Birmingham Post-Herald from Birmingham, Alabama on November 11, 1976 · 16
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Birmingham Post-Herald from Birmingham, Alabama · 16

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1976
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PACE Aid BIRMINGHAM POST-HMALD Thursday November 1 1 1976 The Now Society Highway Dept will allow strip mining interstate site By Bill SteverMi Staff Writer A “gentlemen's agreement" has been reached between the Alabama Highway Department and Drummond Coal Company of Jasper to allow that firm to strip mine for coal in an area slated for extension of Interstate CS north of Birmingham However Clyde White district engineer for the highway department said that the strip mining operation probably will not delay construction of the interstate link between Gardendale and Kimberly White said that construction of the final link in the interstate north of Birmingham should begin in late 1177 or early 1971 and between now and then Drummond will conduct strip mining operations in the area Originally White aaid Drummond asked the highway department to reroute the interstate away from areas suitable for mining but the department denied that request Drummond owns most of the land to be used by the interstate and White said the company has legal right to mine the land However since the route for the interstate has already been selected the highway department could at any time condemn the land and acquire it The "gentlemen's agreement" will Bobby Vinton Vinton grown musically By EmaMtt Weaver Staff Writer Like Neil Sedaka Bobby Vinton who was once a teen-age ainging idol haa grown op musically as well as as an entertainer The personable wavy-haired crooner of Polish descent has a half-hour syndicated musical variety show carried in 70 markets In Birmingham you can watch Bobby if you so desire Thursdays at 6:30pmonChl3 Thia week the young singer called from Hollywood for a telephone Inter view Bobby feela that tv’s future musical variety programs are going for a half-hour instead of an hour "An hour is Just too long for an audience to sustain interest in this kind of show" said the young singer whose biggest selling hit was "Blue Velvet" which sold three million single copies back in 1964 "The biggest complaint I get from ' my show is that our viewers don't see enough of me” Vinton says that hia program is “a family one" appealing to viewers from 9 to 90 allow Drummond to continue to mine until all negotiations toward condemnation of the land have been completed In return Drummond has agreed to compact the roadbed as it reclaims the stripped area White said White said compacting the dirt will cost Drummond more money than would its regular program of simply filling in stripped areas with loose dirt He said that if Drummond haa not completed mining operations before the highway department is ready to begin construction “then we will condemn their land just like any other property owner’s" However White said that once the coal is removed from the land it will be worth less money and therefore the highway department would have to pay less for it if it waits until the entire area is mined He said that if that happens "then we would have to weigh the cost of paying for the coal against the cost of waiting awhile” White said that completion of 1-65 north has been a low priority item for the interstate system in the Birmingham area because US Highway 31 ia capable of handling the traffic in the area But because the state legislature passed the “McMillan Bill” last year to apeed up completion of the interstate aystem the highway department is gearing up plans for adding the final link to 1-65 Senators deny buying 'spree' By Carl West and Alan Hortoa Scripps-Howard News Service WASHINGTON - U 8 Customs declarations filed by two southern senators in Honolulu on the last leg of an official government-paid trip to the Far East show that they and their wives acquired Herns worth more than (4400 in the nine countries they visited Both Republican senators — Strom Thurmond S C and William L Scott Va — have denied the trip was a "shopping spree” They insisted their acquisitions were not excessive and denounced Scripps-Howard News Service's report on their trip as hill of inaccuracies and politically motivated Yet military sources reported Thurmond needed five pages of U S Customs forms — 11 lines per page — to list his acquisitions and those of his wife Total value of the items was $2345 according to the senator’s declaration the sources said Military personnel handled the pur chases and military vehicles were used to transport them Thurmond said Wednesday through a spokesman that he could not recall the value of his purchases but did not dispute the $2J6S figure Included were 16 ceramic elephants each the sixe of a small television and four rugs The Scotts Hated items worth 12035 Two staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee — one of whom used three pages for hia declarations— lilted $1537 worth ‘ Scott announced here late Tuesday that partly because of “unwarranted criticism" from the “liberal press” he will not seek re-election when his six-year term expires in 1971 He singled out the Scripps-Howard story of his Far East trip u the type of reporting he deplores He said U was "ridiculous” to characterize the trip as a “shopping spree” Wednesday Scott angrily denied he and his wife spent 32065 "I'd say we spent considerably less than half of that I don't know where you got your figures We used our own money ” "See film offers so much more scope and latitude than any other medium I mean look at Francis Ford Coppola Do you have any idea how much money he makes?" Official fears trip may endanger job By Stewart Lytle FOst-Herald Correspondent WASHINGTON — State Highway and Traffic Safety Director Jesse L Lewis said Wednesday he is reluctant to leave Montgomery long enough to testify before a Federal Communications Commission ( FCC) hearing for fear the new legislative Sunset Committee would dispose of his state Job while he ia gone Lewis who holds a principal interest in an application for a new television station in Birmingham told an FCC administrative law judge through an attorney that Gov George C Wallace had instructed him to remain in Montgomery until after he haa made his case before the new committee The Sunset Committee was formed by the Alabama Legislature to review the budgets and functions of state department ami agencies to determine if they should continue in existence Rep Robert Gafferd of Birmingham has proposed that Lewis' department be merged with the State Department of Public Safety and thus abolish the only state department or agency headed by a black official The long-delayed FCC hearing is the first step in the formal competition between Birmingham Broadcasting Co (BBC) which includes both Lewis and Birmingham City Councilman Arthur Shores and Chapman Radio and Television Co to operate a new Channel 21 in the Birmingham area Lewis was considered an important witness in the cue because he has acquired a substantial interest in BBC The FCC administrative law judge suggested that the lack of Lewis' testimony “could be detrimental” to BBC Lewis requested through his attorney that the FCC permit him to testify in writing but that request wu denied The competition for Channel 21 which began in December 1963 will not likely be resolved soon After the administrative law judge concludes the hearings probably next week and makes his recommendation to the full commission the FCC may choose one of the applicants by late 1977 However the attorney for BBC hu already predicted that the FCC will decide In favor of Chapman and if U does the BBC attorney plan to continue the fight in the federal courts Little progress wu made in the hearing during the first day with much time being devoted to chat lenges by BBC that the Chapman estimates of how much H will cost to build and operate the new station were considerably underestimated The Chapman estimates which are baud entirely on a proposal by RCA project the cost at more than $600900 BBC however suggests that the actual cost of building and operating the new station would be more than $1 million The Chapman testimony which began the bearing was presented by Viliiam A Chapman who with his brother George K Chapman form the partnership of Chapman Radio and Television If a license is ever awarded in the case Channel 21 will be Birmingham’s fourth commercial TV station and its second UHF (Channels 14 and above) station 'Granny on 'Waltons' tv series suffers stroke Associated Press LOS ANGELES — Acctreu Ellen Corby who plays “Granny" in “The Waltons” television series wu hospitalized after suffering a stroke Wednesday officials said Cedars-Sinai Medical Center spokeswoman Ten Griffin said the 63-year-old actress wu admitted at 11 :2S am in critical condition By evening however she was reported stable “and doctors tell us that’s a good sign” a spokesman for the television serin said Linda Fumia production secretary of “The Waltons” show said the producer Andy White went to Min Corby's home in Hollywood after she failed to report for work When there wu no answer at the door an ambulance was called and paramedics broke down the door to the house "They found her unconscious on the second floor landing” said Miu Fumia Despite the critical status of her condition Mbs Fumia said "The doctors told us that her vital signs are good She wu alert when she got to the hospital and she recognized everyone around her We’re hoping that she’ll be all right” Homewood man is named Children's Hospital aide John Lowery of Homewood has been named administrative assistant at The Children's Hospital in Birmingham Ted Stibbards the hospital's executive director hu announced Lowery formerly manager of the outpatient clinic has been with The Children's Hospital for four years In Ms new position he will supervise the outpatient and admitting departments disposition clinic emergency room security staff and switchboard He is a graduate in business from the University of A la bams in Birmingham and is currently enrolled in theJdBA program there £&? 6:00 WEEKDAYS Mystery illness hotel will close United Press International PHILADELPHIA — The Bellevue-Stratford Hotel for 72 years the site of fashionable balls and lodging for U S Presidenta and foreign dignitaries plans to close next week and become another victim of “Legkmnaire'o Desease" which killed 29 visitors to the inn last summer William G Chadwick vice president and managing director of the 750-bedroom hotel said that in order to keep the hotel in business in the face of increasing vacancies the owners had spent nearly $1 million over the put 90daya Scientists never discovered a cause of the Hinas which broke out two weeks after the state American Legion held a convention at the Bellevue iniateJuly Twenty-seven who attended the convention or visited the hotel during the period died of a viral-type Infection and the illness wu dubbed “Legion-naire'a Disease” Then two persons attending the Eucharistic Congress at the hotel shortly afterwards also died from the illness The hotel “hu found H impossible any longer to withstand the economic impact of the worldwide advene publicity which has been associated with the Legionnaire's Disease even though no investigative agency found any link whatsoever to hotel operations” Chadwick said Bookings at the hotel located at Broad and Walnut streets have fallen off to u low as 3 per cent recently according to Gustave G Amsterdam chairman of Bankers Security Corp which own a controlling interest in the hotel He atimated its value at about $15 million The cluing will put about 350 employes out of work including some who have worked for the Bellevue for nearly a half century Of all menthols: Qrittom is lowest Look at the latest US Gotmmcnt figures for other top brands that call themselves“lav”In tar mcsbnt w§csj Carlton Menthol 1 mg tar No wonder Carlton b fastest growing of the top 25 brands Warning: Tha Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigantta Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health Mm Mate 1 nf V 01 as sicsiiw Nun 2 f V U safe Mm Ws 1 eg V 01 sq moms m pv dMU by FTC ntM Television Morning NIGHT 161SESAME 4:25 6DEVOTION 4:30 61TOWN HALL 1CHANGED 6JC LIVES Ts 6 LIGHT UNTO PATH (61FAIT TODAY Til IBS THE OR 6ACROSSl FENCE F 5:60 6OOUNTRY BOY EDDIE 5:151 131FAMILY HEALTH M I131ETV FEATURES TuWF 13TOPIC Th 5:366NEW8 (131ETV FEA TORES Ml Y BOY l:356COUNTR1 DIE -5:4513TOP OF THE MORNING TuWnF 6:60 SINEWS 13 13SOMERSET MWThF 13PARTRIDGE Family Tal 42 (TATTLETALES 3:366BEWITCHED 13JBEVERLY HnlJm1JES 42GILLIGAN’S ISLAND 4:M6jEMERGENCY 19MISTER ROGERS 131PARTRIDGE FAMILY 421ADDAMS FAMILY I 101ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:55 5:06 13THE TODAY Show 6:65 6COUNTRY BOY EDDIE 5:30 6:36 SNEWS 6COl 6:35 6CO UNTRY BOY EDDIE 13ADAM-12 42JBRADY IUNCH BL SINEWS 6ABC NEWS 10ZOOM 13 NEWS 42 j LUCY SHOW SMEWS 161YOGA A YOU MWF 6:46 6:45 7:06 7:65 3 421 DEVOTION AL8 42FOCUS NEWS CBS NEWS 7:25 7:38 7:35 1:06 10JGRUNCHES iND ’ t-A ) ijc MORNING SHOW 13 NEWSWATCH SMEWS 13 THE TODAY SHOW GRINS TTH1 131NBCNEWS 42CBSNEWS Evening 1:66 61MORNING Show SMEWS 13JDINAH! 421 CAPTAIN KANGAROO WuTH 10MUSIC ALABAMA 13JNEWI 42TR! CONSEQI 6:30 0JTO UGH TELL THE AT S:0SyS JMERV GRIP- INEWS TRUTH OR jUENCES E PRICE IS GHT 10DIXIE DIGEST 131BOBBY VIN- “Ca plains And The Kings” Rory Armagh secretly marries the lovely Marjorie Chisholm despite their different religions and eared at that 9:30 jl0HARAMBEE 10:06 6J42NEWS THE Mil 1L-LEHRER MAC- NEII REPORT the strong op-of their 9:00 13 SANFORD AND SON 42PRICE IS RIGHT 9:3016 $26669 PYRA6T MID 13 HOLLYWOOD ARES 16:66 6 RY AN’S HOPE 131WHEEL OF FORTUNE 19:36 11:66 11:36 42 G AMBIT 6Hi 3 IAPPY DAYS STUMPERS 1318 42 LOVE OF LIFE 6THE DON HO fcHOW 1359 GRAND Slam 42THE YOUNG A THE RESTLESS 61ALL MY CHILDREN 13THE GONG feHOW 42 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 11:16 131NBC NEWS Afternoon 12:60 12:15 12:36 131NEWS ICROSS-WITS MID-DAY FAMILY FEUD DAYS OF OUR LIVES 42A8 THE WORLD TURNS 42 CONCENTRATION 7:66 6 WELCOME BACK KOTTER Style” Julie’s teenage sister runs away from home ana winds up in Brooklyn where she quickly becomes a sweating in Gabe’s class 19HEADLINERS 1 13 GEM INI MAN ’Targets” Agent Sam Casey goes behind the Iron Curtain to aid in a defection of a noted scientist and her teenage daughter 42WALTONS John Boy makes a desperate attempt to save his newspaper from bankruptcy he hurt position of parents and Ann-Marie Armagh's romance with Courtney Wicker sham ends tragically when she learns a long-hidden family secret that makes their marriage impassible 42HAWAII FIVE- Tragedy strikes the annual Trans-Pac Race from California to Hawaii bringing “ IcGarrett Steve McGarrett and his Five-0 agents onto the sporting yachting scene in search of a trio of mutineer-murderers 13THE UNTOUCHABLES “The Artichoke King” 10:386MARY HARTMAN MARY HARTMAN f 19JCAPTIONED ABC NEWS 421KOJAK -“Marker For a Dead Bookie” Kojak carries out an elaborate scheme to appear that he’s a cop who “can be bought" in order to bait a trap for a bigtime narcotics dealer unaware that the dealer has a trap of his own planed for Kojak S:3061NANCY WA1 11:66 he hurts nL grandfather in the LKER SHOW “A Matter of Principle” Nancy’s self-righteous efforts to clear her scandalised name result in a humiliating situation for Kenneth 11:36 7:3661BARNEY 6:66 process ifOlBAR MILLER 16JWJ m 9:00 6STREETS OF SAN FRANC! 42JWORLD PEAC £E LUNCHEON Th 1:66 1:36 6THAT GIRL 6ONE LIFE TO VE 13JTHE DOCTORS 42GUIDING 42GI LIGHT 2:90 13 ANOTHER WORLD 42 ALL IN THE FAM1 WATERWAYS ONY RAN- SHOW ‘Case: Terwilllger vs Himself' Jack Terwilllger Judge Franklins’s ultra-accurate court reporter is transcribing testimony wrong ana behaving strangely and the judge seeks to find out the reason 10VISlONS Wat FRANCISCO In Case of Madness” A young musician suffering from severe blackouts and fits of rage finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of his manager 13VAN DYKE AND COMPANY Guest: Carol Burnett 42BARNABY 6 THE FBL 1JOB8 NEWS If 131TONIGHT IHOW Host: Johnny Carson Guest: Charlton Heston 421CBS LATE MOVIE “Beg BorrowOr SteaP’ (1973) Mike Connors Michael Cole 12:M6STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO “The First Day of Forever” A not-eo- young prostitute earns gruds' Keller when he protects her from a psychopath (R) 1:M 13 TOMORROW Snyder introduces veteran actor and wit Robert Moriey IILY 2:156GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:36 42JMATCH GAME 42VETERAN’S Gold Watch”-A Japanese family faces the imminent possibility of being sent to a prison camp (1 hr 30 min) A recently released firlsoner reac-ivates a kidnapping plot that 1:9761DAN AUGUST “Death ransom to pay off a n 10 j years earlier by extorting t fr PARADE Th 3:696EDGE OF money from the man whose daughter disap- 1:36 1:45 2:15 Chain” DeL Lt August Investigates the rape-muder of a young woman last seen with four teenage boys driving an lve car (R) INEWS IDEVOTIONALS EVOTION 42P 4211 61D1 a v 4 ('

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