except for a few minutes In my office once a week. You are welcome to come In for an examination without charges. At that time 1 can explain my method of treatment. Dr. S. W. Meyer, D, 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL Algona, Iowa 21-tf Reader Comment Edisoh frtotn because Swedish iron is unusually free from impurities,, but traces of nickel were found In a $40,000 shipment of Swedish Iron which recently reached the West Orange plant. There was no pure iron available. Dared they take the chance that this impure Iron would cause defective batteries? A council of war was held, and the minutes of the meeting, as reported to the press by the publicity-wise firm, read: Mr. Stringfellow: "How would you like Thomas A. Edison to make the decision? Out of a safe came the sacrosanct loose-leaf relif. Mr. Stringfellow flipped through the finger-marked pages, read an 11- year-old question: "If there is any nickel in iron, does it adversely affect the life of the cell?" To Editors, Algona Upper Des Molnes Dear Sirs: I beg to compliment and congratulate you on the clear and honest thinking and reasoning as evidenced In an editrolal reprinted from your paper in the Des Molnes Register, under date of August 28th. In my 30 years of exper- ence in the retail mercantile field have never before seen anything like it from an editor's pen. Personally, I have always realized and recognized the inter-dependence of agriculture and the small community business, and by the small town I mean the largest one In Iowa as well . . . Enclosed find 15 cents in stamps. I would like to have copies of your paper which carried the editorial of the relationship between farm and business **4.tb« n«c«««ity O f coop«rmtlonl FOR RENT or FOR SALE—8,400 famlllea every week read Algona Upper De» Moinro want ads. Two cento a word, minimum 25 cento. Ca!l 230 now. Glass Auto Glass Replaced while you wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass Greenberg Auto Supply 36-tf SERVICE AND MATERIALS MADY HERE FOR FAST WORK OR YOUR FALL IMPROVEMENTS Now that you know what your crops are and what you have to work with on your building improvement program, we know many of you farmers will want to work fast to get, just as mudi done as possible before cold weather. Anticipatiog this, we are prepared the kind of help you want, also ith,e J erials you need and do both of then* This includes plan help of any kind, pricing bills of materials, selecting the best materials for each job and fast loading. Put. your repair, remodeling and new building problems up to us. We know we can help you save both time and money and get real satisfactory results. F. S. Norton & Son SEPT. 13 to 18 6 DAYS s- NIGHTS LAY NTY FOURTEEN FAMOUS STAGE and CIRCUS ACTS FEATURE AFTERNOON dd EVENING EACH DAY - THE F SHOW WE HAVE EVER HAD FOR YOU SHOWS KID'S DAY-MONDAY" ORDER SEATS NOW

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