The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1937
Page 6
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The AUrona tTpter Pe« Motem, Algoan. low», Aug. 5,1997 Popttfor AlttMM Girt Irma Dee Esther Roup*. and Donald Floyd Gardner were married Monday at high noon at the First Methodist church. Algtma. the R*f. JT. H. Edge officiating tn a single ting ceremony. Mary gifcabeth Fester played Lohengrin's wedding march, Bernk* Harrington. Algtma, was nwld of honor, and t*yte Raney. cousia of the bridegroom was b«s* rnan. Mrs. Gayhwd SJramwujr sang "1 Jxrre Tea Turfy". »ft*r wow* Mis* Foster pUywl the w*sskw»«l. which *-!w M«*MtetsK*K»"» roaivh, After Use- <*pe«K«y * r*e*p«an and «***?** at Convention — The juvenile group of the Royal Neighbor lodge held a convention at the Legion hall last week Thur- day afternoon. There were 50 children present from Algona. Ring- stcd, Sp*ric*r. Rockwell City f\nd Cedar Rapids. Their ages ranged from six to sixteen. Guests of honor were Mrs, Blanche Schmitt of Odar Rapids, who is the district director there. Mrs. Mable Potter of £5r*ncer. who I* the Royal Neigh- bo- deputy and Mrs. Blanche Oar- net. district director of Rockwell City. The hall was decorated with flow* r*. The work was beautifully pnt on by the juvenile organiiation. Mr* William Geerinz is the local director. The local adult camp fffmH lunch immediately after. , . Alpxs*. «rd the ! we e* Mr- and Mrs. j F**?<i Ifc* *e**f «** sr»*!»!*d from «He Aiipss* *s6fh *;*»«* JTS 1*7-4- aad Mr. Gar<te*«- **«•? *?S«^K»«! ?h* Algtm^ ht|* sebceT. T*» brsde has be*n a sal*proBS*= «t the Kr*s*nsky star* for tft* past jr*sr. FtoQovinit s short w*d«!;ns trip the itwpl* will he at home at Atfona atter August 15. Class— The Congrpgational Bible class et Thursday nfternoor at the home of Mrs. Joe Cosgrove for a covered d:»h picnic. There were 30 in attendance. Mrs. Jergens Skew of Wesley pave a talk on her trip to the W". C. T. U. convention held at Washington. D. C. The remainder of the afternoon was enjoyed socially. "FOR SERVICE" Have Your Clothes Moth « Proofed Each Time They Are Cleaned A free service with each cleaning and pressing job. It lasts six months or until garment is cleaned elsewhere. Get the Modern Habit. Have your clothes denned regularly. MODERN DRY CLEANERS Phone 537 We Deliver The NEW CALL AND COMFORTABLE Saturday, August 7 Continuous from 1 o'clock JT b EASIER TO FIGHT TEN PRISON RIOTS .. ..THAN TAME ONE ^ DIZZY DAME!" jj^^^ ,*£*" ^ &%& w* ¥ '• »S§P^ All »eaU 26c Sunday and Monday, August 8-9 Continuous from 1 o'clock We Announce the Presentation of Jean Harlow's last Screen Production g A**^W f iJ^^i — *• ~~** —" / "- - •— - — — -* -f 9 f •*^/ ... ana one you'll never want to forget! Tournament Tarty— Kvelyn Smith entertained at her home. "Wednesday evening, honoring her guests. Shirley Wessels of Lnurel, Florence Neumeier of Mnr- 'halltown. and Marjorie Buck of Rhodes. There were twelve guests present, who came dressed in slacks. Each guest took turns at four different events and a prize was given to the one with the highest score. Refreshments were served. Easy Ac**— Mrs. Louis Lynk entertained the members of her Easy Ace bridge club at hpr home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Henry Johannsen. Jr., and Mrs. Lloyd Muckey were the guests of the club. Mrs. Lloyd Muckey received the high score priie. Mr? Henry Johnnnsen. Jr.. the second high prize, and Mrs. William Geering the consolation prize, Bradley Family Reunion- Members of the Bradley family held a reunion at Mankato. Sunday. Earl Bradley and family of Muscatine. Mrs. Chitty and daughters of Correctionville. and Ray and Willis Bradley of Minnesota, and their motner. Mrs. A. D. Bradley of Algona. enjoyed dinner at the Saulpaugh hotel during the gathering. Dinner Party- Mrs. Oscar Anderson entertain- i ed at a 6:30 dinner Thursday eve-I ning honoring Mrs. N. W. Martin of Davenoprt. There were eight guests present, and following dinner a social evening was enjoyed. Country Club Dance— Cec Hurst and his orchestra furnished music for a dancing party held at the Country Club in the club house. Monday evening. A fair crowded attended. About Town Soya At the rear of the Jimmy Neville new home is a two story structure for the welfare of the birds. The upper half is used exclusively as a dining table, always full with a variety of foods pleasing to the most sensitive tastes. Beneath this is a bird swimming pool where they splash, duck, dive and play just as humans. * • * The parting kiwi. The merchant. ««..- _-- sr 5T-: e«?Mrt! S~«MS^S^ the folks, the crnnrnintHy and one's constitution. Fart* Miner and Bill Spwht returned from a trip Into South D«h-* otn. At one stop they dined on T- bone steaks. The steaks, as big nrmind us the smallest of saucers, brought ninety eenu per. Proof of the hard times in that country last ywir, no grain or grass so the beef didn't produce regular size steaks. Fenton Band In Opening Contest Fenton: The newly organised Fenton bond, under the direction of Harlnn Gnard. presented its first concert on the main street In Fenton Satnrdny evening. The members and the Instrument* they play Ringsted Loses To Fenton, 12 to 11 Fenton: The Fenton independent baseball team played the newly organised Ringsted nine on the local diamond Sunday and won by a score of 11 to 12. The Fenton battery included Arnold Kuecker and Wayne Alderson a"; pitchers and Hnrlcy Kramer as catcher. The Ringsted nine was recently organized by Dr. A. W. Krause. veterinary, "a former Fenton boy. Doyle McFarland ! Suffers Arm Injury Portland: Doyle McFarland. son of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. McFarland struck his arm on a hay rack in such a manner that he broke a bone in his left wrist. This happened last week Thursday and at first he did not consider it as serious but the pain was quite severe ant after a doctor was consulted Doyle went to the hospital for an x-ray of the injury and a cast was pu on. It's her Greatest LIONEL BARRYMORE MORGAN Tuesday, August 10 Continuous Show from 1 o'clock Blda Jandl is home for a short time at present. Mrs. Will Grover spent Tuesday afternoon at the E. O. Mann home. Lois Mann, Fort Dodge. U •pending this week with the K. O. Manns. The Jesse Hoosier family of Rolfe former Portland residents, were calling on friends here Sunday. Mrs. E. L. Dickmeyer and daugh ter. Mrs. Hazel Sanderson visited at the G. O. McFarland home Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Trunkhill visited last Sunday with relatives at Brnln-ite They also spent a short time m West Bend. Mr and Mrs. Will Burnett. Etta Irons -ind Dale McFarland of Bancroft were Sunday supper guests it the G O. McFarlanda. Mr*. H>y McWhorter spent last Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Bert McCorkle. who has been ill the past week. She is reported improving. A number of Portland ladies plan to attend the 4-H club Achievemerft. Day at Bancroft Thursday. The Peppy pals demonstration team this year is Virginia Trenary and Lavonne Ringsdorf Joan MeWhorter. four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Me Whorter. is representing the Pratt •Electric Co.. in a beauty contest) sponsored by the Algona merchants to be held Friday evening at The New Call Theatre. husband is nt it again. Another of his girl clerks became a bride. She received a kiss from the boss and went merrily to her honeymoon. If this habit keeps up there should be a general rush from members of the Wa-Tan-Yc club for positions on the clerking staff. Two in less than n year. • * • Stun Smith Is concocting a letter or rather a bill. It starts. "Dear Bancroft," "Please send me tw* jrftllons of gas—". Sum read the posters advertising the Lions' carnival and with intent on helping them drove up Monday, opening night. There was no carnival and he believes the Bancroft Lions should refund the gas to say nothing of a windshield full of dead bugs he gathered on the trip. Roy Boeder drove into the Seller service station. A hitch-hiker thumbing his way stood at the stop sign nearby. He accosted Roy "Hey buddy, gfiing east?" Roy informed him this was the turning nround point. The hiker said. "This is the darndest town to get out of. I've stood here for two hours and everyone who stops wants me to go Jo work." * * * Nlghtwatch Van Alstyne is intent on making the baseball team. He ivns practicing with two girls on KMst Call street. Each time the pretty lass would throw him the ball it would warrant a laugh. Van •ouldn't bend at the waist, a sort of i squat posture ensued, much like that of an old maid with a stiff rorset attempting to reach some- Iliing on the floor. « • * A matter of needed cooperation made itself plain the past week. Bookers, managws, .prodUceM Or what have you could 1 have us*d a little insight and arrange dates non-conflicting. There is no use jcutting one another's throat or pocket book. No use being stubborn. One example is the rodeo and baseball games. Another is the carnival and celebration at Bancroft. Folks up there should know that last year for three days when the state Junior Legion baseball finals were being plaeyd at Rockwell City which Bancroft won, it would be snfe in saying not a business place In Bancroft was open This year Is tin same. Why not learn and plan ahead, It's good for baritone— Edward Lindsey: bass horn—Lyle Newel; trombones—Bob Schwnrta and Rolln Geronsln: saxophone— Vernon Ohm: clarinet—Edmund Krause; drums-JJale Weisbrod and Clarence Tager. Practices nre held each Monday evening In the public school and anyone having nn instrument is eligible to join the organization. The boys gave a very flne concert Saturday evening and It is hoped that they will keep up the good work. Whittemore News Mr. and Mrs. Will Kerker of Pioneer. Iowa, visited with relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Zabel of Milwaukee, spent the week end at the Louis Braatz home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Felder visited nt the Jerry Sullivan home at Ledyard. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nass visited at the home of Mrs. Augusta Lavrenz at Algona. Sunday. The Conrad Alig family spent Sunday with Conrad's brother, Geo. and family at Pocahontas Irene Heller 61 Algona Is spending a few days this week with her mother. Mrs. Fred Bierstedt. Mr. and Mrs. Diedrch Cordes are spending this week at the Frank Bell home at Blue Earth. Minn. Mrs. Werner Braatz entertained 14 girls at a birthday party for her daughtres. Mary Dean and Betty. Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Augusta Lavreni and daughter Esther of Algona, visited at the home of Mrs. Mary Meurer and at the Art Heidenwith home. Rev W. H. Discher baptized the Will Struecker baby Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Re |5f n . of . Bend were sponsors. The bab named Janice Louise. RevTand Mrs. W. H. Discher and sons. Norman and ?*«>• Burned home Friday from Wall Lake, where they visited ten days at the home of Mrs. Discher;. parents Mr and Mrs. Fred Schmidt. Mr. and Mrs. William Leopold, daughter. Elsie of Milwaukee Mrs. Harry Kohl and son. Jack, of Ant£o, WU, are pending two weeks at the Art tfoMtenWUh h««* an* also with otto»r relatives n**f Whittemore. Sunday dln«*r gussts at the Art Heidenwith horn* were Mr. an* Mrs. William Leopold and daughter. Elsie of Milwaukee. Mrs. Hurry Kohl and son. Jack, of Antlfo, WIs., Mr. and Mr*. Lloyd Walker and Mrs. Emille Heidenwith of Algonn. Pearl Miller, Marguerite Hjcllk, txrts Stott and Irene Pompe all of Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and sons, James and Edward of G«rn er : are spending this week at the Fred Struecker and William Meyer homes. Martin is employed as second man In the creamery at Garner and Is the son of William Meyer of here. Martin was formerly employed at the local creamery before go- Ing to Garner. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke drove to Hampton Thursday to meet Herman Albrecht of Atkins. Iowa. They were accompanied to Hampton by Mrs. Behnke's father, Wm. Bokelmann, Roselle, 111., who accompanied Mr. Albrecht home. On their way home, Mr. and Mrs. Behnke visited at the Martin Meyer home in Garner. Henry Kroeger and Will Busch of West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Will Struecker and daughters, Alice. Reta and Janice Louise, Mr. and and Mrs. F. J. Balgeman and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Struecker drove to Clara City. Minn., Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Albert Kroeger, who married a son of Mrs. Margaret Kroeger. Sunday dinner guests at the Will Struecker home were Mr. and Mrs. Will Tiede of LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs. John Rabe of Fairmont, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kroeger. Will Busch. Mr. and Mrs. Ludwlg Reinen and Betty and Mrs. Will Strueck- er, Sr.. all of West Bend; the Herman Struecker family of Fenton: Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Discher and sons, Norman and Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz and Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Struecker, Mrs. Margaret Krueger, all of here, and Mr. and Mrs. George Zabel of Milwaukee. "A Watermelon Day Wednetday Aug./11th The ELITE SHOP % > Final Clearance Park Summer Hats | ;\ 49C * Special reduction on all Wash Dresses for this day only 49-98-1.59 - 2.59 Final close out of white hats, felts and pastel straws The ELITE COBRECTION In a story last week about the 4rH health contest, we stated that Drs. Bourne and Wallace handled the examinations. It should have been Drs. Bourne and Walrath. Specia Wednesday, August llth WATERMELON DAY SPECIALS Our Regular 98c WASH FROCKS all sizes and styles 79c COLORED BOWLS EACH NOTICE We are again serving lot meals as before and will appreciate your patronage. THE BLACKSTONE In New Call Theatre Building Shoe Bags 12 Pockets Strongly made of attractive printed percale In bright paste! colors. 3 metal eyelets for hanging and taped edges. 10 Quart Size Dish Pans 23c You always need these! Round, deep shape pans in gray mottled enamel on heavy steel base. Note convenient roll rim. OILCLOTH 19c Yard 4(J inches wide, many different patterns PINEAPPLE SLICES . . . . . . lb. 9c BEN FRANKLINS "Butler, Owner Size 20x40 TURKISH TOWELS All shades, 5 for $1.00 SENEGA NEWS The Mike Kennedy family spent Sunday at the J W. Bollig home. .Sheldon Merrill. A. T. Pautsen •tr.d .John Campbell lost horses this I M u.e '.'.ni.pbeii of tne CCO camp i :n H,m. roft spent Sunday at the : ;,ircr.t-ii I'.. J. Campbell home. '; Mr mi Mrs. Tom Ht. John and •ere Sunday dinner guests Jar:k Bair-varl home near | •nit Boii.ij spent the Utter part U-.t •,•.-,:erf and the rim part of j i week u Fort Dod^e and De.-i i .:..:-, she will take her i LADIES RAYON PANTIES assortedJtyles, each IOC These items are real values at above prices HAWCOTT & OGG - s===^ ; ^ == ^^^ === Come to Watermelon Day Watermelon Day Wed. Aug. 11 One of the year's biggest days in Algona. Set this day aside. Come and share in the pleasure and at the same time share in these special offerings. *^~^~ ™ Seasonable- Up- To-Date-Needs At- Unheard- Of- Low - Prices SWEA CITY NEWS Benny Baker, Leo Carillo, and Mary Carlisle "HOTEL HAYWIRE" A million laughs in a nut-»he4l A E Tv.'celen hai purchased a Mr Hid Mrs. Earl Griffith of * were here last Monday vU- .s mother Mrs, Anna Grif- tith ».., j.^hooi band, under the direction of Gerald Niemeyer of Arm- jng. i., resuming regular rt-hears- i! j llln '.Veek. Mr aii'i Mrs. Donald Dourte and daughter. Donna of Bode are visiting Mr Dourte';. parents, the Grant Dourtes here- thU week. Don, who formerly managed the Farmers Cooperative creamery here, is em- pluyed a;> a weigher on the paving project at Livermore. Mr and Mrs. Henry Linde, the Walter BovU family. Paul Larson, John Oison. Ray Smith, Mrs. John Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. A. B Tweeten, Mr and Mrs. J. J. Andtrwm and Mrs. Anna Larson were among those from hei'e attending the N. c Dahl funeral at East Chain last WASH GOODS Voiles, Swiss. Dimity. Flaxon in new thU season's patterns in values to 40c. ONE DAY PRICE 19c SUMMER SILKS Beautiful summer silks in many color* and weaves ot choose from. Values to $1.25. ONE DAY PRICE 49c In Algoiia, Wednesday, August llth AND WHEN YOU WANT A GLASS, CAN OE BOTTLE OF GOOD BEER IN A COOL, QUIET PLACE, DROP IN AT The PINE ROOM of tlie Hotel Algous SLACKS-SHIRTS Sizes for women, Misses and children in colors, navy and brown and pastel color Valued to $1.35. ONE DAY PRICE 69c WHITE BAGS You may choose from our entire stock of Jl.OO quality stylish white bags. ONE DAY PRICE 79c HALF PRICE DRESSES Finish the season with a stylish silk, net, lace or linen dress at this ridiculously low price. Both, light and dark colors to choose from. HALF PRICE In The Bargain Basement Get your share of these colorfast wash dresses for 98c and $1.39 Silk Dresses for $1.98, $2.98 and $3.96 White Coats and Linen Suits for $1.98 / Many More Bargains Equally as Good. Christensen Bros. Co,

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