The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1937
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Moiaes, Algona, Iowa, July 22,1937 BODftMRMORE PAYING JOB EMPLOYS 170, ALL FROM HUMBOLDT Uvermore: The setup for the Carlson Construction company who nave the contract for paving the fttfip from Bode to A short distance *Mt of Livermore, has been made on the M. ft St L. and the office and equipment has been made. The location is directly north of the station for the office and officials headquarters, while the set-up of the loading equipment is placed west of the depot. Adolph and H. R. Carlson, joint contractors of Marshalltown, have for their office force John Deere, Robert Ferren, and Roy Wymore, while Herbert McClintock is acting superintendent in charge. The paving completed from Bode to the intersection of 169 and 222 will be picked up at the point of the Frederick bridge west of Livermore and will be made to Livermore thus leaving a gap where a bridge will be built in the meantime. Then the paving will again be started at the river bridge east of Livermore and brought into town. This will give ample time for the building of the bridge and it will be a short job to complete the paving between the Frederick bridge and the Intersection west. It is estimated that it will take another six weeks to finish the job which is all in a strip of 7 and one- tenth miles. The material used including sand and gravel is brought from Humboldt, while the cement is shipped from Des Molnes. There are 170 men employed on the job, all unskilled labor from Humboldt county. Mr. and Mrs. George Brogan are enjoying a visit from their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lee Brogan and two daughters of Detroit Lake, Minnesota. This is the first visit Mrs. Brogan has made here since the death of Mr. Brogan last year. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Holers of Cody, Nebraska, came to Livermore for a short stay the latter part of the week at the H. L. Clark home. Mrs. Clark accompanied them back to Cody, and in company with the Holers she will go to Texas shortly where they will spend three weeks. Mr. Holers recently bought a fruit ranch there, and it is in that Irvington Man Mashe* Hi* Thumb Moving Elevator Irvington: George Ha hie, unfor tunately mashed and injured hi thumb while helping to move an elevator. George is farming in th Algona neighborhood and Is a son of Henry Hahle, local citizen. His father has been helping him with his farm work. Mrs. Hahle has been an Invalid for some time am is still confined to her wheel chair She is being cared for by her daughter-in-law. Grasshoppers Eat Data On several farms grasshoppers are Infesting the fields and eating leaves on the alfalfa and red clover as well as the oat crop. Upon Investigation of his oat field Richard Leigh found there were about as many oats on the ground as when he finished his seeding. Others say the hoppers are preying upon their red clover. rVWWWVWWl and Saturday OLIMALENE—BOWLENE both for 21c CATSUP 10 oz. bottle, 2 for 19c POST TOASTIES large pkg. lie NAVY BEANS 3 Ibs. 25c KOSTO FREEZE ICE CREAM PWD. 3 for 25c OPAL JELL POWDER 3 for 13c Complete Line of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits WE WILL DELIVER YOUR THRESHING ORDER Quality Home Butchered Meats Ham Loaf per Ib. 23c Mock Chicken Legs 7 for 25c Chickens, fresh dressed __.per Ib. 25c and 28c Veal Roast per Ib. 20c Veal Stew per Ib. 15c Veal Steak per Ib. 28c Complete Line of Meats to fill Threshing Orders TOP PRICE FOB EGGS Sorensen Grocery Co. We Deliver Phone 138-139 BARGAINS —IN— * ' Used Trucks Tin- Prices For Tin's Month Only 1935 Chevrolet LWB $350.00 1934 Ford LWB $325.00 1933 Chevrolet LWB $195.00 1934 Dodge LWB $300.00 1932 Chevrolet LWB $175.00 TERMS Kent Motor Co. Phone Algona,Ta. Week End SPECIALS In Low lVic(-d USED CARS 1929 Ford Coupe $60.00 1929 Hudson Sedan $50.00 1929 Plymouth Coupe $50.00 1927 Chevrolet Coach $35.00 1929 Chevrolet Sedan $85.00 1930 Chevrolet Coach $115.00 1930 Chevrolet Coupe $125.00 If You Need Transportation, Don't Miss These Bargains Kent Motor Co. -Phone -1','A AJguiia, la. Improving Roads Due to the fact that several new grades are being established in Irvington township, the Irvington high line has been compelled to move about a quarter of a mile of line from the Herman Plathes south to the corner. A new grade will be made from this corner to the corner a mile north connecting with the gravelled road going to the Airline. Rewrites Of Ntwt From Last Tuttday't Kofftuth vOUnty THREE FORMER Algonlans drowned Wednesday while swimming in the Cedar river at Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Jessie Van Dorston Zhorne, daughter of Mrs. Geo. Van Dorston, now of Clear Lake, a bride of only a few months, was one of the victims. Vernon L. Reeves, former Algonlan, was also drowned. The third victim was Vernon's sister, Mrs. Lowell Andrew, formerly Ada Marie Reeves, who had lived here as a child. Mrs. Zhorne was only 19 years old. Funeral services for her were held in Algona Monday at the Presbyterian church. • » • ELMER GROSS !s operating a harvester-thresher In Plum Creek which is said to be the first in use n this section. A 12-foot swath is mrvested at one time and the grain s delivered in a bin, leaving the traw standing on the ground. From 30 to 40 acres can be cut and delivered in the bin in one day. * * * THE ALGONA GRAYS lost two tames straight last week and some f the Algona fans are feeling bad- y. The Fort Dodge Millers beat Dorothy Braatz, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Louis Braatz, is spending the rest of the summer at the Wll Oldenburg home nl Elmore, Minn. Eldora Hehgel of Des Molnes is spending a few days this week at the home of her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schattschneider. Catherine Simpson, R. N., of St Paul arrived home Tuesday morn- Ing to spend a two weeks' vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Simpson. Helen Besch returned to Rochester Sunday after having spent three weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Besch. Helen is taking nurses' training. Rita Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz of here and Henry Krueger of West Bend visited at the Albert Krueger home at Clara City, Michigan, one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. Weigand, daughter Irene and Margaret Large of Belvllle, visited at the A. A. Poirot home last week. From here the Weigands drove to Minneapolis. The Werner Braatz family spent a few days this week at the home of Mrs. Braatz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sprong in Livermore. Mr. Braatz has his vacation from the H. W. Geelan store this week. Dorothy Loebach and Lenore EI- bert returned to Des Moines Sunday after having spent two weeks with their parents, the Joe Loe- bachs and Greg Elberts. The girls Henry Koepke Dies Henry Koepke, father of Mrs. Ruby Koepke Coleman died recently at an Iowa City hospital. Mr. Koepke had lived for some years in Fort Dodge and it was here he was taken ill. Mrs. Coleman has made her home for many years with her uncle, Frank Ditsworth. Schoby Buys Combine Chester Schoby recently purchased a combine outfit which with the one process cuts and threshes the grain at the same time. This is the first one of its kind in this community. Raymond Harr, Wesley Lee and Donald Ramus returned recently from Kansas where they had been employed at harvesting. The Cresco 4-H club girls returned Sunday from Clear Lake where they had spent a week's vacation in a cottage. Mrs. Ralph Brown, club leader, acted as chaperone. Frank Ditsworth purchased a new Canadian binder outfit with a power drive last week. Mr. Ditsworth cut Ben Terhune's oats the first of the week, then started on his own. The first threshing crew to start this season is the one southeast of Irvington in the vicinity of the Woods family, which commences on Friday. Algona Thursday evening 6 to 5, | are taking nurses' training In Des and Sunday evening the Texas Black Spiders downed Aignoa 10 to 5, making six scores in one inning. Forrest Twogood played first base with Algona in the games. CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE—Shorthorn Lloyd Gross. bulls.— 27-30 FOR SALE!—Kerosene Electrolux refrigerator used two months. $159 Like new.—Wilfred Stoeber, Fen ton, Iowa. 29* FOR SALE—Two three-piece Sheboygan fibre sun parlor suites Closing out at wholesale prices Must have the room.—Richardson Furniture Exchange. 29 FOR SALE—New $24.50 heavy canvas glider. Close out $17.75.— Richardson Furniture Exchange. 23 HARRY HULL, who has been conducting the States Cafe lately, has closed the place, his lease having expired. * * * MRS. MINNIE LONG has started construction of a new brick house on Phillips street near her present residence. • * • THEO. HERBST has resigned as Algona band leader and A. S. Hueser has taken the place for the rest of the season. • * * ALICE KAIN, who is visiting abroad this summer, feports that on the outward voyage on the Bremen she had the good fortune to encounter August Huenhold, who was on his way to Germany for a visit. THE NEW E. R RISING elevator on the Northwestern tracks was started Monday. A new siding has been built by the railway. * * • AUTO DRIVERS were held up Saturday night and warned to fix their defective lights and to use their dimmer when meeting cars at night Over 150 cars were ticketed. I One-eyed cars were given particular attention and the drive will be continued. The new law is very strict about dimming headlights. Eighty tickets have been returned to Marshall Green. Those who have not had their lights fixed and returned tickets will be given until the first of the week before fines are assessed. A PETITION has been circulated asking that the old Call Theatre walls be made safe, so that the sidewalk in front may be made available for pedestrians. Norman Rice owns the property or rather will as soon aa he can secure the necestiiry legal papers, theatre. FOR SALE—International model B-3. 1923 I'i ton truck.-nMcCorm- ick-Deering Store, Algona. 29 FOR SALE—F-20 Farmall tractor. Like new.—McCormick-Deering store, Algona. 29 FOR SALE—1935 Ford V-8 LWB truck. Good condition.—McCormick-Deering store, Algona. 29 FOR SALE—Riding horse. Good cheap work mare, O. K. to go threshing, Hay rack. Shorthorn bull, 15 months old.—H. M. Colwell. 29* FILM DEVELOPING—and printing, any site, 30c per roll, fre« enlargement with any roll. —Lunby'ii drug 15-tf FOR FARMS or town property, see me.—C. W. Nicoulin, real estate, Algona. 7-34* Moines. Curtis Sheidler drove to Barnum Saturday evening to visit at the F. C. Maher home. Mr. Sheidler was accompanied home by his family who spent the latter part of the week with relatives and friends at Barnum. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vaudt nnd daughters, Dawn and Jeanette, drove to Cowrie. Saturday to visit at the Albert Vaudt home. They were accompanied home by their daughter, Phyllis who had been vis- iitng at the Albert Vaudt home the past couple of weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nerge, Mrs. Nerge, Sr., Herman Lichthart and William Boekelman, all of Rochelle, HI., stopped at the H. W. Behnke home for a short time Sunday. They were on their way to Minnesota. Mr. Boekelman will visit with relatives In Minnesota for a couple of weeks after which he will visit with the Behnkes for some time before returning to 111. Sunday evening visitors at the Herman Voigt home were: the Hugo Faulstich family of Letts Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker of Algona. Edna and Elaine Schultz of Union township, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith and son, Ellsworth, Mrs. Dorothy Sebers and son. Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voigt and son, James, and the Simon Weber family all of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. William Wagner and two children of Clinton brought Marilyn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs H. E. Woodworth, to her home after spending two weeks at the Wagners. The Wagners also stop ped at the August and Frank Schattschneider homes. They then left for Warland, Wyoming, to vis it at the Ernest Schattschnelde. home and alao at points of Interest Ernest is a brother of Mrs. Wagner. place of entertainment. To purchase, lease, rent, construct erect or otherwise acquire, and to hold, own, let and-or otherwise dispose of the«tre!i, motion picture and vaudeville homes, concert halls, mn sic halls, oper* houses, office build Ings, or other structures, and any rights or Interests therein, as may seem necessary, useful or Inclder.ta to the proper accomplishments of any of the purposes of the corporation. To purchase or otherwise acquire, own, mortgage, pledge, sell, assign and transfer, or otherwise deal In and deal with real or personal property of every class or description; to enter In contracts as lessor or lessee of real property or any Interest therein for, any term Of years. To borrow money, to draw, make, accept, endorse, transfer, assign, execute and-or Issue bonds, debentures, promissory notes and other evidences of Indebtedness and for the purpose of securing ary of Its obligations Ao convey, transfer, assign, deliver, mortgage and-or pledge all or any part of the property or assets at any time owned or held by this corporation, upon such terms and conditions as the Roard of Directors shall authorize, and as may be permitted by law. To have and exercise any and all other such powers, rights and prlv- leges now or hereafter conferred by the laws of the State of Iowa, upon corporations organized for pecuniary profit. The authorized capital stock is $25,000.00 divided Into 2SO shares of the par value of $100.00 each. The Board of Directors shall have power to and shall • determine the time and conditions of the Issuance of capital stock; but shares of capital stock shall not be Issued until the full par value thereof shall have been paid to the corporation In money, or in property at Its actual cash value as provided by the laws of the State of Iowa; and when issued said shares of capital stock ted by the Secretary of State ., and It shall terminate 20 He may rebuild the Win. CRONAX, Algona man, was fined J25 and costs for reckless driving when his car ran down Edward Palmer, 74, last Friday evening on the Security Bank corner. Poor brakes were the cause. Mr. Palmer's collar bone waa dislocat- d and he was badly bruised and scratched. He was taken to the Kossuth hospital and is recovering. Mr. Cronan's old Dodge car had defective brakes, which under the new law ij not allowed. * • • AL BUCKHOLTZ, north of Tl- onka, lost his granary, barn and {arage by fire last Friday night Spontaneous combustion of new mown hay was the cause o( the fire. Whittemore News Mr. and Mrs. John Volks were LOANS—Prompt appraisal on 20 Algona shoppers Monday, year /arm loans. No appraisal fee ' —no commission—no red tape— low interest.—Edw. Capesius, Heise Bidg., Algona, Iowa. 22-tf FARMS FOR SALE—All aizea, prices, locations. Terms to suit you. List your farm with us.—McDonald & Co. 10-tf REAL BARGAINS on good Improved farms, tlso real buys on Algona lota and homes.—Kohlhaas Bros., phone 22. 20-tf Lost and Found IX.I.ST—Carpenter's saw between the Archie Wulkt-r farm and the Er- hiirt farm northwest of town.— Archie Walker. 29* Miscellaneous STKAIIV WOKK—<iOOU PAV RELIABLE MAN WANTED to cull on farmers in Si'.? Kossuth county. No experience or capital required. Make up to $12 a day. White McNess Co., Dept. H, Freeport. Illinois. 29* WANTED—Man to handle our rapid selling line of household und farm supplies in this territory. A clean, profitable business arrangement for any honest, ambitious person. Write today. —In. Ward's Medical Co.. Winona. Minn. 2ii* FOR RENT—5 unfurnished roorns, 2nd floor.—B. L. Palmer, corner Harlan and Lucas. Kin. 2&« FOR SALE—Two rebuilt standard Underwood type-writers, like new, recent models, reasonable. See them ut The Algona Upper Des Moines office. Card of Thanks W wi:vh to cApre.%;, our sincere Ihiink.i and uppici union to all iht fiiciid.i iin<J neighbors who so kindly a.s.M-ited with the cutting ami shucKin;; ul our oalb, und for uJl the other kindnesses shown ua at the Unit of our bereavement. -Mr* Ernil Laubb and children. 26* Leo Nolan of Cedar Rapids visited with friends here Thursday. Mrs. J. S. Cullen spent last week at the home of her son, M. K. Cullen, Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gleason of Dubuque spent the week end at the Peter Origer home. The Whittemore baseball team met the Wesley team at Wesley on .Sunday and were defeated 17 to 5. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Knitz and daughter of Emmetsburg visited at the M. f. Gronbach home, Sunday. Norma Jean Voigt of Fenton visited last week with her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart Wehr- spann. The M. K. C'ullen family of Mason City spent Sunday at the home of his parents, Postmaster and Mrs J. S. Cullen. James Geelan purchased a new Master deluxe Chevrolet coach at the Poirot & Schattschneider garage last week. James Gleason of Fort Dodge spent last week at the Mike Higgins home. Mr. Gleason is an uncle of Mrs. Higg:ns. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Geelan and son, Jimrnie aud Jack spent Sunday at the P. J. Schultz home in Fort IJodge. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schatschneider und two children drove to Fort Uodge Monday where the children had tunsilcctomies. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Balmer and two daughters of Dolliver visited with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Meine, Sunday. Mrs. James B. Getlan, son, Jimmie and Jack und Freda May Alig * pent Wtdnt.sday at In* Nick Gct-lan home in Wesley. Mr and Mra. Louis Greinert, daughter Naomi, and Ruth and Cluru Vaudt visited at the Herman Vuudt liouie in Palon, Sunday. EUujiort, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt, spent hist week with her sister, Roatllu and also at the Ed Hanson home in Algonu. Rev. W. H. DIscher and family left Tuesday for Wall Lake, to spend his vacation with relatives there. Rev. Discher is pastor of the local Lutheran church. The Dischers will be gone for ten days during which time Rev. H. D. Stahmer of Fairville will have charge of the local congregation. There will be no church services here Sunday, as the sister congregation of Fairville is celebrating Its annual mission festival in the Robert Wagner grove. Sunday dinner guests at the Louis Braatz home were Mr. and Mrs. Wade Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Johnson and daughter, Jollen, and Arnold Wagner of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Lee and son, Norman of Kensett. In the evening a number of relatives and friends gathered at the Braatz home 10 surprise Mr. Braatz on his birthday. Out of town guests who attended were Mr. and Mrs. John Rabe of Fairmont, Minn., and the Herman Struecker family of Fenton. Five hundred was played at six tables and a very delicious lunch was served. Prizes were won by Mrs. H. W. Geelan, high, and Mrs. H. W. Behnke, low. Margaret Braatz, daughter of Louis Braatz, acted as hostess. Notice of Sheriff's Sale STATI-: OF IlMVA, KO.S.SUTH I'ol'NTV, >.«. Notice Is hereby that l,y viiluc- at Special Kxe< utlun direct' e<4 tu nil.- fioin the Clerk ill Hie l.ii»t- iift <*uuii ut Koft&uOi County, Jowu, 01. ii judgment rendered in ealil Court on Hie ibtli day of June, 1-JJ7, in favor of The. North Weatei n Alut- ual I .li waukee, mpany. Mil- Wini'imsl!!, us plaintiff, and liKalnel South Half of the Nurlli- etl guurler of Section l'i, In Town- hlp i*G North, of JtallKe 'il , west uu di-ft-ndahl for the sum of Five Thousand SU Hundred Kurt y-.Seven & H5-10U I f Gt>47.fe;>> l>ollfiru and <'o»ta. laxed at One Hundred Twenty-Three i bi;-luu i|l.'Jti6; 1-iollars and ac- iiulnK louti*. 1 have levied upon tlte following described real property as l tie properly of the Haid August .Slud»-r, JVlurKaiethu. Sluder. C. U. Miller, (iuurdlun of August Studer, iiu:oni|M-tci: I lo batlhfy nuld execution, lo-wil: The South Half of the N'ort h w.-at (Quarter of Secllon Num- hi-r Klflet-n In TctvnHhip Number Ninety-live (95) North, of ItunKe Numb*-!' Twi-nt y-xeven (-7) West. And 1 will proceed to Hell *uld properly, or *o much iheieof a» may b<- m-rcHfcary lo xatiftfy said execution. wftli CON!* und accruing costu at public auction, to the hlgreHt bidder, for li: hand, on the aoili ilu y of July. 1937. at the east door «f the Court HoiiMe In Algona. in Koxtiuth County, ut the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said day. when and wln-n; due attendance will be given by the underHlKned. D.I Ihifc 301 li duy of June. 19.17. PASEY I.OKH. Sheriff of KoHBUth County, lowu. liy A .). r.iXJLKV. rieputy. I:. F Clouul . ^lalntlff'n Attorney. 2S-30 Notice of Incorporation Notice Is hereby Klvefi of the Incorporation under Chapter 384 of the Iowa Code <lt31i of a corporation Die name of which la Altjona Theatre Company, Inc., the principal place of buxlnean of which In the- City of Algona. Iowa. Thu general nature of the buHinefl* lo l>e tranHacled ty 11 shall be as follows: To conduct and carry on the bus- tncs* of Ucalrlcal prop! lelorn, music hull proprietors, cuierem and pub- He exhibition*, moving picture and other variety ei: U-rlalumeiils. und (•i provide, engage and employ ttcl- 01 a. dancersi, singers, varlely performers, athletes and other thejit- rlcal aud mutflcal artlgtu, and to produce und pregurit to the public ail. manner of Khowtf. exhibitions usual or unusual, which aro or may be produced at a theatre, music hall or other public or private shall he fully paid up and shall be n on-assessable. The corporate existence of the corporation began June 30, 1937. when Its certificate of Incorporation was Issued b: ' of Iowa v years thereafter, unless sooner renewed or dissolved by two-thirds vote of the outstanding shares at the regular or a special meeting of the Incorporation. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a board of directors, consisting of not less than three (3), nor more than nine (9) directors, and they shall hold office for the term of one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. The officers of this corporation shall be a president, one or more vice presidents, B secretary ard a treasurer, who shall be elected by the board of directors from among their own number on the day of and Immediately following the adjournment of the annual meeting of the stockholders or as soon thereafter ns practicable. Any two offices rnny be filled by the same person. The directors may also elect or appoint such managers, superintendents and other agents or employees as shall he authorized by the bylaws or by resolution of the board of directors; and they shall flx the compensation of all officers and employees and may remove and dismiss the same at will. Vacancies occurring In the board of directors shall be filled by the remaining directors for the unexplr- ed term. The duties of the officers shall be those usually performed by such of- flciTs In similar corporations, unless otherwise provided In the by-laws or by resolution adopted by the board of directors. Unlll the annual meeting of the stockholders In the yenr 19(18 the hoard of directors shall ronslst of the following persons: Harriett Itlce and N. C. Rice of Algona. Iowa, and J. \V. TVnman and Myron N. Blank -of r>«-s M'llnes Inwa: anil until the annual meeting of the stockholders In the ycnr 19"S. N. C Itlce of Al- Konn. Town, shall be the presldenl und si-crrtnrv. Myrnr N. IJlank ol lt>s Moines, Iowa, shall be the vice president and .1. W. Penman of Pes Molm-s. Iowa, slmll !>»• the treasurer Tie private proprrtv of the stockholders sball forever !•«• exempt from corporate debts and liabilities. The articles of incorporation are recorded In Hook K-10. page 676 In the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Iowa, and In Hook .1. page B39, in the office of the Courtv liecorder of Kos.nuth Conn tv. Iowa, to which all persons Interested ore referred \LfSO\A THF5ATI1E COMPAXV, INC. TU- N. C Itlce. President. By J. "W. Itenmnn, Treasurer. TYPICAL A&P VALUES! P. & G. Soap 10 regular bars 33c 10 large bars 39c Camay Soap __cake 5c Scott Tissue 4 rolls 29c SCOTT Paper Towels 2 rolls 19c SULTANA PEANUT Butter 2 Ib. jar 29c Pour Seoftona Plain-Iodized Salt 2 Ib. box 5c BALL Jar Rubber 3 pkgs lOc Certo ,__8 oz. bottle 22c BALI, Mason Jars, pts doz. 63c BALL Mason Jars, qts. doz. 73c Jiffy Seals pkg. 9c Tex Wax 21 lbbars!9c Water Pack Peaches No. 10 can 45c ANN PAGE 2-16 oz. cam Pork & Beans 15c Campbell'* 4-14 oz. can* Tomato Juice 29c SunnyfleU 2-15 oz. pkgs. Bran Flakes 25c C. & H. Cane Sugar 100 Ib. bag $4.87 251b.bag $1.26 lOlb.bag 51c Beet Sugar 100 Ib. bag $4.67 25 Ib. bag $1.21 10 Ib. bag 49c FRESH Fruits ftf Vegetables WATERMELONS 2ti to 28 Ib. average 46c each Hotpolnt has created • new ft»nd- *rd of value*. Now yon can have * refrigerator that actually freeze* ice and dessert* fatter than ever before —keepi your food safe and fresh for weeks. And thank* to A new principle of cooling, the Vacuum Sealed Thriftmaiter operates on a trickle of electricity—costs much less than old-fashioned refrigeration. Visit our display now. See rot yourself why the tide of preference is swinging to Hotpolnt Sizes and styles to fit every need and purse. . ? tH 1 »r f. - . '•••- "* JB jjfil"' - J^nr Th« Amazing N«w:SP£ED FREEZER Hotpolnt Speed Freezer powered by the ThrifanMttr makes ice and frozen dtmrtt Cuter than ever it lowest opemtag cost. Keep* food fife indcdipj-freth In • gently float- lug blanket of frosty air-tir held EASY TERMS buy YOUR HOTPOINT NOW Balamct •** exsctlvtt die tight ttnptt**B**bybtl> meed freeiing control. Speed i« «n exclusive Hotpoiat •d L. W. Swanson's Store OFF FOR THE FALL MARKET TRIP THE CHRIS- CHILLES STORE We are off for Chicago and the big Market Week. While there, we will attend Style Shows and preview shop windows with the one thought of buying for Kossuth County women, the newest and latest in feminine apparel. This market trip is the key-note for a successful ready-to-wear department, Selling Ladies Apparel is more than just selecting Coats, Suits and Dresses. We must study trends, compare qualities and priees. All this is comparatively simple when almost the entire reday-to-wear industry of the United States is spread before you like a book. You will again find The Chrischilles Store the authentic style center of Algona, just as you have for 67 years. Call Mrs. Hardgrave at 281 until Saturday night for further information. She will gladly shop for you in the Chicago markets. The Algona Auction Co. in *Y e 57 s here ** "* rv * bo4 ** *•>* wUenmnd buyer at out pavilion in Alf ona every Saturday. Saturday. July 24 U you have any pasture cattle, get them in for Saturday a* we have all kind* of calls for cattle. We have call* for rood feeder p4f», 1 Spotted China boar. NOTICE— W you will brio* in your veal* we will have packer buyer* here th!» Saturday, atoo we will have -one good freak cow*, fresh about two to four weelu. We handle the Belle City Tlmwher, we aluo have tome rood , al*o 1 Allis-CtuUman, w. C. with cultivator and We handle the DeLaval Separator*. See tu before you deal. your cylinder teeth and drive belt* Witt «taft »fl »tock at 1:80. No property removed until MtUed for. Open Every Day. Sate born phone 77 » JKHJOLlv Operator and Auctioneer Raymond Kiddle, Clerk ^^^^^^

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