The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1937 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1937
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Pea Moln»s, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 2,1987 IS RECOVERING lona Oodfwdsoa, Hurt In Car Wreck, TJp and Around Portland? lone G***"** 0 " J" t f n covering from her recent injury in a car wreck. She Is now able to be up and atound the house. Mrs. Ray McWhorter and Mrs. Martin Seeker called on her Sunday and presented a primrose Plant/' 0 " J* Portland Progress club. Other call ers were Mr. and Mrs. Gea Lanning and in the evening Blanch McFarland and Cecil^Long. Picnic Dinner at Stotta A nlcnlc dinner was enjoyed on Sunday at the Wyott Stotts by Rev and Mrs. Frank Barslou, Maquo- krta- Mr and Mrs. Will Rlngsdorf Mr anTMrs. ^ ^^l and Mrs. Gerald Brace, Mrs. Tressie Rlngsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Verno£ Pitewon, Bart: Tom Trenary of here and Darlene Stott, and Leo Immerfall, Algona. „_ Morse* m There are two cases reported o: sleeping sickness tn_h°f es ' «?' Mtottgtn* to Henry Smith and the otherTRay McWhorter. Kenneth Rlngsdorf, Mapleton Minn spent several days last week •with the Wyott Stotts. Elda Jandl was home for a short visit Sunday. She Is taking beauty culture In Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hudson en[ Sunday dinner and the eve- wlth the Chas. Egels, Irving- Mr and Mrs. W. A. Dice and daughter, Marilyn, San Pf° r( * ~ a .': iforSla spent last week at the Wyott Mr and Mrs. G. O. McFarland are spending from Tuesday until Friday this week, at Des Moines, attending the state fair. The Elmer Hansen family. , Brica- lyn, Minn., were Sunday visitors Henry Smiths" T^y brought ,„. R. L. Cogdill, Burt, • Mrs. S. M. Peterson -vent to Waterloo last Thursday to spend two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Harold Nelson and get acquainted with the new grandson, born Aug. AJ. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ringsdorf and family left last Saturday for the state fair and expect to return Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Roy And- erspn, Nebraska, are taking care Pi the, work during their absence, « "John Trunkhlll returned Monday night from a western trip and left Tuesday for Elk Mound. Wis.. to take Ralph Jain, who. it Is understood, was called home. He has been employed at the Mennett Trunkhllls. Mr and Mrs. Tony Jandl, daughters, Loreen, Lavina and son, Bobby, with Mrs. JandVs sister, Mrs. Bertha Bllsborough, Algona, vlsH- fd from Friday until Saturday with the women's parents and brother and wife at Botna. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberts took Rcene Coffin to her home in White Lake, S. D., and visited relaUves In SUckney, S. D.. Mr. and M». Clarion Long accompanied and visited the Senior Longs. the week at the also spending Studer home. Picnic At Renwlck A large group enjoyed a picnic at the Reawlck park last Sunday. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hunt, Elsie and Walter, D»nald Clowse of Renwlck, Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey of LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masterson, Margaret, Frances and Roberta, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Masterson and Lois Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Williams and Gary Lee, and John Evans. On Kansas Trip Mr. and Mrs. Ulrlch Dornbler and son, Sylvester, left for a two weeks' visit with their daughter, Mrs. John Canning and family at Arkansas City, Kansas. Nick Miller accompanied them to Futlon, Kansas, to visit a sister. Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Evans of Kanawha, spent last Tuesday at the Geo. Evans home. They also visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans. Dorothy and Florence Seymour of Whlttemore, nieces of Mrs. J. G. Studer, spent Friday of last week at the Studer home. Bernita, daughter of the Studers, returned home with them. Mr and Mrs. Charles Johnson and son, Kermlt, returned Tuesday from a visit with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Johnston, at Montezuma. They also visited with Mr. Johnson's father, who Is 84 years old. Frances Smith of near Stllson spent last Friday at the Harry Merriam home. The Merrlams two daughters are leaving this week Doris will go to McGregor, where she will teach the fifth grade this year and Wllma will go to Mason City, where she will take up nurses' training at the Mercy hos- Dltal. Miss Eleanor Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Dave Johnson, will also leave with Wllma to take nursing at the same place. Lightning Victim's Kin at Funeral Lone Rock: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, Mrs. Dora Laabs, Mrs. Fred Thles, Bancroft, and William Schmlel. Letts Creek, left Monday for Barney, North Dakota, to attend the funeral of Art Kressin, who was killed by lightning, Saturday morning. them They EU1U vio»icv» M»*' «*••••— •* left Friday and returned Tuesday. Bill Frahm who has been working for Tony Jandl is now employed at the Chas. Larsen farm. Mr. Lar»en Is slowly Improving though still in a Mason City hospital. The Portland Progress club remembered him with a bouquet of gladioli and asters, Tuesday. Fairview Aid In Annual Election Fairview-Corwith: The Fairview circle of the Methodist Aid society met at the church basement las' Wednesday afternoon. Officer were elected aa follows: chairman Mrs. William Johnson; vice pres ident, Mrs. Fred Trenary; secretarj and treasurer, Mrs. Harvey En field. Gathering At Studer* The Magnus Studers of Mallurd, , the Henry Studer family of Weat Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Canway and son of Swea City were dinner guests at the J. G. Studer home Sunday. Mrs. Conway and son remained to spend the week with her parents. Grandpa Studer and John Studer of Mallard are Party at Simon Weber, Jr. The following peopl? attended a party at the Simon Weber. Jr. home in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Prlmaslng and daughters, June and Frances of Dubuque. Those preset were: Mr. and Mrs. Con Mertz and family, Mrs. Wagner, Agnes and Mike Wagner of St. Joe, the Peter Weydert family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ludwig and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt and family and Simon Weber, 8r. Rev. Miller of the St. Louis seminary was a dinner guest at the Louis Braatz home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner and family of Lone Rock visited at the Art Heldenwith home Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Frank Lubenthal of Chicago spent a few days last week at the home of Mrs. Joseph Meurer and Lucian. Sylvester Ehlers and son. David and Miss Freltag of Madison. Wis., spent the week end at the H. C. Meyer home. Joe Loebach, Mike Kollasch, Wm Salz Mrs. Ben Busch, Mrs. Conrad Loebach and Mrs. Greg Elbert drove to Des Moines Saturday to visit with Lenore Elbert and Dorothy Loebach who are student nurses there. Naomi Sprang of Livermore is spending a few days this week at the Werner Braatz home. Mr. anc Mrs. Frank Sprang of Livermore and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Weaver of West Bend were Saturday *vemng dinner guests at the Werner Braatz home. Henry Arps and son. Forest of Holgate, Ohio, Mrs. Carl Buenger and Mrs. Ida Storch of Hamlin, Ohio, returned to their homes on Iw TAe WEEKS NEWS CVRRSNT fTBNTS PBOTOGRAPBSD FOR The Upper Des Moines • • -.- —- • -^-^—^^_^i_.—^^—^_. BOMBS PENETRATE INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT IN 8INQ-JAPANESE WARFARE— Shanghai, China: A view along The Bund of the International Settlement here as seen from the Whangpoo River. As Chinese warred with Jap- anese today, August 14, explosives from Chinese planes Intended for Japanese ships in the harbor struck into the heart of the International lone killing many and endangering the lives of thousands. Among those killed were three Americans. B BABY BORN AFTER MOTHER,DIES—Philadelphia: This three-pound baby girl was brought into life August 6th by the skill of modern surgery. Just 60 seconds after her mother, Mrs. Mary Boccawsini, wife af sugar mill employee, died of tubercular meningitis in a Philadelphia General Hospital, Dr. John Corbit, resident obstetrician who finished his interneship on July 1, and his aides, completed the rare post-mortem caesarian operation. Though small, frail and born with a temperature of 109.4 degrees, the bay was expected to live, but died a few days later. AFTER 400 YEARS STILL IN USE—Pictured above Is the Catholic Mission one mile southeast of Goliad, Texas, built nearly 400 years ago and still in use each Sunday. There are three of them there, the other two being in bad repair and are being rebuilt by PWA grant, but this one is not in need of rebuilding or repairs. It is in sight of the famous Goliad battleground of Texas- Mexico war of independence. The honorably-surrendered Texas soldiers were led out and shot by Mexican soldiers in disobedience to the terms of surrender in 1836. The battle at San Jacinto nearby which was won by Sam Houston and the Texas army ended the war and made Texas an independent republic. , Monday after spending the past two weeks at the J. H. Helmke home. The ladies are nieces of Mr. Helmke unil had not seen him sinte they left here 27 ytars ago. Elsie Helmke of Algona spent last week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hirlmkt here. TEN YKAKS AGO A. K. Samp Middrnly met his death while driving in Eb'hervillfc when he was uccidently bhot through the left temple. J. E. Gilmore, a specialty man of his firm, waa riding with Mr. Sam;>, when he saw him slump over the wheel anil thought he was suffering from a stroke, and rushed him Lo the hospital. Three boys about fourteen had been shooting with a 22 rifle at a target and one of the bullets had gone wild, broken through the car window and had instantly killed Samp. He left his wife and live children. • • • Member* of the Potter family held their annual reunion at the Kossuth county fair grounds. There was a picnic dinner followed by a business meeting. • • • KwMith county had the best corn in Iowa. At the state fair at Des Moweg, Fred Geigel of Irvington woo the first premium on white com and Rome Robison of Irvington won first premium on yellow corn. • • • The big KoMutfa county fair had started off in fine shape and a fair crowd had been in attendance There had been just enough rain U> bring in the rain insurance. • « • Fin of unknown origin had bunted the roof of the ShilU Brothers' barb«r shop. Both fire trucks had b«en called. The roof had been badly damaged before extinguished. but no one had been burned or injuved. M. P. the gotf champion of the Algona i-luh. The jnals hud been played between Cnet Momyer. Mart Weavi r and Meluir Haggard, Momyt-r had been out of thf running after a fev.' holes had' been played. Melzar had played hi:^ I usual steady game. | * * • ' .Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Moore and son, Stanley, had left in their rar for their home in Kan Antonio, Texas, after a pleasant visit of several weeks with their Algona friends and relatives. John Haggard and Forest Twogood had gone to Webster City to get an Ud ford car in which they were to drive to school al Iowa City. They had returned with the car. which bole a coat of grey paint and several maroon colored streamlines which greatly increased the speed Lawrence Winkle and family had corne to Algona from Iowa City, where Mr Winkle was studying law. His course was to be completed the following year. • • * Mr. and Mr*. K. D. Jamr* had returned from their automobile trip. White gone they bad vijited Duluth, Two Harbors, and Hibbing Minnesota. They had started up the Port Arthur road to Canada, but Bob said they met a man with a bottle so didn't need to go all the way. Adde Herbkt had Writ (or Angeles, California, where she wa» to teach school. She had spent the summer visiting in Algona. • * « Hrton Murtatfh tuul gone to B«l mend Where ahe had taken up her duties as teacher of Latin and Eng- < APTIKE VKIOI S SLAYER For eleven days sheriffs of throe counties, countless deputies and men from the Minnesota Criminal Bureau hunted Jense Thompson who on July 22 killed Ixuia Joe and Anton Lukes and wounded twelve year old Faye Lukes on their farm near Austin, Minn. Bloodhounds ti ailed Thompson after be had abandoned his car to a brush pile where he had hidden to escape the potse. Sheriff Brown is shown searching Thompson after his capture. lish in the city schools. Helen was graduate of the Ward-Belrnont school for girls and the University of Iowa, and wan highly quailed for teaching. • • • Eugene Hutchta» had left for Cedar Rapids bukinewi college. While there Eugene had a job working at the Y. M. C. A. Eugene had WOP the prize offered to the beat all around student the previous spring. TWENTY YEAKS AGO The quota from KoMuith county for the first army had bttn filled and five per cent left for the camp at Des Moines to become full fledged soldiers. Th«y were: Ralph Smith, Robert Haglund, John Sun- doen. Albert Carlson and Cbarle* Han of Swea City and Elmer Zeigler, Karl Wilson, and Forten Pederson of Algoua. » » • Mr. and Mra. Harry Lewi* had returned froui a visit will* the Dut- tons in Omaha, and had driven NOT FAR FOR FARR—OR TOO FAKB?—Long Branch, N. J.—Thin is a close-up of Tommy Farr, heavyweight boxing champion of Great Britain, who lost to Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber, in a championship bout at Yankee Stadium, New York, August 30. It was taken at his training camp here August 20. LANDS LARGE CATFISH— Roman Paczynski of Prairie du Chien battled for three-quarters of an hour Sunday morn- Ing to land the 63-lb. catfish, which he hooked with a trout line in the Wisconsin River, a short distance south of Prairie du Chien. Though catfish grow to a large size, a 63-pounder is MANY MOVING INWHTTTCMORE Whlttemore: Quite a lot of moving U going «n this w««k. Wm. Rusch purchased th« T. w. Swanson horn* which WM vacated by the Ralph BarUett family when they purchased a new home several months ago. John Uhlenhake put- chased the Dr. L. B. Smith home. Dr. smith and hia family have moved to Clinton where he will continue his practice of dentistry. James B. Geelan purchased the home of Mrs. Russell Saunders. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders and family moved to Britt where Mr. Saunders purchased a billiard parlor. The Alfred Semon family moved into the Mrs. Spllles home vacated by the Qeelans. The Theodore Knecht family will move into the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Hlggins who moved into the flat above the printing office which her son, Bill Higgins, operates. Mrs. Menrer's Granddaughter Mrs. Joseph Meurer received word one day last week that her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Meurer of Plover, are the parents of an 8-lb. daughter born last week. The Nick Meurers have one other child, a boy. cense The Daughter Baptised little daughter of Mr. and Mrs., Louis Orelnert was baptised at St Paul's Lutheran church, on Sunday. Sponsors were grandparents, August Vandt, Sr., of here, and Mrs. Edward OreSnert of Fairville, The baby was named Judith Ann. Council Minutes CnTcmto" jfojnrnal of Ottirtt- Sfttfttfef A. H. Bot-ehfthft, Klrsch's Laundry, laundry.. Kohlhaas & Spllles, hardware 8.78 1.40 3.81 2.78 "COMMEMORATE ANNIVERSARY"— Edward O'Neal, the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation spoke at the 25th anniversary of the founding of the first farm bureau in the state of Iowa. O'Neal challenged the fanners of Iowa, saying "It's up to you folks, now. After your congressmen get home, it's your job to see that they are so all-fired Impressed with your demands for farm parity that they will return to the next session of congress ready to take action at once." Algona, Iowa, August 28th, 1937. —The City Council met at the City Hall in regular session with Mayor Specht in the Chair and all members present Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Motion by Overmyer and seconded by Kohlhaas that workmens' compensation policy with the Iowa Mutual Liability Ins- Co. be renewed. Motion made and seconded that buying committee interview EJbert Garage in regard to purchasing a used Dodge Truck for Street Dept. Resolution passed granting beer permits to H. S. Beatty and Gerhard Wlttkopf. Ordinance No. 248 passed and approved. Motion made and seconded that the following bills be allowed: Electric Fund J. W. Kelly, salary * 195.00 Leo Bellock, salary 140.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 140.00 Tom Halpln, salary 135.00 Walter Gorman, salary 135.00 C C. Wright, salary 85.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary .... 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 Adah Carlson, salary 140.00 Bertha Johnson, salary 33.60 Harold Roth, labor 107.60 Ernst Thell. meter reading 26.12 Amy Johnson, labor l.BO Fulton Iron Works, mdse 317.16 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse 115.17 Scully BUel Prod. Co.. mdse. 23.67 Terry-Durin Co., mdse W. A. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. General Elec. Co., mdse Electric Supply Co., mdse Midwest Supply Co., mdse. A. J. Llndemann & Hoverson Co., mdse Jas. P. Marsh Corp., mdse. Westinghouse Elec. Sup. Co., mdse 102.79 Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse Langan Paper Co., mdse. .... The Van Meter Co., mdse. Zion Office Sup., mdse Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., lub. oil Johnson Oil Ref. Co., distillate C. M. St. P. & P. Ry- Co., frt. on dlst Nelson Hardware, mdse Foster's Furn. Store, mdse. Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse Harris Bros. Station, gas .... Shelly Oil Co., gas Dutch's Super Serv., gas .... Kossuth Motor Co., repairs Cresco Union Elec. Co., service H. W. Post, frt. & dray Ry. Express Agency, express N. W. Bell Tel. Co., tele. service 19.96 Western Union Teleg. Co., service W. W. Sullivan, P. M., adv. en envel H. E. Stephenson, chauffeur's license Ray Barton, chafleur's U Shell Pet Corp, c*t, dirt..... 8M.W Water Fond 3. W. Kelly, wUary Harry Barton, salary JM.W Frank Ortrum, salary 1W.OO Laura Mitchell, salary 110.00 Earl Bowman, labor 107.60 Qeo. Lynch et al, labor wnt- er main, - 821.03 Letghton Sup. Co., mdse 78.08 Neptune Meter Co., mdse..... 178.88 Laing & Muckey, mds« 14.68 Kossuth Motor Co., mdse. .. til H. W. Post, frt and dray. «.«» Skelly Oil Co., gas 8.07 General Fund Frank Oreen, salary 180.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary 74.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, advance 60.00 R. H. Valentine, advance .... 60.00 R. H. Valentine, salary 60.00 F. W. Green, dogs 2.00 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., telep. service S-'S Skelly Oil Co., gas 12.41 Harris Bros. Sta., oil 1.68 Tom Frankl, gas 8.68 The Elec. Paint & Varnish Co., mdse 8-20 Kossuth Motor Co., car repairs - lt«l Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. 10.21 Tom Akre, rent 10.42 Jess Lashbrook, salary 126.00 Elliott Skilllng, team labor. 80.86 Elliott Skilllng, advance .. 77.00 Wlllard Gregaon, team labor 173.25 Oliver Bakken, street labor 92.40 Frank Skilllng, street labor 87.01 George Gunder, street labor 92.78 John Helmers, street labor 94.71 Charlie Harvey, street labor 80.86 Dick Helmers et al, storm sewer labor 607.16 •Jess Lashbrook, 3 chauf. license «-00 Eagle Iron Works, mdse 62.48 S. W. Knety, Miff Cortin Jenntnga, et al, sewer labor ........................................ 141K>- Fl«, M»»nt Ftmd a C, Wright, «il*ry ...- ....... 46.00 Th« G«nM*l Fire Track Cora., A. H. Bofchardt, md*e. Skelly Oil Co., gas 1.05 SM» Algona FirtCo., «»§.„„..„... 180.00 Swlnt Pool FYttta Bv*lym Smith, wlary ............ «O.W Om« Kelly, salary ................ 60.00 Omer Kelly, salary ................ 10.00 Phil Betgfleld, salary ........ 60.00 Bob Sellstrom, salary .......... 60.00 Kennedy A Parsons Co., mdse. N. W. Bell Tel. Co., telephone 8.82 26.27 Kirsch's Laundry, laundry.. Deposit Hand Tllton A Guthrle et al, re* fund deposit 66.00 Iowa State Bank, ret'd check 160.00 Passed and approved this 26th day of August, 1987. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, Clerk. ORDINANCE NO. 848 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING SCHOOL ZONES AND PROVIDING FOR THE STOPPING OF' ALL MOTOR VEHICLES APPROACHING SAID ZONES WHEN MOVABLE STOP SIGNS HAVE BEEN PLACED IN THE STREETS AT THE LIMITS OF' SAID ZONES AND PRESCRIBING PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section One. That the tntersec- Standard OH Co., mdse 73.72 Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co., mdse 28.10 Kossuth County Imp. Co., mdse :.. 7.10 H. 8. Troutman, labor Botsford Lmbr. Co,, mdse • 676.18 E. W. Hansen, labor H. W, Post, frt A dray..... H. W. Post, frt. on sand .. Harris Bros. Sta., gas Dutch's Super Serv. repairs Wm. Dehnert, labor F. S. Norton & Son, material Nelson Hardware, mdse Kohlhaas A Spllles, mdse. 17.92 12.09 74.93 15.20 .75 1.06 411.08 .93 1.65 The Algona Upper Des Moines, printing 15.73 J. J. Dooley, Rec., record. deeds 3.00 Jess Umbenhower, care dump 25.00 Mrs. A. M. Collinson, matron rest room 20.00 Dr. Sawyer, rent rest room 25.00 Fort Dodge Steel & Fdry- Co., mdse 73.53 Kent Motor Co., mdse 2.25 lions of State Street Street, Call Street and and Dodge Dodge Street end North Street and Jones Street in the City of Algona, Iowa. to and the same are hereby established aa school zones. Section Two. That it shall be unlawful for the operator of a motor vehicle approaching any one of said zones to enter said tone when movable stop signs are In the streets at the limits of said zone without bringing said motor vehicle to a stop Immediately before entering said tone. Section Three. Anyone violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not to exceed Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) or by Imprisonment not to exceed five days In jail. Section Four. This Ordinance shall be In force and effect from and after Its passage and publication as provided by law. Adopted and passed this 26th day of August, 1937. ADAH CARLSON, Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. Approved this 26th day of August, 1937. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor ol the City ot Algona, Iowa. 268.37 14.81 14.88 384.39 16533 6.52 6.02 390.57 5.05 10.50 2.00 18.12 508.52 277.31 401.89 .85 . 7.98 9.38 5.15 17.62 .51 1.41 3.56 13.10 13.60 1.33 17.88 2.00 HUGGING The new fall shipment of ladies' Hug-Tit* dress slippers just arrived. They hug your heel, They hug your instep, They hug your ankle. Another feature of these splendid slippers is they give toe room. A place for each toe and each toe In its place. They have built-in arch support and are scientifically constructed for posture. They are new and beautiful. They really nt your feet and the comfort you get will linger in your memory like a popular song. Another thing you wHI enjoy is the financial ease they bring to your pocketbook. We are Introducing these wonderful low shoes at $238. The are worth more, but we want to give you the greatest bargain you ever dreamed of. We are very proud of our new Hug-Tlte Slippers. They bug your feet like a glove, yet easy as a nurse shoe. At this low price of $8.98, your feet is all the hugging you get. Jimmie Neville home in a new Bri»tow car. • * • Mr*. C. A. Banuwn had been at Iowa City wth her little son, Victor, who had undergone a private operation for an abdominal cyst Sheriff Samson had returned a* the little fellow had been recovering nicely from the operation. • • • Lucia Wallace had returned alter spending the summer in Mississippi and with her folks in northern Wisconsin, where »he had vU- ited a sister, Mrs. Amy Partridge, and had resumed her duties as primary Uacher at Bryant. • • • A deoumatraUoa la tfae home storage of winter vegetable* was to be held throughout the county. The work was to be of particular inter- e*t to those who had put out a large garden. • » • At a tpeciaJ eJecttoo which had been net for October 15, the citizens of Iowa were to have the privilege of voting on the question of the proposed prohibition amendment. The big KMwuth County Fair op- ened. Exhibitors were busy displaying stock, produce and other articles. Bode and Lone Rock crossed bats on the baseball diamond for $150. Walter J. Carr, a well known aviator, made a night. Music was furnished by the Algona Military Band and Prince Helehu- hus and hia six Hawaiian seren- aders. Some of the best horse races ever seen here had been promised. Durwood McDonald, ton at Mr. and Mrs. O. P. McDonald of Burt, had been in France for some time as driver of an automobile in the ambulance corps, and later had been transferred to the staff of General Persbing. He had been writing home regularly. * • * Mrs. R. a Jacob*, formerly Misa Nilla Duclunanton of Bancroft, had died at the home of her mother, Mrs. John Duclunanton, at Jewell Junction. • • * The M. * St L. paatenger train, south bound, and due at Livermore, had gone over a 30-foot embankment juit east of Livermore, killing Mrs. Cochran and her baby. Mrs. Cochran had her head out of the window at the time that the train went off the track* and was crushed to death beneath the coach with her baby. Sixteen others were injured but none seroualy in this accident. Mr*. Amo* Angle had paaeed away at the Algona hospital following an operation for gall Btope*. She was 38 years of age and left her husband and five children. How Much Will a Want Ad Cost? If you have something to buy, s£ll, trade or rent, or if you want something to buy, trade or rent, write you ad in the squares below, using one word in each square. Then add the total words, multiply each word by two cents, and send ad with amount to this newspaper. Want ads are read by everybody. Try one. Sod Y«v Wart Ad To DM Algau Upptr DCS MMMS TMhy

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