The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 2, 1937
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HISTORICAL WCKET9 _ , Ont: Prankith _,.—-J pickets at th* Stetson Hat Wofk* In Belleville forced watchful policy to stand at rigid attentloh for SO minutes at a stretch one day '5ft;»*ek by playing "God Save the Ring" on harmonica*. ' NlSW YOftK: Acked a Manhattan reporter of cinemactor Robert Taylor itt an Interview last Week: "Listen, Mr. Taylor, would you rather be beautiful or brainy?" An- wefed beautiful Cinemactor Taylor: "I haven't any choice." AT $1 PER GALLON DETROIT: Because weakening gasoline prices in Michigan this summer have threatened a price- war, the determined Michigan Gasoline Dealers' Union has found ways to put the pressure on Detroit's cut- price dealers. A file of twelve car* with deliberate-looking drivers swung In beside the pumps of Or- vtlle E. Putnam's Detroit filling station one day last week. Each driver asked for one gallon of gas, demanded all free services down to battery-checking, paid with a $20 bill. This malicious formula had not been repeated very often before Proprietor Putnam, hot and sore, called a policeman. Result: the prjce^of gasoline to the tormentors was tipped from 16 He to $1 per gallon. A TELEGRAM AND A SUPERSTITION NEW YORK: When superstitious, popular New York Yankee Pltcherr Verrion ("Lefty") Gomez beat Cleveland last July 19 he was afraid his 13th win might be hard to add to. Four times since then he has tried to win his 14th game and failed. Last week, as he walked onto the field to face the Washington Senators for his fifth try, the Yankees' bulky manager, Joe McCarthy. approached him with a sympathetic look on his face and telegram in his pocket, told him that his mother, who had been lying ill In Rodeo, Calif., was dead. "You don't have to pitch today, fella," said McCarthy. "Your time's your own until you feel like working." After a silence Lefty Gomez replied: 'Til go out there, Joe. It would make me feel better." Then the big-footed left-hander went to the box and pitched Washington to a three-hit shutout (8-0), made two of the Yankees' nine hits himself, allowed only 18 Washington players to come to bat In the last five and a third innings (16 minimum). 26,000 cheering spectators wondered why Pitcher Gomez whose 14th victory was his second best performance of the year, did not prance wise-cracking off the Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER, 2, IJttf —Twelve Pages. VOL.. :io.—NO. 35 ALL SET, COUNTY FAIR ON NEXT WEEK Harness Races Big Attraction Wednesday, Thursday At Kossuth County Fair At Algona, Sept. 6 to 10th Harness race*, bringing some of the finest horseflesh In the United States to Algona for the Kossuth County Fair, next week, will be the feature attractions at the afternoon programs, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, next week. The above photo, snapped last year at the track by a newspaperman with his little camera, shows some of the harness horses tearing across the finish- line. back tears. oll«ct that Bald he: "I didn't rec- I was In a game. I don't know what batters I faced. I don't know who made the hits . . . My whole life at home rolled before me." 1190 PUPILS IN LOCAL SCHOOLS NOW REGISTERED 924 In Public System, 266 At St. Cecelia Academy School enrollments showed slight increases at both the public and parochial schools, officials report. At the public school system, the following registration was reported: Kindergarten to sixth grade 410 Junior high 128 Senior high 388 Total Tuesday 924 O. B. Lalng, superintendent, reports that this is about the same enrollment as last year, but new enrollments the remainder of this week and next are expected to MO New $50,000 Postoffice Opens Algona's much discussed, long awaited postoffice, began to do business on Tuesday morning of this week. The 'postoffice boys made a hurried overnight change of equipment during Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The above picture shows the new $60,000 building, as it appeared when the doors were opened for business. NEAR 2,000 AT IN GERMANY— JEWISH EROTIC APPROACH NURNBURG, Germany: A 28- year old Jew Inv'ted an Aryan girl to the movies, and she sued him. A Nurnburg court, sentencing tho Jew to a month's Imprisonment, reminded him that the laws of Nurnburg were enacted to "prevent the erotic approach of Jews towards Aryan girls." ON THE GOLF-COURSE NOCTURNAL ROUND MAYSVILLE, Ky.: As an almost full moon sailed over Maysville one evening last week, Verl Stinch- eomb, Maysville Country Club professional, started out to play nine holes of nocturnal golf. Since the flight of a golf ball cannot be followed even in full moonlight. Golfer Stinchcomb had to keep bis shots straight down the fairway in order to find his ball. He made a birdie and an eagle, lost no balls, finished with a nine-hole score of 35, one under par. Somebody's Boy Friend In Trouble If there is any girl working in an Algona drug store who has a boy Mend in Webster City, we want to tell her that her boy friend is in trouble. The sheriff of Webster county called up the Kossuth sheriff's office, Wednesday afternoon, and reported that a warrant for the arrest ot one Harry Crankhite had been issued there. The warrant charged him with taking from $300 to $360 from the hotel there, and leaving for parts unknown. Only clue the Webster City officers had was that Crankhite was supposed to have a girl friend in Algona, who worked in a drug store. Presentation Sisters stated that] the enrollment at St. Oecelia's Academy bad Increased nicely from last year. There were 175 enrolled in the grades, and 91 in the high school, on Wednesday. At the public school, pupils were released early Wednesday afternoon because of the heat. New Third Ward Boiler At a meeting of the dchool board of the public school system, held Tuesday, Lalng & Muckey were awarded the contract for Installing a new heating system in the Third Ward school. The let on a bid basis. contract was A new boiler will be Installed and the ventilating system changed. Stop signs have been placed at three corners to help school children. These are located at the Iowa State Bank corner, the Joe Greenberg corner, and the Wray Concoo station corner. Parents are urged to route their children to school so that they pass these corners. CREAMERY PICNIC F. J. Ludwig, Vaudt, Jr., Bargman Win Cream Scoring Visits At St. Joe Miss Merle Dillon spent Wednesday at the John Origer home, at St. Joe. She IB a teacher in the Sioux City schools and was a classmate of Mrs. Origer tt I. S. T. C. Mrs. Win. Buttermore and Augusta also visted at the Origers on Thursday and Mary Jane Origer returned with them for a few days. All Space Taken For Fair Livestock All space In the cattle and horse barns haj been taken, Earl Vincent, fair secretary^ reported the middle of thia WMML and entries in all other deoaKnwnU are coming in fast. Spi«bl tnpgemenU are being mad* &:BRjp ' or *»? overflow list of entrlrt Jn mny of tie various departpjeuU, tit axtfetf. Best light HOGS butch., 140-160 Best light butch., 160-1 BO M Best light butch., 180-200 . 10.10 Beat light butch., 200-250 ........ 10.86 Med. heavy, 290-325 ................ 9.85 Butchers, 325-350 ....................... 9.80 Butcher*, 350-400 9.35 Packing BOWS, 300-360 . 8i50-9i26 Packing sows, 350-400 ------ Whittemore: The annual creamery and elevator picnic was held at the academy grounds here Thursday, August 26th. There were between 1700 and 2000 present, including H. A. Bartlett, president of the Iowa State Brand, Inc., of Mason City; O. K. Storre, George Godfrey and Prof. F. W. Beck, director of agriculture extension, University of Minnesota, who gave a talk on the "Future ot Co-operative Organizations." Those winning in the cream scoring contest were; first, F. J. Ludwig; second prize tied by August Vaudt, Jr., and V. W. Bargman, and third to Mrs. William Fandel. In the kittenball games, the South farmers won both games. Boys' 50 yard dash, for those from one to 10 years, Nevins Woodwaid won first; George Jergens, Jr., second, and C. Mergen, third. Boys, 11 to 16, first went to Kenneth Frost, second to Conrad Fisher. Girls' race for those from one to 10 years, Mary Ann Koppen was first, Helen Fandel, second, and Rosanne Fandel, third. Girls, age 11 to 15, first to Marjorie Montag, second and third tied by Maxine Bisenius and Geraldine Maliory. Novelty race, first, Marjorie $8.10 Montag, second Catherine Origer I Tug of war was won by the North side men and North fide women. The free dance held in the Higgins hall was packed to capacity until after midnight. CLOSING SCHEDULE FOR FAIR WEEK the following •uKgeitionn for the guidance of store* and office* during fair week: That all stores and offices close at noon three afternoons of the fair, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, for the balance of the day, the following exceptions: that the bakeries, cafes, groc- erlei,, drug stores, pool halls, and oil stations may re-open at 5:00 P. M. The Closing Committee includes W. V. Butler, Chairman, Frank Zender, K. D. James, P. J. Christensen, Abner Long and D. A. Barnard. Hampton Tramples Algona Golf Team Sunday by 21 to 3 Hampton jumped all over a se of Algona golfers, last Sunday a 1 Hampton, and scored a 21 to 3 vie tory, making up for an earlier sea son defeat at the Algona course. The matches follow: Hampton Algona Robt. Rost <3>—Cretzmeyer (0). Beed <l',i>— Lowe UV4). W. Peterson (2'/4)—Nicman (H) Purcell (3)—Dalley (0). Robinson (3)—Bob Williams (0). Nemmera (3)—McCullough (0). Beebe (3)—J^red Timm (0). Boye (2)—C. Williams (1). The match was disappointing in that such a small Algona turnoui was present. Price Schedule Packing sows, 400-500 CATTLE Veal calves Canners and cutters 8.80 ........ 8.60 $5.00-7.50 . 2.75-3.50 Stock steers 5.06-7.00 Fat steers Fat yearlings Bulls Fat cows GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn No. 2 mixed corn .. No, 4 yellow corn, new 14 Exhibitors In Floral Hall Signed An almost complete list of Floral hall exhibitors lined up the fore part of this week included the fol lowing, according to Kossuth County Fair officials. BoUford Lumber, F. S. Norton, 9.00-10.00 8.00-9.00 4.60-5.50 4.00-5.00 Will F. Brown, C. R. LaBarre, Kruse-Blossom, National Hy-bred $.89 Vi 89 .. .45'4 No. 3 white oats ......................... 22 '/4 Barley, No. 3, new ......................... 48 will tofar*, with Ouu» new line* to be No. 2 rye EGGS fcancroft Ge*sNew State LKHJOT Store . , mpfjrtgn in recent month* for a state liquor store, was assure4 of obtaining one this wwk, when, a flv*-y«*rTa«s* was aJOTiajj by ta* st*jft* ciimniiaflicM •••MW yf_i«w mnpf .JfswiwM"^." -.. s«pt .67 21c 18c No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream— No. 1 No. 2 83c Sweet Sflc .He ..36c Hens, over S Itn 18c Reiu, 4 to 6 Itw. 16W.C Hens, under 4 IDS. 13Hc Leghorn h*n* 13 He Cocks, under 4tt Ac Cock*, under 4V4 .• lOc Spring*, over S Ibs. Sprinp. 4 to S Leghorn cock* Leghorn springs .... Spring*, I to 4 Spring, under S - I7c 8c 17c Mark«t« subject to change by th* time of publication. Seed Corn, Pioneer Hy-bred Seed Corn, Kohlhaas & Spilles, Nelson Hardware, Kennedy & Parsons, The Algona Upper Des Moines and The Kossuth County Advance, the Kossuth Farm Bureau, and Pratt Electric Co. There was also a probability that final arrangements for show space would be made with several other concerns for Floral Hall. R. O. Bjustrom will have his usual tent at the entrance of Floral Hall, and L W. Swanton will also have an exhibit. West Bend Man k Injured on Farm W«»t Bend: Adam Laubenthal was seriously injured Thursday, while making hay. The team he was driving, itched to the buck- rale* became frightened and tipped th* buuck-rak* over and injured his arm and broke the bone in his *A*iM«r. H* wa* badly bruised alttut the head. For County Fair The schedule of admission prices for the Kossuth County Fair will remain the same as last year. Day-time adult admission at the gate will T>e 40 cents, with children from 8 to 13 years, 25 cents. At night, general gate admission will be 25 cents. Grandstand seats will be 35 cents and a few reserved seats are being offered at 50 cents. Reserved seats can be obtained through Saturday of this week at the fair office ovci James drug store, and next week on the grounds at the office in the Floral hall. Automobiles will be admitted free as before. Not Fooling In Bootleg War; One Fined $300 Bootlegging and illegal sale of intoxicating liquor, dormant since the advent of prohibition, or at least of a minor nature, has been growing in Kossuth county recently, and state officials, following complaints from various sources, have been waging an under-cover warfare on the 'leggers, It was admitted here by officials Wednesday. And in the meantime, Sylvester Hainzinger of Fenton. arrested last week, was taken before Judge George A. Heald at Emmetsburg, Wednesday, and after pleading guilty to a charge of bootlegging was fined $300. His appeal bond was fixed at $1.000, but County Attorney L. A. Winkel said indication* were that Hainzinger would raise the fine. And last Saturday, following raids and arrests at Whittemore and Fenton, State Agent W. P. Hnloy led a party to the place of Teelke Meyer and Dick Meyer in German township, near Tltonka, armed with a search warrant, but the officers nfter searching the premises returned empty-hnnded. They found nothing. Early in August, under-cover investigations with a few raids were also made, nnd developments from those are still pending, it now romcs to light. Bootleggers nre hrenklnp the laws in two ways, either selling alcohol, which seems to he gaining In popularity, or reselling state store liquor to minors anil after hours. A case against Francis Elbert of Whittemore charged with bootlegging will go before the grand Jury at the September term of court. $108,689 Refund To County Taxpayers Within 2 Weeks Homestead Credit For Kossuth in Hands of State Board ONLY FINAL O.K. AND THEN CHECKS Some time between the next ten days and two weeks, Kossuth county taxpayers eligible to receive homestead exemption credit under the new state act, will find checks in their mail which will total $108,689 for the county. This good news was released on Wednesday afternoon by County Treasurer M. J. Duffy, who with a broad smile stated that the county auditor had certified $4,347,634 valuation total on homesteads in the county eligible for the credits. The homestead credits from Kossuth were shipped to Des Meines Wednesday night and after getting the O. K. of the state board of assessment and review, checks will be prepared and mailed. Distribution Distribution of the money to the county treasurers will take place in a few days, he said. The refunds will be credited on second half taxes in full or whose second half tax bill is less than the amount of the refund. Second half tax payments are due by Sept 30. The homestead distribution among the counties is supposed to be made on or before tomorrow, Sept. 1, but some of the county figures on homestead valuations will not be received before Thursday, Roddewig said. The last legislature, which passed :he homestead act, placed the refund any single property owner could receive to 25 mills of his tax levy and another ceiling of $2,500 on the valuation of his home. Twice A Year In Future Taxpayers will share in two homestead exemption refunds next year, one in the spring and one In the fall. However, no refund of more than the total tax on any Individual property for 1936 will be paid this time. The most any one taxpayer can One of Suicide Club's Stunts for the Fair When the boys join the Suicide Club, they practically foreswear their chnnce for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness —unless you call It happiness to take chances like the fellow in the car above is doing. The Suicide Club riders, drivers and daredevils will headline the program on the opening afternoon of the Kossuth County Fair, next Tuesday, Sept. 7. There will be races, cars deliberately crashed and turned over, drivers going through flaming walls, nnd n special demonstration of safety first rules. FAMED BROWNIES receive on his will be $62.50. second half taxes Heat Nears 100 As City Swelters Kossuth county sweltered in heat between 90 and 100, this week, with little to indicate a break might come before long. The humidity was also bad, causing intense suffering, but bringing good ripening weather to Kossuth's corn fields. Week's weather Date August 25 August 26 August 27 August 28 August 29 August 30 August 31 Sept. 1 NAY BE REVIVED Brooklyn Giants To Play Here Next Year As Algona Club If plans now under way nre carried out, Algona will again be the home of a famous Brownies bnll team next season. Arrangement sare being made whereby the management and players of the present Brooklyn Giants who have been using the Algona diamond aa their home playing field, will come here next year at the beginning of the season and make the Algona Brownies their trade name through the season. The final game of the year for the colored aggregation will be played here Sunday night, with the Texas Black Spiders furnishing the opposition. In a close and exciting game Sunday night before a crowd of about 1,000, the local club defeated the Forest City Collegians, 7 to 6. This was the second victory for the locals in the past few days, as they beat the Collegians, 5 to 3 at Hum boldt last week. Carpenter, star hurler for the Collegians, pitched both games. I HASTINGS, SUNN. ADOPTS ALGONA NEWSPAPER PLAN Algatt»'» semi-weekly newc- At IlandnffH, Minn., a city of about -1,800 people. Hie two new»- piipcrN hail the following announcement to nmke liiHt week: " . . .however, ttiiico It Itt oh- vliins Unit a Hi'\vN|m|>rr issued neml-weekly can Nerve both the renders anil mlvcrtisrrN to much Itetter lulvuntiiiir tlmn two piib- HcHtioiiH Issued on the Hume day, «•<% believe flint our Hollon will meet with general approval and «ill ultimately prove to Inive been tlie sensible and hushtcsH- like thing to do." To xvliich we add, amen! The lint of Demi-weakly newH- liaper cities, whlrh have more, or lens adopted th? Algonu Plan of (M'purutely owne<l, but cooperating; pupcrs, now includes !><•<•- orah, Iowa, Blue Karth, .Minn., and Hustings, Minn. SUICIDE CLUB IS NEWEST FEATURE, IN KOSSUTH FAIR Big 50 Person Revue Each Night on Revolving Stage > ' Everything Is in readiness for the biggest Kossuth County Fair in it's history opening Monday, Sept 8. On this day all exhibits will be in place. Practically all available space has been engaged In the Floral Hall, also entries in livestock, which finished August 30, have filled the barns to capacity. On Tuesday, Wlnkley's Suicide Club will furnish thrills and spills and a number of other special features on the raee track. Wednesday and Thursday the program consists of harness and running races and there will also be two baseball games on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Thursday morning at ten o'clock the team pulling contest will be held on the track and the grandstand will be free for this event. On Thursday, at 1:30 p. m. there will be a parade of all prize-winning livestock on the race track. All Day Program There will be many special events in the forenoons. Livestock, Girls' 4-H Club exhibits and all other departments will be judged on Tuesday and Wednesday forenoons, also special demonstrations of machinery, this year's farm machinery exhibit being larger than any former yenr. This year's night show is more elaborate nml spectacular than any ever presentefi to the patrons of the Kossuth County Fair. The fair management has contracted fbr Gertrude Avcry's Diamond Revue, n show that scintillates with gorgeous girls, beautiful scenery, subdued indirect lighting effects. This production carries its own stage and In addition a revolving stage, something never seen hero before. There are BO people in the show Including a 10-plece band. This l» a «Ug» 1J5 High Low Rain 90 90 89 89 88 91 91 96 69 64 61 69 67 68 68 Mother, 24, Dies After Fenton Birth Fenton: Mrs. Henry Moore, 24, died Wednesday morning following the premature birth of a daughter. The infant weighed 6*4 pounds and because of her frail condition she was immediately baptized Doris Harriet Mardell Moore. Mrs Moore was formerly Doris Wig- gig of Emroetsburg. Tike Moores farm southwest of Fenton. Funeral arrangements were pending, but were to be held at St. John's Lutheran church, Depew. Entertains Threshers Corwitb-Fairview: John Oxley entertained his threshing crew and their families at his home last Thursday evening. Ice cream and cake were served. About forty men, women and children attended and a good tin* was reported. Cars Crash Sunday In Swea Township Swea-Eagle Twps.: A collision at the corner one mile north of the Community hall in Swea township resulted in minor injuries to occupants of the machines, and two badly smashed cars, Sunday evening. A party of seven folks were re turning from Wtst Bend to Wells, Minn., when their car and one coming from Armstrong crashed. Small cuts and bruises were the only personal injuries. j The Bell Motor Co. took the Wells car to Swea City for repairs, Lotts Creek Band Booked for Midway A special attraction on the Kos- auth fair midway, Wednesday afternoon, will be an appearance of the Lotts Creek Little German Band. Th* Lotts Creek boys always have a good time themselves, and also bring plenty of fun for everyone else within hearing distance, and fair officials feel very fortunate in being able to secure them for the afternoon next week. Boy Injured North Of Burl On Farm Burt: Darrel Moyer, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Moyer from north of Burt. suffered a severe skull injury last Friday afternoon while lie was with his father who was plowing. He had stooped to pick up a trip rope, when a lever fluw back and struck him in the forehead. He was knocked unconscious and rushed to a hospital in Algona. His condition was extremely serious, as he went into convulsions after reaching the hnspilu). However, we are glad to report that hi then recovered quite rapidly, a was taken home Sunday, but will be confined in bed for at least a week. Four Farms Sold In Kossuth County McDonald & Co., Algona, reports the sale of four farms in the past few days. The Ernil Weisbrod 80 has been sold to Chris Olson, who has an adjoining 80. The price was $90 per acre. The 240 acre farm of Fred Willrett in Plum Creek was sold to James Shipler, Titonka. The 170 acre Wegener farm in Cresco has been sold to Sam Mogler, and the Jennie Whitford farm northeast of Lone Rock was sold to Roy Ennen of Ledyard township, ship. The last named is 320 acres. and brought $105 per acre-, with possession next March first. Number of Sept. Moving Changes Made In Algona A number of September first mov- ng changes in Algona have been reported. The Chet Holts have moved from the Misbach apartments to he house owned hy Dr. Janse on South Harlnn street, formerly occupied by Dr, C. H Sch/iap. Mr. und Mrs. O. S. Reiley and son are moving from the former Dr. Adams house on West College to 302 South Harlan to the house occupied by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jo- haimsen, Sr. The Ray Works are also moving out of the Adams home, recently sold to D. I). Mor.lux. The Frank Saffords are moving Buys Wesley Cafe Lone Rock: Muriel Long, Lone Rock, has purchased the cafe at Wesley formerly operated by Mr*. Anna Shipley, and will take possession Friday, Sept. 3. Beatty In Accident H. S. Beatty. proprietor of a locul cafe, was fortunately uninjured last week, when bis car left a road six miles north and two miles went of Humboldt. The machine was damaged, but Beatty was unhurt. out of the H. W. Miller apartment, and the place will be occupied by the family of Patrolman Benedict, new highway officer stationed here. Tile Henry Dubsons have moved from the Misbuch apartments to tile new JOIU-K home on South Woo.ster. J. W. Haggard Eye Injury Healing ivlitor J. \V. Haggurd if, .still con- lined to his home wUh the eye in jury which lias been troubling hm the past ifii dayi He has beei down town several times, but finds it more comfortable to remain ir a partly darkened room. The in jury is rather stubborn to heal, am. necessitates u trip to tile specialist ut Mason City every other day However, we are looking forward to having him buck with us just as soon us the doctor will permit. Iflfth-Prfecd Vaudeville Happy Harrison's Animal circus has long been conceded one of the outstanding acts of Ha kind. It features trained dogs, ponies, and monkeys and also n bucking mule. The Three Valentines, in an unusual snappy routine on bicycles, also display their versatility in H. rope spinning turn. Another act of i.iciit in Cup). Hpillcrs' Trained Seals, this act having just closed i long season in the leading theatres of the country and wherever they appear, were given highest praise by both the public and press. Capt. Gco. Webb, grandson of the famous Cornelius Webb, the first man to- swim the English Channel, will do* an 8fl foot dive for life each afternoon and evening, landing in tho smallest net used by un act of this kind. Oowley's Giant Shows " Crnwloy's United Shows, one of America's outstanding carnivals, known as the show with a million lights, will bo on tho midway. The Crowley'h show carry 12 rides, 14 shows and 40 concessions, is transported on 52 large trucks. A new thrill ride, the Octopus, costing J7,- 500.00, has just been added to the show. This is one of the most beautiful rides ever shown. There will be dancing each night, music by Eddie's Celebrities. On Wednesday, the Lotts Creek German Band will give concerts on the midway, and grandstand concerts by the Algona band. There will be entertainment every day from early morning until late at night, at the Big Kossuth County Fair, September 6 to 10. Kossuth Corn Wins Ed Mawdsley, Jrvington, won first in the best 10 ears of yellow corn at the state fair, and A. B. Schenck of Union township won first in best 10 ears of white at the Iowa State Fair, it was stated from Des Moines early this week. Bancroft Juniors Win Bancroft: The Bancroft Junior L,egion baseball team defeated Cedar Rapids Junior Legion team 6 to 3. Sunday at Bancroft. The Cedar Hupids team is the state champions. Johnston Buys Home J. B. Johnston. Sr.. announces the purchase of the Ziimer house, five blotki south on Dudge street. ALGONA ADVKKTISKKS' DIRKCTOKY PAGE TWO— Pratt Electric Dr. F. E. Sawyer I>A<;K THREE— Elk Cleaners Kichardson's Kresensiky'.-. AlcCorniick-Deering PACE FOUR Nelson Hardware Ceo. I.. Miller Kent Motor Ko.ssuth Mut. Fire Ins. Assn. PACE F1VE- Cuuneil Oak Cruhum's Store PAGE SJX- Edna Cilmore New CaJ) Theatre Madsun Ai Hunson Ben Franklin Christensen Bros. Sorensen Grocery Shilts Bros. PAGE SEVEN— Long's Food Store Clopten, Tailor lownMrbemre Baldwin's I. G. A. Algona Fed. Savs. & Loan PAGE EIGHT— Greenbcrg Auto Supply A. W. Amunson ' Kennedy & Parsons BoLsford Lbr. Co. PAGE NINE— Klassie Motor Co. F. & Norton & Son Bjustrom's Laird & MeCullough PAGE TEN— Jimmie Neville PAGE ELEVEN— KohJhajw* Spilles PAGE TWBSLVagg*- ChrischiUes Store Algona Auction Co. C. W. Nicoulln -»'

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