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Hull Daily Mail from Hull, Humberside, England • Page 8
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Hull Daily Mail from Hull, Humberside, England • Page 8

Hull Daily Maili
Hull, Humberside, England
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SPRING CLEANING ADVICE. WHAT is the first step to efficient spring cleaning Why, to assemble your tools that you may have no quarrel with them I Gather together your brushes and brooms, your dusters and mops, your pails and paints, your cleaning agents and your paint and varnish brushes. Look them over. Discard all that are too old to do efficient work. Go out, and be as extravagant as you never were before, in buying new tools for housework.

Thus your Spring cleaning will be well, ani thoroughly done. If you have been hesitating about buying an automatic cleaner of some kind, make up your mind now. And make it up on the right side. Buy the cleaner you want now. BEST TIME TO BUY.

There no better time in the whole year at whicd to buy labour savers that at spring cleaning time. And if your temperament demands that you look neat and smart while working, buy come brightly coloured overalls, with caps to match. You will feel all the more cheertui while working on account of this. There is no reason why you should make spring cleaning harder than it is. Women who put off buying new brushes and brooms and appliances till after this important period, do make the work harder for themselves 1 Then a good, honest survey of all your working tools and utensils before you begin is the best foundation for efficient spring cleaning.

WORK TO A PLAN. You know how annoying it is to be held up in the middle of some job because you have forgotten to replace a certain kind of brush, or because you have run out of this or that cleaner. The experience is not only annoying but hindering. Often, that particular job must be put off I you have remembered to obtain that particular help that you want. So it hangs about and the thought of it becomes a burden to you.

So think, think, think about what you will need for the spring Write it all down. Plan to have yourself generously fitted up vith cleaning tools and utensils, for. truly, at spring cleaning time it is better to have too many brooms than too few! Consider seriously what small alterations about the house will save you lots of work during the coming year. ESTIMATES ARE FREE. Could your fireplaces be made more up-todate i How much world it cost? You do not know Get an estimate of the cost' Estimates cost nothing.

And the prices quoted will probably convince you that the particular improvement have in mind is a matter that ycu must put off no longer. How is your hot water supply How could it be improved Make inquiries. Get estimates. Would you be happier if your bathroom and kitchen were tile fitted, at least iv parts that fade a become shabby through constant splashings of water and grease Get estimates for the work. Would a window let into your kitchen or sitting-room make your daily life bright and more sunny? Have ever considered that question Is there any real reason why you should not consider it A builder a estimate may firing within your reach something that you have always considered an impossibility.

All these things are best done at. or just before, spring cleaning time Do your children get as much sunlight as they should Have you ever considered the possibilities of the new glass which allows th( ultra violet rays of the sun to have uninterrupted ingress to Ihe nursery or livingroom i New houses are being fitted with this, in that corner of the house which gets most sun, and the room is called the "solarium" or sun-room. Do you realise the beneficial importance of new labour-savers that are continually appearing, or do think of them vaguely as something that would be "nice to have" without ever considering the ways and means by which you could introduce them into your home Even if the household budget does not run to improvements or alterations at this time of the year, there are many cheaper ways of effecting improvements in the house that are of a labour-saving nature. REDUCE LABOUR. The modern housewife trie 3 to avoid all surfaces that need hard work to keep them clean.

Yet with the lessened labour in housework, kitchens, living-rooms, diningrooms and bedrooms are brighter and colourful than they have ever been before, in the history of furnishing. Why? Because the housewife of to-day is afraid to have large areas of lightcoloured surface because such will show the dirt easily. She is not afraid to use dainty shades for curtains, covers and hangings. She knows that easily cleaned surfaces in all colours can be fitted or introduced into the house. She knows that modern dyes withstand the sun and 'atmosphere, and do not fade, besides being more easily washed than of yore, because the colours do not run.

The modern housewife has everything on her side. And her side is the one that supports new brightness and beauty in the home. THAT NEW LINO. When you have new linoleum fitted in the kitchen, why not have it fitted for a couple of feet or so up tbe wall as well Here you have a surface more easily cleaned thau paint. If you choose a gay design of blue and white tiles, or a softly-shaded strippled effect, lightness aud brightness at once enters your kitchen.

Buy a little more linoleum than you need, and cover your kitchen table-top with it. unless you have this tiled or norcelained, or covered with plate glass. If you have a plate glass top to your kitchen table (this is far less expensive than you imagine) just think how easily you can keep it spotless. You can make pastry on it if you wish. And to save the laundry bill, use circles of your linoleum as plate mats aud dish mats at breakfast and lunch, if you sometimes take these meals in the kitchen, as so many people do in these days of small houses and lack of space.

PLATE GLASS USEFUL. Use plate glass behind your stove or sink. The splashes can be wiped away so easily. Or, if you do not want to spend money on the glass, fix up a large piece of attractively coloured linoleum in these places. This will save you much work.

WALLPAPERING. If you have the real adventurous spirit of the modern housewife, you will want to try your hand at wall papering this season. There is a wonderful fascination in choosing your own wallpaper, and hanging it yourself. Modern designs are easy to hang, because the patterns are often small, and therefore more easily matched by the amateur. Distempering is even easier to do than papering.

You must first be i areful to mix your distemper smoothly, then you must have the right kind of brushes, to obtain which you must visit your oil and colour man. Sometimes, if you do not wish to buy, it is possible to borrow these brushes for a short period. Having your brushes and distemper ready, there is a third hint that hardly seems to matter, but is actually very important. It is to stand at arm's length from the wall applythe distemper or paint. This helps to bring the smooth workmanlike effect.

Do not say to yourself that you can't "I Just try on a small the bathroom or the scullery, if either of these rooms need renovating. But get your materials from a reliable source first and also get as much advice on the matter as you can gather. Your obliging tradesmen are usually willing to give this for the asking. THE SUNNY COLOURS. The sunny colours are fashionable.

Remember this when choosing shades for walls, for floor coverings, for hangings. Shades of orange, yellow, beige and scarlet come under the heading of sunny. But also remember that where you have a deal of a bright colour you are always safe in using plenty of a natural colour as well. Black, dark brown, grey, camel, stone, cream and white all come under the beading of neutral colours. A GOOD PLAN.

For rooms that get plenty of sun, cool colours like blue, green, grey and stone are very suitable. If any room depresses you, it is always a good plan to change its colourings as completely as you can. Usually, the need for lighter colours is indicated REPAIRING WALLPAPER. When putting up a fresh patch of the wallpaper with which a room is already covered, do not use a rectangular piece, but tear the new piece with the hand so that the edges are quite jagged. When pasted into position, the new piece will then blend more convincingly with the old.

Moths can be kept away from stored furs and heavy clothes and furnishing hangings if little bags containing broken-un pieces of cigar-box are placed between the folds or in the pockets. hile the young man's fancies are lightly turning to thoughts of love in the springtime, the housewife's are turning seriously to spring cleaning. To some, the very words spring cleaning conjure up visions of dismantled rooms wallowing in dust, a cross husband and badtempered children, but this is only to the unmethodical. To those women who carefully plan the method of procedure they intend to adopt, obtain all cleaning necessities and book appointments with tbe decorators in good to these women spring cleaning is just an extra busy time, but they feel their labours are amply repaid when the results are apparent to themselves and those about them. ON REDECORATION.

First comes the all-important question of redecoration. Go carefully through each room and note which rooms you desire to repaper. If you have difficulty in choosing the paper, talk the matter over with the decorator. He is usually only too willing to make suggestions and help you in your choice of colours or suggest the paper that will tone with your carpets and furniture. You can distemper your walls.

This is a WORRIES BANNED BY NEW LABOUR SAVING DEVICES. much cheaper form of decoration, and there are some delightful shades of distemper now on the market. The cost per room runs into a very few shillings, and no outside assistance is required. But while bedrooms look well distempered, for comfort and appearance it is much better to paper the living rooms. A CAREFUL INSPECTION IS REQUIRED.

To avoid little breakdowns during the coming year in the smooth running of the household, you must make a very detailed inspection of such things as boilers, geysers, washeis window sashes, bolts, chains, door handles, fasteners, and remedy any defaults you may find. All chimneys must be swept before the decorators appear. And you must get the rag and bone man to rid you of all tins, bottles, that have accumulated during the year (in spite of that resolution last spring that you Mould not hoard another thing rags you come across come in handy at this time for making dusters and cleaning cloths. Don't forget the local hospitals when you turn out your old magazines and books, while broken and unwanted furniture should either be burnt or given to a local rummage sale where it may help to raise a shilling or two for a good cause. THE QUESTION OF DRESS.

The spriug cleaning kit should be designed for comfort as well as service, A short skirt, flat shoes, cap for the hair, and an all-over overall and a rubber apron comprises the ideal wear. Rubber gloves are essential, but before putting them on smear your hand with mutton fat; this helps to keep tbe skin from getting roughened and stained, while before retiring each night it is as well to rub cold cream or glycerine into the hands as an extra precaution against redness appeariug. THE TOOLS YOU NEED. The work during spring cleaning time is hard enough without unnecessarily straining the body to reach heights. It is most essential that you should have a pair of steps.

Mops are the most satisfactory means of cleaning floors, and these can be bought for a few shillings. For the ceiling obtain, if possible, a long-handled brush, or alternatively fix- a short broom on to a long handle. See that you have your cleaning materials ready before you begin: You will need soft soap, clean dusters, rags for polishing, whiting, metal paste, and one or two chamois leathers for windows. Have also a good supply of needles and carpet thread, together with carpet binding for mending torn and frayed edges. Glue always being wanted, and resin, plaster of Paris (for mouseholes), tintacks, hooks, (Continued on Page Nine.) THE DAILY MAIL, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1930 8 THERE was an and hat do you think She whitewashed her ceilings and then took to drink.

But LA CQU IN she bought, and then the old blighter Found that her drink bills were very much lighter. from tho V.D.M. Prospect Street and Hessle Road. (Advt.) YOU CAN Invite Your YOUR FURNITURE has come from JAY'S Terms to Suit Yourselves. I IOUR SHOWROOMS HA YE I I JUST BEEN EXTENDED: I all toc kMs new This beautiful Solid Oak Sidei call and inspect! board is Given FREE with All OBLIOATIOKj £2g ORDER FOR EASTER.

COUPON FOR FREE CATALOGUE. HD M. 94 30. ytr ntw Cataltzuf with dttalU jnr fam bus "OUT OF ISCOME fiaymtnt KAME ADDRESS in envelope; leave unsealed. Call without obligation at 81, Prospect Street oiti i 85-87, Wright St.

i SPRING CLEANING. NOW WHAT I WANT IS FACTS (in Paint) YOU GET THEM FROM THE Yorkshiie I ecorative ater in 82, Prospect St. or 338, Hessle Rd. IT IS TO THE CREDIT OF THE MODERN WOMAN that by discarding old-fashioned methods she has taken the toil and drudgery out of domestic work, and raised the standard of comfort in the home to the highest degree. HAVE YOU JOINED THEIR RANKS? There's no time like Springtime for making changes, and no fuel like Gas for complete labour-saving.


Bright and cheer- chosen Tile, Carpet ful modern designs. Parquet designs. I 3x per sq y.r* Craftdale seamless Axmin- 0 ster all wool pile carpets. Scotc Canvas Best Hard wearing. smooth finish, 3 24 in futurist All Sizes Stocked.

per sq. af Crafts BEVERLEY RD. WTTHAM. HESSLE 4 new and ELECTROLUX" says Mas Happy man "You'd hardly think the Electrolux Cleaner could be it has been dmaaa The 40 per cent, increased suction power of the New mWW Electrolux gives it definitely SFiWW greater suction power than any Domestic Cleaner 1 anddoes away with all neces- sity for beating or sweeping. I Yet the New Electrolux is A amazingly silent kf I I which is a great boon in mm.

any house. And its unique air-purifying pad WeJJI cleans even the air you 3 breathe, leaving it germfree and wholesome." You can see the New Electrolux Cleaner demonstrate CLARK GRAHAM, Electrical Engineers, ri THE FLOOR -( COVERING PROBLEM' SPRING CLEANING and what a time it is, too for the housewife. She is overwhelmed with problem after problem, each requiring individual thought. One of the most important problems that arises on this occasion is the FLOOR COVERING. FOR CARPETS, RUGS, AND ALL FLOOR COVERINGS GO TO DIXON'S.

Note New Address, 30, Holderness Road. 30, Holderness Road. SEE WINDOWS FOR SPECIAL GIF 1 BUY FOR CASH I AND SAVE MONEY, I 30, HOLDERNESS ROAD- Also 54 and 54a, BEVERLEY BRITEBLACK Black Enarnjlv Have you tried Heat new Black Enamel It turec on ly om tne nest nt Resisting anc rovec by many iJ to possess exceptional af fffiiff For Cycles, Cars, Grates, Quick Manner of IroiWorK- 5d Per Tin lJ Manufactured by Humber Oil Burton Street A TRANSFORMATION SCENE FROM FADED SHABBY WALLS TO DAINTY ARTISTIC ROOMS is soon effected by GOLDSTONE'S WALLPAPERS VISIT OUR SHOWROOMS a nd CHOOSE YOUR DECORATIONS FROM OUR LARGE VARIETY OF PATTERNS. IN COLOUR, DESIGN AND QUALITY THEY MEET THE MOST EXACTING TASTES AND REQUIREMENTS. H.

GOLDSTONE SONS, 16, Anlaby Road, Hull. SPRING at 1 F. T. ROSS, The Popular Ironmongers, 1 11-21, Myton Street, Hull. THE ONLY SHOP IN HULL where you can see your own homes made on the premises.

A free invitation is extended to you to come and look for yourselves. See us making CHESTERFIELD SUITES that are built to last. You can choose your own materials, and see them made. The charge more than the average ready made article. I can furnish your house at fully 25 per cent, less than competitors, and every article is guaranteed for wear.

Seeing is and look for yourselves. No one pressed to buy. Finest Selection of Carpets in Hull. Furniture Re-Upholstered at the Lowest Charges. All Work Guaranteed.

Take Advantage of My 30 Years' Experience. Owing to the unprecedented success of our Special Spring-Cleaning Offer, we will continue to re-polish FREE, all Suites re-upholstered by us during the month of April. NOTE MY ONLY ADDRESS i MARSH NICHOLSON, Complete House Furnisher, 262, HESSLE ROAD, HULL. Tel. Cent.


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