The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1937 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1937
Page 9
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North East * Kossuth Page Ledyard Community *?f HOMEATFLYNN FARM DAMAGED IN FIRST FIRE Amateur Night Crowds (Jet Unexpected Excitement on Trip Ledyard?:; Just before the amateur contest Saturday evening the fire whistle blew. The fire was at first reported to be at the Wm. Flynn farm, but was really at the Glenn Behse farm. The crowd quickly scattered, many going to help. The fire was in the house and had seemed to start In the bed room. It was quickly put out and the frame of the house was saved but a great deal of damage was done to the interior and to the furnishings. The Behses had come to town and the origin of the fire Is not known. After the fire was out the crowd returned and the amateur contest continued. It had just been ended a few minutes when the fire whistle blew again. This time the fire was in town in the home of Mrs. Henry Gray. The fire started in a closet in the rooms occupied by Mrs. Moulton and Alice and again the cause was unkown. It was put out before much damage was done to the house but Alice Moulton lost all of her clothing. The fire on the Glenn Behse farm was within 30 or 40 minutes after .hey came to town and started In :he bedroom. They have no Idea as to the cause as yet. All of their clothing, bedding, winter things, which were stored, besides all of the bedroom furniture and some others was destroyed and damage done to the furniture In other rooms. The other fire which occurred an hour or so later, was in the home of Mrs. Behse's mother, Mrs. Gray, and started in a closet under the stairway, the closet being in the rooms occupied by Mrs. George Moulton and daughter, Alice. Mrs. Moulton, who is spending the summer with her sister, Mrs. Butterfield at Swea City, came home about 8 o'clock, hung a coat in this closet and then went on down town with Mrs. Gray. Within an hour and a half the fire had started and the house was locked In the meantime. Mostly clothing belonging to Alice Moulton, who works In the Lentsch cafe was destroyed in this fire. The Behses had insurance on their household goods, the house and farm belonging to an Insurance company. The Moultons had no Insurance. Pastor on Vacation There will be no services In the Methodist church - next Sunday, August 8 or the following Sunday, Mankato Acrobat Win* At Ledyard Ledyard: The crowds at the amateur contests seems to be getting larger each Saturday evening. The program last week was as follows: Guitar and singing, the Matt Mayer trio of Crystal City, Texas; Hill Billy songs, Arthur Griese of Lakota; singing, Buffalo Center trio; Harmonica duet, Fenger Bros., Mankato; Rope Swinging act, Fenger Bros., Mankato. The winners of last week's contest were: first prize, Alice Andreason, acrobat, Mankato; second prize, Marjorie and Jean Gable, singing, Ledyard; third prize, Jean Devarey, tap dancer, Mankato. Does Your HOME Have Life Insurance ? Have you ever examined the extension cords and sockets In your home? There are few who have not at some time had a shock from fixtures, wires, switches, or appliances. Some even fcrag that "I don't mind August 15. Rev. and Mrs. Nelson and son are to be away on their vacation. ' Lurene Lloyd was In Lakota on Saturday. Mildred Oswald of Elmore assisted in the Matzener cafe last week. The Leon Worden family attended the rodeo at Algona Friday night The Arthur Zielske and the Fred Ploeger children have the whooping cough.' Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Link visited Saturday at the Dore Freeh home in Algona. Mrs. Irene Giles of Des Molnes visited last week at the Warner and O'Keefe homes. Mrs. Bmll Wlese of Lakota visited her daughter, Mrs. Albert Brand Saturday. The Clarence Ackerson family of Bancroft were Sunday guests at the Asa Warner home. Wm. Garry attended a grain dealers' convention at Worthlng- ton, Minn., Sunday. Mrs. Pete Farrow is seriously 111 In an Algona hospital suffering from an infection. The Charles Bashara family visited at the Joe Homsey home in Armstrong Friday night. Mrs. Hazel Jenks of Bancroft, spent Sunday at the home of her father, Oliver Marquis. The Rev. A. A. Depplng family returned last Friday from a visit with relatives In Duluth. George Hagge and Alice, Warren Lloyd, Lurene and Don attended the rodeo at Algona Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moulton of Blue Earth were here Sunday morn- Ing looking after business. Dr. S. A. Helebrant of Cedar Rap- Ida was a guest Thursday at the horn* of Dr. and Mra. " "-—- 1 - LAKOTANHEAT VKmFRIDAY But Victor Thaves Is Now Recovering From A Threshing Mishap Lakota: Victor Thaves was overcome by heat Friday afternoon, while threshing at the Heyo Berschman farm and was taken to his home in town where he is reported recovering. ' Prenuptial Shower Mrs. Wilbur Sparks of Gratten who was visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Henry Kline last week gave a prenuptlal shower In honor of Arlene Lewis at the Charles Lewis home, Friday afternoon. Guests were present from Buffalo Center Blue Earth and Lakota. Miss Lew is received many lovely gifts. On Highway Patrol LeRoy Huskamp, Fentort wh has been taking training for high way patrol work, has finished hi training and expects to receive hi appointment this month. Mrs. HUB kamp, who has been visiting he parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klin went home last week. Oats Running Good Threshing Is In full swing In this vicinity and the oats are of good quality and average from 60 to 65 bushels per acre. The little shower Sunday night only held up threshing until noon, Monday. The Henry Pattersons are driving a new Chevrolet car purchased the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Max O'Keefe returned last week Tuesday from a few days' visit with Mrs. O'Keefe's relatives at Bedford, Iowa. Mrs. Julius Jensen, who lives in northeast Lincoln township, was taken to the hospital at Buffalo Center for treatment a week ago. She is reported recovering. Mrs. Harry Mussman was taken seriously ill Saturday morning, but was reported as improved Sunday. Her mother, Mrs. F. C. Kelster. of j Elmore, came to help care for her. The Jerry Heetlands and Mrs. Minnie Heetland were visitors at the A. W. Behrends home in Algona Sunday. The George Heetlands and Hannah Heetland visited at the Tom Dailey home in Algona. "" " new in Half Hour, Saturday Evening A TIE FREE Isters, Mesdames J. H. Warburton, and S. Warburton, Lakota, and *. G Torine, Swea City and a nephew, Harry Warburton and friends. The family held n reunion at the J. H. Warburtons Sunday, where they enjoyed ft picnic dinner and supper and spent the day visiting. Bill and Betty Ley, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beemer, the Ed Underdahls and Fred Schroeders drove to Okoboji Sunday afternoon and spent the time with the Boy Scouts and brought them home in the evening. The boys got a real thrill out of the storm and its disastrous results in regard to the yacht races Saturday, but 30 boats put on two races Sunday and the boys enjoyed the event. It proved to be a very happy and Interestng week for the scouts and their leader, yea even for the cooks. Grant News The only reason that some of us survived the experience is that we were standing on and touching nothing but some dry non-metallic substance not connected to a ground, such as a floor, a nig or a chair, which was a sufficiently good insulator to protect us from fatal shock. We will not always be so fortunate if we remain so careless. Be careful with these extension cords, sockets, and lighting fixtures. It will be well worth your time to let us make a thorough check of them. Pratt Electric Co. 214 East State Phone 170 r t 'I Can't Afford to Insulate My Home" ZOKOLITE Brings the Comfort and Economy of iMulalion Within the Ropch of Every Home Ownw No LONGER need you feel that insulation is another one of those things that will just have to wait. You can afford to insulate now! You can afford Zonolite—the finest insulation money can buy— because you can install it in the attic yourself! Inexpensive? Certainly . . .and simple. A few bags of Zonolite each week (no need to buy them all at once unless you wish), a few hours of your time, and the job is done. Your lumber dealer is the man to see. Let him «nlain how easy Zonolite is to handle .. . how dean and safe. He'll tell you why Zonolite «Ul* to much to your comfort-winter and summer--. «,d «*»** w much fromjowfaj *£ Start ZONOUTING your home RIGHT WOW. Botslord Lumber Co. Ited at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Looft on Saturday. Mrs. Anderson of Swea City, the mother of Mrs. Glenn Burrows, spent several days here last week. Betty Matzener was in Buffalo Center Sunday visiting Harlan Thompson, who is in the hospital there. Marian Wlese, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Wiese of St. Paul, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Albert Brand. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wiemer and Fred Anderson visited at. the home of Mrs. Frank Wiemer at Okobojl Saturday. Edward Burrows visited from Wednesday to Saturday of last week at the Henry Hart home In West Bend. Mrs. Lars Skaar was at the home of her sister, Mrs. Sam Link, near Swea City Saturday, helping cook for threshers. Mrs. Harry Curtis, who has been helping at the August Knoner home returned to her home in East Chain Saturday night. Mrs. C. D. Montgomery and Mrs. C. Juhl of Forest City visited last Tuesday at the Clifton Engelby and Otto Richter homes. j Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tillmoney I returned to their home in Ames on Sunday after a week's visit at the J. Hartshorn and L. W. Wiemer homes. The Methodist Ladies' Aid are going to hold a bake sale on the street in front of Carpenter's machine shop Saturday evening, August 7. Mr. Dahl, the father of Mrs. J. H. Holeomb, passed away at the home of his daughter, Saturday. The funeral was held Monday at East Chain. Ear> Waters and son, Beumont, who are carpenters working with the Leon Worden crew spent from Wednesday to Sunday of last week at their home in Lohrville. Mrs. Mary Poppe, Mrs. Adolph Poppe, Mrs. Paul Nitz and Mrs. Lawrence Mayne returned last Thursday from Monticeilo, where they had gone to attend the funeral of Mrs. Poppe's sister. Dr. and Mrs. Storey entertained the following guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Seersland, Florence Olson, and Elsie Seersland, all of Decorah. Elsie Seersland remained for a longer visit. Mr. Seersland anfe Miss Olson are Mrs. Storey's sisters. D. A. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Carpenter and all the employees of the Boudrye & Carpenter hardware store, enjoyed a picnic at Interlaken Sunday. This included the Max Nitz family, the Aeilt Troff family, Marjorie Matzener I and C. Smith. Kenneth Thompson and Tilmer Halverson went to Okoboji Saturday evening and joined a house party of Morningalde friend*. On Sunday Bernlce Larson, Dorothy Johnson and Robert Roan accompanied the boys home and were al Sunday guests at the Georgi Thompson borne. equipment This is a new device for stimulating hair growth and to improve cir««ilation of the scalp. Several men are taking treatments. Gertrude Wortman drove to Algona Sunday evening, where she gave n talk to the Christian Endeavor young folks at he Presbyterian church. She chose as her subject, "The Friendship of Jesus." Mrs. Oran O'Keefe has been taking a vacation recently visiting her mother, Mrs. Joe Madden at Haifa and a sister, Mrs. Ed Hubbard at Estherville. She has also been taking treatments for a nervous disorder. Mrs. John Jensen, between Lakota and Buffalo Center, was taken to the Buffalo Center hospital for an appendicitis operation recently. Neighbors went to the farm recently and harvested the grain for the family. John Moe is the new hired man at the J. H. Warburtons. This is John's nrst experience working on a farm and he seems to enjoy the work. Marvin Kiocke, who was working there, is now operating a tractor for the Fred Mabus threshing run. Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Geilenfsldt drove to Algona Saturday morning to take Mrs. Geilenfeldt's mother, Mrs. Ed Gordon to catch the seven o'clock bus for a return trip to her home at Manhattan, Kansas. Mrs Gordon spent the past four weeks vibiting here. Mr. and Mrs. Will Noble, Bob and Jean, Baraboo, Wis., came on Saturday for a week's visit with his Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mlno and baby were Sunday dinner guests a the Roy Mlno home. Dorothy Patterson of Swea City spent a few days last week at th home of her grandmother, Mrs John Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Baum an baby of Lakota spent Sunday wltt the maternal parents, Mr. and Mrs John Patterson. The Grant Ladies Aid will mee at the home of Mrs. Earl Patterson Wednesday, August 11. Everyone is cordialiy invited. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boever attended the funeral of Mr. Boever's mother at Granville, Iowa, Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Walter Mlno had the misfortune to step on a nail last week Wednesday. She went to Elmore to a doctor and took treatment for lock-jaw. Threshing is in full swing in this vicinity. The oats are averaging 80 to 55 bushels to the acre with some going a little better. The quality is very good. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Jacobson and children left Saturday for a two weeks' vacation In northern Minnesota. Mrs. Arden Reynolds is keeping store in their absence. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. EH Quam Friday, July 23, at the Buffalo Center hospital. This Is the fourth child, making two boys and two girls in the family. Bernard Kelly, son of Mrs. Flor ence Kelly, formerly of Grant, bu now living at Hewitt, Minn., was married June 19, to Miss Doris Lep pert of Bertha, Minn., It was learn ed hen recently. ^<KH1» Bfthmftf,:. of Mason -.Clt; 'young brother of Mrs. Arden Rey nolds, who is visiting here, had th misfortune to have a team ru away with a hay rake last Thurs day, knocking him unconscious, an cutting his foot quite badly. orn crib and granary built on the arm on which he lives. Mrs. Adrian Hauskin assisted Mrs. Hervle Thompson in cooking or threshers last Tuesday. Muriel Underbakke of Rake is spending her vacation with her iunt, Mrs. Lawrence Hagedorn, Mrs. Oscar Frandle and children. Omer and Clemens Legried spent •"rlday night at the Mons Monsons. Mrs. Aivinn Jordahl of Blue Eftrth assisted Anna Larson a few days ast week in cooking for threshers. Mrs. Orval Legried assisted Mrs. Beatrice Osland in cooking for threshers Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Egesdahl and children were Tuesday evening supper guests at the Lars Egesdahl home. Ben Hauskin of Alden, Minn, spent a few days at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Anderson and family. Martin Thompson and Milford Arlln, Merle and Betty Hauskin drove to Lakota Thursday night to see the big whale. Mrs. Wm. Boehm enjoyed a vlsi from her sister, Mrs. Swnlve o near Tltonka recently. Paulin Boehm returned home ,wlth her. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Simier and the! children, Mrs. Gust Nelson and he grandson. Glen Welehs, visited th Adrian Hauskins Thursday night. Mr. and Mra. Andrew Midland Mrs. Sarah Baker and Miss Clar Gunderson spent the week end visiting with their sister, Mrs. Lars Egesdahl and family. Mrs. Clarence Haveland and her children, Mrs. C. O. Legried and Bonna and Mrs. Adrian Hauskin nd daughters were luncheon guests • Mra Oscar Frandle. Ted Thompson is working for Oscar Frandle. Edward Wilcox is working for Lars Egeadahl. Mrs. Adrian Hauskin spent Thursday afternoon with her mother. Herman Larson started threshing in his ring last Wednesday at his farm. Oscar Frandle attended a soil conservation school last Friday in Algona. Mrs. Peter Smith is assisting at the T. J. Bruns home for a couple of weeks. Mrs. Oscar Frandle assisted her mother with cooking for threshers last Tuesday. Mrs. Carl Hauskin of Rake spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Joe Sandum. Oscar Frundle and family were Thursday evening visitors at the Lars Egesdahls. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Conrad and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mons Monson. Mons Monson is having a new I Phone 256 Aji-MINERAL LIGHTWEIGHT JiuiPool ; PERMANENT ROTPROOf VBJLWINPROOF WO :Y IRONING with purchoi* of ony Norton Woiher Now, you (•*• enjey »•>• rticill of beautifully ironed gttntftt eid li»Ml — without »b* b«d-br«ki«g drud«ery of otiMioded "putk-puU" bend ironing. Th* NORTON •»«*•••» ironw don »U tfce k»rd wort wrilo yov tit in comfort. loiu»*ly fuidtef your clorhoi. TUt offer for * Umitod time Com* i» »»d »«e hew *«y it u to ditcerd your Ue«i»t bwdew — the NORTON w»y. Heyo Berscbmana, John Heetland* and Mxa. Will Scbroeder drove to laterlaken Sunday and brought the 4-H dub «M» home after » ptapant w««k'» vacation in camp there. Mr*. Schroedw wont up Thursday ami *p«nt the remainder of th« w«* with U» girU. HOITON KI.««ZONIN6 WAJHfAS •ftrCEP fro* $49.96 to $99.60 Nelson Hardware A SPECIAL BROADCAST \ I From The Sportsman's Tavern Don Forget to Come to Algona for WATERMELON DAY Wednesday, Aug. 11 Stop and See Us For BEER, COLD DRINKS, LUNCHES CIGARS & CIGARETTES <On No. Dodge St.) With Each SHIRT During Our 4-Day Clearance Start ins Saturday and continuing through Watermelon Day, August nth. GROUP ONE Gold Leaf Shirts in guaranteed fast colors, and whites, well sewed and serviceable, regular and button down collars, at GROUP TWO Broadcloth Shirts with non-wilt dollars, guaranteed fast colors, very dressy, wide variety in white, colors and popular dust tones. GROUP THREE Wonderful selection high grade shirts. Trubenizcd and soft collars. Beautiful and durable. Whitney and Ritz shirts, priced GROUP FOUR Here are the finest shirts money can buy, in woven patterns, Arrow and Kitz, in broadcloth, permanently neat, perfect comfort Each shirt sold entitle* purchaser to a free tie. In the 79c group, nurchawm will get a 25c wa»h tie free, in group two a. SOc (ilk tfe, In group three purchaser, will (jet a hand tailored »Hk tie free, valued at «5c, and In group four you have your choice of any tie in the store. 4 Days Only Aug. 7-9-10-11th MISBACH'S FOR MEN'S CLOTHES PACKET SALE Nationally Known Radios at a Fraction of Their Original Cost. The Tubes alone are Worth morethanis asked for Complete Set Apex Radio $2.00 Majestic Radio $3.95 Atwater Kent $2.95 Phjlco $3.95 1936 Model Coronado, 10 tube, (new) $69.50 value .$49.50 at tit AMI I'P WE MUST CLEAR OUR STORE OF USED ITEMS BICYCLES Six used bikes from £2.tJO to *14.00. 1 lurry—these won't last long at these prices. COME EARLY Fl RST COME FIRST SERVED LIMITED QUANTITIES Power Washers Montgomery at $17.95 Twoothersat $11.50and$29.50 Voss Washer $14.95 Used Briggs & Stratton motor $6.95 "Frigidaire", #ood working order—worth this price as junk $17.95 Cream Separator $12.95 100 Ib. used ice box $6.95 Many other useful items ut a t'r action of their actual value. GAMBLE STORES |||^PHH|M*Vli^BHHBMIiM>V>VHi1HBliVeVHeM*BiBiVi^*>>*>>* 1 Bud Barnard, Managing Partner Algona, la. ill

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