The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 29, 1937
Page 6
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The Alfona tfppfer fle* Mdnes> Atgona, Iowa, July ffi 133? Farewell Party— A farewell party for Mildred Grandennet, who is leaving August 3 for Lds Angeles, California, with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon was h*ld at the home of Mr. and Mrs Myron Ludwlg, Friday evening. Hostesses were Gertrude M. Elch- eilberger, Emma Winters, Cleone Wposter, and Thlema Keene. The gdests were Mr. and Mrs. Myron LQdwig, Mr. and Mrs. Yale Ewert, Irene McDonnell, Leona Walker, M'rs. Wm. Buenger, Marguerite Johnson of Graettinger, Fernley Jtfblte, Barney Platt, Ed Genrich aHd Leonard Henderson of Lu- V4rne, Francis Watts of Corwith Hfenry and Jack Grandjennet of Sfc Benedict. Harold Colwell ol IrJrington, Bud Bestenlehner ol Whlttemore. and Clifford Graham of Emmetsburg. Games were played refreshments served and the honoree was presented with a gift Dinner-Bridge— The second regular dinner-bridge party of the summer was held in the club house at the Country Club, Tuesday evening. Those serving on * the committee were T. C. Hutchison, chairman, R. J. Harrington. J. R. Murtagh, C. R. LaBarre, D. L. McDonald, Mrs. E. A. Schemel, Mrs. K. C. Hoffman, Mrs. D. P. Smith. Mrs. C. H. Williams, and Don White. A contest followed the dinner and the guests answered 42 questions on the subject "Are You Sure," and the prize went to G. W. Stillman. High score prizes went to Joe Bloom, and Mrs. G. W. Stillman and the low score prizes to . G. W. Stillman and Mrs. Joe Greenberg. There were 28 In attendance. Celebrates Birthday- Mrs. William Buenger of North Phillips street celebrated her 60th birthday Sunday, July 25. The children planned a surprise and brought filled baskets for the dinner. The afternoon was speijt in a social manner. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. George Hnnselman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Buenger and daughter Alice, Harvey Buenger and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wichtendahl of West Bend. flF HE KEEPS ON DOING i THPCT. HE'LL BE HOLDING ,. V MPRP INSTEftO OF P> WHEEL' Why Not Hold A HORSESHOE? You'll find one In every tank of Diamond D-X Gasoline Johnson D-X SERVICE STATION' State & Moore Birthday Party— Sonny Walker, son of Mrs. Glenford Walker, is spending the summer at the farm with his aunt, Mrs Frank Capesius. On Friday evening Fjvelyn and Billy Dau, Josephine and Sonny Carr. Rosanne, Jo-Jo and Janet Reding. Billy Fox, Darlene Schroeder, and Sonny's little brother, David, went out to the farm to help him celebrate his ninth birthday. Games were played on the lawn, nnd Mrs. Cnpe.ilus served delicious home made ice cream cake and cookies. A large birthday cake with nine pink candles was the centerpiece for the tnble. Birthday Club— Mrs. F. L. Tribon was honored on her birthday by the members of her birthday club at a one o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. J. F. Overmeyer. Monday afternoon. A so clal afternoon was enjoyed. Other members of the club are Mrs. M. P. Haggard. Mrs. Helen Dickinson, Mrs. W. A. Foster. Mrs. C. B. Murtagh. Mrs. K. D. James. Mrs. R. A. Evans and an out-of-town guest of the club was Mrs, Herman Leeiink. of Mountain. Wisconsin, a daughter of the honoree. BrI-Canto Club— An executive committee of the Bel-Canto music club consisting of Mrs. Chet Holt, Mrs. E. C. McMahon. Mrs. George C. Vance. Mrs. Eugene Murtagh. Mrs. W. W. Sullivan. Mrs. M. G. Bourne, and Mrs. Walter Roberta of Algona. and Mrs. W. R. Baker. Mrs. Evans Carmean, nnd Mrs. Ralph Weber of Bancroft met at the Call State Park Tuesday afternoon for a pot luck dinner. They met for the purpose of making plans for the coming year. K. C.'s Chnngr Meeting Date- Hereafter the Knights of Columbus will hold their regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month instead of on dates formerly used. There will be no meetings during the month of August. The group met Tuesday evening in a get-together with Fathers J. M. Mnllinger and C. A. Ahmann present. Short talks were given by the two priests and by Lawrence Winkel, Frnnk Zender and Chas. O.stwinkle. Dinner-Bridge— Mrs. Bernard Yoeman and Ida Halpin were hostesses at a 6:30 dinner at the Yoeman apartment, Monday evening. There were 12 guests present. Joyce Hartman of Janesville, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Harry Pederson of Humboldt were out-of- town guests. Bridge followed the dinner, with Elaine Hilsteadt winning the high score prize and Thelma Blinkman the second high prize. Dessert-Bridge— Mrs. M J. Streit entertained at a dessert-bridge party Tuesday afternoon honoring her sister-in-law Mrs. M. L. Coonan of Des Moines. There were 25 present, and Lorraine Coonan of Emmetsburg, sister of the hostes» was an out-of-town guest The guest of honor, Mj-s. M. L. Coonan received the high score prize at bridge, and Lorraine Coonan received a guest prize. Family Dinner- Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Zanke entertained at a family dinner honoring Mrs. Louis Anderson of Whittier. California. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. George Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larson, Bob Harvey of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Larson and Kermit Larson of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Larson of Algona. A number of friends called during the afternoon. The NEW CALL I AND R? COMFORTABLE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JULY 30-31 Matinees 2 p. ra. Friday—from 1 o'clock Saturday Hit songs—howls—gags—girls Patsy Kelly and Jack Haley—Laurel & Hardy in "PICK A STAB" All seats 26c. Sunday and Monday, August 1-2 As great as "Mutiny on the Bounty" Rudyard Kipling's AGAINST THE SEA! One of the truly great pictures of all lime I Rudyard Kipling's immortal lole of ships and men ... made into o might*' screen successor to "Mutiny on the Boun^yCy .VICTOR MANUEL: h, B a«. >h. bo/ a lov. tnrt ticni coj'dn't bu/f «C>pMfW, TRACY . £&flff ''• -Wdfoy*- lARRYMORf-DOfclAS CAPT. DISKO: ih, molt lotoblc ialtlhai «oi)»d th. 7-S.Q« Bcncliley'j Romance of Diegstion. If this fails to roil you in the aisle— see a doctor. Tuesday, August 3 Hugh Herbert, Mary Boland and Frank McHugh in "MARRY THE GIRL" SUU.-MOII., Aug. 8-0 SuiL-Mon., Aug. 15-16 Covered Di«ih Luncheon— The Helping Hand society and the Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will hold a joint mcetins; at the Call State Park, Thursday afternoon, August 5. A covered dish luncheon will be served. For those wishing transportation, it is requested that they meet at the church at two o'clock or call Mrs. L. B. Fairbanks. Rnynt The rhih nnd lodge groups of the Royal Neighbors met for ft pot luck picnic dinner at the shelter house in the Stntp Park. Tuesday afternoon. Bridge was played. Mrs. H. W. Post received the high score prize, nnd Mrs. Lloyd Muckey received the door prize. IIl-Lo Club- Mrs. W. P. Hemphill entertained the Hi-Lo bridge club members at her home Wednesday evening. Mrs. M. A. Bartholomew received the high prize and Mrs. John Frankl the consolation prize. Mrs. W. H. Howie of Emmetsburg was a guest of the club. Birthday Dinner — Mrs. Clarence Stewart entertained at a 6:30 dinner Tuesday evening. honoring the birthday of her hus- bnnd. Guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Link. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. A social evening was enjoyed. E. T. W. Club- Mrs. M. D. Redfield entertained the E. T. W. bridge club last week Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Bert Cronan. Mrs. George Mahoney and Mrs. Andrew Godfredson were the prize winners. Dinner Party- Mrs. T. P. Harrington entertained at a 6:30 dinner. Tuesday evening, honoring Mrs. Dorothy Tribon Leeftink of Mountain, Wisconsin. ECossuth Man Gets Lonely Out Under The Western Skies Jerome Johnson of Swea City, who plays tag with the bears out in Yellowstone Park every summer ind handles the commissary depart- nent for the park, must be getting onesome. From Gardiner. Montana, we receive a cry of distress that he is inable to keep abreast of the news from Kossuth county without our ;ood paper, and would we please send it for a couple of months. We will, Jerome, and hope that it fills he bill. He adds that they are having a >usy season, with more people in the park than last year. Train ravel is falling off, however, due o unsettled conditions in the east, lohnson believes. There is also a great increase in trailers. , Victor MclAGlEN Here's Chance For Gov't Job The United States Civil Service Commission has announced open competitive examinations for the following positions: Senior educational analyst (tests and measurements), $4.600 a year,, and educational analyst (tests and measurements), $3.800 a year Extension Service, Office of Cooperative Extension Work, Department of Agriculture. Warden, and associae warden, $3,800 to $6,500 a year, U. S. Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice. Principal safety promotion adviser. $5.600 a year. Division of La- x>r Standards, Department of Lar. Field representative. $3.500 n year, Division of Savings Bondu, Treasury Department. Full information may be obtained from M. J. McCall, secretary of the U. S. Civil Service Board of Examiners, at the post office or customhouse in Aigona. Honor Departing Guest at Dinner Portland: A family dinner was held last Sunday at the Joe Zankes as a farewell to Mrs. L. P. Anderson of California. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Larsen, and Mr. and Mrs. Larsen here, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Larsen and Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Larson of Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harvey of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson of Ringsted. Mrs. Zanke and Mrs. Geo. Larsen took Mrs. Anderson to Ames Monday where she boarded a train for her home. WESLEY COUPLE HAS BEEN WED 65 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Studer of Wesley, wed 68 years, are pictured above. The picture is reproduced through courtesy of the Fort Dodge Messenger. It is believed they have been married longer than any other couple in this section of the state. Mr. Studer Is nearly 87, and Mrs. Studer Is nearly 84. They were married at Freeport. 111., July 19, 1872, and came to Wesley in 1881. They have eight living children, 43 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren. Jean Harlow and Clark Gable in "Saratoga" at Call Theatre, ^Sunday-Monday, Aug. 8-9 Miller Rodeo Sidelights Handy With Tools Livermore: A new employee at the A. Wilson market and grocery is John Cockrill. John graduated from high school this year, and he seems to be pretty handy at flourishing the butcher's tools as he was recently engaged in that service at the .Smith Brothers' market here Pete Krieps Injured Union: Pet'.- Krii-ps fell from a U',»;;un Monday while the Krie|j.- v.-iTe thi'uMliing Hu-ir oata at tin IVte iiurt farm. Hi- M-I L-ive(i a yasl UM hi.s head but v.'a •> liiiinjurnl oth •V.VV.VWWVV-'VV', WEST BEND NEWS i (By Maxine Milter) Did you know how Curly Aitkrum got his second nickname? Here's the secret revealed for the first time: At a rooming house in which he stayed the nice landlady washed his duds and when hanging the little "Ijcvi's" (overall pants to you) on the line beside those of her six- foot husband, she remarked, "Hmm! Look.s like Mickey Mouse's trousers to me!" Hsst! If you want to get on his good side just bring out some Mirkt-y Mouse trinket and get an earful of the gnashing of teeth. ... •Tuppy" Miller tttarU-il in tin- show- business at the tender age of en when he and the surrounding 'iirnuT Ifids put on u. circus with .In; popcorn concession taking in nore receipts than the front gate '. S. Hr called himself the manager ind took the remainder of the profit to the tune of $2.10 after the other kid.s got. their dividends. . * * It's n happy lot on the rodeo campsite until somebody let's one of the newly washed white horses get In the mud at the water tank. From then on it's adviseable to stay away from the barn managers for 2 hours and Tri minutes! Maybe longer! • • « Watch for the Colorado boy from Hugo with the red chaps marked Pletch." "Kid" is one of the typical boys who rode a barrel to keep his lower limbs in cowboy condition until he was ten years ok and ready to start bronco busting like a man. • * . Tintooth" forbin »ay« he feeU like a cheap-skate when he's call ed that. For your information— that's a gold tooth in the middle o his map. • * * If F. D. K. only knew the trouble he's caused with his Social Securit; business! To our definite pleasur and their discomfort we find sue! sweet names as Herschel. Blwyn Darreld, Franklin, Nicholas, VVil bur, Aaron, Jasper. Leslie, Cliffor - -well, ask a cowboy his rea name and .*eu the red creep up hi nei-k. ... K you uunt u new recipe for fix iny liamMirger a-sk Auntie Sewcl the camp cook to help you ou Trying ID serve JOO pounds c ground br.iiniui has tested her wit ami bile claims credit for 12 rec ipi'.-i Any new ones will be appit ciutcd. Jvermore Girl On WHO Last Sunday Livermore: Miss Merry Butler, •ho lives south of Livermore, made guest appearance on WHO in Des Moines Sunday, July 23, to read a manuscript that she had submitted o "The Air Is Yours" program. The paper title. "Marjuana, Its Stranglehold on Youth," was one of even chosen each week, which dec- sion is handed down by four judges o be read by the author. It was indeed an honor for Miss Sutler to make her appearance on he program for she is the youngest person that has ever appeared on his program. And, in addition to his, she received a check of $5.00 or her winning paper. Miss Butler is the daughter of rlr. and Mrs. L. W. Butler, attends he Livermore high school, nnd will nter upon her junior year this fall. Waller Williams and niuru. Mary tiit.- ('ri:5man were WhHteiiiori : itor.j HuniJay .••.t'ternoon. .\lr.i. Sarah Imhoff left Saturda> 'cniiifj for Arizona and Orejior | wtitrc bht will spend live weuUst vi.: itiriii relatives. The Ladies' Social Literary club mot with Mr=i. Ella Bell. Tuesday afternoon. Afler the business meeting the hostess served dainty refreshments. Mrs. Bertha Johnston and her daughter, Jean, lefc Monday evening for Peoria, 111. They spent two weeks at their home here, and with relatives. Jean is employed aj a waitress in the University club in Peoria. Mrs. Jeanne Simmons and son, Harold, returned Monday, from Swtu City, where they spent a week in the home uf her sister, Mrs. Cieorge Pearson, also with her brother. Robert GrosJ, near Bancroft. Mrs. Pearson brought them home. Arr tlirrc ;iny boys in town \vli play kitlenbull? week th cowboy.-, chipped in to buy a ball an bat and were so Kore from the roug game that ensued Ihey were han. ly able to show. I can't reuommen any particular player for the horn team because errors were so plen iful I wasn't able to make a con plete report for the "Cowboy Biei nial News." However, if you are i dire necessity for a pitcher se Dickie Corbin, the little cowgi from Texas who showed the boy how to put one across the plate. Achievement Day The county-wide Acnievemen Duy of Farm Bureau women wi be held Thursday, Augiut S, at th Bancroft public school. Selection county championship dumonstru, tion teams to represent this coon at the state fair, and also couiii exhibits, will be made at the uiee ing after county contests are hel< Fenton Man Back First Time, Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Llnd- sey are expecting their son, Percy and family of Houston, Texas, this week for a week's visit. This Is Percy's first visit home since leaving Fenton 12 years ago. Since that time he married a Texas girl and Is the father of a son and daughter. 2 Birthday Parties In Portland Twp. Portland: Fifteen little boys and girls helped Luther Fairbanks! Jr., celebrate his fifth birthday Tuesday. Several ladles were also present, Mrs. F. Gebkln, Mrs. M. M. Chipman and Mrs. O. U. Fairbanks of Hurt. A very enjoyable time was had. Ice cream and caked was served. The G. O. McFarland family spent Sunday at Bancroft helping Mr. McFarland's sister's husband, D. E. Burnett, celebrate his 68th birthday. Melvin Burnett accompanied them home for a week's visit with his cousin, Darrell McFarland. The Albert Baas family visited in Eagle Grove last Sunday. Violet Long has employment at the Oscar Johnsons north of Burt. Mrs. S. eterson spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Geo. Lanning. The Alfred Godfredsons visited the Wm. Meyers at Blue Earth on Monday. Mrs. Sterling Johnson called on Mrs. Alfred Godfredson Tuesday afternoon. Blanch McFarland enjoyed Sunday supper and the evening at the Ivan Longs. Palmer Mortwedt of Des Moines was at the Dell Fitchs on business last Saturday. The Tom Clayton family spent Sunday at Tuttle Lake with the Ross Claytons of Graettinger. Mrs. Sterling Johnson of Jewell 1s spending several days this week with her parents, the Geo. Larsens. Irving E. Spencer, wife and family of Newton were at the Dell Fitchs last Sunday and purchased four goats. ' Mr. and Mrs. Hex. Austin of Jewell and Beulah Hartshorn of Algona, visited Sunday evening at the Geo. Larsens. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow and their daughter, Mrs. Byron Zimmerman of Goshen, Indiana, spent Tuesday evening at the Martin Beckers. Ruth McFarland visited from last Thursday until Saturday with Loreen Carlson. On Saturday evening the two girls went to visit Dorothy Faulstich until Wednesday. The Portland Peppy Pals met this Thursday with Lois and Lucille Mat-low. Plans were made for Achievement Day which will be Aug. 5. Posters will be made and material prepared for the demonstration which will be a two-way dresser. IRVINGTON NEWS Camilla Frank! is visiting with relatives at Burt and Bancroft Jake Maasdam and Mrs. Alice Duryea are among those who are having their building painted this week. Louis Gronbach returned Monday from the Iowa City hospital, where he has been receiving medical treatment. Mrs. Mary Mawdsley who has been visiting at the home of he- son, Clarence, has gone to the Roscoe Mawclsleys In Mum Creek township. The H. A. Suinflters family, former resident of Irvlngton but now residing at dear Lalrtr, tferei Sunday dinner guests at th« T. J. Wickwire h*me. Wni. Greenfield, former Irvfngton resident ha* been critically MI at £ls home In Algona with Intestinal flu. His daughter, Mrs. Wm. RuncfMy and Mrs. John Ulfers are with him, Mrs. Barney Frankl and son, Gerald and Margaret Mulligan were Sunday guests at th« Pat Mulligan home at Bancroft, the occasion being the birthday of Mrs. Mulligan. John Watson arrived Tuesday from San Francisco, California, for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Watson. John ha* been a resident of California far seven years. Dr. A. B. Lonnlng and farmly of Milwaukee and Mrs. Lizzie Lonning and daughter of Thor visited Tuesday at the H. Lonning home. They all attended a family reunion at Thor on Sunday, July 25. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheppman and family enjoyed an outing Sunday at Lake Okobojl. Relatives of the Scheppmans from Minnesota Lake and Lakefield, Minn., also came and they all enjoyed a picnic dinner together. A state man working In behalf of the state sales tax commission, was in this vicinity on Thursday checking over the electric high lines in regard to paying a sales tax on electricity. All electric lines not paying this tax are now required to, do so. Wm. Leonard and his son, Arthur of Minneapolis were recent guests at the Perry Phillips home. The trip was made to attend the funeral of Earl Leonard who was a resident of Chicago, but was buried at his old home at Webster City. The Phillips also attended the funeral which was last Wednesday (a week ago). The relatives all returned to their homes Sunday. The Misses Blanche Nobel of Corydon and Myrie CfeWt o* AfWa visited last w«k at tfts O«8rt« Hackman and I?w4 GfelgiSt »«»». The girls were bom tWfchers and were enroote to their homes after an extended vacation tMp Into northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Miss Clark is a granddaughter of Wwu Clark, who lit early day* homesteaded the old Mann place. LONG'S Turn Now Big safe starts right WoW. Can't afforrf A Wg ad so herd goes for a small juicy ad full of Spice. Mustard, Prepared, qt jar ....186 Fig Ban 2 Ib. pkfc 880 Catsup Ige. bottfe ISO Harvest Time Cookies, five hinds 3 IBs. Site Tea Sittings IB. fkff. Ite Jello Powder pkg. KB AH kinds of fruit In No-. 10 tli» Best quality—and cheap. MEAT VOW THRKSHINO All Kinds Our Beef Roasts and Meat Loafs are grand. Nothing like a baby- beef roast Our cooked' meats' are for you to sample. "Try them. For Sunday a milk fed chicken would be nice. Ginger Ale per doz. $1.<X»' Free Phone Nos. 214-215 Buy and Save HARVEST TIME SALE LONG'S FOOD SHOP 3 UNIVERSAL COOLER REFRIGERATORS To he sold this week at cost. We need the room for fall merchandise. Come in and look these over. Universal Cooler Refrigerator, 654 eu. ft plus. $179.50 value. This week only Deluxe model. $119.50 Universal Cooler Refrigerator, 5H cu. ft plus. $189 M value. This week'* price - . . ...... ... .. ._-_ : $99.50 Hydroeold Refrigerator. 6«/4 cu. ft pliu. $149.60 value Standard model. $109.50 COAST TO COAST STORE Joe Bloom Complete Of every kind of smart summer silk, lace, linen and net dresses at Exactly HALF PRICE Sale Starts Tomorrow Wed, July 28 Ye«—Every woman and miss should be interested in this moat unusual price •«!«. Finish the summer season with a smart new dress-of the better quality at a price cheaper than a poorly made cheap dress would cost. .Mrs. White says to Mrs. HUu-k: "You'll want lo lie at Christensen's early for their Half I'rice sale, as they always have such marvelous bargains at their Bales." Mrs. Black says to Mrs. White: "I am planning on being at Christensen's Half Price Sale, as I can't afford to miss out ou such a wonderful offer. $3.98 Dresses 1.99 $5.95 Dresses 2.98 Christensen Bros. Company "Algona'i Style Center" $7.95 Dret»e« 3.98 11.75 Dre*»e» 5,88

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